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Hey Supernatural Fans!! I hope that you are faring better than I during this Hellatus of Spnl! I have watched, rewatched eps, taken polls, voted in polls, nominated the boys, the cast & crew for any & everything that I can possibly can!! With the conventions going on & Jared Padalecki tweeting, we’ve had some nice fun passing that along! BUT…. September cannot get here soon enough!! SpoilerTV has the Teen Choice nominees & yes, Supernatural is there!! Yea!! So if you fit the voting ages, do so! Let’s get this won!! Enjoy… supernaturally!
 Press Release via @SpoilerTV

This is an old vid but great!! Documents the boys during filming from morn to night!! Really looks like they have a very hard time of it!! Enjoy!!!

I enjoy Misha’s thoughts & sense of humor! A serious moment here thanking his hosts in Haiti! One more day down until Supernatural premiere!!

SuperWiki does such a great job keeping up with all things Supernatural!! This news page updated to include Jared’s tweets! Good stuff! Their site is absolutely worth favoriting! Enjoy!

SuperWiki Supernatural Wiki Don’t miss out on any of @jarpad’s Twitter antics! We’ll be tracking them all in our new Moose Watch segment!

Supernatural fans, if you are a Sam girl, you will adore these vids!! If you are a Dean girl, you will adore these vids!! OK, the moral here is this: YOU WILL ADORE THESE VIDS!! Lots of different vidders, great music, wonderful flashbacks all!!  Thanks WFB for this! Another day marked off of the calendarof this long hot summer without Supernatural!! Enjoy… Samnaturally!!
Sam Winchester – A Video Anthology | The Winchester Family Business – Supernatural

Misha Collins is a proud Papa & sweet man to the fans to let us into his life! Posted this as “West pulling his weight!”

As stated so prettily(!) perks of her job!! Pic with Jensen in the writers room! 
Picture tweeted by @DessertTime with Jensen Ackles

Nextmovie spoke to Jared Padalecki about winning this poll by 51%. The poll was “what young actor would you like to see in the movies?” Jared won this hands down, gave us insight into his character & shares what he would like to do on the big screen! Thanks Brooke Tarnoff for the goods!

This article written by Clarissa at ZapIt brings out lots of different ideas & thoughts! What do you think! Let us know!!

 I just found this site! It’s funny, creative & something to do for the summer WITH NO SUPERNATURAL!! Enjoy… of course supernaturally!!

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