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J2 day is the BEST day normally and like someone very early said to me, “happy J day”! The breakfast panel was excellent, the photo ops fun and the guys hit it out of the ballpark during their panel! Rachel Miner and Corin Nemec finished the day with great panels! Updates will happen when the info get posted!

Kelios ‏@kelios breakfast panel

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67

SPN❤J2M ‏@mariaSPNmoisi J2 Breakfast Video

PJ Marshall ‏@PJMarshall80 “Jared’s man crush Monday “!

Muskan Waheed ‏@MuskanWaheed

Sara ‏@waterofthemoon he said that, with the panels, someone has to be the straight man, and it falls apart if both he and fans are trying to be weird

@J2_Flat: Jensen introduced Jared to wine. And now they’re opening a wine company

Jensen Ackles ♔ ‏@FYeahSPN The BEST pic so far of Jensen & Jared

Valerie ‏@offkeyanthem They’re heeeeeere!

@FangasmSPN Jensen corrects Jared: that’s not what she asked!

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit Jensen doing the one cross eyed trick!

Convention VS Gag reel! Creepy but cool.

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit “Jensen: What’s Instagram? that grumpy old man inside him is showing again.

Genevievers ‏@realGpadLover The boys

@PreachingSPN: Jensen and Jared look so perfect

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit Jensen loved the film treatment of purgatory scenes. He wishes they’d do more of that.

@FangasmSPN J2

Jensen Ackles ♔ ‏@FYeahSPN Next season the brothers have to work together in a way that they didn’t sign up for.

Vanessa ‏@Kyline Jared says he & Jensen truly are on board for Season 11, 12, whatever, as long as the show quality is still good. #

@ProudSPNer: Jensen Ackles

“@FangasmSPN: Jared: Tom gets jealous when I carry JJ and is like, that’s not my smell or my poop!

@SPNfreaks: J2

@SophieeMackk: I just photo stalked #JensenAckles.

@IAdoreJared: Jensen and Jared. Still crappy phone pics sorry!

@realGpadLover: Jared’s man crush: Hugh Jackman or Eddie vedder. Jensen: for a romantic night? Vedder

@bgmtksn: “This show is about 2 guys who had nothing who teamed up together to make a difference

@ProudIdjit: Jared in white makes him look even more like Jesus

jensen ackles (◕‿◕) ‏@iBreatheAckles Jared: “We love it when other hotel guests walk by the door and we’re talking about our time in hell or whatever


natalie ‏@ProudIdjit Jensen loved the film treatment of purgatory scenes. He wishes they’d do more of that.

J2 never fails @mariaSPNmoisi: Jared and Jensen laughing. Definitely putting a big smile on my face

Jared Padalecki hand and or body gestures.

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer . Jared and Jensen


Vanessa ‏@Kyline Jared says Jensen does a hysterical Keanu Reeves impression combining Speed & Point Break into one movie..Jared demonstrated lol.
* But he also indicated this is his first easy week of shooting so far this season
* Jared & parents drove up from Austin yesterday, driving back tonight. He’s only scheduled to shoot 2 days in the current episode.


Panel part 2

Genevievers ‏@realGpadLover Jensen’s face is like ” seriously Misha?
* Lucky pig, he is so close to our boys!

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom Jensen so happy!

Catherine Schneider ‏@_CatSchneider PIG’N A POKE on Sunday!

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Love Jensen and Jared & their Amazing friendship beyond Infinity
* Thank You Jensen and Jared for being so Sweet, Amazing and Great.

Jensen Ackles ♔ ‏@FYeahSPN Jensen Ackles in a cowboy hat! Yep, that’s all I need!

Supernatural Mania ‏@SPN__Mania Jensen: At first I thought it was cute that JJ laughs when I’m changing her diaper. Now I realize she’s laughing AT me!

@FangasmSPN Jensen shows off Jared’s hair secret.

@amyshaped Pig in a poke!!

Jared ditches Jensen w/pig. “Just you and me. A man&his pig. Ready to face the world ahead. Get ready world for porky’s revenge”

@PreachingSPN: Thank you God for putting Jensen and Jared on this planet.

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Jensen and Jared

@FangasmSPN Jensen imitates Misha scared of them on set hahaha

jensen ackles (◕‿◕) ‏@iBreatheAckles
Jensen Ackles, guys and girls, that’s my idol!

Andy Candy ‏@____AnDrEaa____ They look just awesome

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit Jensen: "I live in a cave." My gosh, you really are Batman.

Samaa ‏@GreenSamaa Jensen playing with Misha's pig

Genevievers ‏@realGpadLover Just like three children amazed by a pig @jarpad @mishacollins Jensen

@ProudSPNer: Love Jensen and Jared & their Amazing friendship beyond Infinity

amy (bubbles) ‏@amyshaped what do you say to making Icarus a guest next year? #jensenackles approved?

@wendy_d: Jared picks up pig, forces Jensen to take it.

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jensen
* Misha arrives with a pig
* Looks right doesn’t it? Jensen in a cowboy hat.

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAckleholic Jared ditches Jensen w/pig. “Just you and me. A man&his pig. Ready to face the world ahead. Get ready world for porky’s revenge”

★TheWinchesters★ ‏@J2Atheer Jared comes out to say goodbye to fans, his “friends and family”.

Genevievers ‏@realGpadLover Just like three children amazed by a pig @jarpad @mishacollins Jensen
* the way Jensen looks at Jared!

@ProudSPNer: Love Jensen and Jared & their Amazing friendship beyond Infinity

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Jensen: Why is this happening to me?

Deborah Tomasi ‏@DebDarkPetal Misha, Jared, Jensen and a pig

SHERACKUN@だうにらゔぁー ‏@akkunakkunn11 Did Jared and Jensen wear the same watch.

Julia ‏@jujusheffield @TyOlsson my Benny video was a winner in the #DallasCon music video contest. Thought you might wanna see it. 🙂

saralusaly ‏@TearsForAngel Misha crashes J2 panel with a pig :

Kelios ‏@kelios J2 panel part 1

Jessica P. Jackson ‏@jacksonjp1 Some people asked for information about my winning video from #DallasCon.

Kaye Bauer ‏@samjacklover Jensen & little Dean

jensen ackles. ‏@hoor_jensen Jared nd that white beanie

@SpnMaisieDaisy: You know it’s a sad life when you’re jealous of a micro-pig!

All Supernatural ‏@all_spn some Great photos from J2 day.

saralusaly ‏@TearsForAngel
. Misha crashes J2 panel with a pig :

Supernatural‏@SPNFamilyFandom Jensen with small Dean.

..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Great catch!

Justice Jay Ackles♥ ‏@TeamJaredJensen Mini Dean, Dean and Sam



@SPNFamilyFandom: Jensen with small Dean.



@FangasmSPN: Closing out a fabulous @dicksp8jr and @imcorinnemec


Day 2 of Dallas Convention started out with Texas laws that Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen were taken aback by! Silliness ensued with the laws, panel questions and just good ol’ Texas fun! Old friends James Patrick Stuart and Mark Sheppard shared the stage followed by Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins! This page will be update when info gets posted! Have fun vicariously!


lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo Mark Shepard crashing Richard and Matt panel
Jan DeWitt ‏@MayberryMiMi @Mark_Sheppard again!
* And Matt and Rich start the morning off with Texas Laws! Dildos and cows

@MiraCristine Illegal to milk someone else’ cow. Also illegal to own a realistic dildo – or more than 6 dildos.

Jessica P. Jackson ‏@jacksonjp1 Richard and Matt were too funny!

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo Mark Shepard crashing Richard and Matt panel

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Richard: Mishamigo? Is that a thing, or something he’s trying to push on you people??

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Matt e Richard

JOEY ‏@Deampala2005

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Matt

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo fantastic costumes fans are wearing

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Matt and Richard, back on stage!

tara-annie ‏@1tararod From the #DallasCon question line to the stage.. @Mark_Sheppard

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Matt

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Matt and Richard, back on stage!

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Matt e Richard

Marina Sokolovskaya ‏@MarishaSokol Richard!
* Matt Cohen He so perfect)))

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Matt
* Matt Cohen

SPN Kat ‏@KathyWilkins Mark Sheppard making a surprise visit!!

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo cosplay #SPN style


Kelios ‏@kelios Mark Shepard said there may be bigger implications than vessels re: the ‘fallen’ angels

Cindy Tamez ‏@Shadowrayven Aww Mark talking about how sweet & nice @NathanFillion is & James is agreeing with him

Stephanie Moore ‏@stephanie0moore Us with Rob!

Lyndi ‏@bratlupa I didn’t know he voiced one of the penguins on Madagascar.

Jan DeWitt ‏@MayberryMiMi Mark_Sheppard and @japastu in the house!

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom

SPN Kat ‏@KathyWilkins Mark / Matt MAN HUG!!!!

@wendy_d: Talking about Jared’s body. Mark: He works very hard to look like that. JPS: I had no idea he had all that going on!
* JPS: No one as handsome as that (J&J) should also be so funny. Mark: Thank you

@FangasmSPN: They both love recurring roles when you can develop the character.

Hayley McGowan ‏@hmmcgowan Misha Collins is in the building!

Neal Caffrey ♥ ‏@LovMattBomer Mark Sheppard: “I’m on WC with the prettiest man in the world. Even Jensen Ackles says so. Matt Bomer is totally my man crush.”


@wendy_d Mark: Jared probably wants the bottom (bunk). Misha dies laughing

@FangasmSPN Misha took home comfy socks that ‘make love to your feet’. Wardrobe asked for them back
* Misha explains cooking with west to mark
* Mark and @mishacollins

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins.
* Cowboy Misha Collins

Star ‏@StarMinion Mark P. and Misha in his cowboy outfit

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo Me (purple) next to Mark P

@Fandomflail is live streaming the audio for Misha/Mark P. panel about to start

Marina Sokolovskaya ‏@MarishaSokol @mishacollins

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Misha Mark

Thanks Eric Kripke ‏@FCCastiel Misha and Mark I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride I’m wanted dead or alive so eu…

Allison R. Smith ‏@AllisonRSmith MishaCollins Giddy-up getup for

I’m An Aquarius ‏@SPNQuotess Misha says he feels like he is hanging out with satan when he’s on set with Jared

I’m An Aquarius ‏@SPNQuotess Misha

maggie ‏@BathtubHarry Assbutt Pellegrino and Assbutt Collins

hayles. ‏@assbutt “Cas was incompetent as an angel. He’s even clumsier as a human.”

@FangasmSPN: Misha to young fan: how are your grades? Fan: are you my father? Misha: grins.

@MarkRPellegrino @mishacollins @FangasmSPN

@LureaGrey: Jensen made references to having a big slab of meat in his hand & then the director yelled at Misha. filmed almost too late for a shot due to Jensen’s making Misha laugh!

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Sassy cowboys.@mishacollins @MarkRPellegrino

TheGeekiary ‏@TheGeekiary mishacollins warns @MarkEPelligrino to be careful how he words wanting top or bottom… Bunk. “So. You want to be a bottom.

Literary Oblivion ‏@lit_oblivion I asked Misha & Mark If they could give each other anti possession tattoos where would they put them? Then they touched butts.

Kristen ‏@KirinRosenbaum Misha

Thanks Eric Kripke ‏@FCCastiel Mark and Misha

Marina Sokolovskaya ‏@MarishaSokol @mishacollins

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Misha mark

allison ‏@abuehler09 wise words from @mishacollins : “you don’t need to study. that’s a waste of time

@amyshaped: @mishacollins in his Dallas best.

amy (bubbles) ‏@amyshaped @mishacollins during his panel today.

amy (bubbles) ‏@amyshaped Love this one of @dicksp8jr He’s always one of my favorites

James Patrick Stuart ‏@japastu The Supernatural fans in Dallas have been so cool… Nearly making up for the whole “getting boned” thing.