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Day two in Melbourne, Australia for the ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ Supernatural convention kicks off with interviews with Jim Beaver, Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr.  Updates will happen when I find the info! Have fun!

Jim Beaver interview in Luna magazine:

 Richard Speight Jr interview Luna magazine:

Misha Collins interview

Sarah Bearah  @SarahBearah2  last night Misha said the writers were pushing/testing limits with cw network re dick references/jokes in S7

 @beebopette: @mishacollins You took my idea of Human Twister to a new level! Thanks for… everything!

@AmyinSydney: Corin is such a smiley happy guy. Just adorable!

Vanda @Deanie_24  Here are my pics, not many, but I hope you like what I do have…
Amy@AmyinSydney Here’s my Corin striptease errrr auction album 😉
Traci tweet summary by all spn live journal:
Corin & Richard tweet panel summary:
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Melbourne! You survived! An amazing time capped off with nocturnal wanderings with @mishacollins. Gay club – check. Strip club – check.
Caroline Black @lady_giggs I am drying this out. Need to buy some kind of sealant tomorrow… Damn your “art” @mishacollins
Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Dear Australia, wish you were here . Or I were there. A damn good time was had by all. Especially by @mishacollins & me.

“All Hell Breaks Loose” this weekend in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia! Enjoy the Aussies!

Misha Collins @mishacollinsWhile we are on the topic, I just finished packing my custom-made kangaroo trap so that I can have fresh meat this coming weekend at

Misha interview for #AHBL this weekend!

Misha Collins @mishacollins Blundstones, Australia’s national shoe, are too cool for Americans. in particular, they are too cool for @dicksp8jr

Cast interview:

Supernatural Wiki @SuperWiki  this is me and when I’m not on twitter I’m called Jules. Come and say hi!

* the best guest – the Impala!!

Rachel  @MsRachyB Corin Nemic

Lucifer@DeaNatural What did I just see ? Well this fantastic ride ofcourse 😉

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jrSydney – thank you. Melbourne – now its your turn. Hold on to your mismatched Blunnies.

@mishacollins can suck it “Blundstones, Australia’s national shoe, are 2 cool 4 Americans. In particular, @dicksp8jr.”

All Supernatural @all_spn SUmmary of tweets and pics from @jumblejim ‘s panel

* @all_spn: Misha Collins panel  Tweets and pic summary

Amanda @AmandaF73 Misha just drew a penis with wings on a shirt  said it had to be scaled down from his actual size to fit on shirt

Amy@AmyinSydney Love that we can get everything personalised. According to Richard, I love porn!

Simone Kalel@redteekal  Misha loves how the French Mistake had humour on so many levels – jokes for fans, jokes for the crew/staff and jokes in general.

Supernatural Wiki @SuperWiki Corin is being thoroughly sexually objectified

* And Corin just took his shirt off…

Supernatural Wiki It sold for $1200! 

* Misha stole Emmanuels hospital bracelet from set and is auctioning it

 * Misha’s winged penis t-shirt sold for $1600

Melanie Vine@mel_b_angel @missyjack and the Impala – work it girl!
missyjack @missyjack Traci first discovered SPN thru seeing a blooper reel
My name is Janbice @Milodrums Video Misha intro.AVI (by JSXX23) You could only take photos/record for 5 minutes. As an animal…
* Traci says Jared’s ass is bullet proof

mfluder42@mfluder_42 from Misha: Don’t fucking compare us to the Vampire Diaries – I don’t care what they’ve done – much applause
* Just bought a car for a family who have a little girl with severe form of cancer – amazing experience to be able to help
* Q: I would like to congratulate you on your face, it’s fantastic – much applause. Misha – that was a great line
* Using a table saw…. he’s nipped off the tips of his fingers… “it actually grows back”- I’ve never tested how far you can go”
mfluder42mfluder42 @mfluder_42 I’m very accident prone… every piece of furntiure I’ve built has somewhere on it, my blood. Some pieces have quite a bit of blood.
* @mishacollins surely nothing is too cool for @dicksp8jr
Amy@AmyinSydney And here’s a little teaser of Corin getting his gear off
KATE@rougevelvet  $1600 – Auction vid here:
@AmyinSydney@MishaCollins photos from Sydney

@rougevelvet misha’s tee went for 1600

@redteekal:  Misha Collin’s – the teeshirt down the pants + shirtless Corin

Megan SmithMegan Smith@ 427_Impala  Misha, his mum, & mini!Cas (Connor)!

Amanda @AmandaF73 Ha ha, Misha just shoved a shirt decorated & auctioned by Richard down front of pants & pulled it out the back

Amy @AmyinSydney One of my favourite @MishaCollins photos. I’ll be putting them all up for you to grab – stay tuned!

@rougevelvet  $1600 – Auction vid here:  simply amazing!!


Supernatural fans, these are extras from the exhausted fandom who attended Asylum 8! There will be more updated pics and vids! So much fun with the guests is shared here! Enjoy!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels A nice Group Photo

Barbara McDowell @barbiecan Guests group hug

Misha kissing Kim Rhodes vid by MissMonsterMaker:

Misha & dalek: vid by MissMonsterMaker:

Mark Shepphard & Mark Pellegrino: dr. who, dalek:

Misha & the Dalek: vid by MissMonsterMaker:

Em@McFly4eva111 Hey @TheJimMichaels, thanks for an awesome weekend!!

  Mark Pellegrino singing ‘Big Balls’ vid by lynnft:

Em @McFly4eva111 Kim Rhode

together at the closing ceremony ♥

* The best double act of the weekend!! Misha Collins & Mark Pellegrino…

 * Misha Collins
Jim Beaver @jumblejimSo many wonderful people made us all so happy at Bham con. Thank you all so much. It was an honor and a pleasure to be there.
Pamela Martin @xmelax  Jim & Carries talk!
David Hornberger@davidhornberger @mishacollins : “Is that some kind of golden shower in the background?”
Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee  Thank You X 1000 for an awesome weekend! Said it before but #Supernatural fans are the best in the world!
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Post-con dinner photo #2
Post-con dinner photo #4

 * Post-con dinner photo #3
 * Post-con dinner photo #1
Impala’s Trunk @impalastrunk Ah! @mattcohen4real wore our “No H8 Just Cohen and Sp8” shirt (designed by @StephanieW909 ♥) karaoke!
Lynn@LilynnNovak Mark P 

For some fans, no Jensen or Jared attending takes away from the conventions. But when guests like Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, and Jim Michaels can wow with their personal expertise about the show, the time is well worth it! The fun has been non-stop! The tweeting has been sparse but the pics and vids very funny! Have fun with the last day in Birmingham, #Asylum8!

Jason Manns@jasonmanns Hope you will all come drown the post con blues with me at one (or two!) of my London shows this tues & thurs.

matt cohenmatt cohen@mattcohen4real

Jason Manns @jasonmanns Every story needs an ending, every night needs a cap.
 * @jasonmannsHallelujah! Great crowd! Great music
!Jason MannsJason Manns@jasonmanns This was later. Thanks for being an amazing crowd last night. I really dig it when y’all sing.
matt cohen @mattcohen4realI want to see the FIX YOU by Coldplay karaoke vid! Whose got it?“
 MarieMarie @marie610 Misha said “Hello Love!” with a wink! my heart just melted! i told him “You lookin sharp today!” he replied “thanks, u too!”
* Guy said that maybe one day they might try &sneak tweet out the whole metronome app scene if they can get their hands on it! 

* the scene in underwear for PCA filmed by the boys, was taken with the iPhone of #Jared

Marie@marie610 My Misha photo!!!

Jayne Nelson @kakapojayneApparently the attempts to schedule Supernatural’s filming around the birth of Jared’s baby was called “Operation Moose Drop

Hils@hils_k Misha

 @minimasical: Misha says Ben Edlund writes amazing episodes 

JackieJackie @minimasical Misha is inspired by people who live their lives setting good examples 

EmEm @McFly4eva111 Girl trying to get a hug from Misha… He’s not giving in

Jackie @minimasicalMisha is getting emotional again talking about a father figure in his life

Steph Jones@AerithQOC Misha is getting very emotional telling a touching story about a man from his childhood who inspired him to start random acts

@Slimbolina: Misha thought @jarpad was going to be at #Asylum8 too, that’s why he bought his ticket!”

Hils@hils_k Mark and Misha’s bad accents are making my ears bleed

*  Misha

MinionFEVMinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy Operation Moose Drop Gen said she was done and ready to have the baby at 8 months!

* Misha is on now, he is in thee most STUNNING 3-piece suit ever. Cannot wait for you all to see the photos from today 🙂

Steph Jones@AerithQOC Now misha and mark p say mishas minions and lucifers legions shouldnt fight – they should join forces

Misha pics!

Jason & Matt pic!

simogiuli @simogiuli  Lucifer versus Hallucifer:

Misha’s Moustache Stickers:

SyifaR @syifarz

Dean Black@dbCooLBreeze Misha Collins suited and booted

Sweary WaywardLou @WaywardLouJim wanted to be a film historian, but couldn’t get a college course in film history so took a theatre class instead

Jessica Thomas@Jessica_Amy_ Watching @jumblejim and he is one of the most beautiful & lovely human beings in existence.

Emma Thompson@tpausilver For the most part, most people are doing the best they can #JimBeaver

Nicky@Slimbolina Somebody asked Jim how he became an actor

EmEm @McFly4eva111 Jared was twisting Jim’s toes during the hospital bed scenes in Death’s Door but he didn’t crack.

 Steph JonesSteph Jones @AerithQOC Jim accompanied a friend from his acting course to an audition and found acting great so he became an actress-ACTOR!! 
@irismay42 Jim Beaver says there are a lot more questions about pranks on the show than actual pranks on the show
Nicky M @nimi66 Great idea pitched Ghostfacers meet ghost Bobby. Jim says he’ll do it
 Sanaa SiddiquiSanaa Siddiqui @pieliner  I have officially fist-bumped this guy. and fallen slightly in love with him.  #Lucifer
 Sharron HatherSharron Hather @irismay42 Jim says rather than pranks Jared in particular likes to try and make him crack up and feeds him wrong lines when filming coverage.
* Jim doesn’t know whether he’ll be on Justfied again but he hopes so. Depends what happens with SPN. 
Sweary WaywardLouSweary WaywardLou@WaywardLou “If I ever land up properly dead, I need to let the Justified people know straight away so I’ve got a job” #JimBeaver

@WaywardLou: “What good there is in me is there because I remember what he was like and try to be like that” #JimBeaver
 *  “People sometimes think of me the way I think of him and that’s an incredible thing to have” 

EmEm @McFly4eva111 It’s so nice to hear Jim talk about his dad! 
Sharron Hather @irismay42 Everything Jim ever tried to teach his daughter would be something his dad taught him
Maddie doesn’t have any real idea who beiber is
Nicky@Slimbolina A guy just asked Jim for a hug, Jim obliged but asked for the cameras to be turned off
Steph Jones @AerithQOC Jim b watches laurel and hardy with his daughter so he doesnt have to talk bieber or bratz or transformers 

Emma-Jane Paterson Emma-Jane Paterson  @_Rumour_ Jim Beaver is doing Laurel & Hardy impressions 

EmEm@McFly4eva111 Jim’s talking about Maddie and her awesome taste in movies & music
Sharron Hather@irismay42 Jim talking about line in Death’s D oor about Bobby adopting Sam & Dean. Meant figuratively. Their dad’s gone he’s their dad now.
Naomi Cunningham @KnowMeSeeIf Bobby adopted Sam & Dean, what about Cas? Jim said when he gets out of kindergartan
Who would win in a fight between Bobby & Rufus? Jim says we’re close to finding out what happened in Omaha 🙂

Sharron Hather@irismay42 Who would win fight between Bobby and Rufus? “When you add kickass to smartass Rufus doesn’t stand a chance.
Lynz@fantutx  @jumblejim on stage & @Slimbolina wants to join in. She just wants an unauthorised pic of her & BOBBY (Jim) 😉
Sammy Winchester@catchingkisses_ “I adopted two boys and they turned out to b e heroes. I adopted a girly-boy and I don’t know what he turned out to be.” 

Sanaa SiddiquiSanaa Siddiqui @pieliner @mishacollins took the time to draw me… a square and a circle. what a guy.

Nam Myoung Hee @worrynet  Beaver’s fav actor is John Wayne!

 Naomi CunninghamNaomi Cunningham@KnowMeSee Apart from #SPN Jim B’s fav show to work on was 

Lena.Lena.@LenaaMarieex  Jared was telling everyone about the labor and said when he first held Thomas he ripped off his…
Sweary WaywardLou@WaywardLou Jim heard about Stonehenge Apocalypse from conventions.
 Sweary WaywardLou Jim started writing an episode for the show set in Bobby’s house. Then they burned it down. Then killed him. 
* Jim was told his character was being killed off about 2-3 episodes ahead of time
Sharron Hather @irismay42 Jim: SPN writers will do what’s dramatically strong and makes the fans happy. lum8
 @AerithQOC: Misha collins loves bbc sherlock!! 
* Jim has no idea what’s going to happen in season 8. The writers just went back to work this week
Dean Black‏  @dbCooLBreeze   Everybody loves Misha :
kez baker@xteamxdramax Me and the awesomely loveable @TheOnlyDJQualls  who’s coming to asylum 10?
Biddy Brumpton @Biddyrai And with a word, @jumblejim sent us on our way. That word was ‘balls’. #asylum8 #thefatladyissinging #tiredandemotional
 Dean Black @dbCooLBreeze Small Family gathering,
Steph Jones @AerithQOCA fan who was 10 during mishas first asylum is now 14 so the entire guest list brought her in for a mega group hug 

Rogue Events @RogueEvents Thank you to our attendees, guests, staff and volunteers for an amazing weekend
 Morticia Addams@Melancholy_Mort Lovely Misha looking….. Lovely.
Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @RUSS_MOVIEGOD  @guynormanbee here is the green room bottle!
Lynds @Bethan1558 And the amazing Mr Beaver autograph

 EmEm @McFly4eva111  All the pictures and photo ops I bought this weekend. Love them so much!!

Another weekend,  another Supernatural convention! There are several new guests plus previous guests who are enjoying themselves tremendously! I’ll be updating as the info is shared! Enjoy!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels  Time for a proper Pub with @mattcohen4real

Misha Collins@mishacollins If u watch the demon-killing brothers on the CW tonight, don’t fast-forward through the commercials (I’m in one about knife skills & @bing).
Emma-Jane Paterson @_Rumour_14  ALL IN ONE HALL, SINGING ‘CARRY ON WAYWARD SON’! This is incredible
Chloe Jayne PriceChloe Jayne Price @SpnChloeJayne @FlemingCarrie You’re absolutely stunning in real life Even more so than on tv!! P.s you have wicked dance moves!!!
* Mark Pellegrino is just d sweetest man i’ve ever seen!! nothing like Lucifer! he gives everybody a hug!! 
@fannyvonfabulus  @Mark_Sheppard SMELLS LIKE RAINBOWS AND KITTENS!!!!
Jim MichaelsJim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Thanks for a great panel 
Chloe Jayne PriceChloe Jayne Price @SpnChloeJayne @TheOnlyDJQualls doing the tricky dance!!!!! We love you! So funny!
* haha here’s me dancing with Kim Rhodes left and jim michaels right!

simogiuli @simogiuli  Misha Collins : Misha’s Tattooed Man:


Maisie PMaisie P@SpnMaisieDaisy  @jasonmanns on stage  Amazing as always and boy can this guy dress himself well… #Swag

simogiulisimogiuli@simogiuli Misha Collins – saturday panel: Misha’s McDonalds Commercial:

Jayne Nelson@kakapojayne  Jason Manns, onstage: “Y’all enjoying yourselves?” Everybody: “YESSS!” Lone voice: “It’s alright.”

 simogiulisimogiuli@simogiuli Mar P. and Mark S. – The Battle of the Lights & Superwholock: 
 * Mark & Mark Meet a Dalek:
Maisie PMaisie P @SpnMaisieDaisy Misha and the gang are all chillin here at Jason’s concert!
 Angie SPNAngie SPN@pengapush Mark Shepard is in the hotel bar watching the footie.
TashMissBritTashMissBrit@TashMissBrit @jasonmanns voice is just like butter. Don’t know how else to describe it! I think that every time. 
Sharron HatherSharron Hather @irismay42 The noisy neighbours who woke us up with their party at 0345 this morning have a Do Not Disturb sign on their door! 
 Panel do “Rufus”. Eu só ia perguntar de Anjos Da Lei…  @all_spn: Tweets and pics from Steven’s panel –
EmEm@McFly4eva111 – Mark Pellegrino standing on a table singing AC/DC’s Big Balls, at last night’s karaoke 😛
Emma-Jane Paterson Emma-Jane Paterson  @_Rumour_ Standing in the hotel reception. Turned around and Misha, Mark Pellegrino & Jim Michaels just walked past me. Help.

* The entire Asylum staff we are hanging out with are dressed as the Avengers. So badass. We had to shout ‘Avengers Assemble’ :’)

simogiulisimogiuli@simogiuli  James Steven e Kim – My Favorite Moment:

* Mark S. and Mark P. – With the Power of God:

Maisie PMaisie P @SpnMaisieDaisy Misha and the gang are all chillin here at Jason’s concert!

All Supernatural @all_spn Photos from today’s  Panels –

LyndsLynds@Bethan1558 The Jason Manns concert was awesome…loving the new songs!!!

 Angie SPNAngie SPN@pengapush Jim michaels is throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor!
 MeluMelu @Mistress_Melu @Mark_Sheppard @mishacollins meet Lady Crowley and Crazy Cas..
Izzy ReedIzzy Reed @izzyreed I think best hugs  weekend (so far) go to @kimrhodes4real and @TheOnlyDJQualls they give amazing hugs okay
* “I once broke into an ex-girlfriends house… And cleaned it.” — @japastu 
* Random fact,when @jumblejim hi 5’s you,he will link his fingers with yours for a sec.He made me melt at the Karaoke party yday. 
AlexandraAlexandra @dragonlit What an awesome day  Met lots of wonderful people, great coffee lounge with @kimrhodes4real and brilliant @jasonmanns concert.

 Jim Beaver & the girls & his lips!

All Supernatural@all_spn Misha Kisses Kim Rhodes –!

LynnLynn@LilynnNovak Mark P singing Big Balls last night!! art imitates life?

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Lounging back with some great wine after a great day 

Jim Beaver@jumblejim Great fun at karaoke tonight, twidjits! You made this old rocker feel like he was back in the old days with The Archies.

* Birmingham: birthplace of heavy metal music and the industrial revolution. Coincidence? I think not.

SPN cast, crew and fans singing Carry On Wayward Son vid by lynzhx

Maisie P@SpnMaisieDaisy Thomas was born when Guy Bee was prepping There will be blood  all crew were texting eachother asking do we have a mini moose yet

Misha Collins@mishacollins I’m in the UK where I’ve stumbled upon a strange cult. They believe screaming bring’s them closer to their pagan gods.

photo by justjared

Very exciting day for Supernatural fans!  Upfronts in NYC with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki wooing advertisers which is what the upfronts are all about, getting advertisers for tv shows! Articles, vids and pics are here from sources sharing the love! How better to get to get more viewing than to show these two?! With Supernatural moving to Wednesday behind the new CW series Arrow, I’m very excited to see how ‘the little show that could’ will stack up in a mid week time slot! Enjoy the views and the info! 

* Supernatural to move to Wed nights at 9pm after new series “Arrow”. Also – a longer hellatus this year, but less in-season breaks

What are ‘Upfronts’? article here…,0,5182004.story

CW Network @CW_network See what’s coming to The CW this fall!

Jared Padalecki @jarpadHere in NYC, SO proud of CW’s new lineup for next season! Happy, humbled, and grateful to be back for an eighth season of supernatural 🙂

Eric Goldman @EricIGN From earlier: Supernatural graphics onstage at CW Upfront as they talk about “rebooting” Wednesday schedule 

* “I’m not looking at Season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form” – CW’s Mark Pedowitz on Supernatural during press conference

* Green Arrow #2! Arrow star Stephen Amell (and @jarpad!)

I talk to Jensen Ackles & @JarPad about the Supernatural S7 finale, Season 8 and if the show could go beyond that

 @BagsHooper: Photo: Jared & Jensen on green carpet

Matt Mitovich@MattMitovich  Jared Padalecki talking to #Dixie‘s Scott Porter

TVGuideMagazine @TVGuideMagazine  We found Jared!

look who’s on the CW upfront carpet

Robyn Ross@RobynRossTVG Mr Jensen

Eonline Video of Jensen at Upfronts talking about us, his porn star career and Season 8!

Video of Jared at the Upfronts:

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Even more photos of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from today’s CW Upfronts added to our gallery

Laura Prudom@LauinLA (In other words – it’s like staring into the sun…)

JustJared CW upfronts with Jensen & Jared:

Fans at the upfronts!

Jensen Fan Chile @jensenfanchile Photoset: hotcaution:

Desiring Jensen@DesiringJAckles Just added an additional 16 photos of Jensen from the CW Upfronts! – VIEW:

#Jared wit a fan!!

Roundtable discussion with six female showrunners on why TV just keeps getting better:

here’s a vid of Shane, Steven, Jensen, Jared  meeting w/ fans (:” vid by 247paps

 Jensen Ackles signing autographs at CW UpFronts 2012 in NYC: vid by CelebrityMagnet0105

Sunday very early morning and Jim Michaels is up and at’em! I’ve found the tweeting to be sparce but will continue to search! Enjoy this last day of fun from Germany!

Sebastian Roché@sebroche Goodbye Asylum!!!! I had an amazing time with all of you wonderful fans, thank you !!!!! 🙂 love you!!!

Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels @mishacollins won’t go down… to sleep!

Kat the Smurfy@_kat1_  mark pellegrino and doug eating ‘lucifer’s hot sausage’

Kat the Smurfy another bit of the mark pellegrino panel

 * a bit of the mark pellegrino panel
*  bit of the mark sheppard panel
misha collins / sebastian roche w/ matt cohen

 *  misha collins / sebastian roche w/ matt cohen
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche w/ matt cohen
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche w/ matt cohen
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche w/ matt cohen
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche w/ matt cohen
 * misha collins / sebastian roche
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche
 *  misha collins / sebastian roche
* steven williams talking about johnny depp & 21 jump street

 * misha collins talking about his first visit to haiti
 * sebastian roche singing bob marley
 * a bit of the sebastian roche panel
*  matt cohen / carrie ann fleming
 *  matt cohen / carrie ann fleming
 *  matt cohen / carrie ann fleming
 *  matt cohen / carrie ann fleming
baDWolf @Airali_ Jim Michaels: “Dean and Castiel.. Dean and Castiel. I mean, get a room”

Steven Williams just called me Red Sonia lol 😀 he’s kinda obsessed with my hair 
 Susi HurmSusi Hurm@SiSuHu had a little chat with Misha while getting an autograph. he’s very tired &he’s flattered that I’d like him better than Seb in Paris
SebastianRocheFanSitSebastianRocheFanSit @SRocheFanPage  Sebastian finish his time and fly back to the set of Wer.
Jessi@Jusper0110 Groupshot with all of the guests.
Lisa Holmes @Plunderkerze Sebastian about Misha who is not on stage yet. “He’s exhausted after our session, but he’s coming. Actually he just came
@TheJimMichaels Purple Nurples, courtesy of @Winschwester, at around 11:30 Saturday night

First the boys drink to summon monsters in Party on Garth.  Sam and Dean finally see Bobby in  Of Grave Importance and with Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoos,  the Winchesters get to play “I Spy”!  Written by one of my fav Supernatural writers, Robbie Thompson, the episode had quite the “24″ feel to it with the split screens, Frank’s high-tech van and of course the boys talking Charlie(Felicia Day) through the whole “you’ve got a fifteen minute window” flash drive hacking. The Leviathan action heats up and schmoozy Dick reveals how much he hates “that special human spark” which he cannot clone! And Tebow has no spark? Really? So goes my recap and take on the episode.

Lights flickering on this show is normally bad news but at this moment, it’s Bobby! He’s figured out how to show up but it’s hard work obviously, he’s worn out! Bobby breathlessly recounts his last dying breath, those numbers that he had stolen from Dick(James Patrick Stuart). He explains that Dick Roman is building an army where the humans are fodder for Dick’s perfectly engineered herd of followers! An email from Frank pops up, interrupting Bobby’s diatribe . Bobby snarks that Frank is always stealing his thunder until the email reads “if you’re reading this I’m dead or worse… my flash drive has been hacked”.  I love Frank Devereaux and hope to see him back! As the guys are reading the email, someone IS hacking Frank’s info. They track the hacker to Roman’s headquarters in Chicago which Dean calls the middle of  the “Deathstar”. The guys instantly go into retrieval mode but Bobby wants to go and work too, ghost or not. Knowing about vengeful spirits and considering that Dick killed Bobby, the boys sideline him. This doesn’t sit well with our daddy Bobby who looks determined to work the case in spite of being other worldly.

The first look of Frank’s hacker screams total nerd! Charlie rides a scooter(helmet and goggles of course), entering Roman’s HQs geeking out to “Walking on Sunshine”. One of my favorite scenes is Charlie letting loose in the elevator showing her true free spirit! Her cubicle is decorated with superheroes and she goes right to work donating money to her favorite charities from money she has stolen. Charlie is obviously quite the computer geek because Dick Roman calls on her to crack Frank’s hard drive. He gives her three days or she’s fired. After working all night, she finally cracks the code only to discover more than she wants to know about Dick Roman, the Leviathan and the whole taking over the world plan. With this new info, Charlie sneaks home to pack intending to leave. With her Star Wars bobble heads bobbling and her nerves on spidey sense, Charlie meets Dean and Sam. Pouring borax on themselves to prove their non-Levi status, Charlie does the same not even blinking.

The Winchesters explain the back story to Charlie after which she plans to leave but realizes that out of the three of them, that she is the one to discover what Dick has planned. Let the spying begin! The boys are in Frank’s high-tech van braving Charlie up when Dean sees Bobby’s flask hanging out of Charlie’s bag. Dean informs her of its good luck presence and she takes a big appreciative swig. With Dean encouraging Charlie to flirt her way into Dick’s office, Sam laughs at his instructions to Charlie for schmoozing the guard. Charlie likes girls so Dean’s advice then is to pretend the guard has boobs. Charlie gets pass the guard into Dick’s office. She hacks into the computer to discover that Dick is expecting a special package. There isn’t time for the boys to intercept the package so Charlie delays the message and therefore the object’s retrieval. Bobby is lurking around, giving Charlie a hand by causing noises for the guard to check out. Bobby’s frustration level rises, giving us some impending doom tingles!

The boys take off to procure the package but before Charlie can escape, Dick pins her down with  questions on breaking Frank’s code. Everything that Dick says is ominous Levi lingo but for the non-supernatural person, sounds like normal typical executive speak! At the airport, the Winchester’s pull off a switcheroo with the containers, again very spy like! When Dick hears that his package has arrived, he leaves Charlie but wants her to stay for further questioning. This is Charlie’s cue to run like heck which she does but only gets as far as the front door. Dick opens his container but it’s been rigged with a borax bomb and explodes all over he and the guards.  Dick lockdowns the facility but Dean and Sam burst through the glass to rescue Charlie. The boys get tossed around and Bobby comes to their aid but not in a good way! Vengefulness comes over him and he knocks Charlie out of the way to get to Dick. Dick just smiles and wants to play, monster o monster! Sam carries Charlie out the door and they take off to the hospital. Leaving the hospital with a sling on her broken arm, Charlie really doesn’t want to see the superheroes again! With a final “peace out bitches”, Charlie hops a bus heading to somewhere/nowhere for hiding.

Before the Winchester’s get into their car, Sam brings up Bobby’s violence. They both agree that when they’ve figured out what treasure Dick has, they’ve got to deal with Bobby. We hear again about the natural order of things which the two of them have both overcome.

This episode was well written and flowed. I love the cultural references from beginning to the end. I really loved the guys having grown up conversations that didn’t entail one of them sacrificing their lives. I have a strong suspicion about what will happen with Bobby from a tidbit of info much earlier on in season seven. Right now, Castiel is a worry but Bobby certainly has to be dealt with. What we know about the Winchesters is this, “blood don’t mean family” and Bobby is family! Until Friday for “There Will be Blood”, stay supernatural!

Another weekend of Supernatural guests and craziness! Looks like the fun continues! Enjoy!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels  Morning sunrise in Germany! 5:05 AM local time!

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels Having a great German meal with Steve Wiliams and @Mark_Sheppard ! Ready for #AECON3

Misha Collins @mishacollins I’ll be in Germany this weekend to mediate between Merkel & Papademos about the debt crisis. Come with–it’ll be fun!

Jim Beaver@jumblejim Good night, all! Gotta sleep. Long drive tomorrow morning to get to the Asylum Germany convention on time! Bis später!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @sebroche it will be good to see you!

 Jason MannsJason Manns @jasonmanns @mattcohen4real @sebroche time for a German beer I think…
matt cohenmatt cohen @mattcohen4real @sebroche CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU GORGEOUS! #mancrush
*Excepting German T-shirts being that I just realized I didn’t pack enough clothes!*Hey Germany, your country is AMAZING! SUPERNATURAL FANS, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!
Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché@sebroche Landed in Frankfurt 🙂
@Jusper0110: A fair warning to all the others on the road!
 Naz Naz @leeashburn Here’s the translation of Misha’s earlier tweet 🙂 – “I’m a little to late for the  #Aecon, because Angie Merkel insists that I help her with the hair.”   
Cara  @timeywimeymoose“Where’s your moose?” is Mark Sheppard’s favourite line in the whole series
SebastianRocheFanSit @SRocheFanPage Twit summary and pics from Sebastian’s panel  Germany, 2012.
*Sebastian’s panel  Germany, 2012.
Cara S. @frozenglibberJim likes to end Bobby in a jacuzzi with Sheriff Mills, his zombie wife and Ellen. And Jo. 

JessiJessi @Jusper0110 Mark s coffee lounge was brilliant and hilarious! It got crashed by Jim m., Matt, misha and Steven, one by one w/out saying anything!
Karina @elefantengruenJim Beaver just told Carrie Anne Flemming that he loves her and they kissed.
Sebastian Roché @sebroche Photo op with @jumblejim @mattcohenforeeal and Mark Pellegrino and @mark_sheppard 🙂
Someone was sleepy today in the green room…  More sleepy heads to come… te he,,,
Misha Collins @mishacollins Satan has had a long day.
 Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché @sebroche @mishacollins and myself fell asleep and still managed to take a photo of ourselves 😉
Karina@elefantengruen Sebastian at his panel.
Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels  @sebroche closing in soon too again!

Zac Walker@zakkorama Misha that S08=more Cas (like S04 Cas) Less angst, more storyline. Maybe Gabe and Chuck return. I’LL BE IN MAH BUNK!
Kat the Smurfy@_kat1_ almost everyone on stage after jim b’s panel
*  jim beaver
*  mark pellegrino
*  mark sheppard
*  steven williams
*  misha collins (…he got dragged of by @DougInman ;D)
*  misha collins
*  misha collins  (and that’s my fave ;D)
*  misha collins
*  carrie ann fleming
*  matt cohen
*  matt cohen / carrie ann fleming
*  sebastian roche

RIOCon was as excellent as the fans expected! Great memories of the very popular guests of Supernatural.  Lots of fun stuff! Enjoy fandom!

Jared shirtless in RIO! JustJared mag!

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Still reeling from this Brazilian convention. Thanks to Alex, Elizabeth, & everyone who made it happen. Especially the FANS (hand gesture)!

Richard Speight, Jr .@dicksp8jr Love it! “@jensanna78: @dicksp8jr– hey! From porn to reality.. Two is better than one, isn’t it?? Big Hug from Rome

Misha Collins@mishacollins Thank u Rio! An amazing week! I also want to thank Dilma Rousseff (Brazil’s first female president) for teaching me to swear in Portuguese

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Thanks for a great! Now time to find the @dicksp8jr !

SPNEurope @SPNEurope And last but not least the 3rd pic of Jared at the Box Nightclub in Rio Series – @jarpad

* Jared at the Box Nightclub in Rio  @jarpad

Misha and his photographer Vitor via @TwitPic

 Daniel Lucas @danieulucas Stairway to Heaven by Mark Pellegrino 

BlogManiaSPN-Rafael@blog_maniaSPN Fotos, vídeos e tudo que rolou na RoadHouse

Supernatural girls @SPNFamilyFandom  album

Isabel Paixão @TVDPLL Jared laughed because all the fans screamed when he took off his jacket.

* Jared stirring his hair.

Jared vid by raphaellarodrigues

Jared: “The fans are great, just loud… They make me feel like Justin Bieber! I got the hair!”

Jared vid by @Claucar

Natália Godoi@spnfansbrazil Mark, Richard e Misha na  Tio Lu com a camisa do Brasil *—*

* Jared

João @joaocq  RoadHouse Brazil Convention 2012 – Misha’s Panel @ Rio de Janeiro:

* RoadHouse Brazil Convention 2012 – Jared Padalecki’s Panel ‘I lost my shoe…: 

Natália Godoi @spnfansbrazil Ameei essa foto do Mark!

* Ameei essa foto do Mark! *-*

Rhaíssa Gualter @rhagualterMisha said they’ll never admit it, but Jensen and Jared treat each other as brothers

@socialitelife: NEWS!  Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins Bring Their Studly Selves To RIOCon 

Dan Collin’s @CollinDans Mark P and the shirt of Brazil

Jared’s panel 2:  Jared talks about Gen e Thomas 🙂 by @thaJudd

 @SpnTentation: @MishaCollins at RoadHouse Brazil Convention.

Jared & underwear gift! by samanthapatrelli

 Misha vid by JPadaleckiBR

 @dicksp8jr‘s tiger!

* @dicksp8jr !

Jared panel:

Jared & Misha panel:

 @LucySeixas Jared also got a gift!

 * Jared: “I’m gonna wash these and everytime I wear it I’ll think of the amazing Brazilian fans!”
Dan Collin’s  @CollinDans Glad that @mishacollins did not post the video he made  would be somewhat inappropriate
Diana @Diana_spnJared’s Panel yesterday!!! =))) by @thajudd
Nathalia ☠ @_nathy People who know me well KNOW how I hate take credit for stuff, but for this moment, I take it. Carry on My Wayward Son..
Jim Michaels talks about Supernatural  – by scissorhandsls
Diana @Diana_spn All the boys together on stage!
I love that chair!!! Jared looks great on it!!
@jarpad ans his perfect portuguese!!! Awwwwwww

Diana Diana @Diana_spn I believe he actually converted a lot of ppl into TEAM LUCIFER!!
ϟTeAmo Jared .. SPN♡ @TeAmoMuitoJared Misha usando a cueca na cabeça.
Rayenne Idjit  @rayennemedeiros Jared Padalecki seduzindo todos
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Rio, I miss you so! I love your Christ, I love your meat, I love your Caipirinhas – but most of all I love your FANS!!!
Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr If that tiger could talk, I doubt that would be the word he’d use. “@Olivernattie: @dicksp8jr my Tiger is soo lucky!!
Jared receives gift for Thomas from fan!
Great angle for Jared’s panel! vid by hayaneckle:
Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ Jared and me in Rio