Day 2 of JIBCon starts off with a bummer! Someone in Jared and Genevieve’s family have had a car wreck and they’ve flown home. Well wishes for the Padaleckis. Jensen had a solo panel(scheduled) and the fans loved it! I missed the first two panels due to time difference! Enjoy the day!

@LucaAckles So stupid Matt!!


Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Ty: “If Chuck is God, then Gabriel, Cas, Lucifer and all the others are your kids. Isn’t it a bit disturbing?!”
* The panel just got interrupted by a fish. Ty is talking to it.
* A fan is calling a friend so she/he can speak to Ty.
* Rob to Ty: “What was your 1st impression of the show?” – “You know, since I played Eli in S2…
* Rob to Ty: “You’re doing good. Everyone likes you. I like you!” – “I like you, too
* Rob just joined the guys on stage

Lay ‏@Sepherim_ is singing to the baloon.
* Matt and Ty
* Ty is outside the panel room again
* Matt, Richard and I

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Ty has finished his beer XD time to go
* Ty! so much fun XD
* Ty
* Ty cute smile

jenneel ♥ ‏@iBreatheAckles Ty about fighting scenes with Jensen: “We’re a kickass team, he has a mean throw.”
* Ty, Brock, Sebastian and Misha yesterday
* JENSEN: *grooves* “Because I can move.” MISHA: “This guy is a great dancer. He loves showing off.” JENSEN: “It’s scary.”

Anna ‏@AnnaCantare I said “hi crazy man!” And this was his answer


@MolotovManon Thank you @TyOlsson for giving my drawing to Jensen on stage! @DanneelHarris

@Eva ‏@EvaBeatles By the way, the questions for Jensen were screened. The staff wrote your question down and asked for your pass number

✡ Apocalypse Hunter✡ ‏@HeySupernatural #JensenAckles

@simogiuli #jensenackles
* Jensen again
* Jensen
* This guy really is helping to ease the pain of his missing best friend.
* Just playing around with some of my pics. Jensen’s excited & scared about the baby.

@ProudSPNer: Ahhhhh…Finally Jensen is on stage! And i think he’s got the haircut

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen “That’s why we do what we do and why you hang out with us, we’re all crazy, we’re nuts but I wouldn’t have it any other way”
* Jensen said he loves the way spn is going and as long as there are stories to be told then they will be told!
* Jensen about Jared “we’re practically brothers offscreen as well, he will be a part of my life for the rest of my life”
* Jensen “it’s really nice to work with someone that you hold so dear” about Jared!
* Jensen said about Jared its rare to be so close to someone for such a long time “I don’t hate him yet
* Would have been Jared and Jensen’s panel but now a Jensen solo! Jensens on stage now
* J talking about Dean putting his issues aside and taking care of his brother “that’s what being a brother is”
* J said they still want the old leather jacket back lol
* Jensen said The town that Benny is from in Louisiana is a real town that is 15 minutes away from where Danneel is from
* Said golf is a good way to get his anger out lol
* Ahah Jensen said jared is still growing lol as in taller
* Jensen said they all live the men of letters storyline and set
* Spends time on the break rekindling relationships with Friends & family “and I like coming here to see u guys
* Jensen said Jared’s heartbroken he can’t be here

Jensen Ackles with a fan in Rome looking gorgeous and everything.
Jensen~My Hero[] ‏@hotforjackles Jensen said the writers’ room is overwhelming. They throw out so many ideas and break them down to what we see
* Jared had to cancel his appearance Someone in Gen’s family had a car accident. Hope everything’s okay

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean so he doesn’t know yet though dean will prob be fundamental in some part of whatever happens next round
* did they ever have any problem with residents of the town mentioned on the show? Nope, usually they’re excited for the mention
* the leather jacket he wore in purgatory was tailored for him but the color was wrong and the producers hated it – he liked it tho
* what do you like to do in your free time? – a: hanging out with you! In srsness: spending time w/ his family
* they talked abt during a road show in a few towns outside vancouver but nothing decided yet
* also danneel was a consultant once bc the town benny was from irl is ten minutes from her hometown
* he’s confident that it’s not going to be ooc tho – that said dean is prob still resenting sam for not having looked for him but
* how does he wish for his character to develop next season? A: depends on what goes on
* excited abt his baby girl – aw – and he generally wants to be w/ his family bc most of the year he sees just jared
* they’re all in love with the men of letters set

my jenneel ♥ ‏@iBreatheAckles Jensen thinks still being with Sam is Dean’s messed up way to be happy
* Q: “How has jared and his friendship change in the last eight years?” JENSEN: “We grew up but the relationship hasn’t changed
* JENSEN: “Pretty soon we’ll be hunting ghosts with walkers.”
* JENSEN: “Sam is Dean’s messed up way to be happy.”
@GorgeousRena: A girl is handing over a letter for Jared to Jensen and he hugs her for that
* Jensen would love to see the antichrist back on the show.
* Jensen on stage!!!
* Jensen on stage!!!

@mostly10 : sitting in the driver’s seat next to his brother, hunting ghosts is where dean is happiest. – jensen

“@galain: He called the girl who did the portrait on the phone cause she wasn’t at work that way
* Finding out about gishwhes he went to buy a charger and there was his skittles portrait in the shop
* Dean is still pissed that Sam didn’t look for him,but he’s ignoring it cause of the trials because family love comes

@karmaflipse I swear his legs are to die for!
* The show has talked about doing a road show Actually going to some of the small towns instead of shooting in Vancouver

@SPNFeels: My favorite pic of Jensen’s panel this morning, I’m so proud of this one

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real #monkeyonmyback @dicksp8jr


Rena ‏@GorgeousRena People are just asking serious Q’s and Richard’s like “I know.. It’s a hilarious panel. Laugh yourself to sleep
* Fan: “I have a stupid question!” – “There aren’t stupid questions….. Just stupid people!”
* Richard thinks Mark Pellegrino did a great job playing Lucifer
* Sebastian about Mark Sheppard: “He loves to talk about himself. Even more than I do!”

Marica ‏@galain Tom Hanks said “we’re not making a war movie, we’re fighting a war. Don’t worry about the cameras, that’s our job. You fight”
* BoB was very intense and no actor on it had an ego because they were all there for the same reason (Band of Brothers)
*Band of Brothers was amazing and challenging cause the story and the people were real

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean tom hanks went to talk to them on set and told them that they were supposed to film a war, not a war movie
* it was one of those productions where no one had an ego
* he’s discussing band of brothers, unique experience, he’s friends with the actors and they do barbecue once each year still
* richard: I was drinking my espresso and I thought, this is how jared feels with a normal cup of coffee
* q: ‘do you like hello kitty?’ a: ‘no, but I’m also not a teenage girl’
* Hello Kitty has a car? That’s not very safe
* also the first time he met mark he was in lucifer make up and richard thought ‘he’s actually gonna kill me’


‘omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean seb ‘once I wore a skirt’ richard ‘you think I am surprised to know that?
* apparently last year jared and jensen practiced martial arts on brock while drunk. In seb’s room.
* brock is like ‘I have no clue what’s happening’
* what did balthy promise his vessel to get him to say yes? A: you wouldn’t be gordon ramsay
* apparently someone mistook him for gordom ramsay in an airport and didn’t want to hear otherwise
* best pick up line? Brock: what’s your name? Seb: HELLO, said seductively
* q: your most annoying habit? Brock: I’m pretty perfect – well no I bite my nails

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 Brock is playing with a yoyo/jojo on stage

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Brock and Sebastian are telling jokes to each other. They’re inappropriate

nell ‏@mostly10 ty crashed brock and seb’s panel. like sudden sunshine in a hurricane. 🙂

Marica ‏@galain Between Seb and Ty, Brock is as lost as we are
* Ty: Sebastian, I wanna request that the staff lets me in on the drugs you’re using
* don’t know how this turned into a Brock/Ty/Seb panel


Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Ty is climbing on the chair pretending to be Jared because he’s so tall now
* Ty just realized that “I’m in every panel today. No kiddin
* Ty: “Why does Jensen get all those serious question and get questions like ‘How smells Jensen?!'”
* When Jared starts to laugh on set, we have to stop filming for half an hour – Jensen
* Jensen about Ty: “He’s a big teddy bear

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean do they have regrets re certain performances and wish they could have doneit better? J: yes bc tv works at a fast pace
* he tries not to spoil but basically he said that dean and cas’s friendship is like what d and sam have, it runs deep enough
* to j: why did cas have a long beard in purg and dean barely some stubble? A: they shot first the ep j directed and dean was supposed
* q: has dean brought girls to the bunker? a: he can do his business in the back of the impala ty: oh the family business

nell ‏@mostly10 the energy shifts completely with jensen on stage. ty and jensen up together and serious actor talk is happening
* camera guy does a crotch shot of jensen. crowd cheers. jensen: “did you just get all up in… the family business?”

Supernatural ✡ ‏@SpnTentation Ty: “Estou em todos os paineis de hoje, não estou de brincadeira!”
* Ty Olsson (Benny) e Jensen Ackles (Dean) no palco!
* Ty and Jensen.
* J: there’s a reason latin is a dead language
* Ty: I’m behaving just cause I respect Jensen. Jensen: I apologize for Ty’s good behaviour
* Ty: how do I stay grounded? Bills, mortgage, divorce, bad hair daya
* Q: how does Dean influence Jensen? A: he’s a needy little thing, takes up a lot of my time
* Ty pretending to be Jared
* J: you guys protect us, you save us from the critics, you are the driving force behind what we do
* J: do I get tired of working? Yes. Am I tired of playing Dean? No way
* J: I’m grounded also because of my friends, who are completely unimpressed with what I do
* Ty: I hate that you can play the guitar and sing and play. J: Shut up. You love it when I sing to you

@karmaflipse season finale: there is a struggle with cas and deans relationship. But there is an underlying bond between them
* Ty and Jensen on stage.
* “Dean did get some backseat didn’t he.” Jensen
* Exorcism of Lisa was the hardest line to remember. 2 pages almost
* Not shaving makes him shed dean a bit. “When I look in the mirror there he is, y’know?
* Is that on remote control please tell me that is on remote control” Jensen.

Michela ‏@xMichelax “Saving people, hitting on girls … the family business.” – Jensen

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen talking about speaking Latin on set, Jensen said jared already really good from day 1 & TY annoyed at how well they do it
* Says he grows his hair in the breaks because he likes to see another person in the mirror other than dean
* Come July he is shaved and his voice goes back down
* Jensen got a haircut two days ago
* Ty said never been asked this by an ad “JA wants to know if u want to shoot yours stuff first or his stuff first”
* TY said its just very rare for the leads of a show to be so friendly and down to earth and communicative with their guest stars
* TY said he played the cowbell in Jensen’s Angeles
* Jensen “when I get home to an empty apartment from a long day at work I love to just sit on the couch & play my guitar
* Jensen to TY “shut up, you love when I sing to you”
* Jensen – “That’s one thing Dean and I have on common- we like to punch things
* Jensen- in the pilot he yelled “son of a bitch” it wasn’t in the script but Kripke saw & loved it &was like “bam deans catchphrase
* Jensen’s saying Hi to a fish balloon that floated onstage lmao “what the hell is going on” he punched the balloon
* J – TY came in a fully formed character as Benny, they didn’t have to develop the character because he was so good
* Jensen talking about Jared crying with laughter at how Jensen couldn’t say shapeshifter clearly in Skin

@mfluder_42 one of Jensen….

“@mostly10: “I’ve done coverage to a vibrating jared with the giggles. I keep a straight face to keep the cameras running.”
* “when I relax I sit at home and pluck my guitar. I don’t sing, because I don’t care for the sound of my own voice very much
* “I feel like a little child” – jensen looking up at a helium balloon with joy on his face

@_Comodino Dean has given jensen a life experience that has changed him
* Jensen says he gets tired of working but is not tired of dean
* Jensen runs lines with ty even if he doesn’t have much dialogue in the scene
* Misha is asking jensen and ty a question using an italian accent

@an0o0la: THE FEELS “TY saying he’s done over 150 projects and so rare to see friends/costars as close as Jensen and Jared

Cassandra C. ‏@CassieTheSeer what do you have in common with your character? We both look alike!


“Jensen: “Ty & I had instant chemistry just like Benny and Dean, everything just flowed

Ty, Jensen & Misha with puppets!

Simone Kalel ‏@redteekal Jensen on Directing S9. Wants to if they can fit him in further down the season. Won’t cut vacation short this time because of baby.
* The Wizard Ricardo! #jensenackles
* Jensen, after initial resistance, seemed to bond very well with his puppet The Wizard Ricardo! #jensenackles
* Jensen says very little makes his day on set ever a “bad one” but he’s not a fan of running over time on anything.
* Jensen has no explanation for the superb Wifi they get in the MOL Batcave but is sure Carver has a very long one…
* Jensen initially unsure about the MOL storyline (worried it would negate ALL that they’ve been doing as wrong) but now thrilled w/it
* Jensen is actually getting MORE sleep than usual in Rome due to currently being in “sleep training” with Danneel preparing for baby
@redteekal (will he make a good dad or what??)
* There’s more to the “I just locked the key in the trunk” story SE Hinton told us about.
* From Jensen’s M&G: MOL Bunker conceived of PRIOR to the start of Season 8.
* I really hope guest stars are warned about how distracted they’re gonna be playing opposite this guy #jackles
* REALLY distracted. #JensenAckles

@DeansGurl ‏@SnowedInBlue Jensen With Puppet


@SpnMaisieDaisy: People are leaving Misha’s panel and he’s fake angry
* Jensen “wow this whole panel just derailed
* Misha said they had 5 guys that kind of looked like Jensen play dead and then they computer generated the rest
* misha “Sam has been through a lot of similar stuff to Cas which is perhaps why he’s more sympathetic than Dean in recent eps
* Misha said Cas has been a rebellious and difficult angel to control forever, perhaps why he broke Naomi’s hold on him
* Misha recording a message for an 18 year old fan ” keep away from my son he’s much to young for you okay”
* Lmao Misha’s having a sword fight with a fan onstage lol ” you won, worthy adversary

@_Comodino Someone leaving, misha ‘excuse me, where are you going
* Jensen “we’re gonna go drink beer and eat some pie

Marica ‏@galain Misha/Indiarussia asked Ty and Jensen who decided the color of the plaid shirts in the morning. J cracked up at the accent
* Misha’s panel now. The bus in the volcano symbolises overcoming the impossible
* Misha knows how long Naomi has been messing with Cas’s head

@ahspn: Jensen,Ty e Misha no palco da

@AnnaCantare Team Purgatory!

@GorgeousRena: They’re now playing with puppets. IN DIFFERENT ACCENTS!! HILARIOUS
* Misha is asking both to stay on stage for another 5 mins
* Misha opened his box. There were laser swords in it. He’s playing with them now.

Loriane ‏@CarryOnBrothers Misha’s talking about his show with West. He’s going to shoot another video with him called “Hunting with West
* Misha about Jared and family “send them good thoughts, they need it right now”
* Misha about Supernatural “I should watch the show it sounds great
* Misha said they had 5 guys that kind of looked like Jensen play dead and then they computer generated the rest

Christin ‏@ljsgermanjj misha just thanked us for dealing so well with Jared’s absence and asked
us to send them good thoughts

@janiedean cas killed all those deans in goodbye stranger – how did the 1st 1 go? A: he’d have hesitated..Maybe slapped hi

nell ‏@mostly10 castiel will feel more alienated from his home, heaven, in the finale.

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean he tends to ruin footage bc if jared distracts him he laughs
* his ideas usually get constructive criticism


Jason Manns ‏@jasonmanns New connections in the JIB green room. Magical. @tyolsson @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real cohen ‏@mattcohen4real Just posted a photo

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ Great con today met so majy great fans, see y’all tomorrow ciao for now xo

Brock Kelly ‏@Brockiavelli Hey lady that gave me shots of absinthe last night. You accomplished your mission. I saw the green fairy

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