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Cass, Castiel, god…. & season 7 begins! Castiel/god touts being merciful leaving Dean, Sam & Bobby with “You were my favorite pets until you bit me. You should hope this is the last time you see me.” We quickly learn that our Cass, our nerdy angel in a trenchcoat, is truly gone. Sera Gamble wrote this episode, really stamping “Supernatural” as her baby! A team Sera ad sets the tone for season 7, “our mandate is to research real urban legends, put our spin on them, you decide if you like them or not.” So we begin.

First, this is Misha Collins’ best episode since joining Supernatural. He is scary, twisted, remorseful & although he claims to be god, Castiel is not the new boss as shown by the last minute of the show!  Castiel/god’s righteous smiting starts immediately with Raphael’s renegade angel brigade.  With a warning to all other angels, “This will be your certain fate. I thought that having free will was the answer but you need a firm hand.” Angels, blackwinged & dead, smote.
The Impala’s progress gives us a sense of time, going from the season 6 wreck to being almost totally refurbished. Even though we know time passes, Sam’s hand stays bandaged throughout. Continuity is a huge part of Supernatural writing so I think that this is Sam’s wall crumbling & we’re in the middle of it! Dean & Bobby talk about Sam while fixing the Impala twice in the ep & both times seem off kilter somehow. Also, Dean is not a jumpsuit kinda guy!

Cass/god’s retribution includes persecuting religious leaders & motivational speakers, to walking into a church that  pickets soldiers funerals & killing the hateful preacher, with Cass quoting “He who lies in my name…” We hear “Castiel, Cass” whispered & Cass looking up at the stained glass picture of God, changing it into a rendition of himself. Another political statement has Cass walking into a campaign headquarters of a candidate who runs on the “godless policies of my opponent”. Planning on murdering just the candidate, Castiel wakes up in a bloodied mass death scene. The Leviathan speaks.

Castiel pops in on Crowley who is living the low life in a dumpy motorhome covered in anti-angel sigs. Crowley, “Oh, you found me.” Cass, “You were never lost.” And the new deal is this: Crowley goes back to being the king of hell but Cass controls the flow of souls. Crowley, “Is this negotiable?”  “No,” says Cass, “then I graciously accept!” smiles Crowley.

Sam pushes the guys to respond to Cass’ killing spree. So who do they call? Crowley of course! Mark Sheppard gives great justice to the “king of hell”!  The boys want to bind Death who is the only solution to the world’s god problem & need the spell from Crowley. Of course he says no but does deliver.

Saving the world is never easy & this time is no different! To bind Death, the hunters need an “act of god”, where lightening has struck & crystalized. Finding the object & doing the binding spell calls Death who shows up in celestial chains, calm, cool & collected as Death always is!  Dean’s best one line reponse to Death’s “Why should I kill Castiel?” is “Cause we said so & we’re the boss of you, respectively.”

Castiel also appears, perturbed at the group with the intention of snapping them into somewhere. Before he can do that, Dean brings up that Death is bound to them & that Cass cannot kill them. In a blink, Death’s chains are gone & we see Death & Castiel face off. Cass with “I’m god” & Death comes back with “looking awfully like a mutated angel to me. There are much older souls in Purgatory. The first beasts were Leviathan.” So when Castiel swallowed souls from Purgatory, he also swallowed the Leviathan. We discover here a part of the new bigger bad that the Winchesters & Bobby will face in season 7! Death continues, “I know God, & you sir, are no god.” Whoosh, Cass is gone & Death does instruct the boys on the “how to” of getting rid of the monster souls in Castiel,  to spell them back into Purgatory at a certain time will do it!

Sam gets desperate when big bro checks out with booze & Asian cartoon porn, praying to Cass for help. Cass shows up bloody & asking for help. Throughout the episode, Sam has trouble distinguishing real life & his life in hell. After hearing Lucifer telling Sam that this was his best torture to date, Sam thinking that he is free of Lucifer’s cage but not. The twist here maybe that the entire episode has played out in Sam’s head somehow!

Sending the souls back to Purgatory takes the usual blood, sig & Castiel being able to stand. Meanwhile Sam  disappears while getting the blood but with the time crunch, Dean can do nothing. Castiel tries to make amends, thinking that he’s going to die. He doesn’t die & the souls are released into Purgatory except for the Leviathan aka the new boss!  Can we wait for next Friday?! stay supernatural…….  





Woo hoo! Only 1 more day before hellatus is over! Several articles from writers attending the Supernatural preview.   It is spoilery so don’t read if you’re not wanting to be spoiled! Only…… 1……. more……!!!

‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Premiere Preview: Sam and Dean’s Bond, Castiel’s Fate and Crowley’s Return

Promo Pics for S7!

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Well fans. looks like we have a small problem with our very favorite angel, Castiel who is now god. It also looks like he’s not so happy with Sam & Dean! Exclusive video from tvline’s Vlada Gelman.

Exclusive Video: Dean and Sam Bow Down to Castiel

This set of pics from Fanfreakintastic Raloria! She must have been in front of me or behind, I have some of the very same pics but not the same camera!! Thanks Raloria!!!/media/set/?set=a.10150286935016044.339090.150911851043

MTV got hold of “the boys”   SPOILERS!!!

Supernatural Fans…. the countdown is on!! We are almost to Sept. 23, the day of season 7, the day of breathing!!! Yeah!!!  With that in mind, I just found this post from the beginning! You will so enjoy this! It’s not the same today as when Kripke imaged it! Pass it along to your fans & followers for a great read of Supernatural background!

Danneel’s Pics!

 From Danneel with her husband,  hmmmmm,  yes, gorgeous Jensen!
Danneel HarrisAckles
DanneelHarrisDanneel HarrisAckles

Just posted a photo
 All Aboard!!!! 

I love this!! Jensen going through his directing process with his crew right behind him, supporting him! Thanks to @4casdean for the vid & @emydean for passing it along!    

OLTVChristine K.

My #Supernatural Saucy Picture of the Day. I luv these guys.
Christine K.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles – I’m On Location with Supernatural.