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The Anti-Possession Symbol!

As Supernatural Fans we generally appreciate knowing stuff about Supernatural! This was just tweeted & I love it! Read this & learn from Nathan Brown!

Want to see a real symbol that might be origin of tattoo Sam and Dean bear on their chests?


More drama for the “drama king”! This post is from someone on the locations tour Monday with location manager Russ Hamilton.

Seen from the front of the bus, this smoke. On the phone, Russ, discussing his small problem! One thing Russ said about his job, which he loves, is that the troubleshooting is quite the trouble! Today would be one of those times!

Sorry for our show’s loss of set, sorry about the fire! No one getting hurt, the positive!



Ok Supernatural Fans!! Due to the crazy data charges in Canada, I’m posting everything from peeps who posted, tweeted & emailed ALL THINGS SUPERNATURAL! I will keep posting & reposting. So enjoy….. these things supernaturally!!  FYI: last week I posted that an inside source posted that Spnl had signed a new season already, again…. an inside source! Jared mentioned that season 8 looks good! Guess what?! I think that Season 8 is a given!! It’s a done deal & from this source, we’re hearing that Spnl will continue!! Goood times!! 

 The producer giving the fans a hand for supporting Supernatural!
Misha’s panel, adult rated!! 

 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki General Q&A Photos: Here are 21 photos of Jensen and Ja…
 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Gold Breakfast Photos: Here are 14 photos of Jensen and… Vancon: Misha and blowjob DUCK, & Misha paranoid of stalker-Sebastian
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros

Adding more #VanCon pics to
@DivineTheSeries will remain online, it will not be available on DVD. 
New eps of @DivineTheSeries will air each Sunday
Jensen doesnt think there is a happily ever after for Sam & Dean. 
Jensen thinks we love Jared more than him because Jared’s on twitter.  
Jared’s been nicer to Misha now that Misha is a father. Jensen says he has no idea who Misha Collins is. These two ladies came to #Vancon sporting awesome Mullet shirts. I was so honored!
mattcohen4realmatt cohen
 getting ready for VANCON KARAOKE and some fun with the SUPERNATURAL FANDOM tonight!! bring a friend, a 60’s outfit, another friend, and u!!
The equally ever-gorgeous Mr #JensenAckles 🙂 
J&J Panel today: The ever gorgeous
Btw this was totally Misha and Jensens idea!!! #VanCon LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!
Crew started hanging ducks so that the taller actors would see them and ‘duck’ and not hit their head. But they ran out of ducks. 
Jared deep fried a Kitkat first then a cupcake and ate it. “and then Gen took the deep fryer away from me.”  
Divine: The Series
DivineTheSeriesDivine: The Series


VanCon 2011!!

Hiya Supernatural Fans!! Vancouver is beautiful but for many of the fandom, will be much prettier tomorrow when “the Boys” of Supernatural make appearances!

For a first Spnl convention, this has been the bomb! Great fun, new friends, & the entertainment factor is off of the charts!! Twitter friends have been found, slowly but surely, fun Spnl artifacts for signatures & bragging rights & oh yeah….  the wonderful cast & crew of our favorite tv series!

Yesterday, the fandom was entertained by Colin Lawrence, Richard Speight, Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg followed by a wild & wooly night of Karaoke including Sebastian Roche,  Guy Norman Bee & Matt Cohen.

I have loved these characters but facing them one on one or one hundred to one.. has been enlightening! The entertainment factor of course, is fullout non-stop but getting to know the person factor has been mind opening!

For example, Richard as the “Trickster” I have loved but watching him interact with the fans, friends & others, raised my respect tremendously! Guy Bee was the total real person, visiting with fans, taking time, responding, never in a hurry to leave! There is a reason that he is a fan favorite!! He respects & appreciates the fans!!

I have been totally without my phone & camera for international reasons but will compile a #vancon post as soon as I am able! I hate to think that this weekend will lead to a new addiction but it just might!! Hitting the sack due to massive amounts of nonsleep! Later…. supernaturally of course!

Hey Spnl Fans!! This interview happened last week & posted this morning!! From the boys on set in Vancouver! September is getting closer!!!!!
Supernatural on Set – Jensen & Jared E! Online Interview – P.1 via @youtube
Three new video interviews with Jared and Jensen!! Misha spoilers!!!

Kiss Your Cass Goodbye!!

 Well Supernatural Fans!! What a kicker tonight!! Rerun about “the Mother of all..” WITH a promo telling us to kiss Cass goodbye!!! Castiel tells us that the “old Cass” is gone!! Whew!! Cannot wait until September 23!!

“Duck Nation” Sweeping the Supernatural Nation!!.

“Duck Nation” Sweeping the Supernatural Nation!!.

Clif had to know what he was getting into with the SOS for duckpond ducks!! He’s posting lots of pics from the global duckdom of Supernatural!! Looks like everyone is enjoying them!! These are Clif pics & titles! Enjoy!!
bodyguard4JandJClif Kosterman

Clif watching over J and J
Clif Kosterman
Some hippie dude by the duck pond
Our first UK duck , ironically a US Astronaut from 12 The Street it says , no other name 
Sam and Dean from Jaimee in Quebec. So badass
The crew going crazy over duck nation
42 new ducks and a speed boat for cruizin the pond
Omg too awesome
Evil duckage
New VIP pool, we got 42 new ducks today from the UK. Quebec sent a Sam and Dean pair w/ ass’td gear, pics to come 
198 and counting
Kana is ducked out
Looking good

Drunk Ducks!!

bodyguard4JandJClif Kosterman

Clif said he thinks Dean duck snuck in beer, the ducks are not floating quite upright!!Address to send your ducks to:

Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

OR bring them to VanCon!!