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Hey Supernatural Fans! I’ve had graduation,  a daughter moving & life happening! But I am now home to report, repost & just plain ol’ make sure that YOU the fan, can get ALL of the most up to date great sneaky into the lives of our favorite actors & of course, Supernatural! Enjoy this site! It is fan fed, updated constantly about the Spnl convention in Brazil! Thanks SuperWiki!
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We will add links from reports and pics from #risingconbrazil to this page as we get them:

Supernatural Fans! CW will be starting our season 6 starting tonight with “Exile on Main Street”! Woo hoo!! Thanks WinchesterBros for the info!
WinchesterBros Winchester Bros

Too funny!! One of Gen’s bags get left at the station. Jared stops All of the trains in the area by hitting the emergency stop button! Richard Speight & Mark Sheppard tell the story!  Vid by! Thanks!

For all of you/us who do not know what a slash fan is, this directly from Sam & Dean by ! Thank ya!

Brazil Con coming up! Very Cute little beach bum!!

AJ Buckley has been on CSI as a lab rat & did this interview with Anna Adair in Lousiana! AJ tweeted this!
AjohnBuckleyAj Buckley 
Scene TV with Anna Adair: Tuesday, May 24

Hey Fans! Looking for good stuff already(did I mention a long hot summer?!) concerning our awesome cast & crew! Here is the Hot Top 100 from cadlymackCarina MacKenzie! Enjoy!!
Darren Criss and Jensen Ackles: Straight guys gay guys love – Favorite headline ever? Perhaps.

Update time! .by Steve Carlson on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 3:33pm.

It’s been a while so here goes… – I will be performing in my home away from home, Nashville, TN on Friday, June 3rd at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. The following night (Saturday, June 4th) Jensen Ackles & I will be doing a concert playing some of the songs that we have worked on over the years. Tickets & details are on Creation’s website at – There will be a live album released with music from the last few London tour dates. Plans for a UK trip are in the works. We are just figuring some last minute details. – Sin City Weekend is going to be insane. Some of the plans have made me ask the promoter “Can we actually do that?” 🙂 I know it’s extravagant & I apologize to those that can’t afford it. Las Vegas is a decadent town & this is a first class type of event so it’s tough for them to bring the overhead down without sacrificing the integrity & quality of the experience. Tickets for that here: – Christian Kane’s single “Let Me Go” comes out soon and I will be on the road with him throughout the summer and fall. – Other than that, I have to give thanks to everyone for the tremendous amount of love and support. I can’t wait to see you and hopefully soon! Cheers and love, SC .

WE ARE COUNTING DOWN!!!!!!!  Here is a FUN article with possible spoilers! So read or not… & lets count the hours until the end of our season 6!!! STAY SUPERNATURAL!!

Really good article concerning tv horror!!