2014-08-24 11.24.34-1VanCon has been a wonderful Supernatural experience so far but this morning’s HUGE news: JENSEN IS ON TWITTER!! Yes fandom, Jensen gave in, possibly to fan pressure but most likely from network pressure to join social media. “@JensenAckles”……. forever more! The following tweets are some reactions to the news and the worldwide trending on twitter also! So go follow Jensen…. and please play nice! (a verified Jensen Ackles at the end of the day!)

@JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily pic.twitter.com/vGPEitTqXA

Danneel HarrisAckles ‏@DanneelHarris Welcome to twitter my love!!!@JensenAckles ;-))
* @JensenAckles lil advice :Don’t drink and tweet, EVER! Proof read your tweets, if not sure ask a friend.. not Jared, he is still learning;-) jk

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad It’s official! I am hereby confirming that Jensen Ackles IS now on twitter. U R welcome πŸ™‚ @jensenackles #JensenAcklesOnTwitter

Adam Rose ‏@RealAdamRose Oh my god… @JensenAckles is on twitter.
#SPNFamily pic.twitter.com/SxAy00bj3t

Stephen Martines ‏@stephenmartines @jarpad @JensenAckles oh shit!

Rick Worthy ‏@rickworthy @JensenAckles @dragonembers At laaaasssttttt!….Welcome aboard Deeaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn…;)

Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson1138 #Supernatural screen grab reaction to @JensenAckles joining Twitter: pic.twitter.com/W0npwf9JJl
* @JensenAckles from @mishacollins: #Supernatural

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee @JensenAckles Has Hell frozen over?!?! #SPN #stilldontbelieveit

Julie McNiven ‏@Juliemcniven @jarpad @JensenAckles welcome to the twitterverse!

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins There goes the neighborhood…
RT @JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily pic.twitter.com/hEJdmt4UUG
* A few pointers for @jensenackles: 1) When you post something on twitter it’s called a “twit.”
* .@jensenackles 2) only 140 characters per twit. 3) @jarpad’s feed is all lies & 4) twitter won’t let u post pics with full-frontal nudity.
* Also, @jensenackles, twitter sends u a generous check when you “favorite” or “retweet” posts from anyone with “ishacollins” in their handle.

* Mitch Pileggi ‏@MitchPileggi1 @JensenAckles Welcome to the madhouse!

Sebastian RochΓ© ‏@sebroche @jarpad @JensenAckles Rejoice!!

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau Yes.. Join us @JensenAckles, we’ll take good care of you.. it’s only slightly dark and moldy, and we nibble furiously but don’t bite..

Gil McKinney ‏@GilMcKinney Thata boy! Haha β€œ@JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily pic.twitter.com/vGPEitTqXA

Felicia Day ‏@feliciaday Welcome to Twitter @JensenAckles! Here’s a picture you can use as your avatar! pic.twitter.com/uKiqWT1JbE

kim rhodes ‏@kimrhodes4real Look. JENSEN is on Twitter. I am NOT Jensen. Of this, I am sure. Because @JensenAckles apparently is an egg. It made sense in my head

Ty Olsson ‏@TyOlsson @JensenAckles you may have won the fastest twitter to 200 thousand ever

Jim Beaver ‏@jumblejim @JensenAckles You poor, poor guy. Welcome to the madhouse, brother!

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 I just landed and heard the news. Welcome to the party @JensenAckles

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels @JensenAckles About time! I am so happy that nobody will ever ask me again why you are not on here!

Theo Devaney ‏@ThisTheoDevaney Let’s all welcome @JensenAckles to Twitter!! Had to happen eventually. Welcome big man

@LaurenTom9000: Welcome to Twitter, son! It’s about time! XO Mama Tran @JensenAckles #spn #supernatural pic.twitter.com/WrA1btr6CQ
Jensen Ackles Gets Twitter http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/jensen-ackles-gets-twitter/37172

Madison McLaughlin ‏@MadisonMcLaugh Β·So @JensenAckles joined Twitter. Does that mean I can’t call him a dweeb on the internet now?

…and the END:

Jensen Ackles ‏@JensenAckles Great time today. Best fans ever