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Misha invading Jensen's personal space! pic by Simone Kalel

Supernatural Fans! In spite of NOT allowing this(vids) there are many! I will collect as many as possible and post this as I find them! Enjoy our guys!

Valentina@shesvalentine “We’ve been together way too long, the fact that we’re wearing the same shirt should show that.” Jensen

Statweestics@statweestics #jibcon is getting popular, +800% the last hour :

Full Jensen panel! how can this happen?! JIbCon!

Full Jared panel!

Simone Kalel@redteekal Steve Carlson concert

Christine @technicolour66 The wonderful @stevecarlson takes the stage with Jonah

Misha & Jensen reading Misha’s resume!

Much better angle for resume vid!

Jensen & Misha recording a wake ring for a fan!

Jensen speaking Japanese!

Jensen joins Jason Manns on stage!

Jensen & Misha acting out what Jared did when a fan complimented him!

Sebastian & Jensen dancing, Richard & Sebastian finger puppets!

Jensen & Misha, ol recording of Jensen singing!

Jensen’s solo panel!

End of Misha & Jared’s panel, Jim & Brock join them!

Misha getting into Jensen’s personal space!

Jared & Jensen going into the event!

Closing ceremony!

Rob singing!  @_patsan_

Misha speaking Russian!

Jason Manns & Steve Carlson panel!

Jensen to Misha panel via India/Russian, Misha names Jensen’s plushie, Jensen making all sorts of faces we cannot see, all about “Baby” /watch?v=n9f5sAe78W0&

Jensen & Misha trenchcoat, phone message!

This convention has been wonderful! I hope you’ve enjoyed the info! Due to the major time difference, I’ve played catch up! So tweets may be out of order but I record when they’re posted!   Will be updating the vids on another page as they come in! Stay supernatural folks!


Jared Padalecki@jarpad Having tons of fun here in Rome, can’t wait to see everybody in Rio De Janeiro next weekend!!



 @janiedean:  [Jensen] still calls jdm twice each month and jdm invited him to his cabin in new york

MinionFEVMinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy If Jensen had been a girl, his name would have been Holly. He didn’t have a name for 3 days
 From a girl during the photo op session!
 * Misha crashed Jensens panel
  @netlynn10 What compliment was Jensen give to Sam? How do u keep hair so perfect. And his loyalty. 

ClarissaClarissa @clarissa373 Jensen is adorable and charming  
Photo tweeted by @sebroche of him and @jarpad at
 ClarissaClarissa @clarissa373 A photo of Jared and Jensen  More to come, with a full report.
 @MishaMinionArmy: If Jensen woke up being Dean, hed get in the Impala and go to Las Vegas and go crazy
Emanuela Graziani @Emausagi My t-shirt signed by Jensen! He liked it very much I’m glad
Relya Lestrange @RelyaLestrange Day 2- Misha crashes on Jensen’s panel.


risztina Szalka @Kriaaaa  Jared also says Thomas farts and smiles just like his Daddy- no need for paternity testing at all. 

@galain: Jared calls Jensen Stack and Shackles
* Jensen likes his name ’cause its unique and its him, but it was a bit difficult growing up cause he had to keep spelling it
Krisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa  Jared postponed his arrival in Rome since Thomas was being too cute and he didn’t wanna miss it. Awwwwwwww!
Jason Manns@jasonmanns @mishacollins is making everyone sit on the floor because “his tootsies need space” 

Video: all-spn: 

Video: all-spn:

 2012 SUN Jensen Panel HQ Pics –

 Jensen via @GHFansForum

Jus in Bello 3 – FOTO PANEL ROB/rOB PICS via @GHFansForum

Erica @AirickaJane @RobBenedict is the sweetest. I talked his ear off drunkenly about politics & he was too gracious about it lol. 

*Jensen being Jensen. AKA being perfect.

Jensen vid speaking Japanese!!/search/jibcon/slideshow/videos?

Jensen Ackles chaouens


Clarissa @clarissa373 Photos of Jensen (and one with Jason Manns) from this morning’s panel:

@Chaouen_s: Jensen, Jared and Misha

@ValentinaM_88: #Jensen joins Jason on stage

Krisztina Szalka @Kriaaaa Jensen joins Jason on stage via @youtube

JOE-nas Potter @saylee_padwal “Jensen. J-E-N-S-E-N. Not JenSON. Okay, nevermind, just call me Justin.”

Christine @technicolour66 Had a moment in that panel. Almost … Hit… Someone… Bet someone filmed it. Jared & Misha mayhem

Jared Padalecki  chaouen via @GHFansForum

mfluder42@mfluder_42 Jared being asked a question, Misha yawning and coughing

@SPNGermany: Jared and Misha arrived

mfluder42 @mfluder_42 Misha – I’m not going to be talking, I’m going to be taking notes.

@galain: Rob’s hero is his granma. His parents had some problem when he was young and she helped a lot
 @Chaouen_s: Jensen and Jared pics

@janiedean:  he’d like to play chuck knowing that he’s god and he pretends to be chuck with sam and dean”
@Jusper0110: First I got a bloody autograph from Jensen as dean!How cool is that!

 @galain: Fan gave Rob a toilet paper roll “I’ll tell Jensen and Jared you guys love me better, they only get embroidered pillows
 @galain: Misha can’t stop laughing!  

mfluder42mfluder42 @mfluder_42 Did Cas save Sam because of his friendship with Dean, or because of his friendship with Sam? Jared: Why *did* you do that?  
 * @mfluder_42: Misha to Jared: dont put this on me. She wanted to know what you thought! I have no idea what the question was!
awakencordy @awakencordy Jared takes his coat off
@clarissa373: Jared takes off one of his many layers of clothes and the crowd goes wild
@SPNGermany Jared and Misha arrived

*Misha crashed Jensens panel
 @mfluder_42 Misha noisily drinking water while fan still tries to ask the question – Jared missed the question
@AndreaGiampa Meeting @jarpad & @mishacollins at the

@Anast_D@dicksp8jr crashes jensens panel with a camera . I guess we will see ourselves again on the net soon.”
 well you know what that means 😉 RT @clarissa373: Jared: “I’ve got very big feet”.
Jessi @Jusper0110 They just sang happy birthday to a fan. In a mix between English and Italian.

@MishaMinionArmy: Jensen would not hang with Dean because they would get in trouble
@netlynn10: Jared is embarrassed explaining his has big feet – fan girls go crazy
“Misha: All questions asked must be asked in an Italian accent. (Question asked) Jared: I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.”
@_patsan_ Cas loves Sam, but he doesn’t love Jared
@SPNGermany Misha would love to play the Impala!!  
  *  Jared would like to play Lucifer again if he could

jared and misha’s panel right now https://pic.twitter com/a80etwVf  by @galain

Lavinia@janiedean  jared’s fav urban legends eere the hook man and shadow man, misha got scarred by invasion of the body snatchers when he was six

valeria @babyfragola misha loves cliches
@galain: Jares would like to learn some language, Misha would like to able to fly planes
 Krisztina SzalkaKrisztina Szalka @Kriaaaa Jared would like his son to watch Fievel , the Last Unicorn and Duck Tales. Misha likes the Looney Tunes and Jem
 @netlynn10: Misha had Jared and Jensen kicked off stage for making him laugh while filming.  

 @mfluder_42 Q: Any kind of skill you’d like to acquire. Jared: I’d love to act.
SPNGermany@SPNGermany favorite show on tv when they were a kid: Jared: “The last unicorn and Ducktales!” Misha: “I liked the Looney Tunes stuff!” #
  @galain J2 were very proud to have been kicked out of their own stage by Misha 

 @galain: Jared, to a fan: Your Italian accent is good! Girl: I’m Italian. Jared cracks up

@marygenoana: Misha and Jared again

Lavinia@janiedean they did an attempt for a cas/sam hug and it was hilarious. Also they have a lot of baby talk lately
mfluder42 @mfluder_42 % of time Jared and Misha talk about their kids to each other … LOTS!
 NanetteNanette @netlynn10 Jared is adorable as the doting dad.
 @galain Jared wouldn’t try to turn somebody who isn’t a fan into a spn fan b/c he already has us and we understand the show
@SPNGermany Rob was totally in love with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”
@mfluder_42 Jared: Jensen just pulled a prank on me. He was directing and I get out of the car, and go up to a motel room…
 *Jared thanking the audience for participating in the charity auction – all the guys nodding and agreeing.  
 JasJas @crystalchain Oh man, Mark is a great hugger 😀 hope the pic comes out okay. But even if not, the moment & the hug were awesome 😀 love the guy
 SPNGermanySPNGermany‏  @SPNGermany Brock and Jim crashed the panel 
Nanette@netlynn10 Misha says hard to get into a scene when Jared keeps pulling pants down
Clarissa@clarissa373 Misha and Jared pretending to act out Cas trying to hug Sam. Most awkward/hilarious hug ever
Lavinia @janiedean  something happened in the green room and seb was involved and they’re like YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW 

ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373  Misha’s so upset a fan is asking Jared a question and not him that he’s deliberately sabotaging her question. It’s totally hilarious 
Sarah @ 22Cate  Jim/Brock panel as Jim says have never had a scene together and only met yesterday!
SPNEurope@SPNEurope Jus in Bello III 2012 – Jim Beaver Panel  some great pics of @jumblejim‘s Panel, yesterday
SPNGermany@SPNGermany Brock’s best convention experience? THIS ONE
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer I have never had a bad convention… I have never been to a better convention as  That’s the best. @jumblejim

 Domenica PateDomenica Pate @_patsan_ The end of Misha&Jared’s panel till Brock&Jim join in. Short video:
Krisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa Jensen speaking Japanese 
M.M.@galain Brock was afraid of the dark and slept in the same bed as his mom and sister until he was 13
JOE-nas Potter @saylee_padwal Jensen says he never says his real name in coffee shops to write on cups cause it’s hard, he says Jay. 

SPNGermanySPNGermany @SPNGermany Jim let Maddie watch “Of Grave Importance”. She wasn’t afraid of all the ghosts. She laughed
Jensen Ackles by chaouens

 Domenica PateDomenica Pate @_patsan_ Jim’s talking about his daughter while Brock is talking about his younger brother. Overall a very sweet moment
@CassieTheSeer: Revelation: Brock is a pilot! Let me be your cabin crew!!!
Jason Manns Brazil @jasonmannsBR Foto Jason e Jensen, painel  esta manhã via@clarissa373
Nanette @netlynn10  @jumblejim is one class act
@CassieTheSeer Strange is when you people bring gifts to us… WE should bring gifts to you!  @jumblejim
#Jensen Ackles 2012 Angie.
«marghe @_sickobsession I just did jensen autograph and I give him my drawing and he looked me right in the eyes. I went out and started crying like a baby.  

 @Cassietheseer @jarpad @jumblejim @mishacollins #brockkelly

SPNGermany @SPNGermany Him, Brock, Richard, Sebastian and Mark

Nanette@netlynn10 @sebroche singing hot in here while talking about leviathan in his pants

Dan Collin’s @CollinDans Jensen

@redteekal  Brock and Jim show now on.

All Supernatural@all_spn Tweets and Pics from Jim and Brock Panel



larissa‏ @clarissa373 Sebastian Roche gets up on stage and the sexual innuendo cracks up to a million

@SPNGermany: Fan: “Do you prefer cons with or without J2?” – Mark: “I actually like cons with them. Because they’re haandsome!”

@netlynn10 Richard says @sebroche running around on stage is like boy band gone wrong

 @_Halliwell91  Jared!

 @SPNGermany: Richard just crashed Jensen’s Panel and took photos of him
MinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy Q: Why does Jared play with Jim’s toes? Jared: I have very big feet. Cue laughter and screams and a look from Misha
 * Richard and Seb


ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373 There will probably be nothing I can transcribe from the Mark/Sebastian/Richard panel. Just imagine a crack trip…an awesome one
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian is reacting his role on “Grimm”.
Geisa sem Arruda pfv@aigeisa danneel often asks “why are you talking like dean?!” jensen: oh i’m sorry, that just happens. it slips
myworld@sgmyworld9 Jason Manns joins Jim Beaver on stage
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer @sebroche I look people in the eye! @dicksp8jr erm…
MinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy Jared: “Misha has done a pretty bad-ass job as Castiel
myworld@sgmyworld9 Misha Collins ruining our lives He thinks Dean is attracted to Cas.
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Richard thinks the coolest angel is Balthazar
Dan Collin’s @CollinDans  Jared Padalecki
“…the fact that we’re wearing the same shirt…” Out of Jensen’s beautiful mouth.
Clarissa@clarissa373 Lucifer just woke the “favorite angel scream-off”

 SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany  Coolest-angel-competition. Lucifer wins!!
LaviniaLavinia@janiedean  they’re like we’ll use a screamometer to decide who’s the coolest angel btw them – lucy won and mark screamed tight leotard
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Richard took the camera of a fan to record her question to Mark
Lavinia @janiedean  richard is filming mark for someone
awakencordy @awakencordy Expecting Jensen and Misha at any minute now, it’s probable for them to crash the trio’s panel. Theirs is the last panel
M.@galain Mark imitating Richard and Richard imitating Mark is one of the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!
Domenica Pate @_patsan_ Screaming contest: which angel is the most loved one? Richard, Mark and Sebastian
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer  crazy on stage

 Cassandra C.Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer Maybe @sebroche ‘s been castrated  said by @mishacollins
 M.M.@galain Jensen: I brought somebody on stage, total stranger, I don’t who he is. Misha: kind of like a blind date
JasonMannsItalia @jasonmannsit Twitter Pics from Jason’s JIB Concert
SPNGermany@SPNGermany Another pic of Jensen and Misha
 @galain: They’re bickering like an old married couple
 @marygenoana: Jensen and Misha

Christine @technicolour66 Jensen & Misha just voted for @kimrhodes4real to be at the next  because she’s hot and generally awesome
Lavinia@janiedean  misha ‘it took me two years to build my house and they build them on set in two weeks’ jen: ‘and it doesn’t look half as good’
JasonMannsItalia@jasonmannsit VIDEO JIB 3: Jason Manns & Steve Carlson Panel
Noeliab_@inkaos They’s playing a clip of Jensen singing I Saw Her Standing There and he keeps going “that’s not me”

  @galain: Misha: they know it’s you cause they get a tingly feeling when they hear you
Dan Collin’s @CollinDans Jensen ends with Misha in Jus In Bello::__>Misha: I thought we had something special. Jensen: I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me
 @netlynn10 Jensen & seb dancing on stage
Christine @technicolour66 Jensen tattled on Jared. Someone said “you’re amazing and Jared replied “you’re welcome”

@marygenoana: Jensen

Clarissa@clarissa373 Fan: “I want to thank u so much for being amazing”. Jared: “You’re welcome.” Jensen & Misha just reenacted it.
 @galain: They had to edit the trenchcoat scene cause the original scene was too ridiculous
Misha: how long did it take your parents to figure out you weren’t a Holly?. Jensen: 6 or 7 years-

 @marygenoana: Jensen and Misha panel

SPNGermany@SPNGermany Jensen was reading Misha’s special skills. That’s why he was laughing so hard!!

FãClube Supernatural@Fc_Supernatural  Jensen and Misha screaming at a fan’s phone.

@SPNGermany: Jared and Jensen screaming at a fan’s phone.

@galain A girl asked for a personalized alarm clock and they just yelled “get up get up!” in the phone

Antonella@ginevra17 Jensen and Misha are laughing so hard for an old Misha’s resumee that actually says ‘I can act on camera’ and I can throat-sing xD 

@Akane87They are laughing SO HARD 


LaviniaLavinia@janiedean  misha is doing tibetan throat singing
Jo@LikeTheGun If that girl ever uploads her alarm clock she will be worshiped. WORSHIPED.

 @galain: A girl has a Misha resumè from 15 years ago. The special skills are acting on camera and clogging and tour biking
Antonella@ginevra17 ‘Can you ride a bike?’ ‘Nope. But I can bicycle tour, it’s listed under my special skills’ XD  

LaviniaLavinia@janiedean among which were horseback riding, camera acting and bycicle touring
SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana Misha and Jensen!

@galain: Misha, after not knowing the answer to a question: can you ask us another question that won’t make us look stupid?

@Akane87 Misha has his finger in Jensen’s nose 

 @netlynn10 Misha invading Jensen’s personal space by picking his nose.

 @marygenoana More Jensen

All Supernatural@all_spn Tweets and Pics from the Richard, Mark and Sebastian Panel

Christine @technicolour66 Telling stories about personal space

  @_patsan_ “It wasn’t you, it was me” Jensen and some shy awkward guy 

 @marygenoana: Talking about personal space, Misha and Jensen

 SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana Misha, Jensen and personal space

 SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana The end ;_____;

@marygenoana Misha and Jensen

 @CassieTheSeer: #jensenackles I’ll see you next year when you’ll have more dirt on @mishacollins

 All Supernatural@all_spn Tweets and Pics from jensen and misha panel

Clarissa@clarissa373 Actually, I’ll just tell you all now. Here’s how the  resume question came about: The other night, we (cont)

 @marygenoana Misha and Jensen

valeria@babyfragola waiting for the actors to come on stage for the goodbyes can’t believe it is over

 Sebastian Wheeliker@SupernaturalSeb Jensen laughing

Christine @technicolour66 Closing ceremony

Dan Collin’s @CollinDans  Jensen

*  Jensen

*  Jensen

*  Jensen


*  Misha and Jared

*  Misha and Jared

*  Jensen e Mark


 *  Seb,Mark,Jensen


*  Mark and Jensen

*  Richard

*  Misha and Jared

 @technicolour66 Love how the J’s are next too each other celebrating their show with everyone

M.@galain Jensen and the other just led a round of “one more year” for another #jibcon next year. Hope @JusInBelloCon and @serendipityhope agree!

Cassandra C.Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer @jarpad asking for one more year of #jibcon

 @marygenoana: The cast and The awesome staff

ТАТЬЯНКА@tdavletchina Jensen Ackles

   @crystalchain: Jensen and Misha 

Christine @technicolour66 @RobBenedict said this is our family pic – him, me and Priestly.

 @MishaMinionArmy: Jensen’s nickname for Jared is jrod

JasJas@crystalchain Another one of Jensen and Misha

Simone Kalel@redteekal Jensen falls tothe floor dead when he reads Misha’s special skill of EMTtraining. M treats J by kicking him until he gets up.

Iulia Cristina@IuliaCristina13 Jim Beaver

Simone Kalel@redteekal  Jensen says Misha is very handy with carpentry tools but that he would never actually sit in a chair made by Misha.

 @SPNGermany Richard just crashed Jensen’s Panel and took photos of him

  Simone Kalel@redteekal  Jensen: mimes rubbing his face all over Cas’s trenchcoat as suitable actions matchingthe original dialogue for the coat return scene

Iulia Cristina@IuliaCristina13 Funny pics of Misha and Jensen

HELENA@HELENAx_x  Jensen and Misha scream on my phone… I’m really happy!!
MinionFEV@MishaMinionArmy Jensen: when you’re an unemplyed actor, you make shit up. Misha: excuse me, dickhead, but I did do a commercial for mcd
@crystalchain: Another one of Jensen and Misha  

Happy nother day in Rome Fans! The panels started a little over an hour after I went to bed last night! So let’s get started. I start with Jared and Jensen and random tweets finishing! Jim Beaver and Jensen also pass along good news! Enjoy the day!

Clarissa @clarissa373 Coming straight from Jim Beaver’s mouth: “The show is not officially picked up. But they did just hire new production staff, so…

SPNGermany @SPNGermany Jared: “I like Demons.. ONE Demon!” – Jensen: “Crowley?!”

JoannaJoanna @JMacLean Jensen and Jared on stage

Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché @sebroche  Jared & Sebroche hola!!!! 

Jason Manns @jasonmanns @dicksp8jr would like me to relay to u all his “undying love for open-toed shoes assuming you’ve had a proper pedicure”

Clarissa@clarissa373 A photo of Jared and Jensen  More to come, with a full report.

SPNEuropeSPNEurope@SPNEurope Awwww now that’s a cute one: @jarpad The greatest gift the show has given Jared is his wife and child

SPNEuropeSPNEurope @SPNEurope Talking about the vampire movement.  #jensenackles

 SPNGermanySPNGermany @SPNGermany  Jensen to Jared: In season 5 you were very big
  @galain: Arm-wrestling: Jensen would win cause he’d cheat, but it depends on how drunk they are
 @SPNGermany: Jensen and the plant
 PadaVale in Ackles ✡PadaVale in Ackles  ✡@ValentinaM_88 Omg Jensen totally acted like Jared’s husband, saying they are really proud of the baby
The greatest gift the show has given them is the lifelong friendships wit the people they work wit& 4 Jared is his wife and child:’)

 @stillnotaginger: Rob kissed Danneel in a movie and he and Jensen dont talk about it

 @SPNGermany Jared and I

*@SPNGermany    Jensen and I

@juqcorrea: For Jensen the hardest to play was future Dean  

PadaVale in Ackles ✡PadaVale in Ackles  ✡@ValentinaM_88 31 sec of the beginnig of the #J2 PANEL!

* OMG!J E N S E N !!!!*____*

 #jared being simply outstanding

  more and new awesome pics

GH Fans Forum@GHFansForum J2 Che belli i J2 ❤ _ ❤

Jus in Bello 3 – :  @GHFansForum

 @stillnotaginger: Dean would probably not know what to say to john

 @crystalchain Jensen  

@juqcorrea: Being a big brother is part of what makes Dean tick

M. @galain Spoiler alert (for spoilerophic like me): Cas is gonna be on 7.21 and 7.23

Jus in Bello 3 – NEW 2 PHOTOS J2 via @GHFansForum

 more and new awesome pics from #jibcon HERE!!!

seb being seb ahahaha  

✰Eve✰  ✰Eve✰  @EveYasmin Mas o Seb tá atirando mesmo em todo mundo nessa
@heartSPN1: s0m1 tell me what jensen is doing here?!?!
PadaVale in Ackles  @ValentinaM_88 Dear #Jared u are a GIANT sweaty HANDSOME COOL MAN! and I LOV U!

@ValentinaM_88: OMG! #JENSEN

@RubyCWinchester: Jensen, Jared and Misha

@BananKa93: gorgeous Jensen


* Jensen

@marygenoana: Jensen and Jared from The panel

@crystalchain: J2 

* Jensen. Again 😉

* Another one of Jensen


    “@RubyCWinchester: One panel ends and the next one begins at JiB3:

 #J2 at this morning’s panel  they look both gorgeous as always.” 

mfluder42 @mfluder_42 Jared said he will not be at Asylum 8 and hasn’t been planning to be there for some time

* Jared Padalecki

Clarissa@clarissa373 Goofy Jared and Jensen from  🙂

 @janiedean if Richard really was a trickster he’d turn Jared and Jensen short XDDDDDDD

 EricaErica@AirickaJane Quickly, Misha says he thinks he’ll be back in S8 and will be in it a fair amount. Jim doesn’t know if he’ll be in S8
Erica @AirickaJane Jensen’s new hobby that @se4realhinton mentioned is that he bought a boat.
Nanette @netlynn10 J2 in morning panel.
clarissa373 : Goofy Jared and Jensen from
 I’m back! So new #j2 pic from this morning’s panel, they’re awesome ahah
Jared responds “Hi I’m Jared from Texas.” to everyone who introduces themselves. 
 #seb and #jared  together ahahahaahha they’re hilarious

Brock’s Panel just started Laura Rocchigiani@Yzzzma

Brock on stage

 Simply IrresistableSimply Irresistable@SardonicSmile Sadly, Brock won’t take his shirt off!
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Brock thanks everyone from the bottom if his heart for being a part of this Family

@marygenoana: Brock

@SPNGermany: Brock did all sports in High School
Lavinia @janiedean  his first dream job was being an american football player. Also his favorite show is apparently boardwalk empire. Good taste

 @galain: I swear Brock looks more like young!Dean now than he ever did. And believe me, that’s a lot coming from me  

Cassandra C.Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer Brock loves California because of the girls… mate, you should stay in Italy!

 @janiedean:  lolz brock is telling about having a drunken conversation with misha

M.@galain Brock: I just met Sebastian, but man, he is a force to be reckoned with. And Misha Collins is… Misha Collins

Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer  Brock tells that Jared is the most funny among the cast members

 SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany Brock: Sebastian is a fire cracker
M. @galain Brock likes Spartacus and iCarly

SPNGermanySPNGermany @SPNGermany Brock loves iCarly and Boardwalk Empire
Jessica @messyjessy08 Just saw a picture of Brock  and thought “Who’s that? Jensen?” Unintentionally, the funniest thing I’ve thought all morning.
 Simply IrresistableSimply Irresistable @SardonicSmile Brock the new Hugh Heffner?
 SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany A girl: “Are you a playboy in real life?” Brock: “My friends said I am!”
 SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana Brock listening a question


SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany Brock: Jensen looks like a UFC Fighter
 jensen w/ rugby ball 

@SPNGermany The 2 Deans on stage
 @_patsan_: “Look, you have two Dean at the price of one.” Jensen

@mfluder_42: Jensen said went to bed at 11 woke 3 been awake since. Collective ‘Awww’ from audience.”thank you
 mfluder42@mfluder_42 Jensen:.thinks Dean loved the idea of Lisa and life with her but realised wouldn’t work

 @janiedean:  says dean was more in love with the idea of lisa and what life she represented than lisa herself
SHERlocked Mary  @marygenoana Jensen at The panel
@CassieTheSeer: I need my time off, I have a wife, I need to remind her who I am
@marygenoana: Jensen answering a question

Stéphanie Rigon @stephanierigon  Jensen and Jared !

@janiedean:  everyone pulled out slinkies the moment the unicorn ep was mentione and jensen was like wtffff”
mfluder42@mfluder_42 Jensen: Could potentially have done film in Nth Carolina but wouldn’t have been in Rome & would have had to go straight back to SPN
SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana Jensen talking at The panel
LaviniaLavinia @janiedean  he found difficult to shoot that scene at the end of slash fiction which originally sounded like some romantic comedy
Cassandra C .@CassieTheSeer #jensenackles says Sam&Dean will stand in the arena as last survivor #thehungergames con # 
@janiedean:  lol danneel is obsessed with Hunger games and dragged him to see the movie and he’s like ‘idgi’
 Christine @technicolour66 JENSEN WOULD RATHER BE HAN SOLO!!!!! Love the man because of REASONS!!!!!
Laura Rocchigiani@Yzzzma Funniest moment at an Italian convention: probably when @jasonmanns came on stage and we started singing together
More entertaining to play the bad guy, but I would like to be the hero. jensenackles
@netlynn10: Jensen wants SPN to run 11 seasons so he can tell Tom welling to suck it
#SPNGermany Jensen’s very happy to have Carver Edlund back on the show
Nanette @netlynn10  Jensen misses the car.
 M.M.@galain Misha’s hiding behind the curtain
 LaviniaLavinia @janiedean  sometimes he gets scripts that go like ‘just say what you think dean’d say’
 @crystalchain Jensen definitely kind of sort of confirmed S8.  

JasJas@crystalchain Just to clarify, he didn’t OUTRIGHT say anything, but he seems very confident about S8.

@crystalchain: Jensen and Misha

 Jensen said in meet & greet that he & Danneel have a new boat – asked the question & yes they are calling it The Captain & Danneel o

@sb10110  Misha vid 

@SPNGermany Jensen is making fun of Misha
@galain: Misha with an accent: you’re an inspiration, cause you’re a boy but act like a girl
Laura Rocchigiani @Yzzzma Are they comfortable? @mishacollins #jensenackles
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Jensen is making fun of Misha
Lavinia@janiedean  both him and dean miss driving the impala (also jen convinced them to put a real motor in that) 
@galain: Jensen asked Misha for help in naming the plushie. Zippy or Jackles or Scrotiscus
 @galain: Jensen chose Zippy Scrotiscus  
@SPNGermany: Misha’s favorite color is orange

Laura Rocchigiani @Yzzzma Orange underwear? Question coming from @mishacollins checking his underwear
@galain: Misha accidentally slammed Rachel a little too hard into the wall during the kiss scene
 misha on stage talking
Anja @zartherbes @mishacollins Panel:’Wearing Jared and Jensen on my underwear.-We’ve got your back’ –
 misha on stage talking
@galain: He’s cracking up talking about West mixing up his signs
* Misha: It’s a strange world we live in. I mean, the fact that people watch the Jersey Shore
mfluder42 @mfluder_42 Misha – on Dean giving Cas the coat “that was very romantic” – “I think that is the gayest moment in the show

M. @galain The winning #GISHWHES team had to do another scavanger hunt in Romen
Lavinia @janiedean he thinks he’s totally normal that people cry when he’s standing near them

M.M .@galain Misha, fanning himself with a fan: does this make me look too tough?
Domenica Pate @_patsan_ And Misha Collins just joined Jensen on stage at

LaviniaLavinia@janiedean  he enjoyed doing the drunk cas scene bc it made jared uncomfortable
 @mfluder_42 Misha recounted idea Dean kept the coat, sniffed it occasionally and wore it while naked
SPNGermany @SPNGermany  the whole cast is crashing Misha’s Panel!!
@galain: Jared has a beer in hand. This is gonna be fun
 * Being an actor is telling a story and stories make people feel better and that’s why I decided to become an actor
@janiedean  jared panel – his favorite sam to play was soulless bc it was more challenging
  @galain: Jared keeps going off-track instead of answering
мιℓғκ  @beachfacelover Jensen Brock Mark Richard Rob acting as waiters to set up table with drink for Jared who just appeared
Andressa Cantareli @_cantareli Jensen
M.M.@galain To torture somebody, Jared would put them in a room where they couldn’t stand up, cause he hates it when e can’t stretch
@SPNGermany: Jared as he crashed Misha’s Panel
elisaveta @elisavetasays Sebastian put on a mustache and ran around the autograph room. A staff yelled at him, and Jared yelled at the staff
Katherine ❤ SPN@CollinsKath Jared interrupts Misha asking if it was by choice that he sound as stupid as he looked.

 * Jared just saw the fairies episode and he keeps laughing just thinking about it
мιℓғκ @beachfacelover I can’t even… Jared with a t-shirt on his head. Big baby.
dj malik @amywinchester1D jared has moves on from fans to ice packs, bless him
M.@galain Jared brought his manager along
*  And he keeps saying “y’all” and I just CAN’T BRAIN ANYMORE
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Another Jared pic 
M.@galain Man: Dean & Sam should start hunting abroad. Jared: is that one or two words
@janiedean  he has no projects for after spn but he wants to spend quality time with wife and kid
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ Jared on stage
Laura Rocchigiani @Yzzzma If Gabriel came back,I promise you we would play the worst pranks ever
@galain Jared: If Richard comes back, we will play worse pranks on him than we ever did on anybody
Padalecki is a weird last name but it’s me but I’m proud to be me
*   In an upcoming ep Misha is wearing pants without a belt and Jared kept tugging them down
*  What makes spn successful is that it tells stories about real emotions friends + family and strangers helping each other
PadaVale in Ackles @ValentinaM_88 #Jared wit a t-shirt on his head!
@galain If Sam met Dean from GG, he’d tell him that his hair is long, to kick Jesse’s ass and to stand up for himself
Laura Rocchigiani@Yzzzma Well if she was nervous before!!! @jarpad  talking about misha’s underwear with Jared’s face on it
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer Sam is smarter then Gilmore Girls’ Dean… and Dean Winchester of course
  jared on stage with a fan ahahah #
мιℓғκ  @beachfacelover Jared says he’s “acting for Thomas now, too
SPNGermany @SPNGermany TRUE! Jared won’t attend 2 BOTH Asylum conventions!! He didn’t know he’s been confirmed&he’s sorry 4 all the ppl spent money 2 c him
 RANDOM TWEETING! I was late getting here! 7 hrs time difference!
Federica@Akane87 Here, eight seconds of Misha scared about stupid people screaming needlessly

 @technicolour66 Oh, now Jim wants more hot tub action with @kimrhodes4real … Oh dear. @sebroche is CLEARLY a bad influence

 Sahar Mehranifar @smehranifar Misha Collins 3 

 * Misha Collins 3:
@ValentinaM_88: O God #Misha!Wht a funny face!
Elli @monstakarotte Got all autographs now :
 “@janiedean:  richard to fan : ‘don’t feel sorry about your english Which is a tad better than the average us college graduate'”

 Christine @technicolour66 lovely panel with @stevecarlson – personal and very interesting!

 @galain group pic  just look at all of them together 
 Nastya@Nastya___55  rob singing a capella via @youtube
DJ Qualls @TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad We see what youre doing in Rome. Looks fun as hell.
Jason Manns @jasonmanns Thank you so much for coming out 2night! What an amazing crowd. Sing-alongs were definitely my highlight, y’all sounded absolutely amazing
Misha Collins @mishacollins Practice makes perfect.

 Misha Collins Everything in moderation.
* Not to be critical, but they are really letting some of the buildings here fall apart.
Massively beatiful pics here! check them out!

JIBCon panels have started and the wonderful Richard Speight is up first! Richard, Sebastian, Rob, Brock, Misha and Mark panels! I will add the vids and pics that sneak out eventually! Enjoy the day fans!

Richard Speight Panel

  @crystalchain: Richard

Joanna @JMacLean Mote Richard 

JoannaRichard on stage

SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany That’s the stage!!

annie .@annie_salmon new #rich pic @dicksp8jr

 SPNGermany  @SPNGermany Richard sais it’s annoying that Sebastian wants to impress everyody by speaking every language in the world 

Lavinia @janiedean apparently sebastian knows every language known to man. And richard is imitating him

SPNGermany@SPNGermany Someone asked a question and Richard missunderstood it! “I’m waiting for you with my nipples!” 

Simone KalelSimone Kalel @redteekal fan: I wait for you in Naples Richard: you wait for me with your nipples?

Lavinia @janiedean  Richard’s future projects are more justified stuff, a short movie he directed and the pepsi commercial

 @Jusper0110:  MISHA ROB JASON SEB and half of JIM

@annie_salomon  here news and pictures about #jibcon in italian:

Jessi @Jusper0110 Seb just crashed

Lavinia@janiedean  oh god seb kissed her ajnd said he impregnated her and the girl is about to die XDD

[G][G]  @gmorataya *My Heart Will Go On plays* LOL RT @Jusper0110: Seb just crashed

JoannaJoanna@JMacLean Sebastian on stage now, too
@galain: Here are the gus at Roman Holiday 
Anja@zartherbes My fanart on their wall
Jas@crystalchain Seb & Richard w/ a fan on stage
Sebastian Roche Panel:
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian dies in everything he’s doing. (SPN / TVD)
M.@galain There’s a bucket of marbles onstage and at every panel the actors are supposed to put some in a jar, hence all the balla talking
Lea Winchester@LeaWinc  RESOCONTI PANEL SEB via @GHFansForum
annie .@annie_salmon  #rich said his favorite scene in #changingchannels is the one in the warehouse
M.@galain Seb’s shamelss, his definition. It’s true, though
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian auditioned for Crowley, Lucifer and Gabriel
Silvia @stillnotaginger They hired him for balthy because he was wearing a vneck  

Joana Petrova ϟJoana Petrova  ϟ@johannapetrova seb: my first scene was with misha (crowd cheers). tight leotard. (crowd cheers). misha in a tight leotard. (crowd cheers).
M. @galain Misha’s hiding behind the curtain  

ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373  The problem with trying to explain Sebastian’s hilarious jokes is you kind of had to be there. Otherwise you just think he’s insane
Antonella@ginevra17 @sebroche singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in falsetto. I AM DYING
Joanna@JMacLean Sebastian on stage now, too
Misha & Sebastian Panel
 @galain: Panels are like group therapy for Misha and Mark: would you like to have group therapy with Lucifer
SPNGermany@SPNGermany  Misha has a question for Sebastian 
*Sebastian also died in “Grimm
Federica @Akane87 Have a Misha and half of my face because I’m way too derp for the internet
Joana Petrova  ϟ@johannapetrova also every couple of minutes seb has to say “misha collins in a tight leotard
Joanna@JMacLean Misha joined Sebastian on stage
Joana Petrova  ϟ@johannapetrova seb: (about misha) that is why i fell in love with him at first sight. i saw him and thought “you’re hot
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ Misha Collins and Sebastian Roché on stage at
M.@galain Misha carried Seb off stage and Seb accidentally punched him on the nose
Federica@Akane87  Misha just asked how many con virgins are there and said that Seb can take care of it rotflmao
Misha Collins Panel
annie.@annie_salmon another #misha video !! very cute 🙂
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Misha would tell Castiel to lighten up
Federica@Akane87 He has bad news about Cas’s wardrobe
M.@galain The secret to playing different characters is wearing underwear of different tightness   

 @galain: Misha’s very hyper today, especially confronted with last year
*The secret to playing different characters is wearing underwear of different tightness
 * Lev!Cas is the tightest, future!Cas has no underwear
 @_givemewings: “I think they’re trying to make Castiel a little less powerful” – Misha
 @galain: SMG has a reputation for being hard to work with, but she was actually great
* Misha’s talking about his role on “Ringer”
* West wants to watch the same video over and over so he told him that the screen is broken
* Misha doesn’t like tvd

@galain: Girl asked Misha to tweet live but he doesn’t have his phone with him 

SPNGermanySPNGermany @SPNGermany Someone asks why Misha doesn’t follow anyone.

M.M. @galain Girl: why aren’t you following anyone on twitter? You’re basically talking to yourself
Fave Cas quote: the voice says I’m almost out of minutes and I learned it from the pizza man
If he couldn’t play Cas, he would have asked them to recast Dean, cause Misha and Jensen look similar
* He tries following occasionally but it’s boring and he likes himself better
annie .@annie_salmon #misha talking about he’s not following anyone on twitter
SPNGermany@SPNGermany Misha’s favorite Cas quote: “I learned it from the pizza man
@janiedean:  he doesn’t follow anyone on twitter bc his stuff is more interesting than other people’s”
Helena @_givemewings Misha is talking about the Scavenger Hunt
Lavinia@janiedean ‘this year we weren’t drunk when we made rhe list, next year we’ll be trashed’


M.M. @galain The only items that didn’t make the #GISHWHES list are safety or legally related
Federica@Akane87 Have a little glimpse of Misha
SPNEurope@SPNEurope Hi and by @mishacollins –
Mark Pellegrino Panel
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Mark Pellegrino crashed Misha’s Panel
Anja@zartherbes Mark Pellegrino panel
Rochelly César @rochellycesar  Mark and Misha 
SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana  Mark and Misha (Lights are a nightmare)
Mark Pellegrino
#JIBCon has been spammed with crap! tons of trash & not any Mark! Sorry!
SPNGermany@SPNGermany A girl: “Mark Sheppard is scarier than you!” – Mark: “You have no idea!!”
Jessi @Jusper0110  For those of you wondering what happened to Brocks twitter! He deleted it because he caught himself (cont)
M.@galain @NathanFillionis as sweet and enthusiastic as he seems
Mark just yelled Good Morning, Vietnam

SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany Mark: “Nathan Fillion is like a big kid
* If Lucifer ever gets out of his cage he’ll be pissed and heads are gonna roll
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ Mark Pellegrino telling a joke
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ “I think it’s the real Lucifer Sam is seeing, that’s what I think” Mark Pellegrino
 Rob & Brock Panel
There’s a little Benedict up in the Trevi Fountain!”
Jessi @Jusper0110  my Photo op with BROCK ❤ awwww!! (And yes i know i Look so pale o.O
annie.@annie_salmon brock and rob on the stage w/ mark!!
 Lavinia @janiedean  awww colin ford was calming brock down during his scenes
Jessi @Jusper0110 Brock and Rob on stage *insert squee here*
Antonella@ginevra17 Rob Benedict is taller than Scott Caan! XD #H50 
annie.@annie_salmon #rob said that #brock makes him feel ugly and that he feels sad because he’s prettier ahah
Shirley V @Shirley_007 lsRT @_patsan_: “I played a writer who turned out to be a prophet who turned not to maybe be God” Robert Benedict
M.@galain Brock finished shooting a movie about a cappella singing group. From what he says, it sounds like the gayest movie ever
*  The first time Rib met J2, they were talking about cage fighting
*  Colin Ford had to calm Brock down cause he was kinda freaked out on his first day and he kept swearing
myworld@sgmyworld9 Tweet Summary Rob – Brock Panel
 @janiedean:  awwww misha is rob’s favoriite
Dan Collin’s  @CollinDans A photo of a photo …. Misha strolling through Rome Jus In Bello
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian, Misha and I
Jason Manns@jasonmanns  JIB’s in full swing! I know this b/c @mishacollins has fully swung at me twice. @RobBenedict saved me He’s super tough.
Cocktail party
 @JMacLean Misha at our table. He’s also throwing food.
@galain: I think Seb just got lost or got the wrong floor, ’cause he was right outside our room  #drunkpeople
annie. @annie_salmon #misha again at the bar ahahah his tongue, oh god his fu*****g tongue.!/marygenoana/status/195996910786580480/photo/1
* another #misha‘s pic at a table #jibcon: beautiful as always.
Joanna@JMacLean Misha at our table. He’s also throwing food.
Maíra ‘  @MaMeminger Have a little glimpse of Misha
 @sgirl18: and now everyone’s hanging at the bar. all angels and the actors…its packed! and everyones getting drunk
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson … yes you do
Misha Collins@mishacollins I am with people who claim to be minions. However, they complain when I hit them with pastries from 20 meters away. Where’s the devotion?
Steve Carlson@stevecarlson … Good times in Roma
Jason Manns Brazil @jasonmannsBR Primeiras fotos de Jason em nossa Galeria – Jus in Bello 3
* Jus in Bello 3, primeiro dia

@mishacollins Everywhere u turn in Rome, there's another amazing sight! This is what we see from dinner at some random sidewalk cafe

As much as I HATE that S7 filming has ended, it also begins the summer of conventions that provide me personally with so much laughter and memories! I hope that you’ll enjoy the weekend I spend in front of my computer doing this not for you, but for me!  But I love to share so hence the info. I feel like I’m sitting in the audience, laughing with and over the great cast and crew of Supernatural!

I update continually with all the info that gets tweeted AND it has started! Richard Speight and Rob Benedict have posted pics! Jason Manns, Brock Kelly, Sebastian Sebroche and Jim Beaver are also traveling this morning. So enjoy! Enjoy Rome!

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Maybe booking seats near the shitter was a mistake. Sounded good at the time. Oh well. It’s only 6 hrs. @robbenedict

Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Interestingly enough, Rob loves having people shoved in his sack. “@Sabrina_chan725: @dicksp8jr @robbenedict Can I hide in your luggage?” 

Rob BenedictRob Benedict@RobBenedict This is what I have to put up with for the next 12 hours. @dicksp8jr

Jason MannsJason Manns@jasonmanns  Well if I ain’t got it, it ain’t comin’ with me. #thingsmygrandadwouldsayattheairport

*checking off my to do list before I head to Rome. Toothpaste bought, laundry done, naturally it’s time for a chainsaw. 

Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr   Here’s @robbenedict ready to go to Rome without checking a bag. Efficient! (photo taken from @jarpad ‘s perspective). 

Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché@sebroche    Roma 🙂
*With the wonderful JibCon team 🙂
Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Sitting in NY airport with @robbenedict. Flight to Rome delayed three hours. Sigh. Sip.
Misha Collins@mishacollins  Everywhere u turn in Rome, there’s another amazing sight! This is what we see from dinner at some random sidewalk cafe:
Jim Beaver @jumblejim In Rome, at last. I’m an easy traveler, not much gets to me. But this trip wore me out. Changing planes at…
*  1:50am. Gonna hit the hay. Tomorrow’s a free day in Rome. Gonna check out Church of San Clemente. My buddy Winston Smith says it’s cool.
Nice view.
Vancouver. I don’t think I want to try either of these burgers. One of ’em has a mustache. 

Jim Beaver Cool hotel room. I could live in a joint like this.
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Finally on the damn plane. Someone stole @brockvkelly‘s wallet. I think it might’ve been Mr. Smiley here. @robbenedict
2nd Day before JIBCon!
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Off to lunch and the Forum and the Colosseum–such fond memories of being there with Cecily in ’99. Time to do it alone. Oh, & I love Italy
Jim Beaver @jumblejim The local stadium, “The Colosseum.” That’s all. No corporate sponsor yet. I’m thinking “The Excedrin Colosseum” is good
Ludus Magnus, the gladiator school. I graduated from here. None of my old teachers are still here.
The local stadium, “The Colosseum.” That’s all. No corporate sponsor yet. I’m thinking “The Excedrin Colosseum” is good
Bet McDonalds would look good with arches like this.
Misha Collins@mishacollins Remember that GISHWHES scavenger hunt? Well, I’m dining with the winners. It turns out, dinner in Rome has 10 courses.
Sebastian Roché @sebroche  There’s so much tail in Rome 🙂
  Sebastian RochéWe love this pussy, he’s so cute 🙂
@sebroche & j made me pose. Felt funny. Looks kinda cool.
*Visiting Romans by @robetraberti2! #JIBCon Jensen Danneel Jason Rob Sebastian Steve Sandy
Steve Carlson@stevecarlson … Good times in Roma



Jake Abel who plays Adam on Supernatural, brother to Dean and Sam Winchester, has two more starring roles in “The Host” and “Percy jackson”. Will he be back? He was taken to hell with Sam who returned. As fans, we know that deaths on this series don’t mean a lot! Jake’s info is linked below. Soo… the burning question: will Adam return? Let me know what you think!