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Ben Edlund, writer extraordinaire, received the 2012 Ink Pot Award at ComicCon! The Ink Pot Award is Comic-Con’s achievement award given for excellence overall since 1974.

The Ben Edlund Panel – Comic Book Resources

ComicCon was a crazy fun time and Richard Speight Jr. with Rob Benedict had more fun than most! The two wandered around finding trouble for Gamespot and this short clip highlights them!

Battlestar Gallatica’s Ty Olsson is a new recurring guest for Supernatural’s season eight! Article from Zap2It!

San Diego ComicCon… the land of the free, home of the ultimate strange! Also the event our show Supernatural has a huge platform on prime time Sunday noonish! The panel this year consisted of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund. Richard Speight and Rob Benedict tweeted and mceed for during the ComicCon.  Jared also did a Nerd Machine interview with Zachary Levi.

The following is today’s posting but I will update when I find more pics, tweets & vids! Have a great vicarious time at 2012 ComicCon!

Panel intro vid!

Panel clip #2

Panel clip #3

Panel  clip#4

Panel clip #5

Panel clip #6

S7 gag reel peek by coolgal123kiss!

Jensen, Misha, Ben addresses ‘destiel’  SPN panel! vid by 3HeadedMonkey:

Supernatural @SpnTentation  cast

 Chris Sully @CSSully Misha Collins and Jim Beaver answering questions 

Jensen Ackles and the rest of the  gang

MTV interview Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins!
 EW interview with Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard & Jim Beaver!

Panel: Cast And Producers Talk Season 8 via @HuffPostTV by @LauinLA

@hjsoulsge Jared Padalecki “Less choking more being tied up”

Cast panel vid by paopukitten:

Live blog during Cast panel by DigitalTV:

TV Fanatic @TVFanatic  Panel: Brothers, Unite! 

Laura PrudomLaura Prudom@LauinLA  press room interviews: Sam’s love interest, Castiel’s story, the brothers’ relationship & more: 

SereinaSereina @sereinaSPN  Photoset: 

UstreamUstream@Ustream LIVE NOW: Jared Padalecki is LIVE at #NerdHQ for a special ‘Supernatural‘ panel at ComicCon!

Laura PrudomLaura Prudom @LauinLA  Interviews with Padalecki, Carver and Edlund live now! via @HuffPostTV 

@TheSpoilerCW: Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki 2012 Press Room New Pic! @jarpad”  

/\shley ♒ M/\rie /\shley ♒ M/\rie @mouski_18  Season 8 Scares Up an Epic Chase, an Old Enemy and New Romance 
Laura PrudomLaura Prudom‏  @LauinLA What did you think of the spoilery tidbits from the #SPN panel, gang? Feeling optimistic? 
Spotlight on Ben Edlund Panel at ComicCon Videos Part 1 and 2 | The Winchester Family Business – Supernatural:
 Sarah.The✪AckleholicSarah.The✪Ackleholic @So0oNo0oR ComicCon 2012 #Supernatural Panel: Cast And Producers Talk Season 8

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness  Here’s the ENTIRE panel. Spotlight on Ben Edlund Panel

Wendy@wendy_d  Being in BBB video was something Jared wanted to do purely for himself, not money or career, just something he loved & felt passionate about

@KSiteTV: Misha Collins


Brennan‏  @Mellamobrennan  Jared looking hot on that panel. At that place. At that con…

 Car. beep beep @vmcarina  Cast

@AndreaDeMill@dicksp8jr and @robbenedict

Yvonne@Kalliope1979 Photoset: › the cast

Tim Surette@TimAtTVDotCom And Dean Winchester!

Miss Bee @That_Girl_Bee If I didn’t know this was a #NerdHQ interview I’d have thought it was a shampoo commercial! #LushHair!

 J2 pic

Jim Beaver@jumblejim Can you believe last night was the first time I ever met JDM? GREAT guy. 

Entertainment Weekly party, w/ Felicia Day, Mark Sheppard, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, et moi.

Emma ♥  @Emah_i_LOVE_SPN Jareds brother is taller than him O_O HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE

Great report from the Supernatural Press room by @clarissa373:

what a gorgeous pic of the guys.

Winchester Bros‏  @WinchesterBros Photos of Jared Padalecki at EW SDCC 2012 Party 

Photos of Misha Collins at EW SDCC 2012 Party

TVFor The Rest Of Us @TVFTROU Jared and Jensen are telling Jeremy Carver to bring back The Trickster and Chuck. They made @dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict stand up!

Danielle Turchiano‏  @danielletbd #NerdHQ is so inspiring to me because it started from one guy (@ZacharyLevi) looking at an institution and wanting to do something different

Revolution (Series)@RevolutionSciFi Interview with #ErikKripke Press Room #Revolution

Osric Chau @OsricChau  the level of dedication is uncanny. I’m so impressed! And slightly scared. #talking about the fandom lining up for days!

@CW_Supernatural: Nice View: The boys of #Supernatural atop the Warner Bros. booth at ComicCon 2012.

KSiteTV KryptonSite@KSiteTV Misha Collins
thirtysecondsto ·o. @Maria_Salvatore @jarpad and Gen call baby tom ‘Hippopo-thomas’? THAT IS SO FUDGING ADORABLE. I CANNOT EVEN!
Eric Goldman @EricIGN Jared Padalecki/@jarpad on the Supernatural press line earlier.
Supernatural@CW_Supernatural  Jensen Ackles listens to a question from the audience during the panel at 
Jensen interview by TVfortheRestofUs! vid:
The Stars and Producers Tease Season:
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Jensen Ackles Interview – Press Room The Winchester Family Business
Todd Stashwick@ToddStashwick Hey #SPNfans! Come to Artists Alley FF05 after the panel. I won’t bite!Osric Chau@OsricChau  I had such an amazing time at my first comic con! Saw a lot of things, met a lot of people. I can’t wait for next year! * Spn panel was fun! Still so much to learn about the world of spn 
Rob Benedict@RobBenedict Good times at the #Supernatural panel at #comicon. They’re all so much hunkier in real life. Thanks for the shout outs and the love!
Misha Collins @mishacollins There’s a strange fashion trend in San Diego @ the moment. (They’re just in the process of figuring out who I am here.)
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Nah, it’s really Sheppard’s yacht. 

Jim BeaverJim Beaver @jumblejim Entertainment Weekly party, w/ Felicia Day, Mark Sheppard, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, et moi.
 * Can you believe last night was the first time I ever met JDM? GREAT guy.
 Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr And now for the ceremonial eating of the burger signifying the end of the con. @robbenedict
* Rockin’ it in line with Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson and @robbenedict
* Supernatural signing at Comicon! Gonna get Mark, Misha, Jim, Ben, Jeremy, and the J bros to sign my bare chest!
* It is @robbenedict Molly812 and a creepy fan (Misha)
Christopher Lennertz@CLennertz @tv_revolution: New Photo: Giancarlo Esposito, Tracy Spiridakos, JD Pardo and Eric Kripke… #Revolution #NBC
Simone Kalel@redteekal#nerdhq Jared at NerdHQ today
Laura Prudom@LauinLA That’s a wrap, full #SPN liveblog here: …
* Ben is trying to explain fanfic/art to Jensen. “Images of Dean in an angelic embrace” Misha says Ben has pictures like that in his bedroom
* The gag reel contains shirtless Jensen Ackles, just so you know
Nerderific @Nerderific AMAZING Supernatural jackets made from WB bags!
Dan Spilo@DanSpilo Jense & Jared! So why aren’t you down there. Fun Sunday in San Diego.
Misha Collins@mishacollins This guy was just hounding me for a photo at marvel’s booth, so I let him have one. It will probably mean a lot to him.
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Short video from Supernatural panel from SDCC – YouTube
‘Supernatural’ at Comic-Con 2012: Jared Padalecki on Sam’s year without Dean and more via @zap2it
‘Supernatural’ panel at Comic-Con 2012: We live-blogged it!
‘Supernatural’ slideshow at Comic Con 2012
Supernatural – Season 8 – Comic-Con 2012 – Short Panel Video
Some good pics! SPN ComicCon TV Equals – Every Opinion Matters
San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Supernatural Rock the Official SDCC Bags! Dread Central 
Jared Padalecki@jarpad The view from stage in hall h
*My airplane reading material 🙂

Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki@jarpad Hey comic-con fans- it was GREAT to see y’all and hear your stories! Big thanks to @ZacharyLevi and @aishatyler for including me today!