I have mentioned this before about JIBCon, this is normally the first convention after the end of season filming and Jensen and Jared really let loose! Jared left due to a family emergency but Jensen has been an unbelievable crowd pleaser! He always is but with the guests attending, he’s let his newly cut hair down! So much for the fandom! I’ll update as everything is posted so please enjoy!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Are dealing with a very serious event, and we need to be with family. Thank you so very very much for your understanding and support.
* To all the wonderful fans at Jus In Bello: I’m so sorry I had to leave in such a hurry and did not get the chance to see you. Gen and I…

Steve Carlson ‏@stevecarlson @jasonmanns @RobBenedict @GinoGraul @tyolsson There was an incident with the IT police about an hour after this πŸ™‚ pic.twitter.com/DmPinaHBLv
* The boys are back in town… Rome, we are in you pic.twitter.com/QNjNTdOBFy


Opening of #JIBCon where Jensen says how sorry @jarpad is not to be there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYDO0YivbMQ …”

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy They make a list of which directors are free to do which eps and never no what kind of ep it will be
* Fan asking how low can Deans voice go as it gets deeper every season lol Jensen laughs
* Jensen’s looking super slim but good, well rested & very smiley! In such a good mood Last con before the arrival of his little girl!

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena “Can you imagine doing another show with Jared?” – “Oh gosh, no. No, of course I can. But he has to cut his hair first.”

@redteekal JAPanelLetter#2 He smiled about it. pic.twitter.com/TM61IlP3NV
* Jensen panel opened with Ty doing a partially aborted handspring, Ty humping Jensens leg, crawling through the bowlegs & staring
* That time Ty humped Jensen Ackles’ leg in front of ALL the cameras http://redteekal.tumblr.com/post/50253081570/apologies-for-the-blurred-pics-here-but-i-was …
* Oh & fandom? Jensen says YES 2 being in SUPERNATURAL THE MOVIE funded by a @kickstarter. So fans? We need to get on that. Some1 call KRIPKE!
* Jackles…well everything really. pic.twitter.com/Emxco8wbYD
* Jackles Crinkles pic.twitter.com/oaaPENQgwb
* The Jackles Trademark Head scratch pic.twitter.com/A0PQsUqCu0
* Jensen and Misha really embraced their inner puppeteers for their impromptu puppet show. pic.twitter.com/mlI9vdykEt
* Misha in fact went totally method on that puppet’s ass. pic.twitter.com/kUt3SLu4Un
* Part 1 of my write ups for the M&G’s with JA. http://redteekal.tumblr.com/post/50236354461/highlights-of-day-2-jensen-m-g-at-jib-2013-part-one …”
* JAPanelLetter#3 Shared a moment with the audience as the girl read the whole thing out loud. pic.twitter.com/I1iQghVYuV
* pic.twitter.com/46l02B3J4A
* Jensen Ackles wearing a demolished Hello Kitty Death balloon hat. Sebastian is to be held responsible. pic.twitter.com/drFqNEMhDC

@ProudSPNer: pic.twitter.com/1VhV05Go0K”<
* Jensen Ackles Smile is the Biggest asset of the World! pic.twitter.com/TBdGxEvLuH
* Jensen: "Kripke's inspiration for writing Dean was Han Solo. So it was nice to have the outline of Han Solo to fall back on."

@getlost1234 This smile makes our day pic.twitter.com/JNTU0aUDZp

Jensenβ™₯Danneel ‏@ProudIdjit The way @mattcohen4real looked at Jensen. I understand, I frequently have the same expression. pic.twitter.com/lBeDp5mD2K

my jenneel β™₯ ‏@iBreatheAckles looking gorgeous as usual. pic.twitter.com/XZVqzawFNs
* Jensen's panel yesterday, the beginning with Matt & Seb. πŸ™‚ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYDO0YivbMQ …
* Jensen's shy gestures will be the death of me someday, I'm not even kidding. pic.twitter.com/Z6djiODyjb
* Jensen pic.twitter.com/0P5gNwb8fa

nell ‏@mostly10 ty&jensen have an amazing chemistry and bring out great sides in each other. ty becomes more mellow, jensen slightly goofier

Eva ‏@EvaBeatles Two important things from Jensen's panel: the show is about two brothers and Dean is heterosexual

Marica ‏@galain Ty came onstage just to apologies in case Jensen took offense for the leg humping before. Which he definitely hadn't
* Misha and I will have to seek medical attention one day for the low voice issues
* JDM, who plays Dad, has a deep voice, that’s were I got the idea for the voice
* My voice has gotten lower since S1, I’ve gone from a young man to a man
* Sam and Dean are always brother hugging, they’re always broming out
* Jensen: Ty, if you make me laugh in 15 seconds, I’m keeping you up all night (Jensen lost)
* Jensen shaved this morning. Got different face hair photo ops,
* Freaking gigantig hug. Misha smooshed me into Jensen. This con is a hug fest
* The TIH kilt and the gym teacher outfit and leatherhosen in SPN were J's idea.

Eliann ‏@_Eliann_ @mattcohen4real Apparently, youre dead on. http://twitpic.com/cq26w0
* Jensen Ackles http://twitpic.com/cq2d1g
* @mishacollins and way too many heads that were in the way http://twitpic.com/cq2dwg

@Kiwisplasj JM are awesome huggers and Jensen has the most adorable laugh ever πŸ˜‰ @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/D52nlleCwH

Liv Kaged ‏@LivKaged Dean is a manly heterosexual guy, he wasn’t flirting back to aaron, it was just a comic moment http://tmblr.co/Z-n4CtkpRDAo

Dr.Abdy ‏@DrAbdy “Dean just bro it out with a hug, I do that with my buddies, I don’t know how to tell you how I feel so lemme show you.” – Jensen”
* Jensen: “Back in 2001 I had a scary experience in my house alone thought I heard the door close & got chills, It’s before SPN

Spnaddicted ‏@spnaddic JensenAckles m&g:he told that his wife announced him that she was pregnant by sending the photo of the pregnancy test via email!

Their holding up the laughter faces are priceless!!! pic.twitter.com/CVuBlRtW9u

@edhelhael: Jensen: garth is the special little brother and charlie’s the sis dean’s never had & he wants to protect them

Monica ‏@mfluder_42 Boys and their toys.. Misha, Jensen and Ty pic.twitter.com/IOXmeWh448

Jensen pic.twitter.com/zQvqZboulg

Jensen/Misha staring contest pic. pic.twitter.com/tFwqoluOtF

Ty & Jensen hijinks http://twitpic.com/cq2vdz

@FYeahSPN: Jensen says Dean hugs people be cuz he isn’t good at talking about his feelings!


@margauxdemerle “Ty has developed a serious reputation of not doing what he’s told by the staff!”

Marica ‏@galain pic.twitter.com/hivNlKWXsr
* Ty: Am I enjoying the Italian convention?? Are you fucking kidding me?? I love you, people!
* Brock: Ty came to chat in my room last time. I fell asleep at 3am and he left at 5;30am. Ty: Thank you for the hospitality
* Plaid for Ty and Brock today pic.twitter.com/dOiOXTqXR3
* Ty pic.twitter.com/6KHnOiIRRQ
* Ty has a lot of respect for Stephen Amell’s workout and diet routine #jibcon
* Q: do you have a special workout? You have a very bubbleicious butt
* In Ty’s box there’s an egg and sperm stuff toy and a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs
* Ty came onstage just to apologies in case Jensen took offense for the leg humping before. Which he definitely hadn't
* Rob would cosplay as Han Solo. He actually dressed up as Han Solo one Halloween with one of his friends doing Chewbacca
* Snoop Dogg invited Richard to one of his concert in Dallas but wanted him to wear his Pepsi show and then pulled him onstage

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Just saw Clif taking Jason to the toilet

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena The guys are talking to a fan's phone and they're recording it. pic.twitter.com/XforiaZ5pL
* Ty crashed the panel.. Again. Rob: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Misha Collins!" pic.twitter.com/MRZ9lRNIZX

Simone Kalel ‏@redteekal Misha and Ty Panel pic.twitter.com/XVEddjbOj9
* @mishacollins couldn't believe his luck when he found this miniature pregnancy test on stage pic.twitter.com/FoYaNKEGHr

SPNEurope (MyCoven) ‏@SPNEurope Summary – http://www.mycoven.com/supernatural/conventions/board90-supernatural-conventions/6257-2013-jib-con-con-whisperer/index3.html#post116140 …

omar comin', man! they imitated ty in front of ty omg this could be crackier just if seb was present

@edhelhael Ty is going around the hotel yelling his love for us. He's more excited to be here than we are

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Ty was just sitting next to the girl who hasn't watched season 8 yet. pic.twitter.com/dEYBxxC6V0
* Ty is flirting with a fan pic.twitter.com/YnnekqYSrI
* They were joking about Ty in the green room earlier. All if them have handlers. Ty has 2 of them because he won't hear

Laura Rocchigiani ‏@Yzzzma @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/YgwbUiqTwE
* @TyOlsson having an interesting conversation with the camera this afternoon pic.twitter.com/CUvuVfzCWj

Monnie Python ‏@squeemonster . @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr imitating Ty with his 2 handlers was hysterical. Even more so when they imitate him in front of him.

Marica ‏@galain Richard just called Rob "Robbie"
* Ty, Rob and Richard pic.twitter.com/tGXHcv0tBt
* First live band. Rob: Rick Springfield. RSJ: Donnie and Marie, his parents brought him
* Rob watched the Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl front row cause the band left tickets to his waiter friend as a tip
* Richard is a huge Rollig Stones fan pic.twitter.com/Y5rpnu6unO
* Rob: the first #jibcon was were Richard and I really bonded
* Ty, Rob and Richard pic.twitter.com/tGXHcv0tBt

SPNEurope (MyCoven) ‏@SPNEurope Ty Olsson Panel SUN Tweet Summary http://www.mycoven.com/supernatural/conventions/board90-supernatural-conventions/6257-2013-jib-con-con-whisperer/index3.html#post116139 …

Marica ‏@galain The guitar that Jason is using is actually Rob’s, cause Jason left his at the hotel
* q if you did cosplay, who would you go as? A: richard said sebastian/balthazar bc he's easy


Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Misha’s welcoming everone who’s entering the panel. “Hey, come in. How are you? Can I get you something to drink
* It’s tine for Misha’s panel pic.twitter.com/xHpU6ldz63
* now the girl who actually asked the question is on stage trying to explain it one more time. Hilarious!! pic.twitter.com/U0hkXTrjDv

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean ‘we were taking group pics before, it smelled like a distillery’
* he’s touched about the lovely consequence of a malicious prank on his part aka gishwhes
* why did cas take a shower if he can magically clean up? A: so you want to know who was in the bathroom with cas?
* also he turned on the water bc he was farting and wanted to mask the noise as angel farts are quite loud
* Now there’s two girls on stage helping him to understand the question. pic.twitter.com/bU60ljodp0
* Excuse me but misha happened http://twitpic.com/cq1b29
* Funny story about his daughter: “Look, here’s a funny story.This morning she woke up and I knew it b/c she said ‘eehh’. Fave story”
* Another Misha pic. pic.twitter.com/TkRNi5rnO3
* Sebastian is about to hit the stage pic.twitter.com/hVh9BAF7k8
* Misha and Sebastian are opening the box together. There’s a polaroid camera in it. pic.twitter.com/LfdE4r8d7K
* Misha and Sebastian pic.twitter.com/9w5mTkkSqjMaisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Mishas on his knees holding his head Ahaha it’s really hard to understand, took so long he’s pretending to wrap up the panel
* Lmao Italian fan trying English Russian fan translating Italian and Dutch fan translating Russian lmao no one knows the question!
* Lol Misha’s holding his head laughing because he really doesn’t understand! Getting volunteers from the audience to explain lol
* Misha trying 2 think of stories about Maison & can only tell us that she’s really chubby & likes to save up poop and fill her diaper
* They have to keep Wests finger nails short because he scratches Maison ahah “he’s not good at sharing his parents
* Misha talking about how depressing & cold it was at the university of Chicago and the one fun thing was a scavenger hunt once a year
* Misha “I went to the university of Chicago and it was a school… To learn things”
* don’t know if there was an awkward question but Misha seemed to cut it short lol “good.,. Great talking to you” couldn’t hear!
* Misha “sorry I think I just had a panic attack” lol doesn’t understand the q! “I just started sweating
* Misha “you don’t have hooters in Russia… My god, I didn’t realise your country was still so oppressed”
* In college Vicky stole Misha’s car to get 3 lambs for their scavenger hunt and the sheep ate the upholstery

Marica ‏@galain They tried translating the question in multiple languages
* Misha dragged 4 fans on stage to explain a question&now they’re renacting the scene where Cas tells Dean Purgatory was his choice
* Purgatory was like a big game of paintballs in the woods
* I don’t tell many stories about Mason ’cause babies don’t do anything
* Panel drinking game: shot every time Misha goes “uhm”. Hangover from hell, but worth it
* Misha: Purgatory looked a lot like Hell, didn’t it? Fan: I thought it was beautiful. Misha: Warning, we have a psycho here
* Seb is onstage with Misha and they opened a box with a polaroid camera in it. Misha’s taking random pics
* Misha pic.twitter.com/RO6fmiCIlM

Ester. ‏@_Comodino Misha was hitting himself on the head with a fake hammer

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean this isn’t getting answered as everyone is cracking up
* vicki was on a team and she wanted to borrow his car to grab three ships, he was on a diff team and said no, she stole his car
* what did cas do offscreen in purg? Killing, fighting, occasionally having marshmallows with dean and that other character
* has cas learned from his mistake re working w/ crowley? You obviously didn’t see the finale
* there was another question whose phrasing he didn’t get – ‘I’m having a panic attack’
* apparently they still do it – some team of physicists created a reaction just for the hunt
* the three adorbs lambs ruined his car but another team stole them so there was justice in that story

Stiles Winchester ‏@daphnemars Misha just spent 10mins answering the question ‘why was Cas surprised that Dean was traumatized thinking he left Cas in Purgatory
* Misha and a girl also re-acted the scene ‘I did not leave you!’ ‘You think it was your fault?’ Misha played Dean
* ‘Did Cas learn from his mistakes with crowley? Misha: Cas will go to Dean for help this time but he’s still kind of naive

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Misha sta raccontando di nuovo della caccia al tesoro che ha fatto al college conla moglie in un team rivale pic.twitter.com/kpdtJ4jtqo

Jill Unicorn Collins ‏@DestielAlways People are sat in a room right now listening to and watching @mishacollins – http://twitpic.com/cq355w

Federica ‏@Akane87 Literally three seconds of Misha, http://telly.com/M7C3ZR


omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean then seb went like I should be the next dr who while misha took pics of his crotch w/ the polaroid he found in his package
* so misha came up with a gishwhes item including seb – a thirty secs vid w/ him without sexual innuendo
* if you could only speak one language? – italian, obviously (ilu seb)
* seb now – he’s discussing the possibility of a supernatural soap opera
* favorite theater role? Hamlet, he did it when he was young and he’d love to do it again

Marica ‏@galain Seb’s on now, so it’s probably gonna be innuendos and religious jokes and total nonsense
* One of the next gishwes impossible items will be a 30 seconds video of Seb doing absolutely nothing sexual
* Misha took a pic of Seb’s crotch and showed it on screen with a “!!!BEWARE!!!” sign
* Seb’s fave role in theatre was Hamlet. You can be bad but at one point you’ll be brilliant at it cause it’s so well written
* Matt and Brock came onstage during Seb’s innuendoing his way through Shakespeare
* @woahcastiel Misha jokes that Dean, Benny and Cas shared a sleeping bag in purgatory

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Apparently I’m the the German girl with the Anerican accent now. Richard and Matt thought, I’m from Texas

@TyOlsson and @mishacollins’s psycho eyes LOL pic.twitter.com/jpA4jqIZWO

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Misha takes a pic of Sebastian or maybe just a part of him.. XD pic.twitter.com/sTx16P2if4


Marica ‏@galain Matt: my acting on South of Nowhere was horrible
* Time travel. Matt would go back to the Rat Pack’s time, Brock would go back to the Old West
* Matt and Brock pic.twitter.com/5ShWwvifGQ
* Fan: thank you, Matt, for touching my shoulder. Brock: You can wash it. I never wash myself after he touches me
* Matt: lucky is the adjective that sums up my life

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean they’re using misha’s discarded polaroid to take pictures
* what superpower would you want? (To brock) – x ray vision
* matt totally wants to do the young john meets regular john bc he wants to jump into jdm’s arms, he’s such a lovely man
* Matt apparently takes apart and rebuilds motorcycles
* Ahah little boy onstage with Matt and Brock he looks so confused
* Matt is just wandering around the audience and playing with the screen
* Matt: I have everything in common with my character, I have all of Michael’s powers
* Brock has in common with young Dean food, women, cars and hating school
* Brock: I’d like to find my soul and my dignity in one of these boxes

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 Squeeee got a Photo with Brock and his lovely fiancΓ©! Oh my she is so sweet! ❀ pic.twitter.com/NFGYABAdrv

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real WHAT A BLAST WE ARE HAVING IN ROME! http://instagram.com/p/ZNoBwWj9as/
* pic.twitter.com/jxQhpznb6b

@Brockiavelli ‘s idea of me drinking from him, as a true #brockaholic πŸ˜‰ love it!! pic.twitter.com/bBBhO274Yk

Laura Rocchigiani ‏@Yzzzma “You’re filming THAT? That’s me and Brock on stage!! @mattcohen4real @Brockiavelli pic.twitter.com/u682k0fshe

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Matt “Brock I mean this in the most respectful way… Can you call me daddy just once!” Brock “Sure thing daddy”

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean who’d play the older version of yourself? Matt: jdm or rob benedict, brock: richard


“@ProudSPNer: Jensen Ackles has surely Brightened Up the whole #JIBCON with his Awesomeness and Everything!!! pic.twitter.com/myKatI1QV7

Eve Sudan ‏@Peaceful_Eve Video : Jensen apologizes on Jared’s behalf
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYDO0YivbMQ …

@Akane87: Jensen is leaning over Misha’s shoulder while he signs autographs

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen to little boy “hey little man, you got a question?” So cute
* Jensen said jared called and asked Misha if he could represent him Misha’s acting like a girl
* Jensen “welcome to awkwardville, population 2!”
* Jensen and Misha bumped mics for the start of the panel
* Little boy is wearing a hat! Misha looking for something to say “I too have a hat… Do we have a bond
* Jensen about the mute little boy “hmm I don’t think he speaks any language
* Jensen’s trying to excited the little boy Ahaha “look ahhh bubbles, Nothing” Aww they’re speaking French to him!
* Out of purgatory Jensen & Misha were discussing how it would be a great opportunity 2change clothes but they got him new of the same
* Jensen “is it a question or do you have a son too?”
* Jensen trying to get the boy offstage and he won’t leave just stood there all quiet! Jensen high pitched “get out of my seat… Off
* Jensen asking for the lights to be turned up so he can record the fans for Jared
* Ahah the cocktail weenies weren’t supposed to be eaten! Robyn in props said they were fresh but Jensen thought he might puke
* The tables have turned! Someone brought Jensen’s old rΓ©sumΓ© ahah he has long hair in the head shot! Misha “note the jared hair”
* Jensen “Jared’s broken a few ribs…” Misha “from hugging people too hard
* Jared will also no longer be attending #Asylum10 due to the personal event
* Jensen reads Tibetan throat singing off his rΓ©sumΓ© and Misha instantly starts throat singing lol
* Jensen “Can you ride a horse? Shetland ponies don’t count, nor do Great Danes” lol Misha “I’m fine if the animal is asleep
* Jensen and Misha are both reading each others resumes ahah Jensen “Lets have a resume-off
* Misha and Jensen are in fits of laughter Ahaha Jensen’s crying at Misha’s accent!!!
* Jensen’s wearing a box on his head and drinking whiskey! What is this
* Jensen about some sunflowers to a fan “those don’t travel well, you should put them in water immediately
* Jensen about his head shot “god look at that hair” Misha “I know… So sexy!”
* Ahaha Jensen’s desperate to find Jared’s old rΓ©sumΓ©! Lol Jensen “find it find it…Quit your job and look for it”
* Misha and Jensen have linked arms and are dancing together!
* Misha “Jensen thesaurus ackles” Jensen “I prefer Jensen Lexicon Ackles
* Clif stole the panda! Jensen “the biggest fan girl of them all
* be the dead of winter and jared will be in a tank top sweating asking is it hot in here?”
* Jensen about #jibcon “we’ll see you… Next year!”

Robin ‏@rob0349 i can almost hear all the fanfic being written as the panel is going on http://twitpic.com/cq47n2

@DestielAlways pic.twitter.com/6V6oIk0jxr

@Akane87: Jensen is recording the audience for Jared. He’s asking what they could say and decided for “We miss you”

…aleena… ‏@ProudSPNer Jensen drinking whiskey: “WOW! This is really good apple juice, it tastes like maybe its…16 years old!”
* Jensen: “I’m sweating, I’m dripping… I feel like Jared right now

@GorgeousRena: Misha and Jensen on stage for the final panel pic.twitter.com/QZmnYEr5mK* where Jensen’s cracking up. pic.twitter.com/WYI11GTZfg
‏* now the girl who actually asked the question is on stage trying to explain it one more time. pic.twitter.com/U0hkXTrjDv
* Misha’s pic.twitter.com/xHpU6ldz63

@RelyaLestrange Jensen: “Was your question for anyone on stage, or it was for Brock and you just stayed there?”

Laura Rocchigiani ‏@Yzzzma Me, my friend and his new friend. Question: “do I can see god?” We’ll… yes! pic.twitter.com/EjsndEwpSg
* “One thing I don’t like about Castiel is that he never looks at me when we’re speaking”!
* Some normal talking now. After the curtaintender gave’em drinks! pic.twitter.com/izO0vP2SYeomar comin’, man!

‏@janiedean j: sometimes we make char choices that we aren’t aware we’ll end up married to
* dean was written as liking fast food bc jensen ate some random food in s1 from a table during a scene and got stuck w/ it
* misha and the kid are opening presents at the same time while jensen is all like lalalala
* Ty: Sorry for humping your leg JA: Are you crazy, I loved it! (They both agree to blame @sebroche)

my jenneel β™₯ ‏@iBreatheAckles “The kid is occupying Jensen’s seat & Jensen is like ‘Get off my seat now!!'” Aw, Jensen. :’)

Jensen Ackles β™” ‏@FYeahSPN what Misha doesn’t like about Cas is that he’s not stylish. Jensen: Change your clothes
* Misha: Purgatory looked a lot like Hell, didn’t it? Fan: I thought it was beautiful. Misha: Warning, we have a psycho here
* Found it! Misha and Jensen dancing together! pic.twitter.com/jOfFi9eaSi

Federica ‏@Akane87 Someone brought young Jensen’s resume and he says nothing can embarrass him

ϟpurgatory. ‏@Acklehoolic Misha and Jensen dancing. pic.twitter.com/0g2bAMQJda
SWL. ‏@SPNFeels #JensenAckles http://yfrog.com/nyvcokpj

@Yzzzma #JensenAckles shooting a video at the crowd, to send it to the “tall guy”. pic.twitter.com/y3pnGNSYTH
* Dance. Don’t skip that!! I can dance! #JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/dyHFuYHcHL
* Now we should have some serious talking. *panda falls down* pic.twitter.com/ZUa3719WHo
* pic.twitter.com/jOfFi9eaSi
* ”This is the end, my friend, the end! pic.twitter.com/AKEACTqNkU* This is the end, my friend, the end! pic.twitter.com/2hjhmRJl0S
* Now we have #JensenAckles’s resumee! pic.twitter.com/orDyEFkU0J

@galain They’re trying to answer a serious question with talking plushies attached to their mikes

@karmaflipse: Jensen and Misha, everyone. pic.twitter.com/P6GLQuVy4K

@TheNenya: Jensen is trying very hard to answer a serious question, Misha is not making it easy, but Jensen almost got it

✑Women Of Letters✑ ‏@HeySupernatural Fan yells I love you! Jensen whispers into the mic “I love you too”

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean what have you learned from each other? J: I learned how to do a bad russian accent, he learned what not to do when leading in a show

@mattcohen4real and Jensen: http://twitpic.com/cq26w0

“@AlinaCleary: Photo of Jensen’s resume pic.twitter.com/i3Qeb25BbW

@_Eliann_ @stevecarlson http://twitpic.com/cq2egm
* It’s kinda gotten to the point when it’s easier to catch him without his tongue out. :p http://twitpic.com/cq52ta
* Jensen Ackles http://twitpic.com/cq2d1g

Jensen singing Carry On My Wayward Son to close the con? spnfansbrazil pic.twitter.com/yjDFd7jlTW

@mfluder_42: Misha and Jensen during the final panel pic.twitter.com/5TvuelZ2J9
* Misha and Jensen pic.twitter.com/G7sk2f8Uv2
* Misha and Jensen during the final panel pic.twitter.com/UvxV0TEPrK
* Misha and Jensen being serious pic.twitter.com/rok3jWbPZT
* Misha has Jensen’s resume in his hand… Jensen reaches for it.on pic.twitter.com/dAFiNhmdjH
* misha haz lightsabers.. pic.twitter.com/lXiRLkIsum
* And more Misha and his lightsabre. pic.twitter.com/CT4sD884oD
* Misha makes Jensen laugh.. and laugh… and laugh… pic.twitter.com/BFgvo6mpnq
* : Then once the ‘discussion’ over who gets to hold it is done, you start reading. pic.twitter.com/8xuOzg0FG1
* If you’re determined, nothing will stop you, eh? pic.twitter.com/YgL1tMiWGL
* Jensen holds it behind him, out of Misha’s reach… pic.twitter.com/70fbt1GuTJdean’s pie. ‏

@holyfrackles Jensen was singing with the fans Carry On My Wayward Son. pic.twitter.com/Vo60vz6feA
* Jensen’s dancing because it says he can on his rΓ©sumΓ©. They’re playing music for him to dance too! pic.twitter.com/IaNdJlbJEr
* Jensen singing Carry On My Wayward Son pic.twitter.com/sBqlyKd4Gd
@SBN_BR pic.twitter.com/uSFcGSx9fNadriane ‏

@emmawinchester_ those “goodbyes” were so emotional. Different than last year. Jensen was so sweet to us because of what happened. We love you Jared

Simone Kalel ‏@redteekal Taking the video message for Jared. Jared we miss you Jensen pic.twitter.com/i8e71nJq72
* In my three years of con going experience I can state without a doubt that was the BEST JENSEN ACKLES experience EVER. WHAT A CLOSE!

Jessica ‏@Jessystorm87 2013 JIBcon-Closing ceremony (only a little part) http://youtu.be/jtcawIhOp_o

Cyrielle ‏@LilismilemeXD Jensen dancing is too much to handle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MShkh6swSDE …

Jensen making a complete idiot of himself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MShkh6swSDE&feature=youtu.be …

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Steve Carlson pic.twitter.com/BlhuqTstza

Jus In Bello 2013 – Jensen sexy dance!: http://youtu.be/MShkh6swSDE

Cyrielle ‏@LilismilemeXD pic.twitter.com/XcNQkJ7nI5

youtube.com/watch?v=MShkh6swSDE&feature=youtube_gdata_player …

#Jensen http://youtu.be/MShkh6swSDE

http://youtu.be/jtcawIhOp_o?a 2013 JIBcon-Closing ceremony