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At the top of top of my lungs: WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!! Last week’s “Shut Up Dr. Phil” was wonderful in so many ways but when the fandom rumbles negative, there’s a cause! This week gives us 2 Deans, 2 Sams & Bobby smooching AND being “evil”! Good times! Just a heads up definition of slash fiction: a sexual relationship between the 2 main characters! DON’T stop reading or certainly don’t not watch the ep if you haven’t yet! It is not what you think(hence the title..)  So let’s hash!

Sam & Dean walk into a bank, seemingly normal. Wiping out the entire group of bank customers in the vault with sub-machine guns, not normal! Up until the massacre, it appears to be the Winchesters. These “boys” walk, talk & act like the Winchesters. Dean hitting on a bank teller, Sam reassuring customers, “Their money is insured, no one would be hurt” & then the boys gunning down civilians, a great start to a great episode. These are Leviathan but with the whole Dean & Sam ‘tude goin on. 

Seeing Bobby torture the Leviathan that was ordered buried somewhere deep, flashbacks to Samuel’s capturing alphas for Crowley. This Chet the Levi(Sean Owen Robert) is greatly arrogant. We learn: the Leviathan cannot be killed, they’re brilliant Mensa monsters, & they aren’t afraid of the Winchesters. When the guys learn that they’ve been Xeroxed by the Leviathan which are killing in their name, of course they’re gonna destroy the replicates! Winchesters, duh! Chet listening in from the basement & giving up cloning info is too funny! Bobby, with his daddy wisdom, instructs the boys, “if you’re gonna be stupid, at least be smart about it”. Bobby shares the name of a crazy conspiracy nut whom he had saved years ago, Frank Devereux(Ken McNally). 

During this time, the fake Winchesters are making certain that the world knows it’s the supposedly dead  Winchester brothers on a murderous crime spree.  After the initial meet & gun greet with Frank, he gives the guys serious condolences on their doppelgänger. The Winchesters have skyrocketed to the number two spot on the FBI’s most wanted list thus forced to give up all of their rock aliases, comfort hangouts & basically everything they have ever used for flying under the radar. Frank destroys Sam’s computer, shoots blue steel pics for the new & improved Mr. & Mr. Smiths & informs Dean that the Levi are also driving an Impala. The Js play this perfectly! Sam glances at Dean & expects a blowup while we feel Dean internalizing a heart attack.

The guys driving a Chevette, well, not quite our bad boy Winchesters! Dean viciously cuts off the dangling unicorn from the mirror. Sam volunteers music to calm the traumatized Dean. What we see became an instant fandom YouTube hit! Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” comes on, Sam tries to change the channel but Dean says, leave it, nothing else will be on. Dean then lip syncs “I can’t help this feeling” with Sam finally turning it off. I have to envision the young Dean totally singing this to some poor innocent girl! Off subject here: Jensen has photos of his lip licking posted worldwide but this ep will hit an all time high! It seems like he tried not to lick his lips but failed miserably! I’ve included the lip licking & lip-sync! So enjoy!

We go to an epic diner scene straight from Pulp Fiction, showing the fakers murdering this group also. The Leviathan give us insight into the real Sam & Dean. Dean has a hero complex & gives eating cheeseburgers & sex the same “thumbs up”! Sam, well Sam is “two thumbs & a bat in a belfry” with satan vision going on inside!

Back in the Chevette, Sam reads the marked map provided by Frank & recognizes all of the Levi hit scenes as their very own past job locations. Calling Bobby to confirm, the boys hear a female in the background whom we know is Sheriff Jodie Mills. Jodie shows up to thank Bobby for rescuing her from the doc Levi. She also shows up with more in mind than conversation & beer. Thanks to the Chet the Levi, we know that Bobby still has hope for life & love so Jodie showing up, confirms that Bobby may have a future love interest! Yeah Bobby!  The Levi also reveals some of Bobby’s past hurt with his daddy, a drunk. accidentally, Bobby discovers that borax burns the Leviathan. So borax burning & cutting the Leviathan’s heads off seems to be Bobby’s best kill the monster solution. Oh & Bobby gets to kiss the girl but sends her on her merry way with a Levi head in a box. Not so romantic but very Bobbyish! 

When Sam & Dean track down the fake them, they get arrested which is seldom seen on Supernatural. Dean gets his one phone call & learns how to deal with the Levi. The jailer lets Dean out just in time to kill LeviSam. We see Sam with the LeviDean & I could just hear the “oh nooos” over the tv! LeviDean telling Sam about Dean killing Amy, so not a good moment. Sam is incredulous to the point of being immobilized. The LeviDean is just about to kill Sam when Dean enters with his jug of Borax, burning the Leviathan & axing his head off! Sam is still in shock from the Amy news but finally moves. The sheriff agrees with Dean to help the Winchesters “be dead” & he lies to the FBI about what happened.  Next shot the sheriff & his daughter are dead & the Levi explain to the boss how the Winchesters are still alive & well! The boss, Richard Roman(James Patrick Stuart) encourages them in typical white-collar yuppiness but also warns them with “I want a win, back to the vision board on this one”.

Dick gets into his limo & who shows but Crowley. Crowley seems to think that this new bad will want to be friends but Dick informs him that if he & his Leviathan crew weren’t so busy, that Crowley & the demons would be annihilated. Crowley disappears on that note!

Dean & Sam are getting rid of the headless Leviathan when Sam explodes about Amy. Sam says that he can’t even talk to Dean, no, he can’t even be around Dean at that moment, for Dean just to go..  Sam grabs his gear, huffing angrily away from the Chevette(just not the same sound as the Impala). Dean says “I’m sorry” & we know that apology is for lying to Sam, not for killing Amy. Sam not wanting an explanation here is not Sam Winchester. Sam would want to know “why”. Dean doesn’t defend himself, I think that’s his guilt speaking. He has no defense here.

The last few minutes of this episode ring falsely! Jensen said at ChiCon that the written ending had the boys conversing like a married couple or a bromance. He & Jared changed the dialogue for character truthfulness & protection. We KNOW these guys will protect our Winchesters. Sam storming off reads like the Sam who “always runs” but I don’t believe it. Sam is much wiser & more mature than this. In defense of Robbie Thompson who wrote this ep,  maybe Sam is fragile & his leaving is the result of that fragility. The final moments stole from a brilliant episode!

My thought is that the writers ALWAYS have to leave us with something unbearable & the Winchesters not being together, is unbearable! Robbie Thompson is now on my “writers watch list”. Even with Sam leaving & Dean leaving Sam, the episode was great! Please let me know if you agree or not! Feel free to disagree! Until next week Supernatural Fans!

Spotify is now listing a Supernatural playlist! Enjoy!

“Shut Up Dr. Phil” delivered fun, great guest stars with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter and levity from Sam & Dean’s weight of the world life. A great plus for me was being there during the exterior filming.  Here’s the link to my adventure : “My Winchester Brothers Vacation!” Hunting at VanCon:  Enjoy!

Starting with Dean’s nightmare of Cass dying, Sam going postal & the “how long can I keep this from Sam” Amy lie, the ep kicks off with Dean reaching for an empty beer bottle. Got it. We know that anguished Dean has issues & it’s NOT drinking. This is my gripe about my beloved show. Deal with Dean! It won’t be pretty unless you think Dean crying is beautiful which I personally do. It might be explosive which Dean is. But deliver us from this angst that has become blase. The boys KILL monsters for a living, drinking is part of coping, let them drink. Writers address it! Thus said..

While Dean web surfs for their the next hunt, Sam runs by the window. He then enters the room with Dean quipping “somebody better be chasing you.” All I can see here is the video of Sam racewalking & stretching tweeted just hours before the episode aired. Thanks Phil Sgriccia, executive producer & Supernatural’s gag reel guy, for that!  Jared’s tweet:

The Winchesters discover a hunt involving a beehive hair dryer & a hot tub which fries the users of both.  Stringy, bloody hair hanging from the blackened dryer is gore at it’s Supernatural best! Dean discovers a “non American” coin at the dryer murder scene & calls Bobby for help in identifying it. My opinion about Bobby. He may not be Leviathaned but he’s something else! We found out last week that Leviathans can turn into anyone & know a person’s memories. With Bobby being MIA for a bit, something stinks! Continuing..

The Winchesters are in full out “good old days” form when searching for supernatural evidence. Dean grills Mr. Don Stark(James Marsters), an upstanding citizen who happens to be the only person not dead yet from a group of four. Dean’s snarky “pretty good with the ladies there, Mr. Stark. It’s a blessing & a curse” is just so Dean!  Meanwhile, Sam discovers ritual evidence in a very unoccupied female closet. Mrs. Stark(Charisma Carpenter) has moved out due to Don’s infidelity. Learning that the Starks are separated the guys head out to Mrs. Stark’s house. Searching through a closet, Dean finds more evidence pointing to the wife as the killer. Maggie returns home to find the picture of her next victim gone. She then targets the FBI agents as hunters. Let the witchiness begin.

Suspecting that the next “physically impossible” death is Jenni’s, Mr. Stark’s assistant, the guys rush over to find her choking or bleeding on something. Sam finds the hex coin & destroys it by shooting it.  Afterwards a shocked Jenni is screaming “hearts in my cupcakes, that’s never happened to before.” Well, welcome to the Wide World of Winchester…

We see Don’s commemorative bust shattered, Maggie Stark’s art auction rained out indoors & her assistant decapitated with a silver platter before the boys realize that they’re dealing with 2 powerful witches.  Bobby calls back with the ritual recipe. Dean stutters that he can remember until he finally gives up & writes it down. The positive, they have a recipe to kill the witches. The negative is that Dean forgets a small but important fact: “chilled” chicken feet. 

Leaving her assistant dead on the floor, Maggie Stark marches directly to confront her husband who seems to be waiting for her.  The Witch battle begins! The Winchesters walk in reciting the ritual which results in a small smoky poof but no dead witches signifying something not quite right.  Don lazily responds to this with, “for obvious reasons you won’t be leaving  here or not alive anyways.”  Sam realizes quickly that the married couple haven’t killed each other so yet so they must still care. Dean, the obvious choice for communicating here, starts the counseling, dragging it down to his “slam-bam, thank ya ma’am level.” Sam, ever the voice of reason despite writhing on the floor, opens the conversation up to the point of the Stark’s not killing the guys but just slap sticking them around awhile. 

The boys return to their room with the Leviathan walking in right behind them. This guy has driven the country to kill the Winchesters. Dean, quite the gunslinger, pulls out his gun,  & shoots. The monster bleeds black ooze &  the bullet just pops out onto the floor. Fortunately for the Winchesters, Maggie had planned on killing them but Don rescues them from the Levi & the missus. We see here the strength of the witches which may explain why the hunters didn’t try harder to kill them. Don just took down a Leviathan which we know is very powerful. Not killing the witches, a  story for later episodes perhaps. The boys get into the Impala to leave but not without the brotherly over the car’s roof conversation. Sam attempts to open Dean up about what he’s keeping from Sam. Dean is responsible for everything from the Lindberg baby kidnapping to high unemployment. Who knew? Oh yeah, right we did. So glad for Dean to say it aloud but saying it like he did, I don’t think that his keeping Amy Pond’s murder is the secret that he’s withholding from Sam. Just my thought.

I love the lightheartedness of the ep. I love Jared tweeting something that he hadn’t gotten permission from the legal department about. I love that I was a part of the fandom, watching the episode being filmed! But I want to see Dean fixed. Sam is almost perfectly whole… not.  Dean will continue to drink but let the man drink for the right reasons. Til next week…. stay supernatural!

 Photo album of VanCon hunting trip!

The Impala & boys drive by 1):!/video/video.php?v=171428742944631

drive by 2):!/video/video.php?v=171430476277791

“Whew” for all of those waking up in a sleepless, hangovery type fog this morning! If it helps, the panels will feel the same but won’t look or act the same as experienced by yesterday’s energy! In spite of all the “fun” outside of those conference rooms, today will be knee shaking & heart throbbing for the attendees! Jensen & Jared will charm the group silly as I will pass along!
I hope that you’ve enjoyed the shared excitement from Chicago, I certainly have! It really feels like I’ve been there! Last day, have fun! For those of you who think that ChiCon can’t get any better after days 1 & 2, “the Boys” are the stars for a reason! Your socks will be knocked off!! 


seriously fun goin on! Jared carrying Richard across the stage!
daniellediazdanielle diaz

@guynormanbeeguy so much fun meeting one of the directors 4 supernatural

YourJenJJen J.
full breakfast by lollabrigida47 :
Misha’s Panel
The weather HemophiliacZebras
Sam’s scar HemophiliacZebra– The auction of the salt jar to benefit Team Levi

Fan ask question to Jensen, Jared interrupts LOL  
 by Alicia; breakfast session about the bees!
RyanXander81Ryan Alexander Scot tAnother Jensen and funny Jared

CSquared225Corina Jared and Clif after the Brian Buckley concert & before karaoke Matt and Jared and their biceps (both of which r amazing)
Matt and Sebastian dancing
Piecesofpie79Susan Scott telling Jensen a secret Jensen Ackles profile serious face Jared Padalecki with a Who Me expression Padalecki with hand in his hair  


 This is what my Skye Terrier looks like when she hangs her head out the truck window!

breakfast. SO CUTE!!

AmyinSydney Jensen & Jared 



 Jensen & Jared



CSquared225Corina  Jared!

Friggin’ gorgeous. 
Pensive Jensen.
Oh hello, biceps!
  Mark Pellegrino 
 Belly laugh!

I can only hope Jared cradles his son this lovingly 🙂

Stretching those bow legs. 
Covert conversation. 

Jared’s hair looking particularly flippy.
Jensen describing how the fake nacho cheese ran over the actor’s face from the last scene of 7.03
 Boys! ❤ 

I just love when they exchange meaningful looks 😀
tardiscrashingColette Hunter
 asked @jarpad if @mishacollins ever showed up to wrestle w/him. He said “No, he weinered out.”
Charity67Susan Jensen talking about auction for nephew Levi 🙂
Never too many pictures of this man.

Wish I could remember what Jensen was talking about here but whatever it was Jared thought it was funny
Jared and Jensen confer on an answer
Jared’s reaction to them briefly turning the lights down
Jared was once again given a fan from a fan because he was hot.
MJared’s hair blowing in the breeze of his fan
Jensen explaining something to Jared.
Jared and Jensen pose for pics at the beginning of their panel
Jared twirling his nonexistent evil mustache
Jensen after a fan told him to be careful where he “pointed his face” because his pretty is dangerous 
Jared playing Vanna with the salt

More Jared playing Vanna this time with added blue steel  ://
beginning of their panel #chicon
J &J trying to discuss whether the ep with the auctioned salt has aired yet without spoiling anyone
Jared playing Vanna with the salt
Piecesofpie79Susan Scott My auto gift to @RyanXander81


Autographs! I guess I won’t be using this phone case again, lol.

WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros
Donate to Team Levi, the Down’s Syndrome charity for Jensen Ackles’ nephew
Clarity67Susan Jensen to auction salt jar signed Js Jim, 4 his nephew w/ Down’s syn. Levi
 WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

The proceeds of this jar of salt, signed by Jensen, Jared, and Jim, will go to the Downs Syndrome foundation of Dallas. 
@wfsarah Jared: Jensen’s a dancing machine. A machine that was built here in the US for one thing
CarryOnMyDeanBrittney  Jared laughs a lot when the camera is not on him and Jensen says that’s hard for him because all hes seeing his Jared shaking
LoveJeter02Mel  Nicknames for each other? Call each other “J”. Jackles and JRod.»
Jareds metronome app. Jensen is. Dncing machine! Not entirely family friendly
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester Jensen is talking about how they actually filmed the cheese pouring over the clerk’s head. It was made of white chocolate
Clarity67Susan Jensen broke chair, hee!

“who wants to kiss and make it better” Jared about the cuts. Everybody screams
 Jared saves Jensen’s spit buckets.

When asked about how often the characters eat Jensen says he sometimes has to spit some out as Dean takes huge mouthfuls 
LenaaMarieexLena.Who inspires you? “Jensen Ackles” Jared in high fan girl voice 
 * How do they pretend to eat off. Jared doesn’t have an issue since Sam picks at his food. Jensen needs a spit bucket.

WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

 When Eric Kripke saw the dailies for “Bugs”, he called them and said there was a new rule, no umbrellas
The fan said that Sam hasn’t been emotional in a while. “Do you want me to cry?” Jared asked.

WinFamBusinessAlice Jester Jensen is joking how they picked him for Supernatural, and some guy from The Gilmore Girls. “His name was Milo Ventimiglia
@WinchesterBros Js whispering to figure a ep out hee! 7.8 meta very funny callbk to prev meta
RT@Jacen736 Jensen says he was signed to do #Smallville for 2 seasons but when cast on #Supernatural he was written out

@MishaMadness: A fan is asking Jensen a question and Jared is trying to distract uswfsarahSarah :)Advice for newlyweds: Jared: Remember why you got married…awww. Try to be as honest as possible.

Alice Jester
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

 Both talking about communicating in marriage. Jensen – “I’m sorry honey, you’re right, what was I thinking
@Clarity67 Jensen religion, Gran is his guide, he assures her all TV, domt worry SPN’s views
MarrianosaMaria  Jensen’s grandma watches the show every week
 @riotgirl8268 “that is the most intelligent thing than has come out of your mouth since I meat you.” -Jensen Ackles
Alice Jester
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

Jensen has a better answer. It’s just a TV show, they’re not making a religious statement
riotgirl8268Niki Boyert “that is the most intelligent thing than has come out of your mouth since I meat you.” -Jensen Ackles 
T@WinFamBusiness Jared – They had some issues with “Houses of The Holy” and making a religious statement
seafaringwriterErika Brunn  Jared grabbed a fan from a fan cause the lights are so bright and hot
Jessie Soren
MishaMadnessJessie Soren

Jared keeps fanning himself. Jensen: “I’d rather just sweat.” »

Jared is hot on stage and someone in the crowd just gave him a fan.»

Jared has a fan. Jensen is giggling. »
Michelle Murphy
blackbird_angelMichelle Murphy

Jared has a paper fan by a fan.
Alice Jester
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

Jared just got a fan from the audience. Just remove the sweater already! 
 boys on stage,
 *Has anything on the show broadened their own spirituality? “Spirituality can bind us while religion can separate us.” – Jared
*A large amount of first timers again! Jensen is apologizing for every guest on stage before them. Namely Sebastian
all_spnAll Supernatural summary of @dicksp8jr ‘s panel
credit Alicia: first video from Breakfast panel
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

*”I don’t know how it went from an event I hated to me dressing like a 1970’s drug dealer.” Richard on how awesome karaoke has gotten. 

*Richard wants the Trickster to come back, not Gabriel. There’s a real Trickster hidden somewhere by Gabriel that must break free.

moJovi88Morgan Smith
Richard @dicksp8jrinitially hated convention karaoke until he revamped it and made it into the kickass party it is now

Creation said NO STAGE DIVING and Richard said im fine with that but tell that to Sebastian’s ( @sebroche ) crotch!

Jensen just saw the feed. 

Jensen, Jensen, Jensen. So good.


The_GilkCherokee Wilson

Favorite part of being the trickster? Watching Jensen wrestle women in their underwear
caitrin_alyseSeñorita Winchester  Richard!

Angie Corral Jensen: Any Cardinals fans here? Get out. The exits are right there. J2 breakfast

N3RDcastBLOGN3RDc@st Matt Cohen is awesome (Young John Winchester from Supernatural.) This is an impression he did of Dean N3RDcastBLOGN3RDc@st 

Emma Jensen
 Jensen told us to ask Misha about what West does in his and Jareds yards! He wouldnt tell us
 Final picture of the breakfast Jensen and Jared were awesome
Jared smirking while Jensen headmics.

 quiet Jared smile ul before I have to head back down for photo ops Jared at breakfast
Jensen at gold breakfast
 #J2 at gold breakfastthe
Jensen smile with eye crinkles 😀
girlodiamonds @guynormanbee We CAN fit seven people in this cab! 
WatchOutForIceK Van Brunt  Kim Manners all KINDS of awesome – J2 sez KM walked on set in shorts & T to face real bees w J2 in ‘Bugs’. “If you do it, I do it.”
lostndanetXtina Massive zit Jared had that needed to be treated… then he couldn’t pop it… funny
ReallyAllyAllyson  Now Jared is talking about popping his pimples… 
wali21Alicia  Jensen cancelled a dinner on Friday because the place had a jacket requirement
 The craft service dude is also a registered nurse. Jared said in Canadia lol!

Clarity67Susan    Gen due in March

 @CrisHazel: Jared said that Jensen better hope he has a girl then. Jen replied w/ yeah, so she can man up the character of sam. WatchOutForIceK Van Brunt

 Confirmed! @jarpad is having a boy!
Jacen736Jace  J2 told fans from St. Louis can leave referring to Texas Rangers loss to Cardinals
Gen sent clothes for Jared to wear but Jensen had to tye his tie 

@wali21: Jared sent the clip of the promo from last episode without getting approvalfrom legal
Clarity67Susan    boys here!

@trackerem  the boys are late for the breakfast. they’ve also had a whopping good time in Chicago!
 @girlodiamonds @guynormanbee A great night, meeting fun people!!!
Lai_winchesterLai winchester Photoset: Misha Collins

OMFGitsTacy -Misha Collins walks in on panel with Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen – YouTube 

 from almasjonasx3 Awesome @amygumenick – YouTube 

Clarity67Susan  @Paleonut_ in the background. She took the pic of the door art to begin my blogs!

ChiCon Day 2!

Hey Supernatural Fans! I hope that you perused yesterday’s enjoyment! It was a very late night posting & I felt like I was there! Starting today with Corin Nemec but it won’t finish with him. I’ll post this morning’s sessions first & then go until tonight! Enjoy!

 The last two pictures from Misha’s panel #ChiCon
Paleonut_Elizabeth Madsen
 @sebroche is in his element at the cocktail party… the center of the dance floor – As #Chicon stage dive. Featuring the dashing

 Mark left these toy soldiers at our table in this compromising position
 Matt, Corin and Amy at the cocktail party

sebrocheSebastian Roché Mark Pellegrino across from me 🙂

matt cohen
mattcohen4realmatt cohen

 Whoever gets this ask Richard how SHORT he is during autos!!! Ask him just like u would ask HOW TALL HE IS??
 I’ll let you make up your own caption for this one of Sebastan


 Misha feels bad for Jimmy and his family…”fortunately, they’re not real!
all_spnAll Supernatural Pic round-up from Misha’s panel summary of tweets from Misha’s panel at
 He claims he’s cost Warner Brothers hundred of thousands of dollars in overtime because he laughs too much. #chicon
Susan Scott
Piecesofpie79Susan Scott

 @mishacollins says he bites his cheeks to not laugh during filming.
riotgirl8268Niki Boyert
“That lake was a really terrible choice for lakes to walk into. You could walk all the way across it.” -Misha Collins
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester
 Superpower Misha would like? “I always wanted to be able to walk in a straight line.” He keeps forcing people off the sidewalk
MishaMadnessJessie SorenMisha thinks Castianity is creepy
 “I publish frequently on Twitter.” –@mishacollins
scoob70Darcy Jo Urie
 Hahaha!! “I played Castiel for so long it was nice to let it go and just be myself for a few minutes” Misha on playing leviathan.
“You recently played leviathan!Cas, it was a nice resemblance of your on-stage personality.” “You’ve come a long way, grasshopper
Nelle816Lea Stewart
 Misha: Its good to know that when I’m playing the most evil, maniacal character ever, I just come across as myself.
@wfsarah Misha: Supernatural is a show about two lumbering morons… 

The stuff that goes on in their trailers is “disgusting
@blackbird_angel: Misha and Vicky gave West the middle name of Amaximander because the name was funny. »

 Misha calls West ‘Waxy’.

Weirdest gift from a fan? “Hard to say.” A needlepoint pillow with his face on it is the most terrifyingAmyinSydneyAmy

@mishacollins is slamming people left & right. Ask a stupid question cop the wrath of Misha
ammyWsGirlSPN♥Moosekateer Mandi♥
 Misha has the most awesome wit! Rofl
MishaMadnessJessie Soren
 If Misha gets back on the show, he will put in his contract that Sam must hug Cas.
 MISHA on stage! he ran on stage, pics blurry Lol
uliechristinebJulie Benz @sebroche has a solution for all problems: booze

all_spnAll Supernatural the great pic round up! Seb & Mark’s panel

 SammyWsGirlSPN♥Moosekateer Mandi♥
@EmmyH88 lol fan brought mustaches for the guys to wear last night for karaoke. Matt put his on his crotch.
TheToriaMaeVictoria Mae @ Westin Hotel
Sup Misha, Richard, and Matt. @ Westin Hotel
all_spnAll Supernatural Corins’ panel at : tweets and pics – summary #supernatural tweet summary of panel by @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real 
 “Next thing I know there were 63 hands on my crotch… AND HALF OF THEM WERE RICHARD’S.” –
MishaMadnessJessie Soren
 Richard: “You know what me and Matt do when they tell us not to do something? We do it anyway!”

 Amy but its forbidden to stagedive… Richard and Matt do it anyway 
scoob70Darcy Jo Urie

 “Brokeback Mountain: That Shit’s Gonna Hurt” The movie Matt wants to see J2 do. #IsDead
 Another from when Misha crashed Richard and Matt’s panel. – Richard walks misha through and teaches him the ways of the little people
ishaMadnessJessie Soren
 Richard: “We all staged dived crotch down.” Misha: “Oh, Sebastian.”
 Funny how karaoke cannot be spoken of without “homoeroticism” thrown in. It all started with talk about Jared and Matt’s biceps.
dicksp8jrRichard Speight, Jr.

 I am tweeting this from backstage at the Chicago con . If u are here and get this, yell MATT COHEN PLAYS WITH DOLLS right now
moJovi88Morgan Smith
 @dicksp8jr has a mustache on his crotch. . You had to be here
wfsarahSarah 🙂
 “Don’t mind my unzipped jeans–it just happens.” Matt doing a Sebastian impression from last night
 Amy signing banner
 Piecesofpie79Susan Scott
Amy says if she would have been to karaoke last night she would have done Lady GaGa Born This Way
Kimberly Schure
#AmyGumenick said Jared was on the phone telling Gen how to pop his dog’s anal glands during awkward family road trip scene

 Supernatural was amy’s 4th audition ever

 “I wanna be brought back as a hairdresser…have you seen those boys’ hair?!” – Corin  

 Corin wants Christian Campbell to be brought back as a hairdresser. »
Erika Brunn
seafaringwriterErika Brunn

 Corin whipped out a bandana with a mustache on it. He says its in case he robs a bank later they’ll only remember he had a mustache

scarletbejessica grafer


Just shared from a tweet friend,  @JMacLean!  Accolades for the show! Woo hoo!

MTV’s 10onTop with Supernatural making #2!

Hey Supernatural Fans! Just 2 weeks ago we had TorCon & the Supernatural crew is now in Chicago! The tweeting fun has begun & I will update tweets, pics & vids as soon as they’ve been sent!

Karaoke tops the list which rocked wild & crazy until very late into the night! All the pics have owners attached! Thanks ChiCon goers! Let the craziness begin!

jarpadJared Padalecki
Hey y’all at @followBBB what a show huh?!?!
 Mark P getting down with @funksoulcrango@TerriDS at karaoke (excuse blur I was completely distracted by him!)

vulpix777Vulpix de Vulpecula

 Ajem… @sebroche karaoke last night in  dancing BSB!

CSquared225Corina  Sebastian at karaoke
Behold: the greatest karaoke performance ever. Filmed by @dicksp8jr

ChadLindbergChad Lindberg – Rick Worthy Stage Dive right here.;)

spnep4ever2Megan Elsinger

Photo: Matt Cohen -Karaoke

 Goodnight  That was a poppin’ karaoke party, but I leave you with this as I go to bed…
 and a touching moment at karaoke take two… Hopefully it’ll show up this time

 an angel and the devil

Jared sneaking up on Matt at karaoke

Jared introducing Brian Buckley

 Brian Buckley performing at
 Jared carrying Richard over his shoulder
 Jared after the concert
 Sebastian crowdsurfing
Piecesofpie79Susan Scott Mark Pellegrino

 Aww, some guy just proposed!
 Mark Pellegrino karaoke Big Balls AC/DC:D
cifbearClaire F we’ve got the biggest balls of them all
 Holy shit Mark Pellegrino is singin Big Balls by ACDC on stage!!

 Mark Pelligrino is singing Big Balls. dyyyying
 @dicksp8jr and Mark Pellegrino. Luci and Gabe reunited.
samjackloverKaye Bauer
 Mark P crowd surfing!
PadaFandom1Jared PadaFandom
 Promise, last one. I won’t make anyone suffer 😉  
moJovi88Morgan Smith

 singing karaoke Here We Go Again!
Chad the 60s Lindberg!
 Grabbed it for ya bb!!
scoob70Darcy Jo Urie 
This cast! As if I didn’t love them an unhealthy amount before!! I’m completely lost to Forever.
cifbearClaire F Jared and Matt ohmygodthispicture
tp:// jump around  
Chad and Sebastian are here for karaoke too
Sebastian didn’t know this part  
Cannot even deal with Chad right now.
Karaoke husbands
Jared after the concert
Jared after the concert

all_spnAll Supernatural Brian Buckley onstage at Chicon – pics/tweets
eryn2607Eryn Marie Karaoke!! 
@jarpad after the @followBBB show at  He’s awesome. Just sayin’. 🙂
@xxsh0tgun: Man of the hour!” yep @brucehulvey here we go
SPN411katie straka

News flash Supernatural fans take over the Westin Ohare hotel lobby! We will not miss our show!

wfsarahSarah 🙂 “Jared and I blame everything bad on Jensen.” Brian Buckley

AmyinSydneyAmy With Jared sitting just over there, resplendent in beanie, it makes this weekend suddenly feel so real and so awesomebodyguard4JandJClif Kosterman At the Brian Buckley Band concert at with @jarpad

guynormanbeeGuy Norman Bee @jarpad disrupts the time space continuum!

GUY BEE on stage!! Yay!
 Director @guynormanbee answering questions at.
heather_spnHeather Pask Prop master on #Supernaturalset carries J and J wedding rings on a necklace when they have to film


all_spnAll Supernatural summary of tweets and pics from @ChadLindberg panel

Piecesofpie79Susan Scott what a charming smile

p://– Chad by NiceGoalEh, Michelle

Jessie Soren  Chad’s most memorable scene was when he was naked.
Clarity67Susan   Chad telling how Jensen taught him 2 shotgun a beer-outtake of beer pouring down mullet Js laugh 2 hard 2 do scene

@all_spn Summary of tweets and pics all credited – Rick Worthy panel – 
This start ChiCon!@Paleonut_ Elizabeth Madsen Some nifty door art at

Jared tweeted this & it’s funny! Enjoy!
jarpadJared Padalecki who’s in the mood for a rough cut scene from an upcoming episode? 🙂 enjoy!!

I went to Vancouver, Canada for Vancon: I went, I saw and my heart was conquered! Vancouver was beautiful & initially, my path was solely from my hotel to the convention. Following the convention, my “site” seeing was spectacular!

Jared & Jensen Panel

Ecstatic for my first Supernatural convention, I took pics in the lines getting tickets, meeting tweeps whom I had only talked with on twitter.  CreationNet kept everything moving & timely which I loved! Other fans who had attended other cons stated that Vancon had no overlaps of photo ops & autographs.  I hung around during the down times with a smattering of fans with CreationNet offering up to $250 for Supernatural trivia, costumes competitions & other games.  In spite of my trivia knowledge sucking,  I won a beautiful calendar of the boys & a Supernatural mug! 

Cold Blooded Duck Murder

Supernatural “guest stars” Richard Speight, Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg, Matt Cohen, Steve Williams and Sebastian Roche answered questions in forty-five minute sessions throughout Saturday. Some were very entertaining, others not so much!  Jim  Michaels was in the audience picking on his cast & crew while Russ Hamilton, location manager & tour guide for Supernatural, answered location queries. With Vancouver being home for Supernatural, quite a few crew members attended VanCon. The Saturday night’s highlight was the karaoke “dream team” of Matt Cohen and Richard Speight.  It began great and  ignited as the night wore on! Alona, Richard, Matt and Chad were all scheduled for the night with Guy Bee also showing up and belting out some classic rock.  Sebastian Roche…. well he did just about everything!  Seriously! The group laughed about how even the unscheduled guests didn’t want to miss this party!

Hilarious describes Misha Collins’ session the next day. His deadpan expression never changed, keeping his fans entranced & rolling on the floor. No question fazed him and the time flew! I didn’t go on the “Misha cruise” but we heard that it was a drinking success.

Exciting as all of this was, when Jensen and Jared showed up for their Q & A on Sunday, the room vibrated! The energy was palpable and not only for the rabid fans! I don’t know how these guys could look any cuter in person but they did! Jared and Jensen were charming, funny, and very appreciative of their fandom! With much smiling, the “boys” signed autographs after the Q and A until MY fingers hurt! Jensen had a photo op with Misha and was encouraged to finish autographing quicker to make that.  Jensen didn’t rush or act rushed but just kept signing.  Jared finished last and although the fans were instructed not to take any extra time, he did! He personalized items, shook sweaty hands(his) and when it was all over, came out and gave big waving “thank you” to all of the fans, again! A great day of Supernatural.

The best part seriously about VanCon & Vancouver, is that Supernatural shoots there! My entire goal after the convention, was to locate filming sites! With several of the photographers, location hunters & crazy fans always tweeting about locations, I expected to do just that! With my new friends from the convention, the hunt was on!

Monday after the con, we were fairly certain where filming would be. We had site maps, addresses and a grand sense of adventure! My thought after a few hours of driving around, searching for signs, was “kudos” to those who did this all the time for the fans! It was a long, time-consuming, frustrating & overall, grand adventure! One of the girls wasn’t a Supernatural fan but had just started watching. Her exact words were, “I can understand why paparazzi are so aggressive! This is fun!”

We received a tweet that a backlot was on fire so we headed back to the studio to check it out. We arrived at the studio & I asked the security guard to take pictures for us and with us! We also snagged photos from behind the studio of the Impala & trucks, including the wardrobe truck, used on sites. Screaming ensued when we discovered the plaid shirts that Jared wears for the show.  I also noticed that several vans and studio suvs had “CW” on the license plates. Important for chasing the right vehicle & for finding places.

We tailed a  “tree truck” leaving the studio for a while until we got separated by a lane change. This  truck carried trees used for props. The perfect end to a great hunt was that we were hopelessly lost! Our gps had died hours earlier & following the tree truck took us to places unknown! We  managed to locate the river & just headed towards it, eventually finding streets that were familiar. Some of my new friends were leaving the next day for home so we headed back to downtown for food. Wonderful ending to meeting new fans!

Semi bright & early the next day, we headed to Ft. Langley, looking for “DL” signs which had signified Supernatural filming the previous week. We actually found signage on Monday but nothing committing to any site or direction in particular! We also discovered signs for several other tv shows being filmed in Ft. Langley. After the location tour on Monday with Russ Hamilton(location guy), other fans had concrete info on the site. Tuesday the signs were up and pointing straight to a highly used Supernatural filming location! On behalf of the fans I think, the signs were “SMD”,  Sam m Dean!

We parked from 11:00 am to midnight on Tuesday, and Wednesday from 12 to 10 pm.  Tuesday we watched the site prepping for the exterior filming until dark when we saw action outside for filming interior shots! Throughout the day, crew members came over chatting and questioning the fans. The crew also requested that we not post spoiler vids! I have to say that with the conversation, continual waving & the coffee from the crew, I felt extremely welcomed. The Supernatural  team went out of their way to engage the fans, always being polite when asking us to move or to lurk in other places!

Charisma Carpenter & James Marsters guest starred in this episode, “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”. I managed to get a long shot of James but Charisma would come out to the fans, taking pics & conversing when she was leaving the set! A very sweet & engaging person.

Charisma Carpenter

Wednesday, we knew that Jared & Jensen were shooting later in the day and they started about 5:00! Words cannot express my excitement! The guys with makeup, being fussed over, going over lines. It was and will be one of my best memories!

Lunch was late afternoon and when they broke for lunch,  cast & crew turned around, clapped and waved “thank you” to the fans! Only a handful of fans were there for that! Filming during the day was sporadic with prepping the shots consuming the lion’s share of time. Still enjoyable.  Finally, about dusk, the Impala was parked on our side of the street but well up the block. We were informed there would be 5-6 more scenes to be filmed. Jared and Jensen did the scene up the block, would then drive up the street in front of us, waved, smiled, drive back and park. When it got dark, they were driving past us until at one point, they drove straight to us, headlights on us!  With Jared laughing, they pulled up asking why we were still there and not sleeping or something! Both of them laughing and waving, they continued to drive straight into us, headlights bright! The Metallicar stalked us, good times! After a few takes, the guys waved  and drove off.  Within a very short time period, with Clif in the front seat, “the boys” in the back, they slowly cruised by, again waving and drove off.


I don’t know what to say except BEYOND MY GOODNESS!!  How can I be so smitten with these young, gorgeous married men?! But, I am…..  My fan level has risen to new heights! I really didn’t believe that I’d go back to this Supernatural convention but considering that Supernatural films there, GOING BACK I AM!

My new-found friends spent time giving me their thoughts about Supernatural. I’ll post those down the road. Newbies going to conventions have tons of questions. I’d love to answer what I can so feel free to leave your queries! Thanks for the your time!  And absolutely, attend a convention!

Photo album from Vancon.  Feel free to use, tag or share!

Heya Supernatural Fans!

Did the ep “hold water” for you as we say in Texas? Lots of excitement for “Defending Your Life”. Season 7 has knocked it out of the park so far! “Defending Your Life” was a total transition episode.  Why transitional? Our main thrust has been the Leviathan but we get a couple of  Leviathan references & that’s it! Onto Dearborn, Michigan for a case when Sam “hears” Lucifer whispering “Saaam”. Sam presses on his scarred palm & that’s the end of Lucifer for the ep! Dean comments that “it feels wonky” just because maybe it’s gonna be a normal day at the office(right..). Getting our boys back to the good old days of monster hunting!  Yeah boy!

Our “guilt theme” starts with a Christine like demon car chasing a man. We learn that the car wins, squishing the man on the 10th floor of a building. Fans have commented on the blood spatter BUT THE CAR RAMMED HIM INTO THE WALL! Gonna be a little bit of blood! Next, we have a mauled dog attack Vicktim(!) who had previously operated a dog fighting ring & also a murderer who killed someone but did time in prison. With every single case, we learn also of their redemptive actions.  The drunk driver who killed the little girl, keeps flowers on her grave & set it up to do so for the next several years.  The guy who ran the dog fighting ring raised lots of money for animal protection. The murderer went to prison & had great remorse for his actions. Why is this important? Redemption or is that even possible? Enter Dean Winchester, whose entire psyche is based on redeeming acts! Aka, mister guilt extraordinaire! Dean has an issue protecting a murderer, he calls it black & white because the guy did intentionally murder people. Sam on the other hand, sees someone who has paid his dues & deserves another chance. This explains Sam’s end of the ep speech, “I’m good,  I’ve been to hell, paid my dues, my slate is wiped clean!”  Dean’s thought: “when those ghosts come calling, they’ll have a compelling argument(to kill him).” Sam calls the situation “tomatoes”, Dean calls it “tomahtoes”!

Back to the story line: the ex-con describes his supernatural courtroom experience sufficiently enough for Bobby to determine the culprit behind the supernatural weirdness, the Egyptian god Osiris. This fellow pops in & out of reality, weighing a person’s guilt with even a feathers worth deeming execution. Wise Bobby tells Sam to get the hell outa Dodge because who do we know that carries more guilt than the weight of the world on his broad shoulders? It’s Dean. Yep.

A great shout out to the fandom who desperately want to see the boys do something .. anything sexual. Dean ALMOST gets laid by the attractive, age appropriate bartender. It’s been awhile since Dean has done the deed so to speak &  he drunkenly convinces himself that this is what he, Dean Winchester, does! The next thing we see is Sam frantically calling, getting no response until the bartender who is meeting Dean, answers Dean’s phone. Sam races to the bartender, finds a pile of red dirt like found at the victims’ deaths & instantly knows where to look, the apple orchard barn.

Detective Sam finds the god Osiris with Dean chain bound. Osiris tells Sam to stop lurking & leave but Sam is going nowhere without his older brother. He wants to defend Dean, represent him all lawyer like! Great casting for Osiris(Farin Tahir).

The pivotal point of the episode comes down to how Dean judges himself. Osiris brings out witnesses to testify on behalf of Dean’s guilty self. First witness is Jo(Alona Tal), who died trying to protect Dean & then Sam testifies. I was a little concerned about Jo but shouldn’t have been. She tells it like it is & she blames Dean for nothing. Osiris doesn’t like what Jo says so zaps her gone! Sam testifies & turns hardcore here. No way Dean was responsible. End of that discussion. Osiris then calls Dean Winchester to hang himself. Sam catches that of course & asks Dean if he feels heavy with guilt or just heavy about the losses. Dean defers to “that last one”, heavy about the losses. Dean is still drunk & not so serious until Osiris threatens one more witness. We flashback to Dean killing Amy Pond. The only issue here is Dean doesn’t feel guilt over ganking a monster, he feels guilty about lying to Sam about it. Dean throws in the towel rather telling Sam the truth. Mmmm….

This trial happens almost halfway into the story.  The witnesses could have been meatier &  further explored. Just blaming Dean for getting Jo & Sam into the hunting business is not enough to convict him! The fandom has grumbled over this very thing & will continue to do so until our writers(whom I trust) rectifies who coulda, woulda, shoulda been better than Jo, Sam,  & Dean himself with the threat of Amy.  The flashbacks here were awesome! Jo smacking Dean’s nose when they meet until he so gently kisses her goodbye… tears. Moving to the execution, Dean doesn’t want to get rid of Jo even though she’s a ghost. Sam tells him to suck it up. Jo was a hunter & a ghost so handles Dean’s salt ring protection. Jo shows great maturity even in death. She doesn’t blame Dean, doesn’t want to kill Dean & he still just rolls over! So not like Dean to just frikkin give up! This is the breakdown that fans have been expecting. Thankfully, Sam kills Osiris & just as Jo sweetly puts her palm to Dean’s face, him leaning into it for some comfort, she disappears.

We see Dean grumpy, tired, stiff & throwing in the towel on his life. Taking what he thinks he deserves from ghosts to his own flagellation. Fandom argument this week has centered around Dean’s source of guilt to who would have been the better witnesses for his execution. I hate seeing Dean this way. The witnesses could have been better chosen but again, I trust these writers to keep us safe in the land of Winchester! Soooo, next week is the Buffy reunion. I was there for the filming so am excited to see it all together!  I’m adding a wonderfully written fanfiic to enjoy! “The Limits of the Lead Friggin’ Box” a story about Dean.

Stay supernatural folks..