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Stephen Amell from “The Arrow” hoping for some reciprocating livetweeting from Jared Padalecki!

Stephen Amell@amellywood    I’ll be live tweeting tonight’s episode of #SPN in a blatant (but clever) attempt to procure the same favor from @jarpad at a later date.

* Ok. I’ve got my autographed copy of S6 and a coconut water. Ready to live tweet #Supernatural

* Clearly, in any fight, looks can be deceiving.

*  see a clear parallel in the Jensen, Jared, Misha / Dig, Felicity, Oliver dynamic. It’s up to Twitter to decide who is who

* For a show that’s constantly “on the road”, you really couldn’t pick a better city than Vancouver.

* Great shot of @jarpad!!

* Stephen Amell@amellywood I thoroughly enjoy Jensen Ackles.
I mean… I think he and Jared have enough PCA’s…
But I do really, really enjoy them.


* General Internet Consensus:
Jared = Diggle
Jensen = Oliver
Misha = Felecity

* YOU HAVE TO!!! RT @sophiamporter: The question is, can I handle the mid-season finales of both #Arrow and #Supernatural in the same week?

* Fun fact: @jarpad is like 6’4 which in Actor height is almost 7 feet tall.

* Excellent episode and a tremendous button by Jensen

* How dare you!! RT @jarpad: @amellywood this is how me and JA watch #supernatural , how do you watch #arrow? #PCA


Fun for the fandom tonight! Livetweeting with Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles via Jared, Curtis Armstrong, Ryan Curtis, Misha Collins, Osric Chau, Clif Kosterman, Adam Glass, Guy Norman Bee!

Danneel HarrisAckles@DanneelHarris   Make sure and catch the mid season finale of Supernatural and live tweets from Jensen and @jarpad

Curtis Armstrong@curtisisbooger     Gee, I really went out of my way to be nice in this episode,@cw_spn Family! But judging from your responses I guess I have more work to do..

Jared Padalecki@jarpad  somewhere in vancouver right now…. sam and dean are about to LIVE-TWEET!!!!!

*   T he biker bar was filmed at “boundary bay”. We have filmed TONS of stuff: including all crossroads scenes & where Harvelles diner burned!

*   also, our Harlem Shake was filmed on that actual spot 🙂

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau   Whoa, what a way to start off, that was one hell of an opening.. right, this is a horror show.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad: also, our Harlem Shake was filmed on that actual spot 🙂 #supernatural” I really miss that floor.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau  I  gotta say, @mishacollins looks good in a suit. Slowly learning how to appreciate suits

Misha Collins@mishacollins    It’s happening! Wow, @jarpad, what’s going on, man? Your performance is really inconsistent. Your character is all over the place.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad     uhoh… dean driving an angel around again… crazy!!!!

*    this driving scene was filmed at our studios with a green screen 🙂

Jensen Ackles    Baby got her running shoes on” to explain the time-lapse to Sam… that was cut…

Jensen Ackles the puddles of blood on the ground are all plastic cut-outs

Misha Collins@mishacollins Interesting fact: we actually burned real human bodies to get those burn marks on the floor.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @mishacollins nope vfx

* Cas is back

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau @mishacollins quit hitting on misha

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Sometimes I feel like I’ve already seen the episode before, like deja vu. And then I remember that I read the script before we shot it.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad @mishacollins Don’t worry Jared, you’ll get your turn 😉

Jensen Ackles “sometimes i wish we could just drink real beer. this fake shit is horrible”

Jared Padalecki@jarpad originally sam had the line “she was hot” about the reaper cass slept with. it fit dean better so we changed it

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ it hurts my head to try and read his tweets

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau It’s Metatron! Haven’t seen him since he pulls me out of Crowley’s houseboat!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad THE SHOE JUST DROPPED!!! NOT EZEKIEL?!?!?!?! THEN WHO?!?!?!!? stay tuned 🙂

Misha Collins@mishacollins That poor angel guy. No one wants to be his friend. Not even when they are drunk.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis What?! Zeke is not zeke. Oh oh shot got real

Misha Collins@mishacollins Yes! Love @curtisisbooger! You may not know this, but in real life he’s about 6 inches taller than @jarpad. He’s on his knees in this scene.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @jarpad and @curtisisbooger are so damn good together

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis More funny angels!!!!! Hell yah. Metatron ain’t so bad.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i love the reveal about who “ezekiel” really is. still gives me chills

metatron seems to be playing mind games with “ezekiel”

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Loving Tom writes directing. He is really good.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Angel @jarpad would be a funny one. But he’d go too far and get himself kicked out of heaven. So then he’d be a stupid angel.

Ty Olsson@TyOlsson @jarpad I can fill in for ya . My impersonation of you is bang on . *Where are my stilts *

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i originally had a difficult time calling Buddy Boyle and his boys “people”… since…. theyre kinda “angels”…

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau I was explaining to my friends that this show doesn’t get more gruesome than that opening. Then that campsite scene happened

* Really liking these Sam and Metatron scenes. Those two work real well together.

 Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ Misha on his knees, nothing new

* that’s a big hat on her yikes lol

* Misha will be praying a lot while directing
Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Crowley gets to say all the best lines. Castiel gets to do all the weird things. But Kevin gets to read all the rocks!Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau we were messing with him so bad. JA: “osric did not enjoy doing his coverage during this scene” 🙂Misha Collins@mishacollins I want that to be what it says on my tombstone, “He was top of the christmas tree.”

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee @jarpad @amellywood What’s that shiny thing between you and how many ‘D’ cell batteries does it take?!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @guynormanbee @amellywood its powered by the most amazing fans in the world! #

Misha Collins@mishacollins In this scene production said they were out of money for makeup, so they just had @bodyguard4JandJ and @osricchau beat the shit out of me

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @jarpad @guynormanbee @amellywood  heh. Nice

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @amellywood this is how me and JA watch #supernatural , how do you watch

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad Well after Princess bubblegum happened I was ready for hard days on set.. you two delivered. Hard. How predicable!

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ @mishacollins sure can take a punch , I beat him senseless

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau AND WHY MUST THEY TORTURE CAS?! He’s died enough, geez

Jensen Ackles @mishacollins @bodyguard4JandJ  “bullshit. they put you in a room with de-winged butterflies and thats how you emerged.”

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @mishacollins @bodyguard4JandJ We were more than happy to oblige. Clif did most of the heavy lifting but I brought on a good cheer.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad uh oh “EZEKIEL” died????? car just found out some troubling news…

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Love that big chest cut, that was SFX MU that we revealed. Looks nasty

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i showed up on set during mishas torture scene… he was actually tied up… too bad im saving all of the trouble for when he directs!

Misha Collins@mishacollins We actually had to go back in time and shoot this scene in 1989 when phone booths still existed.

Jensen Ackles @mishacollins “dude youre really playing the pain well for half of your face falling off… forget you’re human?” 😉

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Hey Cas is lying. Now did he learn that from Dead or Sam?

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!! Cas is Angel again! But I really liked him doing inventory at that stop and shop..

Jared Padalecki@jarpad whoa!! cas got his grace back?!?!
ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @mishacollins what does grace taste like?Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ @mishacollins is a hell of a cashier @OsricChau

 ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis PB and J is Canon! First to declare it. #PB&Jiscanon

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Sandwich was peanut butter and jam. Chunky. Strawberry. I was advised against actually eating them. I ended up going through 5 that day

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee @jarpad @amellywood Oh, my mistake, it’s just that sometimes I walk past your trailer and I hear… That sound… Uh, never mind…

Jensen Ackles  OricChau “great. now you’re gonna go as cinderella to the next convention…”

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @jarpad just like “Stella Got Her Groove Back!”

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ I want to see @OsricChau as Ariel next

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Come on Metatron.. why can’t you just not be bad? Like when we first met you

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i have the actual piece of paper that metatron handed me with the name of who to kill. who wants to raise money for charity?

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @bodyguard4JandJ Clif.. please stop reading my mind

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Honey do list Gadreel.

Misha Collins@mishacollins .@TheOrlandoJones you post relevant photos on your feed so fast it makes me think you’re really just a bot amalgamating two twisted fandoms.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad I’m in! I would be in the bidding for that. For Chariteh!

*   Come on Dean.. just tell Kevin.. Kevin wants to know.. I NEED TO KNOW

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau you can have it… it can go to your charity of choice

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau SAM NOOOOOOO

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ oh that had to hurt a punch from the big fella

Jared Padalecki@jarpad wait!!! KEVIN!!!!!!

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ KEEEEEEVVVVVIIIIIN

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nnnn nnnn nnooooooooo

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad Much appreciated but l’d give it to baby Thomas and get him started on philanthropy, what would he support? #supernatural babies

Jared Padalecki@jarpad nice button ackles

Misha Collins@mishacollins No! Kevin! @OsricChau! Damn it. we needed that prophet. I think we should resurrect him.

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ Kevin come back pleeeeeeease

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @jarpad @OsricChau great job by both of you.

Jensen Ackles: “osric wasnt there to look at. just the camera and dolly. i pictured osric with his eyes burnt, and that he was gone.”

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138 #KevinFreakinSolo4Ever

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @TheOnlyDJQualls @AlaskaAir hey dude, i know some pretty famous people that can help. you want?

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau i..

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @OsricChau @jarpad Osric the fans luv u and so do we . Great job .

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau he really loves his daddy. and trains. and trucks. and horseland. any charity combine those????

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ nite nite gang xo

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @mishacollins wait. You watch the show?

DJ Qualls@TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad @AlaskaAir Supernatural took away my ability to travel internationally. Im so bummed right now.

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee Wow, I can’t believe Kevin Tran… I’m crushed! On a personal note @OsricChau is a brilliant actor and a sweetheart of a man- well done Oz!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @TheOnlyDJQualls @AlaskaAir youre too high in demand!!!!

Misha Collins@mishacollins Okay. I’m going to change my diaper & go to bed. Be careful not to let anyone burn your eyes out while you sleep tonight. Sweet Dreams

DJ Qualls@TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad All joking aside, they just tweeted me back with a phone number! Thanks buddy! I love having enormous friends!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Thx to @jarpad @mishacollins @OsricChau #JensenAckles @SergeLadouceur @JerryWanek @RUSS_MOVIEGOD and all others for a great episode tonight!

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Three characters might be enough to sum up everything going through my head right now but I’m gotta do what (cont)

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis So that was my favorite episode of season 9, but guess what. Episode 10 is just as freaking good. You just gonna have to wait.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @OsricChau *tear

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @OsricChau hey I just heard your character died. Sorry. Let’s reschedule that lunch.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau   I should have know better than to try to read all these messages. But this is a lot harder than I expected it to be. Thank you so much..

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

First things first: I liked “Rock and a Hard Place”.  It was just quite a conflicting episode. Jenny Klein wrote the story and gave us an good ol’ Winchester hunting episode. But had a man written it, he quite possibly would’ve been stoned! This is entertainment so let’s be entertained, right? Many fans were delighted with the show, no qualms whatsoever. And then there were fans like me, who in spite of loving this show, expressed disapproval for the slamming storyline. So let’s begin with bad and move onto the wonderful.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Supernatural has always been harsh towards anything Christian and this episode went further than any story to date. The term “born again” for Christians means spiritually reborn. It has nothing to do with reclaiming one’s virginity. It seems that the SPN writers take to heart the core aspects of religion and MOSTLY keep them intact. What I love about this show is that with all the fictional urban legends that get explored, there’s been respect surrounding the content and context of religion. “Rock and a Hard Place” blew that line to shreds.

The so-called chastity members were rabidly judgmental, faker than fake and didn’t seem to be concerned about their friends being abducted other than saying a rote prayer for the abductees. Leading the group is Bonnie aka Vesta(Lindy Booth), the monster of the week. Knowing that many viewers run from religion, this characterization could’ve been to keep the ep lighthearted and frivolous. Got it.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

I personally have no qualms with Suzy choosing to have sex with a stranger, she was a porn star after all. But the fact that she had chosen to do so much to change her life, made significant moves to get away from her previous lifestyle, Dean Winchester shouldn’t have been able to just smooze her into bed. Thus my conflict.  I enjoyed the sexy scenes but didn’t really appreciate the “sex is the bottom line” attitude. Jensen Ackles played it well and sold the fans the on it but it was morally distasteful. Yep, I said it. Morals, something this show struggles with weekly. Who to kill, who deserves to live, which lie to tell…  So with that morality thought in mind, what’s different about this choice? The Winchesters kill people every week, most are monsters, others collateral damage.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Suzy’s lifestyle choice of chastity played out as just another role in her life, kinda like being a porn star. We don’t see her again or any of the ‘sinners’ for that matter. It seemed that the entire club of chaste and pure church goers, made and just as quickly broke their vows of purity. Again I mention the disregard of Christian values. Vows made, vows broken, sinners sacrificed.  Entertainment I remind myself, entertainment! I’ve never thought of Dean as a douchebag so this is a first for me. Morally, I don’t believe for a minute that Dean would pursue this woman.  Please let me reiterate, I liked the episode!

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Some of the best bits included Sheriff Jody Mills(Kim Rhodes) being reintroduced as a woman with heart, courage, and savvy. When asked about church, her response was so perfect: it made sense to her. After facing death(Bobby’s) and then her own near death with Crowley, a higher power seemed fitting. Jody portrays women as I love seeing them, more than a body, with lots of heart and can give as well as take whatever comes along. Punching the virgin in the nose, stating “I am the cops”, and then telling the girl to “wipe her nose” was priceless! Some of the best dialogue ever!

photo credit @sweatpantsandcoffee

photo credit @sweatpantsandcoffee

Dean and Sam being re-virginized was laugh out loud funny! Jared Padalecki tweeted that this was a first: signing their ‘real names’, Dean and Sam Winchester. Seems it took them awhile get the perfect signatures. Ryan Curtis, VFX coordinator, tweeted in return: PS: these are not your real names! A very cute moment on twitter! The “Dean confessing sex” scene which got thousands of YouTube hits, will forever be another fav moment! Fairly certain this monologue will be recorded in fangirl heaven. Did I mention my conflict?!best--supernatural-- dean face 2

Our Sam and Dean minute ending the show excelled. Sam pouring out his heart, his deep down conviction that he might possibly be forever broken, that whatever was going on, would continue to go on. Dean, big brother, Sam protector, of course couldn’t allow Sam to continue thinking that this. Enter Zeke, arguing that Sam has yet to heal, that he’d die if Zeke was displaced. It seems that Zeke is either lying around doing nothing for Sam’s psyche or that Sam is just far worse than was thought. Any thoughts? Please share!

So our female writer scored on several points: Jody Mills return, sexy Dean, sweet Sam, big bro Winchester, a Dean-centric episode(flawed as it was and with sooo many great pics!), and some absolutely great emotional moments.  For me, these overshadowed all the other. I watch this show for the diversion and escape, it’s not real and yes I’m emotionally invested. I want these two men to always act heroically,  to always be honorable. But it’s the way of the world. You win some, you lose some. This episode crossed the win-o-meter line… just barely. Until Tuesday, stay supernatural!

FYI: It seems to date, that the very sexy Dean YouTube is nowhere to be found! Let me know if you have it!