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Supernatural Fans!

Hellatus is ALMOST OVER!! Ok, Jan. 6th is just a little bit away but getting the synopsis for the new shows help! So here it is for Jan. 13th ep.

“Time After Time After Time” JASON DOHRING (“RINGER,” “VERONICA MARS”) AND NICHOLAS LEA (“THE X-FILES”) GUEST STAR; DEAN GETS STUCK IN THE ‘40S — Sam  and Dean  tangle with the God of Time (guest star Jason Dohring), who sends Dean back to 1944, where he is immediately arrested by none other than the one and only Eliot Ness (guest star Nicholas Lea). While trying to figure out how to retrieve his brother, Sam is surprised by the reappearance of an old friend. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson (#712).

Phil is a great  director and is also the “gag reel guy”!  Robbie wrote a one of my favs,”Slash Fiction”. So I am very excited about this ep! Til then fans, stay supernatural!



Hey Supernatural Fans! Good news from Misha Collins! He will return to Spnl sometime for unknown number of episodes. Misha also posted this pic which he promised that he would in the event his friend won a contest! So, here it is!

Misha Collins: “I said if u guys voted for my friend & she won that art contest that i’d post a photo of myself naked on a horse.”

Last week’s review title was “Bobby Cannot Die”. In this week’s episode Bobby is dead. Where do we go from here? Better question of course, is where do the Winchesters go from here? How do they cope or will they? I think not. We’ve seen Dean’s steady decline, Sam heroically dealing with his wall crumbling and now Bobby dies. Or is he dead? Cast your vote at the end of this review. The VoiceofTV poll will stay open until we know what happens to Bobby! This was a wonderfully acted, filmed and directed episode of Supernatural. Jim Beaver killed it. Period. I was everywhere Serge Ladouceur, director of photography, wanted me to be and Bob Singer, who directed,  knew he had us at the get go with the blood dripping onto Bobby’s gun….  And so we begin.

I make four points from this episode: 1) The how and why of Bobby Singer as a surrogate daddy. 2) The person who shows up to take Bobby isn’t a Reaper. 3) Dick Roman is not stupid but is scared for some reason and 4) Dean and Sam’s survival. First, Bobby has been shot and realizes that he is also dying. His final effort to take care of the Winchesters is to survive the gunshot, and to leave them the info he swiped from Dick Roman.  He has something so important to share that he’s not leaving this earth until the boys get it. This episode had so many people involved and yet the only focus was Bobby and his relationship with the Winchester boys. I’m reviewing this episode differently this week due to the craziness of Bobby dying and because I cry going back over all of the pieces of the ep!

 Bobby’s childhood made him into the man he became, the good, the bad and the awesome. We find out that Bobby killed his Dad and then buried him behind the shed. I see Bobby eventually going back to burn those bones if he hasn’t already. Bobby doesn’t leave anything up to chance. We also discover that Bobby was never going to have kids, even with his beloved Karen. The argument with Karen about this decision was THE regret of his life. In spite of not having his own flesh and blood kids with Karen, Bobby is given the chance to mentor “two adopted boys”, Sam and Dean Winchester. Please know that I don’t judge John Winchester for his actions. I think that John’s initial motivation was revenge but after discovering the “supernatural” realm, he truly became a “superhero”,  killing monsters and saving the innocent. The Sam and Dean personalities we know today were formed from both John and Bobby. Where John taught the boys great skill and diligence, Bobby filled in ALL the gaping holes. This was the Winchester village for raising boys.

In the afterlife, Bobby went straight to his hunting partner Rufus. Up to this point, we’ve had no clue their bond’s strength. For Bobby to survive, Rufus tells him to walk through the door of his worse memory. So we see Bobby remembering his childhood, being abused and killing his dad. Yet this wasn’t his worse memory. During a hunt with Rufus, a ghost calls Bobby a “heartbreaker”. When Rufus asks about this, it triggers Bobby’s worse memory, never getting past telling Karen he wouldn’t have kids. From this scene, we experience the depth of Bobby’s love and protectiveness. Bobby is not the “uncle”, he’s a Daddy. The so-called Reaper tells Bobby, “You were handed this small, unremarkable life.” Bobby responds with, “I don’t care! They’re my boys!” And then with the best lines ever uttered from Bobby:  “As fate would have it, I adopted two boys. They turned out great. They grew up heroes!” More tissue as my sobbing continues….

Secondly, I do not believe for a moment that whatever came to get Bobby is a Reaper. Not for a moment! I don’t know where this story is going but a Reaper means death, really, and I’m not convinced Bobby is dead.

Concerning Dean and Sam, Dean is smashing glass but not people. He confronts Dick Roman who shows up at the hospital to rub salt in this proverbial wound. Dean calls Dick out but the cellphone pics are going crazy in the background, so nothing happens except that Dean tells him “I’m gonna kill you”.  Dick snickers in response with “I can’t be killed”. Dean leans in, “Then you’re gonna wish you could.” Dick’s demeanor changes ever so slightly. We know the Leviathan are not stupid so I’m guessing Dick is scared. Kinda like Chuck Norris, when Dean Winchester tells you you’re gonna die, well, prepare…

Sam sits quietly in the hospital, vigilant, calm, watchful and getting the updates from the doctors. Also he rubs his palm like there is no tomorrow. Noticeable here is Jared’s red nose and red palms. When there seems to be something going on, a nurse lets the guys know that Bobby is responsive so surgery is now an option. She tells the boys to quickly talk to Bobby before he is carted off. When Sam holds Bobby’s hand, telling him “thanks Bobby, for, uh everything..”, Bobby responds by opening his eyes and pulling his oxygen mask off. Trying to speak, Dean tells him not to but looks for something to write with. Bobby manages to write the numbers 45489 on Sam’s hand. This takes all the strength Bobby has left except for telling the boys that he loves them, the only way that Bobby could. He calls them “idjits”…  With these words, Sam and Dean are so very hopeful that all is well. It’s not, with those words, Bobby flatlines. Bobby is dead.

 I end by saying “thank you” Sera for a remarkably written episode. I hated Bobby dying but I loved everything  else: the filming, the directing, the heart wrenching acting. Until January 6th, 2012 fans. Stay supernatural and vote here for your thoughts on Bobby! An “other” box is included to add your opinions! 

What does 454895 mean? Share your thoughts!

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