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For most guys and girls out in the real world, I figure this is letter to be true! For my family it truly is! Jared isn’t perfect but he just seems so close! Read and share fandom! And for some of us, with tears in our eyes! 

From a girl’s boyfriend… ‘I Hate You, Jared Padalecki’

Day two with lots of pictures, vids and some tweeting! Have fun in Paris!

Jason Manns @jasonmanns @dicksp8jr is a Parisian rocks star. @spotlightevents agrees.

Sebastian Roché @sebroche We look Ridicule euh!!!

 @barbarafaith Richard speight jr talk With mark sheppard

Magali K.@Maaaag_ Air Guitar by the awesome @ChadLindberg !

* “Oui je viendrais après !” “Yeah, whatever he said” Seb & Chad, this afternoon

Morgiane BartonMorgiane Barton @Dougstache My new computer background. I love this picture. (it’s even better in HD)

Leah ; D&J ♥Leah ; D&J ♥@acklesholic  When Jason had a question from the audience, the cast was like: OMG Jason got a question, this is it, it’s his moment! So funny.

* Chad Lindberg whould love to play with Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio. He is definately perfect, I’m telling you!

Tiia ÖhmanTiia Öhman @unikissa I’m a fangirl and not afraid to admit it! @dicksp8jr & @Mark_Sheppard = awesome dudes.

Magali K.@Maaaag_ Air guitar by @chadlinberg !!

Leah ; D&J ♥ @acklesholicMark: ‘Shut up, Sebastian!’ Seriously, this guy talks too much, but he is damn funny!
 Leah ; D&J ♥ @acklesholic Mark Sheppard with a ‘Doctor Who’ tee-shirt
Jason Manns@jasonmanns Merci pour le nuit. The audience was incredible. J’adore Paris. Et @dicksp8jr agrees…Maybe too much.This is awkward.
@dicksp8jr I’m not askin @sebroche to translate on principle. NOT fair. Ur not supposed to have 6-packs of both languages & abs.
Sebastian Roché@sebroche At the Paris Con with @chadlindberg 🙂
Mrgxxc@Mrgxxc  Yes, he is absolutely perfect! Since you like him here one of the best pic I took! Looking at me! >
* The ApocalypseCon was so awesome… Richard performing “Mrs Robinson” is the best part of it! Watch, it’s awesome! >>
* les anges Gabriel et Balthazar hier soir ont chanté regarde!
* who said Crowley was a demon… God? Maybe…” #MarkSheppard
* Mark, Richard and Sebastian at the opening.

*  “in the end of the show, I’d like everybody to come back and then, die again” #chad
* I’m stronger than the dude who plays Loki in Thor!”  #Richard
Caroline Criss @Carolinement_FAN : What makes you speachless ? RICHARD : Speachless ? MARK : A kick in the balls RICHARD : That would make me ‘breathless’
* Just bought Soul and Hallelujah:The acoustic album by @jasonmanns from
* Richard & Jason
* Mark & Sebastian
* Chad Lindberg stage diving vid!
* Richard singing vid!
* Richard, Chad & Jason vid
* Jason Manns singing vid! :
* Chad dancing vid
Femke van Beers.‏  @MissFemm
* Sebastian talking about Jared & Jensen wrestling!  
Jason Manns @jasonmanns@dicksp8jr: Paris! Thanks for coming – & thanks  it was awesome! Fromage! @jasonmanns @ChadLindberg

Paris in June! With some of favorite Supernatural guests attending including Richard Speight Jr, Jason Manns, Mark Sheppard, Chad Lindberg, the party has started! While at RioCon, Jared Padalecki was surprised to find out he was listed as a guest for this convention.  From the info tweeted at the con, the Paris promoters advertised Jared and Jensen as attending but had yet to solidify the agreements. Jared took care of the mix up quickly clarifying that he would not be atteneding. Jensen pulled out last week stating through Danneel “due to difference in organizing opinions, he regretfully wouldn’t attend.” Hate that for fans who had purchased tickets! I’m in Austin, Tx. at a tv festival but will get the fun summarized asap! Have a grat Paris day ya’ll!

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Since when is drunk @jasonmann ‘s nickname ‘The Dark?’ “@ChadLindberg, crawl in bed with @dicksp8jr and he can protect you from the dark.”

Random Acts@therandomactorg  attendees: keep an eye out for our regional rep in France, and follow her Twitter for games/updates!

Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Hangin backstage with the dashing @sebroche

Morgiane Barton@Dougstache “If Gabriel’s gonna hook-up with somebody, I’m glad it’s with somebody hot.” – @dicksp8jr about slash fiction & Sabriel. 

* Sooooo @sebroche said we’d all lose our virginity this weekend. Well, convention virginity… But still

Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Jensen, however, is quite relieved. “@NextOfkciN: Apparently @dicksp8jr is not Jensen  who knew? I’m so dissapointed!”

Leah ; D&J ♥@acklesholic Mark: “I think the Impala is God.”

@barbarafaith Sebastian roché and mark sheppard

* Richard jr speight talk

 Sanne van Beers @sannevanbeers Just walked into @sebroche and @dicksp8jr when going to the toilet! Thanks for the hug guys 

Jessica Blake‏ @essintheimpala Fan: “How was it to kiss @jumblejim?” @Mark_Sheppard: “meh..”.

Sebastian Roché @sebroche Wonderful time at ApocalypseCon in Paris, great organization !!!!! Great people!!!! 🙂

* Chad is the sweetest guy ever #crying

Morgiane Barton @Dougstache And Mark looked like a fangirl! It was adorable

Supernatural Serien Community FB:

Leah ; D&J ♥@acklesholic Richard and Mark’s favourite character of the show is Lucifer.

ЯБог,ТупоеТыСозданиеЯБог,ТупоеТыСоздание @OhMari1991  @ChadLindberg

Sanne van Beers@sannevanbeers  Chad just stagedived twice and we partied on with him on the floor

Jason Manns @jasonmanns Though different from the original line up, @dicksp8jr @sebroche @ChadLindberg @Mark_Sheppard killed it tonight for you guys. They rocked it

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Holy mother of crap, @jasonmanns got everyone super drunk and ready for fondling tonight. Who are you, @sebroche?!

Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg We brought the House down tonight. Thank you all for the amazing time and crowdsurfing. It’s now time for sleep…G’night!!!

Jason Manns @jasonmanns FYI @dicksp8jr stole my phone &decided to tweet. I agree with everything he said. Best master of ceremony ever!!

Jason Manns@jasonmanns OMG – Spotlight_events throws a helluva party – and the staff rocks! This Paris con is off the chain!!!

Sebastian Roché @sebroche At the Paris Con with @chadlindberg 🙂

Sister M@trettionio Jason Manns on stage at Hell Night Party

Sister M @trettionioSeb kept switching between English & French in his panel, hilarious when u understand both well but probably not fun when u don’t

Chad on stage

 Sister MSister M@trettionio Chad will be in an episode of Weeds
* Chad’s zombie movie will be on at Halloween this year
* Fan is too nervous to ask question, hyperventilating, Chad tries to calm her down
* Cats are Chad’s kryptonite 
* Powder is an Australian Sheppard
* Chad went to haunted hospital and got scratched by a demon, 3 marks on his back
* Chad believes in ghosts, loves show Ghost adventures 
* Ash’s mulet were extensions, took 1 1/2 hour to put on
* Chad: I die a lot, I’m a professional dier
* Chad’s version of paradise: be surrounded by friends and family. And his dog Powder
* Chad’s first time in Paris, he plans to visit after the con 
* Chad talking about his film I spit on your grave
*Richard: I know I’m. Not Jensen, you know I’m not Jensen, but nobody cares 
* Richard scheduled to work on mini series about civil war
Richards fav characters: Castiel and Lucifer
* Richard: weirdest question he got was about “le fiction de slash”
* Richard doing Jensen impression, talking in deep voice
* Richard: every time a J cancels, Mark & I come to clean up the mess
* Richard: Jensen’s pain is my gain
* Richard: I’m not Jensen. I get that constantly 
* Richard speaks French: i’m going to the beach, i’ve got a pen 
* Seb: we finally come to a convention in France, and where are we? Disneyland! 
* Seb is talking in French, Richard: now I finally get you 
* Richard: Minnie mouse (pronounced mini moose in French) doesn’t mean tiny Jared
Jason Manns@jasonmanns Dawn of the dead – at the bar!  These people agree. Especially @dicksp8jr & hot Johanna!