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It’s Jensen and Jared day at VanCon and there’s a little bit of excitement! Jared continually turned his microphone off while Jensen just rolled his eyes, typical J2 behavior. The fandom yelled questions, the boys answered and Clif got hugged and kissed! We’re off to a great Sunday morning start! Enjoy the info, I will be updating as soon as pics/vids/tweets get posted! Stay supernatural!


Kat @FiercelyNormal Jensen spends most of his off time on the boat and golfing. Jared is doing baby stuff. 

Jensen Ackles News@AlwaysJensen “Jensen recently bought a boat.”

PatronhippiePatronhippie@Patronhippie Jensen: “the boat is NOT the Captain and Danneel”  

 “Ep. 5 they’re filming right now is Jensen’s favorite. Jared says nice brother conflict.” @bree__black
 BreeBree @bree__black  Jared says there’s a ghost facer type episode with handheld cameras. Episode 4. Unusual. They weren’t in it as much as usual. (difficult to shoot)
* Jensen gives Jared napkins to fidget with instead of mic. “I’m gonna make a snowflake!” 
*  Jensen complaining about Jared’s schedule. Wants letters asking for more Sam, less Dean.
 * Jared had to get a haircut because apparently FBI agents don’t have hair that long although it was ok for seasons 1-7.
@heather03nmg: Jared and his snowflake” ;___; I want that!
 * Jared’s been super busy being a dad. Jensen’s been golfing and enjoying his new boat which he did NOT name Captain and Danneel
* Apparently Jared’s had light filming days and Jensen would like everybody to send letters requesting more Sam scenes 
Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Happy spoiler from Jared’s M&G: Sam “did not abandon Dean”… Says spoilers have been massively misinterpreted.
tomlinfuck@DestielArmy Jared says he regrets doing New York Minute, Jensen says Devour. 

tomlinfucktomlinfuck@DestielArmy Joking about past roles, J2 joke about “devouring” each other. 

* Jared complains that fans have a much louder mic than he does. Jensen: “You’re fine

Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Jensen and Jared at breakfasrt 

* Jensen breakfast

* Jensen said that Jared is always fiddling with things and if they’re alone than he’ll smack his hands to stop him 

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast” OMG! The 50 states song! ^_^

 * J2 breakfast
 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jensen said that Jared is always fiddling with things and if they’re alone than he’ll smack his hands to stop him
Ben Blackerer @BenBlackerer Biggest spoiler to come out if the breakfast was that the show is filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas. #yourewelcome 

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast  Jared trying to make a ponytail

 * Jared kept breaking the microphone so he was given a tissue to fiddle with instead and he made a snowflake  
Emma JensenEmma Jensen @emydean Misha accepting $2000 of money a girl raised for his charity :’) 
Joanna @JMacLeanOMG, Jensen and Jared almost squeezed me to death  it was awesome

 matt cohenmatt cohen@mattcohen4real It’s been an extreme pleasure VANCON thank you!! 

 @matchboximpala: But even tired, Jensen looks damned good.

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast” 

 Emma JensenEmma Jensen @emydean Jared does a fabulous job singing the 50 states with a little help from Jensen at the end.

yukiyuki@mintjulep718 ジャレかわえぇ〜

 yukiyuki @mintjulep718 ブレックファストのジェンさん #vancon
@ktkm The #SPN impala hanging out in the parking lot
 Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Poster 1 that Misha auctioned for Random Acts. Jared and Jensen as French maids. With a big kiss from Misha.
 Sabine J.Sabine J.@werkarniggel  Impala-Fotos und Breakfast-Panel-Fotos:
 Ashley SAshley S@Kinda_Ineffable Misha: “I could pole dance with anything.” Fan at the mic: “I volunteer.”
 Ben BlackererBen Blackerer@BenBlackerer The amazing thing is that they try to pass it off as “America”. It’s like they’ve never seen Detroit before.
Emma Jensen @emydean The Awesome Jensen

 Jared and Jensen arriving  breakfast video from @heather03nmg http ://
 @OhSalvachesters: Jared

 SereinaSereina @sereinaSPN New pic of Jensen & Jared . I think Jensen is looking at us.. Don’t look back! You’ll die!
 Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Jared: I’m busy getting pooped, peed and thrown up on. Jensen: And that’s just me! Jared: Then I need to go home and see Thomas.
 Canadagraphs Canadagraphs @canadagraphs Just saw @JumbleJim stop and do pics w/ fans for 5 mins in the driveway… Much to the dismay of the Creation guy
Jared PadaFandom@PadaFandom1Twitter / matchboximpala: @jarpad at the breakfast
Another  breakfast video from @heather03nmg” why are they so perfect? *sigh*
 PadaVale in Ackles ✡PadaVale in Ackles ✡ @ValentinaM_88 here u CAN FIND THE FIRST VIDEOS OF THE BREAKFAST WIT !
 check_out_this_video – via @heather03nmg 
B.B.@allebsupernova I think my fave part of the breakfast panel was everyone struggling to name the provinces and territories of Canada in song form.
@MarionWino2012STOP WITH ALL THE PICTURES OF JENSEN DAMN IT I’M DYING HERE!!!!! #Supernatural #Vancon 
 * Jared and Jensen arrives  breakfast.
Jensen talks about directing this season and Jared talks about an upcoming ep from @heather03nmg
Jared and Jensen arriving  breakfast video from @heather03nmg
Jared singing the USA song from @heather03nmg
Jensen Ackles News@AlwaysJensen [PHOTO] Jensen at Breakfast.
Jared and Jensen talk about the Impala from @heather03nmg
 * Video of Jared making his snowflake 
Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Not just one but TWO awesome happy goofy J2 panels yesterday. And I had a front row seat for one of them #VanCon
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester JENSEN LAUGHING *_*

 Jensen talking about working with his dad
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson  @dicksp8jr good hanging with you buddy. safe travels!
 Jess@huntershelper Steve Carlson singing Time Warp  Karaoke
 @kelios: Uploaded a few more location tour pics from today…mostly Russ poledancing (AGAIN).
All Supernatural@all_spn Jensen is worth a lot at Vancon htt :// Jared’s birthday auction tiems!
Naficeh  @Naficeh The worst part of any convention is cutting the wrist band off. 😥
 Padalecki and Ackles On Stage at the Vancouver Convention
PhrasesSPNn’Songs@SPNonesSPNones  Jared & Jensen
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester  #Jensen
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester Jared’s snowflake/jason mask
@FYeahSPN: That is Misha kissing Jensen’s photo on a Supernatural poster.
Radamanthys@ShiryuForever94 Jensen Ackles

Day 2 begins with quite a few hungover fans and Supernatural guests! My opinion: Mark Pellegrino seemed to fare the worst! The panels are fun, informative and personality sharing! Please enjoy the tweets/pic/vids from the guests and fandom!

Kat @FiercelyNormal The final posters.


Kelios@kelios  Russ Hamilton: v short and not edited, but hopefully you can see the tequila suitcase.

 @Naficeh: Jared: Moose, Jensen: Gentleman, Misha: Fluffy. Words to describe them. 
Stacey GillardStacey Gillard@StaceyGillard Life’s That Way is an amazing book. The fact I just met @jumblejim and had my copy signed by him makes it all the better!
KeliosKelios @kelios My pics of Kim from yesterday. Warning, they haven’t been edited yet.
 .KeliosKelios@kelios My pics of Julian from yesterday, vid to follow 🙂 Warning, they haven’t been edited yet.
 @Naficeh: Hahahaha Jensen wasn’t even in the car during the hand on the fogged up window scene. XD
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark S favorite delicious beverage is Pellegrino. Mark P is Johnny Walker Blue
* Mark S and Mark P initiating SPN cast
Kerry MorrowKerry Morrow@Kerry_Morrow  in all it’s glory! 😀 (@ Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre)

Mark Sheppard being sassy, #JulianRichings sings “Rebel Rebel”:  karaoke @mark_sheppard

  @KimPDufresne (For Mark S.) Jared is Moose, Jensen is Gentleman and Misha is Fluffy. 
AngelAngel@angel_kink When the line for questions ended she’s like “You just want to see me hump myself again don’t you.” lolol. Julie McNiven

 @Naficeh Mark Sheppard’s fridge is full of Pellegrino water. 

 ZabrinaZabrina@thezabrina That Lucifer habit of being unable to sit normally? Yeah, that seems to be a Mark Pellegrino thing.  
HeatherHeather@DearHeartxoxo Julie says Jared and Gen were flirty on set for “Heaven and Hell”. XD

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros @dicksp8jr @mark_sheppard @omundson @stevecarlson @kimrhodes4real @julianrichings Mark Pellegrino

 Julie McNivenJulie McNiven@Juliemcniven remember that time at #vancon when i solo humped and titanic hand danced…twice…yeah…good times:)
Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh Mark S: Misha is really like a baby in a trench coat. 
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark S favorite scene was giving the colt to the boys to kill Lucifer
 * Who would win in lucifer-Crowley showdown. Each Mark votes for his own character
 All SupernaturalAll Supernatural@all_spn : Julie McNiven’s Panel Pics
 Jim MichaelsJim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Another pic of @JiggytvJulia who played Marie McAnn in Party on Garth! Please say hello to her! It is her 1st #Vancon!
 JennyJenny @JennySPNRocks and as for @stevecarlson in this OMG Steve stop being so fabulous. Thks for such a great Friday at Vancon
 Russ HamiltonRuss Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD arrival in ‘T’ minus ONE minute VanCon, Valet The Chariot and it is SO game time!!! 
heather @heather03nmg Richard left his phone unattended. Jared and Misha took some photos he won’t describe. They even changed his wife’s photo

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely @KJNeely #MattandRichard Jared & Misha messed w Richards phone. “my wife called and lets just says it wasn’t my wife’s photo” 
* #MattandRichard *fandances* R: “what dance that was?” Fan: “it was for whovians” R: “I have 1 of those at home, cleans the carpets.”

 @stevecarlson Took a break from the bike ride for a beer… Well, @jarpad opted for something classier 🙂

Bree@bree__black Audience very distressed about a Cas-themed fanvid. Poor bb.

 @AmyinSydney Mark Sheppard


I think I’m ADORABLE@ProudIdjit ‘Q: what would you do if you could switch bodies with Jensen for a day? Jim: Spend some time with Danneel *eyebrow wiggle*

 Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal Misha put on lipstick to kiss the other poster.
* Jim and his Rocky Horror Winchester poster.
 Juliane IvanowJuliane Ivanow@_mystik  Misha: “I could pole dance with anything.” Fan in the mic: “I volunteer.” 
 @SuperntralAngel  which version of cas wld u want2combine? Misha: stoner cas& leviathan
 Kat Kat @FiercelyNormal Misha and Jim had artists in the audience “improve” a picture of Sam and Dean for charity.
 BreeBree@bree__black  Jim: “I like your wife.” Misha: “Yeah, me too.” 
heatherheather@heather03nmg Pergatory for Misha is shooting a scene with Jared
Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh Misha had to hit a goose to save West from being bitten. West thought hitting geese was a game. 
 @AmyinSydney Misha Collins

 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jim running away after sneaking some of mishas bday cake #VanCon
Meghan R.@StolenTardis “Brokeback Purgatory.” -Jim, on what Dean and Cas are doing to spend “long, lonely cold nights together” 
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Many thanks to all of you who bid on the defaced JJ poster & to Debbie for winning it. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation will benefit.
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson Yes mam, we are hard at play up in Vancouver 🙂 RT @CourtMcGuffin: is that Jensen with you???
* … the day’s end Jared, Jensen, Steve
* … Another Man Band shot with @jarpad

 Steve CarlsonSteve Carlson @stevecarlson The bartender asked if we were in a boy band, we said we are in a “man band” aka a “mand”
Misha Collins@mishacollins There is a “Creation Supernatural Convention” here. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds interesting & the attendees are attractive.

Misha CollinsMisha Collins@mishacollins I just stopped in to a hotel in vancouver to use the bathroom & steal some hand towels & everyone is acting like they know me. It’s creepy
Julie McNiven@Juliemcniven @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4realgee, now i feel lazy…

 Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Wake up – check. Run the sea wall – check. Down a Japadog – check. Now, my Van Con Saturday can officially begin. @mattcohen4real
Tara Larsen @taraslarsen #Supernatural has the best fans in the world! If you aren’t here we know you are in spirit;)
Steve Carlson@stevecarlson A very kind thanks to @CreationEnt & everyone at #VanCo . Last night was a blast
 Julie McNiven@Juliemcniven …..and how was YOUR night?…


Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal Jim and his Rocky Horror Winchester poster.

 BreeBree @bree__black Misha thinks Jimmy is inside Cas’ head singing an annoying song over and over, which is why Cas is so annoyed
@Naficeh : Video from last nights karaoke party! Richard Speight Jr took my camera! 

 BreeBree@bree__black Jim: If only someone invented a mishmash word (for Dean and Cas). Misha: Too bad there are no creative people in the audience.
Supernatural Wiki@SuperWiki @mishacollins disembowelled  my kangaroo 😦
  @heather03nmg: If misha had jensens body for a day he’d get plastic surgery. Jim would spend time with Danneel 


 Vancon has started with a Sheriff Jodie Mills bang! Kim Rhodes is smart, sassy and has all the attributes of a great female hunter!  Other guests include Steve Carlson, Julian Richings, Jim Beaver. Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Julie McNiven and Misha Collins. The fun has started! Enjoy the weekend!

Spn Europe Tweet-summary and some pics of @kimrhodes4real  

* Kim  Rhodes gets distracted by Jensen’s lips. ‘They’re just so pretty. So pretty’ PatronhippiePatronhippie @Patronhippie Can I just say that Kim Rhodes is freaking gorgeous? 

Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh “I think children are smarter than Disney thinks they are.” @kimrhodes4real 

Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal To play the pain after Jody recovered from surgery, Kim didn’t take her own pain mess. The pain was real! 

* Someone left a death threat on her agents’ vm back when she was working for Disney. But he left his phone# and asked her to call him 
BreeBree@bree__black Kim was happy with how her story progressed on the show until they didn’t bring her back.
* Kim sometimes wishes she were a writer, not an actor, so she could use her own words (and put her tongue in Bobby’s mouth). 
Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely  #KimRhodes apparently the person on SPN set in charge of prop weapons is a woman …woot  
Naficeh   Naficeh  @Naficeh Kim hasn’t gotten word of Sheriff Mills being back on Supernatural yet. 😦  
Bree Bree‏  @bree__black  Kim Rhodes says Sheriff Mills has a romance storyline in her heart, but she has not been asked to return yet (write letters!).
Tara LarsenTara Larsen@taraslarsen Thanks to @SuperWiki idea I will be at #supernatural #vancon tomorrow at 10am in the ballroom watching the panels. Hand deliver a postcard;)

 @KJNeely Ahaha… Wow! Notice the spelling error? Seriously? How- wtf…

Jennifer PittJennifer Pitt@hst1976  Monster she would like to face most: Crowley. “I want 15 minutes alone with that guy.”

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely #KimRhodes she gets distracted staring at Jensens mouth “it’s just so pretty”

 *#KimRhodes her fav quote she said on the show “don’t make me use my mom voice” 

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real Okay. Next con I may just pay my own damn way to stay for the whole thing. That. Was. AWESOME

All SupernaturalAll Supernatural @all_spn VanCon Thursday: SPN Location Tour Pics

Ben BlackererBen Blackerer @BenBlackerer Rioting as the vendor area opens at #Vancon. Julian Richings seen throwing a rock through a window, escaping with 400 Misha Collins 8x10s.

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely Ahaha… Wow! Notice the spelling error? Seriously? How- wtf… 

SPNEuropeSPNEurope @SPNEurope  @mishacollins and family arriving in Vancouver credits: cha – all_spn/LJ

@MnMDES And so it begins! #VanCon

Canadagraphs Canadagraphs @canadagraphs @DearHeartxoxo @Naficeh HEY! Did you  people order this SPN’ish feeling weather?

Divine: The SeriesDivine: The Series@DivineTheSeries Did you see? After is running a contest? RT+Follow+Like our FB page to win a set visit! Ends Th 11PM

Russ HamiltonRuss Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD VanCon 2012, your Location Tours are Locked ‘n’ Loaded, so “Let’s get ready to Rumbbbbbbbble”……. UNNH!!!!!!

@kimrhodes4real Unedited Photos…

SarahSarah @Morelenmir_M Successss! @guanacotruck

matt cohen @mattcohen4real Hey VANCON !! Bring yourself, your family, your loved ones, your whatever to karaoke tonight!! #DICKANDMATTGONNABLOWMINDS @dicksp8jr 


 @Naficeh The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! #VanCon

Naficeh  Naficeh @Naficeh OMG. Jared video taped Jensen and Steve recording. 

* The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! 

* Jensen is gonna be singing lead vocals on Steve’s upcoming album! 

heather @heather03nmg Death does smile. And he’s pretty hilarious.

* Julian aka Death. Favorite line, I’m old. Very old. 
Michael CudlitzMichael Cudlitz @Cudlitz Muhahaha ….// RT @BSBnSPNFan: @Cudlitz i am at vancon for spn still thinking of burcon hope you are well
Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely #JulianRichings how hard is it to keep a straight face when acting around Jared, Jensen & Misha? “…very” 
* JulianRichings his favourite place in the world is Canada… He came here when he was 20 
* #JulianRichings as death, is there a character you’d like to kill? “Castiel, he’s a bit pesky..” 
Jennifer Pitt@hst1976  Julian hopes to get more appearances on #Supernatural as “Death”. He enjoys it greatly. 
@Naficeh Hahaha it’s funny seeing Death laugh. XD 
MelMel @LoveJeter02 Really enjoyed Kim’s panel. Not only is @kimrhodes4real extremely beautiful in person she also throws f bombs like mad. Love her!!!!


 Radamanthys‏ @ShiryuForever94  Awkward Moments? O mediador perguntando quantos homens tinha ali. E falando o quanto o cast é lindo, tipo…
*  Steve estava bem simples, camiseta, calça e tênis sem cadarço, longos cabelos e bem tranquilo.
 *  É bem bonitinho ouvir Carlson falando de Jen mesmo qdo em tese n tem nada a ver com a pergunta. São muito próximos. É Legal isso!
*  ficou bem claro pra mim que Carlson ama ser músico, que tem senso crítico e que é alguém tímido por vezes e bem sensível.
karen‏ @GYWKaren  Photos of @kimrhodes4real from #vancon #supernatural
After the Series ‏@AfterSeries  Since we’ll be seeing @charkinzie on set anyways, why not invite another one? Congratulations to our runner up, @EmmaJayJenkins!! 

*  There’s a music video already filmed for the song Jensen sings on the new album! 
@Naficeh: The Supernatural AV trailed caught fire a week after Steve and Jensen recorded in it

All Supernatural@all_spn Pics from Today  || Kim & Julian & Karaoke

Steve Carlson @stevecarlson Thank you #VanCon for the warm reception today!


 @MnMDES Julian Richings (Death)

 Lucifer Has Big Balls: #Supernatural Convention #Karaoke via @DNMMagazine  pics from the karaoke party 
Jim MichaelsJim Michaels @TheJimMichaels Just finished up with @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr! Get ready #Vancon as they are good to go for karaoke
Russ Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD Just now leaving the office, and on my wa y to The Wall Center,,, VanCon 2012 and The Ten Days of MOVIEGOD Mayhem continues.
* looks like @stevecarlson is goin down an absolute storm @ #vancon just in time 4 his album release in London on 22 sept
heather@heather03nmg Last @stevecarlson video from tonight
  Sweet Transvestie –  #MarkPellegrino
Jenny@JennySPNRocks and as for @stevecarlson in this OMG Steve stop being so fabulous. Thks for such a great Friday 

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover MARK P & FRIENDS SINGING MY BIG BALLS :

Tim Omundson from psyche singing at Karaoke

heather @heather03nmg Misha’s birthday cake

* Mark S and Mark P imitating SPN cast

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Richard Speight, Jr films with fan’s camera- -KARAOKE PARTY at SUPERNATURAL VANCON 2012 – YouTube  

 @WinchesterBros: Steve Carlson sings at The Karaoke Kings Koncert with Dick and Matt –

NJCon has been a blast with some great news about seasons 9 and 10! Jensen and Jared have committed to doing the seasons if the CW renews! Exciting! Enjoy the last day of the con! I’ll be updating at the end of today!

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  Jared confirmed that he and Jensen have agreed to do seasons 9 and 10 IF CW renews them for seasons 9 and 10.

@PurplePoctopus: If J ared found a unicorn, he’d ride it. Then sing walking man’s road to it. 
All SupernaturalAll Supernatural@all_spn  Jared and Misha breakfast – pics, vids and tweets: 
AdinaAdina@adinarj  Jared wearing Misha’s jacket.

 Support D&J and G&JSupport D&J and G&J@Love4JDandJG  Jared just called Thomas “little tommy.”

WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Who’s the most influential person in their lives? Jared – “When I see Misha, I know exactly what I don’t want to do.” 

StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess For a month after changing channels, everyone on set was saying “nutcrackahh”

 Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Misha was fat when he was younger. Had plaid polyester pants. Said he got beat up a little & Jared gave him a hug.
KosherartKosherart@Gypmama Misha comes back & pets Jared.
thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys misha is talking to a dog
Winchester DailyWinchester Daily @WinchesterDaily Clif was behind the screen pre tending to pick Misha’s picture’s nose.
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Here’s another picture with Jared and Misha.
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness Just heard this from  breakfast. Jared and Jensen are contracted through seasons 9 and 10! 
LaurenLauren @Jabber_Moose Fan, misha and Jared having a speed walking competition through the room
 * Jared says Thomas’ Olympic sport includes long distance peeing

christina starlight @chrissies678 “When Supernatural ends and the fandom moves on…” Misha: “The fandom won’t move on!” – misha-bawlins:

 Supernatural ✡Supernatural ✡ @SpnTentation  Jared confirmed that he and Jensen have agreed to do seasons 9 and 10 if the CW renews them for seasons 9 and 10. 
Winchester BrosWinchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jared playing Cas and Misha playing Dean and sometimes Sam–Youtube–tweeted by @indecision_city
AdinaAdina @adinarj Shucks, dagnabbit, and golly are Misha’s top 3 curse words.
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Jared and Misha looking that the picture from “Scarecrow” showing young Sam and future Sam in the background. 
Amy McSherleyAmy McSherley@lidlesseye I just like going through  tag and seeing how happy everybody is and reading all their stories…… 
Jasmine VardimanJasmine Vardiman@JasVardiman @mishacollins said he is going to be in more of season 8 than he originally thought. …
Lorena do CullenLorena do Cullen@lorenadocouto  Jared: Future Cas was Misha. Misha: You’re just saying that b/c of the drugs and the orgies. -…
Bubble FeelingsBubble Feelings@cami__94 “When Supernatural ends and the fandom  on…” Misha: “The fandom won’t move on!” -…
KristaKrista @kristalina07  amazing! Met Jared & got a hug & he winked at me! Misha and Jared attempted to act as each others characters. hilarity.
Tweety Guy
Tweety Guy @tweetyguy So happy my teenage daughter & son came me. Interesting discussion/disagreement on good & evil on the way home.

 @lasttype40: misha

Supernatural ✡ @SpnTentation  Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Here’s another picture with Jared and Misha. 

* Jared and Misha looking that the picture from “Scarecrow” showing young Sam and future Sam in the background.

* Here’s a nice picture of Jared breakfast this morning. Taken by my daughter!

Jenn@lasttype40 Jared

Kosherart @Gypmama Misha comes back & pets Jared.

Alice@indecision_city @jarpad is here!!!!!!!!

Adina@adinarj  They’re here!

 Mishamou Idjit?@raquelw_f  Jared:”Eu vou raspá-la para ele,na banheira!”

Stephanie @MsUnniebunnie Misha showing Jared the Swedish Fish portrait of himself made for his scavenger hunt.

Alice @indecision_city  @mishacollins in the house!!!!!!

   HIPOPOTHOMAS ❤ @misha_mou @jarpad e @mishacollins

 @raquelw_f@jarpad e @bodyguard4JandJ

@WinFamBusiness: Here’s one with just Misha. Scruffy rules!

 @misha_mou: @jarpad e @bodyguard4JandJ

Jace@Jace736 Jared & Misha on stage

 @WinchesterBros: @jarpad e @mishacollins

Jenn@lasttype40 Misha and Jared speed walking

Alice@indecision_city The “last night on earth” speech re-enacted by Jared playing Cas and Misha playing Dean and sometimes Sam.

Krisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa MISHA’S BIG TOO DAMMIT!:–NORE via @youtube

Alice@indecision_city Jared talking about baby Thomas ❤

Lauren @Jabber_Moose – Jared & Misha returning from their victorious speed walk. Jared’s “acceptance speech” very heartfelt.

SpnDestiel @SpnDestiel Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins NJ Con Breakfast (5/12):

Sarah ben@Sarah__ben Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins  Breakfast (4/12)

佐倉カモメ@chocolatekamome Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins NJ Con Breakfast (2/12)

simogiuli‏ @simogiuli Supernatural NJ Convention – Jim Beaver:

@A_J124 @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr It’s already on youtube.

Funny @Fannyjune @JeanLoO Aaaaaaah j’aurai trop aimé être à cette soirée karaoké! *.*–fJTSiA

Minion 🙂@Gomez_Forever  Misha and Jared.

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jrAfter a canceled flight, I’m on a plane. Great stories from the con. 1 not great: crashing on @jarpad ‘s couch that’s too short even for me.

WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Found this in my notes! Misha – “Dressage is when you put a dress on your horse. It’s like putting on drag, but for horses.”

 Detailed Misha Meet & Greet from NJCon (via @Harper47)
Jared playing Cas and Misha playing Dean and sometimes Sam–Youtube–tweeted by @indecision_city

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Misha was fat when he was younger. Had plaid polyester pants. Said he got beat up a little & Jared gave him a hug

Day 2 at NJCon has started with a bang and Jim Beaver! Jim was emotional, sincere and won the hearts of everyone! Richard Speight and Matt Cohen were next with ’50 shades of something’! Bringing up the rear(!) were Mark Pellegrinno, Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche. Unfortunately, there were young people present and lots of inappropriate everything! With that, enjoy this day! 

Jim Beaver panel:

Jim Beaver @jumblejimSPN fans: know that feeling after a convention where it’s like a truck dragged you over a lot of speed bumps? I feel that way now…b4 con!

Abby Reilly@ataralasse Jim: Supernatural has been a miracle in his life.

Carrie NolanCarrie Nolan@chakaxd “Jersey Shore falls into the exact same category as Pokémon. There’s something called a Snooki?” 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Jim’s favorite cuss word: Not favorite, but alone at home – it’s got 12 letters. Doesn’t relate directly to anybody’s mom… 

Jessie ReedJessie Reed@ohmymisha jim is asking the audience for fashion advice “do these jeans look stupid?” 

thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys “what’s my favorite pokemon? do you have any idea how old i am?” 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse Rufus death scene: adlibbed “Oh Bobby, Bobby, this is way worse than Omaha.” 

thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys “you’re being like me dad right now.” “you’re too young to be anything else.”

StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess “Did you ever imagine any shenanigans that rufus and bobby got into?” “i’m so glad you didn’t say bromance.”

AdinaAdina @adinarj  Jim keeps teasing us. Girl round him he was being like her dad. He said she was to young for him to be anything else. 

KosherartKosherart @Gypmama  Jim Beaver says, “I’m Batman.” No, really, he did. 

AdinaAdina @adinarj  On Supernatural, you never truly die. *Jim mimes praying*

 WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Jim loves how just asking “Are you having fun?” evokes just instant applause. “The surprise is you’re all being executed.” 

RobinRobin @rob0349 Jim on stage 

thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys “mornin’ idgits!”

WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness The music videos are starting. This video is of all the people lost on #Supernatural in 7 years. Gee, we’ll be here all day! 
Jessie Reed@ohmymisha jim says he could do a better fake british accent than mark sheppard StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess  Jim would play Crowley if he could be anyone else in spn, “probably do a better fake british accent, too”
AdinaAdina @adinarj Jim does his Steve Williams impression, then picks Crowley.
StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess  Jim reccomends “seven samaurai – the remake kurasawa’s 1954” as a movie you should see
John PassarellaJohn Passarella@JohnPassarella Reminder, I will be signing my books, SPN: Rite of Passage & SPN: Night Terror SUN, approx 12-2pm 
 AdinaAdina@adinarj  Not as brave or grouchy as Bobby. 
StrGazr04@StrGazr04 @jumblejim
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness Jim gave a heartfelt speech about how much #Supernatural means to him. I’ll have a transcript later but it’s a very touching moment. 
Marilyn Marilyn  @mcase1013  What was Jim’s reaction when he saw in the script that he was going to get some action w/Sheriff Mills? “Yes!!!!” 
 RobinRobin@rob0349 Jim talking about how spn has impacted his life 
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness  Jim was asked abt Jersey Shore. “Jersey Shore falls in exactly the same category as Pokemon. I only know that such a beast exists.” 
StephanieStephanie@gatogoddess “Supernatural has been a miracle in my life.” ~jim 
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Jim: Supernatural has been a miracle in his life.  
Carrie NolanCarrie Nolan @chakaxd  “Jersey Shore falls into the exact same category as Pokémon. There’s something called a Snooki?”  
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse  Jim’s favorite cuss word: Not favorite, but alone at home – it’s got 12 letters. Doesn’t relate directly to anybody’s mom.

John Passarella@JohnPassarella Reminder, I will be signing my books, SPN: Rite of Passage & SPN: Night Terror SUN, approx 12-2pm 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Jim just met Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the first time last month. He’s a great guy.  

AdinaAdina @adinarj What does he think of John as a dad? Bobby thinks John could have done a lot better.  
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse What does Jim think of John Winchester? “I should probably watch the show.” 
e @gatogoddess Jim likes hearing “you’re not short” and “you’re not fat” at cons.

Abby Reilly@ataralasse  Jim: “I just show up and say the lines.” 

@kreespa: It’s @jumblejim! Woohoo 

@jumblejim “the remake?!?!”

Adina @adinarj  10 year old girl gave Jim a friendship bracelet.

 Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Jim: The idea of not working on SPN anymore & not working with those people “really, really bothers me.” 
AdinaAdina @adinarj How has being on #SPN impacted him personally? New people in his life that he loves: cast & crew

Adina@adinarj Most fun ep to shoot was Weekend at Bobby’s, followed by curious Case of Dean Winchester. Plus Slash Fiction for kissing Jody

Abby Reilly @ataralasseBob Singer gave Jim the part of Bobby without ever watching his audition.

 thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys  “i like little girls.” 

Abby Reilly @ataralasse  Jim let young fan size his wrist to make a friendship bracelet. 

AdinaAdina @adinarj Wants to bring back Bobby any way, but would prefer him being alive

Lauren@Jabber_Moose Qualifications for SPN actors: unlimited supply of snark. @jumblejim is killing this panel! And I made myself cry with my own Q. 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Jim: Bobby-centric episodes were difficult & tiring to shoot. He found out what it was like to carry an hour long dram

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness  Next person asked Jim how he would bring Bobby back. “I don’t know, I just show up and say the lines.” The catch all answer

Kosherart@Gypmama  Chose a side.

Sebastian Roché@sebroche Waiting in the green room at the SPN New Jersey Con 🙂

@WinFamBusiness OMG! Guess what’s in the parking lot? Baby!

Marilyn @mcase1013 Don’t get me wrong, I still love @jarpad, but @jumblejim has stolen my heart today

Abby Reilly@ataralasse Jim said we were easy; he could say the simplest thing and get all of us to go “AWWWW

*Jim: you never know what’s gonna come out of Steven William’s mouth during a take. Sometimes it’s actually a line from the script!

StrGazr04@StrGazr04 my certificate for winnin the fanvid contest!

Matt Cohen & Richard Speight panel

Stephanie@gatogoddess Richard and Matt  

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Huge screams for karaoke. Richard said we were off the chain

* Matt said he woke up in Richard’s clothes. Richard woke up as retro Batman & Robin. 

StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess 50 shades of karaoke is what happened last night

Brittany LeAnn@anangeloflight Matt: “50 shades of jensen’s lips!” 

thirteenthirteen @remyhadleys “fifty shades of jared’s biceps!”  @dicksp8jr

Robin@rob0349 Matt & Richard on stage  

R.A.R.A.@mainegir lwrites  @dicksp8jr “There are no real men in Twilight!”
Stephanie@gatogoddess Richard’s favorite cuss word is “Fingerbang!” matt said, “i’m a big fan of taint”
Adina@adinarj Did Matt enjoy playing John Winchester or Michael more? Definitely Michael more.
Kosherart @GypmamaMatt & Richard ask latecomers to the panel their opinion on Shades of Grey. 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly          Matt escorting late fans to their seats
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Richard’s dramatic reading from “50 Shades of Grey” on stage. Matt is reenacting the sex scene. Whoa, this is an X-rated panel I see!
Kosherart@Gypmama Fifty Shades of Grey interpreted by Richard & Matt might be the highlight of the day. Pee-your-pants hilarity
* How adorable is @mattcohen4real ‘s smile? 
StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess Matt is such a jensen fanboy. That is all.
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Richard: SPN set is a super nice place to work. Especially for costar
Statweestics@statweestics #njcon is getting popular, +600% the last hour :
Stephanie @gatogoddess Richard and Matt “we don’t know the pokieman” 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Matt: working on SPN was 50 shades of awesome. 
MK FrisbyMK Frisby@MaybeMantis Matt: stay.away from fanfiction. 50 shades of stay away
Abby Reilly@ataralasse Matt: Strangest thing at a convention just happened: Richard narrating him dryhumping the stage.

GabrielaGabriela@frequentnapper  Matt: weirdest thing at a convention would be richard’s narration of 50 shades of gray Favorite
nicegoalehnicegoaleh@NiceGoalEh  @dicksp8jr does a scary impersonation of @jasonmanns
Kosherart@Gypmama Matt’s Jensen face, on the request of the 12 year old girl.
Abby Reilly@ataralasse Matt’s stripper name: The Hebrew Hammer. Richard’s: Danger Bottom
 WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusinessRichard talking about his height and not fitting into shots. “I’m 5′ 8″. I’m comfortable being 5′ 8”. Jared is the problem
nicegoaleh@NiceGoalEh Matt would write a musical ep of SPN starring himself & Richard. Jared and Jensen would have no lines. #NJCon

AdinaAdina@adinarj Movie about their life? Roger Rabbit to play Matt, Gumby for Richard
Alice@indecision_city Matt Cohen picks Richard Speight Jr up at a bar…..
 * Richard reciting & Matt acting out a reading of 50 Shades of Grey
Marilou@WinRanger @mattcohen4real You Rock!!! Thanks for a great panel!!!
Jim Beaver NJ Con vid:
Mark Pellegrino, Sebastian Roche, Mark Sheppard panel
Stephanie@gatogoddess Markx2 and seb
  WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness @sebroche said he’s 25 today, and he’s still got his teeth
* @sebroche is doing his Jersey accent. He’s making fun of Parsippany. Cab driver told him nothing was there
@misha_mou @mattcohen4real  50 tons de cinza


@Gypmama Look at these 3 magnificent

Marilyn  @mcase1013 @sebroche , Mark Sheppard & Mark Pellegrino on stage at

* @sebroche , Mark Sheppard & Mark Pellegrino on stage

 WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness  @sebroche is forgetting minors are present. Fill in the blanks when the word “finger” “balls and “ass” are used in the same sentence

 matt, richard, and 50 shades of grey:

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Just FYI, @sebroche is back on his soap (is that GH?) Mark S. is doing Supernatural and Mark P is doing #Revolution

@StrGazr04 @dicksp8jr

JennJenn@lasttype40 mark, sebastian, and mark

nicegoaleh @NiceGoalEhMark Sheppard is keeping track of who Sebastian insults with each answer.

katydidmischief @katydidmischief Apparently, Sebastian wants to use his Javanese accent on TV. I say we make this happen. #njcon #supernatural

 AdinaAdina @adinarj  Seb can name the capital of any country. Used to have competition with his brother. #NJCon
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness  @Mark_Sheppard was asked about Neil Gaiman wanting him to play Crowley on Good Omens. Mark met him through Dr. Who and would love to.
*They’re having a really good (and serious) discussion on stage now about their skills as actors in evolving their characters. #NJCON
Gabriela @frequentnapper Seb said “I have a girlfriend” sorry ladies
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness About being genre actors @sebroche, “The depth of characters in this genre is amazing.” @Mark_Sheppard, “Good luck dating an actor.” #NJCON

katydidmischiefkatydidmischief@katydidmischief As per Mark Sheppard, do not ever tell an actor they’re stuck in a genre.
Jason Manns @jasonmanns@NiceGoalEh: @dicksp8jr does a scary impersonation of @jasonmanns#NJCon” please tell me there’s video of it somewhere! 😉
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Mark S got a question at Comic-Con, “So, what’s left for you?” from TV Guide. He couldn’t believe the question. “I’m 48 years old!” #NJCON


Jason MannsJason Manns @jasonmanns “@adinarj: They’re making fun of @jasonmanns . not fair when he’s not here! #NJCon”I’m glad to provide a laugh (or at least fodder for one!)

AdinaAdina@adinarj Seb and Shepp ard are both 48
Stephanie@gatogoddess Mark s: “we’d all fit sitting in jared’s lap. He’s a big boy.”

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse My question is for Ma rk P: “It doesn’t matter if you ask me, Sebastian’s gonna answer it.” #NJCon

KosherartKosherart@Gypmama Sebastian gives himself a time-out for taking over everything with his lewdness.

Abby Reilly @ataralasseMark S: “Never be without your hellhound.

AdinaAdina@adinarj Sheppard apologizes for Sebastian. Pellegrino apologizes for Seb bringing him down into the gutter.

 @mcase1013 These 3 are filthy, filthy people & the crowd loves them. @sebroche Mark Sheppard & Mark Pellegrino

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness @sebroche claims Jim Beaver sang “I kissed a guy.” Mark S. said Jim has the softest lips. He has all the originals on his phone

…Mark had a message of “Quit whining.” The writers are doing a great job with what is 8 seasons of essentially a “buddy movie.” #NJCON

 * A question for Mark S. came up about the writing on #Supernatural vs. #DrWho, aka how hard it is for the fans
* Mark S thinks “Supernatural” is interesting and moves away from mid center. Things can get stale after 8 yrs. “Anything can happen
 Adina @adinarjWho would win in a fight? Pellegrino says Lucifer, Sheppard says Crowley
Supernatural boys discussing favorite cuss words:
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Oh my God, you broke Cohen! “@pelledreamo: @mattcohen4real fell off me while I was giving him a piggyback ride. @dicksp8jr saw it all.”
I read aloud from the book, Matt acted it all out while hundreds looked on. “@thunderfrosts: @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real WHO PLAYED WHO”
Luciana Kley @lu_kley Karaoke hoje em New Jersey SPN convention–fJTSiA&feature=player_embedded
Alice@indecision_city Hassling girls for being late.
Marilyn  @mcase1013 Every centerpiece is “very sexual” according to @sebroche

Welcome Supernatural fans! Parsippany, New Jersey is hosting NJCon which started at 2pm today and will end the night with the KaraokeKings Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen! I’ll post all that I find and will update when the con goers share! Enjoy the weekend of fun! I will!

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr The lady next to me on my plane kept looking up from her copy of “50 Shades of Grey” to eye me funny. I feared for my own safety. 

*Up bright early on my way to the New Jersey Con. 4hrs away from the airport, I’m a helluva long way from Parsippany!


Julie McNiven Jenn @lasttype40

Marilou @WinRanger The fantastic Julie McNiven starting off

Rachel Miner panel: Krista@kreespa  Rachel!!

Krisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa Rachel Miner vid:    *

Jo@mitosis_is Rachel Miner

Gabriela@frequentnapper Got a quick picture with Rachel Miner and Brittany!

@adinarj: Cas is Meg’s first crush and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

StephanieStephanie@gatogoddess  She thinks that Meg isn’t sure how to deal with the things she feels for Cas.


Brittany LeAnn@anangeloflight I don’t think anyone brought Borax 

 thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys rachel feels accomplished in crashing the impala Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Rachel would love to read the fanfiction about Meg’s time between seasons 5 & 6

Gabriela @frequentnapper  Rachel: if meg had to die, she hope it would be for the greater good (to sacrifice herself)

 Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  If Meg is killed off, Rachel secretly hopes she gets to do so while fighting for the good.

Marilyn Marilyn @mcase1013 Rachel doesn’t understand how demon wardrobe works and why they never change clothes. 

MarilouMarilou @WinRanger The very cool Rachel Miner is on stage.Her Zombie Apocalyse crew Ghandi Einstein Plato

 @remyhadleys: we’re dead now–dyqAU/

Sebastian Roché@sebroche On my way to NJCon 🙂

Jim Beaver @jumblejim On board, Newark bound!

matt cohen@mattcohen4real Hey Jersey how about some AC it’s hot here!!! #karaokekings

Lauren@Jabber_Moose Julie is a #ouat fan! Julie for Ariel, PLEASE!! 

AdinaAdina @adinarj If she wasn’t Anna, she’d want to be Young Mary because she’s bffs with @amygumenick

GabrielaGabriela@frequentnapper Julie doesn’t think Anna was evil for trying to kill Sam. She wanted to save the world. 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse  Rachel would love to read the fanfiction about Meg’s time between seasons 5 & 6

Carolina Montemór @cahmontemor Rachel


@adinarj: She did go back and watch Nicki’s scenes as Meg to prepare. ” Talking about Rachel 🙂

Marilyn @mcase1013 Steve Carlson

Jo@mitosis_is  pictures from today (@JulieMcNiven, Rachel Miner, and @stevecarlson):

Stephanie@gatogoddess Karaoke

thirteen @remyhadleysmatt has on glitter jeans

 Marilyn Marilyn  @mcase1013 The Karaoke Kinge! @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real

Krista ‏@kreespa  so…. This happened.
 Julie jerks it

 Lauren ‏@Jabber_Moose – That time that young John Winchester sang hey Jude.

Lauren@Jabber_Moose – .@sebroche celebrating his birthday karaoke style

 Marc‏ @mcar5427  Karaoke Night!

Brianna Rose‏ @briannabanana07
 Richard, Matt, and Julie singing Hey Jude

Krista@kreespa I uh…….. What happened?

Sebastian Roché @sebrocheIt’s my birthday 🙂 thanks for the wishes xxxx 🙂

 Sebastian Roché Thanks for a great karaoke night with @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real and @Juliemcniven :))))
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr  Backstage at the magic. If you came to karaoke in NJ, you rocked us! Thanks! @mattcohen4real @sebroche
Julie McNiven @Juliemcniven @mattcohen4real , @dicksp8jr , @sebroche-you are all crazy…thanks for keeping me up past my bedtime to witness the insanity in person:
)Julie McNiven Amazing night with @creationent ….when will my ears stop ringing…I stood way too close to the speakers!
MinionFEV@MishaMinionArmy Sebastian being drunk on his ass
simogiuli@simogiuli  Steve Carlson – Wasted Jamie:

* @stevecarlson playing One Thing

Carry On My Wayward Son  2012:

Seb Roche Sexy and he KNOWS it!

Nikki Moore@Nikki_Novak Sebastian Roche crashed Karaoke Kings: