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This page is for all the vids and pics that will be posted after everyone recuperates from the weekend! Worth the looks and share!

Jensen & Jared auctioning art! Jensen adds stairs!


The day began this VanCon day with breakfast and the Boys were in fine form! Jensen mentioned at one point that it “only took nine years for us(the fandom) to be tired of Supernatural!” The discussion was all about babies! This was in response to my question “if they felt differently now both having babies and with regards to their daredevil ways.” Both he and Jared talked babies, wives and how different their lives are now. Enjoy!


Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Jensen
* The boys again

SPN❤J2M ‏@mariaSPNmoisi Don’t you wanna go and just hug him?!??

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Jared Padalecki
* Jensen Ackles

@Charkinzie: With JJ in the car

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Solo album for Jensen? “No.” no plans. Focuses on being an actor. Jared – “slash daddy! Actor slash daddy! ‘
* their kids acting? Jared hopes not. Fickle existence. But if they want to.. Jensen – tell kid to go to Vegas. Better chance.
* Jensen has become protective of car. Jared would like to have a non working Baby. Pref the season 1 finale wreck

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Jensen Ackles: “It’s all baby talk at breakfast and I don’t mean the impala.” 🙂

Sherie ‏@MartiniHoudini Thank you Jensen Ackles for wearing this shirt today!

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit My view wasn’t the best but was close to Jensen so
* My view wasn’t the best but was close to Jensen so
* I just love their faces.
* Re-enacting the finale, angels falling, in the pouring rain. Jared’s expression made me laugh.
* Jared’s great smile at breakfast.
* My favorite of the Jensen pics I took from breakfast.
* One with both the Js at breakfast.
* My favorite of the Jensen pics I took from breakfast.

@spnfansbrazil: Jensen falando sobre a Justice Jay no Breakfast …”

“@simogiuli: Supernatural VanCon2013 Breakfast with J2 Jensen talks about JJ:

Safa ‏@S2M_Safa Jared love his watch!

2013 Breakfast with J2 Jensen talks about JJ

@nihalname: #JensenAckles and @jarpad … What is he doing ? :))
* ‏@kattiee__ Jared: “Thanks for sticking with us for nine years

Holy Mother of all things beautiful.

@gleekfreak25 The Awesome #JensenAckles

“@hipsterackles: Jensen’s nickname is Jay so its Justice Jay

@SPN_Threesome: J2
* Scene from the finale, angels falling, rain pouring… Jared’s expression

@ProudSPNer: Jensen Ackles talking about missing JJ and how he picked JJ’s name.

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie THIS is what you do most of the time at fan conventions

J ‏@DeJenerative In Jensen meet + greet he said he was in heavy talks for a film recently but they couldn’t make the scheduling work.

@FangasmSPN: J2 looking badass.


Clarissa ‏@clarissa373 Rachel Miner loved Meg’s progression and her final episode
* What does Rachel Miner think would happen between Meg & Cas if she came back? “Well, he’s got junk now, right?” She joked

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Rachel takes the stage!
* Rachel was blonde as a kid. Feels more like herself as blonde.
* Learned from first job that if your believe what you’re saying, others will. You have to fall in love with character
* Favorite/worst part about acting? Best-get to lose self. Worst+ so much attention on you.

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice We’re going to class-up the show now: Rich says Rachel so sweet, he’s not giving porno name.
* Rachel says it: Peeper Duke Ellington
* Rachel says she’s shy, but welcome at cons helps her relax. Encourages folk to be comfortable asking Q’s
* Loved the way show took character of Meg; said she was laughing & crying reading last script bcuz so perfect for character
* Rachel hears rumors that spin-off more female than SPN; maybe more opportunities for non-evil, confident female characters coming.
* When first hired, bit clueless about what Meg meant to fans. When realized importance, thought should have been more concerned
* Thinks relationship between Cas & Meg not physical at all; intellectual sparring, respect. She got his journey, protectiveness
* What did you learn from cast, crew on SPN that you’ll carry into future? Whole company works hard, but no pretension, no BS …
* Rachel very petite; how did they compensate in scenes with tall J’s? Mostly camera trickery, how camera placed for shot.

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “I’m very shy and a bit of a bookworm”-rachel
* “Meg’s evil was a bit playful… Something to entertain herself after being around for so long.. I liked her sorta calm”-rachel

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Rachel Miner

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Rachel was so happy with the way they took her character. And she thought the Cas/Meg relationship was so romantic
* The awesome Rachel Miner
* Fan asks what Meg likes to do in her spare time and Rachel says that she liked to watch people and movies and would be on twitter.
Rachel is very passionate about reading and is a huge bookworm. She loves to immerse herself in study*

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Rachel: there’s something romantic about an angel and a demon crossing that boundary.
* Rachel: there aren’t enough strong smart female characters who are not bad guys.
* Rachel: #spn is really about the brothers and their relationship.
* Rachel: genre allows you to really nail profound truths

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Rachel Miner

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Raaaachel
* Another actor who has died a lot!!!


Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Pudgy Midway & Bootsie Larklair – Jensen and Jared!
* Normally when Jensen cries there’s snot and spit and a big mess
*Jensen teases asking Singer cue to start talking when dripping sweat & blood; answer? “I can’t hear you!” “Ok, make my own choice!

@Charkinzie: Boys

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN J2

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Jared leaves the stage for a second and Jensen says “I can’t do this without you!” and looks like a deer in the headlights
* Jared mentions Gilmore Girls and the crowd cheers.
Jensen: really?

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jared and Jensen
* Jared says he’s not interested in writing or directing an episode but if he had to it would be about Sam on vacation
* Jared left the stage and Jensen was scared by himself
* Jared says as a fan of X-Files and scary shows, he was excited that SPN treated the show as reality and not campy.

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo Jensen: “I shot myself in the foot when the one tear ran.. As if I can do that on cue”
Jared: “he can”

@WinchesterBros: There’s a weird clicking sound in the speakers and Jensen says “Cliffy, get the salt

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jensen when Jared leaves: I can’t do this without you!
* How long does it take to do emotional scenes? Jared: Jensen can cry in a second
* Jared would write an ep all about Dean. Flexing. Oiling himself. Fans: YESSSS
* Jensen: we’re so close to not just each other off camera, but to our characters on camera
*What inspires you? Jared: not Jensen.
* Jensen as bob singer.
* J2

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN In all seriousness, Jared isn’t interested in writing an ep. But if he did, it’d be them on vacation
is JDM coming back? Jensen doesn’t know.
* Jensen said Jeffrey Dean Morgan always jokes to Jensen “Hey they find a way to bring me back yet?” Jensen says he’s v busy

“@SpnMaisieDaisy: “Ugh… I’m a victim of my own talents” – Jensen Ackles

“@hipsterackles: Fan: I hate the Cowboys. Jared *gets up*: Get her!

team_moose ‏@Elisabeth_MAB fan: Who or what inspires you? Jared: *puts his hand on Jensen* Jensen: *puts his hand on Jared

sassckles ‏@hipsterackles Jensen: Now that he’s (Jared) back I’m good.

“@rthompson1138: The boys

@FYeahSPN: Jared would love to write an episode about a day in the life of Dean. Jensen: I would, too.

@Bardicvoice: Jared: fights have to serve a purpose, get us into room, do something; never fight just to have action moment
* Jensen says hard not to get inspiration from this: being with fans at con.


B. ‏@allebsupernova Jensen praises the writing of the characters

@rthompson1138 We need a writers’ panel at VanCon 2014 so I can attend

Suzette Chan ‏@SuzetteChan .@jarpad is often inspired by news stories, like that of Antoinette Tuff:

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh “…I was filming Gilmore Girls, the original Dean.” -Jared

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo Jensen making fun of Bob Singer…WHO’S HERE!!!

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Bob Singer says that Jensen and Jared have grown up a lot and their wives have made them more serene people “great for us” -Bob

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo Jensen said something dirty and now he’s embarrassed.

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen 2 18 year old self “Son when you’re doing the shoot with the cowboy hat & they say take you’re shirt off it’s okay to say no”

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Jared: if I were offered chance to see one moment ten years in future, I wouldn’t do it; too focused on that vision to live today.

@moveslikehemo: Fan: something you’re embarrassed of?
Jared: i can answer that one for jensen.. google Jensen ackles cowboy hat

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Impala cosplay girl says to Jensen “Do you wanna sit inside me?”
Jensen- “Tap on the brakes..”
Jared- “Slam on the brakes!!!”

Bob Singer: think marriage & fatherhood have improved the guys; calmer, steadier, focused

@SpnMaisieDaisy : Jared to Thomas “Mommy and daddy have this scene in Supernatural….

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Jensen said the ring Dean used to wear was to open beers!

@FangasmSPN: Jensen read for Sam first and decided he wanted to read for the character that cries a lot

‏@DNMMagazine Jared, Jensen and Bob on stage

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen, Jared and Bob onstage!

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN “Eric had a five year plan and then he ran like a thief in the night.” B Singer

B. ‏@allebsupernova Jensen talking about being coerced into taking his shirt off for that cowboy hat picture

Cristal • ‏@shipstiel Fan: I’m glad you stayed true to Sam and Dean being just brothers.
Jared: you haven’t seen the premiere

@WinchesterBros: Jared says it was easy to get emotional in the finale because there was so much going on in the scene.

@clarissa373: Singer admits season 7 wasn’t the best but he really liked S8 and is very excited about S9

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Jared’s fangirling over Pearl Jam

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jensen says he was never really a shy actor, he’s a quiet observant actor so that he can learn

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jensen tells Jared’s fanboy story with pearl jam

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Set have to make it extra steady when Jared does physical scenes! Bob Singer “he shuts a door and it flies off its hinges

J2&Misha ‏@SPN_Threesome (about meeting pearl jam) Jensen: Jared fanned out to the point I had to say you are embarrassing me

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Singer: whole thing with Leviathans hardest for us; was most challenging, not logical progression. Ended well, Dean in Purgatory

“@PadaAholic: Omg guys Thomas is signing the autographs on Jared’s behalf and Gen is looking gorgeous

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Jensen insinuates that he would like to direct the new spin off

Erin ‏@WineStainedLife

@FangasmSPN: How Jared embarrassed himself on set
* J2

@FangasmSPN Jensen demonstrates how Jared freaked put and dropped the bowl of blood.

Suzette Chan ‏@SuzetteChan The auction is for a U.S. anti-death penalty charity that his wife is involved in. Weird, since we’re in death penalty-less Canada.

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Bob’s wife works for an anti death penalty group and they are auctioning off one of Jerry Wanek’s set dec book for the group

@clarissa373: Two people just paid $4,000 each for the production books at SPN #VanCon. Jesus, what are these people’s jobs?!

@FangasmSPN: Jared and Jensen and Bob

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jared and Jensen and Bob

R.Oswin ‏@rina_oswin Лось и Дженс.

sassckles ‏@hipsterackles Jensen Ackles is now mimicking auctioneer call.

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice And the two books go for $4,000 EACH!!! Well done! Singer, Jensen & Jared sign and personalize each book.

Supernatural ‏@BrotherDaily Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice #FrenchMistake paintings of Jared & Gen up for auction, charities to be chosen by Jared & Gen, including St Jude & Wounded Warriors

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Misha just showed up! With drinks

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros @JerryWanek explaining the story of the paintings

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine During the on-stage auction Jared looks for Jerry Wanek. Jensen: he’s right behind you, moron!

@FangasmSPN: Jensen auctions off Jared.

@hipsterackles :Jensen auctions off Jared

Risti ‏@ristispeaks

J2&Misha ‏@SPN_Threesome Jared can and does break everything according to Jensen and Bob

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Photos of Jared and Gen from the French Mistake.

@FangasmSPN Jensen auctions off Jared.

tara-annie ‏@1tararod With that: Gen’s painting goes for $300 & Jared’s painting goes for $1300!

@hipsterackles: Jared Padalecki

@hipsterackles: Jared Padalecki

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh Jared in the crowd.

sassckles ‏@hipsterackles Fan: advice to your eighteen year old self?
Jared: “buy apple stock”

Cristal • ‏@shipstiel BOWLEGS JUST GOT BETTER!

J2&Misha ‏@SPN_Threesome Those bowed legs.

‏@firstimpala OLHA ISSO GENTE EU TO

sassckles ‏@hipsterackles Jared Padalecki

B. ‏@allebsupernova Jensen talking about being coerced into taking his shirt off for that cowboy hat picture

kinziephoto: Oh Jensen 🙂

@FangasmSPN: Misha appears with cokes.

@Charkinzie: Shocked Jared

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Genevieve and Thomas are here!

“@NinoPossy: Jared look so beautiful #vancon 2013 💗”

“@FangasmSPN: JA: sorry he cried the one perfect tear because now dean cries too much. #vancon”


@SuzetteChan Two-thirds of the Padalecki family leaving the hall.


Sean Koo ‏@scoobykoo crashes the #supernatural auction and is now running it.


Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN 7m
#VanCon Ty is taking over auctioneer duties! (or trying) lol.

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh 5m
Ty’s gonna give Jensen the tongue and moan while doing it.

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine 6m
.@TyOlsson hops on stage to help out with the auction! #VanCon #SPN

Sean Koo ‏@scoobykoo 5m
#tyolsson crashes the #supernatural auction and is now running it lol #spnfamily #spn #vancon @…

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie 5m
Ty auctioning off the boys #vancon

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie 5m
Ty auctioning off the boys #vancon

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN 1m
Looking adorable. @TyOlsson #vancon

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice 50s
Fan gives Ty sixer of beer; Ty sorrowfully observes Creation won’t like that, surrenders sixer to volunteer – but keeps 2 bottles
Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN 2m
Looking adorable. @TyOlsson #vancon
* Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN 54s
Ty: #spn was like winning the lottery. But actors who hold onto wanting a part so bad takes a toll.

“@FangasmSPN 42s
No, #vancon never did get cleaner. #naughtyboys @TyOlsson”

@FangasmSPN 50s
Finishing up #vancon with flair. @dicksp8jr and @TyOlsson boogie

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh 8m
‘Felony Bell’ is finally on stage!!

Kat Morgan ‏@ktkm 21s
The very funny @TyOlsson #VanCon #Supernatural

Caitlin Chandler ‏@woods2006gal Ty Olsson’s panel.

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Fan: what would Benny look like on a book cover? Ty: tuxedo on top and no pants. Fan: yep

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Ty is kind of bouncing off the walls. LOL.

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Ty calls out an audience member and asks what they are tweeting

Janet A ‏@wolviesgal @TyOlsson is on stage! They saved an awesome guy for last. 🙂

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Ty: this is why I’m not to be trusted. Grew up in dysfunctional family, violence. Teen years chasing women, drinking; same thing

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Ty: I’m very live in the moment, from growing up in foster homes and violence
* Ty: listens to its fans.

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN So… What I think he’s trying to say is that he doesn’t think about consequences

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Ty: if you don’t leave the past behind, it follows you.

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Male brains don’t develop understanding of consequences until 25; that’s why young guys do stupid things. My brain never developed!
* Seriously, when growing up with a lot of violence around, kid learns to detach; don’t develop connections
* Ty: SPN loves its fans and does listen to its fans. If you really want Benny back – email them relentlessly! (Partially teasing!)
* Perpetual violence, ballet of destruction, killing machine; I’d love to see Benny come back that way, like feral beast
* On way out, Rick makes eerie sound, waves mesmerizing hand, tells fan she’s now pregnant with alien vampire babies!
* Fan asks if Ty considered becoming something else; Ty says never knew whether he’d live to the next day, so didn’t dream, plan.
* Says a teacher/coach saw something good in him. Made him apply for role in high school production, coached him. Didn’t get

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh Lol Ty is rambling and it’s kinda hard to follow

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Ty would love to come back, but he’s not waiting for it. Does it, feels privileged, and moves on. And he took off his jacket.

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Singing heartbreak hotel.
* Yes, Ty did make out with Jensen’s face onstage. (On a banner….)
* Vampire reunion
* Surprise @rickworthy
* Ty allows a fan a butt pat for campaigning for Borealis.

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine @TyOlsson takes off his jacket to reveal a sleeveless shirt.
* Ty talks about his Grade 7 drama teacher who gave him so much encouragement

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo @TyOlsson Made out with J2’s banner today btw. “Soft porn” as he calls it

Claudine H. ‏@GeniusMadness Rick

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Rick makes his exit! Well, slowly. Lol.

In spite of late night karaoke craziness, the panels today are lively! This page will also be updated when info is posted!


tara-annie ‏@1tararod The fearless #Tequilamigos @TheJimMichaels @RUSS_MOVIEGOD looking quite similar & suave 4 the panel.

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jim Michaels said To get a Zeppelin song on the show would cost half a million dollars!

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Jim says he and @dicksp8jr got deported from Brazil together; were told they didn’t need visas, but did bcuz “employed” by con
* .@TheJimMichaels shows off BSK shooting sign – for “Bike Shorts Kevin” – laughs they must change signs all the time to dodge fans.
* Russ hasn’t yet paid Jim back for food prank: Jim got Russ in face with pie on tech survey! Jim promises to post photos
* Jim asked Kevin for his Twitter handle, tweeted – his followers increased by over 100 before lunch
* Jim had to binge-watch first 4 seasons; limited himself to no more than 5 per day. First crew he met was Russ picking up at YVR
* Asked whether presence of in-house VFX affect whether effect done practically, by makeup, or by VFX, said YES! Praised VFX Team
* Jim will cheap-out on other things to save the big pieces when possible

*Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN He came with his own #spn set sign :). @TheJimMichaels
* Day 2 starts with Adam saying @dicksp8jr does gay porn. Richard: hey, check out fanfic, not only am I doing it, I’m doing it well! #
* Yes, they change the signs during #vancon lol @TheJimMichaels
* Jokes the crew plays on new directors: quadrupling their order at a restaurant.
* Telling the story of operation moose drop aka the birth of Thomas.* The peoples choice award has your name on it, #spnfamily. We wouldn’t be here without you guys”.
* Jim is as upset that Ben Edlund got nabbed by Revolution as fandom is
* Telling the story of operation moose drop aka the birth of Thomas.
* the guys act out @TyOlsson’s worst pickup line: nice shoes, wanna f–k?

Karen K. Lee ‏@kalyrical Gen’s secret labour codename was “Operation Moose drop”!

@PadaAholic Charlie will never get killed via Jim Michaels

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Sir Jim Michaels on stage at
* Jim says that Kripke is still involved with SPN but he stole a lot of SPN’s directors and writers for Revolution

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN It’s @TheJimMichaels!*
* What happens to all the salt used? Trash, except for a time when J2 swept it up and sold it for charity in Chicago.
* Look who’s in line to ask Jim a question. Heh, heh. Should be good!
* Russ kept pushing her arms like that. Just pushed her out of way to ask question.
* With feature film, director has last say. With TV, it’s the producer. Hence many mixed resumes.
* Rich and Rob walking the aisles.

Tara Larsen ‏@taraslarsen @TheJimMichaels is doing a great job at

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis Hello #VanCon it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Producer @TheJimMichaels on stage!

@feliciaday: #SPN fans: Dropping in on #VanCon this Sat as a surprise guest, see ya there!” I’m so excited I can’t breath

Adam Williams ‏@adamwvfx I’ve never seen a happier crowd of tired and hung over people before.

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Spinoff episode 8 filming days in Vancouver, episode 20 filming days in Chicago

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh The spinoff’s pilot will be episode 20 of season 9


..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Richard Speight: “I don’t have a tattoo, but if I had one, it would be Jared and Jensen right here (pointing to his chest

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy TY and Rob got drunk in Rome and TY put Rob in a headlock, and banana head was his safe word!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic The signing banner

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie The signing banner

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Reunion! @SNkevinandjill greets Matt and Richard.
* Matt signs the con banner. Yes, that’s why I took the photo.
* Somehow answers to a question about desert island stranding involved all the guys in a love cave
* Matt to Rob: “From now on, when you think of me, think ‘gooeyduck.'” Rob: “Is it edible?” Crowd: “YES” Matt: “Want to find out?”
* Creation gets in on the theme of the Richard, Matt and rob panel. Yes, they all read it out loud.
Misha May. ‏@miraimay saw Misha headed out for his M&G with the ladies following behind like good little Minions.

“@mooselikejared: Rob proposed to his wife by saying “I was wondering if you wouldn’t min marrying me so much

B. ‏@allebsupernova Making fun of Rob. “He’s nervous to order coffee at Starbucks.”

“@MartiniHoudini: The most beautiful @mattcohen4real
* @dicksp8jr
* @dicksp8jr
* @RobBenedict

TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Highlight so far? Just had kisses from Kuma!!! #BestPuppy @SNkevinandjill

Rich doesn’t know if Gabriel is coming back. 😦 Writers are trying to figure out ways to bring him back, though, hence whiteboard
* Fan posing Matt as what his cheesy spn book cover would look like.

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy TY was partying the entire Jibcon & it was even hard to get him onstage cuz he was drinking lol Said they had to push him onstage

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo Kuma had a line-up for photo ops outside the ballroom.


Colette ‏@SuperntralAngel russ’ s binder there is a warning “this binder contains the following supernatural locations this has been cursed so back off”

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Before becoming a location guy, Russ was a truck driver, hauling produce. “We don’t do internships, we do slaves.”


Sue Nash ‏@suenash19 Have avoided places in the past because dangerous
* When filming on dangerous places – any security precautions etc? – lots of health and safety. Make sure shooting crew safe. Police

Larissa Craig ‏@thelarissaa the lovely @paigekmh on stage with @RUSS_MOVIEGOD

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @rthompson1138 chattin with the fans. Fellow Wings fan and we share the same last name.


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Russ films a get well message to a fan hurt in the line of GISHWHES duty
* Locations wisdom: leave a location nicer than you found it. And drink

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine .@RUSS_MOVIEGOD filming a get well message for a GISHWES participant who injured herself

Rebecca ‏@OneArmedPuppet The actors were instructed not to insert offensive language into other words, for example, “fan-fuckballs-tastic.”


Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Fan asks what was your favorite scene on Spn to @japastu he says “killing bobby!” Crowd screams! JPS “What?… Too soon?”

Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson1138 Blown away by the amazing fans at #VanCon– y’all are incredible!

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Mark S and JPS loved the contract scene. Someone actually wrote out the prop contract.
* Mark P enjoyed the paycheck from Dexter. Lol. He enjoyed working with the cast. ‏@lovebirdstiel James: I am the good guy. To me it’s a story about a couple of pricks who don’t do what I tell them to do
* Mark P: demons suck. Mark S: demons blow. James: demons ooze

Sherie ‏@MartiniHoudini The amazing Dick himself @japastu JamesPatrickStuart
* The brilliant @Mark_Sheppard
* The always handsome @MarkRPellegrino

Werner ten Hoeve ‏@Wern_r VFX talk outside of grand ballroom

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels fun with @MarkRPellegrino

Karen ‏@GYWKaren Mark Pellegrino
* Robbie Thompson

“@mcnamcj: mark, mark and James

TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Wow. A @Mark_Sheppard banner and photo op just went at auction for double what Jensen’s did!!!

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Mark Pellegrino


TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Ladies and gentlemen…the stunning and ridiculously awesome @feliciaday

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Fan – I’m trying not to faint. Felicia – I’m a webmd expert
* Our queen, miss Felicia Day!
* Neil Patrick Harris is very polished actor.
B. ‏@allebsupernova FELICIA!

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Yay! Felicia
* #spnfamily hugs @dicksp8jr and @feliciaday
* Inspiring. Felicia
* Felicia gives a shout out to @rthompson1138 for creating such a wonderful character

Risti ‏@ristispeaks Robbie Thompson: the one SPN production person who seems to genuinely NOT want attention on him

@Naficeh Chad just announced that he’s gonna be holding paranormal hunting at future creation cons!

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Felicia just finished shooting on ep; J’s were talking about con as if they expected her to be there, told her she should come
* Writing process: have an idea, write something, cry a lot, look at it again, cry more, edit, write, cry more. Just keep writing!
* Sebastian arrived during Felicia’s panel: took the mike to say hi and blow kiss. Felicia: A drive-by! A kiss-by!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Felicia: “what’s the point of hating Ben affleck as batman if we’re all going to go see it anyway? Why be miserable?”
* Felicia : Judge me all you want but I love what I love
* Richard came to stage and hugged Felicia

@TheJimMichaels: Enjoying the beautiful @feliciaday on stage at ROCHE

@FangasmSPN: Panel gets r rated. @sebroche
* Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Entire audience up and dancing to Daft Punk.
* Seb is doing sweet transvestite on chairs
* Question time. Not that Seb actually answers any.
* Seb answers questions from a chair in the audience. Oddly. Lol♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo Sebastian: I’m sorry I’m trying to listen
Richard: I know it’s not one of your strong suits

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Oh dear Sebastian is here

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice “My porno name is Sebastian Roche!”
* Also, in scene of dead Deans, can you spot the only two real people? VFX
* Expect to see a lot more color, depth & detail in effects like portal in #TaxiDriver – and Sam’s arms in finale will look diff

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Seb Thinks there should be an spn rocky Horror show
* Now we’ve got musical accompaniment and Seb is singing and dancing around!
* Seb Is now singing different genres/ versions if My Heart Will Go On

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie There are no words
* this is @sebroche trying not to swear
* Creeping out fans
* will need therapy
* He CANNOT answer a question
* Yes no okay with @sebroche
* Michael Caine

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Will Seb appear on The Originals? “Maybe

Kat Morgan ‏@ktkm that sweet transvestite, @sebroche .

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural this is the best photo I can get with my phone. Sebastien does not stand still… or answer questions, lol.

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “I love intelligent questions because then I can answer with stupid things”-Sebastian
* Sebastian about Jared poster: he’s not that good looking in real life

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural Richard berating Sebastien 4 not cleaning up his act. I think Hell will freeze over before he does that,

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit As @dicksp8jr just asked, what the hell was that – speaking about the Sebastian panel.


simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Misha Collins mention slash on his panel..:

@WinchesterBros: And the first place winners shake hands
* Now Misha and fans are decorating a girl for her birthday

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Is that an evil grin or what? @mishacollins
* Listening intently to a fan question. Perhaps with some foreboding too.
* Does Misha do all the items on GISHWHES? Misha: no, if I did them they’d be easy
* Fan: as an aspiring actress….forgot what I was saying. Misha: work on your memorization skills
* Misha discussing GISHWHES

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Misha is talking about living at a campsite for a few months as a kid and Sasha fell off a tree into a pile of poop

B. ‏@allebsupernova Misha’s on stage! He looks super scruffy! 🙂

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Misha talking about Haiti
* Misha
* Misha
* Misha discussing acting
* Trying to come up with “the strangest incident”
* #mishacollins
* Misha on identifying with Castiel

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN
* Got appendix out at age 11. Classmates came and girls brought him a penthouse calendar. Lol. Mom was not happy
* What an attention whore. – Misha on bill shatner
* Was pleased with Jeff Bezos’ participation I’m Gishwhes. Sky writers association wrote a ‘please stop’ letter
* Talk turns to underwear. Misha apologizes, didn’t mean to Sebastianize the panel
* Tsa America – is done. Three episodes. One features Daneel. Borderline tastewise. One has homoerotic vibe

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Misha’s describe the gishwes as benevolent terrorism

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha’s fav joke “guy thows snail across the yard, 2 years later the guy opens the door & the snail says hey what was that all about

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Fan tells @mishacollins she was “normal” until she discovered him. He says sorry she was like that & congratulations for moving on

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “When I saw 13 I carved the word why into my leg which kinda makes u drop a sad little tear… Also a peace sign.”- misha collins
* “NASA had some “sciency shit” to do.. Total cop out”-misha

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh
* Misha wearing a flower crown.
* When a kid starts crying you know you’ve crossed a line. Even for a drunk person
* Misha likes dialogues and accents and crazy shit like that.

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo

@moveslikehemo: Skywriting businesses contacted gishwhes to complain

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha wrote the Jared item (Getting a compliment from him) on Gishwhes because he knew it would never happen lol
* Misha on fans overwhelming him “It’s amazing and it’s thrilling and its totally f****d up
* Misha said some incidents have happened on set where there was alcohol involved “not that the WB would ever know that”
* Misha about West being evil to Maison “… Yeah… He’s a good kid

@Postalpixxie: Misha is wearing a garland of flowers on his head.


Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice How did GISHWES get started? Misha says doesn’t really know, but fond memories of crazy scavenger hunt back in college
* Hilarious descriptions of Misha’s instructional tax video make finding & watching it tempting
* You can’t be daunted by rejection; certain character-building aspect to people saying they hate you, which = not giving you job
* Misha starting to worry about whether he’ll be able to travel again after #TSAAmerica comes out!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Misha’s mantra when he’s in front of a camera is “try to remember your lines try to remember your lines.”
* @WinchesterBros: Misha says the pranking that goes on between him and Jared is sketchy but they’ve called a truce
* Misha says there will be sex btwn Cas & a char
* still decorating her
* And Misha carries her offstage
* Richard is scolding Misha for making a mess on stage.

@FangasmSPN: Wing envy.
* Judging the Castiels
* West named Maison ‘Sockeye’. Unfortunately it stuck
* The almost finished product.
* Misha and duct tape” eyes fall out of skull

みぃにゃ ‏@myinya花冠Msha!

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural Misha Collins
* Misha is talking about his children. West has named Maison, his little sister, ‘Sockeye’. So cute

“@moveslikehemo: “West pushed maison over and when confronted he said he could’ve pushed her harder…” -misha

@suenash19: Affectionately calls her Socky now. Pats her gently…. Then whacks her…
* Personal GISHWES challenge to Misha

Clarissa ‏@clarissa373 Misha Collins


Karen ‏@GYWKaren @MishaCollins checking out his doppelganger
* photo of 1 of 2 winners of Cas cosplay
* Photos Cas cosplay winners

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros Great costume contest entries!

VanCon rolls out again with great fun and mischief! Richard Speight Jr hosted Emily Perkins and Rob Benedict who began the panels followed by Chad Lindberg, DJ Qualls and Alex Zahara. Tomorrow panels: Jim Michaels, Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr., Russ Hamilton, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pelligrino, James Patrick Stuart, Felicia Day, Sebastian Roche and Misha Collins. Late night karaoke won’t slow this group down so see you all bright and early!

I was set hunting yesterday so today’s info will be updated!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Hey all you VanCon goers!!! We are SO excited to see y’all and catch up! Woohoo!!!

Tara Larsen‏@taraslarsen Thanks to all the #supernatural fans for meeting up. Great to see you all

Russ Hamilton ‏@RUSS_MOVIEGOD Yummy Food off the Guanaco Truck today. #RussBus

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg Getting on the road for….#Vancon. 😉

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo

Sad, Richard Speight couldn’t make it to #VANCON …But Porn star Cuddles Saxxon filled in! ;D
* And here’s the lucky fan who got called onto stage by Richard
Sherie ‏@MartiniHoudini Emily Perkins
* Rob Benedict

Kaitlyn Neely ‏@KJNeely Emily Perkins: “Jared requested a few fans in the room …twirly fans..

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh Emily and Rob!
Rob would wanna be a teacher because be loves kids. Awwwws all through the crowd

@FangasmSPN: Fan: how was it playing an obsessed fan? Emily: I don’t think Jared minded being worshipped and adored 🙂

Erin ‏@WineStainedLife Here we go again!

All Supernatural ‏@all_spn VanCon Friday: Rob Benedict and Emily Perkins Tweets and Pics


“@ChadLindberg: My #Supernatural Panel… ” I’m there… Yea

B. ‏@allebsupernova Chad on stage talking about Alex Cross. Wearing a Bert and Ernie shirt!

Adam Williams ‏@adamwvfx Congrats to @SpnUk on winning the #Vancon music video contest!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Richard and chad playing with the spirit box

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Chad asks his spirit detector to name the man on his right and it says RICHARD!!
* Fan asks Chad about Ash’s death and he said he thinks it was in a blaze of glory with the mullet on fire

strong>DJ QUALLS

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh DJ Qualls: “I smoked pot as a child
* DJ Qualls on facial hair: I look like a fetus with a mustache
* DJ Qualls has never seen people acting with their jaw muscles until Jared and Jensen
* Ewwww I hate body stuff!” -DJ Qualls

Karli Hildebrandt ‏@Karli_Shay He was hilarious, and adorable 🙂

@Naficeh: Jared took DJ out for drinks. They did shots. Jared was done for the day. DJ still has 2 more scenes

“@PadaAholic: Fan:Who you would kill and eat? DJ: Jensen.this could go downhill really fast

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros DJ Qualls

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic DJ says he can’t watch the show cz“I’ve seen(them) naked & crying in my bathroom so he can no longer attribute them to a character.
* DJ Qualls just told us Garth is coming back, his storyline is going to be insane AND it has something to do with Kevin

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Photo with @ClinteAndrew who was the hotel manager in Supernatural’s The Great Escapist


And here’s Meg 🙂


Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg Thanks for the fun tonight #Vancon Karaoke. You’re true rock stars. 😉

“@WinchesterBros: Chad Lindberg in the house”
* Emily Perkins and Rob Benedict singing. My Sharona
* Matt Cohen sharing his mic with the crowd

Adam Williams ‏@adamwvfx
* #karaoke

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice @ChadLindberg & @TheOnlyDJQualls rocking out in the audience!

@FangasmSPN: Rockin’ the boa @ChadLindberg

Karli Hildebrandt ‏@Karli_Shay Matt Cohen threw a t-shirt into the crowd, and guess who caught it!!!

ShiryuForever94 ‏@ShiryuForever94 Richard and Qualls

Chad Lindberg Fans ‏@ChadLindbergFan Chad Lindberg & His mom during Chad’s Panel

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Last night’s karaoke was a blast! Here’s a shot of @mattcohen4real & @dicksp8jr getting us started!

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Love Shack – Richard Speight, Jr, Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict.:
* Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Chad Lindberg:

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic He should be wearing this outfit all the time

Misha May. ‏@miraimay Chad was stealing cameras and videoing himself again.
* Karaoke was super fun.
* Karaoke was super fun.

Adam Williams ‏@adamwvfx #karaoke

@WinchesterBros: Great fun
* Matt Cohen and Richard Speight

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Rob and Richard talk Emily into dressing up in a dirty schoolgirl outfit.

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice .@Mark_Sheppard said missed karaoke because he might or might not have been working, depending on whether he’s dead or not

Brian Buckley Band on StageIt!

Brian Buckley Band ‏@followBBB
Last reminder about the full band acoustic BBB show tomorrow at 2 pm PST! Click the link and join us!! Thanks all!