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With the Thanksgiving holiday in full swing and seemingly everyone on the road to somewhere, I didn’t expect Jared Padalecki to live tweet but son of a gun, he did! Joined by Kim Rhodes(Sheriff Jody Mills), Lindy Booth(Susan aka porn star/chastity counselor) and Ryan Curtis, VFX Coordinator, the group shared some fun filming facts for the fandom! Enjoy!

Jared Padaleck  @jarpad okay yall west coasters!!! im here with you watching the show!!!!

* this sammy dude sure does seem TIRED!!!

* SO stoked to have the one, and only, and AMAZING kim rhodes!!!

* this ep was directed by one of our !st AD’s (assistant directors) Johnny Mac.

* Bad Boys (last weeks episode) was directed by our OTHER 1st AD Kevin Parks (also known as Parks-opedia)

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real this whackadoo stuff keeps comin’…

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad BEST PART OF THE EPISODE FOR ME!! working with the incredible Lindy Booth again 🙂

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real jarpad and her patented Drunken Flamingo Exit!

Lindy Booth  @LindyBooth @jarpad ❤❤❤❤ Always a pleasure!

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real  @LindyBooth is fuckin awesome. Way to land that shit!

first time EVER signing our REAL names on camera :)…. for a chastity pledge!!!!

Lindy Booth @LindyBooth Boys spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to sign their names. Important acting decisions!!

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis  @jarpad psst those aren’t your real names.

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  we shot the prayer group scenes in a beautiful old church in downtown Vancouver

kim rhodes  @kimrhodes4real God’s ball is in your court

* Get the wipes…

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  uh oh… dean is in a female’s apartment….. hmmmm…

* kim and i shot most of our motel scenes in one day. LOTSA lines to memorize!!

* look who’s staying up WAY too late to live tweet with his daddy 🙂 #Supernatural

* waitasec dean!!! you gotta learn spanish!!!

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real why did she call him “Pastor” Fred? Didn’t she sleep with him? You’d think they’d be past formalities like that…

ryan_curtis   @ryan_curtis  Dean got lucky , dean got lucky and.. Oh shit. Didn’t see that coming. (Except for the thousands of times we reviewed the shot.)

* Fingernails. Arrggggg icky.

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real LindyBooth I adore you. Totally do. That wounded sincerity was brilliant! You’re awesome.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad  i love this kid 🙂

a* ll of the dungeon scenes were done in our sound stages. way to go!!

* NO ONE tells a Winchester to “mind his beeswax”!!!!

* this episode started filming before our season premiere. so there were A LOT of script security issues going on!

kim rhodes  @kimrhodes4real  I am the cops.

* Wipe your nose, dear.

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis Blue flaming finger of doom

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  kim and i shot our scenes at a different location and on a different day than when jensen shot his corresponding scenes

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis love the stake stab. Looks great. Good job @kimrhodes4real for selling it.

Lindy Booth  @LindyBooth  You have never seen two people have more fun than me and @kimrhodes4real throwing punches and each other around on #Supernatural too fun!

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real    Lou, our fight choreographer, said, “I’ve never seen anyone so excited to get the crap kicked out of them at two in the morning.”

* had SO MUCH FUN doing that! Although, @LindyBooth was so damn funny I had to hold the roll a couple times

Jared Padalecki    ‏@jarpad   is dean lying to me again???? when am i gonna figure it out?…

* my good ol’ buddy zeke 😉

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real     @jarpad husband and I both out loud, in sync, said, “Nice!” at the transition. You’re awesome. Thank you, always always always.

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   thanks for watching with me y’all!! lots of love and gratitude!!

ryan_curtis @ryan_curtis       @kimrhodes4real thanks Kim. You totally f’ing rocked in this ep. More Jody Mills is needed 

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real     @ryan_curtis I keep burning incense and slaughtering socks. (I work for ASPCA. No live sacrifices.)

* Alright. Night, m’loves! Thanks for letting me play.

*   Finally… how many other shows have producers who call their guest cast to congratulate them? @TheJimMichaels I love you. Thanks so much.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

I’ve just watched “Bad Boys” and confess that I seriously love this episode and season 9! From Sam’s morphing back and forth with Zeke, to all the guest stars who’ve added depth, to the episodes that just give us more Winchester story, the writers, cast and crew have upped their season 9 game! Directed by Kevin Parks, “Bad Boys” writer Adam Glass tweeted that Jensen Ackles also agreed that Dylan Everett played teen Dean well. These are my thoughts surrounding this insightful back story of Dean Winchester.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

From the initial cold “breath” in the barn to the final ghostly mama, “Bad Boys” felt like a season one episode. An identifiable monster, flickering lights, a ‘cute’, creepy kid and the Winchesters to the rescue, figuring it out as they go. It felt like home! Watching Sam peel off layers of tape that marked a kid’s bed, only to discover “D. Winchester,” made me tear up. Finding out that Dean experienced a normal life and enjoyed it but with one look, he gave it up: full on crying ensued. As far as we now know, Dean’s had two occasions to live normally and he walked away from them both.

The sign for Sonny’s(Blake Gibbons) home for kids, sets the tone for this episode. Is this twovlcsnap-2013-11-20-11h47m31s27 sonny home sign month foster home stint a surprise? Yes and no. It makes sense that Dean committed a crime and was punished but the revelation that John just left Dean there, is news.  Sonny, imperfect, ex-con that he was, loved and cared for those in his keep as evidenced by Dean’s filling him in on the family’s business. His admonition to Dean, “Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you, even if it’s gonna hurt the one’s you love,” obviously stuck. Dean remembered Sonny’s words but never adhered to them.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

I’m not a John Winchester basher. The man made awful mistakes, was a crappy dad but with his circle of buddies, raised two honorable men.  Was leaving Dean at a foster work farm a good decision? Considering that John kept the boys close due to ‘Yellow Eyes” trying to get to him, I’d say no. But what IF John was giving Dean a way out? Sonny was willing to fight for him to stay, all Dean had to do was say. But when Dean sees Sam in the Impala, he smiles: in his sixteen year old mind, there was no choice.  In spite of enjoying a ‘home’, decent grades in school, wrestling, and even a girl, Dean chose Sam. Not John, not the hunter’s life but Sam, Dean chooses Sam.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

The Winchesters grab food at the local diner and when the cute, waitress Robin(Erin Karpluk, young Sarah Desjardins) doesn’t recognize him, Dean leaves abruptly. We learn that Robin and Dean had strongly connected, maybe as his first real love. His pain of leaving Sonny’s included Robin, leaving not only ‘a home’ but a relationship.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

It’s with Robin that Dean expresses hope for a future, “I want to be a rock star, but I also really like cars. Cars are freaking cool as hell. Fixing them is like a puzzle. And the best part is, when you’re done, they leave and you’re not responsible for them anymore.” Except when he says this, it seems deep, dark, and way too heavy. So is Dean talking about John who leaves his boys at the drop of a hunt? Or is Dean expressing his own responsibility with Sam? Let me know what you think please! And as fast as Dean defends John, he knows that John stunk big time as a dad.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

As heart string pulling as this episode was, it also reinforced Dean’s hard-core “daddy” traits.  When Timmy(Michael Kyer) grabs the ends of Dean’s fingers to shake hands. Dean instantly gets down on Timmy’s level, to show him how to shake like a man. After Timmy’s mom tries to kill everyone, Dean explains to Timmy that he has to let go, in a way that Timmy understood. Grabbing Timmy and hugging him tightly afterwards, was far better than Dean ever got

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

In spite of it’s harshness, the episode truly just reinforces the depths of Dean’s love and sense of responsibility for Sam. This isn’t about a co-dependency or dysfunctional relationship. Dean’s choices are akin to oxygen or candy: you require one to live, the other is just, well candy. Since the minute John thrust baby Sam into Dean’s arms, to run him  out of a burning house, their bond melded.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

In the end, observant Sam voices a fragment of his feelings, “I thought that this was the worse of your life but realized that it was the best…”  Somber and emotional, Sam quietly thanks Dean for always being there, for having his back. And Dean retorts, “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”  We so know better. Til Tuesday, stay supernatural….

The last day of BurCon, lovingly known as “J2” day, begins with Jared Padalecki in a fedora and Jensen Ackles cool as usual! Enjoy the day and ‘beginning of the hiatus’ fun from Burbank!

☾Gwen☽ @brxkenlxser I got a video of #osricchau running through the Misha Collins photo op line for a promo thing.


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN J2!

* They just found out @sebroche was shirtless

* J2 giving kudos to @dylanevz

* @jarpad

* Jared is sending that coat to a kid who needs surgery.  From Gilmore girls”

* Jensen prepares to shoot a moose

* Head butting Jensen @jarpad

* Jensen: this is the second time I’ve had a little sister named Sammy on TV

* Singing happy birthdays.

* Jensen spent his 21st birthday at a bar doing 21 shots at viva fresh. J: it was not a fun evening

* Jared: the boys are masters of oh we’ll figure that out later

* Jensen and Jared realized they’d be scarier as a team. Against misha.

* Damn boys.

* The dog trainers on dog dean afternoon were more dog owners

* Boys. j2

* Jensen: we didn’t get to hear what the animal voices would sound like. Jared; we’ve become very protective of the show

* Being serious about how much they love knowing they’ve impacted fans

* They are so heartfelt talking about what meeting fans and hearing their stories does to inspire them.

* Busting on Misha

* Jensen insisting that he wears 3 layers on #spn so he won’t have to stay in great shape

* j2

* they actually this gorgeous? Jensen and @jarpad

* Boys. 

* Love the way they listen to fans.

* And that’s a wrap on the j2 panel!

* #J2

Safa @S2M_Safa  Jared

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  J2 já estão no palco!

* J2

Kristina @StupakKristina  Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki 

* Jared Padalecki 

* Jensen Ackles 

* j2 

* Jensen Ackles  looking stunning as always 

Alexis @lovepass77  Jensen says there is nothing that screams Hunter like DIAPERS!!

..aleena..@ProudSPNer  Jared and Jensen are giving KUDOS to Dylan for playing Young Dean so Superbly!

@JustDeanTeam Jensen Ackles his style is so awesome!

* Jared’s head!

* Jensen Ackles! he is just shining!!!

Risti  ‏@ristispeaks  Jensen went “good boy” and petted Jared at the head of every day filming the dog episode….

tvmonster @tvmonster49 #JensenAckles just made reference to his sister Sami when he played Eric on #DaysofOurLives. I love when my fandoms collide!

Shannon Knaus @ShanKnaus  @jarpad & Jensen Ackles, my first ever con & you guys blew my mind. #Supernatural has changed my life.

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter

Time Thief @Lissie_A  this is the Moose Ram AFTER photo.. @jarpad

Puma@PumaGirlSF  Richard says the Js are like staring into the sun and turning it into human form

Brenda Gonzalez @bren_gonzalez  So great to see the amazing writers here! @jennydelherpes @andrewdabb @AdamGlass44 @rthompson1138 @robertberens


Puma @PumaGirlSF

* Felicia is a hypochondriac and would bring antibiotics to Oz. And also take pics and post to Instagram like a hipster

* If Charlie met the Js in person she’d be like “Hey jocks

* If Felicia met Sam and Dean in person she’d lower her head, twirl her hair and say “hiii….”

* #Jensen  just crashed the panel!!

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Here she is!

* That haircut is AMAZING

* Felicia says she once ate four bags of Cheetos for a commercial but never pooped a Cheeto after

* Felicia Day is adorable!

* Uh oh…someone asked PS4 or X-Box!

* Surprise attack on stage!!

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd This is @feliciaday‘s first official Creation Con. She crashed in Vancouver because of Jared’s influence

* Also Felicia would take hipster Instagram photos of the homeless and munchkin prostitutes to expose the seedier side of Oz

* Felicia says if she actually went to Oz she would pack really well in case of infection. She’s a but of a hypochondriac

* She’s pretty and I like her hair. I really like her character beyond the external objectifying reasons” – @feliciaday on Abaddon

* Felicia & Mark Sheppard always argue about video games so she is biased against him & would want Abaddon to win in GOT Hell Edition

* If Felicia could switch bodies w/anyone, George Clooney or Clive Owen because they’re hot & she would stare in mirror all day

* you’re on the right kid of show & you’re gifted w/great character like Charlie Bradbury it’s nice to just think about acting

* I’ve done some stinky stinky acting jobs, okay? I can admit it,” Felicia on her early career

* It doesn’t feel just like a job ever; it does feel like being a part of a family,”

* Just because that door to Oz is closed I can’t imagine that would bar Charlie from coming back” Could be another door, time travel

* Felicia knows the boys would hit on the good witch if they ended up in Oz. she loves seeing them out of their element

* Moments Felicia remembers best are when Jared makes fun of her off camera, whispering “balls and buttcrack” to make her break.

* But she says its key that the process of getting from a to b is important and you have to know/understand it won’t always be easy

* It was months of self hatred and pain and every word is terrible, I’m a fraud” Felicia half jokes about web series work

* Robbie Thompson, who writes all of Felicia’s episodes, is here!

* There’s joy in allowing yourself to be creative that you can’t really do with math or something

* Felicia was asked what rock or pop star she’d want to be but she “likes to be in bed by 10 to read

* Felicia’s recent hobbies are “really silly dance classes”, book club, photography, and attempting to learn Thai language

* The look on Felicia’s face when Jensen just snuck up behind her on stage wa priceless

* It sucks being the guy who cuts off the whole thing but also having to follow Jensen” Richard Speight Jr says to switch panels

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Felicia would take a camera to Oz and “photograph homeless people to raise social consciousness

* I think @jarpad is vine-ing this…

Michelle H @belle_valentine “Having a penis is like having a weasel you can’t control

Fangasm @FangasmSPN Felicia Day is talking about wanting a penis

* Doing #supernatural feels like being part of a family.

* Fan: if charlie went straight for a guy, who would it be? @feliciaday – for actors, they’re all pretty so all at once

* Felicia kinda liked that we don’t know if charlie and Dorothy will get together. Representing a lesbian character

* love going into imaginary worlds.

*  love that my characters show that all geek girls are not the same.

* Felicia when @jarpad kept trying to crack her up: “dead puppies dead puppies…”

* Memorable thing on set? The LARPing episode, the world building was amazing

* How would charlie react to Jared Jensen and misha: she’d just be like, you’re not so tall..

* It’s very powerful to do things for yourself. Allow yourself to love what isn’t mainstream.

* If you have vulnerabilities and people paint you with a stereotype brush it can be painful

* Felicia going off about people who stereotype gamers and girl geeks is so awesome

* Felicia loves that @rthompson1138 made Oz darker like the original book was

* Felicia and Dorothy are women of letters in Oz. Fans: SPINOFF!

* Felicia: what’s awesome about creativity is everyone has their own interpretation of it.

* Shout out to musical theater nerds

* Jensen hug @feliciaday

Laura Prudom @LauInLA  “This is kind of inappropriate, I guess I’ll answer it!” On who Charlie would hook up with if she was straight

* Charlie met Jared, Jensen & Misha, she’d be like “Hey jocks, what’s up? You’re not so tall.” Likes that she speaks her mind

Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl Felicia  ‘Munchkin prostitution is a real problem!

Mallory Fencil @MalitovCocktail jensen just crashed @feliciaday‘s panel

Michelle H @belle_valentine Jensonnnnnn

@AR0m3r0 Felicia day and Jensen! Hugging!

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Misha is back! They’re auctioning off the cheerleader outfit for Random Acts!

* Jensen says they have the same barber!

Fangasm     ‏@FangasmSPN  How adorable are Jensen and

Jackie @xxx_antipop  FELICIA AND JENSEN


Fangasm @FangasmSPN   Surprise @mishacollins

* Auction for RA @mishacollins @dicksp8jr

* Misha has the best smile

kathy carlton @carlton_kathy “Felicia called Jensen the most charming man ever

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness  Misha: “We asked Jared to sign something and he said ‘absolutely’ we said ‘It’s for charity!'” Richard: “He walked away.”

* It’s time for the auction. Misha: “Who wants this piece of soiled laundry?”

Rene’ Thurston  @scaryreporter  Bid is at $2000 for the signed cheerleader outfit for Random Acts!

* $2650 for @therandomactorg so far!

* SOLD for $3100! All goes to @therandomactsorg

Maria @Clovers12   @mishacollins and @dicksp8jr auctioning off @mattcohen4real karaoke outfit

•••αѕнα•••  @ThiaBaybee   Is that @mattcohen4real sitting in the audience?

Danielle Turchiano  @danielletbd  “Who wants this piece of soiled laundry?” – @mishacollins Apparently a lot of people! It just went for $3100 to a child.

Puma @PumaGirlSF @jarpad up close and personal during the auction.” he is so handsome 🙂


Statweestics @statweestics #Burcom is getting popular, +60% the last hour :

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Jared’s hat is amazing!

*  The boys take the stage!

Jared says he never fakes emotion on screen. Jensen rolls his eyes.

* Jared says he and Jensen are definitely buddies off screen.

*  HA!!

Joke from Jensen… What’s a pirates favorite letter? The crowd says RRRRR… NO it’s the C!!

* Very serious, Jensen!

* Jared says having Sam tell Dean to leave him in “Croatoan” was very emotionally hard.

* a joke..What’s a pirates fave letter? Crowd says RR.. NO it’s the C

* Jared says when you ask Thomas what a horse says, he says naaayyyy.” <puts hand over heart>

* Jared was going to walk off stage because the question was for Jensen.

* Hmmm I the Trickster pulling a little prank on the big screen?

* Misha and Felicia March out for the ceremony!

“The Ceremony of the Gym Shorts.”  @dicksp8jr 

Maria @Clovers12

Puma @PumaGirlSF The boys!!!

Jared: when the time reveals itself, so will I. <- okay then 🙂

* They both hint at wanting tattoos after they no longer act

* “I’d be the god of hair commercials” – Jared

* “I’d be the god of Supernatural” – Jensen

* Jensen thinks Death’s Door is probably the best episode to date. Jared says agrees but also loves The End

*  Jensen gets a question, Jared makes out with a skeleton.

* The passing of the gym shorts ceremony

* The passing of the gym shorts ceremony misha and Felicia were on stage

* #respect


Danielle Turchiano  @danielletbd Okay whoever got video of Jensen dancing on his way in I would like to make a gif. Please send my way…

* Jared admits sometimes scenes call for certain emotions on the page but you have to trust what feels right in moment

* Which rock stars would Jensen and Jared want to play? Eddie Vedder and Elvis respectively.

* Jared has no tattoos “visible to the public.” He thought about getting Texas symbols or kid’s initials. Maybe someday

* Jared’s advice to actors is to never fake it and trust instincts, not just do what you think you should do

* How did I miss this yesterday?!

* Jared compares #Supernatural fans’ passion for show to his own about the Dallas Cowboys

* “I’m sorry, IF we were Gods?” Jensen responds to comparison of celebrity followings compared to ancient deities.

* Ty Olsson has joined the boys on stage.

* You either are an actor or you aren’t. Don’t force it…I love telling stories and making a difference,” @jarpad

* Certain actors can just turn it on, I can’t; I need to take a minute,” Jensen says Season 9 is getting real y’all!

* It was kind of a reminder of how strange our job can be” Jared says Gen’s grandfather took a piece of stunt glass home

* Jared’s favorite episode was “The French Mistake.” Gen’s family was in town for her birthday and freaked out over the stunts.

* Jensen really liked the attitude Dean carried, calling him “slightly comedic, slightly war torn.” He related

* Phil’s directing the next episode. Jensen says he watches himself around him now stupid me I trusted him!” Jensen says of Phil. Jared imitates the “that was scary” but sadly no “Eye of the Tiger” remake

* Fave eps to film for Jensen include “Death’s Door” at the top of the list as a touching episode that blew him away.

* Jared says his fave eps are the ones that can’t really happen: you’re in someone’s head, etc, not just dramatizing everyday life

* It was so much bobby we got to take ourselves out of it and watch as a fan” Jensen says of “Death’s Door”

* It’s not a question of why didn’t i but how could I?” Jensen says of being batman in a movie that needs a long time to shoot.

* Jensen thinks it’s be cool to “agro out” as a Werewolf

*If Jared could be a supernatural character on the show he’d be Chuck who has the power to write it all. Also Simon Said kid

*Lets Kickstart that!” – @jarpad says about him as Nightwing

* How does Dean stay in such good shape eating pie and bacon cheeseburgers? Jared mimes humping the skeleton statue on stage.

* But seriously Jensen limits how much he eats on camera because of how many takes he has to do

* Not that I know of,” Jensen says of if we’ll ever learn what the Colonel was going to say at end of “Dog Dean Afternoon

* But if he had to die to literally save the world Jared says he would do it

* Jared enjoys oxygen and the world so Jared would find an excuse to keep living” Jared says about whether he’d do what Sam does.

* Jensen tellin story about cops calling his mom in middle of night saying they have her son in handcuffs 3 towns away

* Jensen’s mom replied “Wrong number, my son’s in bed!”

* Jensen says his brother was straight laced and a bookworm and never got in trouble. He made up for that

* The fetch bit on set was something Jensen and Jared worked out on set. In script Sam threw it only once.

* Jensen loves dogs and has two but working with animals is tough because they don’t always respond when needed, hit marks, etc.

* Would Dean have walked out on Ben if he was his son even to keep him safe? Jensen says yes because of dangerous circumstances

* Our show can get pretty dark and that can stay with you” Jensen says on why the lighter eps are not only welcome but needed.

* What a way to wrap up the J2 panel! But not the convention in general: Ty will be on stage in a few hours

@FangasmSPN Jensen

* Fan: how are you two off screen? Jared: we’re buddies. Actually I hate his guts.

* Jensen: the show wouldn’t have gone this long if we didn’t get along so well

* Love the smiles.

*Fan: if you were gods…  Jensen: IF we were gods?

* Jensen tells a pirate joke.

* Jensen tells a pirate joke.

* Jensen: when you’re acting, your brain knows but your body doesn’t.

* Jensen had to walk off set to get in the headspace. Director said we got it, Jensen said no we don’t.

* Jared got very emotional during croatoan

* Jensen says that when you’re acting your brain knows it’s not real but your body doesn’t. The saddest scenes stay with you all day.

* Jensen was always a ham as a kid and loves telling stories through acting

* There’s a real emotional scene coming up with an opening scene where dean was already emotional. Was very hard to just be there

* Jared wanted to play Sam cuz he was smart. Jensen liked dean’s attitude and related to him

* Deaths door is one of the best episodes. J2 watched it together and were blown away watching as fans

* Jared was in the running for Thor. If night wing comes up, Jared would do it. Fans (are cheering)

* Fan: you should be batman. Jensen: unfortunately you’re not a major studio.

* What monsters would they be? Jared: Gabe Tigerman character. Jensen: a werewolf would be cool

* Acting out set tales

* And that’s a wrap on the j2 panel!

* Jared cracks Jensen up

* Jensen’s laughed out loud when he read the scene where dean gets the piece of paper. Their idea to do it repeatedly

* Jensen salutes the return of the coach shorts

* Jensen salutes the return of the coach shorts

Sari Adri @Destiel_science yo check this out, new tune by Robbie Thompson: There was never I need you (need you),

Miss Riley @taneshianicole So Jared’s shirt does say Luke’s

Tog Nai @SexualLeprosy  “If you were gods, what would you be the god of?” “I’m sorry, -if- we were gods?”

I’m An Aquarius @SPNQuotess   Jared to Tony Romo: Please move to New York

* Jensen about Jared: that’s the most action he’s had all month

* Jensen watching Jared chatting up the stage prop: that’s the most action he’s had all month

* Being serious about how much they love knowing they’ve impacted fans

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan Jared just made out with one of the fake corpses on stage. Jensen apologized to the corpse. Then they got into an argument over it.

* Bodyguard count up to six, @bodyguard4JandJ is out keeping an eye on the crowd. Sad that they actually need that much security.

* Richard Speight just organized a flag march with Jensen’s shorts, Misha and Felicia Day saluted. It was very odd.


@hipsterackles: Jared (to a fan): “Oh my God. Did you just compare us to One Direction?”

..aleena..     ‏@ProudSPNer  Ty crashed in Jared and Jensen’s panel.

* When Jared and Jensen get tired to drunk their Texas accents come out

@MishaMadness: In Yellow Fever Jensen was told to scream as long as he could and that it would be edited. It wasn’t.

* Jared: “We actually eat more similarly to each other’s characters.”

♡madison♡  ‏@hohohomostiel  Jensen to Jared: “I don’t care how long Hemsworth’s hair is, you’re my Thor”

ANGEL @xxMysticAngelxx  mark_sheppard and Mark Pellegrino

ConnecTV  @ConnecTV Jared and Jensen really let their Texas accents fly.

@ANAAA_bells: Jared smooching Richard’s cheek!

vita @winchesterblues Jared took a break from the autos to say goodnight to Thomas. Jared can u not

Marina. @fondueforlamb Supernatural Richard Speight presents Jensen Ackles with g…: 

Karen @GYWKaren  a few more J2 photos 

*  @jarpad kissing @dicksp8jr 

Karen Cooke Photography Jensen sneaking up on Felicia so very sweetly!

* Jared kissing Richard!

* Misha, Osric, great photos of all the guests!

Jared’s ‘Gilmore Girl’ shirt went for $5600 to this young woman!

@sparrowmorgan . @jarpad literally just auctioned the shirt off his back for $5600


Fangasm     @FangasmSPN  @TyOlsson onstage with @dicksp8jr on board

Entertaining with a little song and dance

Ty: I have the attention span of a gnat.

adorable smile


Being Ord from dragon tales.


@TyOlsson is showing someone’s photo ops

Yes he googled Kim Rhodes

Ty has a family tree tattoo. He grew up in foster care so you make your own family

Playing @jarpad

Lots of fans tearful too. Standing ovation for @TyOlsson a moment of silence for fans lost

Ty: even of Benny doesn’t come back to #spn you guys have been a blessing in my life

Ty does his Benny voice and the audience melts. And @dicksp8jr too

And that’s a wrap on #BURCON folks! More photos and interviews to come!

Puma @PumaGirlSF @TyOlsson actually stood still long enough for me to take this. He’s like a bear on coke srsly.

Oh man Ty is crossing lines and stirring shit and ruffling feathers and it’s just another Ty panel I guess?

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr finished a great con year at #Burcon. Not sure if fans loved me, but at least one of…

I’ve documented so many Supernatural conventions and I have to say: this is Misha’s best panel! He finally  moved away from awkward questions to revealing his silly self  with a couple of personal,  heart squeezing answers! Also for today: AJ Buckley, Shannon Lucia, Travis Wester, DJ Qualls, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche. This page updates as soon as tweets/pics/vids are available! Have fun!

Badonk-a-Donkey   @OsricChau for Saturday, I had some people help dress me. This part’s nice.

So the lovely people at @baracosandbrand helped me not wear a dress for Saturday. Thank you!

Michelle Carlbert  ‏@Mokibobolink  The incredibly sweet @OsricChau was such a blast.

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Richard: matt is auctioning off his cheerleader skirt for random acts. Because frankly even dumpsters don’t want

Master of ceremonies

Day 2 here we go!


Misha Collins @mishacollins Got my nails done. @osricchau may be a good marathon gamer, but he’s a terrible manicurist.

Rocking out to Renegade! @mishacollins

Freaking adorable!

Gratuitous ass shot misha & @dicksp8jr

After the scene where dean sent Cas away, Jensen had to rock me in his arms

Misha: dean and Cas leave Nora’s at 10 pm. They arrive somewhere at 6 am. Clearly Nora has a bitch of a commute to work

Misha: we are gonna get a lot done when I’m directing, don’t let j2 tell you otherwise. #uhoh

Misha had an argument with Jensen after torcon over ibuprofen. Jared started laughing and said ‘you’re so screwed when u direct

Misha: I don’t know how I lost my head and gave Jared my unlocked phone duriFan: how do you make cas so adorable? Misha: everyone loves a loser. Fans: aww

Misha explains that he and @jarpad have negotiated a truce. Now it’s low level border skirmishes.

Misha: Cas would be dressed up in a little apron and makeup with a name tag that says ‘I’m your bitch’. #fanfic

Misha: if Cas moved into the bunker with Sam and dean, he’d probably have to do the housework

How would the #spn guys fare on hunger games? Misha would distract Jared and Jensen with toy helicopters.

Misha: Sam and dean need the travel toiletries version of weapons

If Cas had to be something else? Misha: how about you? Castiel the fangirl

Misha offers to procreate with the entire audience. @CreationEnt turns all the lights on.

Hydration, a con necessity.

Misha asks a fan to ask a different question. Fan: OK, will dean and Cas get together? Misha: I asked for that didn’t I?

Fan: where do you find inspiration in times of trouble? Other fan: Jared! Misha: yes, I go to Jared’s trailer.

Misha: knowing I’ve inspired fans makes me want to be better.  And then I turn to Jared

@OsricChau @mishacollins

Oh god @dicksp8jr is doing the other hand @mishacollins

Auctioning the cheerleader skirt

Misha: I felt like an outsider looking in as a kid, so that part of Cas resonates for me

Making sure @mattcohen4real skirt is unwashed. Oh @mishacollins

Misha looks effing hot with black nail polish NGL  @mishacollins

Look who stopped by to sell Fangasm! The awesome @ChadLindberg

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline @mishacollins Just arrived!

Apparently @mishacollins and @jarpad negotiated a truce on their pranks


Would misha say yes to be an angel vessel in real life? Misha: no! Statistically good chance that you’ll explode.

Matt and Richard are crashing too. Misha’s nails look gorgeous now.

Emmie Mears  @emmiemears

Rene Thurston @soapreporter Misha’s here

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  Misha Collins

Richard, Misha e Matt

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness Jared told Misha “we’re gonna make your life a living hell” when he directs

The hacking happened when Misha handed Jared his phone to solve an argument with Jensen about Acetaminophen vs ibuprofen

Misha and Jared “did something unprecedented… we negotiated a truce” so they could nap on a plane without worrying about pranks

Misha says lots of people die from acetaminophen overdose so “only take like a handful at a time

Misha: “The credit card scams, the pool hustling, it’s all a lie. They’re trust fund kids.

Misha asked if anyone from Supernatural was here, as the studio is is LA. “Nobody? Thanks for coming out and supporting me, guys.”

Misha says angel blood is bad for your liver

Misha: (To fan going to San Fran): “Swim to Alcatraz. Swim. Don’t wuss out, swim. Anyone can take a boat.”

Misha: “Whenever things get tough, I go into Jared’s trailer. ‘Hey man, can I ask you something? Fuck yourself.'”

Misha: (J2 arguments) “If we are talking about over the counter drugs, that’s a hot topic for us. Things tend to get pretty heated.”

Misha smelled Matt’s cheerleader outfit. “I can certify that that is unwashed

Maria @Clovers12

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny When asked how he makes human Castiel so adorable, Misha Collins simply gestured to himself and grinned

Cas would be allowed to live in the bunker if he paid his way with housework. Lots of chores

Misha suggested a bayonet style gun that has a demon hunting knife in order to economize weaponry

Procreation was never so easy” Misha exclaims before asking for a volunteer from the audience

Things that help get Misha through hard times: his wife’s voice, waking up next to his kids, his fans

And here’s Richard Speight Jr. T to do the other hand w special guest Matt Cohen

And of course, they kind of look like one another. #MisharelatestoCas

The great debate over what Jimmy’s fate is rages on. Misha isn’t too sure but he’s sorry to his family.

SuperWomen  @WeAreSuperWomen There are several thousand deaths per year from people drinking angel blood. It looks innocuous, but it’s not. -Misha

don’t know what’s better, Misha having an 11-year-old ice cream consultant, or Osric and Richard giving him a manicure

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Misha tells a fan from Ireland that he loves Irish whiskey!

Misha doesn’t understand why he’s an inspiration – he thinks he’s a mess!

Emmie Mears @emmiemears It’s #SPN manicure time

Osric is on the floor painting Misha’s nails.

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd  “Maybe he is mixed in with Cas’ grace? God that’s terrible!” – @mishacollins on Jimmy. He advises us not to say yes to an angel

PS during our interview Misha shared his daughter makes a “special guest appearance” in the next Cooking Fast and Fresh.

Debate going on about whether or not Jimmy is dead. @mishacollins is deferring to fan authority

Maria @Clovers12  @dicksp8jr painted @mishacollins nails


@anjastokelj: longer story behind the Jensen/Misha acetaminophen vs ibuprofen argument: …

Ana  @AnaNiedzwiecki  Misha said they just finished another ep of cooking fast and fresh with west

and there were points in the video where he was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face (as well as sauce)

he really loves his wife. and they’ve been together since his high school days. that’s really something. beautiful

I’m not going to spoil anything but the finale is Cas getting his grace back and kicking Metatron’s ass

Kelly Huffine @kelly42fox Osric harassing the line!

ConnecTV     @ConnecTV  @mishacollins on stage showing off his manicure!

Michelle Carlbert   @Mokibobolink Had a fun time goofing off..   erm I mean interviewing @mishacollins

@mishacollins  Stay tuned for the interview soon!

Tina and Kara @tvgoodness a fun photo of #MishaCollins


Puma @PumaGirlSF AJ, Travis, Shannon & DJ present: panel of people who have nothing to do with each other on the show at all

 Aside: AJ kind of looks like Aaron Paul and I keep wondering why Jesse Pinkman is on the panel

If they had to partner w/SPN character to fight evil who would they choose? AJ: Jared’s calf Travis: Jared’s other calf

If they had to partner w/SPN character to fight evil who would they choose? Shannon: Jared’s abs DJ: Jensen’s jawline

If you could date Jensen or Jared who would you choose? DJ: Jared is fun in the sack

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny DJ Qualls fresh from Vancouver, says his ep is going to be awesome, he gets naked, & the synopsis itself is a spoiler

All gunning for a Ghostfacers and Garth match up. Maybe a sleepover…With onesies and hair braiding

What monster could the Ghostfacers and Garth take down? The Cookie Monster. They could take all his cookies

Travis Wester’s spirit animal is a ladybug

On acting like Bobby, DJ Qualls says it was intense, since he was essentially stepping up to fill the role-not replace

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  They are totally talking about sharts and crapping their pants

Yep the ghost facers are coming back!

panel is hysterical @AjohnBuckley @westerspace @TheOnlyDJQualls and “April”

Hysterical Panel @AjohnBuckley @westerspace @TheOnlyDJQualls Shannon Lucio

Fan: if you could date Jensen or Jared… Shannon says Jared. DJ: yeah he’s fun in the sack

The entire panel just yelled “release the ladybugs

DJ actually started crying in the scene where dean blames Garth for trying to be bobby

Ghostbusters or ghost facers? AJ : we would kick their ass!

Travis: when they filmed ghostfacers web series at Riverview, I got lost and heard this scraping noise. There was NOTHING there

Yep the ghost facers are coming back!

Shannon: in a hotel at night I felt like someone was there watching me. DJ: sorry

He’s the new bad guy on Justified @AjohnBuckley

He’s in a new movie Zombie Hamlet @westerspace  Also writing a sci fi book

Jessie ♥  ‏@MishaMadness  Shannon says she is a doomsday prepper

Mr. Fizzles lives in DJ’s nightstand.

DJ: “Don’t google ‘Misha has herpes.’ Don’t do it. Don’t

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen  Ghostfacer AJ Buckley: “What if something appeared right here? I’d shart.” Talkin’ bodily functions in this panel.

Elle Sturgeon  @ellesturgeon  Release the Spartacus Ladybugs!

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  AJ Buckley, Travis Wester, DJ Qualls e Shannon Lucio

@rthompson1138: Crashing #Burcon, chatting story w/ three handsome Angels, cc: @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real


Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl  Rob Benedict Thanks Fans For Support as he recovers from his stroke. 

Michelle Carlbert     @Mokibobolink had fun chatting with the awesome @dicksp8jr  Stay tuned for the interview soon!

Fangasm @FangasmSPN Signing the skirt @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr

The adorable @RobBenedict and @mattcohen4real

Nice 🙂 @mattcohen4real

Puzzling over a question @mattcohen4real

Busting @dicksp8jr@mattcohen4real

Looking like the trickster @dicksp8jr

Fan: fave episodes? Richard: I have four…

Fan: Gabriel’s relationship with lucifer? Richard: umm not good.

Rob: weirdest thing on SPN was in con ep he tripped running onstage … never mind, that’s boring…

Fan: you look like the perpetual deer in the headlights.  @RobBenedict

Cracking each other up @RobBenedict


Stacey Legrand  @TFAFlyHunny Next year’s karaoke theme is Dick and Matt’s Excellent Adventure. I am so very ready.

Rob Benedict’s solo in a Supernatural musical would be “I see the future (& it’s killing me)”

Cast is very hung up on Cookie Monster today. I think they all secretly want to be on Sesame Street

Speight, Benedict, & Cohen brainstorming how to bring their characters back. “All our characters are dead!”

Puma @PumaGirlSF If you were angels for a day what would you do? World peace, stop war & give everyone a kitten

Question for Richard and Matt won’t stop booing and let this chick ask

Matts Jensen impersonation.


Rob’s spirit animal is the squirrel from ice age

Bored @mattcohen4real

Pouty @mattcohen4real

Rob had a stroke at torcon and Richard Jensen and Jared took him to the hospital and he’ll be OK.

Time Thief @Lissie_A  @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict Rob doesn’t want to be Marty McFly for Karaoke. He downgraded himself

Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl Most traumatizing moment filming? @dicksp8jr, finding @mishacollins‘ underwear in his trailer

The men have made today about poop. Everyone has cracked a poop joke so far.

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138 Thanks Great to see familiar faces & meet new peeps– y’all are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to chat– back tomorrow!

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen Getting violent in here. Throwing mic cozies around

Donna (SPN Queen  @SPNAddictions Misha & Osric 

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd @mattcohen4real asked to impersonate @jarpad

A teaser from my @mishacollins interview where he pitches his latest @therandomactorg project: …

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Richard, Matt e Rob

Matt Cohen


Fangasm @FangasmSPN He’s doing a valley girl imitation

We’re already getting a striptease.

Time for

Sebastian is describing the plaid skirt he wears for his girlfriend

We’re up all night to get lucky!

Young fan and @sebroche get down

Who needs questions with @sebroche ?

Gratuitous shot. Totally intended of course

Sebastian is singing Celine Dion

Sebastian just called Castiel a penisless bastard

Sebastian: I’ve seen matt Cohen naked and has really hunky.

Sebastian has a man crush when Jared hugs him


Signing the RA skirt. @mattcohen4real @sebroche

@MarkRPellegrino @sebroche @Mark_Sheppard

Puma @PumaGirlSF Sebastian. Hold on to your seats!

Sebastian’s doing a Shakespearean soliloquy of SPN. And called Castiel penisless

“This is supposed to be a Q & A right?”

 Ty and Sebastian

Emmie Mears @emmiemears He’s on a roll already.

 Surprise visit from

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan At the rate @sebroche is losing layers, he’s going to be naked within ten minutes, top

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline Sebastian reciting Supernatural as Shakespeare

Dean Winchester @ImDeanIEscaped  TY JUST CAME BENNY!

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Matt: “I can’t wait to get off this stage before something inappropriate happens between me and Sebastian


Fangasm     @FangasmSPN the Marks!

Fan: what would you go to a con for? Mark: fans of @Mark_Sheppard

Mark: Matt Bomer is a very pretty boy….

Mark: Crowley has had a taste of humanity and its changed him….

Mark: we’re 9 years into a show and its better than its ever been.

Fan asks about pranks. @MarkRPellegrino says he does owe Jared a few farts

Mark to fan: who are you shipping?  @Mark_Sheppard

Marks are literally dying of laughter at @MarkRPellegrino telling a story. So adorable! @Mark_Sheppard #BURCON

Fan: what’s it like being the kings of hell.  Mark s: easy. The king is dead, long live the king. Mark P: only sleeping

Mark P: I’d like him to have a big entrance. Mark S: careful how you say that.

Fan: how would you want Lucifer to come back? @MarkRPellegrino – NOW

Puma @PumaGirlSF Dueling Marks

MarkP to a little girl: “there’s no such thing as dead on supernatural!!”

Jared picks up MarkS and shakes him at will because “he’s huge.”

Mark: I’ve said some of the meanest things in my life on #spn.

The Winchesters are a pain in our asses

Matt: I saved the whole crotch for you.  @Mark_Sheppard : I’ll write small… @mattcohen4real

What role did you like better? Jacob on Lost or Lucifer on Supernatural? Lucifer! (Good answer.)

Fan: what’s it like being the kings of hell.  Mark s: easy. The king is dead, long live the king. Mark P: only sleeping…

Mark P: fans are so supportive and I try to be the same thing back

The king of hell @Mark_Sheppard

Dean Winchester @ImDeanIEscaped LUCIFER AND Crowley

Tog Nai  @SexualLeprosy .@MarkRPellegrino just put a tiny little girl on Lucifer’s “list”

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Pellegrino e Sheppard

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny   Mark Sheppard felt sorry for Steve/Castiel in the date scene. 1st time he’s felt bad for Misha, made his heart hurt

Laura Prudom @LauInLA  Pellegrino thinks that Jedikiah is Lucifer’s new meatsuit. Sheppard thinks #Supernatural & #SleepyHollow should crossover. (Me too)

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Pellegrino: “I liked blowing up all the gods.”

Sheppard: “The writers give me delicious dialogue… It’s so much fun.

Pellegrino: “When my daughter was learning to speak I taught her the wrong words for everything because I thought it would be funny”

Sheppard: “Random Acts? I think that’s a front for Misha’s bank account. No one is that good!”

c l a r e n c e @fallofeleventh Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino  panel

Mark Sheppards ringtone is “Baby got back”

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan “This is what alcohol is for; so you don’t ask questions like that in public.” Sheppard

Chad Lindberg     @ChadLindberg It’s what we do.   @westerspace: What’s the deal with me, @ChadLindberg, and bathrooms?


Rob Benedict @RobBenedict much love to everyone I got see at #burcon yesterday!!  See you again in a few months!

Louden Swain  @LoudenSwain1 what a crazy amazing awesome fun night! Thx 2all there! Much love to @jasonmanns @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr @Juliemcniven @sebroche

Pre show band dinner. Miss you @RobBenedict!!

Posting this for #CatchingFire   And changing icon to it. Just for today.

Couldn’t fit all in 1st tweet! Thx 2 @followBBB @Mandy_Musgrave @mishacollins @OsricChau 4 joining us onstage & making it

So many emotions playing w/o @RobBenedict who we love & miss dearly. Can’t wait 2have him back w us again! All the fillins did him proud!

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau who’s coming to the concert tonight?! I’ll be hanging out in the audience 🙂

Last one out tonight and now a plane to catch. Post-con void feels already.. Thank you everyone for having me and have fun tomorrow!

Photoset: justanotheridijiton: Burcon 2013: Louden Swain with a little help from their friends {x} {x} {x}… 

Mira Cristine @MiraCristine Video: youremythyla: Sebastian Roche singing Eskimo at the Louden Swain concert…oh and he does take off his…

Megan Wahl  @Megan_luvsbooks Julie McNiven joins Jason Manns and Louden Swain

Sean Koo @scoobykoo who knew #Fringe alum #sebastianroche could sing? #loudenswain concert

StargateUniverse alum #JulieMcNiven joins the #loudenswain concert

Emmie Mears @emmiemears the guys of Louden Swain rocking out–we are all hoping Rob Benedict gets better soon!

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Louden swain with @jasonmanns

All are singing Carry On My Wayward Son

Brian Buckley Band @followBBB last minute: me and @jasonmanns and @sebroche are playing with @LoudenSwain1   Join us!  Starts in 10–!!

BBBfansite  @BBB_fansite Brian || Another Angle Of Stage tp:// 

Jason Manns  @jasonmanns If you are in Burbank, you should come to the @LoudenSwain1 concert right now! Me and some friends are here to help out our buddy. 😉

Saммy  ‏@Samantha_SW  I believe i can flyyyyy … ♪

DJ Qualls!

Travis Wester  @westerspace A huge thank you to @CreationEnt for an amazing event!! That dancefloor’s next of kin should probably be notified.

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness I finally figured youtube out. It only took twelve hours. …@Juliemcniven  @jasonmanns @LoudenSwain1 #burcon

  gets interesting! … @sebroche @jasonmanns @LoudenSwain1

DJ Qualls at #Supernatural  cocktail party.: 

The last Supernatural convention of the year started out with a pretty Osric Chau! Dressed as Rapunzel, Osric charmed his way through the fandom with sweet talk for all and cupcakes for those with birthdays. Today’s panels included: Amy Gumenick,  Corin Nemec, Madison McLaughlin, and Chad Lindberg. Have fun with the fun to tide us over for the mid-season hiatus!

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau Flying to Burbank for Burcon! You know what this means. Probably not actually. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to find shoes for tomorrow.

Aj Buckley  @AjohnBuckley #BURCONBITCH! #riseofthefacers @westerspace @BrittIshibashi @AustinBasis @DustinWMilligan


@WeAreSuperWomen It’s the Trickster himself, @dicksp8jr! Currently eulogizing Jensen’s shorts.

Ermahgerd! Rapunzel @OsricChau met the Prince!

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Jared and Jensen give “Fangasm” a thumbs up! Have you read it yet? Come find us in the vendors room

Auctioning off @mattcohen4real cheerleader skirt this weekend for Random Acts

Kicking it off with @dicksp8jr

We love @OsricChau

This is the Friday costume only. Fans: awww

A fan just added a tiara

Osric’s song: Bittersweet symphony. Kevin’s: show me the meaning of being loved… (sings

Osric: come on up, I have a prince!

easy day on #spn?- when I get to yell at Crowley

I was scared by that last episode. That suffocating scene! I don’t wanna die that way

Osric: it was either shave my face or shave my legs….

Fan: I’m nervous. @OsricChau : don’t be, I’m the one in the dress.

Fan: thanks for being such a fan of the show. @OsricChau : it’s not hard!!

Osric – every time Kevin isn’t in an episode its like oh, he’s in some other city watching porn

Osric wants Kevin to save the day – and its a spell that only Kevin can do. Omg he’s acting it all out.

He has such a great smile…

Despite my affection for @Mark_Sheppard Kevin has animosity toward Crowley for what he’s done.

Kevin trusts the winchesters.  They’re all he has left and they’re family. Fans: awwww

brought cupcakes for all the birthdays!

Jensen’s text to @dicksp8jr about the coach outfit: “wardrobe is sending the actual one. You’re welcome

Osric gives out birthday cupcakes to fans.

Look who came by to help us sell “Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls”! The awesome @OsricChau

Michelle D  @wombatvet    girly and pretty.

Kristina @StupakKristina Osric and Richard 

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness  Osric: (About his dress) “It’s very freeing

Voted the good citizen award in high school. Involved in anti bullying stuff. Didn’t like studying tho

Alexis  @lovepass77   Sam’s body and a frying pan, or a single handled AX… best weapons for Kevin

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness   Osric: “One of the nice things about me wearing a dress is that when you meet me I’m already more embarrassed than you.”

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau probably the last time I’ll wear a dress for some time. Next up will be.. Suggestions anyone? 

Amy Gumenick Panel

Amy Gumenick @amygumenick Thanks for capturing my many crazy faces! GYWKaren: Photos of @amygumenick panel 

Cool @FangasmSPN: Amy in @dicksp8jr film America 101. Washing broccoli in slo-mo apparently.

@FangasmSPN: Amy: an awesome series finale (20 years from now)? We wake up in john and Mary’s bedroom and it was all a dream

Amy: Mary had her parents in the hunting world. Sam and dean only have each other


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Fan to corin:  I’m a big fan of your face.

Corin pissed off a drunk Klingon at a trek con and ended up in an unplanned wrestling match. Corin had to run for the elevator

Corin on Jared and Jensen: love those guys, they’re gentle giants. Fans: awwww

Corin chats with a fan.

Fan: what would you have done if you didn’t act? Corin: time

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Corin was a quirky kid with nickname corky. Corin: it’s better than Asshole…

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Corin Nemec

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness Corin: (J&J) “They are HUGE in real life… They are gentle giants.”

Kelios  ‏@kelios  Corin has lost jobs from being too tall, must be even worse for ‘the gentle giants’

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen Fabulous creative advice from Jensen via @MadisonMcLaugh: Do the best that you can and then walk away. Never be too hard on yourself

Fangasm @FangasmSPN After her last scene Madison was crying, feeling she could do better. Jensen told her she needed to stop being hard on herself

That’s a wrap

Madison watching #spn scene where dean forces a smile:  “Jensen, stop! Right in the feels, man…”

Madison: I have yet to encounter a rude #supernatural fan.

Madison graduated high school at 15.  Fan: are you a genius? Madison: (dead pans) yes.

Madison: Chrissy thinks of Dean like I think of Jensen. I adore him. Everyone in the room: me too.

Madison: are Jared and Jensen really twice my age? Come on, have you met them??

Madison has worked on #spn and teen wolf.

Madison: I sort of fell in love with Misha right before I filmed

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Madison McLaughlin

Kelios @kelios Jared and Jensen talked to Madison  about how great we are.

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen The fabulous @MadisonMcLaugh is up


Dean Winchester     ‏@deanosquatch  Ran into @ChadLindberg at the Daily Grill (I’m the one in blue). Really nice guy 🙂

@FangasmSPN: Chad setting up an evp meter.  As you do

Chad’s favorite scary movie is The Sixth Sense. Me: hey, I’m in that one!

Chad: you’re trying to do serious scenes on #spn and Jensen’s over there making obscene gestures

Chad loved the scene where Ash fell off the pool table. Sam ferris was cracking up.

Awww @ChadLindberg brought his mom

Ghost hunter

got scratched on the ghost hunt last night.

Chad wrote a fan letter to Ghost Adventures. He was so excited when Zach tweeted him

Damned if we didn’t hear evp at an #spn con!

Richard is totally freaked out because the spirit box said his name

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness  Richard: (Osric and Chad) “There’s nothing like watching a ghost hunter and a man in a dress with a frying pan connect

Chad invited a ghost to karaoke. Richard is not happy about it

Kelios   @kelios supernatural is known in the industry as being a fun set

Madison McLaughlin @MadisonMcLaugh where dreams come true. Isn’t that right, @OsricChau (superb Twitter name, by the way)

…and thank you to @AdamGlass44 for writing such an incredible character. It makes my heart happy every time I get brought back to Krissy.

amazing. Completely fell in love with the #SpnFamily all over again. Thank you for being so kind and lovely…


Samantha Ferris  @samanthajferris The Princess Bride is on! Best lines ever!

Aj Buckley  @AjohnBuckley BURCON !!!!

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg Eye of the Tiger.

matt cohen @mattcohen4real Can you feel that #BURCON ?!? That’s me breathing heavy with anticipation for tonight’s FREE karaoke shit show!

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@FangasmSPN Killing it in karaoke. @Omundson does sympathy for the devil

It was a groovy night. Thanks for not throwing anything

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Brit Sheridan  @thebritsheridan so much love from y’all last night at #BURCON it was awesome meeting y’all and singing for y’all

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WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

“Dog Dean Afternoon” rocked and barked or barkingly rocked! What a fun, happenstance episode. We had a “monster of the week”, animals, and the Winchesters hunting again, side by side. What more could be asked of any Supernatural writer? Oh, besides Jensen Ackles acting like a dog and doing so brilliantly! This is reviewing rather than a recap, with a few, funny bits! Let’s begin with our guest star, Steve Valentine(Chef Leo).

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

I personally love this guy from his numerous, diverse roles but the longest running was Dr. Nigel Townsend on Crossing Jordan. To see him in a guest spot for my fav show was delightful! Chomping down on cats with a reticulating jaw(the Discovery Channel) was highly gross and knowing this fandom, much more offensive than shredding the animal shelter’s keeper immediately following. I appreciate that “the little show that could” appears to have crossed a financial line to book actors such as Felicia Day(Charly), Valentine and coming soon, Tim Odmunson from Psych.

The beforehand “Then” preview readied us with the funniest and much-loved eps going back to Dean fearfully screaming over a cat. In spite of this being a stand alone episode, the writers, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, gave us a truly “old school” hour: a monster hunted by the Winchesters a la solo!  And who else jumped when the taxidermist is frightened by the massive, stuffed bear? Knowing in the next shot, he’d be killed?! Me!

Games of Thrones or Breaking Bad anyone?! Most likely we’ll keep seeing these iconic pop culture references whether it’s to clothe a ratty rat or to describe characters moving to the dark side! Someone loves the shows and loves to share!

Does anyone else melt when the Winchesters call up Kevin(Osric Chau) to do his hoo doo? No one will ever take Bobby’s(Jim Beaver) place but techno-nerd Kev is moving up the corporate hunter ladder quickly. There is nothing that he can’t discover.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Dean(Jensen Ackles) as doggy Dean was perfection! From fetching paper that Sam(Jared Padalecki) tosses into the trash to gruffing at the mailman, Jensen accomplished “pooch” subtly and skillfully! And who didn’t enjoy Dean’s sultry, come hither directed at the pinked out poodle?! Porn music and poodle, Dean rocked sexy!

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Also yelling at a pigeon pooping on the Impala was laugh out loud funny and I bet there’s footage for the gag reel! Typical Dean to pull out his gun to shoot a bird giving him lip. Last but not least is Dean hanging out of the car window, blowing in the wind with the shepherd, Colonel. All in all, great fun Mr. Ackles!

As usual when it comes to blood and gore, we’re not spared any visuals. Sam’s carotid artery slashed and gushing left me speechless. Of course this can happen because of Zeke but it took me aback. Zeke has no choice but to save Sam but not before Sam hears the chef asking, “What are you?”  In the beginning of the episode, Dean uses the word “everybody” to Sam and you see the question cross Sam’s face.  With Chef Leo, Sam hears someone else verbalize something hinky about him. We know this can’t continue before he holds Dean down for the truth. Not gonna be pretty.

As Sam/Zeke lays passed out, Dean attempts to rescue him.  Leo is stronger and faster and outmatches Dean. The monster ties Dean up and casually converses about his cancer, organ eating and his upcoming enjoyment at eating the two brothers. When Dean sees Sam on the floor and growls, “What did you do to my brother?”,  instant familial feels.

Dean does escape, running out of the kitchen into the alley where Leo follows him. Just desserts that Dean calls the pack of newly released dogs to tear the guy apart. Another gory scenario with just the right amount of spatter!

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

The brotherly discussion over the hood of the Impala felt like home. Sam questions Dean again about what Leo could’ve meant when he was trying to kill him. Dean almost looks like he’s gonna spill the secret beans here stating that Leo got “possessed by something he couldn’t control and it was only a matter of time before it took over…”. Verbalizing his fear perhaps regarding Zeke in Sam? I think Dean’s just at the confessional brink.

The writers regaled us with another gleeful tale and believable performances from both Ackles and Padalecki. Several times this season, Dean has appeared dense: from not knowing who Clarence the angel is on “It’s a Wonderful Life” to not making the connection between SNART, the taxidermist and hunting. In spite of Sam being the scholar, Dean holds his own as a street smart, knowledgable hunter. I hope for the sake of “Dean’s” integrity, that the dumbing down stops. If you have a thought, please express it!

I loved this episode! For Supernatural to be so bleak and hopeless sometimes, the show nails comedy! Will life get darker for the Winchesters? We know so, it’s the Winchester way.  Til we meet again, stay supernatural.

Osric Chau was at the airport with no CW anywhere! He tweeted this fanfic as he waited for his flight!

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau Why can’t the airport put on the CW? News and weather. There’s a dog in the terminal.. I’m gonna pretend it’s Dean and go with it.

Dean is trapped in a tiny bag. Not so small that he can’t move but not so tiny that it’s a sweater, so Dean is scared and shaking

Oh no..Sam had to get his passport checked! Dean’s whimpering.. Even though he can still see Sam at the counter. Sam be back soon Dean!

Cas just tried to take a picture of Dean (I’m totally Cas) but his camera wasn’t quick enough and Sam looked at him weird

Embarrassed, Cas has taken refuge at Tim Hortons and buys an iced cappuccino from Kevin, who has hoarded all sorts of caffeinated items

Cas (me) just realized these last few tweets are the only thing on Misha’s feed, so he cackles out to all at Tim Hortons! Then stops..

Cas tastes the Iced Capp for the first time and it’s glorious! Soo glorious! He turns to thank Kevin, but he’s gone, it’s a lady..

Unsettled, Cas goes into the bathroom for the 2nd half of the iced capp experience. In the mirror he finds Kevin! He reaches out..

And my goodness, what a handsome devil he says! He looks like he has all sorts of super powers! Suddenly Mirror Kevin glares at him!

Cas frozen by Kevin’s stare! He starts to tip over backwards.. crashes into the floor. Kevin wakes up.. Concentration clear on his face

Kevin is practicing lucid dreaming of his own design. He crosses Cas off his list, Sam, Dean already x’ed. One name remains.. Crowley

Nov 5, 2013, I have written #spn fanfic. I did not expect that.. boarding time! I’ll watch the real one tonight, hope everyone enjoyed it!

“Dog Dean Afternoon” with Jared live tweeting!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  Alright west coast I’m here!!! Watching with y’all!!

“Colonel”‘s real name is Slater. A BEAUTIFUL 2-yr old German Shepard with all the kindness in the world… But he needed better trainers

Game Of Thrones mice 🙂 too funny

The taxidermy set is a REAL taxidermy house in Vancouver. It was a multi-generational family business. Hard work!

The outside of the taxidermy scenes were filmed at our studios in Burnaby!

Anybody out there recognize our glasses-wearing-female-hippie?… Hint: yellow eyed demon child!!!’

For the record, I agree with Sam, Dean, et al: if you wear sunglasses inside, you. are. a. douchebag

The inside of the kennel was filmed on an amazing set that was built inside our sound stage!

Nice visual fx eating the cat and growing nails

For all you coin collectors out there, Dean held up a real 1921 Peace dollar to the dogs paw to test for his reaction to silver 🙂

Jensen really did drink that AWFUL concoction of juices and “other” stuff… Yuck!

Originally, it was supposed to be a Styx song on the radio… Guess that changed 🙂

Our director and editors did an AWESOME job of cutting around what slater (colonel) wasnt trained to do!! Well done guys!!

Who’s voice is that as the dog?

@AdamGlass44 is it?!?! I don’t know man. Doesn’t sound like it…

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad Help!!! Who is the voice of the dog in the episode right now?!?!?!

The pigeons foot was tied to the light pole so it wouldn’t fly off!

And the pigeon scene is in our studios parking lot 🙂

The colonel is standing on some wooden boxes in the back of the car so his head can be more out of the window.

 Gonna admit something…. I don’t like any of the animal voices. Reading the script, I imagined better. I’m dissapointed.
All of the wooden palates up against the door were to cover a keypad!!
Samantha Smith  @samsmithtweets  @jarpad Look at you spilling all kinds of Hollywood secrets!Jared Padalecki  @jarpad    The original line said the penal code violation in the kitchen was for “bad shoes”. Glad they cut that, inappropriate timing…“@Chico6: Nice transition @jarpad! Bloody Sam/pissed Zeke/healed Sam ” thanks!!! It was tough!!!

The most difficult scene for me was the cut-neck-Sam to the healing-Sam-Ezekiel back to surprised-Sam. It was a lot to do in one shot!

Thanks for watching and listening to my rambles!!! Sorry about the dog voices 😦

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis no cats where eaten in tonights episode. All CGI.,

How great is @Stevevalentine as chef Leo. Let him know with a follow.

All time favorite line in tonights episode “Screw the Sharktapuss

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

“Slumber Party”, Supernatural’s quirky take on “The Wizard of Oz”,  gave us cool bunker insights, a bit of Men of Letters history, and that there really is “no place like home” for the Winchesters. Written by Robbie Thompson with Robert Singer directing, this episode scored high! We got two ferocious, fully clothed fighters(!): Charlie(Felicia Day), nerdy and newbie hunting and Dorothy(Tiio Horn) from Oz, a huntress extrodinaire!  Sam really questions Dean about this guy Zeke where Dean continues to lie! All in all, a fun, lighthearted, and magical quest, just what Charlie desired! Starting with 1935 black and white flashbacks, we get Men of Letters history.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Beginning with flashbacks, “Slumber Party” sets us up right out of the box with Dorothy and the Wicked Witch(Maya Massar). This Witch is way scarier then our cute fiction! In 1935, the bunker gets computerized and two hunters(one elder, the other a young buck), span a six month time period from which enthusiasm wanes for the young man. Dorothy knows where the bunker is, shows up with the Witch in tow, looking for a way to kill her. Seems the best hunters have that ‘sacrificial’ gene because when all else fails, Dorothy does exactly that: binds her soul with the Witch’s to be forever bottled up.

Kevin takes a braincation in Branson and Sam diligently provides Crowley

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

with crayons and paper for demon info. With Kevin on break, Dean brings Sam back Game of Thrones dvds for their entertainment! Sam again questions why Castiel isn’t there and Dean spouts the company lie: the bunker’s not safe with Cass there. Yep…. Sam totally buys that. He has also finds a computer room, another treasure! Although the system isn’t running, the guys feel a warm spot on a surface, indicating some kind of activity. They open a panel which activates the computer but which also unknowingly unleashes Dorothy and the Witch.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Getting the system running is important so Dean finds and delivers their computer tech, Charlie.  Charlie squees over the historical hunk of history and yes, she can deliver the goods. She loves “The Wizard of Oz” books  which leads the conversation to the “Supernatural” chronicles which will be around forever due to some ‘Becky'(Sam’s ex!) who’s uploaded them all! Perfect responses and reactions from both Sam(Jared Padalecki and Dean(Jensen Ackles)!

Dorothy makes her Indiana Jones entrance, thoroughly insulting the Winchesters. Her biggest announcement: if Dorothy is free, ding dong, the Witch runs free! Dorothy educates Charlie on how the Oz books were the rantings of her old dad, based on truths but made pretty for the public. We find out that Charlie is quite the romantic! From sharing with Sam and Dean that she envisioned hunting to be more magical to not allowing Dorothy to destroy her dreamy views regarding Oz. I like it! Nerd Charlie informs Dorothy that the hunter that she trashed earlier, worked diligently to solve the Witch/Dorothy dilemma until the day he died. Hence, Charlie knows that poppies will stun the Witch til they can kill or bind her again.

The Witch finds Crowley(Mark Sheppard) but with all the warding, is no help to him. Not being able to speak, the Witch conveniently communicates by writing what she wants on Crowley’s paper. FYI: “come to Daddy”, hissing and whistling, is Sheppard perfect or what?! The Witch needs a key which allows her to make any opening a portal into Oz. Dean remembers finding said key. Charlie and Dean head to retrieve it where unfortunately the Witch also arrives. The Witch throws her voodoo at Dean, Charlie jumps in to save Dean and gets killed in the process.

Enter Zeke. This is too convenient and sooo easy to use. Without Castiel, it’s understandable for the writers to have Zeke in Sam. Of course this makes it the worse possible possession ever: Zeke in Sam, popping out when asked or when he chooses. My thought when the Witch possesses Sam: how can that happen? Zeke possesses Sam so does this mean that evil can now possess angels? This was hinted around last week also. What do you think?

pic credit @sweatpantsandcoffee

pic credit @sweatpantsandcoffee

Zeke heals Charlie, Charlie wants to know if she’ll be eating brains now which raises Sam’s antenna more. But no time to lose here, the Witch is working on letting in all those horrible critters from Oz! Dorothy heads down to the garage which now houses ‘Baby’ and an entire fleet of primo drives. Dorothy finds her motorcycle, the Tinman’s head AND her red slippers which yield magic from Oz. Note: ‘Baby’ wasn’t scheduled to appear but the cast and crew couldn’t resist for us, the fans!  🙂

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Sam and Dean find the Witch who fills them with green witch power and orders them to kill the girls. Dorothy really believes that she can take on the Winchesters but is no match of course! Charlie escapes after catching the red slippers thrown from Dorothy. Side note here: Felicia Day says catching the shoes took awhile because she truly is a nerd and not good at ‘catching things’! Just before Dean intends on stabbing Dorothy, Charlie finds the Witch, stabs her with a slipper and saves the day, save the girl and saves the Winchesters!

Charlie gets her magical adventure when she leaves this earthly plane with 2013-08-23 11.59.42Dorothy to fight a revolution in Oz! So who else thinks the Winchesters might end up there at some point?!

Another fun fact regarding this episode. I was there for the filming and the garage is an huge, old grain stop. But what I learned about the set: it took them four days to make it, it was the first set that had a ‘made for tv’ feel to it, and it was Supernatural’s largest endeavor to date! A huge, black covering enclosed an opening which turned out to be virtual ‘Oz’ which was VFX galore!

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Another feather in the crews’ cap!

Addressed by the Winchesters from the start to the end was home. Sam regards the bunker as a job site. For Dean, it’s a place to clean, hang up his weapons and to enjoy his morning coffee wearing his robe! Charlie asks Sam about the lack of nesting also with Sam reiterating that there’s no such place for him. Sooo, when Charlie and Dorothy walk off into the Oz sunset, how perfect were Sam’s words to Dean, “of course,  there’s no place like home.” Brotherly connections: we love them and watch the show because of them! Until Tuesday and “Dog Dean Afternoon”, stay supernatural….