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Ben Edlund wrote Repo Man and Ben is a funny guy! But there is nothing funny about this episode.  Edlund regards “Supernatural” writing as a format to squeak over boundaries. He states in past interviews that he’s surprised how far the show can push the envelope. Sera Gamble wants “Supernatural” episodes to be lore based.  Allowing Lucifer to access one’s psyche by permission is the lore du jour. So focussing on Repo Man, I didn’t like the episode’s darkness.  I loved the show but the content made me very uncomfortable! Let me explain.

Repo Man begins with flashbacks of a previous hunt. The Winchesters doing really bad stuff to a demon possessed man, Jeffrey(Russell Sams). I didn’t like watching it and I don’t like being aware of it. I know the boys have tortured possessed people but we’ve never seen this before. Denial point: the Winchesters are capable of committing atrocities. The tortured man Jeffrey later counts off to Dean, how badly he was hurt and his injuries were awful. In the beginning, when Nora(Nicole Oliver) confronts Jeffrey/demon, she’s scared poopless and runs for her life. That’s what normal people do, they run for their lives. But not the Winchesters. They slog around in the nastiness and then we as fans have the audacity to complain about their drinking! I drink because of the Winchesters!

Awful crap is revealed from this one hunt. Hurl forward four years and the same modus operandi shows up, the same demon is killing people again. And now we also see Lucifer(Mark Pellegrino) taunting Sam who can get rid of Luci by squeezing his scarred hand. The Leviathan are still at the forefront but this demon has to be dealt with right now. Nora from the past hunt leads the boys to Jeffrey who has a crap life but who is alive. After talking with Jeffrey about his life ordeals, Dean tells him, “And we’re the good guys.” The point taken WHAT the Winchester heroes do for humanity. I score one for the good guys.

Throughout the episode, Lucifer entices Sam to talk with him. Sam refuses. Why? Because he doesn’t want to acknowledge Lucifer? Or because when Sam does acknowledge him, then Sam has given in. During the library scene, Lucifer taunts Sam because Luci is bored. He moves in front of Sam to the point that Sam has to actually look around him to see the girl he’s watching. Sam also hallucinates people viciously bashing their own heads bloody on their table. Has Sam hallucinated like this before or is this par for his “precarious wall” course? When Sam calls Dean to no avail, Lucifer really just wants to help Sam get into touch with Dean. And Lucifer really wants to help solve this case, that’s all. Listening but not responding to Lucifer, Sam heads back to Jeffrey’s place. Sam pieces together what he has heard from Luci but his fear mounts over not reaching Dean. At Jeffrey’s squat, Sam finds a phone scrambler and demon summoning spells which throws him into fear factor overdrive. This fear forces him to listen to Lucifer. He has no choice. The same bond that has landed three Winchesters in hell, has driven them to make deals with demons is the same tie that binds Sam to listen to Lucifer right now. A bind that the Winchesters won’t break, family.

Jeffrey has guided Dean to the demon’s nest where they find a guy tied up. Dean never believes in coincidences but he seemingly follows Jeffrey with no hesitation.  From behind, Jeffrey drugs Dean with a needle and ties him up. Dean quickly figures out the hunt. Jeffrey is a serial killer who can’t kill without the demon Merrick and Jeffrey wants Merrick back. The only way to bring Merrick back is to use Dean’s blood for a summoning ritual. Jeffrey also needs animal blood so he kills his newly rescued dog. Edlund really pushes emotional boundaries here,  our love for pets.  I know the dog had far more people crying over it’s death than did Jeffrey.  After the demon enters the bound captive, Nora’s son, it hugs Jeffrey and then dances with him in celebration. The demon then slaps Jeffrey to the ground because he’s not using him  again. Poor serial killer Jeffrey.

Sam makes his way to the warehouse with Lucifer’s niggling help. The demon has slapped Jeffrey down and Sam arrives just in time to fight the demon. Dean gets loose to then shoot Jeffrey, a human, not a supernatural monster. Nora is with Sam, chants the demon banishment spell and the demon is gone. Edlund really brings a moral issue front and center. When is it ok to kill? Who makes the decision about who lives or dies. Dean murdered a human, the same man he’d previously badly tortured to get to a demon. The same man he dumped at a hospital to get cared for. So what exactly does that make Dean?

The boys enter their motel room with Dean collapsing on the bed. He opts for unconsciousness but not before he mumbles how psychopaths act, that’s all they do is act. They act like everything is normal until it isn’t. Dean describes Sam. As Dean falls to sleep, Lucifer is so excited to play with Sam. Sam rubs his scar to disintegrate Lucifer but it doesn’t work. Lucifer informs Sam that he’s let him in and with that, flames erupt surrounding Sam. The lore factor is based on giving the devil access to a your psyche. And Edlund goes there. When Sam responds to Lucifer out of sheer brotherly fear for Dean, listening to Lucifer, Lucifer wins.

So I ask this question, “does the end justify the means?”  Edlund has given us this moral fodder to ponder. I believe the Winchesters are walking a very fine line with the death of Amy/monster, Emma/monster and now Jeffrey/human monster. Where are the lines drawn and at what will the Winchesters draw their line? Please share your thoughts. I give you what I think from my eyes, my life, and my views. Until March the 16th….  stay supernatural.

Ben Edlund info:

Clowns, a unicorn and the Winchesters having fun sums up this episode.  Ok, let’s make that Dean having fun. Sam is terrified of clowns and these clowns are scary! “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” was a filler episode, no bearing on the overall story arc. But what we get is nostalgic sweetness between the brothers and a reminder that these hunters never really experienced a childhood.  Daniel Loflin with Andrew Dabb wrote this ep and really hit it spot on. Mike Rohl, who loves Supernatural, directed and pulled the best out of the actors and the script! With Sam running for his life from HIS childhood fear, clowns, the action begins!

We know that Sam has clown issues. Dean teases him about it continuously.  Seeing Sam running clowns and repeating under his breath, “they can’t hurt me. If they bleed, I can kill them!” sets the hero in trouble tone. Our Supernatural splatter is clowny colorful and the countdown clock gives us time perspective.  Squished in a payphone, Dean talks to Frank who has yet to dig up Dick Roman info but this shows us that the Winchesters still have Leviathan on the front burner. Since having a monster baby, Dean swears off women, babies and even hot chicks. The next hunt lands the boys in a morgue checking out a victim who has been suckered to death by an octopus and a vampire, a octovamp!  The victim’s wife infers that the nanny might know something. According to the nanny, the parents aren’t quite the hands on type and the daughter has tried to warn her daddy about the monsters! Sam questions the daughter and sees her chalk drawing, an octopus with vamp like teeth.

The next victim gets stabbed by a lance and involves a horse,(a unicorn obviously). When the wife shows up to answer questions, Dean discovers that her youngster and the first victim’s kid both went to Plucky Pennywhistle’s for birthday parties. With the time clock ticking, we fast forward to Sam fighting clowns to no avail.  Fighting for all he’s worth, his strikes explode glitter and incite evil clown chuckling.  Going back earlier in the day, Sam checks out the staff at Plucky’s and spies scary drawings by the kids. The pics are drawn with the premise that expressing their fears helps the kids to overcome them. Janitor Saul whispers to Sam about something weird going on but can’t talk until after closing. Sam takes his info back to Dean where they conclude that the drawings are somehow producing monsters. At closing time at Plucky’s, the janitor starts to leave but is informed that he has to full-out sanitize the ball pit.  While sucking up the balls to clean out the pit, something shark like swims around Saul. I instantly envision a shark as Saul is yanked under and then drug around the pit. Oh yea, blood spatters all over the plastic enclosure! Sam and Dean drive back to Plucky’s to speak with the janitor but instead see a coroner taking a body on a stretcher.  Dean checks out the corpse, says it looks like a shark bite and determines the shark about twenty feet long due to the bite radius. “Shark week, man!  How can you not watch that? A whole week of sharks!” 

Back at the hotel, the boys are talking business which seems almost like a normal conversation other than the death and monster parts! Sam plans on  going back to Plucky’s to play bad cop and Dean is supposed to follow whoever Sam rattles. Hanging out at the pizza place with kids, Dean says, “that’s normal. A 30 something  hanging around Plucky’s. Not pervy at all.” At Plucky’s, Sam proceeds to eliminate suspects with intimidation. The manager is a pothead, the dorky ticket taker just fends off anything Sam asks him with a smile but Sam’s questioning causes the lion mascot to bolt with Dean in pursuit.  After being tackled, the lion confesses but not to murder. While hanging out at Plucky’s, Dean tries to win enough tickets for a giant slinky which he obviously has always wanted. We know that “hunters have no childhood” so this is sweet to behold. A son left on his own at Plucky’s by his waitress mom who’s employed there, catches Dean’s eye.  The boy had drawn a giant robot with laser eyes on his place mat of fear.

When the boys get back from chasing the lion, the boy’s place mat is gone. They determine that this mom and boy maybe the next victims so Sam heads out to watch over them while Dean investigates the boiler room where he finds a burning sacrifice, an altar and painted clowns dolls. The nerdy ticket guy sneaks up on Dean. It seems this poor fellow is making kids lives better by killing what he deems as their horrible parents. His little brother drowned when he was much younger because his parents couldn’t hear him yelling for them. Nerd guy has noticed Sam’s massive fear of clowns and has worked his mojo so that Sam is now a target. Deans ends this confrontation by throwing the nerd’s own picture into the fire pit, bringing his ghostly brother back who then kills him.

The countdown clock reads “RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW” which brings us to real-time and Sam’s losing clown battle. When the nerd is killed, the clowns explode in a blast of glitter, covering Sam from head to toe. Sam gets out of his vehicle covered in glitter and Dean just belly laughs at his brother. Sam just tells Dean to go ahead, get it out but Sam is being taken aback by Dean’s laughter.  Dean truly apologizes to Sam for psychologically scarring him and gives him a scary Pennywhistle clown as a token for defeating his phobia. Sam brings Dean the giant slinky and tells Dean that they have earned it! During the exchange here Sam rubs his hand, letting us know that his grip on reality is still tenuous. The boys drive off into the night with the clown doll laying in the middle of the road, winking and cackling at us.

This episode was so wonderful on every turn! Mostly because we see the Winchesters interacting in a semi normal brotherly fashion! Sam being clown tormented was funny because he was so terrified! Dean acting like a kid in a toy store was just that…. fun to watch and heart tugging too. Dean’s laughter when seeing Sam was the talk of the night! Why? Because it was so real and Jensen like but also because these guys don’t have a lot to laugh about. Dean is walking a tightrope although he didn’t drink in this ep. Sam rubbing his hand at the end shows us that he is really just hanging on. So the brothers carry on…. as we know that they will. Let me know your thoughts! stay supernatural…..

I started this page just for Jensen & Jared’s panel! As you can see, eveything was interesting!! I’ll be updating this when the sneaky vids get uploaded! Pics & vids not allowed but happen! Enjoy! This was fun!
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros Jensen said hi to baby
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester The J’s are on the stage! Looking sweet! They’re pleading for @RobBenedict to come back
* First question “You two are absolutely beautiful men.” Jared – “You need to get your vision checked.”
*  Jared is now wearing a beanie
*  Jensen’s fave family moment on SPN was when Jared spiked the egg nog in the Christmas ep
* Jensen talking about the spiked egg nog in AVSC. He said “Jared” spiked the egg nog, Jared said “Sam” did it.
 * The craziest thing someone has done to them for attention. Jensen – A lady lept into his arms while he was walking in the lobby

gatogoddessStephanie Miller

Are we going to see sam do any period dressing, jar to jen “i didn’t know you were on your period
@starandrea: Jared: I didn’t know you were on your period. Jensen: You should know, we’re on the same cycle
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  Jensen cried tears of joy when Titanic ended
@WinFamBusiness Jared – “I don’t think so, the good and bad of being the straight character in the show.” Jensen – “What?”
@CamillaBug: Jensen says he doesn’t cry. He has no fears. “I’m dead inside.”
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  About movies that make them cry- Jensen: I don’t cry. I don’t have feelings
@WinFamBusiness Jared – “I don’t think so, the good and bad of being the straight character in the show.” Jensen – “What?”
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Jensen says if you don’t get choked up watching Rudy you’re not human
@WinchesterBros: Jensen says there’s a ballerina episode coming up
WinchesterBrosWinchester BrosJared and Jensen

Alice Jester
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester   Jared – They salted and burned Bobby. That reminded Jared, he cried during “Death’s Door
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Jared says he cried during Death’s Door. First time he ever cried reading the script
 @WinFamBusiness: Jared called Sera Gamble and said it was the first time he cried reading a script
  Jensen thinks there are ways for Bobby or anyone to come back. “Nobody is never really gone forever.”  

Jared is pulling things off of jensen’s sweater
 @CamillaBug: Jensen: “Excuse my dimwit brother here.”
  @WinFamBusiness: Jensen is flabbergasted that someone like Jared can actually have a child. Hee!
DawnGarrisonDawn Alcorn Garrison  Jensen talking about having a robe for @saradjcanning after the scene where she drops clothes  awkward scenes
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  J2 don’t like sex scenes because the girls feel violated
 @WinchesterBros: When Sara did the scene where she dropped her skirt and walked to Dean, Jensen had a robe ready for her to use
ifyouseelauraLaura McCarthy  @jarpad “Sam has always had weird relationship issues. He has this thing where these women always end up on the ceiling
PurupuruAmy Kirner    Jensen doing a leery, belly scratching, donut munching impersonation of teamsters showing up during female nudity scenes
WolfAngelDeathWolfie  @jarpad watches Family Guy because it’s mindless
PurupuruAmy Kirner  Jensen likes to watch swamp people
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Jensen likes construction shows, showing how things are made.
 @WinchesterBros: Jareds fave to show besides SPN are Family Guy, Antiques Roadshow.
 @SPN_Hunter_67: Jensen has seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother. He watches it while he runs on treadmill.  
Amy Kirner
PurupuruAmy Kirner Jared jokes he has no recollection what his life was like before he was on the show  
salvatoresBrideSana☀ Out of 200 crew members only about 30 have changed during the 7 seasons. 
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Jensen has seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother. He watches it while he runs on treadmill. 
WolfAngelDeathWolfie #jensenackles likes to watch Swamp People and HIMYM (has seen every episode) and construction shows  
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Jared is pulling things off of jensen’s sweater
@CamillaBug: J2 keep talking to Clif in the back of the room
@Winchester Bros  Jensen says he doesn’t own a car in real life
Jensen put 10,000 miles on a truck in 3 years. Sold it to Danneel’s father
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  Jared’s eye prosthetics melted into his eye in 2×01
starandrea*AndreaJensen:     Is there a car that Jensen would – I’m talking like I’m not here. Jared: Jared would like to know that too
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros   Jared’s most uncomfortable scene w/prosthetics was in the beginning of In My Time Of Dying because the sun melted the glue
What car would Jensen have if he had one? He probably would get a truck. 1970 Chevy
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Jensen’s most uncomfortable was in Swan Song when Sam beat up Dean
GraceSimmsGrace Simms  Jared
@gatogoddess: Jensen sings with Steve and Jason all the time “just not on camera” he doesn’t feel like a musician. 
@WinFamBusiness: No, Jensen is an actor and maybe a director. He admires what musicians do, but he’s not one.  

Stephanie Miller
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  Jensen and jared are thanking us for supporting them.
J2 Ladies
J2FamilyFandom1J2 Ladies  Jared jokes he has no recollection what his life was like before he was on the show
 @WinchesterBros: Jensen signing banner Pic #2

J2 Ladies
Great pic of J2 at via @GraceSimms
CarolMapsCarol Barnet @BirthBuff Jared says “Going for a natural birth, have a doula, reading a book on hypno-birth
J2FamilyFandom1J2 Ladies  When is the Impala coming back? Jensen – “It’ll come back.” He did a lot of complaining for yrs about the Impala condition…
Jensen: There’s a lot of potential for supernatural things on the show Jared: Really? Jensen: You can write that down
@winchesterwoman: Jensen saw Sofia Vergara & geeked out.He started to follow her&leave Danneel shoe shopping .She said, Go ahead..
Too good!!  SPN_WinchestersAckleholic  Photoset: girlfootballer-x:
Vid by JensAngel1, lots of vids posted to the right, just watch & keep watching!

Hey Supernatural Fans! I so hope you’ve enjoyed all the updated info! Great news is that it will be updated for the next few days until I get all the good vids from con goers! Yea  for us!! This is the last and the best day although Friday & Saturday were great. Jensen and Jared are wonderful guys and have fun being here so enjoy vicariously, I will!

marie610Marie  Jensen pic! 

he’s really rockin the leather jacket!

winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah Sam will actually have facial hair in an upcoming episode but Jared says it’s not good.

 @gatogoddess: Jensen said he’s had his head under Babys hood like 2 days ago @inbluedresses: You can’t actually drive a baby, can you? -Jared  

Stephanie Miller
gatogoddessStephanie Miller “nothing says pygmy goat like jensen and ackles” @jarpad so some one named their pygmy goats dean and jared.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah Jensen said they’ve told him the Impala will be back soon and he told them they better not be messing with him.
Jensen pic from winchesterwoman
Jared pic from winchesterwoman
J2 pic from winchesterwoman
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  For jen: do you like 40s!dean or cowboy!dean better? “Cowboy”
jennapeekabooJenna  Jared and Jensen at the breakfast
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Jensen says having Misha back is very refreshing. Jared says they missed him as much as us
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  So Jensen wants “benedict, speight, mish ….” everyone back in season 8

@SPN_Hunter_67: “I like to pause it when Jensen takes his shirt off.” -Jared 
 Supernatural بالعربي
PadaFandom1Jared PadaFandom  More j2!
LazyDaizy26I Am Me  I had actual tears when Jensen talked about Misha. he told bob singer for season 8: benedict speight MEESH LOL and beaver.
metakateKatherine Tanski  Jensen says when Cas healed him @ the end of season 5 he healed the handprint too
mcnamcjCarol McNamara  J2 breakfast
PadaFandom1Jared PadaFandom(NEW PICTURES): @jarpad and Jensen at 
@LazyDaizy26: Fan: what’s it like w/Misha back on set? Jensen: refreshing. I mean he’s one of the family.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  J2 at  breakfast
 Amy Kirner
PurupuruAmy Kirner  @ktb3581 is teasing about asking Jensen if Cliff showed him a twitter AV of his crotch on the plane at  today
mcnamcjCarol McNamara  J2 breakfast
MellamobrennanBrennan  Jared is messing w/ the mic.
“Luke, I am your father”. JAckles plays w/ fan’s sound effects & Jared “tries”
Jared took his hat off for 2.5 seconds
Jensen explains his stunt double’s dedication. With him for 10 yrs & never complains.
Carol McNamara
mcnamcjCarol McNamara  J2 breakfast
J2 breakfast
@SPNGermany: Just took my photo op with Jensen. He smells sooo good!!!
ldearing0110Lisa Dearing @jarpad and Jensen Ackles!
vid by AngelandaTardis pt 1 Jensen and Jared breakfast
J2 Breakfast Panel 3:
vids by AngelandaTardis
breakfast vid  from mynameiscas

winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  According to Adam from Creation, it’s too hard for the boys to make their flights to #Nashcon. Atlanta might be a possibility.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  The song played in Friday night’s episode while Dean was in the bar was Louden Swain. Rob gets excited about things like that. 
*Rob is a geekboy for Pearl Jam
*Rob would like to work with William Hurt, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Deniro. Loves older actors he can learn from
*Rob said he misses working on Supernatural a lot
Stephanie Miller
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  Rob gets so excited about hearing Louden Swain over the intercom,
*If we send rob underwear, make it blue. 
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith Rob likes the color blue, likes chocolate, & likes to be loved. 
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah Rob thinks it was Kripke’s intention for Chuck to be God as a symbol of the show’s creator stepping away, job done, his Swan Song.
squeemonstersqueemonster My god could Rob be anymore adorable and sweet?
WolfAngelDeathWolfie #robbenedict thinks that Chuck was most likely a vessel for god at the end than god himself
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Jensen just crashed and gave Rob a big hug
profilerchicspnNatasha Eggert  Jensen just gave Rob a hug because he “hadn’t seen him in a while
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Poor Rob’s mic went out & they’ve given him 4 more & they haven’t worked. “I’m having a real Chuck moment!”

Amy Kirner
PurupuruAmy Kirner  Rob says during a recent performance some random audience member kept shouting for his band to play “Freebird”– it was Jensen
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  None of the mics are working and Rob said its his favorite moment of the weekend
abifrey10Gale Mohorn  Rob signing the banner next to the Imapla. Saturday
 Rob Benedict singing Jesses girl fr. gatogoddess
 Richard pic fr winchesterwoman
kimrhodes4realkim rhode

@AtaqueSPN good! Tired. #nashcon was awesome

*Richard is going around finding out people’s porno names. Lol.
Chad Lindberg
ChadLindbergChad Lindberg

@GabrielTigerman Dr. Tigerman!! I wish I could have done nashcon with you but alas…we will have Dallas;) Its been too long Dr!
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  I asked richard about it gets better & he is going to look into it, & i asked him to ask other of the cast, & he will mention it 
Demetra Moumas
urbanphoenixfoxDemetra Moumas @dicksp8jr Is talking about the divorce from @mattcohen4real – lol
WolfAngelDeathWolfie  Apparently @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr had a lovely wedding involving roofies and not a lot of memories 😉
urbanphoenixfoxDemetra Moumas @dicksp8jr favorite band is super group of Brian Buckley + @RobBenedict
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith   Brian Buckley is on stage with Richard now. 
WolfAngelDeathWolfie RICHARD DANCE SANDWICH!!!!!!!! 

SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Brian & Rob just danced all over Richard.  
*Brian Buckley & Rob making plans about music, called Supernatural Super Group
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  Richard just proposed a supernatural supergroup: Brian Swain. We’re so ready for it
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah   Richard accidentally calls Rob Matt and Rob pretends to take his shirt off.
WolfAngelDeathWolfie @dicksp8jr didn’t know what he was getting into when he signed on to the show 
deanandsammyCarla/Sammy&Dean  There is no reason not to love @dicksp8jr ! This last panel is hysterically off the cuff
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith This girl is like freaking out. She’s hiding her face lol. 
Sonya aka Micaiah
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Richard is getting the last person to come on stage to ask her question. I think she’s terrified
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  And that is a wrap on#nashcon

Slice Girls or Spice Girls did it matter? Dean gets physical so it’s really the hallelujah chorus for dean girls! One itsy, bitsy thing… Dean ends up daddy to an amazon baby who matures within days who then has to kill him. Whoops!  Written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming and directed by Jerry Wanek, long time production designer, it was good old-fashioned Winchester fun with booze, girls, babies & ghostliness! But to start, blood, gore and yes, Dean really gets shook up!

Slice Girls begins with the typical mayhem of a man being thrown around the room like he weighs nothing and then he’s dead, bloodied and carved.  We then “hear” Sam speeding down the road with Dean sleeping. Due to ‘Baby’ still in hiding, Sam gets to drive. Dean honors Bobby’s memory by waking up and first thing, drinking from Bobby’s flask which Dean uses quite a bit this episode. The boys find a case involving men who’ve had their hands and feet cut off and with a symbol carved into their chests. Sam wants to reasearch as does Dean but Dean wants to go undercover in a bar, mingling with the locals. This leads to Dean & Lydia(Sara Canning) connecting. The filming itself here was soap opera-ishly funny and perfect, going back and forth from Dean’s face and mouth to Lydia’s up close expressions. Loudain Swain’s Worlds Collide is featured here with Rob Benedict(Chuck Shurley) as lead for the group. Lydia wants no committment so they go back to enjoy each others company with AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long. During Dean’s wild foray, we go back and forth between Dean and Lydia to watching another man being tossed around, butchered, and carved. Great filming and direction in this scene. Interesting to watch but creepy!

The next day, Sam and Dean go to the morgue to check out another male victim and meet a female detective who is unfriendly from the get go. With the symbol in hand, the boys first instinct is to call THEIR resident expert Bobby who of course is gone. Bobby’s death is still a gaping hole of pain. Dean looks for his flask but he’s left it at Lydia’s. Dean calls Lydia who is too busy to help and who blows him off. We then see Lydia hugely preggers and within minutes, does give birth to a baby girl at a secret girl ceremony.  Dean is now unknowingly a daddy.

A lore expert, a professor, helps the boys. The professor tells the Winchesters about the Amazon lore, having no use for men other than procreation. Lydia has yet to call Dean so he shows up on her doorstep wanting his flask. After going into her house, Dean sees baby stuff and also a toddler in a crib, all of which he didn’t see the night before. He catches Lydia telling the toddler Emma(Alexia Fast) not to speak after the little one asks “about that man”. Dean leaves but stakes out the house knowing weird when he sees it. He sees women arrive who take a five-year old girl named Emma to a warehouse where he follows them.

Meanwhile Sam has discovered that the all victims partied at the Cobalt room, had picked up women and are then dead within a 3 day time period. Together, Sam and Dean ruffle through Bobby’s books and papers trying to find clues to the Amazons. While doing this, Dean sees a faded sheet of paper move by itself. He tells Sam who checks for EMF and believes that with the window open, the movement was caused by a breeze. We find out the guys did burn Bobby’s bones, a sure-fire never coming back action except that Dean thinks it’s Bobby. I trust Dean! With enough clues to figure out that Dean is a target, Sam leaves him there to take his Greek sheet to the professor to decipher.

During this time the toddler becomes a sixteen year old girl who we see go through a strength ritual with other teens. The girls are branded on their wrists and sent out to kill their baby daddies. The professor interprets Sam’s Greek paper which includes a small ‘by the way.’ Sam learns that it’s not the moms who kill the men whom they procreate with but the daughters who kill them. Sam leaves in a flurry only to run into the detective who knows that Sam and Dean are hunters there to kill the women. She and Sam fight and I’m amazed that mere bullets kill her! In the melee, Sam’s phone is busted so that he cannot warn Dean about the teenager! 

Back at the motel where Dean is holed up, someone knocks on the door. Dean answers it finding a teenage girl crying that she needs his help. Why? Because Dean is her father! Emma explains that she doesn’t want to kill anyone or be in the monster family. She uses the “it’s all I know and I have to follow orders” plea which of course Dean totally identifies with. Emma is hungry so Dean turns his back on her to dig around in the fridge. Emma pulls a knife but Dean responds by turning around with his gun drawn.  After a nice speech from Emma, Deans tells her she hasn’t killed yet. He wouldn’t hunt her down if she’d just walk away. Sam arrives, hearing this and bursts into the room. When Emma turns towards Sam, he sees the monster that she is which Dean has yet to see. Sam knows he has to kill her, not believing that Dean will. So Sam kills the young girl.

Sam and Dean go to the mothership lair only to find it empty. We see the boys driving down the road with Sam really mad and not speaking. Dean assumes it because they missed killing the monsters but Sam lets him know that it’s Dean he’s mad at. “I don’t care how you deal, Dean, just don’t get killed.” The bottom line for every story with the brothers. The guys get into how Dean is dealing with Castiel’s death and then losing Bobby too. Dean thinks Sam is attacking him but Sam is only concerned about Dean’s survival. We know Dean killed Sam’s friend because she was a monster and they kill monsters. Sam says “she really wasn’t yours, Dean” to which Dean says, that “yea, she actually was mine” talking about Emma. The best line tonight was Dean arguing, “We’re both screwed up…   you’re just bigger.”  We’re left with Dean simmering and Sam very concerned about his brother. A beautiful Winchester family ending…

This was wonderfully written, filmed and directed! The moral of who to kill and who to spare isn’t ambiguous. Monsters die, no matter.  I like the black and white decision. Some tidbits of twitter news from Jim Michaels, executive producer for Supernatural. This ep was filmed at the University of British Columbia. We see the long hallway that the boys taped their infamous pantless encouragement for the PCAs. The ’74 Buick Skylark driven was ferried from Victoria Island for the episode. The beer drank on the ep is MargieKugel which is named after Jerry Wanek’s Mom, Margie. I again include a poll for Bobby. We now know his bones are burned but who is helping the boys? I think it’s Bobby or Castiel! Time will tell. Otherwise, stay supernatural..

What about Bobby? POLL:

Wow!! Karaoke night was wild fun with lots of undress! Matt Cohen is a beast!!! “Night 1” blog has the karaoke and Day 2 starts the panels! Enjoy!!
PANEL: Kim Rhodes, Rob Benedict, Gabe Tigerman
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  *Question about remembering their first on screen kiss- Gabe says he’s never had one. Kim jumps up & kisses him

*Kim points out that she remembers her last on screen kiss with Jim. He said “You know we’re not gonna get this right the 1st time.”
metakateKatherine Tanski *Kim says Misha owes her an open mouth kiss because of GISHWHES. And she’s going to kick him in the shins
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros *Rob says Chuck is probably still getting prophetic visions of Sam and Dean. 
*Gabe says when auditioning for Andy, the other actors auditioning seemed already stoned, so he played up Andy’s sweet side.

*During Kim’s last ep, Phil Sgriccia told her he liked her, so she figures her death is imminent
*Keywords in the @GabrielTigerman story. Disgusting, giant groundhog, five legged cow, dairy queen.
*What happened to Chuck at the end of Swan Song? @RobBenedict thinks Heaven. It was Kripke’s goodbye, so Chuck had to go too
*@kimrhodes4real is really upset that they killed Bobby. She is raving about @jumblejim in “Slash Fiction.
deanandsammyCarla/Sammy&Dean *Rob: 1st day on set – those guys are so tall …and Jared “the big one” asked me if I liked cage fighting
starandrea*Andrea *Rob: so Kripke said, ‘now that you’re God, you can’t really come back-‘ Gabe: you’re God, you can do whatever yot want! I disagree
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah *Gabe’s driver during AHBL was sad Andy died but assured him if they didn’t salt & burn his bones he could come back
therandomactorgRandom Acts We hope #NashCon‘ers are diligently stalking our wicked RA staffers. Follow @RADirector @RandomActsAD & @RAAssistantsfor games & swag!

starandrea*Andrea *Gabe: How tall am I? How tall do you think I am? …Yeah, I say I’m 5’8”. That’s actually a lie. But I’m really close
RichardsTwicksLisa Smith

*@gatogoddess: Jared has at one point poured water on Jensen’s Crotch to mess with him in a take.
fantasyinurmindCara  “Sometimes great things come in small packages.” – @RobBenedict
PANEL: Richard Speight & Matt Cohen
dicksp8jrRichard Speight, Jr. OMG! I’m next?! I’d better hurry to my seat so I don’t miss me! 
Matt Cohen  pic by winchesterwoman
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Matt escorting more late girls to their seats. “Ladies & gentlemen, these are some late guests!”
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros 
*Fan offered $30 for Matt to take his shirt off because her mother missed it last night.
Winchester Bros
*Matt says the doing the transition of John to Michael was the hardest scene
therandomactorgRandom Acts The Random Acts NashCon team running AMOK (& lookin’ good!)  #AMOK
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Matt pretends to take call from his dad where he’s told his dad isn’t proud of him for selling his body
*Matt is layering up with karaoke shirts to start selling them
*****Video of Matt taking his shirt off, right next to me.
SpnTentationÉricles de novo feio

Vídeo do Matt tirando a camisa:
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Richard was invited to hang out w/Snoop but Snoop wanted him to wear Pepsi shirt so he could get a pic
lindsayybeeLindsay Bolton  It has been proven that @mattcohen4real‘s abs will sell more t-shirts than pretty much anything
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  OMG! Misha just crashed the panel!
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Misha started asking a question from backstage with a fake accent
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester @mishacollins is promising a tour tonight of the city’s sewer system. I see he’s plotting again…
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Richard once charged a bunch of beers from Matt’s meet & greet to Matt’s card while telling him he was paying for it.
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros Matt selling his shirt to a fan
*Now @mishacollins is crashing the question line! He’s ripping on Matt’s shameless way for selling t-shirts
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Richard says he respects us to much to take his shirt off. He said nobody deserves to see him shirtless
*One of Richard’s most awkward wardrobes was a sock. Matt: It was a tube sock. Richard: Why, thank you
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester  mishacollins is back! Matt has gone shirtless again, so he and Richard are having fun with it. Misha – “You’ve let yourself go.”
* Another pic of Matt and Richard.
*Now a fan is offered $100 for the pumpkin colored underwear! @mishacollins didn’t take the bait.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  And here’s Misha again as Matt takes off another shirt. Matt: Misha, I know you’re proud of the puppet I have become.»
RobBenedict fr.winchesterwoman
Zena Wester
zmwesterZena Wester

Gabe and Misha crashed Matt and Richard’s panel to call Matt a prostitute for taking his shirt off
J2FamilyFandom1J2 Ladies  I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album “Nashcon February 3-5 2012″
starandrea*Andrea  Richard: ‘Don’t be afraid to throw $30 at Matt throughout the weekend to get him to take off his shirt
@YouTube video  Matt takes off his shirt.. again,

A Few Vids of @sebroche ‘s panel,
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  There’s children here so Sebastian is going to try and not say the F word. He’s done it once already. 

*Talking about filming Vampire Diaries. Says Ian Somerhalder has the dirtiest mouth
*I can’t describe @sebroche on stage well. He goes off on many different tangents. Really bizarre things come out of his mouth!
*What’s his favorite scene? The first one with Castiel in “The Third Man.”
 @gatogoddess: Seb was conducting us in screaming by sections. He called it an exercise in narcissism. »
Katherine Tanski
metakateKatherine Tanski   “It’s so good to be on this stage. It’s an exercise in narcissism.” Sebastian Roche 

tarandrea*Andrea   Seb: I love this small boutique hotel. What I love about it is that we’re in the south, and the hotel is called Gaylord
aprild26April  Seb said Ian was “nearly married to Nina Dobrev” »
@jalynleej: @sebroche Misha is hard… jensen is easy. That sounds so wrong if you don’t know he’s talking about impressions
squeemonstersqueemonster  Sebastian’s panel makes me feel like I’m tripping balls while smoking a bowl. #soconfused
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Seb was married for 7 yrs. Says they’re still good friends & she’s a brilliant actress.
Becky1706Becky  Misha and Seb on one stage never ends good

supernaturalGnDSupernatural.BG  panel 5 – Misha part 1
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Misha says that West knows tons of signs for words but not mom and dad
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  Misha says Cas regrets saving Dean
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Misha says maybe Cas is dead or who knows? Maybe he isn’t.
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester Spoiler alert! Castiel in 7.17 is not wearing a trench coat.
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester  Misha claims his new outfit is form fitting. The crowd goes wild.
nerdangelassbutSteph↑ ₪ ø lll ·o. Misha about pranks : “I got Jared’s wife pregnant
@SPN_Hunter_67: Misha bout pranks on Jared: “the pennies, the air in his tires, I got his wife pregnant
@WinFamBusiness: When the show’s over and he’s a homeless drunk, Misha will wander around Disney in his trench coat.
*Misha’s been working in Vancouver lately. “I’ve been on a fishing trawler there
*Fan is begging for a t-shirt. Misha – “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You go sit down and I’ll think about it.” Great answer
*Last question. What other SPN character would he be? “Other than young Mary…” No, Bobby or the Impala
*”I think I got emotional whiplash from that scene.” Talking about Meet The New Boss, he’s dead, he’s fine, he’s not, he’s dead.
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Justin Bieber Kim pic for GISHWHES signed by Misha & Kim!!
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Misha said he had to send Guiness a 120 page packet about Gishwhes to see if we broke the record
mishacollinsMisha Collins I’m on an indoor boat. The waterfall u see is from a broken sewage main. Go Nashville.
BonesfanforeverNikole  Misha Collins  West signing vid: 2012 Vid!
mattcohen4realmatt cohen  more awesome gifts!!

matt cohen
whatsupsisHeather Wilkinson @mishacollins during his panel
Misha Collins Nashcon 2012- 30 minute panel: via @youtube credit goes to mynameiscas 🙂
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Brian Buckley in concert
starandrea*Andrea  Brian: If I need more than three beers, it’s gonna be an interesting night.
Brian: Actually Lisa, the woman who was helping me tonight, asked me, will 3 beers be enough? And I was like, I hope so.
Brian: [Jared] was supposed to be here tonight to introduce, but he had to… shoot, or whatever.
Brian: I want all of you to make this weekend exactly what you want it to be
Sonya aka Micaiah
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

Brian says it’s so strange seeing his friend on posters. About Jared he says: He’s so pretty

winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Brian is so cute talking about missing his wife.
 No wonder him and @jarpad are friends. They really love their wives
AnimeChik27CJ Marie  Misha giving script cover to fan vid! goofy with script in hand, nothing good mentioned, just him bs’ing
chrissies678christina starlight Video: › Misha talking about West -12
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros Misha Collins sitting in the Impala
kimrhodes4realkim rhodes  @jumblejim so… it was ALMOST like you were there…
gatogoddessStephanie Miller Matt had to take his shirt off because the tablepiece he pitched won. Misha put money in his pants
Misha’s half eaten cookie
MellamobrennanBrennan Fan giving Kim a necklace she made
inbluedressesAmber  @mishacollins asked me how to sign “assassination attempt “, “corporate takeover” and “petty theft”. Big plans for that kid
MellamobrennanBrennanNo words

Centerpiece contest-this one 1st place-I just enjoyed looking @ the judges
Mmm…cookies w/ anti-possession charms–delectable. So is Rob
DawnGarrisonDawn Alcorn Garrison  We just got 2seconds with @sebroche & again I could listen to u all day! Here’s his cookie!
 Misha vid from party. vid by AngelandaTardis

 NashCon begins with a wonderful treat, Baby is there!! Tons of pics but I post only one of everything happening, hopefully the best one! So let’s get this show on the road with compromising vids/pics/tweets from Karaoke! Keep up with me fans! I’ll catalogue the entire weekend in one spot, here!
hituiwenhituiwen госсподи как они ее туда заперли-то? О_О

Everyone at #nashcon, find & sign the card congratulating the boys for the PCAs!
@deanandsammy @kimrhodes4real

 What’s @sebroche  doing?

For Gabe fans  karaoke

Goodnight @dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real thanks for another great karaoke experience!
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

Remember the story I shared on the WFB site about the fan who rebuilt an Impala? It’s here in the ballroom!

@mattcohen4real just went shirtless. Oh yeah, we’re at a new level of debauchery! Wow is that boy ripped!
Matt just took his shirt off & ran around the room. Yes, I’m still alive. Barely. 
RandomActsADRandom Acts AD

If you aren’t at Nashcon, @mattcohen4real just did a random act of kindness for the audience by taking off his shirt.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

 THE BEST PIC OF MATT Shirtless! karaoke.
Strangest pic of Matt by Capri Takacs
 @Sebastian from twitter – Jenn 
AmandaCofAmanda Coffman

 Matt is driving the girls wild taking the shirt off his back (karokee shirt) and selling them


irisnplIris Pérez Lara

viendo las fotos y videos del karaoke en ay dios mio Matt Cohen sin camiseta…..
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

Hunter’s first aid kit from @Jennylapluff that I will have J2 sign

“Don’t make me use my mommy voice” @kimrhodes4real

whatsupsisHeather Wilkinson

Matt Cohen @mattcohen4real proves to be a natural born hottie
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

Link to all of my pics:  
RichardsTwicksLisa Smith

I posted 34 photos on Facebook in the album

goddessathena79Chris T – Video Of Karaoke- Carry Wayward Son
PaolaNuez4Paola Nuñez♥  Rob Benedict singing & Matt Cohen taking off his shirt
Sebastian vid by GatoGoddess
karaoke vid by AngelandaTardis
 Brian Buckley in this one! vid by AngelandaTardis
GabrielTigermanGabriel Tigerman @mishacollins good to see you again. Here’s a whole lot of what you missed at last nights karaoke jam! Jealous?
Gabriel Tigerman
GREAT PIC!!  @dicksp8jr …Karaoke m.c. of the highest order.
@sebroche You, sir, are a rock star.
@RobBenedict @dicksp8jr One short of a barbershop quartet!