Looks like a budget increase! More classic rock! Fun night of live tweets!

Jensen Ackles@JensenAckles   FYI our EP/Director, Phil Sgriccia, has put up some SPN swag 4 auction 2 benefit the following. If ur interested.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad   Alright yall!!! Be prepared! This is possibly my FAVORITE EPISODE OF THE YEAR!!!

Waitasecond!!! Has come to help us?!?!

Oh, it’s Thank goodness. She’s MUCH tougher! 

quiz: the voice on the radio introducing is WHAT member of the ? Hint: he had a character named after him

Ooohhhh, Sam is finding out the the Mark Of Cain is a curse!! What lengths will he go to to cure it?!?!

. : “Southern Fried D-Bags” is actually one of the Luann Platter options at Luby’s cafeteria

The Boys Are Back In Town”?!?! Woohoo!!! Classic rock!

Never been to a beach?!?! Season 11, here we come 🙂

Hey I’ve been begging for a pancake-eating scene for 10 seasons and YOU got it!!!

Don’t wanna ruin the magic, but that cabin set is actually on a sound stage :). Jerry Wanek and our crew are AMAZING!!

. has a little Gollum-and-the-ring thing going on with the Book Of The Damned! I wanna see an impression 🙂

I don’t know , just saved your life…. Maybe a hug?

. touche. Note* Dear writers, please send us to a SOUTHERN hemisphere beach!! (Happy now?) 😉

Gotta say, put in an incredible performance as Jacob. It’s actors like that who raise the level of the show.

A photo of the script page of this scene 🙂 

. thanks guys. I feel SOOOO much better now!!

Hey that room you’re in is a “library”. It’s where they put those things that are bound and have still-frames of movies.

Hey quit jabbering! SAMs about to cry 😦

Okay, talk again. Now it’s just death scene. No biggie.

Hey I’m returning the favor. (You’ve never looked better).

Never mind This can be your new headshot. (Hint: -Lax helps). 

I second that!! You rock MF 🙂

Hey did you smell anything when touched your forehead? It’s hard to place the scent, huh??

More classic rock!!!!! “Behind Blue Eyes”?!?! Awesome!!!

Oh Sammie. What on earth are you going with ?!?!?!

In Honor Of Jaap Broeker”. A special man who brightened every room he walked into. Rest In Peace my friend

Genevieve Padalecki@realGpad   Husband and I were texting and we agree keeps us on our seats

 Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ    Jensen had a really bad cold sniff sniff

 still weird watching spn with a guy who’s on spn lol

Teds trailer looks just Like J and J 

Clif Kosterman added,

Hey I’ll let you know what’s happening 🙂

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis   Apply alley. Hope nothing bad happens, and someone’s dead

Oh good Sam is lying again. Always good to lie to your brother

 the mark is a curse does that make God a witch? Cause God gave the mark to Cain right?

Dang. That was a nice day for night driving shot hey gang. Good job guys

Seriously this trucker looks like a young bobby. We should just make a “young bobby singer chronicles” and cast that guy

That compass is some nice looking 3d

Wait. Why is it the angel “formally” known as Hannah. Just cause her grace went in a dude. I don’t know how it works

Is that a mouse rat shirt that Charlie is wearing?

Great scene between and I feel like Charlie brings the bros closer. And gets rid of the crap between them

Wait if a clip of bullets didn’t stop him why did a knife?

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138   Teenage Mutant Ninja Charlie

That’s Bob Singer on the radio

So much fun writing for and

FUN FACT: Dean is in a hoodie cause he was WORKING OUT

FYI & ace editor fought hard to keep the workout scene in the episode

 have no idea what periscope is, but it’s somehow allowing to live tweet/video tweet, so go check that out, gang

Winchesters + Impala + Classic Rock = Awesomesauce. Love & in this scene!

well, now i know what to pitch in Season 11

Angry Cupid = possible band name or tumblr?

Lotta great VFX in this episode of — awesome work, gang!

Such great work in this scene from , and  

This scene with Charlie & Sam was one of my all time favorites to write. Thanks & for being so awesome.

Love the tension in this scene — great work from and . Also: fighting!

John Woo Style Gunplay!

Felicia Day@feliciaday   West Coast! I’m watching along! Wow, I look great in a dumpster!

LIVE on : Supernatural: Book of the Damned

 Misha Collins@mishacollins   You know, , you make a good ninja

Other fun fact: in the car scene here, me and are not wearing pants. Neither is .

Could you do that while the show airs. And also, just during daily life? 

Misha Collins added,

Hey I’ll let you know what’s happening 🙂
Hey , me and are giving you a virtual nose-picking.

Cas and engaged in a scavenger hunt?!! is plagiarizing ! Unacceptable.

Hey , thanks for watching

Why the hell would they cut to a commercial when Castiel is dying? That’s just cruel. Now i feel compelled to stick around… Oh wait…

., he doesn’t use tear sticks to cry! He cuts onions & thinks about the last episode of melrose place.

Misha Collins added, Jared Padalecki @jarpad 

Osric@OsricChau   Charlie episode!!! Go !!

It’s so easy for me to hate Metatron.. Except that is such an awesome guy. Curse your kindness Curtis!

Metatron and waffles reminds me of the time I had chicken feet after years.. And then I went vegetarian for awhile. Unrelated

And we get back in this one too? Was looking down, might have been another bearded teddy bear. Never a bad thing.

Someone inject more demon blood in Dean please. I know it’ll drive Sam crazy but he does bad boy so well

New show. Two demon brothers fighting their way to Crowley’s heart. Will he ever just adopt them already??

They’re just hanging out in the bunker like a family.. This is what I’ve always wanted. For them to be happy. Even for a bit.

Ruth Connell ♕@RuthieConnell   Yes I’m worried about you going soft

here is a more tender loving shot  

You used tear sticks right?

I do the same but with

S. E. Hinton@se4realhinton    You & your chains again. Run, Ruthie, run!

I never realized Ted had a trailer like that!

Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg   Fun Fact: is also my Co-Star