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The Born-Again Identity begins with pain and ends in pain. Jared Padalecki gives a great performance as an insomniac driven crazy by hallucinations via Lucifer(Mark Pellegrino).  The episode, written by Supernatural’s show runner, Sera Gamble, was quiet, subdued and brought two storylines front, center and moved them forward.  Sam’s(Jared Padalecki) brain wall crumbles and Castiel’s life after his lake walk is revealed. Both are addressed well and with closure. From Sam’s craziness to Lucifer’s taunting to Dean’s emotion at finding Cass, the story glides along with pain, tension and typical Winchester emotion. Beginning with Sam’s insomnia due to Lucifer’s continual taunts, Sam runs for his life, from his own thoughts, when he gets hit by a car, putting him in a mental institute. Dean storms the hospital only to discover that Sam is in a full-blown psychotic breakdown. So begins The Born-Again Identity.

Sam is in a mental prison and has no escape. Lucifer teases him every second of every day. The record for not sleeping is 11 days before a person’s organs shut down and they die. After being hit by a car, Sam goes bonkers, landing him in lockdown for his mental instability. Sam ignoring Lucifer incites him to use firecrackers for distraction. Sam responds to this nonstop popping with wincing and shoulder jerking. The psychiatrist cannot believe the amount of drugs he’s given to Sam with no avail, he cannot be put to sleep. When Dean forces his way into see Sam, he finds Sam as low as he’s ever been. Despondent, Sam has given up.  He feels like there is no hope for him. Keep in mind, that THIS brother is the ever positive, more even keeled of the two. When Dean hears Sam talking this way, in spite of reassuring Sam that he’ll find a way to fix him, Dean looks broken. He goes straightway to Bobby’s book, calling every hunter listed, looking for a healer.

Talking to hunter after hunter and getting nowhere, Dean lays the book on a table and takes a  break. While turned around, he hears a thud. Bobby’s book has mysteriously fallen to the ground with a business card falling out. I’m quite sure that this is Bobby taking care of the boys although his bones were burned. How can that be? Stay tuned.  Dean calls the number for help and the hunter calls him back with info on a healer, Emmanuel(Misha Collins, Castiel) , that he personally used for healing.

Dean tracks the healer down only to find a demon already there. When Dean tosses the demon’s body down some steps, it lands at the feet of Emmanuel who looks like Castiel. Emmanuel thanks Dean for saving his wife and they talk about Emmanuel’s’ special gifts, healing and now the ability to see demons. He leaves with Dean, quizzing him about Sam’s sickness. Dean realizes that this body was Castiel’s but that Emmanuel also doesn’t remember anything about his past. Dean informs Emmanuel that someone broke his brother’s head.  Emmanuel reassures Dean that he can heal spiritual wounds also.

The two stop at a convenience store for food and the demons hunting Emmanuel attack in full force. Dean is down on the floor about to be demon fodder when he thinks Emmanuel has saved him. To his and our surprise, it’s Meg, an old demon ally.  Meg found Emmanuel also and needs his angel juice in her fight against Crowley. Meg needs Dean so that Emmanuel will allow her to be around.  Dean concedes to her going with them with the promise of not leaking to Emmanuel who he was. Dean’s only concern is getting Sam fixed. Meg is still fighting a war. Emmanuel/Castiel is back in perfect form while the three drive to help Sam. Emmanuel mentions how uncomfortable the silence is. Meg refers it onto Dean who refuses to be goaded into revealing who Emmanuel really is for fear of Castiel disappearing or worse yet, imploding. 

The three arrive at the hospital only to find it occupied by demons. Meg points out that Castiel could smite them all easily. Her and Dean converse about Castiel which Emmanuel overhears. They tell Emmanuel that he was Castiel. When Castiel remembers how he and Dean parted, he wants to leave. Dean pulls out Castiel’s trench coat, allowing Castiel a glimmer of Dean’s emotions. Let the smiting begin! Castiel doesn’t recall how to kill demons but gets the hang of it quickly. Epic music during Castiel’s smiting and walk down memory lane: Turn into Earth by the Yardbirds.

During Sam’s stay as a patient, he finds a supernatural case. A young woman, Marin, has tried to kill herself. Sam engages Marin and discovers that she is being haunted by her brother who died  and wants Marin to kill herself to join him. Marin’s bracelet enables Sam to summon her dead brother, then releasing his spirit. The ghost poofs gone but Sam is grabbed by orderlies for having a lighter and fire starting! An orderly wheels Sam to a room, ready to start electro shock therapy when Sam sees it’s a demon.

The orderly demon is ramping up the shock machine but Castiel stops that torture in time. He lays his hands on Sam for healing but nothing happens. There is nothing left to put back together. Castiel shows great remorse here. He did everything with and for the Winchesters and feels responsible for Sam’s condition. Castiel realizes that he can shift what Sam is experiencing to himself and does, to be greeted by Lucifer with “hello brother”.  Meg gets hired at the hospital to watch over Castiel who has taken Sam’s place somehow.

 So Castiel is in a mental ward in Sam’s place, being tormented by Lucifer and with demon Meg having access to him. Following in the Winchester’s footsteps, Castiel has sacrificed it all. I prefer this Castiel to the Levaithan filled Castiel hands down. Sam is ok as far as we know and not happy about leaving Castiel alone unguarded at the hospital. He states “this feels like a demon deal” with Meg working there to protect Castiel or whatever she has in mind.  Dean responds this is not so much as a deal as but mutually assured destruction. So continues the Winchester saga! As Dean said, ” We have no friends, all of our friends are dead.” Next week, we have DJ Qualls returning  in Party On Garth. 

Castiel and the awkward silence: vid by ChairStelenaDelena

Dean gives Castiel his trenchcoat: vid by ChairStelenaDelena

Castiel’s resurrection, epic music!: vid by sweetondean

For lots of fans, you think the past 2 days have been great & can’t be beaten but guess what?! IT TOTALLY CAN! Jensen & Jared are such awesome fellas! Funny, respectful & always having a good time! So enjoy this last day with J2. You will cry when it’s over! I always do sitting here on my couch reading it all! Sweet memories!

Talking about sweet memories, this was the LAST thing to happen on the panel! Birthday cake brought out by Richard Speight, happy birthday sang by the fans , & Jensen taking a big bite of the cake with Jared following! YEP, LOVE THOSE MEN!!!

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jensen and Jared with cake on their face

@WinchesterBros: Jensen’s birthday cake with two face prints.

@heather03nmg: The birthday boy Jensen Ackles” NICE

 @kelios Birthday cake vid!


Shelly @TheSalmonDean The J’s are late….so we wait ‘patiently’!

 @wendy_d: J2 hug.

* Baby could come any second, Jared has his phone on.

Veronika Lamichova @VeronikaCzechRDanneel hired a chef and had a bday celebration for Jensen last night

@heather03nmg Danneel threw Jensen a bday dinner party last night. Jared and Steve Carlson both attended

Sandra Echeverri@sanpao19  with @jarpad and Jense 

@MrsDeWinter_2: Js agree Bobbys death sucked, but Jensen thinks that ep is one of best eps of show

Wendy @wendy_d Thanking fans for People’s Choice Awards

heather @heather03nmg Jensen lowered his microphone to his crotch. Jared replies, Ah, the stories it could tell.

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness The boys are here!

@WinchesterBros: Jared is in plaid, Jensen is in black

Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_laconJensen said season 8 looks good. Probably will happen with a shorter hiatus. ·

WendyWendy@wendy_d Jensen: Season 8 is not official yet, but it looks good.
* Jensen misses the Impala.

 Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Fan: is Danneel even going to be on SPN? Jensen: I don’t think so.

*Jensen said having the Impala back so briefly was a tease

  @moika22: Supernatural will shoot until mid April. If picked up for season 8 there may be extra episodes 

*Start episode 20 tomorrow

@phoenix_lacon: Jensen lived near the equestrian center in Burbank when he first lived in CA 

@jarpad keeps doing the nutcracker host impression from.Changing Channels. Jensen is starting to join in.

 @caitlynswanda: Jensen is sick of the cars besides the impala and feels bad for Dean 

@WinFamBusiness: What’s the craziest thing Sam and Dean have done? Jared – “Nutcracker!”

*Seven seasons later and Jared and Jensen still can’t explain what the show is about. They’ve done it all

Saila Ferreira @ShaySpnFanJensen on explaining the show: season 1? Urban legends, car, things that go bump in the night. Season 7? “I dunno…” 

@phoenix_lacon: Jensen threatened Gabe Tigerman when he drove the Impala

SPN Georgian Fans @SupernaturalGeoShow spent 20K refurbishing the Impala

@caitlynswanda: It took A LOT of drugs to put Jared under for his wrist surgery

 @heather03nmg: Jared and Jensen just shot commentary for season 7 DVD Slash Fiction

Wendy @wendy_d Jared’s dream car is a Generation Two Corevette. Jensen wants the Impala

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusinessJensen – “There’s a certain car I do want but I have to wait until a certain show is over and get it in my contract

* I had to share this since I’m waiting in the Jared photo op line. I took this photo at breakfast this morning.

Carly!@alovething during photo ops jared said gen was doing great and about to burst.

Natalie Croyt@blondeweasel88 Just me the nicest and coolest bodyguard ever at  @bodyguard4JandJ thanks for taking time to say hi to me talk to me! 🙂

Valentina Marinelli@ValentinaM_88 #Jensen * Oh Dear Lord! ♥__♥ #SPN

  J2 pic:!/amenpadaleski_/status/176397624834916353/photo/1



heather @heather03nmg Jim and Richard onstage

Angel @angel_kink . @dicksp8jr in the audience again 

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rich is gonna “work for Jim” by working the audience

*Questions about Justified…Jim wants to do an ep with Rich, but when you die there, you’re kinda gone

*Jim is wearing a Singer Salvage tshirt

*Jim : on Justified, you can be in the make up trailer and STILL not know what your ep is about

. *What other show would you work on? Jim likes “shows that kill me off”, cites Deadwood as other fave. Rich says Band Of Brothers

*Rich finds gal who got kissed by Rick. “He took Q&A and made it more T&A

Angel @angel_kink . @dicksp8jr with the girl that made out with Rick worthy

Charlotte Wilson @Sharleddo Hello @dicksp8jr, how u doin.

MariaMaria@Clovers12  @dicksp8jr and @jumblejim

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jim: “I have about 9000 books at home and a few of them came from Bobby’s house.”

Moira @moika22Fav prop they kept. Jim: A couple of books from the set. Most books on set are on Canadian Tax Law

Angel @angel_kink . @jumblejim just refered to himself as “ex supernatural”. ALL MY CREYS

Moira@moika22 Who are you cheating on? Matt or Chad? Richard: I am the most unfaithful and promiscuous homosexual on #Supernatural

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Jim: “When you get to my age, your memory goes really quickly

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Fave behind the scenes moment? Bringing Maddie up to the set last August for the 1st time & she met Bob Singer…

carla @prchrzdtr  Richard says he wasn’t there long enough to scope out the good stuff!

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Maddie said she wanted to be on SPN. Demanded why lighting was taking so long. Bob said she’ll become a producer

*Jim : J2 like to make up their own dialogue to throw people off. And they REALLY like doing it to Jim.

*What’s made Jim cry? Anything with The Rock in

*Rich was deeply affected by the D Day scene from Private Ryan

*While seeing Day of the Locust, Jim was asked to “cry quieter”.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jim: “We get a lot more questions about pranks than actual pranks

*Jim says Jared and Jensen try to make him laugh on camera and it doesn’t work

*Richard: “There’s a guy here!” Jim: “How did he get in?”

*Jim said the beer on set is usually diluted coke. Richard: “Really? Not Pepsi, dude?” Jim: “You’re the one payed to buy Pepsi

carla@prchrzdtr  what’s in the alcohol bottles on the show? Richard- Absinthe!

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink“ooooh the expensive seats are complaining.” – Richard Speight Jr after taking a lot of q’s from back of room

*”Who cares?” – Jim Beaver when asked who he would choose to die (Sam or Dean) if it meant Bobby could come back

carla @prchrzdtr  if Gabriel sang Karaoke it would be Love Shack! If bobby did it would be Some Enchanted Evening or Rock Lobster!

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness If they had to kill a character to come back on a show, Jim would kill “the tall one.” Richard says: “Who cares? Kill them all

*Richard:”It just shows how difficult murder can be.”Jim:”On tv you have to do it on multiple angles. In real life, once will do it.”

*Jim: (To Richard) “Get you on Psyche? I’ve been trying to get you off Supernatural!”

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jim Beaver on stage

*Richard Speight walking the crowd at

*.@dicksp8jr on watching Dean get beat up by scantily clad women in Tall Tales, “Not a bad day at the office!”

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink “Tim Omundson is the chia pet of American TV.” – Jim Beaver remarking on the #Psych star’s ability to grow a massive beard quickly.

*Jim Beaver was mistaken for John Lennon & Dustin Hoffman on the same day

*When Richard Speight Jr got the role of the Trickster he originally thought he was just playing a janitor

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778  Idjit was how it was actually written. Jim saw it and said, “Really?”

*Rich doesn’t get to pick his own candy on the show…and eating on screen is a NIGHTMARE cuz of continuity issues.

*Fans would speak Klingon to Cecily at cons

Jennifer@matchboximpala @dicksp8jr is genius 

 @WinchesterBros Richard Speight walking the crowd

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink I think @CreationEnt should have @dicksp8jr play Phil Donahue at every panel at every con. He’s amazing at it and it’s so much more fun!

Natalie Croyt @blondeweasel88 Thanks to @dicksp8jr for coming to the “cheap seats”  so we could ask q’s and get good pics like this 🙂


JENSEN & JARED PANEL @heather03nmg Jared and Jensen checking each others teeth before the panel

  @heather03nmg: Jensen crashed Jim’s panel

SpoilerCW @TheSpoilerCW Jared and Jensen on stage

@WinchesterBros: Jensen is still not used to the flashing lights. Jared says he follows Jensen around taking flash pictures

 @wendy_d: Jared says cons & fans are integral to SPN.Loves when newbies join The Family. Jensen never gets used 2 camera flashes.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen: “The crew is kind of our family. A very dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless

 @WinchesterBros: Q: after so many cons ate you still in awe of it? A: both are still blown away. 

AngelAngel@angel_kink. @jarpad is now straddling a chair and it making Jensen nervous lol  ·
 @hafelina Last yr @jarpad broke a couple regular chairs, so this yr J2 get sturdy chairs 4 their panel!
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Jared turned his chair around and sat. Jensen: “You make me nervous
 @bblackbbirdd: @jarpad just said ‘yall’ like 6 times in one sentence
Angel @angel_kink . @jarpad mentioned the “newest addition to th family” will be here as soon as his phone starts to ring and the audience applauds
 @heather03nmg: Jensen still gets nervous anxiety before coming out on stage
@MishaMadnessJensen: (On a crew member’s 5 year old kid) “We have conversations with her. She didn’t even exist when the show started.
 @wendy_dJared says its funnier when Dean has to wear weird costumes or do odd things.  ·

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros Q: what deceased character were you glad to see come back? Jared: “I was glad to see Sam come back.” Jensen: “I wasn’t.”
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778What board game would SPN be? Jared: Twister XD Jen : Clue, Sam, in the bathroom, with a rubber duckie
Michelle Carlbert @MokibobolinkJensen once had a fan send a notebook down on a fishing line from a 2nd story window to sign an autograph
Wendy@wendy_d Jensen: If SPN was a board game, it’s be Clue. Sam Winchester, in the bathtub, with a rubber duckie
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared : the boys shouldn’t take their own advice, cuz that would be boring
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros JA: “To be honest, we don’t really take rehearsal that seriously.”
Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_laconJensen in reaction to Misha’s performance as a Leviathan: “I just peed a little
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Jen discussing Misha’s Cas voice & how weird he thought it was
Winchester Bros @WinchesterBrosBefore Jared worked with Misha he asked Jensen about him. Jensen told him: “He’s good, he’s good, but he’s weird
 @babserella2778 Jared was unhappy, covered in glitter, and they had to laugh. LOTS of acting going on there
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jensen & Jared just demonstrated their fake laughter & I nearly died laughing myself. So freaking funny
Kasara D@KasaraDonnelly Jared just dropped his mic and pushed his chair over because the question is for jensen.

Jessie ♥Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared is sitting on the stage sulking because everyone keeps asking Jensen questions
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared is upset next question is for Jen, so he knocks over his chair and sits pouting on the floor
 @moika22: Glitter bomb scene was done late at night. Jared was not happy. The laughter was acting. They demonstrated.
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared is making noise so we don’t hear the question for Jensen.
@WinchesterBros: . @bodyguard4JandJ in the crowd, Jared and Jensen on stage
 @angel_kink: Jensen is talkin about @mishacollins and says he loves his character choices for Cas
Moira‏  @moika22 Jensen was embarrassed about days of our lives scene on The French Mistake. He acted the part when Jared said the Line
@babserella2778: Can BBB, Jason, and Loudin Swain please play ONE show? Jen : Sure, any dry cleaning I can get done for you?
@MishaMadness: Jensen: (On the musicians): “We support them, but we aren’t their booking agents
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared didn’t know Alona that well at that moment. He lifted her onto the bar because of the height difference
@wendy_d: Jensen: I’m batman. Jared: I’m Pada-man.
 @babserella2778: Worst injury? Jared’s snapped wrist & a kick to the head. Jen : I got a bruise on my shoulder…
Kasara D @KasaraDonnellyJared got kicked in the head and blacked out while shooting a scene this season
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jared took a good kick to the head in a stunt recently & it rung his bell so hard he had to go sit down after the scene
 @babserella2778: Jen doesn’t think Alona minded@wendy_d: Fan: Hi boys! Jared: Men. Fan: Hi menMichelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jensen knockd his elbow so hard in AHBL II that his arm went numb & he still has sensitivity in that hand. Youch.@Wasserfloh1 Jensen laughing over Jared’s awkward moment. Thought fan asked for double f**k but it was double hug
Kasara D @KasaraDonnelly“The women to men ratio here is fantastic.” -jensen
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen: “To get a bigger male audience? We need hot chicks. Unfortunately we tried that and it made all of you mad.”
@babserella2778: SPN’s huge female crowd despite its violence, how could you bring in more guys? Jared “Naked chicks.” * Jen doing impression of us : “Get these sluts away from our boys!!!” 
cody mattu@codemanisaboss JandJ in the crowd, Jared and Jensen on stage
@MishaMadness: Jensen says “the eating thing” was something he did and then the writers started adding it in
Pam @MrsDeWinter_2Reason Sam always eats salads is because Jared hates eating on screen

 Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Guilty pleasure shows? Jen is proud to say he’s never seen Jersey Shore. Jared likes Top Chef.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared likes Top Chef, Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars.

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jen likes Biggest Loser cuz Alison Sweeny hosts, and because it’s helping people

Maria Facciuto @MarrianosaJensen is creeped put by clowns because of king’s It and wants to shoot them

 @heather03nmg True fact. They forgot to apply the hand print burn on Jensen for his shirtless scene 

 @babserella2778: Jared just called Jensen Dean. Whoops!

*What ep would you NOT have done? Jared : ep where he broke his wrist. Jensen : the PE outfit.  ·

Samantha KoldenSamantha Kolden@bblackbbirdd jared & jensen just acted out child birth. what is my life.
 @MrsDeWinter_2 Jared not scared of clowns but they creep out Jensen.

@KasaraDonnelly: Jared and jensen are acting out how babies are born.

 @babserella2778: If Dean could go back, he’d never had gone to Lisa & Ben. Jared: Sam wouldn’t let Dean kill that Ruby chick…

Angel @angel_kinkJensen’s signature dance move is walking off te dance floor lol

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen’s “signature dance move” is walking away from the dance floor until the music stops

*Jared: (On how he would want it to end) “It was all a dream. Since the pilot

 @babserella2778: Jen : Sam & Dean retire to a home in Florida. On a beach somewhere…

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessJensen: “Wait, you’re pregnant?” Jared: “I know, I’m barely showing

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jared discussing the St Jude’s fund…ladies from

@WinchesterBros on stage!! Fandom raised $27k!!!

Kasara D@KasaraDonnelly Jared and gen are matching what we’ve raised for st. Judes!!!!

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Richard is bringing up a birthday cake

Maria@Clovers12J2 @jarpad !!!!

@Jamie_Rose89: Happy Birthday Jensen!!

@babserella2778: JEN SMASHED HIS CHIN INTO THE CAKE and Jared did likewise

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rich called Jared Other Tall Guy

@babserella2778: Jared just called Jensen Dean

heather’s Photos on Lockerz (updated)

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros After Jensen’s 1st con (Asylum) he called Jared and told him: “dude, we need to do more of these; people actually like us!”

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jensen Ackles and @jarpad fangirling us

D’Collins ™ DCoIIins The last day of #BurCon 2012 had the presence of Jared and Jensen

Supernatural India @Supernatural_IN J2

@NicoleTubiola: I love her… Cutest belly ever! We missed u @jarpad !” beautiful gen!!

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness As a welcome to all the new followers I’ve picked up, here’s a panel picture of Jensen at  

J2 vid about more men viewers & “keep sluts away from the boys”! vid by sympathyrhymes:

Most awkward moments for the boys!vid by MoodyFennec:

Jensen on the hand scar not being there after Castiel heals him! vid by sympathyrhymes:

Jared & Jense vid on injuries while filming: vid by MoodyFennec

Jensen birthday vid by NBAGirl104:

Sara_James@So0oNo0oR #JensenAckles #02

#JensenAckles And @jarpad

*With the Cake

Jared thanks for the St Jude fund raiser, how show will end, Jensen signaturedance move, b’day! vid by hyola: 

J2 panel vid: fav game, rubber duckie & taking own advice, vid by salmondean:

J2 panel, fake laughing, Jensen’s older roles, Jared pouts: vid by Mitsiru01

J2 panel, about Misha, Alona, worse injuries: vid by xxdebbiexxx:

Jared receiving card from @WinchesterBros vid:

Rene Thurston article on BurCon:

Winchester Bros. photo gallery!

@AmyinSydney’s #BurCon experience!


@MadisonBlaine95 Happy birthday Jensen!

heather@heather03nmg Madison onstage favorite scene is the fistbump with Dean

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Was she a fan before she filmed? Yes, she was! She watches with her 5yo sister, who covers her eyes

Jamie Andrews@Jamie_Rose89 The adorable and gorgeous @MadisonBlaine95! She’s so tiny!!

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Reaction to the role: they made her wait an entire weekend. She was eating Graham crackers & they spilled. 

*Reaction to the role: they made her wait an entire weekend. She was eating Graham crackers & they spilled.

*Fave stunt: stabbing Sally, because it was hard to do. She was very happy with the outcome

*She got crazy looks from people as she was on the Warner lot in a Bieber shirt holding up team numbers

*Upon seeing the gishwhes list: “It made me worry about Misha a little bit…he’s very creative.” She did 170 pics

*How much of yourself did you put into Krissy? She creates backstories “like Krissy’s 5th birthday…” They’re both stubborn.

*How would Krissy react to angels? Same reaction as Dean, since they’re a lot alike

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessMadison says it was really fun taking the GISHWHES pictures.

  Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink I got to hang out with Sam and Dean  Well, sorta. Aren’t they cute?? Handmade dolls by Sara Winchester.

Mandragora @Mandragora8 “On The Mentalist, how did the set compare to SPN?Cast size is very different. @MadisonBlaine95 learned a lot from #JensenAckles.

Madison McLaughlin@MadisonBlaine95 @trisa24: @MadisonBlaine95 hope your first panel wasnt too scary!!!!    it was lovely!

Madison McLaughlin@MadisonBlaine95 Saw Jared and Jensen and met Richard and Jim. Best. Day. Ever

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr my jacket had no idea it was snazzy. Congrats on con #1! “@MadisonBlaine95: @dicksp8jr Here’s us w/ his snazzy jacket.


Supernatural fandom, the guests have not disappointed! These are tweets & pics from right now! The pics & sneaky vids will come later! Enjoy the second day panel of #BurCon!

Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd In honor of #BurCon, when I caught up with Jennifer Aspen, I naturally had to ask about her time on #Supernatural:

Random Acts @therandomactorg One of the care packages dropped off to us for distribution. AMOKaneer generosity is rockin’  #AMOK

GUY NORMAN BEE PANEL Guy Norman Bee @guynormanbee Heading to #BurCon – Who’s going to my panel?! I may have a special guest……. See ya there!

Eliann @_Eliann_  Photos of @guynormanbee & Sam Hennings:

Guy Norman Bee @guynormanbee misha Angel on my shoulder?

Guy & Misha

Guy Norman Bee @guynormanbee Who Ya Gonna Call?!? “@GYWKaren: Guy Bee singing Dirty Deeds

Kelios@kelios  photos! Mark and Sebastian, Guy and Sam

. Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd . @guynormanbee is hoping @mishacollins is in 7.22

 Danielle TurchianoDanielle Turchiano@danielletbd. @guynormanbee is shooting the penultimate S7 episode this year. He knows nothing but thinks Ben Edlund might be writing it. 

@guynormanbee is on stage and bringing out special guest Sam Hennings

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Another picture of @guynormanbee and Sam Hennings at

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee This place rules! Having a kick ass lunch with Taylor and #samhennings in Burbank @Taste_Chicago

SEBASTIAN ROCHE & MARK SHEPPARD PANEL: Sebastian & Mark pic!/search/burcon/slideshow/photos?

heather @heather03nmgSebastian wants Balthazar to come back as a mud wrestler. Mark requested all fanfic stories to be submitted to his twitter

Colleen Bement @SPNReporter  “Supernatural is ridiculously fun!” Mark Shep

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Mark – “I think moral ambiguity is more fun to play.” “I’ve been the victim of great writing

Tina Charles @TinaCharlesTV: Sebastian Roche and Mark Sheppard’s Q&A was a raunchy good time

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros .@Sharleddo with a lifelike handprint (sfx makeup work by @kyuubified

Denise Salinas @kyuubified  developed a horrible rash at #BurCon

Charlotte Wilson @Sharleddo “You can bounce a puppy off that.” –@kyuubified discussing @jarpad‘s bum

@kelios:  photos! Mark and Sebastian, Guy and Sam

 Mark Sheppard pic

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 I like the scenery!!

@WinchesterBros: Sebastian to the audience: “Your minds are in the gutter!” Mark: “And you’ve driven them there

SebastianRocheFanSit @SRocheFanPage Pics of Sebastian from his panel


Natalie Croyt@blondeweasel88 Richard Speight during the Richard Speight/Matt Cohen/Rob Benedict/Rick Worthy panel.

Amy@AmyinSydney @mattcohen4real doing guess who…hint…he has a very pouty mouth. 

Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_lacon  @dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real are walking in the crowd. e ·

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Richard says he only wants questions about the eps they’ve done together
Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessRichard: “I know how creation figured this out. ‘Which four people make the least sense?
Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_lacon  @RobBenedict and @dicksp8jr are fighting over Rick Worthy
Pam@MrsDeWinter_2 Rob Benedict is totally attracted to Rick Worthy, and is a fan of Castiel.  ·

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessRichard: “My favorite character is whatever Rick played. I don’t even need to see it to know I love it
*matt: “I would not want to play Castiel at all.”
Pam @MrsDeWinter_2Matt Cohen wants to be Dean because of Jensen’s “succulent” lips. LOL!
heatherheather@heather03nmg Richard would like to play Rick’s alphavamp. Rob wants to play Castiel. Matt wants to play Dean so he can have Jensen’s lips.
Rathany@Rathany Richard taking questions from the audience at  
*likely a better pic of Richard at even though it’s not quite as close.
heather@heather03nmg Rob and Rick onstage
Rathany @Rathany Likely a better pic of Richard even though it’s not quite as close.
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Richard: “Bears and bulls can’t play sports!” Rob: “In Chicago they can.”
Moira @moika22Rick Worthy just full on kissed the girl who asked him a question
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink @mattcohen is now climbing seats in audience & @rickworthyjust kissed a guest. Craziness has ensued.  ·

Statweestics@statweestics #BURCON is getting popular, +700% the last hour :
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Do they believe in angels and demons? Rob is still overwhelmed by the Rick/fan kiss
heather @heather03nmg Rob is overwhelmed by Rick’s make out scene. Richard to Rob, ‘you’re used to only watching that online’
Wendy@wendy_d Every time someone asks a crazy question, Richard refers it to Rob.
*Matt: You can touch my arm if you also say “it’s bigger than Jared’s.”
Angel@angel_kink pic @dicksp8jr in the audience
Eкатерина Aверина @averina1074  @dicksp8jr in the audience
 @babserella2778 Rob : I’ll have a show where I’m a writer, but I’m more important. I’m a prophet–no, I’m GOD!!
Moira@moika22 Rick is doing a Backstreet Boy dance with a fan
 @babserella2778 Matt thinks time travel eps are great because that’s the only time he shows up.

Clarissa BowenClarissa Bowen @SPNfangirl Richard: “Nobody jerks it like Matt Cohen.”
*Rich’s Cas impression is simply : ASSBUTT
Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_lacon Each of them are doing a Cas impression
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink “Are you speaking Braille?” – @dickspeightjr to a very soft spoken guest asking a question
Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rob’s fave : I’m the prophet Chuck; there’s a molar in my hair; hoard toilet paper
carla @prchrzdtr matt says it’s a testosterone filled nightmare when he’s on set with J2! But he loves Jensen’s lips

Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon @mattcohen4real was distracted by Jensens lips during filming
Angel@angel_kink It’s @mattcohen4real in the audience!!
*@mishacollins would want to be in a romantic comedy/horror directed by Megan fox or Jensen ackles
Pam @MrsDeWinter_2Richard Speight calls this panel the most homoerotic panel ever. He’s right.
Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessRichard: “I didn’t realize until about 30 seconds ago what a creepy fan Rob is. Now I understand the restraining order.”
Moira@moika22 Rob’s favorite guilty pleasure show is the Bachelor
Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink “This is the most confusing conversation I’ve ever had.” – @dickspeightjr perfectly describing the panel.
  Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros .@mishacollins hits the stage. HUGE roar of applause
Amy@AmyinSydney The attractive crying man… Misha
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Misha hasn’t said anything yet… Just mugging
Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessMisha: “Where is Matt? I’m gonna take my shirt off and get him!”
Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessMisha says questions about cheese are off limits. But Cas would use cheese as body lotion
*Misha says to be careful being nice to Sebastian because “he takes things the wrong way
Ryan Crum @ryancrumMisha cried when Bobby died on the show. 
Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Misha noticed Richard violated the rules of improv, but it’s okay because it’s fun to be mean sometimes. He knows from experience
*Misha is impressed by how many fans here took part in Gishwhes
*Misha wanted to have everyone that made tampon/maxipad seagulls for GISHWHES mail them in so he could decorate a public tree. 
*Misha on stage and on screen
*If Misha could do any movie, with anyone, any genre what would it be? Rom-com with Jensen Ackles
 *Misha says he’s had amazing fan experiences, better than he’d ever thought could occur
Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink @mishacollins: “the Irish do tend to get stuck in purgatory, I dont know why.” um, cuz we’re special? 
AngelAngel@angel_kink @mishacollins refuses to say #GISHWHES because he doesn’t want there to be an official pronunciation
✞We Need Castiel✞@DashkaDasha RT If you love Misha pic!
Moira@moika22 Misha said it took 3 weeks to fix the yard in Pasadena
*Tomorrow is amok day. Do acts of kindness. Be nice to Jensen and Jared for a change
 @wendy_d: Misha: I will be a wasp and I will sting you with my stinger…shame on you for making me say that
 Angel@angel_kink @mishacollins would want to be in a romantic comedy/horror directed by Megan fox or Jensen ackles
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Misha likes Jensen as a director. He motivates. “If it’s not better than the last take I’m bringing Jared on the stage
Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd How does Jensen motivate when directing? @mishacollins says he threatens “you do it right or I’ll bring Jared on set.”
@MishaMadness: Misha says he sometimes gets letters from fans that make him cry. ·

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser @babserella2778 Misha’s gotten letters from people who were very sick & imagined Cas as their angel. #aww
Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessMisha: “It’s easy to eat children if you cut them up first.”
*Misha: “I think me and my spirit animal should have some say in this!”
nell @mostly10Misha: “I’m not a kitten! I’m a tiger or something! Not a kitten!”
Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Misha will not demonstrate the female llama mating call because of a little thing call the Internet
*Misha is talking about tomorrow’s AMOK mission
Gail Winchester @SPN_ALLIANCE vid Misha Collins on returning to ‘Supernatural’ and Haiti as a “healer”: via @youtube
Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jim : next time they ask you to do an abominable snowman movie, say NO. #Burcon

Jessie ♥Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Jim: “Bobby may be dead, but I’m semi-alive.” 
*Jim: “I stopped watching the show. They lost a major character now I’m like ‘What’s the point?'”
*Jim: “I really didn’t like the end of Death’s Door.” 
*Jim: “Besides death, not getting to hook up with Sheriff Mills was my biggest disappointment in the series.” ·
*Jim: “I think you’re over-thinking. But hey, that’s what you guys do
heatherheather@heather03nmg Jim’s favorite episode is Death’s Door even though he didn’t like the end
Cee CeeCee Cee @ceecaw Jim beaver is clearly not happy about leaving the show
Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink “They lost the only character I really identified with.” – @jimbeaver joking why he won’t watch #supernatural anymore
 carlacarla @prchrzdtr  Kissing Kim was a lot more than than the other people he’s kissed on the show!! No stuble, soft, warm….married!!
@angel_kink: “I’m gonna fill you so full of rock salt you’re gonna crap margaritas” is @jumblejim favorite Bobby line 
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Serviceman thanking Jim for providing an escape and for being a good single dad
*”I’ll do anything for money…or smatterings of applause!”
Moira@moika22 Jim
Angel @angel_kink . @jumblejim isn’t very happy about the way Bobby went out but at least he saved Sam and dean
*It suddenly occurred to me everyone who had a panel today their character is dead lol
Wendy@wendy_d Jim: The boy’s next parental figure will be Bobby’s twin brother. We haven’t met him yet.
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Does he think he’ll be back on? “Sorta hopin’ I’d have heard something by now…” He honestly has no clue.
*HOW could Bobby get back on? Cas is the audience’s answer. “You say Cas or gas? Like there’s a difference…”
Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessJim says that if Bobby hadn’t died, he would be happiest in Sioux Falls jail.
*Jim: “I don’t know all the mythology. I don’t know what would be capable of something like that.” (Bringing Bobby back.)
*Jim thinks that if Bobby has to make another deal, Crowley should possess Sheriff Mills
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Fave prank? In Death’s Door, Jared kept playing with his toes while he was trying to be comatose. Not fave just the most recent.
*On being directed by Jensen: “Wonderful director…prepared, skilled, insightful, communicative. He’d REALLY good at it.”
*Jim gets a standing ovation!!
Ryan Crum @ryancrumJim says that Jensen is everything a director is supposed to be, and that if Jensen ever turns ugly he has a backup plan
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Discouraging news from Jim Beaver about coming back, “I’ll tell you the truth. I was hoping I would have heard something by now.” 
*Did young Bobby really kill his Dad or was that in his mind? “I think you’re over thinking but then again that’s what you guys do. ·
MoiraMoira @moika22 Jim ended the panel by thanking fans for an amazing 7 seasons of support
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Mark Sheppard was eluding to that earlier about Crowley as well. There might not be returning favorites for the S7 closer.
*If they figure out a way to bring Bobby back on the show I’ll be real happy. If they don’t, I’ll hunt them down and kill them
Moira @moika22Matt just stuck a bunch of tshirts down his pants to “endorse” them for sale. A bunch of girls went running to buy them! Lol
Charlotte Wilson @Sharleddo @dicksp8jr just rubbed one of his t-shirts onto @jumblejim‘s face so people will buy it. #Burcon #Supernatural

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser @babserella2778 Richard Speight is touching all the karaoke tees on his beard to help them sell… XD
RAFundraiser @RAFundraiser Is anyone going to join us to assemble care packages? We’re starting soon! #BurCon #AMOK
matt cohen @mattcohen4real Thanks boys @dicksp8jr @sebroche @GabrielTigerman @RobBenedict @ChadLindberg and all the SPN family and especially the FANDOM
Rick Worthy @rickworthy The first phone I’ve ever signed. 🙂
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Last con @mattcohen4real sold shirts shirtless. This time he put shirts in his pants b4 tricking me in2 rubbing ’em on my face. Evil genius!
 Danielle Turchiano #Burcon roundtable Where are ‘Supernatural’s’ Rob Benedict,Matt Cohen, and Richard Speight Jr. now?

 Misha pic!/search/burcon/slideshow/photos?

 Rob Benedict@RobBenedict Thanks for all the rocking good times  Still coming down from the concert, all the love, and from Rick’s on stage kiss….
Richard on stage with Rob!
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr  Love it! Great to have Rob join me and the boys on stage. Unfortunately, he didn’t know when to leave.
 Rob BenedictRob Benedict@RobBenedict  @dicksp8jr it borders on verbal abuse, rich.

Woo hoo Supernatural Fans! BurCon is here and Chad Lindberg kicks it off! All tweeting, pics and vids will have credit for them! We all appreciate so much getting the fun shared! Enjoy! I will be updating the info as we get more info posted!

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg It amazes me how fast pics go up!! RT @sanpao19:  with @ChadLindberg

 Chad Lindberg!/search/burcon/slideshow/photos?

 Just finishing up Lunch with @Gabrieltigerman He’s so “street” in this pic. #Hardcore

Chad Lindberg @Chad Lindberg Someone made a “Dr. Badass” Doll…Awesome.

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real @ChadLindberg n me. A couple o BAMFs.

Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Badass!! RT @kimrhodes4real: @ChadLindberg n me. A couple o BAMFs.

CreationEnt@CreationEnt  On stage: @kimrhodes4real and @GabrielTigerman 

Yes\No game at

Eliann@_Eliann_ Few pics (Kim, Gabriel, Chad) to tide you over until I upload everything.

Jennifer@matchboximpala @kimrhodes4real and @GabrielTigerman Lindberg@ChadLindberg

Backstage at with the hip and happenin @Robbenedict

G Morataya@gmorataya  Then there was the Prophet and the Dr RT @ChadLindberg: Backstage at  with the hip and happenin @Robbenedict

simogiuli@simogiuli Check out Chad Lindberg’s photo on WhoSay Chad & Rob back stage

Jennifer@matchboximpala @ChadLindberg Looking out at us at

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  Bust open a bloody cupcake piñata to kick off the #Supernatural Game Nights (hosted by Alexis & Jennifer)

Gabriel Tigerman@GabrielTigerman Anti possession charms at  Badass. Don’t worry about it. @RobBenedict

Elizabeth Madsen@Paleonut_  Don’t blink! Wait… I thought this was a # Supernatural con?! (If you see me, say hi!!)

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  @prchrzdtr:  Jared Jensen Rob Gabe Sebastian Julie Mark P Mark S Jim are all the 1st guests confirmed for VegasCon

ROB BENEDICT PANEL: @RobBenedict just hit the stage.

Swan Song narrated by Chuck!/search/burcon/slideshow/videos

simogiuli @simogiuli@matchboximpala: Love him! @RobBenedict

heather@heather03nmg Rob aka Chuck aka God is here. My other tv boyfriend

Phoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon  Advice from Rob; befriend someone who is better than you to learn a skill.
 Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros Rob has been playing since 6th grade after his mom bought him one as a gift
WFB @WinFamBusinessRob learned how to play guitar on an old JCPenney one. He hated the lesson part of it. He ran into someone later who was better.
@WinchesterBrosIf Chuck did karaoke Rob agrees that he would sing “What if God Was One of Us
Jessie @MishaMadness  Rob keeps calling everyone “my child.”
 Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon If Rob met Harrison Ford he would shake
@WinchesterBros According to @RobBenedict, @LoudenSwain1 is named after Matthew Modine’s character in “Vision Quest
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness What’s his favorite angel since every parent has his favorite kid? He’s asking Castiel’s status. “Dead!” the audience answers.  ·
Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon Rob says Cas is Gods favorite child. 
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Rob’s telling the funny Alias story where he was running with Jennifer Garner and the camera was never on him.  ·
WendyWendy@wendy_d Rob, on what he would change if he was God: More good stuff, less bad stuff. All we need is love.
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness What’s the one thing in the world he would want to fix? “There’s a lot to change but there’s a lot to be happy about *
Rob just saw Kripke at an audition for Revolution. The part didn’t work out. The character changed

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Why? Because at @RobBenedict thinks Castiel is funny and unique and adorable

Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon Rob did a Cas impression

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Rob’s dream role? Having his arm blown off on MASH and getting Hawkeye to fix it. He also could be another brother on Six Feet Under

*Rob’s clarifying again, he didn’t know he was God after he read the script. The crew pointed out to him in Vancouver.  ·

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros .@RobBenedict says he’s the opposite of @mishacollins because he actually WANTS to answer the audience questions directly

Caitlyn Swanda@caitlynswanda  Rob got choked up reading the voice over for Swan Song

Jessie @MishaMadness Rob: “‘I’m not God but I play him on TV’? I should get that on a T-shirt.” *

Rob: “I was really excited about the Becky thing. I really thought that might go somewhere.”

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness What came first, a musician or an actor? Guitar playing and writing is extracurricular, acting is his passion

Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink “I do like crazy people” – Rob Benedict  (sounds like he fits right in w/us #Supernatural fangirls). 

 WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness Rob didn’t have to act hard for the tooth in the hair, he found it to be a very creepy prop. Jared’s pointing it out wasn’t planned

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Rob and Richard are going to be in Rome together. “How romantic!” Someone behind me shouts

*Kripke told Rob that he wants fans to think what they want to think about Chuck being God. Rob says Chuck was Kripke’s voice


Pics from Heather!

LOUDEN SWAIN CONCERT! Louden Swain@LoudenSwain1 Hey everybody! Are you ready to get rocked outta your seats? Bring it!

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros .@LoudenSwain1 on stage, opened up the show with “Kind of Guy”. Another pic of @LoudenSwain1

Wendy @wendy_d  Love Louden Swain!!! 

Jamie Andrews @Jamie_Rose89 Louden Swain!!!


Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Guess who I am bringing to karaoke?

Michael Cudlitz @Cudlitz Where am I. ??……. ; )

Michael CudlitzMichael Cudlitz@Cudlitz Just had the most amazingly warm reception from supernatural fans …. Thank you. #SouthLAnd………

Clarissa Bowen @SPNfangirl Richard’s in the house! Just crashed Louden Swain’s set at  Awesome!!!

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Guess who I am bringing to karaoke?

Kat @katwoman76 @dicksp8jr Now I wished I could be at even more. You should bring @Cudlitz along more often, not just to L.A.

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg Backstage with @mattcohen4real just before karaoke…

Gabriel Tigerman@GabrielTigerman Look out karaoke!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @bodyguard4JandJ hard at work tweeting! He is very excited for Los Angeles!

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Motley Crew!!!  #karaoke

Gabriel Tigerman @GabrielTigerman  Rock god.

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  Vid: @loudenswain1 and @dicksp8jr finishing up “My Sharona”.

Amy @AmyinSydney Woo!! Mighty impressed with Mr Worthy’s moves! RT @funksoulcrango: @rickworthy @ChadLindberg

SPN Germany@SPNGermany @ChadLindberg and @rickworthy at karaoke – Backstreet’s Back!!

@rickworthy Rock on!!!

Go to “Louden Swain Fanpage” on FB to see some pics from last night’s performance they will upload video soon.

Louden Swain @LoudenSwain1Thank you to everyone at the show last night! It was great talking to you all afterwards!

Richard Speight, Jr .@dicksp8jr Sometimes you wake up and wonder if it really happened. Well @Omundson, the answer is yes, it happened. And it rocked!

Southland_tv @Southland__tv Michael Cudlitz at Supernatural Convention

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Hey @Omundson @mattcohen4real @Cudlitz @robbenedict @chadlindberg U get the license plate number of the karaoke truck that hit me last nite

Natalie Croyt @blondeweasel88 Chad Lindberg getting groovy at Karaoke last night! ·

Chad LindbergChad Lindberg@ChadLindberg  Fans sing Lady Gaga at last night’s Karaoke . Can you find yourself in the Video…? 😉
Louden Swain @LoudenSwain1  who can resist these faces???
Colleen Bement @SPNReporter Kim Rhodes , @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr rockin’ the 60’s karaoke  memories
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Elvis has left the Building… PRT @AmyinSydney: @ChadLindberg Karaoke Rock Star!
Louden Swain @LoudenSwain1 Loved rockin w/@dicksp8jr RT @metakate My vid of your closing at Sharona and Mamma’s Jam. You guys rocked!