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‘Bitten”….. how to begin?! This honestly wasn’t a favorite but I didn’t hate it to the point of changing channels! With that said, from twitterville: most people hated the episode with approximately 1 out of 5-6 liking it with a handful loving it! SpoilerTV posted a poll which I’ve included so vote! “Bitten” at first watch stands by itself but delivers emotional tie ins paralleling the Winchesters. Written by Robbie Thompson and beautifully directed by Thomas Wright, Supernatural pushed the fandom’s tolerance as usual. The biggest complaint was not enough Sam and Dean and I confess, that too is MY only negative thought. So onto thoughts and a recap!

“Bitten” opens with Sam and Dean discovering a bloody corpse and blood painted walls that were also a person. Finding a sticky note with “play me” on a computer, a young woman, Kate(Brit Sheridan), narrates the story. Kate meets Brian(Leigh Parker) and Michael(Brandon Jones) making a video which they have no theme as yet. Filming, the boys close in on a group of women until a cute feisty blonde aggressively approaches the two young men with her own camera. Seems she’s a camera fan too thus beginning the love story between her and one of the men, Michael. Brian of the duo, records himself saying, “In a world where nothing is as it seems…” laying down the ominous tale of this human/monster story which parallels the Winchesters.

* Kate and Michael hook up with lots of kissing through the episode. My question: why is this never the Winchesters?

* Kate dreams of being a lawyer, Brian thinks he’ll work for HBO and Michael desires to sail the seven seas with Kate at his side. Dreams for the future, just as Sam has always expressed. Dean, not so much.

* Sam and Dean introduce themselves at the initial crime scene as Agents Rose and Hudson. The kids record the introduction between the Winchesters and the local law. Quite the perspective watching the boys work without us being right in the middle of it! I prefer immersion! FYI: Did anyone else notice Sam’s scruffiness?

* The hand-held cameras go ‘Blair Witch’ everywhere. While brainstorming upside down from a tree, the two men see Dean and Sam disagreeing about “this is a case” “this isn’t a case”. The guys laugh that the FBI agents have some kinda office romance going on. These bromance bits are hilarious and never get old!

*  After viewing a bully getting rejected, the bully chases Brian and Michael into the woods where they’ve run separately but something attacks Michael. Fuzzy here but it seems that Brian scares the ‘whatever’ off before Michael’s heart gets ripped out. Michael fortunately taped the attack which includes a clue to his attacker. Brian decides to document Michael for his video.

* Michael’s bite heals supernaturally and leaves him with superhuman strength which makes Brian jealous. This threesome wasn’t going to end well from the beginning scene of Kate choosing Micheal with Brian looking on. 

*  Dean and Sam knock on the kids’ door for questioning later and Kate films the conversation. The three realize that the suits aren’t FBI but are hunting something not human, whatever is killing people.

* Watching Michael’s attack on video, Brian discovers a frat pin, recognizes the owner and confronts the man. The professor is a “pure blood” which mostly means he can control his heart eating desires. Brian threatens death with a silver blade unless the prof bites him which the prof does. Brian sets up a camera in the prof’s office for his safety but the footage clues the college threesome in on Sam and Dean being hunters.

* The Winchesters burst into the prof’s office for questioning but the teacher is wolfing out. Dean kills him, the prof says a grateful “thank you” as he dies indicating his conflicting human/monster life. The werewolf professor had survived without killing anyone but tells Brian that he’s always tempted to kill for human hearts. Thus the monster dilemma the Winchesters face each week: to kill or not to kill and who judges which monsters get to live. 

* Brian returns home to find Kate and Michael packing up to escape the hunters. Brian’s in love

photo @leighparker

with Kate, tries to alpha up and a wolf fight ensues. Brian kills Michael with his silver blade, and Kate goes ballistic. Brian responds by biting her which she then embraces only to decorate the wall with Brian’s blood and bits!

* This is where Dean and Sam enter initially, finding Michael’s body and Brian’s movie on the computer wrapped by Kate. After viewing the documentary which ends with Kate imploring the boys to leave her alone, Sam expects to hunt her. Dean seems to be mentally embroiled with something.  They weigh her case with what they’ve learned: Kate has the ability to control her appetite for humans, she has yet to eat a human heart, and she desires to live life normally. The Winchester guidelines for letting monsters live or not. Also, Dean’s not shocked by the kids assuming a relationship with Sam but more interested in knowing if he really says ‘awesome’ too much!

* Kate pleads her case that Michael wasn’t always a monster and that none of them chose this for themselves. This of course is Sam’s seasonal conflict: he was forced into hunting, he now wants to stop. Dean is embracing his inner warrior much like Brian desired superhuman powers.

I personally am neutral about the episode. I prefer seeing the Winchesters more but I enjoyed the ep for the innovative approach which the Supernatural writers are known for. Please take the SpoilerTV poll! Til next week, see ya! 

POLL : What did you think of “Bitten”? …

Milo Greene “Whats the Matter”

I normally just put the breakfast and the J2 panel together but there is soooo much! So, this is the J2 panel with Jim Beaver finishing! Great ChiCon and tickets will be sold after Gold holders upgrade theirs! Thanks for hanging out with me!

WFB Supernatural‏@WinFamBusiness Creation is bringing out the sturdy chairs. Something new this year since Jared kept breaking the folding ones

* Now the room is quiet. You could cut the tension with a knife! Hurry up @jarpad!

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Boys on stage! Standing room only in the back

Natália Winchester‏@spnfansbrazil  Jared & Jensen
*  Jared & Jensen
* Jensen Ackles

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder  Q: How long are you going to grow out your hair? *Jared throws his mic

@arefe2: Seems now that Gen is there with Jared,she made him change his cloths for panel

@DNMMagazine: J2 on stage!
* Jensen asked for lots of dirt and blood for purgatory scenes thinking it was a one time thing. Regrets it now!

Jαяеd Рαdαlескι Fαиѕ‏ @Jared_Online  Jared did the camera work on the Angeles vid.

Sarah :)‏ @wfsarah  “It was like artistry in motion…” Jensen on the camera work in Steve’s video

Jace ‏@Jace736  Jensen: we will answer as many questions as possible as long as directed at me Jared has a different shirt because someone threw up on him. *Jensen: sorry about that. Too many tacos
* Jensen singing on Steve’s album; this after said wouldn’t sing. Jensen said Steve had to convince him
*Evolution of characters: Jared says Jensen has such grasp on Dean since pilot & can be seen throughout
* Dean had unicorn scene: Jensen-I knew it; Jared-Dean knew it
* It was Jared’s first kiss scene & because of height had to do odd poses so not romantic
* Will they ever hunt in warm climate? As much as they’d like to, but part of it is long sleeve needed for padding
* They get driven to & from work since season 1 so they arent tired after 16 hours of work & something would happen
* Then Thomas coo again to which Jensen says really? Just like your father!

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros  Jared getting gift for Thomas
*Worse to film hell or purgatory, hell hard but likes how Purgatory 1st 

*  Boys in stage
*  Pie eating contest? Jared would Dean his way through!
 * Jared getting gift for Thomas
* Fave costume Jensen has worn – cowboy funniest gym teacher
*  What like kissing Alexis bledell? Gen popped her head out w/ Thomas! *
 * Dean on witnessing unicorn scene? “I knew it”
* J2 
* Jensen about gym shorts like his coach 
* Watch earlier eps for research Jared 
* Jensen speaks to crying Thomas, this is Uncle Jensen, time grow up 2 discipline, b4 u get bigger than me, just like your dad!
* Someone laughing that Jensen is 35 
* Describing meal Danielle made 
* Jensen signing
* Signing
* Jensen signing #chicon

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah   Thomas threw up on Jared, hence the new shirt ! (I assume it was Thomas, but Jensen claimed responsibility
*  Jared is being really sweet in talking about Jensen
*  “I Dean my way through pie.” Jared, on how he’d beat Jensen in a pie-eating contest
*  Jared says he hasn’t had a haircut in 8 years that wasn’t for SPN. He wants to grow it out–he likes it longer.
*  “This is when everybody falls asleep…” Jensen, on a question being asked for Jared
*  SPOILER ALERT: Jared: “On Wednesday, we both costume out.”
* And I looked good…” Jensen, after being reminded of his liederhose
* Jared: “Once the word Misha comes out, we’re all wondering.” After a question about Misha.
* We’ll, I’m hoping.” Jensen, after fans shout out the next car he buys should be an Impala
* Jensen: “we’re dumb guys sometimes.” On the wrestling match/”fight training” with Mish
* Jensen’s talking about Danneel’s cooking–it’s super sweet.

 @DNMMagazine  : Jared wants Sams tombstone to say: never really died. Jensen: the older taller brother
*  Jensen, Sam accepting his role as Deans partner 
 * Jensen to a fan who has a ghost in her house “haven’t you watched the show you know what do to get rid of it”
* J2
* Jensen chooses to ignore supernatural happenings “that spoon didn’t really move across the floor
*  Jensen to fan ” I spent the last 8 yrs training” if he comes across a ghost
* Jared will tweet pic Thomas yoda for
* Jensen takes part in a haunted house. Likes to scare teenagers
* Jensen has participated in the past 4 yrs at a haunted house as one of tje people that jump out
*  Fan to jared “what was it like to kiss Alexis from Gilmore girls?” in response Genevieve popped her head out from the stage
* Hard to hide weapons in shorts. Jared: can’t hide a gun in fishnets
* Jared’s fav meal is a tomato soup with a steak and salad the Gen makes.
* danneel is a fabulous chef. Jensen’s fav meal she cooks is a pork loin with a sauce
* they were to make a movie with unlimited budget it would be Supernatural in Hawaii and bring everyone back
* Jared holds up Thomas on his way out, fandom explodes. Thomas is not fazed at all
* Jensen sneaks in the side door for autographs

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness  Jared fell out of his chair again. This time it didn’t break
* Jensen prefers purgatory to Hell. Jared thinks that makes a great quote
*  Jared wants to do a hangover episode. They wake up and go, “What happened?” I’ll watch that!
* Jensen wants a flashback episode where they recall the good old days. Jared – “The hangover episode!”
* Dean’s reaction if he saw the unicorn. Jensen demonstrated. “I knew it.” Sam’s reaction? “Dean knew it
* Why not a lighter wardrobe? You can’t hide weapons with shorts and a tank top. Jared said the demon knife looks weird in fishnet.
* Thomas is crying in the background! It’s distracting Jared
* Jensen doesn’t have a car. When he does …”The Impala!” fans shouted. Jensen is hoping, but that would mean the show would be over.
* Jensen told Misha that when that happens, he’s supposed to tap out. Misha – “Yeah, that’s good to know
* Jensen was in the gym this wknd and turned on the TV.”Boom, my face.” A woman was there and he slyly smiled. She was confused
* Thomas interrupted Jensen again. “Seriously! Just like your father
* Jim Beaver walked in and Jensen made it a point that he would bring him back
* Missed this! Jensen when addressing Thomas said he would show discipline until he got bigger than him. “No doubt when you’re 12.”
* How long is Jared going to grow his hair? “Forever.” Fan reply – “Rapunzel?”

 @FangasmSPN : Dean’s low voice was a character decision on Jensen’s part to emulate John

Jαяеd Рαdαlескι Fαиѕ ‏@Jared_Online  Jensen on the evolution of Sam, We won’t talk about the whole demon blood thing
*  Jared, best evolution of Dean character: not as much of a womanizer, cares about saving the world
*  Jensen: “I savor it.” Jared: “I plow through it.” they were talking about pie
* Thomas will be Yoda for Halloween! Jared not sure yet. We could hear Thomas crying backstage
*  “I love her! You shut up!” Jared, after a fan shouted they loved Gen

Carry On‏ @CarryOn_SPN  Jensen likes the way they’re shooting Purgatory
*  We can all hear Thomas backstage

Cris Hazel‏ @CrisHazel  Fan : “We’ve seen Jensen in […] Lederhosen.” Jensen: “And I looked good
*  Jensen gets so much joy out of scaring teenagers in a haunted house for the past four years

Jensen Fan Chile‏ @jensenfanchile  Jared just stopped the panel so we could hear Thomas. “I thought he had an opinion!”

Ken Doll‏ @ProudIdjit  “Him too? That cheapens me!” Jared, when a fan said she loved Jensen AFTER saying she loved him

ŘÉĐ-ẼŷēÐ Ðểmöח‏ @Pinkmoon911  Jensen has a shirt with Sam’s face on it and wears it to scare teenagers at the haunted house he’s a part of every Halloween
* Jared laughs at gym teacher says script called them plum smugglers, Jensen-they just wanted me in short shorts, rest was my idea
*  Danneel sometimes refuses Jensen when he asks for his favorite meal. Jensen: Why? Danneel: You won’t long for it

Winchesthor.‏ @keepcalmspn  Jensen covers for Jared: “You told me that when you kissed Gen you forgot all about kissing anyone else. I got you covered, buddy.”
* Jared: “Misha is known as the victim during wrestling

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder  Supernatural has taught Jared that things take time
* Jensen: “I don’t have a car.” Jared: “Hippie!”

Henry‏ @castiellle  Jensen: “Thomas, Uncle Jensen is trying to work right now.”

* Jensen was in the gym when SPN came on and he smiled to woman next to him and pointed to himself

That freckled face. ‏@IBreatheAckles  YOU HEAR HIM? “I wouldn’t do fifty shades of any color” ~ Jensen Ackles

 Jensenerd‏ @AcklesFrackles  Fan shouts: I love Danneel! Jensen objects: I love her

* Jensen signing

*Things they learned on the show. Jared: things take time. Jensen: hard work and a good attitude go a long way

*Thomas is here and keeps making baby noises. Jared: “that’s melting my heart right now.”

Autumn ‏@AutumnDontFall  Jared Padalecki and a Moose! #chicon 

Senza Nome ‏@lotusfalling  Jensen.

@AlySPNDefender: Fan: “I love you gen!” jared: “you hear that baby? they love you.”

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean  Jared – “He’ll be 35 in March and I’ll 30.” Jensen to fan, “Did you just laugh?” Now he’s blasting Jared for making him 5 mos older.

myworld‏ @sgmyworld9  Jensen signing

lovely Jensen ♥ 

Nαtαℓίε♥ 8×02% done‏ @AccioMishaa
 Jared holds up Thomas on his way out, fandom explodes. Thomas is not fazed at all #ChiCon – wehunt:…
Jared, Gen e Thomas


Jace‏ @Jace736  What kind of animal would you/Bobby be? Jim-rainbow shooting unicorn, Bobby-drunken bear
* Asked funny times in life. His daughter when little saw his ring said Daddy has ring, Mommy has ring, bathtub has ring
*  Jim says had beard & long hair for Bobby at first because he was on Deadwood at time
* Jim tore miniscus in knee right after he got out of wheelchair on SPN but did effect show. Jim tripped down steps b/c knee hurt
* He’d preferred he wouldn’t have happened in real life but he got to transform it in roles
* Asked about his wife’s death & Bobby’s wife’s death Jim says both on Deadwood & SPN he played husband of lost wife

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan  jumblejim 

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  if jim had to be an animal he would be a unicorn with the rainbow  bobby would be a bear
*  Preference for best ruby jim “I maybe crazy but I aint stupid”  Really answer is katiegen
 * Bobby was only supposed to be in one episode since loretta (missouri) couldn’t do an episode
* if I went to hogwarts, is that like walmart” – jim
* DNM Magazine‏ @DNMMagazine  Very young fan says Bobby is her favorite. Jim says they have that in common
* If he is brought back jim would love more scenes of bobby with Karen singer
* Jim did stunts during his college yrs at an amusement park
* Prefers batman than spiderman

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness  A small girl said that she’s been a fan of Jim’s since Deadwood. Jim to the girl’s Dad – “You let her watch Deadwood?”

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  Bobby with Ellen or Jody? Jim: “I have a thing for women with badges
* Jim
* Jim: “Speaking of long hair, what is that on Jared’s head
* Bobby wouldn’t have a beard if Jim hadn’t been working on Deadwood as well
* Jim on his kiss with Mark Sheppard: “I try not to think about it… You people won’t let me forget it.”
* Weekend at Bobby’s, it was “fun to be the guy the show is about rather than walking near the guys the show is about

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN  Who would Bobby be with, Jody or Ellen? Fans: Crowley. Jim: Ya kiss one guy
*  Even some of the crew didn’t get the script that said Bobby would be a ghost

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  What Harry Potter house? House of Rising Sun. Hee. Never read but read to wife.
* Bye Jim panel over, autos and ops for him now.  great to see him!

The Sunday excitement starts with breakfast with Jared and Jensen! Lots of pics, great tweets and as always, fun! I’ll update just as soon as the info gets posted! All credit given to con goers who we all appreciate!

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah  Full breakfast from this morning–sorry its bad, but it’s the best I could do.
Fangasm‏  @FangasmSPN  Misha and Jim – are they arguing about who gets to take the lovely photo of Jensen home??
* Jensen to new director: Dean wouldn’t do that. I know him. We’re pretty tight.
* Fan: then why did u get the rug burn? JA: I had to jump in and save Misha
Jared: and don’t bump me on my left side…
* Jensen at breakfast
* Jared at breakfast
* Contemplative Jensen  breakfast
* J2 discuss the mixed reaction to ‘Bitten’. Are both happy SPN takes chances.
* Jensen at breakfast
* Jared at breakfast
* Wrestling? Um, what? No, that was totally fight training…. J2 at breakfast.
* J2 ponder life after SPN…and think about opening a bar called Winchester’s. Fans are suddenly thirsty.
* Jensen at breakfast”
* Dean bears the brunt of the writers inside jokes
* J2 discuss the mixed reaction to ‘Bitten’. Are both happy SPN takes chances.
* Jensen at breakfast”
* Jensen caffeinates. Jared conversates. Fandom stares.
* Jensen at breakfast
* The question is, how DO these guys manage to look like THIS in the morning??

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros DJ On stage
* Mr Fizzles!! #chicon
* @TyOlsson very cool Jensen likes, adds a lot to show
* Lots of cast fighters, except Misha hee
* Boys are here!
* Wrestling story? True? Sounds like it! Also Jensen says its fight training
* The boys #chicon

DJ Qualls‏ @TheOnlyDJQualls Supernatural made a poster of me. @LEGITonFX what you bringing to the table?

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine J2in the house!
* Jensen tells story about Ty snapping someone’s elbow during “fight training” Jensen: let’s not do that
* Guy’s upcoming episode Jared has a line he did not want to say and changed, Bob S made him re-record the original line
* J2 loves DJ!

Jace ‏@Jace736 Jared says liked last episode Said there really wasn’t a camera crew
* Ty Olson into MMA training. J2 like him & think character is good addition
* Jared says Pelligrino is boxer & so is Cohen. Basically all but Misha are fighters
* They feel Bobby’s death was so iconic that wouldn’t want to cheapen death but would love Jim back  *Camera crew didn’t have much to do since actors held camera
* J2 saw Jason from “Usual Suspects” in Chicago

Mel‏ @LoveJeter02
They are here!  
*Jared flipped the mic off the stand and caught it. Finally didn’t break one!! Got close but the breaky isn’t over yet

DNM Magazine‏@DNMMagazine
J2in the house!
J2 talking about the Frankenstorm   * Fan is asking J2 to confirm the wrestling story. Doesn’t ring a bell to J2 but don’t hug Jared too hard
* WB used to make them shave their chests, no more shaving now
* Jared wants Jensen to prove that he has no chest hair. Jared says Jensen named the three he has
* Jared: we as actors tell a story dont write it
*  Q: Would they ever write S&D as dicks? Jensen: isn’t Dean already
* Q about mixed reaction to Bitten. Cant please everyone all the time, 159 other episodes to like
* Jensen is asked if he prepares a character bio for roles.He says: has when he was young, but had a lot of written material for Dean
* Or Jensen and Jared may open up a bar togethe

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros
* Asked if wax chest for shirtless scenes they did up until season 4 shaved but now dont have to. *Jensen says doesn’t have chest hair
*Saw Jason Gedrick, on streets of Chicago, didn’t recognize Jared, had baby
*Jared said Dick jokes got a bit much so cut some last season. Jared: our audience is smarter than that
*The Js #chicon
*Jared hasnt seen it yet as prolly changing a diaper but is fan of type of episodes like it
*Jensen says he & Jared protective of the characters
*Asked about what career after SPN, Jensen says have to reintroduce selves since been out really 10 years
*Jensen says Dean often brunt of jokes like vibrating bed etc
*Jared says would like to buckle down with family a bit but do movies but realizes he’s not Harrison Ford
*Jensen says likes TV but also benefits of movies #chicon Says might like to direct a little more

 Wax b4 antipossession tattoos? Jensen: yes we get manzilian 
* Jared *The boys

@FYeahSPN: Jensen and @jarpad  Friday
Used to have to Jared, but Jensen says he has none, Jared says prove it, Jensen says he’s proud of his 3,

♥ Maison ♥ SPN ♥‏@ThaiseJensen  Jensen & Jared = J² ♥ 

Caitlin Kelly‏@purplehrdwonder
* Jensen: “I don’t really have chest hair.” Jared: “Prove it!”
* Jensen: “Maybe Jared and I will say screw it and open a bar together” after SPN. Jared: “Winchesters
* Jensen answering a question from @bookdal
* Jensen: “I know Dean. We’re pretty tight.” Jared: “I know him too
* The boys are here.

Jared and Jensen on stage by @StormJPad

Ken Doll ‏@ProudIdjit Jensen: I’ve been trying to make [Dean] likeable for the last 8 years.” LIKEABLE?! HE MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM

イブ Ivy ‏@EveYasmin Jensen acknowledged last week’s episode was controversial with mixed reception

Jared PadaFandom‏ @PadaFandom1 The boys
* Jensen Ackles

@nochickflick: The boys Jensen and his pose, love it
* they are amazing… AWESOME

Mishamou Idjit?‏ @misha_mou Jensen e Jared
* Jensen Ackles

Shinobu ‏@ShinobuYami Jensen being Jensen…

Giovanna Anversa‏ @ILoveJaredPada Jared changed a line in an upcoming episode. Note from Bob Singer when he went to do ADR: “Please?”

@wolfling: Jensen Ackles Breakfast.
* Jared Padalecki breakfast

That freckled face.‏ @IBreatheAckles Jensen beautiful scruff?

Sarah :)‏ @wfsarah Creepy update because people care about it: Jensen smells amazing. I’m thinking clear mountain steam with a hint of rainbows…

Erin‏@xxsh0tgun @inxtheafterglow : “You don’t have a broken rib, too, do you?”Jensen: “Nope, squeeze away!” And we did.


Jace ‏@Jace736 Rich & Rob say will only answer ?’s about episodes they were in together *Danger Bottom (Richard) & Cod Piece (Rob) on stage 

* Rob & Rich were at same restaurant together but not together & bar tender recognized both & wondered why not together  

* Rob will often say maybe they shouldn’t do stuff but then Rich talks him into it

* Richard texted Rob & said the hotel room was under the name Heywood Jablowme

Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Dangerbottom and Kodpiece have arrived

*Both are imitating each other 

*Rob fav ice cream flavors – coffee and peanut butter chocolate

*  Fav way to kill dean, bad tacos – Richard

* “mauling bad, humping good” – Richard discussing jared’s dog

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder Richard and Rob take the stage.

* Rob: “You want me to be Matt Cohen. I’m not Matt Cohen.” Richard: “There’s a little Matt Cohen in all of us.”

*Fans putting dollars in Rob’s belt

* explaination: Raya‏ @aj_hofacre “Mauling bad, jumping good.” – @dicksp8jr re: what he took away from the set — make sure @jarpad is in his trailer when you go in.

* One word to describe each other: Rob: “Manipulative.” Richard: “Susceptible

Head Dick In Charge ‏@frankenstiel Just hanging out with @bodyguard4JandJ

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness If you’re expecting coherent tweets from a Richard and Rob panel, you’re up for a disappointment. It’s a “You have to be here” panel

*Rob and Richard are babbling about stripper names in their Danger Bottom and Cod Piece outfits. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds

* If Chuck is God, that makes him Gabriel’s father. Rob to Richard, “Well, that changes things

* what color eye shadow would they be? Whoa fans are stretching! Richard’s rambling about a shade “shrimp on ice.” What color is that?

@dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict‘s panel is over, and I’m again left wondering, “What the Hell just happened?” Awesome job guys.

Kristin ♡‏ @kristyl_  Omg, I just saw Gen walk by!!! She’s so adorable & tiny

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN     Rich won’t let Rob sleep on planes because Rich is scared of flying and needs Rob to stay awake with him.  


Amanda Newman‏  @alynnnewman   Women are stuffing money down Rob Benedict’s pants.

Beth Johanna ‏@guitarbee  “A bond built in a liquor store can never be broken”- @dicksp8jr

 DJ Qualls‏ @TheOnlyDJQualls On my way back to LA. Had a great time at #ChiCon. Thanks to the fans for the love and to @CreationEnt for bringing us all together.

 Day two of ChiCon with DJ Qualls, Rob Benedict and Emily Perkins. Lots of pics and tweets, will be updating as vids leak out!          .


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPNDJ: if fans ask me a ques I don’t know, should I make it up? Jared: God no! Thjey’ll totally nail u on it.  

Jace  Jace ‏@Jace736 DJ talking about dog he rescued who died at age 10 who was supposed to only live 2 years

MelMel ‏@LoveJeter02 @TheOnlyDJQualls

JaceJace‏ @Jace736 DJ Qualls on stage says you can ask him anything or touch him anywhere except down there 
Sarah :)Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah DJ brought Mr. Fizzles!!
Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazineHad 4 Red Bulls before his first SPN convention

Caitlin KellyCaitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder “Garth is not bumbling. He knows what’s going on…He’s the perfect foil for Sam and Dean

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Spoilerish, getting Garth backstory in hunting, ep coming up. Really great, tragic.

KimberlyKimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly People keep calling DJ Garth.
Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine Mr. Fizzle’s voice was the same voice he used to talk to his dog
* He likes playing Garth because because of the mixture of comedy and drama and his fav role is Garth. Hopes SPN goes to season 10
FangasmFangasm‏ @FangasmSPN  You won’t believe how Garth got into hunting, but I can’t tell u. Watch 8.06! DJ’s version of a spoiler 

Sarah 🙂‏ @wfsarah “You know how this show goes…Mr. Fizzles will be killed…” DJ, on whether or not we’d see Mr. Fizzled again.

Kimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly Mr. Fizzles has his own credit line on the show.

Jace‏ @Jace736 DJ says he was doing a stunt wearing a harness & it hurt his “ball” causing him to scream

* He got asked to audition for a small part & at that got Road Trip

* DJ talking about dog he rescued who died at age 10 who was supposed to only live 2 years 

* We get to see Garth in a week from Wednesday

* DJ says the role of Sheldon was between him & Jim Parsons and he says Jim did well and he’s happy for him

*  DJ says President called him because he works on his campaign & president likes New Guy

* DJ on BBT & had trouble remembering lines and cried when went to Arby’s for lunch & was anxious

* DJ says this is first SciFi / genre show he’s done. Was a baddie who killed people on Criminal Minds

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @TheOnlyDJQualls

 Mieke T‏ @MnMDES  @TheOnlyDJQualls

* DJ talks about losing his beloved dog George recently

 @WinchesterBros DJ on stage

Eryn Marie‏ @erynmarie07  “Garth is a perfect foil to Sam and Dean.” 

  Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  DJ Qualls enrolled in law school while doing community theater before moving to LA to become a full-time actor.

* Had 4 Red Bulls before his first SPN convention

 Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏@affairsmagazine

DJ had a great time on the big bang theory. He auditioned for Sheldon

Amy Newlin ‏@amysupfan DJ Qualls

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Musical but not on SPN yet, growing up dad said never amount to anything, couldn’t mow lawn in straight line

K Van Brunt ‏@WatchOutForIce Advice – @TheOnlyDJQualls sez “don’t do drugs – when you grow up to be an actor, you won’t be able to remember your lines

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  “Garth is not bumbling. He knows what’s going on…He’s the perfect foil for Sam and Dean

Sarah 🙂‏@wfsarah “I’ll never be as famous as he is, unless I do something terrible…” DJ, answering a question about Don Knotts.

Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine DJ’s accent comes out when he drinks 

*  in his will he specified not to play “freebird” at his funeral
 * DJ scared of how the audience would react to him but he had a great time and wants to do more conventions
K Van BruntK Van Brunt‏ @WatchOutForIce The coat flip? DJ does it great X times, screwed it up once so it wraps around his head – they keep the screw up. Of course.

Kimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly DJ’s pants keep trying to fall down on him.

Fangasm‏ @FangasmSPN The match trick on SPN salt n burns takes two matchbooks folded back to back so it looks cool. DJ had some trouble his first time.

Kathy Kitt ‏@kathy_kitt @TheOnlyDJQualls Chuck Lorre inadvertently made him cry.

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Bullied as child, always wanted to be actor  entertainment job only off time read s’more to life

Sarah :)Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah “I used to dream about running away from the south–now I dream about going home.” DJ on his love of the south. 

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros From Nashville accent comes back when drinking. Likes being from south, but not to live anymore

 Kathy Kitt‏ @kathy_kitt @TheOnlyDJQualls says when actors sign things illegibly it’s kind of dicky because you’re paying for that

DJ Qualls‏ @TheOnlyDJQualls Thanks to everyone who attended  Nice to wake up to a full house. I had a blast. Hope you did, too.


Patty ‏@brujamala731Chuck and Becky!!

 Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Rob and Emily in stage. Emily’s first com appearance

* Rob took the Red Eye to be here

 * Louden swain gots its name from a 80s movie vision quest

JaceJace ‏@Jace736 Emily seems nervous said she didn’t realize there were so many people here

* Emily says last time she saw DJ he was injured because he was almost arrested for defending a girl. Was injured by cops

* Rob says he & Steve Carlson met in Italy & Robs song Mrs Vance related to real life experience Steve has

Amy NewlinAmy Newlin ‏@amysupfan Chuck & Becky

 * Rob asked to sing!
Mieke T‏ @MnMDES Rob and Emily
Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Was nervous around the boys. Everyone was super nice and Jared said Emily had pretty smile 
* Her niche is in comedy/drama shows
* Loved to play eccentric characters
JaceJace ‏@Jace736 Rob asked if she was nervous with him too. Emily “not so much”
*  Emily says she is a feminist & takes roles where she can express sexuality in some form. Feels her niche is horror & comedy

Sarah :)Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah Emily said she was worried Jared and Jensen would be arrogant pricks…they weren’t, and Jared told her she had pretty teeth

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder Rob singing part of “Worlds Collide.”

Henry ‏@castiellleEmily Perkins: “My favorite line was when I told Jared that he’s intimidated by my sexuality.”  

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Rob–if die and heaven send back, either act or music no both-chooses music then be acting musician

Mieke T‏ @MnMDES  Emily was the founding member of her high school Star Trek club. She always role played as Data

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan Rob Benedict & Emily Perkins

KimberlyKimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly Emily used to write Star Trek fanfiction and then act it out with her friends.
Jace‏ @Jace736 Rob currently writing a TV show he is pitching. Says moving along. Half hour single camera show about 4 friends who are pushing 40s

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Emily is fannish, founded Star Trek next gen club dressed up she was Data, had props. Wrote fanfic. So prepared for Becky!
Fave project of Emily? SPN is comic role, Ginger Snaps for serious, as werewolf.
 * If Chuck back, prefer to play Prophet not God, fun, see Cas. Kevin, would have alcohol, cards, band involved and Gabriel 🙂
* Emily, Katherine Isabelle friends, fated to play sisters
* Rob: Jane Lynch is a mom at same school as his kid, sees her walking, always worries he will hit her
 * Rob going to write song and break guitar as bad boy to win her over.
* Hearing all this truth from Emily about other men, very therapeutic for Rob
*  Emily signing
K Van Brunt ‏@WatchOutForIceChuck-the-prophet vs Chuck-the-god? “I like Chuck-the-prophet’s lifestyle.”

Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Rob likes the chuck because he was like an alcoholic and called hookers. 
Henry‏ @castiellle Rob took a picture of the crowd. it was adorable he’s so excited. Now he’s reading texts from Richard aloud
Jace‏ @Jace736 Emily says Selena Gomez is genuinely a nice person & Jane Lynch was amazing as they were in Another Cinderella Story

*  Rob “Yeah I turned out to be God”. Emily said she’s more into masculine men. Panel turned out really funny 
 Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder Rob is getting jealous if Becky’s love interests.”You’re so three guys past me.”

Sarah 🙂‏ @wfsarah  “Emily asked about Becky & Garth as a possibility & Rob says “boy you moved on”. Emily “I keep forgetting you’re there
* I’m 1 of his two brides..Matt Cohen being the first..that’s going to be the name of my biography:I can’t compete with Matt Cohen

K Van BruntK Van Brunt‏ @WatchOutForIce Question for Emily: anything between Becky and Garth? E: I hope so! Rob: You really are over me! E: I keep forgetting you’re there! 

AlmasaAlmasa ‏@kngmccall Rob is literally the cutest. “I can change

* “Emily, you’re gorgeous. Rob, you’re really pretty, too


Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros

Matt laughing at fan saying Richard cute when young ha!!

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  Stripper name Matt: Skippy Griffin, Richard: Cuddles Saxo

JaceJace ‏@Jace736 Richards movie Three Blind Saints coming to DVD, iTunes etc soon

Mieke TMieke T ‏@MnMDES Rob is Richard’s second spouse, Matt being the first

MishaHead™ ‏ @MishaHead @dicksp8jr right in front of .me

KimberlyKimberly ‏@kimpossib_ly Richard’s stripper name is Cuddles Saxton.
Winchester BrosWinchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros 3 Blind Saints release Nov 20 DVD Amazon 
Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine Three Blind Saints starring Richard will be released Nov 10
JaceJace ‏@Jace736  fan asked Rich question & Matt says why is Rich first. Fans: Age Before Beauty

* Richard says Matt is the meat & he’s the potatoes

HenryHenry  ‏@castiellle “you were so cute in your younger days, Richard.” *cue Matt falling down laughing

Stripper name Matt: Skippy Griffin, Richard: Cuddles Saxon

Jace ‏@Jace736  Weirdest fan question: Matt says a mother asked him to take 15 y/o daughters virginity 

‏@kimpossib_ly  Matt says if there’s ever a spoof of Supernatural he wants Justin Beiber to play him.

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Richard mind the Dick jokes like James doesn’t? He doesn’t, he makes them! “When name is Richard you learn to embrace the dick

8mSonya ‏@waverlysonya @jumblejim So excited to see you today
Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Richard 

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros 

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  Richard asking people to go vote

 Jace  ‏@Jace736  1 word to describe each other: Rich-brunette; Matt-old

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Reason for doing cowgirl up was Matt to release his inner diva and dress up like a woman #Chicon

 Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros

 4mAffairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Richard asking people to go vote

Jace‏ @Jace736  Richard says he challenges the others to have a better ending to a panel & yells “we win!”

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros 

Almasa‏ @kngmccall  A man from the military just proposed to a lady on stage during Matt and Richards panel

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Will you marry me 

@WinchesterBros: Will you marry me?

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  When Rob & Richard were trying 2 figure out their gamer names @ comiccon an angry gamer suggested their names should be “go” & “away

ffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  Matt & Richard panel was awesome.

ffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  “Best panel ending ever. A marriage proposal. We win” – Richard

Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder


Jace‏@Jace736  Now Jim is eating his food & says cold these (French fries) are even worse
* Creation brought a round table on to stage and so Jim put his McDonalds on it & then they brought him a plate
* im says he hopes his eyes look better on our end as he didn’t sleep last night
* hey said Jensen was once a girl & these were the pre-op photo; Jim says looks like Justin Biebers sister
* Misha says Richard gave him a document to handle; it’s young pics of Jensen
* Misha asked Jim if that means he & Mark Shepherd dated. Jim: he calls it dating, was one night
* Random Acts awarded 25k Euros & being presented with check
* A fan dressed as Crowley; Jim-a lot more masculine than other one

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah  Jim is eating French fries right now. Panel of the stars!

Raya ‏@aj_hofacre  Poor @jumblejim has had such a long day. He’s got his food on stage with him right now.

Almasa ‏@kngmccall  “Are you coming back?” “That’d be nice.”
* Hello, idgits.” 

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Jim gets a table for his lunch. 
* Jim 
* Misha is here!
* Homemade beer Bobby’s Little Helper
* Checking crowd
* Showing pics of Jensena Ackles heeee! 

Heather ‏@heatherklus  Moon Pies are pretty good… if you like the taste of a bus seat. – Jim Beaver

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Jim only slept three hours last night and got not sleep on the plane thanks to the screaming babies on the plane
*  Jim “hotter than inside of a goat in here”
* Fan gave jim a beer with a beaver wearing a trucker cap on
* Fan just said to jim “you remind of my dead boyfriend” and got to hug jim. He is just happy it wasn’t u like my father remark
* jim “everything about me is cheap”

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02  Jim Beaver is here and he brought McD’s.

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder Jim Beaver
*  Jim drank from the microphone and spoke into his cup. (On purpose.)
* Jim has a publishing deal for a play and is trying to get another one done in New York
* Here’s Misha

Kimberly ‏@kimpossib_ly  Jim wants to know if he looks like Brad Pitt.

WFB Supernatural‏  @WinFamBusiness    How will the boys get on without their father figure? Jim – “I don’t care, I’m dead.” He wants the angel to bring him back
* Misha is here!
*  Misha just joined the panel! He has young pictures of Jensen! Jim -“He looks like Justin Bieber’s sister
* Someone asked Jim what his favorite pie is. Apple. “You came all the way to Chicago for this?”
*  Jim earlier wondered why someone didn’t say he reminded them of their young boyfriend, so a fan just said it! She got a hug. 
* Jim got a bottle of homemade Bobby beer from a fan, and he just offered it to Misha. He opened it!

Jena Kay :] ‏@_missjenakay Jim Beaver

Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Fan thanks Jim and says she cried for him. Jim says he has a long history of making women cry, they usually don’t thank him for it

 Raya‏ @aj_hofacre  Fan asked if @jumblejim’s beard was as soft as Kim said. Jim invited her up to see for herself, then gave her a hug
*  @mishacollins onstage with @jumblejim now!
* @jumblejim hugging a fem!Crowley cosplayer.


Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah  MISHA HAS SOME OF JENSEN’S OLD MODELING PICS. “These are his pre-op photos!”

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @mishacollins is on stage with Jim.
*  @mishacollins smiling
*  Random Acts cheque. @mishacollins
*  Random Acts cheque.  @mishacollins
* @mishacollins talking about his tie from Haiti a fan gave him

@poetryt0fish: A fan gave Jim beer that he couldn’t open, but Misha did and is drinking it instead


“@WinchesterBros: Misha and Jim #chicon ” Misha is the fittest of the fit.
* Check presentation for #randomacts chicon 
* Misha has friend here at math convention telling him about lots of #spn fans here
* Misha and Jim

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  Misha accepts a check for Random Acts.
*  Misha and Jim

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan Misha & Jim
Jace‏ @Jace736  Now Jim says Dexter was a joke, he’s not really on it but will be on Justified
* Misha has worked almost daily from mid September to mid October but then off rest of year 
* Misha says that it was a celebrity challenge & somehow he got lumped into celebrity category

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  Misha asks Jim if he’s working-in trouble for tweeting had audition, got part on Dexter! but not supposed to tell 😉
*  What 1 alcohol have stranded? Bobby’s Beaver Juice (beer)
* Check presentation for #randomacts

@wfsarah: “They’re models, and they’re…chasing bad things.”DJ on reading a script before he took the job on SPN

BerlyGirl ‏@TheCherryRed  Fan just asked Jim if he would date her mom. Misha asked to see the pic so he could make that decision
* Jim just tossed the photos of early Jensen into the crowd before he left the stage. 

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness  It’s Jim’s time to leave, so Misha gave him Jensen’s picture. Jim threw it into the crowd!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Love you Misha!
* Misha at back with college roommate here #chicon says we seem nice enough, Misha says but then they strike 🙂

BerlyGirl‏ @TheCherryRed  Words of wisdom for coping with GISHWHES: Don’t do it. 15,000 people registered! Get a notary.
* Misha talking to his old college roommate who was in the back if the house.

Caitlin Kelly‏  @purplehrdwonder  Misha talking about his tie.
*  Misha answering his phone on stage. “I knew that was dangerous.”

Patty‏ @brujamala731  “It turns out, in Canada, if you want to take a baby back to the US, you have to cross the border.”

@poetryt0fish: Scotland was chosen for gishwhes because Misha wanted to go to Scotland

Jace ‏@Jace736 Jim was told his times up so Misha helped him put his coat & hat on. Jim through the young Jensen pic into audience
* Misha unbuttons shirt to crowd cheer but has black shirt on under.
*  For those doing the scavenger hunt Misha says get a notary
*  The purple tie #chicon 
* David (Room mate) says they had a stack of old hotel mattresses in their living room & they would jump from window sill & wrestle on them
* Misha phone rang & he put on speaker phone
*  In Canada, if baby born & you are US; have to prove that baby is yours. Need to get birth certificate & takes 6 weeks
* What 3 costars would Misha want to be on a dessert island with: I’d start swimming
* Misha’s friend / college room mate is here

Carrie Reisser ‏@babserella2778  Thinking of how much good €55k will do for Bonite and the others in Jaqmel — yaaaay

Cris Hazel‏@CrisHazel  Misha got a Meg/Cas question, if Cas developed feelings for Meg. His reply, “Cas only has eyes for Dean.”

* Misha asked if Matt took his clothes off. When everyone said no, his reply was, “Why do we invite him then?

* Misha wouldn’t want to be stranded on a deserted island with his co-stars. Bad things would happen.

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness  Now Jim is drinking the beer. “It tastes like Sebastian Roche is here.”
*  Misha – “If it didn’t hurt coming out it didn’t taste good.” Fill in the blanks!
*  Misha’s mocking a photo of @mattcohen4real &@dicksp8jr in vegetable costumes. “Yes mom and dad, the Hollywood career is taking off.”
* Misha was refuting a story a fan mentioned from @dicksp8jr.”Are you going to listen to a man dressed as a carrot?”

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Nice to know that Matt Cohen found his self respect by dressing up as carrot for karaoke – misha
* Clue for gishwhes: get a notary
* Misha “cannot imagine what it is like to be with screaming babies” – making fun of jim’s story of the plane ride
* Fan – “sam and dean are interesting” misha – that is a matter of opinion
* Misha takes offense to Matt saying he twists questions around
* Fav gag reel moment was dancing in the field.
*  misha advice for fan wanting to go to scotland “win gishwhes”

Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Misha, Jared & Jensen got into a wrestling match at TorCon that resulted in fractured ribs and major rug burn

Amy Newlin ‏@amysupfan  Misha

Celeb Charity‏ @CelebCharityC  Our lucky fan @barefootmorning met up w/ mishacollins for a chat 

Fangasm‏ @FangasmSPN  Misha, Jensen and Jared ended up wrestling in Jensen’s hotel room in Toronto. Hence Jensen’s chin rug burn.
* Misha and his old college roomie who’s here r reminiscing about jumping from the windowsill onto a stack of old hotel mattresses
*  Misha’s fave scene w JA? The deleted shower scene
* Misha: thank u for incorporating me into ur bizarre community. Fandom: ur welcome 🙂

 @poetryt0fish: When does Misha think Cas will forgive himself? “I don’t know. Maybe never. He’s pretty hard on himself
Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  Hotel room wrestling w/ Js in Toronto broken ribs for him Jensen, rug burn for Jensen
*  Misha looking at Matt and Richard Halloween pic costumes
 * Misha signing banner
* Art dept built a Stonehenge Apocalypse for him!

Amanda Zimmermann‏ @syric @mishacollins was talking to his old roommate right behind our seats.

Almasa‏ @kngmccall

Theresa McManus‏@ 9Tiptoes  Misha and pal. ‘they look hungry’ his friend says. ‘yep,’ we say.  @mishacollins
Random Acts Director ‏@RADirector  Our #theBiLLe winner with Misha  Great organization helping RA do great things.
Natália Winchester‏ @spnfansbrazil  @mishacollins
* Richard ♥ (@dicksp8jr)
* Misha Collins
* Emily e @RobBenedict
* @dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real
* Rachel Miner
* @mattcohen4real

Robin‏ @skyisfalling Jim and Misha!

Simone KalelSimone Kalel‏ @redteekal @TheJimMichaels Hope someone let you know that at some point in a panel during #ChiCon your underwear was discussed as a ransom prospect.

Ashley Wianecki ‏@ashleyeileen418 Thank you @jumblejim He was so nice!!!



ChiCon has started with Kim Rhodes, Rachel Miner, Gabriel Tigerman, James Patrick Stuart and the KaraokeKings Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr.  I’m late to the party so no tweets yet for today but pics out of the wazoo! Enjoy the convention! I will be updating!


@kimrhodes4real looking mighty fine Ms Rhodes!

Wolfling‏ @wolfling Kim Rhodes  She is funny and awesome and has the most expressive face when talking. …


Wolfling‏ @wolfling Rachel Miner  She’s much more petite than I thought she would be and so, so sweet.

Mel‏ @LoveJeter02 Rachel aka Meg is on stage. She has a bad cold poor girl!!

Affairs Magazine‏@affairsmagazine Rachel would have loved to work with Genevieve. Affairs Magazine  *Believes Meg used to be more volatile and has become more calculating as time went on 

* Rachel did create an origin story for Meg.

* Rachel loved how Meg was given all the best liners/insults 

* Most enjoyable kiss was with Misha because of the subcontext of the underlying feelings between the 2 

* Rachel did her own stunts  Talking about her movie Hide with Christian Kane

* The speech Meg gave “find a cause get behind it” truly summed up the character  Believes Meg has feelings for Cas
* Talking about her guest spot on criminal minds. She had a great time and the cast was very welcoming 
* Meg’s most memorable spot on a show besides spn is Terriers 
* Rachel believes that Meg is not an overly emotional person/demon because she has lived so long. She is a strong character to play 
* Rachel would love to see something happen with the cas and meg storyline. Believed Meg can redeem herself with cas 
* Doesn’t know of Meg is coming back or what happened to her 
* rachel believes she really lucked out when she got to play met because of all the great stuff she was able to do 
*Fav stunt is kicking Jared’s but in her first episode in the show 
*Rachel is sick so she is issuing a warning for the photo ops

Simone Kalel‏ @redteekal   @japastu Panel Pics 2/10 James is a master of impressions – had the audience in cahoots fairly often. 

*  @japastu I saw Dick Roman as very Romneyesqu 

*@japastu  I think I’d vote Dick Roman for Pres, if only that pesky meat diet could change.

* @japastu Panel Pics 4/10 JPS’s secret character prop – Dick Roman TEETH! Delivering that winning Dick smile!

 Cute, adorable and HOT as HADES! @kimrhodes4real so much so @japastu feels guilty replying to her tweets!

@japastu Panel  But once you see a real genuine JPS smile you know you’re safe.

Simone KalelSimone Kalel‏ @redteekal @japastu  Said Winning Dick smile demonstrated. It’s scary how quick he becomes sinister.

@japastu Panel Pics 8/10 Even his creased brow is kinda slightly menacing or maybe he’s just concentrating.

Mel‏ @LoveJeter02 James Patrick Stuart on stage. So very not a Dick in person.


Gabriel Tigerman‏ @GabrielTigerman Karaoke w. @HeathCorson and Jamie at

Wolfling‏ @wolfling Gabe Tigerman  Adorable is the only word that really describes him. (Also the wireless…

WolflingWolfling‏ @wolfling Gabe Tigerman  Adorable is the only word that really describes him.

Simone Kalel‏ @redteekal Gabe’s fanboy glee filled face as he talks his love for The Walking Dead

Simone Kalel @redteekal  Andy’s Patronus would be a hedge hog
 @GabrielTigerman hus patronus would have to be the world’s largest groundhog.
* drawback would be that he would have to think about gay porn himself all the time he prefers to stick to gay porn thoughts only 20%
* Gabe: if he had Andy’s power he would project gay porn into Kripkes brain.
* Gabe’s fanboy glee filled face as he tells of his love for The Walking Dead

James Patrick Stuart ‏@japastu limo arrived with time to take the kids to school on my way to the airport. They didn’t say goodbye to me… They were too famous.

kim rhodes‏ @kimrhodes4real  Well… that and #ChiCon. @japastu, for the record, I send NAUGHTY tweets to you. I’d never be rude. Unless you consider spanking rude

Simone Kalel‏ @redteekal   This gal just rocked her panel and my world. Thanks @kimrhodes4real for being your classy uninhibited self.

kim rhodes ‏@kimrhodes4real Sure, I might not be one of the Big Boys, but I bet they don’t get presents like THIS #ChiCon #ilovesparklythings
* I can never figure out why cons are so exhausting. It was just pointed out I basically aerobicise the entire time. #ChiCon #enthusiasm

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN James – they told me u have to let Jensen put a bone in ur throat until u explode….well ok he is kinda cute…

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros James Patrick Stuart on stage!

Erin ‏@xxsh0tgun The ever delightful @GabrielTigerman

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Karaoke banner up! ❤ moose antlers and angel wings!

* Walking on sunshine

@FangasmSPN – And so it begins.
@hellfireLucifer: Yeah…hes drunk.

Rob Benedict ‏@RobBenedict Hey #chicon! I’m working, have to take redeye to get to you early in the am. Sorry to miss tonight. Drinks Sat for sure! On @dicksp8jr!

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @kimrhodes4real lookin amazing!!!

Hilary Michelle ‏@ladyxboheme . @dicksp8jr singing love shack while wearing a pea costume is the greatest thing ever.

@LoveJeter02 @kimrhodes4real lookin amazing!!!”

 dickspeightjr Richard is a peapod & Matt a giant carrot  Karaoke pictures…

Celeb Charity‏ @CelebCharityC Hi Chicago. Looking forward to #chicon on Sat. We will present mishacollins + @therandomactorg w/€25,000 #s


* Richard is a peapod

* The lovely @kimrhodes4real

Wolfling‏ @wolfling Richard in costume

Richard, Matt, Gabriel and Kim in costume karaoke

* Richard is a peapod

Mel‏ @LoveJeter02  karaoke

MelMel ‏@LoveJeter02 Peas and carrots aka Matt and Richard.

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros

* Walking on sunshine
‏@clarissa373 James Patrick Stuart (SPN’s Dick Roman) is appearing in the Nov. 5th #Bones. Note: he’s not eating people in this show.
* @mattcohen4real even looks good as a carrot.
Gabriel Tigerman‏ @GabrielTigerman  Thanks for an exhausting night of karaoke!

@japastu & @kimrhodes4real at Karaoke:

simogiuli‏ @simogiuli 2012 Kim Rhodes 1:


My first response to “Heartache”: how in the heck did Jensen Ackles direct AND appear in this episode and do a great job as both actor/director? Written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, the title “Heartache” becomes blazingly obvious after a runner gets his heart ripped out and assumed eaten. Scene two finds Dean and Sam disagreeing on their course of action. Kevin and his mom have disappeared and rather than twiddle their hands, Dean wants to hunt, Sam wants to enjoy organic apples. The two-story lines emerge straight out: our monster of the week(MOW) Cacao and the differences of heart between Dean and Sam. Hunting is breathing for Dean, Sam desires to live a normal life. This division has started fandom bickering which always indicates a good storyline! My recap and thoughts follow!

The Mayan god Cacao worked well as the MOW. Living in human form for generations, he only required two heart sacrifices yearly to stay young, strong and competitive in the sport’s world. This would’ve been cut and dry except that the current Cacao body, Brick Holmes, commits suicide and donates his organs for the good of mankind which translates to two sacrifices times eight transplants! Dean identifies the strange murders while he and Sam are searching for Kevin and his mom. 

Alan Ackles guest stars as a snarky detective responding to Sam and Dean’s inquiries about a suspect with “Forgive me if I didn’t take him out back and shoot him”. FYI: this is a Texan thang! The boys interview the rotund suspect/runner who backs up Sam’s healthy living and causes Dean to gag(which he does perfectly) at the nasty green goo the health nut drinks. During the interview, it turns out that this guy experienced a scare within the past year hence the quest for a better life. 

Dean identifies another case involving a cop who’s gone cuckoo. The cop also has had a transplant, an eye which he later tries to cut out. The cop’s babbling leads Dean to purchase a phone app that translates languages, handy for these guys! The babbling doesn’t register but Dean is still excited to have it!

After schmoozing the cop’s Dr. Kashi for some help, the guys drive and talk. Dean is bubbly, Sam is just not. Dean says “I’m at my best, right here, right now.” Sam agrees but adds “I’m not”. A major theme for season eight. Dr. Kashi calls with leading info: the legendary Brick Holmes had died and donated his organs which links the murders. Onto the next organ recipient’s town which happens to be close to Brick’s home. Sam’s past year involved sports apparently when he not only knows Brick but rattles off his stats like a machine.

The Winchesters meet Eleanor, Brick’s mother, who blows them off. Returning later to search her house, it’s odd that Eleanor’s closet is in Brick’s bedroom. Dean discovers a hidden closet which holds hundreds of years of sports paraphernalia. He also finds letters which he and Sam read later, finding a special recurring woman, Betsy. Sam researches to find Brick’s face appearing for ages as a sports god.

Sam figures out that Brick’s mom and Betsy are the same person. Eleanor comes clean about the whole Cacao sacrifice. She informs them that Rhanda received Brick’s heart and to destroy the heart is to destroy the curse. The Winchesters enter a strip club with Dean smelling it all in. Rhanda the stripper confronts them but she has two other bodies with her who prove to be fairly strong. Rhanda straddles Dean(!) as he is being held down, intending to rip his heart out and eat it while he watches. Thankfully Sam recovers, releasing Dean with enough wiggle room to stab Rhanda through her heart, thus ending Cacao’s life and essence.

Our only flashback comes during a Sam and Dean discussion. Sam is walking his dog Riot, yelling for Amelia, his love interest for the past year. Riot runs off and Sam finds he and Amelia, sitting on a blanket with a picnic. “Haven’t you ever had a birthday cake?” Amelia asks. This scene is reminiscent of Dean’s flashback of Lisa and a picnic. Sam emotes youth and freedom and is so very normal, the crux of the flashback.

This stand alone episode reiterates the bigger seasonal picture, Sam and Dean’s opposite life desires. For Sam, organic apples aren’t a huge issue but walking through a market, eating fresh food is a massive issue. Sam mentions twice that he’s hanging it up when the doors of Hell are forever closed. Sam has also shared his phone number and used Sambora as an alias, both actions that Devereux has warned the boys against doing.

Dean is bubbly. Way too happy for me. Almost to the point of waiting for the other shoe to drop bubbly. After Purgatory, Dean embraces his inner killer, he loves to hunt and his happy place is doing just that, with Sam.

I love the two ‘boys’ being grownup, talking, sharing. This episode reiterates emotions we’ve heard since season one, their differences but it feels real now because they’re men and not boys. Considering Supernatural is all about two brothers hunting together, I’m not sure where this can go with any hope or no pain. Thanks again cast and crew for giving us meat to chew on and you know we will! Til next week, stay supernatural…..

Hands down on “What’s Up Tiger Mommy?,” Tiger Mommy, Mrs Tran(Khaira Ledeyo) rocked the show! Dean and Sam weren’t exactly hapless but Mrs. Tran ruled! Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin and directed by John Showalter, this entertaining episode began with blood splatter and ended with (yikes!) a distressed Castiel screaming for Dean. With more tidbits offered on Dean’s stretch in Purgatory, we also glimpse a wretched Castiel.

“What’s Up Tiger Mommy?” commences when a dapperly dressed old fella pulls out a magical, gnarled, dried finger from his bank box. He murders the young girl helping him and later uses her dead body parts as currency at a supernatural auction. This auction is the crux of the show.

My thoughts and main points addressed here!

* The Winchesters and Kevin chowing down on burgers and Kevin easily convinces the boys into checking on his mother who is alone and surrounded by demons.(When have we seen Dean throw his hands up in defeat?) He’s just soooo easy!

* Mrs. Tran gets splashed with holy water while welcoming her long-lost son back! Epic Supernatural move!

* Mrs. Tran goes where Kevin goes: her motherly concern is for his soul. She also unflinchingly agrees to a tattoo with the retort “you think this is my first tattoo?” Dean is “tough girl” impressed! 

* Sam controls a demon with a reverse exorcism? Yep… I also believe this shows what Sam has done for the past year, grown his brain!

* The tablet isn’t in the bus stop locker where Kevin hid it, it’s been hijacked and pawned by a petty thief.  Dean’s first flashback occurs during the thief’s interrogation. Dean reverts back to a time when he is threatening a demon for Castiel info, he thrusts his knife through the throat/mouth! A nasty, graphic kill! Back to the thief, Dean proceeds to put a knife to his throat without a thought and snags the pawn shop address. Also wonderfully done, Dean’s drawl while in Purgatory.

* Mrs. Tran shines again. Dean quizzes the pawn shop manager but gets nowhere. Tiger Mommy asks a few pointed questions about the Ferrari parked in front then lays it out to the fella: I can call my brother about possible iffy tax practices going on or you can give us the pawn ticket. Kevin knows the Ferrari’s cost and Sam calculates the tax instantly. Again indicating Sam’s brainy sharpness. They walk away with the ticket.

* No one answers at the hotel address on the pawn ticket, but ‘Beau'(Jonathan Walker, Mr. Peanut look-alike) shows up with Kevin’s invite to an auction where the tablet will be sold to the highest bidder. The invitation extends to Kevin plus three. 

* With nothing to use for currency, Sam just looks at ‘Baby’ where Dean then threatens Sam, “say it, I will kill you(Sam), your children and your grandchildren!”.  Agree!

*Passing through a metal detector at the auction, Dean is stripped of his weapons. Crowley appears and Mrs. Tran knocks the crap out of him! Who does that?! Crowley then seriously promises to defile her corpse.

* Crowley has risen to a new level of nasty for season eight. So what has changed?

* Angel Samandiriel(Tyler Johnston), a friend of Castiel’s, questions Dean about Cass escaping Purgatory. Dean remembers finding Cass and how he ran to keep the Leviathan away from Dean. Dean tells Castiel, “We have a way out of here. I won’t leave you here, I need you buddy.”

* Samandiriel states AND I ALSO FEEL THIS WAY: “Some think that Castiel’s heart was always in the right place but I think that Castiel’s problem was that he had too much heart!” Most excellent statement!  

*When gold is offered for auction items, the group realizes they’ve come to the dance with nothing to bid. The bidding doesn’t hit the reserve for the tablet so Kevin is added to sweeten the pot.

* Realizing that souls are high up for exchange, Mrs. Tran sacrifices hers for Kevin’s.

* Huge into Biblical offers here: the woman who gives the most precious item that she owns, it’s not much but for anyone else but it’s her everything. Mrs. Tran gives her all for Kevin, her soul. This bid is accepted.

 * Mrs. Tran wonders about any pain with losing her soul and asks for a quiet moment alone. Seems that Crowley has bought Beau who proceeds to burn her protection tat from her wrist. Her screaming should’ve sounded alarms but doesn’t so Crowley is then able to inhabit her to get close to the tablet.

* Dean is seriously gonna kill Mrs. Tran/Crowley, Kevin yells for him to stop which allows Crowley to escape her body, snatch the tablet and run. Crowley’s eyes glow red and his demon  “smoke” is red. What does it mean?!

* The older gent who won Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, shoots at Kevin and Sam to stop them from pursuing Crowley. Sam hefts Mjolnir and asks the gent, “So how did you get five eighths of a virgin?” Sam whacks the old man with the hammer. We see hair flying and something else going on with Sam which will play out later I think! It also will explain his flowing locks!

* Crowley’s last dig at Dean is to warn Kevin to run because “when Dean is through with you, people end up dying bloody”. Dean’s last flashback: Castiel screaming and reaching for Dean.

This episode featured Mrs. Tran beautifully. Dean and Sam left me salivating for more story. I’m ecstatic to see Castiel although it doesn’t look good for him. While Purgatory just brought out Dean’s true hunter, for Castiel, it was as he himself put it, an abomination. So the Winchester saga continues: Kevin and his Mom are alive but running and the Winchesters are now hunting them! Til next week!

“Another year has passed me by
Still I look a myself and cry
What kind of man have I become?
All of the years I’ve spent in search of myself
And I’m still in the dark
‘Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I’m a lonely soldier off to war
Sent away to die – never quite knowing why
Sometimes it makes no sense at all”*
 Season eight begins with a “Man in the Wilderness”,  Dean emerging from Purgatory, resembling a rabid killer. Stealing a backpack like a hungry thief, he demands directions to the road. Four days later, cleaned up but noticeably hurt, walking purposefully to somewhere, Dean’s destination is a graveyard. He steps off a grave and recites a spell while cutting something glowing out of his arm. Our new guest/monster/vamp Benny(Ty Olsson) roils back to life and appears to be Dean’s bud! Thank you “We Have to Talk About Kevin” writer and new co-showrunner Jeremy Carver and our Boys for pulling off quite the divisive, subtle season premiere. So let’s do this!

Beginning with Sam’s conflict, we see him sneaking out of a relationship with not even a goodbye, just rubbing his dog’s head.  Sam driving the Impala is jarring! Entering Rufus’ old cabin in the hills, Sam gets ‘monstered out’ by none other than Dean. The brothers first “let’s just do this” hug was just plain uncomfortable and forewarns of their strained relationship. Dean explains that he’s survived the year in Purgatory and that he didn’t see Cass die but that he saw enough to say that Cass didn’t make it. Castiel’s essence(my take) didn’t survive Purgatory. While Dean was in Purgatory for a year, Sam pursued a normal life, a life that he’s always wanted, the same amount of normalcy that Dean experienced with Lisa. Dean grills Sam about the year until Sam fesses up that he didn’t look for Dean, quit hunting, hit a dog and met a girl Amelia(Liane Balaban). Best quote of the ep is Sam’s “nothing says family like all of your family being dead”!

So…. right off the bat, Carver gives us the huge difference in the two brothers: Dean would NEVER willingly stop looking for Sam and Sam desperately wants to be normal. This sets the tone for the entire season I’m certain. Dean will not let this go and Sam will feel guilty. My opinion!

Leading a normal life for Sam entails ditching his phones. Dean immediately starts listening to Sam’s messages and discovers that Kevin is in deep doo.  Dean quietly berates Sam: Kevin was their responsiblity and Sam wouldn’t answer his phone.  Sam agrees to help find Kevin and discovers where Kevin’s girlfriend Channing(Lisa Neptuno) attends college. The guys question her but she insists that she hasn’t seen or heard from Kevin. After slashing her roommate’s throat, we know that Channing is a demon, talking to some evil force thru the chalice. Totally geeking the computer, Sam does discover where Kevin is hiding and also blesses Dean with his first cheeseburger since Purgatory. The boys check into a hotel and Dean flashbacks into purer times for him, killing or be killed Purgatory. This flashback allows us the savage feel of Purgatory, Dean searching for Castiel and being saved by Benny the vampire.

In the hotel room, the boys converse with Dean visibly uncomfortable to the point of sitting on the floor rather than the bed. Sam wants Dean to sleep, they have time to find Kevin. Dean calls Sam out on his attitude of “Kevin survived for a year without us, he can make it one more day”. I’m loving that Sam embraces normal emotions right now. Dean is on a killer’s edge and Sam has no sense of urgency which for the past year, has shaped them both.

Sam states that he hit a dog which in turn led him to meeting a girl, a veterinarian, Amelia(Liane Balaban). Sam tells Dean that he found something that he’s always wanted: I assume that’s just a normal, get out of bed, eat breakfast kinda life. Sam flashbacks when Amelia says to him, “there’s my hero” regarding caring for the hurt animal. I believe that Sam desperately needed those words after losing Dean and that Amelia, like Ruby, is just another demonic pawn. The difference between she & Ruby is that the dog will be the hook for Sam and not the girl. His beloved, saved pet will end up being something evil!* For Sam to just walk away from “something he always wanted”, no looking back raises red flags for me!

Sam and Dean go find Kevin who has become a full-out prophet whom God has trained well. Kevin shares his info on the “demons” tablet that Crowley wants interpreted, a tablet that has spells for closing the gates of hell and getting rid of all demons. Unfortunately, Crowley, with Channing, finds the threesome. Kevin has an escape plan and his holy water trap enables the three to bolt but only to slo-mo drive-by Crowley breaking Channing’s neck.  The Winchester’s and Kevin get down the road but Kevin is in shock. Dean receives a call that he blows off as an auto-ass(shout out to the automated political calls happening). Stopping at a gas station, Dean heads for the bathroom, rounds a corner, and immediately returns Benny’s call. Benny’s at a funeral, calling to check in.  He tells Dean that this real life is not so black and white as Purgatory, as Dean calls it “pure”. Dean tells Benny again not to make contact until the two of them can acclimate. Benny tells Dean to keep his nose clean which for me is a subtle statement that Dean will have a massive time adapting to humanness.

The episode was full-out basic ‘Supernatural’. Carver has started the season delving straight into the Winchesters’ differences which will cause the fans to argue til the very end! It was beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted and surprisingly subtle. I’m very excited for this season and this premiere didn’t disappoint! Please let me know what you think and as always…. stay supernatural!

*Alexis* provided my aspect for the dog being a supernatural being and Amelia being a demon.

 *Lyrics by Styx “Man in the Wilderness”

TorCon has been wonderful! The guest panels have been revealing, funny and personal but I’m going to say that Sundays are my fav! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are true stars: lovely, humble, and fan appreciative. So enjoy J2 day and make plans to attend a convention!

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ Once again flying all alone 

Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles

Mel @LoveJeter02 Jensen… This pic says it all. 

* The Jared gaze!

* Jared




*   Jared Smile

Dawn Ages@dawnages J2! 

* Jared is talking about reading his mentions and all the comments about his hair  

*  Jensen has pics of Thomas because Jared keeps sending them to him.

* Someone told them about the basting J2 comment yesterday

*Fan told Jensen kudos on Angeles!

* Fan asked about Danneel, cheers from the crowd. 😀 Jensen seemed appreciative

* Jensen just said you shut your mouth. Oh my!!

* Jared got casing mark burns on his face from the gun he shot in Slash Fiction

* Jensen ruined his voice doing the Yellow Fever scream which is why he’s hoarse sounding during his crazy ppl rant

 MelMel@LoveJeter02 The boys!! 

* More of the boys.

* Jensen 

* Sam and Dean say the same thing at the same time…Jensen and Jared lean the same way at the same time. #torcon

Fangasm@FangasmSPN Purgatory is a paintball field. 
* Deleted ‘brother’ scene at the end of the premiere ep!
* Cool fight scene coming up bw Sam and Dean.
*  Fan wants to know if they’ve had supernatural things happen. Jensen: They know better than to mess with us!
*  Jensen: So many babies all over! Jared: Is it contagious? Fans: Rub it all over Jensen! Jensen: *runs away
*  Boys listening intently to a fan’s question – and then thanking us for making all this possible.
 *  Jared takes off his hat. A million flashes go off.
Melanie@MellyBelly626 .@jarpad gold breakfast. Last table in the back but thank God for amazing zoom!
Sue Cotton@Spngrl  breakfast with the Winchesters 😀
Jared PadaFandom@PadaFandom1@KaibeginsKiss Jared just walked through his photo op line ‘who are you all waiting for?
 @EmmyH88: Jared said he is sick. 
Alexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te
 Lynz @fantutx Here’s Jensen’s and his oh so snuggly pants
SupernaturalForLife!@aleenashaukat A cartoon episode is coming up where the boys use old Warner Bros. cartoons for “bad” purposes
Wolfling@wolfling a few pics of Jared and Jensen  breakfast
@deidre2002: Jensen at breakfast

 * Did Sam screw with Baby again?  Jensen
* Wolfling’s Den’s account of Jensen’s private q&a
nerd_angel_k #TorCon J2: I wave my arms J2 call on me & I said “I’m sorry about the Texas Rangers!” Jared said: “Clif, kill her!”
 @FangasmSPN Did anyone mention Jensen singing Angeles in the M&G?
* Shooting the scene with Sam’s dead body was the hardest one Jensen has done. So intimate and emotional that Jared cried.
* Jensen knew SPN was special the moment he read the script – because of the relationship bw the bros. If that worked, Show would. 

* Jensen says Dean doesn’t understand why Sam didn’t look for him either – but all will become clearer as the season goes on
The most special moment in Jensen’s life was marrying @DanneelHarris according to him at his meet and greet. @deidre2002
@catatonichic: Richard on fanfic pairings: “Of course! You think I don’t know who my guy’s banging? Sabriel, right?”
 * Jensen’s imitation of Jared on set — and Jared’s appreciation of it
* J2 opening video montage – the Bromance song.
*  tells how he stopped all the trains in Europe to get Gen’s left-behind bag.
 * J2. No, they’re not serenading each other.
* .@jarpad‘s carry on bag is so large it just looks like a purse on him, according to Jensen
* They are telling the train story so here’s a pic in the meantime.
* Jared on Bobby’s death: it was a great ep but very difficult. Jensen is pretending to choke up.
* Awwww Jared just said welcome to the family to a new fan
 * Jensen: “Dean’s not an alcoholic… I’m in denial.” Ran out of time last season to address it, not sure if they will this season
* Jared just said “it’s nice to share things in their lives with their friends, family & all of you” over the years
* Fan asking Jensen about Priestly role, Jared says “I’ll take this one
* Jensen: you know, we’re not Sam & Dean. Jared: whoa, woah, woah, we’re not??
*  Jared: “we both have GREAT hair. No, I’m just kidding
* But Jensen says seriously, he would play Allistair. Most memorable moments filming those scenes
* Jensen: we’re men, you don’t have to do much to get our attention. Just show up
@nerd_angel_k  J2 q from Moose: alternate universe S & D to go to? Jared says they have an ep coming up set at a Renaissance Fair
* Jared: I’m really tall in Europe. Jensen: is there anywhere u r not?

 *  what’s it like working with each other in early years? They both are non Hollywood BS type, texans no probs btw them
* most elaborate prank? Mishas car & coins, Jen stink bombed Jar’s trailer early on that’s why they decided best to be allies
*  Jensen skydived twice
* Jensen would do the CN Tower edge walk. Jared is talking about stomping on the glass floor at the CN Tower
*  cracking up during filming: 2 days ago: Jen hears Paul yelling at Jar: Jared, leave! Walk away! Get outta here! Making Misha laugh
* change between boys & J2: Jared pulls his chair, faces Jen (like a therapist)
* Jen: he’s like a brother to me. Audience: Awwww! Jen: all right, cut it out, there, I said it
* Priestly question for Jen: he enjoyed how priestly really diff. Loved clothes & hair
 * personal fears conquered on show? Not really. jar was terrified in cross angel douchebag ep Jar not like swords above him & snake
* J2 just did impression of each other lol Jen does the hair moves Jar does the model mouth. Jen: I have striking features
* q about similarities bw characters and selves. jar starts talking about phone app. Jen: she asked about Sam! Not u! What r u doing?!
@LoveJeter02 Jensen licking his lips.
* Jared: I’ll take this (question from fan). Puts feet up on Jensen’s lap. Jensen walks out goes to audience mike
* Jensen asks q for Jared what’s it like working with Jared??
 Kai NKai N @KaibeginsKiss Jensen left the stage because Jared keeps answering questions, jensen walks over to question mic
* In first season immediately found out they had a lot in common ‘not into hollywood BS’
* ‘good people find good people’ Jensen on meeting Jared
* Jareds favourite season was four Jensens was 1
* Kim Manners  stole their motor bikes and suspended from sound stage ceiling
* Jared was afraid of standing on glass floor of CN tower, finally managed to lay down
* Director trying to block Jared so Jensen came on and immediately yelled ‘hey misha!’ did a funny dance
* Jensen ‘deans not an alcoholic, I’m in Denial!’ ‘problem with purgatory no alcohol stores’
* Nice watching each other and crew ‘growing up’ over the years from Jared
 * Jensen did not like the clowns
* ‘jared like sam likes to charge his phone’ ‘jensen like dean drinks when they go into this mode’
* he couldn’t play Sam Jared would play Ruby Jensen agrees ‘because she gets to hook up with sam
@summersfall789: Jensen: …Just in Europe? (asking Jared where hes considered a giant)
* Jensen’s face listening to Jared answer is a natural Blue Steel
 * Jared: Im not afraid of heights
* Jensen: She asked about Sam! You’re talking about charging your phone
Anna Campbell@clockworkrobots most difficult scene to film without cracking? Jensen: 2 days ago! Jared was asked to leave set during Misha’s coverage
*   Jensen re-enacts his first time bungee jumping
* Jensen re-enacts gestures he did to Misha to make him crack that also got him kicked off
 * vague references to 8.08 as involving “the exploration of side stories
 * “fan gave Jared some cute baby clothes with moose on them :
 * spn char. to play other than their own? Jared: “Ruby! She gets to hook up with Sam” Jensen jokes Ruby too, but then says Alistair
@LakenNovak: Jensen about him and Jared: “I think good people gravitate towards good people.”
Agro @xSwanSong“Dean’s not an alcoholic! … [Whispers] I’m in denial.” – Jensen Ackles
@idlelibrarian: Jensen: I’m as fragile as a flower
Morreu.@Mae_de_hunter craziest thing female fan has done to get attn? Jen: lifts shirt. Fan: Does it work? Jen: just show up. We’re men
Tosca@catatonichic JENSEN! Because reasons. Obviously
 * SO. This is Jared’s impression of Jensen.
Sue Cotton@Spngrl J2 panel 🙂
* J2 something was funny 🙂

* Jared and Jensen set the comfortable tone on set – many guest actors say it’s the ‘funnest’ set they’ve ever worked 

 * Fan: [directed at Jensen] WHERE’S YOUR BABY? Jensen: I’m like Dean, the impala is my baby
divine_debris@divine_debris @bodyguard4JandJ just offered to give me a fake choke hold and pull me from the room – just to add drama
deidre2002 panel 2 – pranks Toronto 10/7/12: 
ValerieJW @ValerieJW  cruising with Misha in lake Ontario. @jarpad and @dicksp8jr you should be here! And that other guy
 Wolfling@wolfling and part two of my video of the J2 torcon panel
Wolfling@wolfling Part 3 of my j2 torcon panel videos

Have yet to see vids from last night but tweepers are hoarse from all the singing! First announcement up is this TorCon won’t be the last! Creation will be back next year with the Supernatural crew! Sebastian Roche, Mark Sheppard, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight panels are up for today so enjoy the tidbits!

lily Winchester @lilydarko Hands on wheel #impala67

Bree@bree__black @__andy87 @_GwendolynD_ @country_bee At TorCon, which is coming back next year. Everyone in?!


Sebastian Roché and Mark Sheppard on their way

Wolfling@wolfling  Sebastian 

* a little bit of video of Sebastian’s panel

* Sebastian Roche

Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @sebroche is Irish and French from the waist down. 🙂

Mel@LoveJeter02 Seb is hilarious! He’s making fun of Canadians and Americans. Alexene LaufeysonAlexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te Apparently Sebastian is in love!!! Aww! Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages Seb on stage!

Melanie @MellyBelly626  @sebroche “I won’t say f**k or c**t too much”

 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn @deidre2002 Seb Roche

Mel@LoveJeter02 FYI Seb is off the market and in love.

 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn @deidre2002 Seb Roche

Jillian M.@primitivepublic “What was I talking about? Kissing Misha? On the cheeks… As the actor said to the bishop.” – @sebroche 

MelanieMelanie @MellyBelly626 .@sebroche says “Sometimes I’m a f**king idiot” 
 FangasmFangasm  @FangasmSPN Sebastian: Jensen: don’t push so hard Jared! Sonofabitch I meant the impala!! Yes Seb is writing slashy fanfic onstage.
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @sebroche Had long hair in the 90s.
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_TeSebastian will NOT be running for any sort of political thing.

 * Wow, he has a genuine talent for turning everything sexual.
 Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages I can’t tweet or take pics of Seb’s panel. He’s just all over the place. Everyone is dying of laughter.
 Mel@LoveJeter02 @sebroche  He is all over the place!
* .@sebroche is now talking to his balls, paying special attention to the left, which is his fave and has a deep voice
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_Te “Balthy wants to be backk!!” – @sebroche
Dawn Ages @dawnagesSeb imitated Obama and said he can’t imitate Stephen Harper because he’s like a blank piece of paper.

 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic “It’s not possible to mimic Stephen Harper. Except perhaps if I wore a piece of paper
 *  Audience starting laughing because @sebroche‘s big screens said “FOCUS.”
 Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages Items on Seb’s bucket list are base jumping & doing more charity work.
 Jillian M.Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @sebroche would love to do charity projects especially for victims of domestic abuse.
Alexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_TeSebastian REALLY wants to be on supernaural again

 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic  @sebroche didn’t recognize @Juliemcniven on the karaoke stage last night & tried to shoo her off.
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_Te Andddd now he’s talking about Cas’ underwear.

Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic  Fan asked what was going through Balthazar’s mind when Cas killed him. “A knife!”
*  offering to go down on a fan for reservations to his favorite restaurant
Deidre Lynn@deidre2002 “Do you think Castiel wears briefs… Fruit of the Loom boxers… But they’re not white anymore… Cuz that trenchcoat…..”
* you’re here on earth for a very little bit of time. You might as well enjoy it. Live life to its fullest. Every second counts. -Seb
Jillian M. @primitivepublic  @sebrocheis totally doing the whole DANCE! Awesome.

 * @sebroche leading the crowd in a rendition of Frankenfurter’s entrance.
@Exorcizamus_Te Omfg omfg omfg he’s doing frankenfurter I am crying
Dawn Ages@dawnages Seb’s panel is over! He rubbed the mic on his ass & said “that’s for the next person
Jillian M.@primitivepublic “How do you get 100 Canadians out f swimming pool? You say, ‘Please get out of the swimming pool.'” 
 Dawn Ages@dawnages Mark told everyone who didn’t watch Supernatural on Wednesday to get out
* Mark’s going thru his phone looking for a certain picture of him & Jim. He’s showing it to the crowd
Jillian M.@primitivepublic To shoot the scene with Mark & the goats they filled his pockets with goat food. They bit his hand.

 Alexene LaufeysonAlexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te Mark comparing Loki with a goat because a girl asking a question has a Loki helmet.
 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic  Mark Sheppard still has the kiss with @jumblejim on his cell phone
*  The characters that Mark has the most fun with are the ones the fans have the most fun with.
 * Joss Whedon makes massive sets that really make you feel like you’re entering that world
Fangasm @FangasmSPNMark on traumatic scene w goats w his pockets filled w food: Goats will eat ANYTHING! 

 Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages A fan just told Mark the only reason she’s here is for him. He went over to hug her. Awww
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_Te Mark wants to appear on Sherlock
* Mark is making fun of a fan for claiming that Canadians don’t say ‘eh’ and ‘aboot’.
 Alexene LaufeysonAlexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te Mark can play drums, guitar and used to sing
Jillian M. @primitivepublicMark believes he has the greatest job in the world because of the fans. 

* “Crowley is what happens when you don’t you attention.” -Mark

 * Mark gives a good lecture on fandom.
 * Fan: “I love Crowley-” Mark: “Of course you do.”
 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn@deidre2002 I love doing these things… It’s a love thing. -Mark
 * To focus on the things I haven’t done takes away from the joy of every new day
 * Mark showing us kissing photos on his phone
Wolfling@wolfling Some of my pics of Mark Sheppard  I have a few videos of him as well, to be ul’ed later.
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg At the Airport with @juliemcniven ….still keeping it Rock Star. That’s how we roll. Recognize. #Torcon
Fangasm@FangasmSPN We can expect Crowley to get even darker this season. Mark: “Expect alot of Crowley yelling. I like it when he yells.”
Melanie@MellyBelly626 Went out for lunch @Jack_Astors and look who’s car is in the parking lot! 🙂 #TorCon
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @mattcohen4real walking around in the back aisles. So much more handsome in real life, if possible.
* Matt Cohen

Jillian M. @primitivepublic  @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real in the crowd.

 *  @sebroche measures things in ‘girls.’ – @dicksp8jr
* @sebroche would get distracted by girls all the time when they were in Rome
*  @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real pointing out the guy got really drunk and did a “great” rendition of Pain It Black at karaoke.
*  The erection is the Diving Rod which he uses to detect crime.” – @mattcohen4real #torcon #hardcrime
MelMel @LoveJeter02 Richard is doing a fabulous impression of Sebastian talking about girls or “galls” with the accent. 
Melanie@MellyBelly626 OMG hearing the story about @jarpad stopping the train in Amsterdam
 * .@mattcohen4real wearing a fan’s handmade clown mask! I’m dying with laughter!!!
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @jarpad‘s response to finding out that he stopped all the trains North Europe: “I’m sorry.” – @dicksp8jr

*  There was a train wreck – it was 6’4″ and had long flowing hair.” – @dicksp8jr
*  @mattcohen4real jumped out of a plane and pooped his pants a bit (joke?).
* Jeffery Dean Morgan’s wife thinks that @mattcohen4real is her type.
* Can’t spell Jeffery Dean Morgan without ‘organ!'” @dicksp8jr 
*  Woman who wanted to go to the bathroom has been relegated to the Chair of Doom
*  @mattcohen4real is putting on the creepy clowns mask. “What did you eat for breakfast? I can smell it.”
* “Only time i spoke to Jim Varney he told me, ‘If you’re ever in a knife fight slash don’t stab!'”
Magie Tagie @Magietagie The very funny @dicksp8jr told us a great story about @jarpad
Deidre Lynn @deidre2002 Richard Speight off my camera screen

* Richard is totally singing the O Death song… While Matt is wearing a clown mask
*  Matt Cohen wearing the creepy clown head someone has been dressed as all weekend.
* Matt doing the jerk in the clown head.
 Magie Tagie@Magietagie The too cute @mattcohen4real taking a seat behind us at his Q&A

 AgroAgro @xSwanSong “I hope your Sebastian photo op went well. I hope you got a STD check too @mattcohen4real
 * Matt Cohen being extremely creepy.
Dawn Ages@dawnages Misha is here walking thru the crowd!
 Melanie@MellyBelly626  @mishacollins lookalike Damian!

 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real dragged @mishacollins to meet the CASTIEL COSPLAYER OMG.
 @summersfall789: Misha: “OMG! I’m shaking.” (on meeting the ‘real’ Castiel)
Matt com uma máscara de palhaço
Fangasm@FangasmSPN @mattcohen4real has ensured that I’ll have nightmares tonite. Where’s Sam Winchester when I need him? #TorCon
 * @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr entertain fans in their matching tee shirts and ties
MISHA COLLINS PANEL Misha Steals a Fans Jacket
 @nerd_angel_k:  West fell, cut head. Misha thinks he is fine. Vicki thinks she should take him to doctor. Misha forced to take him
* West needs lots of stitches. Their shirts were pretty bloody. 6 stitches.
Dawn Ages@dawnages If there was a zombie apocalypse, he would want Crowley on his team. Also, young Mary to keep him company. Crowley can patrol
Deidre Lynn @deidre2002 Mr. Collins

* Things are not going so great for Cas in S8 either
* My second Misha video from Toronto Con… ahhh to be kale….
 * @mishacollins looks so proud when he talks abt West. And the look on his face when he thinks abt what West has done..priceless.
@nerd_angel_k Misha pretended he is a SPN fan named Damian. They found fan dressed as Cas. Damian is a big fan
* Misha: I like your wings. Fan: I like yours. Misha: I don’t have any. Lol
 *   Darkest memory for Cas? M: Cas dealing with a lot of guilt. Like seeing extended fam & killing them all
*  west grabs kale & just eats it in supermarket. Lady points West out to her son & says u should eat like that!
*  Misha likes doing things that seem impossible like Guinness world record
 *  who was Misha posing with in Bacon Babes calendar? M: a retired stripper (Abigail) who went to Stanford
 *  ghostfacers & Cas q: any more snippets coming? M doesnt think so. Was filmed in Phil Sgriccias house.
*  are u writing poetry recently? Ya but not as often. Fave poet? Mary Oliver
 * Misha says we should bring gravy tomorrow & baste J2! Canadian Thanksgiving!!
@idlelibrarian: “So basically what you are asking is whose wife would I like to sleep with. Shame on you
Fangasm@FangasmSPN Misha: Cas feels really bad about what he did in Heaven. Ie killed everybody.
* Misha: sometimes I like to think, what’s a weird thing I can do? Fans: we have some suggestions
* Jensen on finding out Misha is back in the trench coat: really?? You couldve been in something else. U couldve been cool!
Dawn AgesDawn Ages@dawnages Misha said he’ll pay for everyone to go on his cruise, then changed his mind after everyone cheered
 *  Mishas fav ep. to film was The French Mistake & the one he just finished shooting.
* Misha made a fan call her family that is waiting in the hotel for her, to come downstairs to the con. He wants to meet them
* There have been times when the cast has ‘accidentally’ drank real alcohol when shooting drinking scenes. – Misha
* The family that drove the fan 13 hours, that Misha wanted to meet!
 * Misha enjoys playing many different Cas roles. “Poor guy, he’s gotten the crap beaten out of him psychologically
* Misha says that when he thinks he knows where the show is going, they change it up.
Agro@xSwanSong “Well, I can manipulate these people… And I did.” @mishacollins
 @keepcalmspn: West helps to make breakfast by breaking eggs. Not so much into a bowl, though
* Misha says Random Acts was based on the fandom. He thought “How can I manipulate these people?”
 *   On the death of Bobby, Misha says “You can’t do that. Assholes
@MellyBelly626: .@mishacollins says West has named his little sister ‘Sockeye’ and adds a maniacal laugh each time
 * Misha’s panel is literally making me cry tears of laughter! OMG he is now summoning a girl’s dad and grandma
 * Someone in the audience just gave their Misha photo op ticket to a girl and her family who couldn’t get a photo op ticket!
 * Misha said was filming a scene with J2 last night where they pose as FBI, flash their badges, and Cas walks right by them
* Misha says “spoiler alert, Castiel gets out of the scrubs and back into the same thing he’s always worn”
@summersfall789: Misha: “It’s a little thin. Mine’s got a little more girth.” (on his ‘angel sword’)
 Wolfling@wolfling a few pics of Misha from his panel
Deidre Lynn @deidre2002 Richard Speight telling the funny Jared train story

 WolflingWolfling @wolfling annnd finally the last part, Misha’s panel  part 6
* Misha’s panel part 1
* Misha’s panel part 3

 * Misha’s panel part 2
* Misha’s panel part 1