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Ana @AnaNiedzwiecki   “Size matters” Alaina Huffman

* Alaina Huffman(Abbadon) wants a fanfic written about Abbadon and Meg teaming up

xRighteousBrosx@DeansMagicFngrs   She originally thought Abaddon was supposed to be a one off monster of the week but the fans liked her so they brought her back

castiel@walkerandhunter   RAINHA

Ana @AnaNiedzwiecki   “I’m *dead* y’all.”

burcon!bee@sadandead  she also likes the slogan “time for a regime change” for abaddon’s campaign                                                                                                                                           *abaddon’s campaign slogan: “vote for me or else;”

*alaina’s sad crowley got a campaign speech and she didn’t

*alaina was so impressed with the support around misha when he directed his first episode

Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd  “How do you compete with virgins and entrails?” Alaina on Crowley’s campaign. Abaddon never really had one.

*My other real job is looking for a job,”

* Alaina has been acting since 13, got scouted in mall to be a model

*I feel like I’m pretty dead, y’all. I’m not making career plans based on it,” Alaina on possibly returning to

*Asked in what time period she would love to live Alaina chooses now for awareness, worldwide connectivity, and

*Alaina would like to see a face to face with Abaddon and Cain because it’s not physical, it’s about power & feminism.

*Abaddon had a theme song Alaina thinks it would be Flawless or Diva or The Bitch Is Back

*Alaina wants to out it out there that are lots of shows Abaddon could crossover on: etc she wants more work!

*Alaina says joining was like stepping into a family and she was welcomed immediately. Loved watching everyone work

Patricia ♡|Burcon|♡ @HikaruRose   Spin off idea where we explore Henry and Josie’s time studying for the men of letters

Fangasm@FangasmSPN   : going to work on is like playing with my friends                                                                         .

* : everyone seemed to like that scene where abaddon threatened to possess Dean

*on finding out Crowley sold his should for 3 inches: this is gonna change my relationship w

*you see this support system on spn, like when directed 

*Seriously adorable                        .


Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd The awesome Alaina Huffman 

JENSEN & JARED             

 “: J2 make their entrance 
Barbara Sirois Doyle@BarbaraMSD  . “Skeletal hair is nervous.” . “Skeletal hair is sweating.             
* rocking out as a warm up. ‘s voice is on fire. .* dances and cowbells to Sharp Dressed Man
*Fan thinks hair has magical properties. “Why do you think I keep it leashed?.
*Sam would ask Santa for a more comfortable Bunker bed
*. “Never dated an actual demon, but had some turn into one.”  .                                                                                                                                            D
*dating advice? Be who they need you to be. “Be a shapeshifter.”
*Sam would ask Santa for a more comfortable Bunker bed.”                                                                                                                                                          .
*When I lived with , bought a mattress and lugged it back on the roof of a car–holding  it.
 *Sat on the windowsill holding onto the mattress. Girls pulled along side. JA:  ‘sup,”        .
*auctioning off a shaker played. Now? It’s broken.
burcon!bee@sadandead  jensen: “you have to speak to the hair directly” to get jared’s attention
*when jared first read 200th ep script it “scared the living daylights out of him;” he didn’t know what to think

Jensen says an earlier draft of 200th had the boys singing all the songs.

*Obviously” Sam’s hair has magical properties says a fan, what else can it do? Jensen tries to touch it and is rebuffed

*Jared would like to point out he has never killed anyone he dated. That’s how he’s different from Sam.

*Jared almost falls off his chair telling the joke “I stand corrected, said the man to his podiatrist.”

*Jensen used to rent a place in Vancouver from his stuntman, who needed it back last minute. He moved into Jared’s basement

*Jensen had no furniture so he went to pick one up in Jared’s SUV. He had to sit on passenger windowsill to hold it to roof.

*minivan with 3 or 4 teenage girls pulled up next to them: “Are you the guy from ?” “No but this guy is,” Jensen said

*nope, they’re pretty much exactly the same,” Jensen jokes about Dean and Demon!Dean

*Jared cried the most during “Heart.” Jensen says “the one where he tells Sam about his experience in hell.”

*The biggest thing the show has done is given us a of you

*Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be at , Jensen and Jared jut announced!

Fangasm@FangasmSPN   Dating advice different than Sam and dean? : I never killed anyone

.*: I felt did justice of what it was supposed to do



 .‘s hair does the fifty states

They are cracking each other up                                                                                                                                                   ”                                                                                          .

: there are many times the brothers have been proud of each other. And they continue to have faith in each other

Fan had lab named Sam. And chihuahua named dean. to : I always call him my little chihuahu                                                                                                                                                       :

Jensen this season you’ll see the brothers more on the same page – they’re family and that will never change    

 Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink   . and have now decided The Hair speaks German and demonstrate that by breaking out German accents

“I like the Dea-stiel partpart.” @jarpad

All had to do was take off his hat and flip his hair and the audience went nuts

Yep just a couple dudes getting a mattress.” to the car-full of girls who pulled up next to their car

Jensen says roughest episode to shoot was “Heaven and Hell.” It was so emotional he had to walk away for a while                                                                                                       .

says it makes sense that Sam & Dean don’t have permanent love interests. They are too busy saving others

  Welcomes the first timers. And the 20th timers. Jensen’s biggest reservation about the 200th episode script was the destiel part.

Update: Jensen holds his phone up to Jared’s hair, looking for the magical wifi connection I  always call him “my little chihuahua”.” — Jared on Jensen

Jensen miming drinking when it comes to Jared’s birthday

 Devan@Ibelieveinsam 21m21 mJared’s hair does have powers. Sam is like Samson. If they don’t cut his hair sometimes, the mane would destroy all evil & no show

 Chloe Palka@chloeeesays   Fan asks what Sam & Dean would ask for from Santa. : “Didn’t we kill Santa?”

: jensen’s reaction to jared yodeling


JIBCon, held in Rome, Italy has begun with a great group of guests! People who will be back, some who won’t! It’s all fun and good times! Today’s guests: Rob Benedict, Ty Olsson, Sebastian Roche, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr, Brock Kelley, Jason Manns and Steve Carlson. I’ll update as soon as pics and vids are posted!


Veronica ϟ ‏@Veronica_Cino Miss so much this little big man #memories #RobBenedict #loudenswain #supernatural #chuck http://instagram.com/p/ZJa3aeumI4/

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Rob’s playing ‘She waits’. pic.twitter.com/jfIhQ09pom
* Rob Benedict on stage pic.twitter.com/GQmwojl7YG
* Rob had a really good time shooting The Mentalist – “I mean, who would suspect me as a killer?!”
* Rob would love to do comedy. He’d also love to play on New Girl
* Rob said, we need to get prepared for Ty. “He’s awesome!!”
* With J2 not being here, it’s like mum and dad are out of town
* Matt and Rob on stage pic.twitter.com/H2p7DnSYRo
* Rob’s playing the guitar and Richard and Matt are standing right next to him. pic.twitter.com/2YO11KFSZv
* Rob’s thanking everyone for being in his panel and Richard’s translating into italian

@karmaflipse Rob is playing us a song! pic.twitter.com/3U8kdiUX1g

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Robs talking about time on The Mentalist! Said he had a great time filming but during shooting he cut his head open at home
* Said they had to hire a special makeup artist to paint a fake forehead over his wounded head (rob)
* had Castiel’s molar in my hair… And he came back”
* Rob said Richard Speight is one of his best friends
* Robs doing a guest spot on a YouTube women’s network web series with Anna Paquin
* It’s Matts first #jibcon

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean he wrote a 30 min movie names psychic in which he stars with richard speight and he’s really excited for it to be out
* Rob said he could always come back to Spn but when Kripke left he took Chuck with him

“@galain: Rob is starting to hug people at his panel, totally unprompted pic.twitter.com/bduIVcA5H0
* Rob and RSJ didn’t really knew each other but got friendly doing conventions and now Richard is one of Rob’s best friends
* Rob would have played Cas ’cause Cas gets to talk with a deep voice and the Trickster cause he snaps his fingers
* Rob’s revelations bands were the Beatles and Rolling Stones, then he loves Pearl Jam and Radiohead and was into Prince for a while
* He said he loves coming 2 Rome 2do cons because he actually gets 2hang out w/ the other actors not just wave 2each other in hallways
* Rob watches reality tv to relax. His weakness is The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. And Homeland
* Richard and Matt’s are in the house. Matt has kind of 50’s hair
* Rob pic.twitter.com/K9ZmeFVsCM

Lay ‏@Sepherim_ Rob: “Chuck is not there but the books are still written. We gave to figure it out how.”
* Rob: “Chuck was practically Kripke. He was the creator, the writer of the show, so when he left the show, he took him with him
* since chuck was the avatar for kripke he’s totally there in spirit and he’s using ghostwriters to publish his books


“@galain: Can’t have too much Matt pic.twitter.com/1uJebhfp3n

Fan: “I’m sorry for my english!” Richard: “Yeah, your english is terrible. MY italian is fantastic!”

Lay ‏@Sepherim_ Richard: “not knowing girls hasn’t stopped Sebastian being dirty.”

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Richard to Matt “We’ll aren’t you a little Sebastian” lol Matt was flirting with the crowd a little
* Richard speaking his version of Italian “Grazi for the mustachiani” he received a stick on moustache
* Matts ideal guest spot is a speechless zombie in The Walking Dead! Richard wants to the Game of Thrones
* Richard and Matt pulled a nervous girl onstage put her in the spotlight on a chair and left lol poor girl
* Matt wants Dean’s lips and Sam’s hair lol
* His jared impression he did press ups and flexed his muscles
* Matt&Richard are singing happy birthday 2anyone who’s bday it is “insert your name we’ll leave it blank & u can play it every year”
* Richard jokingly said he wouldn’t want to play Castiel because he’s a flat and shallow character ahah Misha’s in the room

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean matt was like ‘I’m seeing so many lovely faces’ richard: oh he’s a mini Sebastian
* matt played dean and jared, richard rob and rob-imitating-him and since they tied they sang happy birthday together at random

Marica ‏@galain RSJ just sent Matt to the back of the room, this way they can cover the whole audience pic.twitter.com/BApAkwQpay
* Mandatory musical episode question. Matt and RSJ agree, as long as they’re in it
* Q: Cas is Dean’s guardian angel, who’s Sam’s? A: if you believe slash fiction, which I know you do, it’s Gabriel
* RSJ wouldn’t like to play Anna, cause he wouldn’t want to hump Dean in the back of a car
* MATT WANTS TO HUG EVERYBODY. Got a Cohen hug, ruined for me for life
* Want some Matt? pic.twitter.com/nGBJwmhnneJessi

‏@Jusper0110 Matt Cohen explaining his short movie ‘hard crime’ pic.twitter.com/qrOXJlEJNU

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Matt is standing at the microphone and answering Richard’s question. pic.twitter.com/m0cZfZTJrH
* Matt Cohen’s doing Dean pic.twitter.com/2O9ktUBssS
* Richard’s doing Rob doing Richard on stage.

* Anna ‏@AnnaCantare free hugs pic.twitter.com/yTTkpGQo17


@karmaflipse: Misha just came on stage! pic.twitter.com/Ps5NIrAxeI

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Matt, Misha and Richard on stage pic.twitter.com/4ENI1PzSVK
* Matt, Misha and Richard on stage pic.twitter.com/DkUh8RaymS”
* Misha brought his kids to Rome and they don’t understand that it’s a different time here than in LA
* West went to sleep around 5:30am
* Misha’s talking about his show with West. Both meals were disgusting
* Misha’s fave Place in the world is the Rome Airport Hilton Hotel (the con hotel) because it’s like home. He’s in Rome 4 the 4th time
* Fans are asking where Cas get the money from. His answer: “Cas is a stripper. It’s not in the script but I’ll make them film it!”

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean misha: richard you’re repulsed by your attraction to me
* he’s getting asked about that short movie where he jumped off the bridge and it’s turning into a hilarious thingMarica ‏@galain Misha’s kids are jetlagged and Misha gave West chocolate ice cream at 2 am
* how did the cooking vids with west started – by going grocery shopping bc west grabs stuff at random while shopping
* both results of the vids he published were disgusting
* what does he think abt italy and italians – italians are apparently touchy feely
* also he likes that we’re full of ruins/old buildings (americans, americans)
*he’s using the same visual effects people in spn for the thing he shot with danneel and he feels guilty for making them work free
* cas pockpocketed dean’s jacket to get the money to buy the stuff at the minimarket last episode
* cas can’t apparently win – also he’s like OMG did we really catch up with 2014? There should be an orgy next season!
* anyway q: can cas be human if it’s 2014 in the show? A: is it worth it if there’s an apocalypse going on?

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha was dancing to quiet elevator music and then loud rock interrupts ahah he looked genuinely a bit frightened
* West was playing in a fountain at 2am super jet lagged then Misha made the mistake of giving him chocolate gelato
* At 5:30 west was still awake so Misha was telling him his fav stories of people getting on a bus! M wasn’t proud of his last story
* Misha pretending to be shocked at a fan saying they’re Italian lol “really what are u doing here… So exotic
* Misha said you never make good time with West because he’s interested in everything
* Misha said he &V Have a rule of trying not to tell west no, to let him be creative, like shopping ~ how Fast & Fresh w/ west started
* Misha saw the coliseum and was shocked that it only took 8 years to build
* Misha said Americans always seem louder in restaurants
* Misha said Brock said he likes to run on a treadmill because he likes to look at himself lmao
* Misha talking about his fab places “My moms house – I like that… Buckingham Palace and the red light district”
* Misha said the editor who edited the last ep of season 8 is also directing his TSA programme
* Had to find Danneel a pregnant belly but it was difficult because it had to be one for some1 who’s already pregnant
* Danneel was 4 months pregnant at the time but she needed to be 8 months pregnant so had to wear a custom fake belly lol
* Misha said Castiel and the writers have at times over the last 5 years toyed with the idea of Cas becoming human
* Misha said Castiel has always wanted to be the best angel he could be but finds it hard
* Misha said Castiel and the writers have at times over the last 5 years toyed with the idea of Cas becoming human
*Lol Misha said fans accent was unintelligible so she started speaking slower “now you’re talking to me like I’m a child ahah
* Misha said the Spn VfX team worked 36 days without a day off, had 1 day off and then 42 days with no holiday again
* Misha “SPOILER” crowd shriek a little, Misha “Relax, I’m just going to tell you how the season ends
*Misha replying to fan “Really season 9 is gonna be all orgies… Season 9 big F**k fest”

Marica ‏@galain Misha can cook a decent meal with just about anything and West likes to “help” when grocery shopping
* Cas wanted to be a good angel, but he’s now disillusioned with being an angel, so maybe he could try being human
* Some more Misha pic.twitter.com/rsHVOVzxxD
* Misha! pic.twitter.com/JdNUMmuAwa
* Misha pic.twitter.com/nBqipmhdcp
* Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/dNq3pJLExP

Aj Buckley ‏@AjohnBuckley Why are Ghostfacers not at #jibcon ?

Federica ‏@Akane87 Spoiler alert about Danneel being pregnant and apparently the doctors say it’s human


omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean ty just arrived omg he made us shush the people outside and it’s not working
* he likes that he has humanity bc he’s not the horrible/animalistic vamp stereotype and it gives him depth
* he talked a bit abt how he did the louisiana accent
* he wishes he could do borealis for real – I suppose he hopes that it’s picked up
* he doesn’t know if he’ll be back next season but hey benny died three times he could come back no problem
* now he’s discussing canadian habits about cutting trees and bribing the dude that writes messages on the screen to put what he wants

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Ty is pulling a fan on stage because she hasn’t watched season 8 yet.
* Ty’s on stage!! With Misha. pic.twitter.com/pgobeqTwFO
* He’s talking about playing along Robert Carlyle. “He’s such a gentlemen!” # pic.twitter.com/1JRBR5Es1i
* Ty is asking people to come inside cause we’re “having a party”. pic.twitter.com/Wepf4XpRsy* Ty said, he’s been told that the italian don’t have beer before 5pm. Once he said this, he got beer.
* Ty’s talking in a southern accent.
* Ty and Sebastian on stage. pic.twitter.com/neaDqrRbQW

AgainMaisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Ty said the nice thing about Jensen & Jared is that they haven’t changed since his ep in S2 both still warm wonderful guys
* TY said people have been talking about him behind his back in Italian all day Ahaha wants to know what they’re saying
* Tweet correction!!!!! The editors of SPN are also helping to edit Misha’s TSA- editing NOT directing!

Flipse ‏@karmaflipse Ty called @mostly10 up on stage to draw him. That was our secret 🙂 pic.twitter.com/hbs78awlLg
Marica ‏@galain Ty: In Canada they give you beer in church instead of wine
* Ty is watching Seb’s panel in the audience
* Ty again pic.twitter.com/MmJ5Jvhh13
* Ty pic.twitter.com/2AUX7I5gNC
* Ty is freaking huge pic.twitter.com/DPq9jdfQJZ

Andrea Giampaoletti ‏@AndreaGiampa Happy Hour with @sebroche and @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/E97SfWSM8hSEBASTIAN ROCHE PANEL

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Ty and Sebastian on stage. pic.twitter.com/neaDqrRbQW
* Brock, Sebastian and a bunch of fans on stage (they’re sitting, though) singing “Don’t stop believing” pic.twitter.com/XI3SFVkCpZ
* Brock & Sebastian pic.twitter.com/3cy9tUnHeT

@sebroche: Il papa Balthazarem 😄 pic.twitter.com/82LxjxO6nA

Jessi ‏@Jusper0110 Brock and Seb and some fans enacting some fresko painting pic.twitter.com/5EFH0UamJtBROCK KELLEY

Marica ‏@galain Brock is terrified of great white sharks pic.twitter.com/7rkH4cVjlO
* Brock was raised as catholic but doesn’t practice anymore, but still feels catholic guilt (I can understand that A LOT)
* Brock would like to be on Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and of course, Spartacus. If it hadn’t just ended
* Brock once more, that never hurts pic.twitter.com/kiwK3sFJK4

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena Steve Carlson. pic.twitter.com/VYTM0fInOL
* Jason Manns. pic.twitter.com/fU3p5Il5dU

omar comin’, man! ‏@janiedean he’s also not a fan of how mtv works these days I gather
* steve would encourage someone to be a musician even if the music business is weird
* jason started in college after joining an a cappella group where they did different kinds of music
* jason also listns to french/italian/brazilian music but no names – same for steve re French
* q: since christian kane could be on spn next season, could you do the same? (To steve) a: nope, not an actor
* first inspiration for being a musician? steve: apparently matt damon bc him and his brother lived next to him and used to >
* steve informed us that it was jensen’s idea to sing angeles

“@redteekal: Matt Cohen’s impression of Jared Padalecki. pic.twitter.com/IlBheV8fyi
* Matt demonstrating his “Hard” Crime premise. @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/U5AUvAFdLh