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Well from the last episode with Bobby getting shot in the head, I knew something really bad was gonna happen and YES IT DOES!! Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know!

From Eonline, we learn that Bobby goes to Purgatory, yes, to Purgatory and meets up with Rufus. I’ve seen pics and I believe that we’ll see how and why Bobby and Rufus had a rift! BUT, PURGATORY!!! So this mini-hellatus may end with Bobby still being gone! Tissue fans… lots of it!

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Ben Edlund…. What to even say about that man?  This episode Ben addresses healthcare, fast food additives and gives Jim Beaver several Asian nods for Jim’s trip to Japan! Jim even tweeted during the show from Japan. We hear terms like “quality of life, food that slows down your metabolism and causes weight gain.”  Cultural references include glamping, Pulp Fiction(a Supernatural favorite I think..) and my favorite, Jaws! This also is the quietest episode that Edlund has written, subtle and quiet. How many times can the word dick be used television, as in “The Rise of”? So let’s get to it friends!

 Sleeping bags in a bed in the boonies get defined: glamping- upscale camping, with all the conveniences of home! The campers get taken and hearing the guy being lunch, I realized this was gonna be a gory ep! And it was. We go straight from the comforts of glamping to the horrors of the Winchester’s new low living. The boys are running wire to hook up electricity for their new digs, some back woods cabin. “Cold showers, cold hot pockets, cold frikking everything” Dean says. Sam replies with “The lights at the Motel 6 are not on.” Bobby brings up Frank Devereux in the beginning so we know the guys have access to high quality paranoia stuff. The quality of  living  seems to be getting to them and to Dean especially. The fellows are talking a case and Dean pops open a beer and lies down, physically removing himself from the discussion. He goes on a tirade about saving the world three times, why not just let it happen? This gives us insight into his frame of mind.

After the FBI Winchesters interrogate a stoned Ranger Rick who hasn’t gotten around to informing anyone else about his partners possible disappearance, they sit down with Bobby to talk over their findings and eat some Biggerson’s specials! Brandon the waiter has already gotten into it with Dean and still ends up being their waiter. Brandon drops the plates in front of the guys describing them as “Big Bird(Sam), Ken Doll(Dean) and the creepy uncle(Bobby)! Afterwards we hear Brandon quit, stomping out of the food joint in a rage. This is the story. Brandon, an experiment gone wrong.  Bobby decides a hunting trip is needed to find the Jersey Devil. We discover some Bobby history: Bobby was an actual hunter before becoming a “hunter”, he grew up eating what he killed and he’s known these “boys” since they were very young. John Winchester dumped them at Bobby’s door with a six-pack in hand for pay. Bobby IS their surrogate Daddy.

The guys trek out to the woods for some all fashioned hunting, rifles and all. They locate the assistant ranger hanging high in the trees and they call Ranger Rick to come out for help. Ranger Rick gets there at dark, still stoned and gets taken by the Jersey Devil. The Devil hauls his body into the trees. Bobby goes all Karate Kid, telling the guys to turn off their lights, shut up and listen up! Closing his eyes to fire, Bobby nails the monster. Back in the cabin with the thing, the guys open it up, finding all sorts of nasty things that we can tell, smell really bad! Dean though, has no cares. Drinking, picking stuff of his jacket, he is hungry and emphatic about dinner. While eating, Sam notices that Dean is acting kinda piggish. Sam realizes that something is up with the Turducken Special(turkey, chicken and duck!) which most of the patrons are eating. While analyzing the sandwich which oozes smelly snot just like the monster, Dean goes into not caring about not caring. It’s truly funny but kinda not! Dean really doesn’t care. Stoned, Dean’s speak his truth.

We get two quiet conversations this episode, both with Bobby with the boys separately. Bobby finds out that Sam is still seeing Lucifer or that Sam is ok with seeing Lucifer. Either way, Bobby comments that Sam “always was a deep thinking little kid.” After Dean sobers up and starts in with the “I don’t care” conversation, Bobby tears into him about being not being a person, but more like the dead talking. “Whatever job you’re on, that’s who you are, a hunter.” Maybe a foreshadowing here but Bobby slams Dean hard with, “I’ll kill ya if you die before me!”

Back to the stake out, we see Brandon trussed up and being led into the warehouse. Bobby drags out a high-powered listening device that Devereux has provided. Seeing Dick Roman drive up, Bobby educates the boys on “The Rise of Dick. Dick doesn’t fear the hunters or anyone evidently. In this warehouse, the Doctor has been doing Leviathan experiments using the Turducken Special. The sandwich makes you complacent enough for the Leviathan to rule the world! The failed experiment here is Brandon who breaks the Leviathan rule of “there are no monsters!” Bobby listens and watches from a rooftop where we see the failed Doc, eat himself. Bobby also gets snatched, ending up in Dick’s office. Bobby tells Dick the boys won’t come because they’re outnumbered but we know that has never stopped them before! Sam and Dean walk through the front door with borax cleaning solution, firing it on the Leviathan to rescue Bobby. They all run out the door with Bobby bringing up the rear. Dick shoots at the van with Bobby barely making it into the van. When Sam gives Bobby his hat back, he notices the hole and becomes aware that Bobby is also shot. The episode ends with the boys yelling “Bobby”…

Well thank you Ben. It’s not enough that Dean has lost Cass, or that Sam’s head is broken or that Bobby has no home. Now we may have no Bobby! My thought is that Cass shows the next ep(I have no clue how) and will save Bobby. Or that Dean does something stupid because this ep sets up “Dean’s Perfect Storm”.  And again, Cass shows up. Either scenario is feasible enough for Cass to escape from wherever horrible place he’s been stored, maybe one last big hurrah from our nerdy angel!

Thanksgiving is the next week so December 2 is our last ep before the mini-hellatus! So much to ponder, so much to wish for! I hang on to the fact that our boys will live to hunt another day. Such a small, tenuous hold…    As always, let me know what YOU think! Til then…  stay supernatural!

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Thanks to all of you who looked at the contest but for those of you who participated, really thanks!

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Anita @sailorlaalaa got the closest with guessing the food was the issue! Congrats Anita! Let me know if you like to play games & I hope to have some fun ones! If you have any ideas, let me know!

So until we watch again…. Dec. 2!!

Wow!! This Thanksgiving break will be difficult not knowing how Bobby will end up! I’m throwing my hat in the ring right now that Cas will be back to heal Bobby! How else can it happen? Here is the promo for the December 2 episode. Notice “Death’s”  is in the possesive form.  Mmmmm…?  Follow me on twitter @trackerem!



Hey Fandom!! If you’ve listened to this week’s preview from Sera Gamble, you heard her say, “you won’t want to leave to go to the bathroom or miss the end!”!

 MMMM…..  So,  something fun for this fandom: guess the person & CLOSE to the twist & I’ll send something choclately from Texas plus a Tx shotglass! And I determine the “close” factor!

Leave your ideas here with me.  After both coasts showings of the ep, I’ll make my decision!

My guess is something having to do with Bobby all Leviathan like……  just my thought!

Have fun! Be creative!

Sera Gamble says “you don’t want to get up in the middle of this ep or miss the end”!!

Another fun episode of Supernatural starting with this: . Phil Sgriccia’s idea, executive producer and the gag reel guy for the show.  We learned new Supernatural info this ep: Las Vegas is like Shark Week, happens same time every year, Becky Rosen is sneaky smart and DJ Qualls really needs to come back for more hunting! We begin with Dean in a bar, talking to a stripper.

“I’ve got this friend..” shares Dean, which WE all know is code for “I’m talking about me.”  He laments how Sam dumped him during their Vegas week to trek through the desert. We’ve heard things about Vegas but had no clue there was a “Vegas week.”  The wise stripper sums the show up with “we all need to face ourselves sometime,”  talking about Dean. He gets a text from Sam telling him to wear his Fed suit and to meet him, four blocks down the street. Dean arrives and when the lights flicker, pulls his gun expecting monsters. Instead we get Sam, jovial, tuxed out and getting married. The entire scene plays perfectly with Dean not believing what he is hearing but finally responding with “What? Superfan number 99?” Sam’s points out that life is short, gotta seize happiness when we find it which was my exact thought from last week! Evidently Becky knew that the boys would be in Vegas and found Sam. Sam realizes that he loves her(!) and next thing we know, the two get married. Dean’s best line is “Doesn’t she need to ask for my permission or something?” This is the crux of the show.

Becky runs by her ten-year reunion to RSVP with Sam in tow. We get a glimpse of Becky’s motivation here with being called “Yucky Becky”. Becky meets her bestie Guy in the parking lot. My hinky radar went up when Guy shakes hands with “honor to meet you Sam.” Becky mentions Wiccan while getting an elixir from Guy so we learn  the how of Sam’s happiness and willingness to marry Becky!

A guy taking batting practise gets whacked and splattered by a baseball due to the obvious demon killer in the stands. Dean shows up at the newlyweds with a waffle iron to smooth things over but this blows up quickly when he sees that Sam is working with Becky on a job. Dean lays into Sam about how dreams are coming true in the town with death following right behind. Pointing out that Sam is Becky’s dream scares Dean more than anything else. Dean leaves and calls Bobby for backup. Bobby is busy but sends another hunter to help, Garth(DJ Qualls).  Please note here that DJ was way under utilized! He played his role well and could have had more.

Both hunting teams show up at the next possible victim’s business. Dean wearing a vested suit which sent the fandom swooning. Sam is with Becky who glares at Dean as they leave. The clothing itself is not a big deal  but they represent changes in Dean which are a big deal. Dean is smooth as a reporter but Garth just starts in with words like nefarious, black magic, hoodoo.They conclude that people are making deals with a crossroads demon but are being killed quickly for their souls. Dean tries to warn the wife but comes across as a threat which Garth says “cause it sounded exactly like a threat dude.” Dean saves the wife from a falling chandelier. Garth then takes charge leaving wifey in his cousin’s hands who just happens to be a tri-racial paraplegic sniper. And he said it with a straight face.

Sam gets woozi and realizes that something is not right. He starts to call Dean but Becky whacks him on the head first.  Sam is then hog tied to the bed with no pants on which is some of Becky’s dream honeymoon. Sam hears and sees who Becky is conferring with about the love potion number 9. Becky tries to explain herself but Sam slams her with “you rooffied me!” Gagging Sam so that Becky can’t hear what he saying, Jared gets in a “big boy” word that he and Jensen talked about at ChiCon. He says *f* you when gagged. Go back and listen!

Becky meets with Guy who ends up not giving away anymore elixir but will do business with Becky, a one day deal only. Twenty five years for her soul. Becky seems to contemplate this but later shows up for the agreement, using Dean’s lighter to fire up Guy in a devils trap. The boys have their game faces on when Guy’s intern attacks them all and lets Guy out of the trap. Guy says “oh crap” and Dean hears Crowley with the same “oh crap” sentiment. Crowley tells Guy, “we’re not Wall St., we are hell, we have some integrity.” We find out that this demon made deals and his intern then killed the suckers thereafter, having fast access to the souls. Crowley takes Guy. Becky signs the annulment papers and gets an affirming speech from Sam. Dean tells Garth he doesn’t suck which is the “best thing anyone has ever said” to Garth. Garth exits after hugging it out with Dean.

Most of the fandom wanted Becky DEAD: for giving Sam drugs, whacking him on the head and tying him up. Becky is the absolute Supernatural superfan. She loves the series. Knows everything about Sam and Dean Winchester and just so wants that romantic life. Becky says that the only place people understand her is on the message boards. They are grumpy and overly literal but at least they share a common passion.  Mmmmm, the fandom from these writers eyes. She did wrong but in the end made the right decision. I hope to see Becky and Garth hook up as hunters, the geek hunting dream team!

Our brotherly moment happens not over the hood but leaning against the trunk with the boys looking mighty fine. Sam does need Dean to watch his back. Dean knows that Sam is grownup. What I saw in this episode are the brothers coming to terms with being apart and being OK. Dean is not ok with Sam taking a walk about during their Vegas pilgrimage.  Sam can handle being away from Dean but like Sam said, “You’ve taken care of me your whole life. Take care of yourself now.” But what we know and what Dean realizes, is that Dean’s identity is all about taking care of “Sammie”. Who is he without Sam? Let me know what you think. As always….  stay supernatural!

2 Clips from the CW and one from another country!

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What a fun episode from the two new Bens, Acker & Blacker! We have more gore, tension, & female attraction than we’ve had in a while! I love the tv show, The Mentalist, so the title grabbed me straight off! I have to say that although I liked most everything in this ep, I have some ambivalence. See if you agree with me! Also at the end of this piece are live tweets from executive producer Jim Michaels and videos of the actual rock salt auctions from ChiCon and TorCon. Enjoy!

Beginning with a psychic, a Ouija board and spirit activity, we’re immersed in LalaLand, I mean Lily Dale, home of the most psychics anywhere and a true city! This particular psychic is stabbed in her throat with her own board planchette. Gory…  And the killings begin!  

With Baby on lockdown, Dean steals a beat up Dodge in which the theft NEVER gets reported, (the boys drive off into the sunset in it, ok it’s a street but still!).  Before the theft, Dean checks his phone messages with nothing from Sam. In the car the radio blares about strange deaths occurring in nearby Lily Dale, a job. In Lily Dale, Dean checks out the second murder scene where he discovers fake woowoo: curtain blowing buttons and triggers to make tapping sounds. Dean cracks a joke and looks around to share it with no on! Vacancy light on, no Sammie. Dean is lonely without Sam and I empathize.

 Hunting for the local diner, Dean finds a strange and bizarre world. After entering Good Graces Cafe and starting to leave due to ambiance, he hears Sam. Dean invites himself to sit and proceeds to talk more than I can ever remember! Sam says nothing for the longest time until Dean wisely says, “we’re both here & we’re not gonna leave until the killings stop, so let’s work together.” He tells Sam he’s not even going to ask where Sam’s been for the week and a half when Sam retorts “Good” with a “I’d rather die than tell you look.”  Okey dokey, the boys are back together again! They share what they’ve discovered and find a common factor, a necklace that both victims were wearing. This prompts them to visit the living relative,  granddaughter Melanie(Dorian Brown) who is also a psychic.

Sam and Dean show Melanie their FBI badges without a rock star intro which is just.  not.  right.  Dean really connects with Melanie so I’m hoping this may pan out as more than a “save one girl” trip!  The boys then head onto the Emporium where the necklace was donated. The made in Taiwan necklace throws out the “cursed object” theory. The next victim is a Russian spoon bender who levitates onto his forks and knives. Funny thing about psychicville, lots of tips on the possible killer. The consensus is it’s either a ghost or an ogre targeting Russians. While at this scene, Dean gets a frantic call  from Melanie. Her friend, Camille(Rukiya Bernard), had a vision of her death, just as Melanie’s grandmother & the Russian spoon bender. Both are dead so Melanie is rightfully concerned.

While investigating Camille’s house, Dean spies a camera which after rewinding and watching, the three see a ghost. The Winchesters proceed to the museum for more information, finding out this ghost had a so-so psychic sister. As the guys leave, the curator grabs Dean, imparting netherworld advice from Ellen: “you’ve got to tell someone how bad it really is before it kills you or I’m gonna kick your ass from the beyond.” My theory here is that although lying to Sam was eating at Dean, something else is going on. We’ve had some drug references to Dean starting when Lisa & Ben were Crowley-napped. So I think that it’s either a drug issue or a illness that Zachariah had given Dean. Yes, I realize that Castiel fixed those illnesses but what if…? My personal thoughts.

Getting the message from Ellen loud and clear, Dean confronts Sam about Sam’s silent treatment.  Dean gets right to the point here. He doesn’t know if he can fully trust Sam to not start shooting at an imagined Lucifer under pressure. This is why he kept killing Amy from Sam. During this exchange, Sam says “bull”. Jim Michaels tweeted during the show and said Jared really wanted to say “bulls#%8t”. For some reason, the guys both cursed a bunch here but THAT word couldn’t be used! This argument was imperitive for the two. Dean wins the argument hands down even though he did lie to Sam. Sam’s ongoing “wall crumbling” validates the need to lie.

 For their first bone burning and ghost attack, Dean’s lighter(where did that come from… again?) doesn’t work but Sam saves the day and Dean with a match to the bones. The ghost is trying to warn them about something but there is no listening, just burning. We next see Melanie & her friend Camille in Bobby’s revamped house, packing up to go to Melanie’s. We lfind out that the wrong sister’s bones were burned because Camille gets killed in front of Melanie. Dean and Sam are unhappy, especially Dean, about losing anyone. Melanie telling Dean about how the ghost was happy and enjoying killing Camille shows a Dean whom we don’t get to see often. Compassionate, tender with sweet expressions that will be fan posted everywhere soon. Good stuff.

The boys dig up the not so psychic sister’s bones in the daylight with Dean “feeling naked”. The bones aren’t there which Sam says “means someone has some powerful binding spirit.” Dean stays with Melanie because she’s grandma’s replacement to perform at the festival and most likely the next victim. Sam gets an address from the Emporium owner for someone buying an ashwood altar. The ghost appears at Melanie’s and is determined to kill her. 

Sam bursts into a Lamaze class(he is pregnant you know!) and realizes that Jimmy the Emporium owner is the true bad guy. Finding Jimmy and reasoning with him, doesn’t work. Jimmy shoots at Sam and in the first real live murder committed by these guys, Sam kills Jimmy. Sam shows regret but this felt like murder. Yes, I do know that Jimmy was killing people with a summoned ghost but Jimmy himself, had yet to commit physical murder. Sam burns the bones which are located in the bed giving Dean the one liner “can’t believe he was boning her.”  End of killer sister ghost.

 The boys seem happier, eating in the diner when Melanie enters. Sam leaves giving the two  privacy. Melanie thinks that the guys won’t be back and holds Dean’s hand for a reading. Dean has such a hopeful look here it made me cry. I think that they will return to Lily Dale, NY.  Yes, I do!

Dean asks Sam about his stuff in the trunk and if he still wants to break his face. For some reason, Sam isn’t furious anymore but wants Dean to be truthful with him about his emotional health, his drinking, and not sleeping. Dean agrees that it had accelerated and that lying to Sam kept him crawling the walls.

This episode slowly and maturely forced Sam and Dean to talk. If anyone knows that life is too short for crap, it’s these two. Should they have to rehash that sentiment weekly? Maybe for the sake of all of us non-hunters who kinda think we’ll have a tomorrow. Perspective is everything. For Sam and Dean, life is short. Dean thinks black and white. Sam just…. thinks.  Between the two brains and hearts of the brothers Winchester, exists a solid hold on their reality. Please let me know if you agree or disagree and know that disagreement is welcome! Until the wedding next week…. stay supernatural!

Jim Michael tweets during the ep!

REAL WOOWOO from the fandom!  Jensen suggested using the salt from this ep for charity. He and Jared auctioned rock salt bottles. ChiCon auction,vid by HemophiliacZebras: raised $5500  :   

TorCon salt auction raising $3500.