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Day two with some fun and wacky fellows!

Rob Benedict @RobBenedict So0 that happened. “@wendyrandolph: @RobBenedict in heels!! I’m dying!

Sabrina Asciutto ‏@Sabry_Winch Rob and Richard on stage

justin kanew @justin_kanew Great times getting musical & digital with @LoudenSwain1 last night… really talented dudes:

@Mark_Sheppard Why do we always catch you napping, sir?

Jason Manns ‏@jasonmanns Green room jam session with @RobBenedict & Jensen.
* @dicksp8jr was in a photo op so his hologram joined me on stage. Good to know he’s still funny in holographic form.
* Full circle, @mishacollins needs some room for his “tootsies” (I took this from the floor)
* Thanks again for tonight! Ya’ll were an amazing crowd!

@redteekal @OsricChau DUDE! Your face!! Just stop being so damn adorable!! @Mark_Sheppard
* I just love how Os loves his Crowley figure. @OsricChau @Mark_Sheppard

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha “I would go 10 years in the future and see Master Chau rule the universe
* Misha “I think we all feel this experience is kind of surreal, getting to be so appreciated by all of you

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau To everyone who attended JIBCON this weekend or was there in spirit, thank you, this has been an incredible experience. Surreal even.
* For some reason Misha bought me this doll that keeps flashing me..

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real
* Thank you @serendipityhope !! We are family and I love you!
* Thank YOU #JIBCON You just rocked my world.
* Just posted a video
* robenedict
* robenedict
* Warriors!!
* matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr TRIED TO ATTACK ME

Jafooly ‏@Yulia_Siberia Я подумала, что это должно быть в ленте.
@OsricChau: See @Mark_Sheppard, deep down I knew you had a cute and cuddly side!

Supernatural @SPNfreaks If there’s a J2, then there must be a M2. @mattcohen4real @Mark_Sheppard

Ty Olsson ‏@TyOlsson Thank you Rome !! Thank you@serendipityhope !!! Such an amazing time !!

Sebastian Roché ‏@sebroche Grazie a tutti!!! Thank you JIBCON fans you were unbelievable,@serendipityhope Daniela you’re amazing as well as your fabulous team Ciaoxxxx
* @jarpad & @jasonmanns ‘s love child @robbenedict

Amy ‏@itsdicaprio Rich and Rob

@mishacollins and the rabbit puppet!

Simone Kalel‏@redteekal #mishacollins Friday 6/6 Then sometimes the lights catch just how blue his eyes are #NoFilterNeeded
* mishacollins Friday 5/6 Still laughing cos peeing in your brother’s mouth as he’s laughing is just that funny
* mishacollins Friday 4/6 The time CW Execs called 2 tell him that custom underwear is not appropriate crew gift
* So amusing still that he has to take a moment
* He’s recalling his own boyhood evilness and still finds it highly amusing
* mishacollins Friday
* That Misha is a total nipple biter & a fan of the three boobed wine lactating woman.

This Supernatural convention, Jus in Bello, revealed much to the fandom! Dean politely shuts down ‘Destiel’ while Misha revved it mile high. We find out the Jared was pissed when Sam tells Dean that he wouldn’t ‘do the same for him’, anything to keep his brother alive. So what’s so great about conventions? This…. we get real emotions, true feelings but mostly we get Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki having fun, letting loose and enjoying this Supernatural ride! Please enjoy!


Osric on hurting Jared! vid by todokanai01

Jensen, Misha, Ty, & Matt dance with a fan! Dudeawsomeshower

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam HarlemShake vid Jensen Ackles is absolutely awesome!!

Elisa Brogren: the Boys about their relationship, Uncle Jensen!
Jared panel: Sam’s storyline

Jensen Ackles, Misha, Mark and Richard w a fan last night! selfie

beautiful photos from Maria Ermolenko


@j2Freaks: Jensen thinks at the end of the serie Dean will die

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Love you Roma!!!
* Who’s gonna check out @jasonmanns tonight in Birmingham?!?!

Alicia Hannah ‏@AliciaHannah Late night shenanigans!

andrea casta ‏@andreacastaotr The stars, the host, the crew!

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jared wrestled w/ Osric in the green room last night & dislocated his shoulder! Popped right out, Clif & Tahmoh popped it back in
* Jensen “Dean is dead, kaput… You heard it here guys
* Jensen talking to Misha in a rabbit puppet
* Jared “I could possibly lose around 15 or 20 pounds now, my body wants to be skinny
* Jensen on Jared crying “When he and I see each other go so far emotionally, it’s hard not to get caught up in it yourself
* Jared “You become brothers and sisters by experience” Family don’t end with blood!
* Jensen thinks Jared’s more clumsy “well I didn’t fall over and dislocate my shoulder”
* Misha changed Jensen’s phone wallpaper on set! Misha “it was not child friendly” Jensen “it was not ANYTHING friendly
* Jared “I hope Sam goes back upstairs and go to Dean’s room and he’s left with Crowley
* Jared wasn’t a fan of what Cas’ heaven was supposed to be
* Jared “my favorite part of Sam is when he gets to be a loving brother
* Jensen’s dad gave a speech to the crew that made them cry, thanking them for being a family to Jensen for so many years
* Jensen hasn’t thought about how to play demon Dean yet “I don’t know I’m on hiatus right now I’m not thinking about that”
* Jared “I think Sam and Dean have this unbreakable bond, and my least favorite part is when they fight”
* Jared on Sam and Dean “They probably shouldn’t wait till they’re dying to say I love you
* Jensen said when Jared was crying in the finale, the take they used was one where he cried the least!
* Jensen said he started to get teary too! & that his shoulder was actually soaked w/ tears!
* Jensen jumped off stage to catch the ball “See this is where Jared would have fallen and broken his shoulder”
* Jensen to Misha “will Cas be more upset that Dean is dead? Or more upset that Dean is a demon?”
* Jensen to fan “where are you from?” Fan “Naples” Misha “nipples? I love nipples”
* Misha and Jensen are playing catch on stage
* Haha Jensen “it could be demon Dean against Castiel with his army of minions” Misha “minions are my followers
* Misha “Osric” Jensen “sorry, master chau!”
* Ahah they’re playing The Larp and the real girl gag reel clip of Jensen falling
* Jensen on Dean and Cas “bonds form with tragedy, it’s a brotherhood
* Jensen on Dean &Cas “I feel like they are as close as friends can be, like war buddies in the trenches, its a like-mindedness
* Jensen “when we all get hold of each others phones, we go deep
* Jensen thinks the sorting hat from Harry potter is for the characters to sort out their problems
* We’ll see the infamous day on set this season in the gag reel! Jensen and Jared continuously messing with Misha!
* Misha threw a paper aeroplane at the J’s on their coverage to get them back and failed miserably
* Jensen “I’m blaming most of the uncomfortableness of that day with Misha on jared”
* Jensen talking about apologizing for messing with Misha
* Jensen “Jared and myself…” Misha “are horrible fucking human beings” Jensen “that’s a bit strong
* Jared thinks the special skills bit on his resume had rollerblading on it
* No one could find Jared’s resume like they did Jensen’s and Misha’s fan asks jared “are you a spy?”
* Jared on Sam and Cas with demon Dean ” we can’t kill him, we’ll probably chain him up”
* Jared on demon Dean “he’s a monster, I gotta kill him”
* Misha hugs Jared
* Misha “I don’t know how you guys find the shit you find”
* Jared “they’re not good at sharing their feelings on the way to the fight” on Sam and Dean
* What advice Jared would give Sam and Dean “I would probably tell them to et some sleep, some rest, get some new clothes”
* Jared on Misha “in all fairness we knew from the get go that he was cooky
* Jared “I think Sam’s heaven would be the men of letters library
Sam’s heaven would be giant bed
* Misha on wearing 3rd grade tights now “they’re very tight now” Jared “except from the crotch
* If guys got bullied because of their names J “the advantage is no1 can forge my signature because they couldn’t spell my name”
* Which ep to make into a movie, Jared “The French mistake or changing channels
* Jared got dressed one handed this morning because of his shoulder
* Talking about how to catch out demon Dean “holy water in the shower
* Jared said a girl had a pic of Robin tying up Jensen & said “who is this girl & how does she have the best job in the world
* In Spn when people are strapped to chairs with duct tape there’s a slit in the back so u can get up and walk around
* Fan asks “how many inches…” crowd explodes LOL! Jared and Misha stood up
* Jared “it’s okay to be nervous, just be who you are and don’t worry about it
* Jared Said when he was about to go on stage with Jensen at the PCA’s he was a little nervous
* Jared still gets nervous going up on stage but not at cons because he knows us
* Jared “Misha is also studying to become an actress”
* Jared’s fav Bon jovi song is living on a prayer
* Jensen “hey dad, maybe you wanna hit this mark? I don’t know if you want
* Jensen “I didn’t really direct my dad, I just kind of made suggestions to him
* Jensen to Misha about Cas “When do you become a hippy? It’s 2014 right now, when are you going to start wearing sandals?
* Jensen “I do know that Crowley will play a huge part of next season
* Jensen doesn’t know what to expect with demon Dean “pair with Crowley or go off and do his own thing”
* Jensen sees himself as more of a craftsman than an artist as a director
* Jensen – Two types of directors: hunters and gatherers! Hunters wait till they get what they want
* Jensen on directing “homework is your best friend
* Fan asking what superhero Jensen would be! Fans “Captain America” Jensen smiles “that ship has sailed
* Jensen says that Dean will be a more powerful demon because of the Mark!
* Jensen on demon Dean cure “there might be a way to cure, that might ultimately be the way Sam saves Dean
* Jensen – Dean would have laughed had he seen Sam tied to the bed by Becky
* Jensen makes a bewildered face when fans name episodes ahah “I remember what I did, there are 195 episodes, I don’t remember titles
* The hunting life “is what Dean is alive to do… Or not alive to do”
* Jensen doesn’t think Dean will ever build a family of his own, Lisa was an attempt and it failed miserably
* Jensen talked to David Nutter about Game of thrones and he said “let me know when you’re ready, I’ll get you on the show
* Robbie sent Jensen season 1 and 2 box sets of Game of Thrones “and now I’ve seen all of them”
* To Jared “you feel okay?” Jared “A little better, yeah. As long as I get to see your smile I’ll be okay

Amy ‏@itsdicaprio They’re showing jensen’s fall from season 8 gag reel

{Dean Is Not Dead} ‏@j2Freaks Jared “I hope Sam gets back to that because he just wants his brother back
* Peter O’Toole was an idol of Jared’s, said he had to treat him as an equal to be present in the scenes
* Jensen on playing batman: It would be great because I could use my regular voice as Bruce Wayne and Dean voice as batman
* Jared “I think I’m one of the few human beings who took Latin in school and ended up using it later on in life
* FAN: “You’really talented and beautiful and funny.” JARED: “Keep going.”
* No one could find Jared’s resume like they did Jensen’s and Misha’s fan asks jared “are you a spy?
* Jensen & Jared get copies of the gag reel to approve it! Crew “are you okay with looking like complete idiots?” Jensen “Yep”
* Sam’s head was spinning after Dean died Jared thinks we’ll see Sam contact Cas in season 10
* Fan: Can you describe Sam, Dean and Cas? Jared: Sam is tall, Dean is angry, Cas is dramatic

@jackrabbit323: Whoever is responsible for the lighting at #JIBCon needs an award. The pictures were amazing!

Brec ‏@WantAWinchester Jared: “I really want to see Sam being the one to save Dean. It’s gotta be Sam and no one else.”



Supernatural ‏@SPNfreaks @jarpad showing off his fabulous hair b/c he's worth it.
* @Mark_Sheppard photobombs this photo.

Mon ‏@mfluder_42 @mishacollins joins #jensenackles on stage for a Q&A hand-over

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Listening to this dude right now!

Jensen & Misha, the rabbit: by Larissa La

Simone Kalel @redteekal HarlemShake Jensen realises he’s not 22 anymore.
* And this masterpiece moment in time just magically happens
* Harlem Shake to a whole NEW level…
* Then he just kind of starts TO OWN ALL HARLEM SHAKES
* And it’s building…..getting the groove on
*the beginning…
* Then not only did JPad get "You're an 8yr old" from Gen – he got "Dude you're 30 something now" from older brother Jeff
* JPad talkin abt bon jovi music & watching 3 dudes driving down the road in muscle cars blasting I'll Be There for You
* Deep in discussion boys
* Blurry but….well it's obvious.
* Jared's uses his mouth to help balance his box tower – it totally works
* Distracted by a jean clad thigh here & JA's face aka situation normal
* Jensen tries another take
* JensenAckles #MishaCollins
* JaredPadalecki Again with the blurry smiles I just can't seem to cull.
* JaredPadalecki It's like he's checking to make sure the shot has been taken.
* Jared explains how good his hair looks after he visits a quality Roman hairdressers
* JensenAckles I'm being picky now but I think my zoom should be bigger.
* JensenAckles Or when he just has this resting interested face on. Which is always.
* JensenAckles Bit blurred this one but I can't help keeping them when he smiles.
* JensenAckles It's really unfair how jetlag seems to not even have an effect on some people
* JensenAckles
* Still freaking funny.
* Jensen HATES Harry Potter
* Gees was I the only one that felt Sam was lying through his teeth when he said all that shit to Dean? Back in 9.11 or 9.10? HE WAS PISSED!!
* JA's the consummate professional ably articulating his exact feelings about fandom's obsession with seeing things that aren't there
* Jensen snatches Jared’s beanie
* Jared
* He knows his little girl will be as cool as ice on a date at the horror movies
* When Jensen describes his attempts to scare the hell out of his kid resulting in a mild HAHA
# jaredpadelecki He did it give it his best shot but ultimately admitted JAckles is the ONLY Dean Winchester
* Not forgetting the over the shoulder smolder
* Then there's Jared efforts to portray Dean
* followed by the neck strain from having to toss those famous tresses
* Complete with the head toss
* Jensen's Sam portrayal today
* Jensen's
* Tahmoh's Meet and Greet just GREAT! Dude is a total gentleman with lots to share with us. Fascinated by the 99.5% female Con dynamics

@Beckyboo_1988 More more Harlem shake pics.
* Misha said he advice he would give Sam and Dean is to get couples counseling

Jared Padalecki
loveSPN/TWD/TVD ‏@kendaTWD Jensen on season 10 to a fan "I'm glad you're interested because so am I"

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam sometimes words are pointless for that perfection!!
* Jensen Ackles, Misha, Mark and Richard w a fan last night! selfie
* Jensen talking about Dean, his choices and why he took the Mark Of Cain

jensen ackles ‏@hipsterackles Jensen
* Jensen's back

Sandy ‏@SandyWBA Someone in the crowd shouts " I love Gen"
Jared: "I love Gen too."


Jensen photo ops
* Jensen: It might be a while before we get to see Dean eat his pie.

@MATTCOHENS remember!!! when dean crying in heart wasnt in the script but he got so emotional seeing jared cry that he just

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jared “Sorry I cashed out yesterday”·
* Jared!
* Jared “Basically if you take a woman to Portofino and she doesn’t fall in love with you – you’ve failed
* When Gen and Jared were dating after season 4 they spent 18 days travelling around Italy
* Jared’s fav Italian food “Simple, I love the bread and oil and cheese and bruschetta
* Jared on Adam “He’s the elephant in the room”
* Jared loves being able to delve really deeply into a character which is something you don’t get with theatre
* Jared “I don’t like it when Sam and Dean are at odds”
* They scrapped the Dean pics of Cas heaven because “we didn’t want to make the show about something it’s not”
* Jared talking about Cas’ fake heaven “I don’t know why I’m playing in to this…”
* Jared knows a few things in Spanish & Italian but gets scared when people start speaking full on conversational talks with him
* One of Jared’s fav scenes he feels captures Sam is from Fresh blood where he asks Dean to cut the crap and just be he brother again
* Everyone cheering for Jared kickin ass as Gadreel
* Jared “he was so supportive and so kind… Big blue eyes, very majestic and regal” on Peter O’Toole
* Jared “we’re here in Rome, talking about life and love and I’m just very grateful”
* The J’s were talking at dinner, looking at all their friends thinking how amazing it is that it’s all from Spn
* Jared “I really just try to focus on being happy”
* Jared knew he wanted to be a young actor from a very young age, no actors in his family
* Jared “My biggest role models are honestly (it may sound cheesy) but my father and my big brother
* Huge round of applause for fans comments on Jared kickin ass in Season 9
* How Jared prepares “I try to avoid the mirror”
* Jared said his high school drama coach would teach characterization by something as small as the hand movements
* Scarf!
* Jared enjoys playing all the different Sams #JIBCon #JIB5 “it’s a nice way to explore a different character
* Jared called his bro about his shoulder and he asked how big osric was. Jared “ummm shoulder high”
* Gen about Jared’s shoulder “You are an 8 year old!”
* Jared says Osric is to blame for his shoulder

the best Harlem Shake by ReLa79

Jensen enjoying the chanting at JibCon!

lots of vid fron Hédi Jade Takács
Misha & Jensen
Harlem Shake
the Boys being each other
Jared talking with fans
the 3 running thru the hallways

after closing

Second day of Jus in Bello gave us some wonderful Supernatural fodder! Jensen discounted ‘Destiel’ and Creation gave he and Misha a bit to act out from “Hitch” which just sucked them both right back in! My twitter feed today has been non-stop photos of the ‘event’! Jared cancelled his solo panel because of a fall but rescheduled for tomorrow! Quite the exciting day! More pics and vids will be added as they get posted!

Jensen & Jared photos:

JusInBelloCon ‏@JusInBelloCon Here we go again!
* Opening
* enjoy!
* Jason before the panel
* Matt Cohen & Jason Manns
* Epic fight
* Warriors!!
* 2nd panel
* Ty & Sebastian
* Jared & Jensen panel!
* J2 panel
* J2 charming
* What’s in the box?
* See you after lunch break
* Almost ready to go!
* Who’s Osric calling?

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 John winchester doesn’t need instructions! Matt on stage


@sebroche ‘s Instagram

Kristina ‏@StupakKristina Tahmoh

nell ‏@mostly10 @mishacollins
* jensen got baby souped up to sound like it should. network asked why, jensen said “because I want you to.”

Sara Galli ‏@morwenss crappy pic of @OsricChau trying to creep mark out

@galain : Jared’s doing some kind of model catwalk complete with blue steele onstage


@ queenspn

Loki ‏@secretlytodream Jensen at the opening ceremony
* Opening ceremony, @jarpad
* And another one of @jarpad

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit “Jared “I was never a big fan of it” – Sam and Amelia

Jared as Dean

@ilikepasty JJ’s face when Jensen tries to scare her

@Beckyboo_1988 Jared’s favourite Sam and Dean moments are when they find a case and agree to go on a hunt together.
* J&J opening the box. It was a competition to guess what was in it.

nell ‏@mostly10 j2 want to keep doing a couple of conventions a year even after the show ends.
* jensen got baby souped up to sound like it should. network asked why, jensen said “because I want you to
* jared: “there’s glitter. do you know what we call glitter on set? … no, I shouldn’t say.”
jensen: “no, you shouldn’t.”

@FYeahSPN: Jensen Ackles new haircut

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy The J’s really enjoyed watching fans watch the episode, it became rJensen
* “we’ve been playing brothers for so long that when you take that away from us it’s unnaturaleally real for them
* The J’s really enjoyed watching fans watch the episode, it became really real for them

@morwenss: JA got caught by w/e was in the box, @jarpad is helping him get uncaught

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen n Jared talk about Jared’s beanie!!
* Jensen Ackles and Jared keeping to feel good & be fine day! @redteekal

Claudia ‏@ilikepastyou @OsricChau and @Mark_Sheppard

ilaria angelucci ‏@ilaria898 Jensen ackles.

@SpnMaisieDaisy: Jensen on season 10 “bring on the challenge”

Jared “I hope demon Dean has a British accent like Crowley”

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 Mark to Osric “how old are you?” “27” “My beard is older than you!”

@FYeahSPN: Jensen Ackles and @Jarpad ladies and gentlemen

Ҳ̸ ЈΞИΠΣĒŁ LѺVƸ̵̡ Ҳ̸ ‏@Mz_Spn Jensen Ackles talking about trying to scare his little daughter JJ…

J. ‏@juliamilann @jarpad


Darya OUSA ‏@dasha_niks Cockles


FYeahSPN: Sir your hair looks perfect, I just wanna touch it and mess it up.

Anja ‏@Kaestchen72 @jarpad

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen takes off Jared’s beanie!! Jared’s hair waves!

@secretlytodream @jarpad

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 Mark and Osric hug

@ilikepastyou: @OsricChau and @Mark_Sheppard

@SpnMaisieDaisy: Jensen “To go home at the end of the day and be proud of something you do is really fulfilling” #

Edwele ∞ ‏@vale_forte

@Jusper0110 Mark and Osric hug

Flipse ‏@karmaflipse Rob on stage

@morwenss Mark

Becky SPN ‏@Beckyboo_1988 Rob playing darts*
* Rob and Tahmoh

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Tahmoh!



@secretlytodream: @jarpad

Jensen Ackles talking about Demon Dean Storyline… and his expectations for season 10

@secretlytodream: Opening ceremony @jarpad and @mishacollins

Gabriela ‏@queenspn

@mattcohen4real Warriors!!


Simone Sicilia ‏@simo93660 Jensen walking down the hall @SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen “sorry for the delay, I blame Jared
* Dean feels a lot of guilt and has felt a lot of guilt for a lot of years, it’s who he is
* Jensen said he and Jared have to sit and watch awesome books get made into movies but love their jobs
* Jensen “the jet lag is setting in
* Dean is very mission oriented”
* Lots of factors played into the fact that Dean accepted the mark, Kevin, Sam etc “nothing to lose, so why not”
* “Dean feels a lot of guilt and has felt a lot of guilt for a lot of years, it’s who he is
* Jensen on being in a musical “I’d probably pee my pants
* “I think the whole Dean and Cas thing got a little blown out of proportion” Crowd cheers “some of u know what i mean” #
* Jensen on Dean and Cas “They didn’t have a lot of their friendship in season 9… Personally I liked that
* They have a kindred spirit relationship there is nothing more than that & certainly I don’t play that Dean Cas
* Dean feels a lot of guilt and has felt a lot of guilt for a lot of years, it’s who he is”
* Jensen “I can find a way to play Dean in any situation, I’m comfortable with him, I know him a little
* Jensen said he and Jared have to sit and watch awesome books get made into movies but love their jobs
* Jensen “hats off to him” on Jared playing so many different Sams
* Jensen ” I hope that I find characters that are as rich and developed and fun to play as Dean Winchester
* Jensen on why he and Jared play pranks on Misha “he’s Misha” lol “and his names Misha”
* Jensen chuckling at fan who watches Ten inch Hero every month
* Jensen “If you come on set and we prank you, embarrass you or physically hurt you… It means we like you”
* Jared and I figured out early on that if we prank each other it would get really bad very quickly
* Jensen “Tahmoh, he’s a big guy, Misha is not”
* Jensen and Misha acting out a scene from Hitch
* Jensen “delete that footage and we’ll all drive off into the sunset in my Chevy Impala
* Misha thinks the J’s prank him because they’re scared of him Jensen’s face!
* Jensen “this is a Harry Potter sorting hat, which house do you belong to?”
* Jensen opens the next box “thank god it’s not Dumbledorf
* Jensen “I just spent the last 15 minutes squashing the Dean and Cas thing, and now they want us to make out
* Jensen on the shows end “all good things, right?”
* Jensen “this is a Harry Potter sorting hat, which house do you belong to?”
* Jensen “if we’re in a good mood and you come on set and you’re trying to act all serious – bad news for you
* Jensen “there was an actress recently I had I kiss on screen” she said “as a rule no tongue” Jensen said “DUH”
* He was like yeah no tongue and then she slipped him some tongue. Jensen “Bam! In slips the tongue
* Jensen “moral of the story, no tongue unless provoked and then defend yourself
* Misha “I wanted to be president when I grew up… Shows you I had an overblown ego from a young age”
* Misha “I was a bit of a screwball in… I was a bit of a screwball, always
* Fan says she has a bad life and appreciates his work. Misha “I hope that one day you have a good life
* Jensen talking about a scene in Dark Angel where a woman licks his face! 15 scantily clad woman lined up to test with him
* Jensen “I just spent the last 15 minutes squashing the Dean and Cas thing, &now they want us to make out”
* Jensen “That was incredibly weird, I’m gonna go take a shower now
* Misha wants them to explore Cas’ humanity a little more
* Misha on the fans drinking at the cons “they’re fresh on Friday, then they’re a little less fresh on the Sunday”

@JustDeanTeam: Jensen Ackles is keeping better than better!!

Becky SPN ‏@Beckyboo_1988 Fan asked Jensen if him and Jared pranks anyone else. Jensen: ” It’s just Misha.” Fan: “why?” Jensen: “Because he’s Misha.”
* There are no words.
* Jensen about why they don’t prank Tahmoh: ” Honestly he’s a big guy, Misha’s not….same goes for Osric.”
* Jensen and Misha! @Beckyboo_1988
* Misha: ” Guys we were NOT making out.”
* Misha: ” Guys we were NOT making out.”

maya ‏@maya2sammy #JensenAckles
tisha. ‏@FYeahTFW on pranking Misha it’s because we like him so much… Dont tell him I said that
Becky SPN ‏@Beckyboo_1988 Misha: Guys we were NOT making out
JusInBelloCon ‏@JusInBelloCon Acting ‘Hitch’ on stage!
* Misha Jensen
* Misha Jensen
* Jensen
* Misha Jensen

Katherine Heat ‏@katherineheat @mishacollins right now.

Alina Raevskaya ‏@LinkaRaevskaya

@EugeniaZabar : Jared doing the Castiel face. @jarpad

Laura Rocchigiani ‏@Yzzzma So now you know the No Tongue story. Unless provoked like a mouth fight catching the flag! No tongue rule doesn't work with #Jensen and @mishacollins
* Another flight story from @mishacollins . About garlic, gas and oxygen masks

Nesree Florentino ‏@sansamour20 our #Supernatural #SPN fandom word for the day brought to you by

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 Jensen and the sorting hat again
* Jensen trying to hang himself

Jeronimo ‏@jeeronie When @mishacollins farts people in the vicinity faint. Dying of laughter


Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen Ackles talk about Kevin's death and Mark of Cain!

haus of michelle ‏@fukyeahmichelle Jensen launching his missiles at the SS Destiel.

Jared is such a huge star he has his own atmosphere when he walks on stage

Catherine Schneider ‏@_CatSchneider Misha: "Google is never wrong

I’veBeenWinchestered ‏@nadaalaskary Jared cut his hair !!! It’s more like season 6 right? @jarpad

@SpnMaisieDaisy: Jared “The hardest part of playing Sam for me is not being their for Dean

Kristina ‏@StupakKristina Jensen: When they [the demons] show black eyes, we kill them.
Jared: And how it will now be on your own skin?

@FYeahTFW Jensen "I have never seen harry potter" crowd boos, Jensen "SUCK IT"

Claudia ‏@ilikepastyou Jensen with the sorting hat
So this happened

Nina ‏@TheNenya Tahmoh makes Jared nervous bc hes so good & professional’ Jensen on @TahmohPenikett

nell ‏@mostly10 jensen sounds a tiny bit bitter about the books he loves that have been turned into movies while he and @jarpad are in TV.
* jensen: "you could write a dissertation about the evolution of dean at this point"
* dean can look back on "bad" desicions and say that they made him who he is today. jensen is positive about deans development.
* if I got a chance to play jean valjean, I might pee my pants
obviously there's a kindred spirit with dean and cas. cas finds identity with dean."

@Beckyboo_1988: Jensen is on stage!

Simone Sicilia ‏@simo93660 Jensen walking down the hall

Jensen is here!

* Jensen Ackles answering fans' questions
* Jensen Ackles answering fans' questions

tisha. ‏@FYeahTFW Jensen said Dean's guilt is a part of him but doesn't necessarily controls his decisions

Flipse ‏@karmaflipse Jensen is hanginf himself. With the sorting hat on his head.

Convention season is in full swing with a wild and crazy bunch of fun from Rome! Richard Speight Jr with Matt Cohen, began Jus in Bello with guests Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Tamoh Penikett, Osric Chau, Sebastian Roche, Rob Benedict, Ty Olsson and Jason Manns. Lots of photos with more to be added including videos! Enjoy Jus in Bello!

Sebastian Roché @sebroche The troupe!!! jarpad @mattcohen4real robbenedict @kentonnewhope and all…

Rob Benedict & Jason Manns Here we go!
* Rob
* Mark Sheppard answering fans’ questitions
* You can also play football
* Misha Collins on the stage
* Misha and the “pupazza frascatana”!
* Fun on stage with Misha!
* Tahmoh and Ty backstage
* Tahmoh first time
* Your guys on stage together!
* Osric and Sebastian
* Nutella on stage!
Sebastian Opening Nutella!
* Osric enjoys Nutella!
* Sebastian & @andreacastaotr communication
* JIBCON take on Titanic!
* Matt, Sebastian & Osric
* Ty drinking apple juice
* Matt dancing with a fan on stage
* Matt entertaining fans!
* Matt Cohen

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Rob and Jason onstage!
* On New Year’s Day West woke up and said “it’s time for me to stop wearing diapers in the daytime”
* Tahmoh “I have been to conventions all over the world and I gotta say, u guys really do have something special going on”
* Creeper selfie number Misha Collins!

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Mark is charming today
* The king of Hell
* Misha is happy to be here again
* Tahmoh
* Richard Richard and Rob hug
* Misha
* And the last one the king himself
* Richard
* Sebastian
* Matt
* Misha
* Misha that face LOL
* Selfie Misha
* Tahmoh
* Tahmoh
* Tahmoh
* Jason
* Osric
* Rob.
* Rob
* Ty is the first at our table
* Osric
* Osric an Sebastian
* Tahmoh and Ty
* Ty
* Tahmoh
* Misha
* Misha
* is happy to be here again
* Mark Sheppard
* Mark
* Jason Rob and Mark on the stage
* Jason and Rob hug 🙂 and Mark is in the house
* in the box: red shoes
* Jason and Rob again

galain ‏@galain Mark is approaching the girl askin the question to make her nervous
* Mark “Abaddon, the angriest ginger in the world”
* Crowley didn’t turn Dean into a demon to take revenge on Dean, there’s bigger things in place
* Cas is willing to sacrifice quite a lot to save Dean, like an entire army

@morwenss Mark: Crowley knows EVERYTHING

@janiedean jensen troll3d mark by basically sitting uo at once during the last scene when mark wasn’t expecting it

I’m An Aquarius ‏@SPNQuotess Fan: We all wanted Dean to become a demon
Misha: What is wrong with you people?
Fan: What happens when Cas sees Demon Dean and what would he sacrifice to help him?
Misha: He’d sacrifice quite a lot to save him

Mark (Crowley) about the finale: There’s a reason. It’s not coincidence that Dean turned into a demon. Remember that.

Genevievers ‏@realGpadLover Misha said West peed on Jensen’s flowers at his house once and Jensen got pissed

Misha said Crew member told him to hide the keys to his apartment from Jensen and Jared

BTS with @mattcohen4real @TyOlsson @TahmohPenikett @OsricChau @sebroche @jasonmanns and @mishacollins
* @mattcohen4real @TyOlsson AND @TahmohPenikett … …
@dasha_niks: jealousy 80lvl”

.@jarpad , @jasonmanns and @robbenedict ! source : @sebroche
* Here’s Jared, Rob and Jason in Rome via Sebastian

Loki ‏@secretlytodream Misha made himself cry from laughter telling how he liked to pee on his brother when they were kids

@Louisiel: @mishacollins

Kristina ‏@StupakKristina MattCohen @Mark_Sheppard
@MishaCollins … *

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real Thank you #JIBCON and #SPN fandom for the massive #YOUNGJOHNWINCHESTER spinoff love! Flattered.

* you cutie

* my heart will go on
* Misha remembering peeing in his brother’s mouth
* Misha
* Mark!

@Sabry_Winch: MattCohen
@Akane87: Misha

@tayahill: Gorgeous picture of Misha

@SpnTentation: Misha Collins

* Table 5 at the cocktail party!!!
* Photos
* J2 except for the pie incident used water balloons, shred his script with all of his notes&ruined his director chair for him 2fall
* Misha just said that when Metatron told Castiel that Dean was dead,he really believed it and he never knew the whole mark story
* one of Misha’s ideas for next season is to resurrect Jimmy
* Mark said that geeks now rule the universe!! years ago if you did a cosplay tou got beaten up or they made fun of you

@SPNfreaks: If there’s a J2, then there must be a M2. @mattcohen4real @Mark_Sheppard

The biggest topic dominating twitterville during this week’s airing of Supernatural seemed to be not seeing enough of Sam(Jared Padalecki) and Dean(Jensen Ackles). Bloodlines boosted the ratings a tad but the fans were just a bit harsh! Here’s the conversation with many of the cast and crew.

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins Look what’s trending worldwide: #bloodlines. Not bad for your first 1/2 hour on twitter, @andredabb.
* Okay, Show time!

Timothy Omundson ‏@Omundson “@lokistiel I’m just going to pretend the Lassiter family is a nod to #Psych and @Omundson #Supernatural #bloodlines”

Nathaniel Buzolic ‏@natebuzz Nice to be back ; ) thanks for keeping me trendy xoxo

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau Plot twist: Kevin reincarnated as every single person in the pilot somehow. Sigh.. Kevin’s at war with himself again.

kim rhodes ‏@kimrhodes4real @OsricChau I’m sitting on the same bench with ya.

Bryce Johnson ‏@BryceOJohnson #WARNING! To all my Tweeps out there, I’m about to tweet my ass off for tonight’s episode of #Supernatural #Bloodlines

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad SO proud of the new show tonight!A ton of outrageous talents and an AWESOME story!! Way to go y’all!

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis @ItsLucien did a great job. He is a nice bloke, and has a super heavy Manchurian accent. Great Yank speaking
* Love the hair changing effect, too bad it wasn’t more dramatic from black to blonde, but the effect looked nice
* that whole hand stabbing thing and the Bar were shot in Van, and * * the death scenes where shot in Chicago. We like to mix it up
damn nice morph. @christianblaze
* Anyone recognise the mansion that Violet lives in?
* Sam’s talk. “When and monster and a monster are in love, they get together in a very special way.”
* some more movie magic tricks. Ennis bedroom on stage in BC, then out the front door Waaabammmmm! Ohio!
* I want to know what kind of cheap alloy will leave flecks on clothing by cutting it? oh no., I mean. that’s totally possible.
some more movie magic tricks.
* Ennis bedroom on stage in BC, then out the front door Waaabammmmm! Illinois! (I don’t make mistakes)
* Well that’s the end of the episode. I enjoyed it. It’s diffrnt then a reg ep of SPN, but I think there is some real potential.

Bryce Johnson ‏@BryceOJohnson.@JohannaLlosa I am a #Shaeshifter Now I just gotta figure out a way to shift my way out of death!;)

Stephen Martines ‏@stephenmartines By the way, #EASTCOAST, thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown #SupernaturalBloodlines tonight! Here we go

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau I can’t help but keep trying to figure out which parts are in Chicago and which are actually Vancouver

CMcJorgy ‏@CMcJorgy Oh yeah! This eps is totally in Chicago! We shipped the costumes out for a 4 day shoot! Looks great!

Mark Meloche ‏@rotomonkee i wonder how many characters have lost a head in 9 seasons?

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @rotomonkee me.

Bryce Johnson ‏@BryceOJohnson .@kylieunicorn @ItsLucien and @natebuzz had tremendous chemistry, on and off set. Those guys are quality dudes!
* Nobody puts #baby in the corner.

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis @melissaroxburgh @natebuzz @ItsLucien were so much fun, they even came in on their day off to support each other.
* hey that’s a cool looking Impala.,. everybody like USA Baby?
* love that underground tunnel of pipes.,. how many shows have you seen that in? I can think of 5.
* violets transforming pretty good. Happy with how that came out.
* If this shows takes off we should get @Drake to play Ennis older brother.

Michael Mayo ‏@michaelmayo2_me Did you like the bar tonight? It was a lot of work but I thought it looked great!!

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau This episode reminds me of Game of Thrones a bit. With all this forbidden love and non mingling species

Bryce Johnson ‏@BryceOJohnson well that was a nice little scene with @melissaroxburgh I thought!