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photo credit Robbie Thompson

photo credit Robbie Thompson

Can we say two, TWO epic parties for my fav show ever, Supernatural?! Warner Bros and the CW threw their very own LaLa town, big whig party and it rocked the night away! Seems that tumblr is the “get out the vote” version of the fandom so the gifs from every single person EVER on the show, were beyond cute! Enjoy the sounds, the looks, and the variety of the 200th party for Supernatural!

Carry On My Wayward Son… !

Danneel HarrisAckles@DanneelHarris   On the way to SPN 200ep Party in LA! Thanks to and Sally Wang for the beauty treatment!xx love u guys

Alaina, Danneel and Sebestian 

Danneel & Sebastian

Jensen KSite interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-WxyKqaDLQ&sns=tw

Jared Padalecki  http://youtu.be/8thCkI0y6E0?list=UU7CNkB8VAP9WUlPAKrUgGbQ


Felicia Day Ok redo, lol. With who writes all my Charlie episodes.

* Jensen, Jared, Gen, Danneel and Misha celebrating the 200th Episode 

Gifs from the night! fun!! http://www.thebos.co/e/cw-supernatural-200th

Behind the scenes.  

Gil McKinney@GilMcKinney   Meeting my bae 

Weird. Don’t remember those guys being there. Who’s that in the hat?

* This finally happened. Extra special intro to by  

BBBFansUK@BBBFansUK     We heard BBB rocked the house!

Jason Manns@jasonmanns  Funny, I remember it more like this…

Photos of everyone! http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?EventId=521059857#

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real    and called ahead and came as twins.

matt cohen@mattcohen4real   

* osric chau  

* instagram.com/p/u9_nspj9Vg/


* jasonmanns 

 Curtis Armstrong@curtisisbooger   

Danielle Turchiano  Kim Rhodes interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVqOUFWm7eo&feature=youtu.be

* Jeremy Carver interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ7YFzE1Xso&feature=youtu.be

* These beauties.

* Misha interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZsuSiu0z4I&feature=youtu.be

* Felicia Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRtOiTNi_YA&feature=youtu.be&list=PLhU49b3SvDcAWQA-BtSL1nBqTKAn5kQe1

Misha Collins@mishacollins  I am arriving at a party to celebrate the 200th ep of ! & I don’t remember putting this shirt on…

Marisa Roffman@marisaroffman   Keeper of the secrets.

* For some reason, my favorite pic from last night never actually posted.

* Jensen and Jared joke the final ep of is gonna be when Sam/Dean come to town and wipe out all the vamps.

 * line of fab guest stars.


* The cast’s fave eps: Misha and Jared pick “French Mistake” and Jensen picks “Death’s Door.”

* Jensen says ep 200 was the 1st time he went to Jeremy’s office & asked why they were doing this. (Not mad, he wanted to know the message.)

*  panel, including my amazing friend as moderator!

* Jared’s reaction to first hearing about episode 200: “Please don’t make us sing.”

* Fan Fiction” is the meta-iest meta episode, and it really is a love letter to fans. So much fun

* Misha 

* Osric Omg, this outfit.

* So, this is amazing. 

Thank you for the picture. We appreciate you stopping. 

Brian Buckley Band@followBBB   Congrats to the whole team of for their 200thEpisodeParty!!! from mattcohen4real

Buzzfeed article! http://www.buzzfeed.com/spnuk/supernatural-200th-episode-party-1359e

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138 Felicia Day & Misha Collins  

* Pixies 

* Winchesters4Life Matt Cohen Gil McKinney 

* Carry on 

* Charlie meets Metatron 

Red carpet and by  

* Ackles, Speight, Benedict & Manns singing  (sorry about the lights, ppl were snapping pics)

Sebastian Roché ‏@sebroche  Look at this lovely couple

* Look who’s here

* Look at these awesome guys on stage

Alaina Huffman@AlainaHuffman   

Mark Pellegrino@MarkRPellegrino   Lucifer is born

DJ Qualls@TheOnlyDJQualls   “Backstage  I love this woman!

* Lookin’ good and   

* How awesome is it that is wearing his Cas cosplay dress?

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr    this gal was ALL OVER ME. So I finally gave in. Then I had 3 kids with her.

* At the 200th ep party, I wanted a nice pic of , but 4 jerks photo bombed me.

* @dicksp8jr     

Mandy Musgrave@Mandy_Musgrave  Yayy I never seem 2 get enough of u! Love you so much! RT : I found my favorite!! Xo

Alicia Hannah@AliciaHannah The worst lighting with the best people.  

* Could this cast BE any more handsome? 

Osric Chau@OsricChau  What a crazy night.. At least I’m one of the girls now?

* Almost a perfect night! If only we had a with us too. We missed you Mark!

* I’ve kinda always known you were my spirit animal. But the martial arts thing too.. Wow! “: I loved hanging with you!”

Todd Aronauer@TAronauer would’ve had an unobstructed view of screen if it wasn’t for these meddling kids

* This sucked. 

Jenny Klein@jennydelherpes  BREAKING THE DEVIL’S TRAP! Now it’s just a bunch of useless chalk!

JustJared article! http://www.justjaredjr.com/photo-gallery/738080/jensen-ackles-jared-padalecki-help-celebrate-supernaturals-200th-episode-14/

Zap2It Party pics! http://www.zap2it.com/photos/zap-supernatural-200-episode-fan-party-los-angeles-photos-20141104

Photos from Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/supernatural-stars-and-fans-celebrate-the-200th-episode-at-la-party-1#slide=9


From flying to driving to the stage at the Rio in Las Vegas, the shenanigans have started! Looks like some seasoned tweeters are attending so good for us! I’ll be updating the event as the info gets shared! Have a glorious, vicarious convention!

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr I’m not the biggest guy, but gimme a lil’ elbow room, guys. And who’s the guy in the @RobBenedict mask? @westerspace pic.twitter.com/CsMtuONLyR
* Ladies, gents, & ladies, tonight the house is quiet. Tomorrow, the madness begins. pic.twitter.com/B5gM35cv8P
* 666 people favorited this. I knew it! Satan hearts Vegas! Hope he comes to a con this year. Photo op! pic.twitter.com/DUrX1COBEe

Rob Benedict ‏@RobBenedict This guy makes a 45 minute plane ride seem like an eternity pic.twitter.com/Kqzf9gLUcd
* I spilled nachos on my shirt. Makes it hard to be taken seriously.

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg “We were somewhere around Barstow…when the Drugs began to take hold..” @_amandahall_ http://instagram.com/p/ldqKzjQRAd/
* I wanna be “Big”. http://instagram.com/p/ld4fORwRFM/
* Stopping to get Alien Jerky on our way to Vegas.
@_amandahall_ http://instagram.com/p/ldoIhYwRNZ/

Mark Pellegrino ‏@MarkRPellegrino Vegas con is almost upon us. Gonna stop in la first to destroy a little Shakespeare before I traipse soberly through the den of iniquity. Ha

The last day of BurCon, lovingly known as “J2” day, begins with Jared Padalecki in a fedora and Jensen Ackles cool as usual! Enjoy the day and ‘beginning of the hiatus’ fun from Burbank!

☾Gwen☽ @brxkenlxser I got a video of #osricchau running through the Misha Collins photo op line for a promo thing.  http://instagram.com/p/hHVMbArcFd/


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN J2!  pic.twitter.com/ZywdTkPQm8

* They just found out @sebroche was shirtless pic.twitter.com/fcrcAIYmmf

* J2 giving kudos to @dylanevz

* @jarpad  pic.twitter.com/Wm43Plhh3O

* Jared is sending that coat to a kid who needs surgery.  From Gilmore girls”

* Jensen prepares to shoot a moose  pic.twitter.com/SOXdDu4DAD

* Head butting Jensen @jarpad pic.twitter.com/VZkDc0C1bk

* Jensen: this is the second time I’ve had a little sister named Sammy on TV

* Singing happy birthdays.  pic.twitter.com/B4CarjRm27

* Jensen spent his 21st birthday at a bar doing 21 shots at viva fresh. J: it was not a fun evening

* Jared: the boys are masters of oh we’ll figure that out later

* Jensen and Jared realized they’d be scarier as a team. Against misha.

* Damn boys.  pic.twitter.com/Y8AAie6SBP

* The dog trainers on dog dean afternoon were more dog owners pic.twitter.com/LzANkIh2ax

* Boys. j2 pic.twitter.com/Y439D0k4wi

* Jensen: we didn’t get to hear what the animal voices would sound like. Jared; we’ve become very protective of the show

* Being serious about how much they love knowing they’ve impacted fans  pic.twitter.com/jQoCyvSxci

* They are so heartfelt talking about what meeting fans and hearing their stories does to inspire them.

* Busting on Misha   pic.twitter.com/0BB15mJpuK

* Jensen insisting that he wears 3 layers on #spn so he won’t have to stay in great shape  pic.twitter.com/Kfiuw8D2c6

* j2 pic.twitter.com/KiZHs3xPrW

* they actually this gorgeous? Jensen and @jarpad pic.twitter.com/8sxo3opN7Y

* Boys. http://twitpic.com/dmgxwz 

* Love the way they listen to fans.  pic.twitter.com/cMEnHIWZst

* And that’s a wrap on the j2 panel!  pic.twitter.com/9dgum95IvA

* #J2   pic.twitter.com/YvvMaOIztv

Safa @S2M_Safa  Jared  pic.twitter.com/hlMVc2klTc

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  J2 já estão no palco!  pic.twitter.com/utZYAQ4TmX

* J2  pic.twitter.com/HCKMGCh2ww

Kristina @StupakKristina  Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki  http://twitpic.com/dmgwhz 

* Jared Padalecki  http://twitpic.com/dmgwt3 

* Jensen Ackles  http://twitpic.com/dmgwxz 

* j2  http://twitpic.com/dmgxjg 

* Jensen Ackles  looking stunning as always  http://twitpic.com/dmgybf 

Alexis @lovepass77  Jensen says there is nothing that screams Hunter like DIAPERS!!

..aleena..@ProudSPNer  Jared and Jensen are giving KUDOS to Dylan for playing Young Dean so Superbly!

@JustDeanTeam Jensen Ackles his style is so awesome! pic.twitter.com/RYbblrgoHg

* Jared’s head! pic.twitter.com/0MHH3IMusn

* Jensen Ackles! he is just shining!!! pic.twitter.com/U9SwElkTfW

Risti  ‏@ristispeaks  Jensen went “good boy” and petted Jared at the head of every day filming the dog episode….

tvmonster @tvmonster49 #JensenAckles just made reference to his sister Sami when he played Eric on #DaysofOurLives. I love when my fandoms collide!

Shannon Knaus @ShanKnaus  @jarpad & Jensen Ackles, my first ever con & you guys blew my mind. #Supernatural has changed my life.  pic.twitter.com/pEXyYiXZxv

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter   pic.twitter.com/R4q60h2ryx

Time Thief @Lissie_A  this is the Moose Ram AFTER photo.. @jarpad  http://twitpic.com/dmh55e

Puma@PumaGirlSF  Richard says the Js are like staring into the sun and turning it into human form

Brenda Gonzalez @bren_gonzalez  So great to see the amazing writers here! @jennydelherpes @andrewdabb @AdamGlass44 @rthompson1138 @robertberens


Puma @PumaGirlSF pic.twitter.com/6CpIlnvpkv

* Felicia is a hypochondriac and would bring antibiotics to Oz. And also take pics and post to Instagram like a hipster

* If Charlie met the Js in person she’d be like “Hey jocks

* If Felicia met Sam and Dean in person she’d lower her head, twirl her hair and say “hiii….”

* #Jensen  just crashed the panel!!  pic.twitter.com/2oAGac3R9o

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Here she is!  pic.twitter.com/jd5p8YiHaV

* That haircut is AMAZING  pic.twitter.com/GMP9KcJwn9

* Felicia says she once ate four bags of Cheetos for a commercial but never pooped a Cheeto after

* Felicia Day is adorable!  pic.twitter.com/1YrEwDvWgk

* Uh oh…someone asked PS4 or X-Box!  pic.twitter.com/vuCzJLaxZJ

* Surprise attack on stage!!  pic.twitter.com/DHWgKHxcJM

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd This is @feliciaday‘s first official Creation Con. She crashed in Vancouver because of Jared’s influence

* Also Felicia would take hipster Instagram photos of the homeless and munchkin prostitutes to expose the seedier side of Oz

* Felicia says if she actually went to Oz she would pack really well in case of infection. She’s a but of a hypochondriac

* She’s pretty and I like her hair. I really like her character beyond the external objectifying reasons” – @feliciaday on Abaddon

* Felicia & Mark Sheppard always argue about video games so she is biased against him & would want Abaddon to win in GOT Hell Edition

* If Felicia could switch bodies w/anyone, George Clooney or Clive Owen because they’re hot & she would stare in mirror all day

* you’re on the right kid of show & you’re gifted w/great character like Charlie Bradbury it’s nice to just think about acting

* I’ve done some stinky stinky acting jobs, okay? I can admit it,” Felicia on her early career

* It doesn’t feel just like a job ever; it does feel like being a part of a family,”

* Just because that door to Oz is closed I can’t imagine that would bar Charlie from coming back” Could be another door, time travel

* Felicia knows the boys would hit on the good witch if they ended up in Oz. she loves seeing them out of their element

* Moments Felicia remembers best are when Jared makes fun of her off camera, whispering “balls and buttcrack” to make her break.

* But she says its key that the process of getting from a to b is important and you have to know/understand it won’t always be easy

* It was months of self hatred and pain and every word is terrible, I’m a fraud” Felicia half jokes about web series work

* Robbie Thompson, who writes all of Felicia’s episodes, is here!

* There’s joy in allowing yourself to be creative that you can’t really do with math or something

* Felicia was asked what rock or pop star she’d want to be but she “likes to be in bed by 10 to read

* Felicia’s recent hobbies are “really silly dance classes”, book club, photography, and attempting to learn Thai language

* The look on Felicia’s face when Jensen just snuck up behind her on stage wa priceless

* It sucks being the guy who cuts off the whole thing but also having to follow Jensen” Richard Speight Jr says to switch panels

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Felicia would take a camera to Oz and “photograph homeless people to raise social consciousness

* I think @jarpad is vine-ing this…

Michelle H @belle_valentine “Having a penis is like having a weasel you can’t control

Fangasm @FangasmSPN Felicia Day is talking about wanting a penis

* Doing #supernatural feels like being part of a family.  pic.twitter.com/Zw9HhkaMmR

* Fan: if charlie went straight for a guy, who would it be? @feliciaday – for actors, they’re all pretty so all at once

* Felicia kinda liked that we don’t know if charlie and Dorothy will get together. Representing a lesbian character

* love going into imaginary worlds.  pic.twitter.com/eWQ66RIW30

*  love that my characters show that all geek girls are not the same.  pic.twitter.com/IvQfRPQgtv

* Felicia when @jarpad kept trying to crack her up: “dead puppies dead puppies…”

* Memorable thing on set? The LARPing episode, the world building was amazing

* How would charlie react to Jared Jensen and misha: she’d just be like, you’re not so tall..

* It’s very powerful to do things for yourself. Allow yourself to love what isn’t mainstream.  pic.twitter.com/pmPsoK3Smo

* If you have vulnerabilities and people paint you with a stereotype brush it can be painful

* Felicia going off about people who stereotype gamers and girl geeks is so awesome  pic.twitter.com/HhUDM2Afki

* Felicia loves that @rthompson1138 made Oz darker like the original book was

* Felicia and Dorothy are women of letters in Oz. Fans: SPINOFF!

* Felicia: what’s awesome about creativity is everyone has their own interpretation of it.

* Shout out to musical theater nerds  pic.twitter.com/3hP6NTTxch

* Jensen hug @feliciaday  pic.twitter.com/oUoFnUCmgP

Laura Prudom @LauInLA  “This is kind of inappropriate, I guess I’ll answer it!” On who Charlie would hook up with if she was straight

* Charlie met Jared, Jensen & Misha, she’d be like “Hey jocks, what’s up? You’re not so tall.” Likes that she speaks her mind

Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl Felicia  ‘Munchkin prostitution is a real problem!

Mallory Fencil @MalitovCocktail jensen just crashed @feliciaday‘s panel

Michelle H @belle_valentine Jensonnnnnn  pic.twitter.com/lSP2hzdElw

@AR0m3r0 Felicia day and Jensen! Hugging!   http://instagram.com/p/hHWZ2FD0KT/

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Misha is back! They’re auctioning off the cheerleader outfit for Random Acts!  pic.twitter.com/PrMFSs5PLW

* Jensen says they have the same barber!  pic.twitter.com/wGAcFqgBi6

Fangasm     ‏@FangasmSPN  How adorable are Jensen and @feliciadaypic.twitter.com/n50c8AB2Ob

Jackie @xxx_antipop  FELICIA AND JENSEN  pic.twitter.com/7KCiXZjXJo


Fangasm @FangasmSPN   Surprise @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/q7fqZsifS6

* Auction for RA @mishacollins @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/cD6ekUSHPA

* Misha has the best smile  pic.twitter.com/qPwYGSJvzC

kathy carlton @carlton_kathy “Felicia called Jensen the most charming man ever

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness  Misha: “We asked Jared to sign something and he said ‘absolutely’ we said ‘It’s for charity!'” Richard: “He walked away.”

* It’s time for the auction. Misha: “Who wants this piece of soiled laundry?”

Rene’ Thurston  @scaryreporter  Bid is at $2000 for the signed cheerleader outfit for Random Acts!  pic.twitter.com/l1wrpM3BlH

* $2650 for @therandomactorg so far!  pic.twitter.com/9YtdFtqwZ9

* SOLD for $3100! All goes to @therandomactsorg  pic.twitter.com/bb0ZHVCmDl

Maria @Clovers12   @mishacollins and @dicksp8jr auctioning off @mattcohen4real karaoke outfit pic.twitter.com/7608vIx438

•••αѕнα•••  @ThiaBaybee   Is that @mattcohen4real sitting in the audience?  pic.twitter.com/nMq4KiRi11

Danielle Turchiano  @danielletbd  “Who wants this piece of soiled laundry?” – @mishacollins Apparently a lot of people! It just went for $3100 to a child.

Puma @PumaGirlSF @jarpad up close and personal during the auction. pic.twitter.com/P1N7H4h9Ak” he is so handsome 🙂


Statweestics @statweestics #Burcom is getting popular, +60% the last hour : http://statweestics.com/853185/

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Jared’s hat is amazing!  pic.twitter.com/zGNGbDW8cX

*  The boys take the stage! pic.twitter.com/A5teGXVTG4

Jared says he never fakes emotion on screen. Jensen rolls his eyes.

* Jared says he and Jensen are definitely buddies off screen.  pic.twitter.com/Um9A4GiHeY

*  HA!!  pic.twitter.com/oXsLhrG2Wa

Joke from Jensen… What’s a pirates favorite letter? The crowd says RRRRR… NO it’s the C!!  pic.twitter.com/C2XegzZ0CP

* Very serious, Jensen!  pic.twitter.com/hainDfBXKz

* Jared says having Sam tell Dean to leave him in “Croatoan” was very emotionally hard.  pic.twitter.com/5tKOrwGPQA

* a joke..What’s a pirates fave letter? Crowd says RR.. NO it’s the C  pic.twitter.com/OdpsKTW42B

* Jared says when you ask Thomas what a horse says, he says naaayyyy.” <puts hand over heart>  pic.twitter.com/4TnY6eTyY7

* Jared was going to walk off stage because the question was for Jensen.  pic.twitter.com/wASShYqtov

* Hmmm I the Trickster pulling a little prank on the big screen?  pic.twitter.com/edMhhh7Q6W

* Misha and Felicia March out for the ceremony!  pic.twitter.com/Yy5e6id6vr

“The Ceremony of the Gym Shorts.”  @dicksp8jr http://bit.ly/17KE6pi 

Maria @Clovers12  pic.twitter.com/rQmROjvFdb

Puma @PumaGirlSF The boys!!!  pic.twitter.com/7gRw7uBvZG

Jared: when the time reveals itself, so will I. <- okay then 🙂

* They both hint at wanting tattoos after they no longer act

* “I’d be the god of hair commercials” – Jared

* “I’d be the god of Supernatural” – Jensen

* Jensen thinks Death’s Door is probably the best episode to date. Jared says agrees but also loves The End

*  Jensen gets a question, Jared makes out with a skeleton.  pic.twitter.com/T1yW9kNgmq

* The passing of the gym shorts ceremony pic.twitter.com/j8LguDUaE6

* The passing of the gym shorts ceremony  pic.twitter.com/AqLW7a5qIp misha and Felicia were on stage

* #respect pic.twitter.com/lqZbG9a9Z9

* pic.twitter.com/YFF2J4AuDf

Danielle Turchiano  @danielletbd Okay whoever got video of Jensen dancing on his way in I would like to make a gif. Please send my way…

* Jared admits sometimes scenes call for certain emotions on the page but you have to trust what feels right in moment

* Which rock stars would Jensen and Jared want to play? Eddie Vedder and Elvis respectively.

* Jared has no tattoos “visible to the public.” He thought about getting Texas symbols or kid’s initials. Maybe someday

* Jared’s advice to actors is to never fake it and trust instincts, not just do what you think you should do

* How did I miss this yesterday?!  pic.twitter.com/svApZjoWmC

* Jared compares #Supernatural fans’ passion for show to his own about the Dallas Cowboys

* “I’m sorry, IF we were Gods?” Jensen responds to comparison of celebrity followings compared to ancient deities.

* Ty Olsson has joined the boys on stage.

* You either are an actor or you aren’t. Don’t force it…I love telling stories and making a difference,” @jarpad

* Certain actors can just turn it on, I can’t; I need to take a minute,” Jensen says Season 9 is getting real y’all!

* It was kind of a reminder of how strange our job can be” Jared says Gen’s grandfather took a piece of stunt glass home

* Jared’s favorite episode was “The French Mistake.” Gen’s family was in town for her birthday and freaked out over the stunts.

* Jensen really liked the attitude Dean carried, calling him “slightly comedic, slightly war torn.” He related

* Phil’s directing the next episode. Jensen says he watches himself around him now stupid me I trusted him!” Jensen says of Phil. Jared imitates the “that was scary” but sadly no “Eye of the Tiger” remake

* Fave eps to film for Jensen include “Death’s Door” at the top of the list as a touching episode that blew him away.

* Jared says his fave eps are the ones that can’t really happen: you’re in someone’s head, etc, not just dramatizing everyday life

* It was so much bobby we got to take ourselves out of it and watch as a fan” Jensen says of “Death’s Door”

* It’s not a question of why didn’t i but how could I?” Jensen says of being batman in a movie that needs a long time to shoot.

* Jensen thinks it’s be cool to “agro out” as a Werewolf

*If Jared could be a supernatural character on the show he’d be Chuck who has the power to write it all. Also Simon Said kid

*Lets Kickstart that!” – @jarpad says about him as Nightwing

* How does Dean stay in such good shape eating pie and bacon cheeseburgers? Jared mimes humping the skeleton statue on stage.

* But seriously Jensen limits how much he eats on camera because of how many takes he has to do

* Not that I know of,” Jensen says of if we’ll ever learn what the Colonel was going to say at end of “Dog Dean Afternoon

* But if he had to die to literally save the world Jared says he would do it

* Jared enjoys oxygen and the world so Jared would find an excuse to keep living” Jared says about whether he’d do what Sam does.

* Jensen tellin story about cops calling his mom in middle of night saying they have her son in handcuffs 3 towns away

* Jensen’s mom replied “Wrong number, my son’s in bed!”

* Jensen says his brother was straight laced and a bookworm and never got in trouble. He made up for that

* The fetch bit on set was something Jensen and Jared worked out on set. In script Sam threw it only once.

* Jensen loves dogs and has two but working with animals is tough because they don’t always respond when needed, hit marks, etc.

* Would Dean have walked out on Ben if he was his son even to keep him safe? Jensen says yes because of dangerous circumstances

* Our show can get pretty dark and that can stay with you” Jensen says on why the lighter eps are not only welcome but needed.

* What a way to wrap up the J2 panel! But not the convention in general: Ty will be on stage in a few hours

@FangasmSPN Jensen  pic.twitter.com/VIjWg699p3

* Fan: how are you two off screen? Jared: we’re buddies. Actually I hate his guts.

* Jensen: the show wouldn’t have gone this long if we didn’t get along so well

* Love the smiles. pic.twitter.com/YBlEqc62eV

*Fan: if you were gods…  Jensen: IF we were gods?

* Jensen tells a pirate joke. pic.twitter.com/bPoAtvgrfo

* Jensen tells a pirate joke. pic.twitter.com/Kxmbr3cL2u

* Jensen: when you’re acting, your brain knows but your body doesn’t.

* Jensen had to walk off set to get in the headspace. Director said we got it, Jensen said no we don’t.

* Jared got very emotional during croatoan

* Jensen says that when you’re acting your brain knows it’s not real but your body doesn’t. The saddest scenes stay with you all day.

* Jensen was always a ham as a kid and loves telling stories through acting

* There’s a real emotional scene coming up with an opening scene where dean was already emotional. Was very hard to just be there

* Jared wanted to play Sam cuz he was smart. Jensen liked dean’s attitude and related to him

* Deaths door is one of the best episodes. J2 watched it together and were blown away watching as fans  pic.twitter.com/PCe4BZhm10

* Jared was in the running for Thor. If night wing comes up, Jared would do it. Fans (are cheering)

* Fan: you should be batman. Jensen: unfortunately you’re not a major studio.

* What monsters would they be? Jared: Gabe Tigerman character. Jensen: a werewolf would be cool

* Acting out set tales pic.twitter.com/Uf6SV0el8M

* And that’s a wrap on the j2 panel! pic.twitter.com/mBhDAW08if

* Jared cracks Jensen up  pic.twitter.com/hiKfD0nFSz

* Jensen’s laughed out loud when he read the scene where dean gets the piece of paper. Their idea to do it repeatedly

* Jensen salutes the return of the coach shorts pic.twitter.com/n2GzE5b17j

* Jensen salutes the return of the coach shorts  pic.twitter.com/MhrodsCsv1

Sari Adri @Destiel_science yo check this out, new tune by Robbie Thompson: There was never I need you (need you),

Miss Riley @taneshianicole So Jared’s shirt does say Luke’s

Tog Nai @SexualLeprosy  “If you were gods, what would you be the god of?” “I’m sorry, -if- we were gods?”

I’m An Aquarius @SPNQuotess   Jared to Tony Romo: Please move to New York

* Jensen about Jared: that’s the most action he’s had all month  pic.twitter.com/N2pxQ45IIi

* Jensen watching Jared chatting up the stage prop: that’s the most action he’s had all month  pic.twitter.com/LIaS1Jj6pn

* Being serious about how much they love knowing they’ve impacted fans  pic.twitter.com/vd2AdVReCt

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan Jared just made out with one of the fake corpses on stage. Jensen apologized to the corpse. Then they got into an argument over it.

* Bodyguard count up to six, @bodyguard4JandJ is out keeping an eye on the crowd. Sad that they actually need that much security.

* Richard Speight just organized a flag march with Jensen’s shorts, Misha and Felicia Day saluted. It was very odd.

@ShibbyBonBon http://instagram.com/p/hHabdCnysu/

@hipsterackles: Jared (to a fan): “Oh my God. Did you just compare us to One Direction?”

..aleena..     ‏@ProudSPNer  Ty crashed in Jared and Jensen’s panel. pic.twitter.com/7Kl8enRMVk

* When Jared and Jensen get tired to drunk their Texas accents come out

@MishaMadness: In Yellow Fever Jensen was told to scream as long as he could and that it would be edited. It wasn’t.

* Jared: “We actually eat more similarly to each other’s characters.”

♡madison♡  ‏@hohohomostiel  Jensen to Jared: “I don’t care how long Hemsworth’s hair is, you’re my Thor”

ANGEL @xxMysticAngelxx  mark_sheppard and Mark Pellegrino  http://twitpic.com/dmh1i6

ConnecTV  @ConnecTV Jared and Jensen really let their Texas accents fly. pic.twitter.com/apMQV38TGL

@ANAAA_bells: Jared smooching Richard’s cheek!  http://instagram.com/p/hHhow9niVX/

vita @winchesterblues Jared took a break from the autos to say goodnight to Thomas. Jared can u not

Marina. @fondueforlamb Supernatural Richard Speight presents Jensen Ackles with g…: http://youtu.be/CoE-_2e6Ct8 

Karen @GYWKaren  a few more J2 photos http://tinyurl.com/kgvkd3d 

*  @jarpad kissing @dicksp8jr http://tinyurl.com/n2vguwe 

Karen Cooke Photography Jensen sneaking up on Felicia so very sweetly!http://www.flickr.com/photos/karencookephotography/sets/72157638030858314/

* Jared kissing Richard! http://www.flickr.com/photos/karencookephotography/11044413613/

* Misha, Osric, great photos of all the guests! http://www.flickr.com/photos/karencookephotography/

Jared’s ‘Gilmore Girl’ shirt went for $5600 to this young woman!http://idratherbesailing.tumblr.com/post/68034541743/my-friend-paty-just-donated-a-lot-toward-cancer

@sparrowmorgan . @jarpad literally just auctioned the shirt off his back for $5600


Fangasm     @FangasmSPN  @TyOlsson onstage with @dicksp8jr on board pic.twitter.com/SEjP8FVsM3

Entertaining with a little song and dance   pic.twitter.com/Dt90vFUbGq

Ty: I have the attention span of a gnat.  pic.twitter.com/yQ0SrayEou

adorable smile  pic.twitter.com/50nqsDuWNb

@TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/p2ndYQdmou

Being Ord from dragon tales.   pic.twitter.com/IkYY3eRczw

@TyOlsson  pic.twitter.com/0YreFWwV6Y

@TyOlsson is showing someone’s photo ops  pic.twitter.com/twrhqFBOGw

Yes he googled Kim Rhodes

Ty has a family tree tattoo. He grew up in foster care so you make your own family   pic.twitter.com/C0hGkJzitK

Playing @jarpad   pic.twitter.com/OGoLqSc4mU

Lots of fans tearful too. Standing ovation for @TyOlsson a moment of silence for fans lost pic.twitter.com/y98E6aTYvI

Ty: even of Benny doesn’t come back to #spn you guys have been a blessing in my life

Ty does his Benny voice and the audience melts. And @dicksp8jr too  pic.twitter.com/0BeKHRSOwl

And that’s a wrap on #BURCON folks! More photos and interviews to come! pic.twitter.com/kDrJr2AgDk

Puma @PumaGirlSF @TyOlsson actually stood still long enough for me to take this. He’s like a bear on coke srsly.  pic.twitter.com/7MYbI6YaE7

Oh man Ty is crossing lines and stirring shit and ruffling feathers and it’s just another Ty panel I guess?

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr finished a great con year at #Burcon. Not sure if fans loved me, but at least one of… http://instagram.com/p/hIJj2BS8Fp/

I’ve documented so many Supernatural conventions and I have to say: this is Misha’s best panel! He finally  moved away from awkward questions to revealing his silly self  with a couple of personal,  heart squeezing answers! Also for today: AJ Buckley, Shannon Lucia, Travis Wester, DJ Qualls, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche. This page updates as soon as tweets/pics/vids are available! Have fun!

Badonk-a-Donkey   @OsricChau for Saturday, I had some people help dress me. This part’s nice.  http://instagram.com/p/hCgLwem1Gd/

So the lovely people at @baracosandbrand helped me not wear a dress for Saturday. Thank you! http://instagram.com/p/hFmcS8G1Be/

Michelle Carlbert  ‏@Mokibobolink  The incredibly sweet @OsricChau was such a blast. pic.twitter.com/R7PVTqsIHV

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Richard: matt is auctioning off his cheerleader skirt for random acts. Because frankly even dumpsters don’t want

Master of ceremonies  pic.twitter.com/CeoA4h2hqG

Day 2 here we go! pic.twitter.com/QteebKvhyW


Misha Collins @mishacollins Got my nails done. @osricchau may be a good marathon gamer, but he’s a terrible manicurist. pic.twitter.com/tHmEXO6Ts1

Rocking out to Renegade! @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/LXqchBfRbU

Freaking adorable!  pic.twitter.com/jo0jP8Bj9D

Gratuitous ass shot misha & @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/k7nOPqbJ5C

After the scene where dean sent Cas away, Jensen had to rock me in his arms

Misha: dean and Cas leave Nora’s at 10 pm. They arrive somewhere at 6 am. Clearly Nora has a bitch of a commute to work

Misha: we are gonna get a lot done when I’m directing, don’t let j2 tell you otherwise. #uhoh

Misha had an argument with Jensen after torcon over ibuprofen. Jared started laughing and said ‘you’re so screwed when u direct

Misha: I don’t know how I lost my head and gave Jared my unlocked phone duriFan: how do you make cas so adorable? Misha: everyone loves a loser. Fans: aww  pic.twitter.com/eR6th9PEcP

Misha explains that he and @jarpad have negotiated a truce. Now it’s low level border skirmishes.  pic.twitter.com/mLEHz5b85H

Misha: Cas would be dressed up in a little apron and makeup with a name tag that says ‘I’m your bitch’. #fanfic

Misha: if Cas moved into the bunker with Sam and dean, he’d probably have to do the housework

How would the #spn guys fare on hunger games? Misha would distract Jared and Jensen with toy helicopters.  pic.twitter.com/Vl9aYe7aXq

Misha: Sam and dean need the travel toiletries version of weapons

If Cas had to be something else? Misha: how about you? Castiel the fangirl

Misha offers to procreate with the entire audience. @CreationEnt turns all the lights on.  pic.twitter.com/kEfP59RHsQ

Hydration, a con necessity.  pic.twitter.com/DjueD2U8J6

Misha asks a fan to ask a different question. Fan: OK, will dean and Cas get together? Misha: I asked for that didn’t I?

Fan: where do you find inspiration in times of trouble? Other fan: Jared! Misha: yes, I go to Jared’s trailer.

Misha: knowing I’ve inspired fans makes me want to be better.  And then I turn to Jared

@OsricChau @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/CnOxqY5fzW

Oh god @dicksp8jr is doing the other hand @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/TauzPn1jnE

Auctioning the cheerleader skirt  pic.twitter.com/AacTDwlAj5

Misha: I felt like an outsider looking in as a kid, so that part of Cas resonates for me

Making sure @mattcohen4real skirt is unwashed. Oh @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/64NeQdOPNl

Misha looks effing hot with black nail polish NGL  @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/TTUQDxqITL

Look who stopped by to sell Fangasm! The awesome @ChadLindberg   pic.twitter.com/L2SWRTjgEN

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline @mishacollins Just arrived!  pic.twitter.com/UBbuvFVlnw

Apparently @mishacollins and @jarpad negotiated a truce on their pranks

Misha!  http://instagram.com/p/hEU6hggLsV/

Would misha say yes to be an angel vessel in real life? Misha: no! Statistically good chance that you’ll explode.

Matt and Richard are crashing too. Misha’s nails look gorgeous now.  http://instagram.com/p/hEX32YALiK/

Emmie Mears  @emmiemears   pic.twitter.com/Ed5tb8hOSO

Rene Thurston @soapreporter Misha’s here pic.twitter.com/Lwcd6Z3tea

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/C8EKC73CAR

Richard, Misha e Matt pic.twitter.com/3KhgXdqs2f

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness Jared told Misha “we’re gonna make your life a living hell” when he directs

The hacking happened when Misha handed Jared his phone to solve an argument with Jensen about Acetaminophen vs ibuprofen

Misha and Jared “did something unprecedented… we negotiated a truce” so they could nap on a plane without worrying about pranks

Misha says lots of people die from acetaminophen overdose so “only take like a handful at a time

Misha: “The credit card scams, the pool hustling, it’s all a lie. They’re trust fund kids.

Misha asked if anyone from Supernatural was here, as the studio is is LA. “Nobody? Thanks for coming out and supporting me, guys.”

Misha says angel blood is bad for your liver

Misha: (To fan going to San Fran): “Swim to Alcatraz. Swim. Don’t wuss out, swim. Anyone can take a boat.”

Misha: “Whenever things get tough, I go into Jared’s trailer. ‘Hey man, can I ask you something? Fuck yourself.'”

Misha: (J2 arguments) “If we are talking about over the counter drugs, that’s a hot topic for us. Things tend to get pretty heated.”

Misha smelled Matt’s cheerleader outfit. “I can certify that that is unwashed

Maria @Clovers12   pic.twitter.com/GGwNkdbZkQ

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny When asked how he makes human Castiel so adorable, Misha Collins simply gestured to himself and grinned

Cas would be allowed to live in the bunker if he paid his way with housework. Lots of chores

Misha suggested a bayonet style gun that has a demon hunting knife in order to economize weaponry

Procreation was never so easy” Misha exclaims before asking for a volunteer from the audience

Things that help get Misha through hard times: his wife’s voice, waking up next to his kids, his fans

And here’s Richard Speight Jr. T to do the other hand w special guest Matt Cohen  pic.twitter.com/nLr5UeSJBP

And of course, they kind of look like one another. #MisharelatestoCas

The great debate over what Jimmy’s fate is rages on. Misha isn’t too sure but he’s sorry to his family.

SuperWomen  @WeAreSuperWomen There are several thousand deaths per year from people drinking angel blood. It looks innocuous, but it’s not. -Misha

don’t know what’s better, Misha having an 11-year-old ice cream consultant, or Osric and Richard giving him a manicure

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Misha tells a fan from Ireland that he loves Irish whiskey!  pic.twitter.com/6gNFiSVwI0

Misha doesn’t understand why he’s an inspiration – he thinks he’s a mess!  pic.twitter.com/V373YPoNaq

Emmie Mears @emmiemears It’s #SPN manicure time  pic.twitter.com/LLCpS6Wn1s

Osric is on the floor painting Misha’s nails. pic.twitter.com/CDtnVpaD9j

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd  “Maybe he is mixed in with Cas’ grace? God that’s terrible!” – @mishacollins on Jimmy. He advises us not to say yes to an angel

PS during our interview Misha shared his daughter makes a “special guest appearance” in the next Cooking Fast and Fresh.

Debate going on about whether or not Jimmy is dead. @mishacollins is deferring to fan authority

Maria @Clovers12  @dicksp8jr painted @mishacollins nails pic.twitter.com/kLPV4mWM3X

@mishacollins pic.twitter.com/u5hWh6NDpX

@anjastokelj: longer story behind the Jensen/Misha acetaminophen vs ibuprofen argument: http://freckledbuttchester.tumblr.com/post/67867336474/misha-talked-about-how-jared-jensen-and-him-went …

Ana  @AnaNiedzwiecki  Misha said they just finished another ep of cooking fast and fresh with west

and there were points in the video where he was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face (as well as sauce)

he really loves his wife. and they’ve been together since his high school days. that’s really something. beautiful

I’m not going to spoil anything but the finale is Cas getting his grace back and kicking Metatron’s ass

Kelly Huffine @kelly42fox Osric harassing the line!  http://instagram.com/p/hEa1TEHf9v/

ConnecTV     @ConnecTV  @mishacollins on stage showing off his manicure! pic.twitter.com/TKrQFtAQgp

Michelle Carlbert   @Mokibobolink Had a fun time goofing off..   erm I mean interviewing @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/Rg92g3MuAP

@mishacollins  Stay tuned for the interview soon! pic.twitter.com/yopcqqXhOR

Tina and Kara @tvgoodness a fun photo of #MishaCollins  pic.twitter.com/X3jbNemDGx


Puma @PumaGirlSF AJ, Travis, Shannon & DJ present: panel of people who have nothing to do with each other on the show at all  pic.twitter.com/Jwwi3I1qAd

 Aside: AJ kind of looks like Aaron Paul and I keep wondering why Jesse Pinkman is on the panel

If they had to partner w/SPN character to fight evil who would they choose? AJ: Jared’s calf Travis: Jared’s other calf

If they had to partner w/SPN character to fight evil who would they choose? Shannon: Jared’s abs DJ: Jensen’s jawline

If you could date Jensen or Jared who would you choose? DJ: Jared is fun in the sack

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny DJ Qualls fresh from Vancouver, says his ep is going to be awesome, he gets naked, & the synopsis itself is a spoiler

All gunning for a Ghostfacers and Garth match up. Maybe a sleepover…With onesies and hair braiding

What monster could the Ghostfacers and Garth take down? The Cookie Monster. They could take all his cookies

Travis Wester’s spirit animal is a ladybug

On acting like Bobby, DJ Qualls says it was intense, since he was essentially stepping up to fill the role-not replace

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  They are totally talking about sharts and crapping their pants pic.twitter.com/YTMx5Kcdtv

Yep the ghost facers are coming back! pic.twitter.com/YdyrfiQLEw

panel is hysterical @AjohnBuckley @westerspace @TheOnlyDJQualls and “April”  pic.twitter.com/TuoQf1HKTf

Hysterical Panel @AjohnBuckley @westerspace @TheOnlyDJQualls Shannon Lucio pic.twitter.com/pJeauhO1KE

Fan: if you could date Jensen or Jared… Shannon says Jared. DJ: yeah he’s fun in the sack

The entire panel just yelled “release the ladybugs

DJ actually started crying in the scene where dean blames Garth for trying to be bobby

Ghostbusters or ghost facers? AJ : we would kick their ass! pic.twitter.com/5eb93xowNv

Travis: when they filmed ghostfacers web series at Riverview, I got lost and heard this scraping noise. There was NOTHING there

Yep the ghost facers are coming back!  pic.twitter.com/30ApKTmpU1

Shannon: in a hotel at night I felt like someone was there watching me. DJ: sorry

He’s the new bad guy on Justified @AjohnBuckley

He’s in a new movie Zombie Hamlet @westerspace  Also writing a sci fi book

Jessie ♥  ‏@MishaMadness  Shannon says she is a doomsday prepper

Mr. Fizzles lives in DJ’s nightstand.

DJ: “Don’t google ‘Misha has herpes.’ Don’t do it. Don’t

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen  Ghostfacer AJ Buckley: “What if something appeared right here? I’d shart.” Talkin’ bodily functions in this panel.

Elle Sturgeon  @ellesturgeon  Release the Spartacus Ladybugs!

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  AJ Buckley, Travis Wester, DJ Qualls e Shannon Lucio  pic.twitter.com/FKd3K4lFP1

@rthompson1138: Crashing #Burcon, chatting story w/ three handsome Angels, cc: @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/Z9toh4eq7A


Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl  Rob Benedict Thanks Fans For Support as he recovers from his stroke. http://youtu.be/nrJdeAIjSHg 

Michelle Carlbert     @Mokibobolink had fun chatting with the awesome @dicksp8jr  Stay tuned for the interview soon! pic.twitter.com/pYMQA0Z3s1


Fangasm @FangasmSPN Signing the skirt @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/d9EN6SNpwR

The adorable @RobBenedict and @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/IvJ1nkuI7b

Nice 🙂 @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/flNDbk11gh

Puzzling over a question @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/6gQXWnfXVY

Busting @dicksp8jr@mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/LzV9HTCOVI

Looking like the trickster @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/wDrgLXP2Ti

Fan: fave episodes? Richard: I have four…

Fan: Gabriel’s relationship with lucifer? Richard: umm not good. pic.twitter.com/VCkorUwb87

Rob: weirdest thing on SPN was in con ep he tripped running onstage … never mind, that’s boring…

Fan: you look like the perpetual deer in the headlights.  @RobBenedict  pic.twitter.com/ScjeoDJTG1

Cracking each other up @RobBenedict  pic.twitter.com/92JIz70RJb

Lol  pic.twitter.com/8Wa1eAfBk7

Stacey Legrand  @TFAFlyHunny Next year’s karaoke theme is Dick and Matt’s Excellent Adventure. I am so very ready.

Rob Benedict’s solo in a Supernatural musical would be “I see the future (& it’s killing me)”

Cast is very hung up on Cookie Monster today. I think they all secretly want to be on Sesame Street

Speight, Benedict, & Cohen brainstorming how to bring their characters back. “All our characters are dead!”

Puma @PumaGirlSF If you were angels for a day what would you do? World peace, stop war & give everyone a kitten

Question for Richard and Matt won’t stop booing and let this chick ask

Matts Jensen impersonation. pic.twitter.com/UDFYyhxYlF

Matt!  pic.twitter.com/KgpA0Qf3kR

Rob’s spirit animal is the squirrel from ice age

Bored @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/5fkOEQBgYA

Pouty @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/IPdDjM1Azx

Rob had a stroke at torcon and Richard Jensen and Jared took him to the hospital and he’ll be OK.

Time Thief @Lissie_A  @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict Rob doesn’t want to be Marty McFly for Karaoke. He downgraded himself

Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl Most traumatizing moment filming? @dicksp8jr, finding @mishacollins‘ underwear in his trailer

The men have made today about poop. Everyone has cracked a poop joke so far.

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138 Thanks Great to see familiar faces & meet new peeps– y’all are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to chat– back tomorrow!

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen Getting violent in here. Throwing mic cozies around

Donna (SPN Queen  @SPNAddictions Misha & Osric pic.twitter.com/rbMDeZehCk http://fb.me/1GyLujP49 

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd @mattcohen4real asked to impersonate @jarpad  pic.twitter.com/Btd28Az57i

A teaser from my @mishacollins interview where he pitches his latest @therandomactorg project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daCka4XK7iY …

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Richard, Matt e Rob pic.twitter.com/Djq6x5B3Z2

Matt Cohen pic.twitter.com/YJ3y2ISfKv


Fangasm @FangasmSPN He’s doing a valley girl imitation   pic.twitter.com/tVD83OtN4f

We’re already getting a striptease.  pic.twitter.com/FO7Z5tRWsF

Time for   pic.twitter.com/pckiuGQppz

Sebastian is describing the plaid skirt he wears for his girlfriend


We’re up all night to get lucky! pic.twitter.com/nuea1ubmXH

Young fan and @sebroche get down pic.twitter.com/g4t2ta3rUs

Who needs questions with @sebroche ? pic.twitter.com/TQ8WFydFhu

Gratuitous shot. Totally intended of course  pic.twitter.com/vtkUIWyokc

Sebastian is singing Celine Dion

Sebastian just called Castiel a penisless bastard

Sebastian: I’ve seen matt Cohen naked and has really hunky.

Sebastian has a man crush when Jared hugs him

Surprise @TyOlssonpic.twitter.com/I1izPjiAH3

Signing the RA skirt. @mattcohen4real @sebroche  pic.twitter.com/HMTo2qIyKB

@MarkRPellegrino @sebroche @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/FyBlplcw3X

Puma @PumaGirlSF Sebastian. Hold on to your seats!  pic.twitter.com/lU6iwgh9RT

Sebastian’s doing a Shakespearean soliloquy of SPN. And called Castiel penisless

“This is supposed to be a Q & A right?”

 Ty and Sebastian  pic.twitter.com/wmriDA4E2x

Emmie Mears @emmiemears He’s on a roll already.  pic.twitter.com/WdeewI9EKe


 Surprise visit from @TyOlssonpic.twitter.com/oJJRvfCfPH

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan At the rate @sebroche is losing layers, he’s going to be naked within ten minutes, top

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline Sebastian reciting Supernatural as Shakespeare  http://instagram.com/p/hFBVWaALsO/

Dean Winchester @ImDeanIEscaped  TY JUST CAME BENNY!  pic.twitter.com/EpvrYWC2Z2

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Matt: “I can’t wait to get off this stage before something inappropriate happens between me and Sebastian


Fangasm     @FangasmSPN the Marks!  pic.twitter.com/XC34QjaQVI

Fan: what would you go to a con for? Mark: fans of @Mark_Sheppard

Mark: Matt Bomer is a very pretty boy….

Mark: Crowley has had a taste of humanity and its changed him….

Mark: we’re 9 years into a show and its better than its ever been.

Fan asks about pranks. @MarkRPellegrino says he does owe Jared a few farts

Mark to fan: who are you shipping?  @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/KUwrdTjnDV

Marks are literally dying of laughter at @MarkRPellegrino telling a story. So adorable! @Mark_Sheppard #BURCON pic.twitter.com/5yQ32c2fQi

Fan: what’s it like being the kings of hell.  Mark s: easy. The king is dead, long live the king. Mark P: only sleeping

Mark P: I’d like him to have a big entrance. Mark S: careful how you say that.

Fan: how would you want Lucifer to come back? @MarkRPellegrino – NOW

Puma @PumaGirlSF Dueling Marks pic.twitter.com/hMm81CNgkM

MarkP to a little girl: “there’s no such thing as dead on supernatural!!”

Jared picks up MarkS and shakes him at will because “he’s huge.”

Mark: I’ve said some of the meanest things in my life on #spn.

The Winchesters are a pain in our asses

Matt: I saved the whole crotch for you.  @Mark_Sheppard : I’ll write small… @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/hpZFSpVhjK

What role did you like better? Jacob on Lost or Lucifer on Supernatural? Lucifer! (Good answer.)

Fan: what’s it like being the kings of hell.  Mark s: easy. The king is dead, long live the king. Mark P: only sleeping…

Mark P: fans are so supportive and I try to be the same thing back

The king of hell @Mark_Sheppard  pic.twitter.com/qCzfoaBiQE

Dean Winchester @ImDeanIEscaped LUCIFER AND Crowley pic.twitter.com/UWfC4rj2sg

Tog Nai  @SexualLeprosy .@MarkRPellegrino just put a tiny little girl on Lucifer’s “list”

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Pellegrino e Sheppard  pic.twitter.com/cT3H4ekH74

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny   Mark Sheppard felt sorry for Steve/Castiel in the date scene. 1st time he’s felt bad for Misha, made his heart hurt

Laura Prudom @LauInLA  Pellegrino thinks that Jedikiah is Lucifer’s new meatsuit. Sheppard thinks #Supernatural & #SleepyHollow should crossover. (Me too)

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Pellegrino: “I liked blowing up all the gods.”

Sheppard: “The writers give me delicious dialogue… It’s so much fun.

Pellegrino: “When my daughter was learning to speak I taught her the wrong words for everything because I thought it would be funny”

Sheppard: “Random Acts? I think that’s a front for Misha’s bank account. No one is that good!”

c l a r e n c e @fallofeleventh Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino  panel  pic.twitter.com/323rtF8q1z

Mark Sheppards ringtone is “Baby got back”

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan “This is what alcohol is for; so you don’t ask questions like that in public.” Sheppard

Chad Lindberg     @ChadLindberg It’s what we do.   @westerspace: What’s the deal with me, @ChadLindberg, and bathrooms?  pic.twitter.com/Y987YO5SsG


Rob Benedict @RobBenedict much love to everyone I got see at #burcon yesterday!!  See you again in a few months!

Louden Swain  @LoudenSwain1 what a crazy amazing awesome fun night! Thx 2all there! Much love to @jasonmanns @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr @Juliemcniven @sebroche

Pre show band dinner. Miss you @RobBenedict!! pic.twitter.com/N3IBiAxrta

Posting this for #CatchingFire   And changing icon to it. Just for today. pic.twitter.com/EXlQB9AyXu

Couldn’t fit all in 1st tweet! Thx 2 @followBBB @Mandy_Musgrave @mishacollins @OsricChau 4 joining us onstage & making it

So many emotions playing w/o @RobBenedict who we love & miss dearly. Can’t wait 2have him back w us again! All the fillins did him proud!

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau who’s coming to the concert tonight?! I’ll be hanging out in the audience 🙂

Last one out tonight and now a plane to catch. Post-con void feels already.. Thank you everyone for having me and have fun tomorrow!

Photoset: justanotheridijiton: Burcon 2013: Louden Swain with a little help from their friends {x} {x} {x}… http://tmblr.co/Zv0IVw-ICuC5 

Mira Cristine @MiraCristine Video: youremythyla: Sebastian Roche singing Eskimo at the Louden Swain concert…oh and he does take off his… http://tmblr.co/ZMEFbw-I0le-

Megan Wahl  @Megan_luvsbooks Julie McNiven joins Jason Manns and Louden Swain pic.twitter.com/wZPJAQGRQM

Sean Koo @scoobykoo who knew #Fringe alum #sebastianroche could sing? #loudenswain concert  http://instagram.com/p/hFpTjbpGVK/

StargateUniverse alum #JulieMcNiven joins the #loudenswain concert http://instagram.com/p/hFoujlJGUo/

Emmie Mears @emmiemears the guys of Louden Swain rocking out–we are all hoping Rob Benedict gets better soon!  pic.twitter.com/YkcK6SNNnS

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Louden swain with @jasonmanns  pic.twitter.com/QU9UCfmhg6

All are singing Carry On My Wayward Son  pic.twitter.com/wX5wz3S9IW

Brian Buckley Band @followBBB last minute: me and @jasonmanns and @sebroche are playing with @LoudenSwain1   Join us!  Starts in 10–!!

BBBfansite  @BBB_fansite Brian || Another Angle Of Stage tp://wp.me/p40MKa-6C 

Jason Manns  @jasonmanns If you are in Burbank, you should come to the @LoudenSwain1 concert right now! Me and some friends are here to help out our buddy. 😉

Saммy  ‏@Samantha_SW  I believe i can flyyyyy … ♪  pic.twitter.com/FABo18z9Jy

DJ Qualls! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQm7NAYeTmo&feature=youtu.be

Travis Wester  @westerspace A huge thank you to @CreationEnt for an amazing event!! That dancefloor’s next of kin should probably be notified.

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness I finally figured youtube out. It only took twelve hours.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4qdESWhFlM …@Juliemcniven  @jasonmanns @LoudenSwain1 #burcon

  gets interesting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8DY97FSBcI … @sebroche @jasonmanns @LoudenSwain1

DJ Qualls at #Supernatural  cocktail party.: http://youtu.be/FQm7NAYeTmo 

The last Supernatural convention of the year started out with a pretty Osric Chau! Dressed as Rapunzel, Osric charmed his way through the fandom with sweet talk for all and cupcakes for those with birthdays. Today’s panels included: Amy Gumenick,  Corin Nemec, Madison McLaughlin, and Chad Lindberg. Have fun with the fun to tide us over for the mid-season hiatus!

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau Flying to Burbank for Burcon! You know what this means. Probably not actually. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to find shoes for tomorrow.

Aj Buckley  @AjohnBuckley #BURCONBITCH! #riseofthefacers @westerspace @BrittIshibashi @AustinBasis @DustinWMilligan


@WeAreSuperWomen It’s the Trickster himself, @dicksp8jr! Currently eulogizing Jensen’s shorts.  pic.twitter.com/80pSeIjfZ1

Ermahgerd! Rapunzel @OsricChau met the Prince!  pic.twitter.com/qyavPZEg3L

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Jared and Jensen give “Fangasm” a thumbs up! Have you read it yet? Come find us in the vendors room  pic.twitter.com/DhOtrfk9jN

Auctioning off @mattcohen4real cheerleader skirt this weekend for Random Acts

Kicking it off with @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/BAyqWp8lyA

We love @OsricChau pic.twitter.com/8BcoxFKpek

This is the Friday costume only. Fans: awww

A fan just added a tiara pic.twitter.com/8C43gk8FZ0

Osric’s song: Bittersweet symphony. Kevin’s: show me the meaning of being loved… (sings

Osric: come on up, I have a prince! pic.twitter.com/vmXJDEvTmu

easy day on #spn?- when I get to yell at Crowley

I was scared by that last episode. That suffocating scene! I don’t wanna die that way

Osric: it was either shave my face or shave my legs….

Fan: I’m nervous. @OsricChau : don’t be, I’m the one in the dress.  pic.twitter.com/5Vyt2A7rJb

Fan: thanks for being such a fan of the show. @OsricChau : it’s not hard!!  pic.twitter.com/yHoDAc9wtL

Osric – every time Kevin isn’t in an episode its like oh, he’s in some other city watching porn

Osric wants Kevin to save the day – and its a spell that only Kevin can do. Omg he’s acting it all out.

He has such a great smile…  pic.twitter.com/qmry1lCIIj

Despite my affection for @Mark_Sheppard Kevin has animosity toward Crowley for what he’s done. pic.twitter.com/fXukDCOCZc

Kevin trusts the winchesters.  They’re all he has left and they’re family. Fans: awwww  pic.twitter.com/xpm0qzZ6xC

brought cupcakes for all the birthdays!  pic.twitter.com/pqoHMvct2X

Jensen’s text to @dicksp8jr about the coach outfit: “wardrobe is sending the actual one. You’re welcome

Osric gives out birthday cupcakes to fans.  pic.twitter.com/yBS85hX3bJ

Look who came by to help us sell “Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls”! The awesome @OsricChau  pic.twitter.com/bXFMtU8VfD

Michelle D  @wombatvet    girly and pretty. pic.twitter.com/l4JA87hyZH

Kristina @StupakKristina Osric and Richard http://twitpic.com/dm77yx 

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness  Osric: (About his dress) “It’s very freeing

Voted the good citizen award in high school. Involved in anti bullying stuff. Didn’t like studying tho  pic.twitter.com/wIECZMWSIP

Alexis  @lovepass77   Sam’s body and a frying pan, or a single handled AX… best weapons for Kevin

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness   Osric: “One of the nice things about me wearing a dress is that when you meet me I’m already more embarrassed than you.”

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau probably the last time I’ll wear a dress for some time. Next up will be.. Suggestions anyone? http://fb.me/21tnBnboH 

Amy Gumenick Panel

Amy Gumenick @amygumenick Thanks for capturing my many crazy faces! GYWKaren: Photos of @amygumenick panel http://tinyurl.com/lepw3do 

Cool @FangasmSPN: Amy in @dicksp8jr film America 101. Washing broccoli in slo-mo apparently. pic.twitter.com/En8dKbhDXJ

@FangasmSPN: Amy: an awesome series finale (20 years from now)? We wake up in john and Mary’s bedroom and it was all a dream

Amy: Mary had her parents in the hunting world. Sam and dean only have each other


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Fan to corin:  I’m a big fan of your face.  pic.twitter.com/7XYZNqHc3l

Corin pissed off a drunk Klingon at a trek con and ended up in an unplanned wrestling match. Corin had to run for the elevator

Corin on Jared and Jensen: love those guys, they’re gentle giants. Fans: awwww

Corin chats with a fan.  pic.twitter.com/yuRQMp9lPL

Fan: what would you have done if you didn’t act? Corin: time

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Corin was a quirky kid with nickname corky. Corin: it’s better than Asshole… pic.twitter.com/mLFhlkESQw

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Corin Nemec  pic.twitter.com/ydB9z3O1q6

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness Corin: (J&J) “They are HUGE in real life… They are gentle giants.”

Kelios  ‏@kelios  Corin has lost jobs from being too tall, must be even worse for ‘the gentle giants’

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen Fabulous creative advice from Jensen via @MadisonMcLaugh: Do the best that you can and then walk away. Never be too hard on yourself

Fangasm @FangasmSPN After her last scene Madison was crying, feeling she could do better. Jensen told her she needed to stop being hard on herself

That’s a wrap pic.twitter.com/TciEuaqSZm

Madison watching #spn scene where dean forces a smile:  “Jensen, stop! Right in the feels, man…”

Madison: I have yet to encounter a rude #supernatural fan.  pic.twitter.com/VvssJnONxZ

Madison graduated high school at 15.  Fan: are you a genius? Madison: (dead pans) yes. pic.twitter.com/ief7ScnzJG

Madison: Chrissy thinks of Dean like I think of Jensen. I adore him. Everyone in the room: me too.

Madison: are Jared and Jensen really twice my age? Come on, have you met them??

Madison has worked on #spn and teen wolf.  pic.twitter.com/Yz1fZmRSZg

Madison: I sort of fell in love with Misha right before I filmed

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Madison McLaughlin   pic.twitter.com/k7BtX0WB7R

Kelios @kelios Jared and Jensen talked to Madison  about how great we are.

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen The fabulous @MadisonMcLaugh is up  pic.twitter.com/XTLwADs2F0


Dean Winchester     ‏@deanosquatch  Ran into @ChadLindberg at the Daily Grill (I’m the one in blue). Really nice guy 🙂 pic.twitter.com/pvokvoLSTG

@FangasmSPN: Chad setting up an evp meter.  As you do  pic.twitter.com/czzevE77YY

Chad’s favorite scary movie is The Sixth Sense. Me: hey, I’m in that one!

Chad: you’re trying to do serious scenes on #spn and Jensen’s over there making obscene gestures

Chad loved the scene where Ash fell off the pool table. Sam ferris was cracking up.  pic.twitter.com/Z7nOvQ4Y5E

Awww @ChadLindberg brought his mom

Ghost hunter  pic.twitter.com/liOXarNVgP

got scratched on the ghost hunt last night.  pic.twitter.com/bIn0qLZ79j

Chad wrote a fan letter to Ghost Adventures. He was so excited when Zach tweeted him

Damned if we didn’t hear evp at an #spn con!  pic.twitter.com/cUw3cIIom2

Richard is totally freaked out because the spirit box said his name  pic.twitter.com/5iLAcYoYeV

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness  Richard: (Osric and Chad) “There’s nothing like watching a ghost hunter and a man in a dress with a frying pan connect

Chad invited a ghost to karaoke. Richard is not happy about it

Kelios   @kelios supernatural is known in the industry as being a fun set

Madison McLaughlin @MadisonMcLaugh where dreams come true. Isn’t that right, @OsricChau (superb Twitter name, by the way) pic.twitter.com/WYRgDE4K30

…and thank you to @AdamGlass44 for writing such an incredible character. It makes my heart happy every time I get brought back to Krissy.

amazing. Completely fell in love with the #SpnFamily all over again. Thank you for being so kind and lovely…


Samantha Ferris  @samanthajferris The Princess Bride is on! Best lines ever!

Aj Buckley  @AjohnBuckley BURCON !!!!

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg Eye of the Tiger.  http://instagram.com/p/hDWyfXQRFC/

matt cohen @mattcohen4real Can you feel that #BURCON ?!? That’s me breathing heavy with anticipation for tonight’s FREE karaoke shit show!

             Timothy @Omundson  @mattcohen4real I’ll never be the same again.

@wombatvet I think @Omundson is doing a great @GroovyBruce impression tonight.       I learned it from The Maestro himself.

@FangasmSPN Killing it in karaoke. @Omundson does sympathy for the devil

It was a groovy night. Thanks for not throwing anything

@samsmithtweets @kimrhodes4real You killed it, Ladies. Until the next time we read off a teleprompter & belt it out for the masses.

kim rhodes  @kimrhodes4real First time singin with the mic ON tonight. Thank you @samsmithtweets!

Samantha Smith @samsmithtweets Me + @kimrhodes4real, post successful karaoke crashing.  pic.twitter.com/UMJIQ2IJqH

Chad Lindberg  @ChadLindberg  http://instagram.com/p/hDENtxwRF3/

Louden Swain@LoudenSwain1  Something’s brewing.  @Juliemcniven @RobBenedict  pic.twitter.com/uzV1aHsFNh

Leslie Devonshire @GojyoChan  photo: Brian Buckley SURPRISE karaoke guest!!! (at Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport) http://tmblr.co/Z1TKRy-CLwrK 

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline so happy @kimrhodes4real and Sam Smith were at Karaoke last night! pic.twitter.com/haIHVmfrWV

Carol Montemór  @cahmontemor   i’m in love with my karaoke kings + @Mandy_Musgrave  pic.twitter.com/leAwGsIXjn

Brit Sheridan  @thebritsheridan so much love from y’all last night at #BURCON it was awesome meeting y’all and singing for y’all pic.twitter.com/yDyA4s1pg8

Kristina @StupakKristina  Mark Pellegrino-Big Balls: http://youtu.be/gw1MF14P2M4

Sebastian Roche-Eskimo: http://youtu.be/Ry8VngVOpq0 

BBBfansite  @BBB_fansite Brian || Onstage With Louden Swain http://wp.me/p40MKa-6t 

Julie McNiven – She Waits: http://youtu.be/h4qdESWhFlM 

Day 2 of ChiCon starts with left over language from karaoke: nipple tweaking, gorilla suits, poopholes….  Wild karaoke last night! This page is updated when new tweets/vids/pics are posted! Enjoy!


Sarah 🙂  @wfsarah Matt Cohen!!  pic.twitter.com/6m5sYt7mfR

Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  Rich and Matt on stage.  pic.twitter.com/VIplrCzFYm

R & M: “The path between the top of your chest to your groin is Sebastian Roche alley”

Richard: By round of applause, “Who was at karaoke?” And…”Who has a poophole?” “Oh slightly more ppl were at karaoke”

Fan @ karaoke last night: “Omg Matt!  You get better looking and more fit every time I see you.  ….hi Richard

Matt: Ship happens! Ship went DOWN!
Richard: Ship yeah!

Matt: Yes, I studied Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But more his role from Grey’s Anatomy then SPN for John Winchester

Richard: Matt ran up to me horrified, “The person in the gorilla suit? I twisted their nipples & later discovered it was a lady!”

Matt: Shit happens at a SPN convention Richard: And you’re welcome

Matt apologizing to the gorilla lady who’s nipples he accidentally tweaked at karaoke.  pic.twitter.com/igv84lDhBh

Richard to Matt: With that attitude, you need to apologize to my boobs

Matt’s ass. You’re welcome.  pic.twitter.com/XUAK38eIpj

Matt Cohen pic from earlier. pic.twitter.com/eWGht3yTyW  pic.twitter.com/w6c8j0pm9N

anna @anna_arendelle  matt stopped at the legit seat in front of me bc of this lady’s laugh and I got a bunch of pictures pic.twitter.com/5fjPUjcPpr

Winchester Bros     @WinchesterBros “Richard” in Matt’s meat suit http://twitpic.com/diucpf 

Band of Brothers question, Richard loved stories of real soldiers very poignant  http://twitpic.com/diuggh 

Richard walking like Matt LOL  http://twitpic.com/diui1i 

Next year karaoke theme “Dick & Matt’s Excellent Adventure” 80s movies! http://twitpic.com/diug7q

Intro over @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr leave then return immediately for panel lol  pic.twitter.com/Ae04dcw73K

Picking on Sebastian, don’t ask him suggestive ?s like what’s for breakfast  http://twitpic.com/diue2h 

Poophole in costume discussion confusion, but @dicksp8jr  says don’t we all have one anyway? Very funny convo!

Covering up, as Richard says he should apologize to that part! http://twitpic.com/diujlu 

Signing the banner  http://twitpic.com/diull3 

Matt strikes a pose 🙂  http://twitpic.com/diulen 

Matt and Richard wander  http://twitpic.com/diul7g 

Richard says to Matt ” loved you in Newsies” cause he’s wearing a vest.  pic.twitter.com/V8VcHa9d6D

Naughty vid screen lol @mattcohen4real  @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/L5DHZ7wrNf

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  Matt’s interpretation of fan question: have I ever thrown Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the table? Yes, and you can ship that!

Fan: what would your spinoff be? Matt: Bunny and Ship. We’d ship us with all kinds of random people

Richard and Matt are saying their I love yous.  pic.twitter.com/frulfj5hpO

@dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real : @sebroche can be dirty in five languages. pic.twitter.com/0CmbSPXF4U

More @mattcohen4real imitations  @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/7r8fKbI7xd

Richard wants Michael, Gabriel and chuck in the same ep

Matt is now totally comfortable in his cheerleader skirt BTW.  Us: yay

Erica @AirickaJane  the dynamic duo! @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/i5JZeF3AGV

Cat Peach @KayyJaxx  good Morning Rich and Matt!  http://instagram.com/p/f75vQpMDEe/

Sylvia @bluewalrushair Can we pls not talk about Sebastian’s crotch for five minutes??” ~Richard

“Never assume the person in the gorilla costume is a man” ~Rich on how Matt grabbed her boob.

“Rich, you are so full of ship it’s ridiculous” ~Matt

Just met Osric pic.twitter.com/AkPUFjYuWn

tamara @90tapan Matt talks about Cockles (?!).: http://youtu.be/XobXK8eGXuA 

Darcy Jo @scoob70 @dicksp8jr on @sebroche “He can be painfully filthy…in 5 languages.”

@dicksp8jr Preparing the crowd for Sebastian’s panel: “This is awkward but ok…when a man and woman love each other very much…”

amy (bubbles)  @amyshaped  You can hate the mission but always support the men.’ – @dicksp8jr about the men & women who serve

Erin @xxsh0tgun he made a hot zombie, but I think I prefer this look.  @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/gb9wIL22ic

Jeanette @LureaGrey On Band of Brothers, Rich says it was made uniquely from the perspective of the vets (& screw Hollywood)

Sandra Turek-Shelton @xleecrowx The apology!   https://vine.co/v/hpFjnrYVQjd 

Matt trying to say I’m sorry!  https://vine.co/v/hpFI2PJgxEM 

Always a fun time with mattcohen4real!   http://instagram.com/p/f7-7GeuXkc

Brooke Ihlefeld @BrookeIzzle  So @mattcohen4real just yelled “I’M SORRY BOTH OF YOU” at a woman’s chest because he accidentally fondled her when she was a gorilla

the Happy Geek @juramcleod Matt cohen getting frustrated with richard spreight  pic.twitter.com/8ZADpiO9Af t  http://instagram.com/p/f8S2JYwpKh/

Jeanette     @LureaGrey Matt- What? Cocles is Misha/Jensen?? No, it’s Cohen/Ackles!

Amy La @lalablue0 @dicksp8jr   pic.twitter.com/NSENqYgEUO

@samsmithtweets: You guys WRECKED me! What a blast, thank you #ChiCon!!” No worries I fall over all the time & have no 1 to blame #Gravity

Random Acts Events  @RAEventsTeam  Random Acts had a random visitor @osricchau  pic.twitter.com/5cMjx7Dp1e

Jennifer & Kerry  @RARepUSNorthW Osric stopped by and left a drawing in the guest book!  @OsricChau pic.twitter.com/ixUrHLz1a8

Supernatural@spnfansbrazil   Matt Cohen pic.twitter.com/ePRdlVvfCV

@mattcohen4real claims Cockles = Jensen/Matt! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XobXK8eGXuA#t=63 …


Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  Balthazar is now Humpazar, and so it begins… pic.twitter.com/SVZRfeddG0

Sebastian hits the stage!  pic.twitter.com/gfikoTOQsu

Sebastian: “That joke was in bad taste & that’s why I’m here

Seb had all the men stand up. The guys are pretty well represented here!

Sebastian: I’d prefer if the Q&A was T&A (if it’s your ass Seb we are on board

If you’re playing along to my favorite drinking game “Drink when someone gets offended and leaves Sebastian’s panel – we are at 2”


Sebastian can go from talking about cocks to reciting Shakespeare at the drop of a hat!

Sebastian is making fun of Christian Bale’s Batman voice

Sebastian:  what the fuck am I talking about? His panel summed up in a sentence

Sebastian: Mark this day! I’m answering questions!

Fan: How would Balthazar react to the angels falling? Seb: He’d want back on the f*cking show! Fan: Wings or it didn’t happen!!

Sebastian exits to “I’m Sexy and I Know It

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness In the schedule, @sebroche‘s panel comes with a warning that it may not be appropriate for children.  No kidding

Creation actually played the Starland Vocal Band after @sebroche kept bringing up “afternoon delights.” It’s that kind of panel

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  Doing his Liam Neeson impression. Lol @sebroche  pic.twitter.com/7lIzbTgUda

Is @sebroche being naughty? #rhetoricalquestion pic.twitter.com/7ZWrCpyXDU

hasn’t answered a question yet but it’s impossible to care. pic.twitter.com/gAejVr876z

Imitating a dog about to take a pee.  So not surprised.  pic.twitter.com/r2TD3kW7nX

Singing I can’t get no satisfaction. Fans: somehow we doubt that pic.twitter.com/k9LI9mudUZ

Showing off his happy trail and singing I’m sexy And i know it pic.twitter.com/eg7mmGl10P

This panel freaking rocks!  pic.twitter.com/8Y9ZPr7PDd

Sebastian auditioned for Lucifer and Crowley before Balthazar. Got the role the same day

sat down!!  pic.twitter.com/MF2gL1taSd

Seb: anyone under 18 here? Fan: yes. Seb: you were warned

Sebastian leaves @dicksp8jr open mouthed  pic.twitter.com/hFc2NqBf8p

Sarah 🙂 @wfsarah Don’t even ask…  pic.twitter.com/Jxgz4Uqu3N

think the whole room is about to get lucky… pic.twitter.com/LV66E8P8oD

Sebastian: “I am completely uncut.” You know, if you were wondering.

a  nice, genuine moment now. “You guys are the most faithful fans….it really is an honor

Sebastian Roche T&C: http://youtu.be/JxDw55Qvc1o 

@dicksp8jr expression  pic.twitter.com/C5WEZMNtxM

That’s a wrap for @sebroche  pic.twitter.com/w5OHQlEAWQ

He’s sexy and he knows it…  pic.twitter.com/RmtpMlAnut

Crystal @nemlas29  Sebastian  http://instagram.com/p/f8MAfdIkD3/

CreationEnt @CreationEnt  sebroche  http://instagram.com/p/f8MOT-IqJ_/

Jeanette @LureaGrey Sebroche talking about how hungover he is & putting stage foliage in his pants

Jini Zlatniski @jiniz Sebastian dancing thru audience.  pic.twitter.com/0loIrDUOZE

the Happy Geek @juramcleod  20 mins and he just got to the 1st question and there goes of dancing to “Get Lucky  pic.twitter.com/ncto5ziBqI

Amy Newlin@amysupfan  Ballet Sebastian http://instagram.com/p/f8NPYRi2HF/

Singalong  http://instagram.com/p/f8QDWLC2Mo/

Nicole Thompson @Nicoliol @sebroche saying “shut the front door” to try and keep it clean

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover  sebroche   pic.twitter.com/FgFDKkZI7u  pic.twitter.com/AbP6zh9atu


Erin @xxsh0tgun Safety first!  pic.twitter.com/42khSjgb4F

Jaime Winchester @jaimewinchester Standing outside. They made Osric get a wristband to go into the ballroom and listen to Sebastian’s panel

Phyllis Stabbe @phyllis2779  @sebroche is leading a round of frere Jacques.

Jamie @may2nd1983 Now he’s propositioning people in the crowd

Richard came out to force seb off the stage, thank god

Tara Eckert @tarable1115 @OsricChau hanging with my daughter and stealing peoples seats  pic.twitter.com/zKm3IE5wzY

Cat Peach @KayyJaxx  Yes. That is Matt with Jensen’s face on a stick  http://instagram.com/p/f8TnLosDHC/


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Richard escorts @Mark_Sheppard and @MarkRPellegrino onstage  pic.twitter.com/87cy7VIZhN

Surprise osric  pic.twitter.com/xcdER9NZII

Mark and mark  @Mark_Sheppard @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/hsgpPCqsD5

If lucifer and Crowley started a band together it would be Small Balls of Foil.  pic.twitter.com/os7A1gRfYw

Osric gets to pat his man crush  pic.twitter.com/7UztHx7TM7

Mark and mark love doing genre shows because they have the best writing

Mark: Matt bomer is my man crush.  pic.twitter.com/sqr5lDwmxK

Almost as sassy as Crowley. @Mark_Sheppard  pic.twitter.com/fzEexXDMtO

What’s Crowley’s relationship w Sam now that he healed him. Mark (indignant): he didn’t heal me!! He tried, doesn’t mean he did.

Mark had to decline Dr who for #spn and was sobbing. They called him back and said come RIGHT NOW so he could do it

Love how much fun they’re having.  @Mark_Sheppard @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/uxkoJOUzSe

Talking about hating taking makeup off.  pic.twitter.com/BE5eQTw5R9

Mark S: you can’t play a baddie, you have to figure out what makes him tick

Jamie @may2nd1983 Mark P and Mark S are on stage! Mark S has his collar popped and his mic isn’t working

Mark met a fan in New Zealand, when he tried to calm her, she said “I’m just trying not to shit myself!” He said “Keep trying!”

Q: we’re you disappointed in your character’s lines on Doctor Who? Mark S: are you kidding me? I was on doctor BLOODY who

Mark P refers to J2 as “The Boys”

OneLessNemesis  @OneLessNemesis overheard in the vendor room  “death is out of stock right now but we’re taking orders

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Mark Sheppard: Crowley’s band His would be Small Balls of Foil

wild already http://twitpic.com/div6z3 

Mark Sheppard is wandering…  pic.twitter.com/1XS11SvQmP

Mark S in question line…  pic.twitter.com/W5Nq9KI1SI

Looking at adorable dog Mark P spotted, he went to say hello  http://twitpic.com/div8b0 

Mark finally sits down briefly!  http://twitpic.com/div8eq 

Mark Pellegrino  http://twitpic.com/div8jo 

Mark P: difference in #SPN And Tomorrow People sets, SPN more exper, looser fun: TTP new, so very serious

Jeanette @LureaGrey  Mark implies we’ll learn more about Crowley’s mom after ep 4

Mark S says that Crowley always keeps his word, Mark P says that Luci doesn’t lie

Kaye Bauer  @samjacklover @MarkRPellegrino @Mark_Sheppard   pic.twitter.com/rZMDlphJLv

@MarkRPellegrino  pic.twitter.com/tLYXl9m7xD

@Mark_Sheppard  @MarkRPellegrino  pic.twitter.com/4LnXVJDdCQ

@Mark_Sheppard   pic.twitter.com/oLuY1GSyqS

Jamie @may2nd1983 we’re going to hear more about Crowley’s past after episode 4

Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  Mark P: You’re so surly! Mark S: I know

Mark P to Mark S: Sit down Mark you’re drunk! Stop wandering around aimlessly

Mark P.  pic.twitter.com/sOYeb6Ndde

Mark S: That’d be an interesting threesome right? Lucifer, Crowley, & Abbadon

Mark S: I love Osric! Are people going to start shipping us now that I said that?

The Marks. pic.twitter.com/RApxQXgRqs

WFB Supernatural  ‏@WinFamBusiness   If Lucifer got out of his cage would he overthrown the King of Hell?  Mark P – “He would challenge him to mud wrestling

@Mark_Sheppard is telling lame jokes! “Why do rabbits make noise when they have S-E-X?  Because they’ve got cotton balls.”

Wow, a great story from @Mark_Sheppard about trying to shoot Dr. Who and Supernatural at the same time.  Way too long for twitter!

Every time the microphone booms @MarkRPellegrino does weird faces & poses along with the sound. Another “you had to be here” moment.

Mel @LoveJeter02  @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/1kLgC5M3uG

@Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/kkvbprVdU2

the Happy Geek @juramcleod Mark_Sheppard called Alfie the angel annoying  pic.twitter.com/xH36dIOHKx

amy (bubbles)  @amyshaped Matt Bomer is @Mark_Sheppard‘s mancrush

@Mark_Sheppard said that the sci-fi/fantasy genre has the great stories

Sci fi can tackle controversial issues that regular TV cannot-why Mark is attracted to the wide scope of the stories

Jeanette @LureaGrey Mark S was super excited to do Who, couldn’t do it d/t SPN,  but then Who offered to change their schedule.

Then Mark realized that he hadn’t gotten clearance from SPN & he’d already committed…called Sera to apologize

the Happy Geek  @juramcleod hi Marks..askes for Pellegrino. .asks about the best part of LOST was…makes large noise..being on losta and going to Hawaii

Erin @xxsh0tgun  @Mark_Sheppard  pic.twitter.com/mxMeAuqFyv


@StormJPad @MarkRPellegrino  @Mark_Sheppard   pic.twitter.com/rylfTep0V5


Crazy Cas shoes smelled awful  http://twitpic.com/divg7l

Misha talking about Osric’s GISHWHES entry http://twitpic.com/divgg9

IMayBeJustABitInsane  @YoullNeverSeeMe photoset: acklesswag: Misha Collins judging the Cas-tume contest . http://tmblr.co/ZRiv5xynqHrk 

Photoset: valalecki: Misha Collins and his lovely jacket –  http://tmblr.co/ZRiv5xynpgft 

@shipstiel: . pic.twitter.com/td2xgtbFM2

Jordan  @seulementJordan “Sorry I fucked up your DVD.”-Misha Collins  http://instagram.com/p/f-wjHcutx9/

Zane Rosetta @zrosettastoned So yeah @OsricChau in a onesie happened today @CreationEnt pic.twitter.com/gpqA4goCgZ

Random Acts Events @RAEventsTeam As well as accepting donations you can come and talk to us. We have buttons   pic.twitter.com/TQlJ1o6Wm1

SUPERNATURAL @SPNFamilyFandom Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/1vwn9DpKuA

Misha Collins  pic.twitter.com/9DhKNCSmtJ

SPN Is My Life @dean_lover1 I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO MISHA!! pic.twitter.com/YyGrNRESlH

Andy Candy @____AnDrEaa____ Миша часть 2: http://youtu.be/WVwXDaGLKTg   Misha

Winchester Bros  @WinchesterBros Misha carries Osric Cas on stage! http://twitpic.com/divgas 

ChiCon begins today with Richard Speight Jr,  Julie McNiven, Osric Chau, Samantha Smith and Matt Cohen. Karaoke commences late but totally worth the non-sleeping! I’ll be updating this page as tweets/vids/pics are posted! Have fun vicariously here!

Random Acts Events  @RAEventsTeam Great start today  Let’s do it again tomorrow. We’ll be here from 9am to 7pm pic.twitter.com/lWMIeopj0I

Fangasm@FangasmSPN He go folks! kicks off with @dicksp8jr and Adam! pic.twitter.com/YNlKPeZNXD

Danielle Ellison     ‏@DanielleEWrites  our fearless moderator.  http://instagram.com/p/f6KyC5pZmI/

Carry On  @CarryOn_SPN Osric takes the stage!  pic.twitter.com/hP3lIUTmGZ   

Osric would love it if the fandom and the writers got along. He feels the need to spread positivity where he feels it’s needed

Osric looks at Kevin’s past like his own. He was going down a set path until a new door opened that changed his life  

Hot damn, Sam!  Is it getting warm in here?  pic.twitter.com/TrwaZRPMOj

CreationEn   @CreationEnt on stage OsricChauhttp://instagram.com/p/f5hLAjoqMO/

@FangasmSPN: What would @OsricChau  sell his soul for? For fandom and show to get along.

Osric being very careful about what he says about mrs tran.  pic.twitter.com/OcR502cQNz  

Maybe mrs tran is in purgatory….maybe she’s having a thing with Benny…  Us: ooh  pic.twitter.com/VRe1NAUpCa

Winchester Bros  @WinchesterBros what’s Kevin do in bunker when not researching? Bad diet–in bathroom? Ha! Exploring probably. pic.twitter.com/gp2yf6zGBa   

Mama Tran alive? Hmm, lots of struggle answering! Sounds like we get a real answer on show soon!!!  http://twitpic.com/diq1vi  

Osric asking if Julie coming to karaoke and what wearing? Has hair extensions  thought of going as Amy Pond! pic.twitter.com/nylTPrqAfc

Darcy Jo     ‏@scoob70   One of the reasons Kevin is still on the show because he doesn’t infringe on anybody’s territory or replace anybody  

Osric is trying to remember which episodes have aired before commenting on what happened to his Mom.  Fan says “Hi Kevin…oh how embarrassing, I mean Osric.” “That’s ok, I get that all the time

Wayward Moose     ‏@Elisabeth_MAB     Osric: jared is really smart, helped me out with cuneiform pronunciation, does a ton of research.

Erica     ‏@AirickaJane    Osric  http://instagram.com/p/f6ISJBvL5b/

Danielle Ellison     @DanielleEWrites Osric!  http://instagram.com/p/f6LL2sJZmt/

Crystal     ‏@nemlas29    Osric http://instagram.com/p/f6LzyXIkKd/

Erin @xxsh0tgun  full set Osric panel! http://inbloom-photography.pass.us/osric2013/ 

@xxsh0tgun pic.twitter.com/zWIfPDRQwZ


CreationEnt     @CreationEnt Samantha Smith just hit the stage!  http://instagram.com/p/f51-E_IqLm/

Winchester Bros     ‏@WinchesterBros  Talking Halloween costume she’s worn as kid: alien in spandex, French maid-this excited Richard  http://twitpic.com/diqddu 

@StormJPad: @samsmithtweets  pic.twitter.com/EpR1NgnCrG

Carry On     @CarryOn_SPN Samantha: In that pink scratchy nylon night gown that was a fire hazard… Richard: It sure was  pic.twitter.com/m2gh0Yg5dd

Sam with our host. pic.twitter.com/ksUZDQ9Fs9

@FangasmSPN: Mary would like anyone who helps her sons, so she’d like Benny  pic.twitter.com/jJywwGCTYf

Danielle Ellison     ‏@DanielleEWrites    Mama Mary – Samantha Smith – who is gorgeous.  http://instagram.com/p/f6LuzZJZn0/

Sandra Bruchmann   @YorkiePug Samantha Smith  http://instagram.com/p/f6ZIcJtGJH/


jensen frackles     @hipsterackles Richard: this whole room feels sorry for you. You had to make out with Jensen Ackles

Supernatural     ‏@spnfansbrazil    Julie McNiven  pic.twitter.com/b4ozcfZEHc

Richard Speight, Jr.     ‏@dicksp8jr    “Life on the road, Kage… life on the road.” – Jack Black   #juliemcnivenstolemypants http://instagram.com/p/f6H7dey8A9/

* julie e Richard  pic.twitter.com/EmCcLgSnNr

*  pic.twitter.com/eaQLzHR9lF

* Julie  pic.twitter.com/W4tqkQMEJP

Jen     ‏@neur0tica      Julie McNiven  http://instagram.com/p/f6L3jVCWaU/

Richard Speight, Jr.  @dicksp8jr Never knew how truly dirty u are. “@Juliemcniven: Q&A panel: talked euphemisms 4 sex, talked more about sex, closed w/ unintended sex puns”

Julie McNiven  @Juliemcniven @dicksp8jr : Never knew how truly dirty u are. “@Juliemcniven: I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about? I’m an angel!

Julie McNiven   @Juliemcniven thx 4 understanding that its his fault “@horriblehannah @dicksp8jr did his best to make everything @Juliemcniven said super dirty

Erin @xxsh0tgun photos Julie! http://inbloom-photography.pass.us/julie2013 


danielle diaz     ‏@daniellediaz   pic.twitter.com/58Jo5d0rdp

matt cohen     @mattcohen4real  http://instagram.com/p/f7sH2_D9by/

matt cohen     ‏@mattcohen4real  every Dick & Matt karaoke shirt gets a free auto graph from @dicksp8jr and I . Get them before there gone!

@mattcohen4real LETS DO THIS http://instagram.com/p/f59JFsD9XH

OneLessNemesis   @OneLessNemesis Karaoke is ON mattcohen4real l http://instagram.com/p/f6gkkRnqpd/

CreationEnt   @CreationEnt zombie mattcohen4real helping to kick off karaoke!  http://instagram.com/p/f6gg7RIqO4/

Jamie @may2nd1983 @mattcohen4real as a zombie cheerleader! pic.twitter.com/iPFEwt1A3M

Winchester Bros     @WinchesterBros Sam Smith as Chicago gangster “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy”  http://twitpic.com/diraum 

Supernatural     ‏@spnfansbrazil  Karaoke  pic.twitter.com/8u2qWe3fNA

Melissa     ‏@purplegator69    Matt Cohen & Richard Speight in their costumes.  pic.twitter.com/AZIyuQ4G4X

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover me, @LoveJeter02 @dicksp8jr  @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/yyAiIMboQd

Julie McNiven  @Juliemcniven I got hungry “@EzorYllom: What happened at karaoke last night. @sebroche @OsricChau @Juliemcniven @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/TTUEswyEAz

Autumn @AutumnDontFall Samantha Smith and Sebastian Roche at the karaoke party for  http://instagram.com/p/f8Jxacpfjo/

Samantha Smith@samsmithtweets  The most energetic bunch of zombies I’ve ever jumped with. @juliemcniven @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real #I❤UGuys pic.twitter.com/XBO0yf0iBQ

Everyone survived karaoke(I think..!) and today is rocking! Enjoy TorCon!

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal Jensen arrived in Toronto! pic.twitter.com/3ThO3Oedi1

@NelliTurbal: Misha is in Toronto) it’s cool pic.twitter.com/A6nL2pN1NF

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal http://vk.com/wall-33069738_296440
video, Misha says hello in Russian)

@abbyfromage: @emilyo42 & I just met Misha Collins on the streets of Toronto http://instagram.com/p/fYBbu7TCIO/


@wolfling Rob, Matt and RSJ panel discussing Osric, costumes and fave scenes http://youtu.be/1Zr2IUXgWek?a

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Matt says Rob kissed him 6 times last night at karaoke. Rob so happy
* fan q: good hangover remedies after karaoke? Rob: Advil, water, sleep
* Richard talking about Ty at karaoke. Says like a bear. Feels like will scoop up ppl and mate Lololol
* Which came first: Trickster or Gabriel? Richard: no idea what writers had in mind. If not planned, great job of executing it
* Q: any chance to expand #TorCon to 4 days? Guys: maybe. Now doing “Thanksgiving” dance
* Who comes up w/karaoke night themes? Themes are what they think is funny. Thank Richard for Matt in skirt
* What doing 2 AM on Friday? We heard your ruckus and went to investigate. We feared for our safety
* More Trickster in future? Richard: trick q to reveal if I am back? If I knew, wouldn’t tell ya
* Richard: judge Judy should make a cameo on SPN. Rob: that’s your fave show?? Richard: for the legal process!
* Fave element from fave show & bring to SPN what would it be? Rob: I will answer this! Survivor: voting someone off
* Hardest ep to film for your characters? Guys are *totally* making up awesome BS to answer this q! we can’t pick just one!
* Fave trickster prank? Bad tacos
* If could choose way character dies what would it be? Richard: Rob says dismembered. Chuck: OD
* Rob says Chuck would OD on pills
* Matt: No fave show. Just want me back!!!
* is Ty always like that at karaoke? All: YES!
* Fan’s 1st con. Richard: “welcome to Hell!”
* Last q! Fan up on stage! Answer: Shawshank Redemption!!

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie According to @dicksp8jr, @RobBenedict & @mattcohen4real its hard to get @mishacollins to sober up in the morning to film an ep
* This is what happens to the last question asker at a Q&A with @RobBenedict, @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/Hkc3MpWIVQ

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Last panel question. pic.twitter.com/7OkzaIy8BC

Jillian M. ‏@primitivepublic @mattcohen4real: hardest parts of the show: getting @jarpad’s wig on his head, plumping Jensen’s lips, & sobering up @mishacollins

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Rob is basically in tears from laughing so hard because of Richard
* “Best prank.” Rob: “They scared me with their dogs
* Matt would add himself back to Supernatural
* They’re putting the mics all over her face pic.twitter.com/g4WZhcblVU
* If Rob could add an element from his favourite show to Supernatural, he’d add something from Survivor
* Rob: “If there’s one thing I would not be good at, it’s MMA
* Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak 47s
“Are you happy or disappointed the writers didn’t give you three heads?” Mark: “I have enough problems with one

Wolfling ‏@wolfling @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr getting the last question of their panel http://twitpic.com/dh21dx

♡ missy ♡ ‏@mel_martiniello @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/JU1DhfgBkKcass lepage matt: are Jensen’s lips always that plump
* rob: excuse me for brining the A to the Q&A
* richard: I don’t have to do anything Robert

Connor ‏@timelordstiel @dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict MMA-kitten fighting

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie According 2 @dicksp8jr, @RobBenedict & @mattcohen4real its also hard 2 get @jarpad hair on his head 4 the filming

Beth Cowen ‏@_Monkey_Hat http://instagram.com/p/fX1DEah8IK/
* http://instagram.com/p/fX1JiVh8IY/
* http://instagram.com/p/fX1DEah8IK/

@LoveJeter02: Rob Benedict pic.twitter.com/lAVhvSFOUb
Richard @dicksp8jr doing an awesome @TyOlsson impression

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit And the late @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/djqYjxealM

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Richard, Rob & Matt “Honestly? We’re all about 3 drinks away from slash fiction”
* Fan asked Rob, Richard & Matt how they would like their characters to come back. Their answer: Immediately (we agree!)

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Last panel question. pic.twitter.com/7OkzaIy8BC

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/4dgphPKiW5

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr, 1/3: http://youtu.be/1Zr2IUXgWek

Wolfling ‏@wolfling video from Matt, Rob and Richard’s panel http://youtu.be/gSTIt393ecg?a


Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak @TyOlsson doesn’t think there’s much of a chance of Benny returning to Supernatural
* “It’s hard to flirt with one woman when there’s ten thousand people watching

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Ty compares his attention span to that of Dory
* @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/05C6C2qnmd

@nerd_angel_k Borealis: hope for more? Don’t think so. But would love to
* audience member is crying… Ty: If you cry, I’ll cry!
* Ty escorts nervous…
* Richard called Ty SPN’s own “silverback gorilla” and our “dancing bear”

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie .@TyOlsson keeps yelling at the people who are leaving his Q&A
* Here is @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/FnEVFTwEa7
* This is what happen when U are too nervous 2 ask a question. pic.twitter.com/DmhtTaWdvC
* @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/Z2Hjjiq0hw
* So @TyOlsson says he worked on his cemetery with #JensenAckles by moving into his house & hanging with him pic.twitter.com/YFM0dn8Vne

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Ty Olson is like a naughty little boy with ADHD with more swearing

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k karaoke again next year? He says he is sneaking under the wires. He doesn’t know. Would u like me back?
* Ty wanted to call Rick (feeling sick) but lost his phone in Lake Ontario
* Ty pretended to be room service when going to pick up @samsmithtweets from her hotel room last night
* How many other accents can u do other than Benny? Give me time I can do many. Doing Scottish accent now”
* Relationship b/w him & JA: he’s a great guy, cool, easy to be with, natural chemistry, we get along

@.FangasmSPN: Benny to Dean: I love you enough to do this (per Ty) pic.twitter.com/QeR8jmTSSu
* Onstage! @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/HrmYCLPgmI
* Ty to fan: wait, am I in trouble? pic.twitter.com/Z3jkGYr4Sz
* Whats Ty’s ideal character to play? An old school genre superhero who drinks beer and is scarred, a reluctant damaged hero
* Fan: did Benny die for Dean or was he ready to die? Ty: I think it was both. Us: pic.twitter.com/ze5o8IsqnX
* Ty thinks its possible Benny did give in and feed, but only on criminals
* Jensen starts to lapse back into his Texas accent when he’s around Benny
* Fan: what was Benny like when human? Ty: he probably had a pretty usual life, on the ocean
* That’s a wrap on @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/aMXFSrnt37
* Ty singing You are my sunshine to his nephew. pic.twitter.com/iYCcPrzvPI
* Ty singing You are my sunshine to his nephew. pic.twitter.com/cqLavGp9N6
* How did the relationship with Jensen get so strong? Ty: I spent a few days at his house, his wife slept on couch….

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly62 @tyolsson making a nervous fan feel at ease…kinda

* @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real Rob is eating breakfast! pic.twitter.com/dk6fPXktDT
* @RobBenedict’s favorite scene to film on the show was when he hit @jarpad in the face w/ a toilet plunger. Said it hurt his wrists
. @tyolsson pic.twitter.com/fxFd42piLp
@loriilovee Someone screamed at him to speak into the mic and he just did the deepest voice into the mic “Is this better?”
* Mic is breaking up and Ty is wondering if this is an acid flashback! Wants to know if the girl is fucking with him
* The dapper @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/dYkWiDE9Wt

Jessie ‏@PoisonousDame Ty Olson has dictated that ALL must have poutine by the end of the weekend. Challenge accepted

jackles[] ‏@hotforjackles Danneel slept on the couch when Ty spent the night at Jensen’s

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/zEYVIbn4Sr

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Ty http://twitpic.com/dh32jk


Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie So @jumblejim got a standing ovation. pic.twitter.com/TbnYacnR8p
* So part of @jumblejim acting process is to drink #DrPepper before hand. pic.twitter.com/CaAXzwVt4H

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz The amazing James Beaver has taken the stage. http://instagram.com/p/fYNmUKTgDC/

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Jim Beaver!! He got a well deserved standing ovation!!! pic.twitter.com/yxtLIeFd44

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @jumblejim The room just gave him a standing ovation! pic.twitter.com/DsHkejZPmc

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Lookin good! pic.twitter.com/KWVdPvzBMr
* Jim is filming a Guillermo del toro movie with tom hiddleston in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/138D0hVZoY
* Jim: I suspect Bobby’s still got a little life left in him….
* Jim: bobby and I are a lot alike except he’s brave. I run a lot more. And faster
* What’s Bobby’s heaven? Jim: well it doesn’t involve Sam and dean
* Maddie put Jim on a dating website. Jim: some nice guy named Stanley emailed me
* Fan: who are you closer to, Jared or Jensen? Jim: I love them both. Tho i wish they were shorter
* Bobby was created because Loretta divine (Missouri) wasn’t available. The real Bob Singer said i know just the guy
* Most intense scene? Jim: saying goodbye to Karen singer. It was a good scene but tough
* Jim (who hasn’t watched the show recently): metatron?? Sounds like a cough medicine!
* Jim: on #spn, there’s a lot more bloopers than there is show
* That’s a wrap! pic.twitter.com/G7I7Y8O7oP* Jim would like all karaoke videos from last night erased. Fandom: oh sure. Of course. Totally. pic.twitter.com/6mJIj0UpRg

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Jim having tea to help with his voice after karaoke
* Did u come up with “idjits”? Was in script. Was skeptical of term. Not his word
* Surprised character died? Yes but it’s SPN how bad can it be? Good exit
* Do u think Bobby should have come back as a ghost? Great gig. Wanted to come back so yes
* Jim says a certain sheriff would be in Bobby’s heaven & a dead blonde wife
* Jim found it hard to say line abt Bobby being a Tori Spelling fan
* Gothic ghost story set in 1800/1900 England (Jim’s next project)
* Oh, you’re not short! Jim: ya, but you put me beside Dumb & Dumber…”
* Jim says tough to get out of emotional headspace at end of day. Collapses after scene. Body reacts physically to character’s state
* Emotional scenes tough to film? We laugh a lot on set but emotional scenes everyone helps out to concentrate
* Jim says tough to get out of emotional headspace at end of day. Collapses after scene. Body reacts physically to character’s state
* Most messed up thing J2M has done 2 u while filming? Show up lol! Jim telling story abt JP twisting his toes 4 hospital bed scenes
* Jim says SPN set is fun. Outrageous. Lots of laughs

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Jim loved being back on Supernatural and hanging around the old crew
* Jim says there’s basically no professionalism on the Supernatural set. That it’s a lot different from other sets
* The dating site Maddie put Jim on was MAYBE called “geezer match

Shivonne Arnold ‏@shivonnealexis Script reading makes a good actor.

Leslie Crone ‏@NerdShenanigans I thought the angels falling might have just been spring cleaning

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Jim Beaver will be filming “Crimson Tide” in Toronto in the Spring (March-May)

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz @dicksp8jr Dick…a tentacle job, really?? http://instagram.com/p/fYUReizgPG/

Lisa Willen ‏@serpentina66 costume contest: Wendigo rocks!


Michelle Terpstra ‏@MichelleTerps looks like Castiels have entered the building. pic.twitter.com/mO4z8zrCHR

@NelliTurbal: Misha is in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/nDQRj541D5

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN our illustrious emcee @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/LPgJ9DgoVq
* look who’s judging the cosplay pic.twitter.com/bOYKn0d66a
* Richards intro: ladies and gentlemen, America’s asshole @mishacollins

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie @mishacollins came out to judge the #Castiel customer contest. pic.twitter.com/ylPN6NWlW0

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal уже успел оценить конкурс косплеев )) pic.twitter.com/f5O5voUrwl

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/GkFig216vq

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz Luci and Casi in sa house! http://instagram.com/p/fYZtHZzgJc/

Lost Symbol ‏@theBestMinion @mishacollins and Mark. P are on stage! http://twitpic.com/dh2vj1 http://twitpic.com/dh2vj6

@FangasmSPN Misha got kicked out of first class trying to talk to mark
* Misha and mark attempt to figure out a fan’s question. I cannot convey how hysterical this is. pic.twitter.com/2oJwrKXVjd
* Misha: Jared is like a bull in a china shop. Our camera guy had a cracked rib from boisterous hugging. pic.twitter.com/QsIN9lb6N3
* Fan to misha: Jared says that Cas and Sam aren’t really friends. Misha: (sad face
* Misha: Jared will fondle my balls for so long on set, I think the writers have started trying to separate us.
* Mark gets up to hug a fan who finally has a question for him. pic.twitter.com/eypCPCRpiH
* Mark gets up to hug a fan who finally has a question for him. pic.twitter.com/eypCPCRpiH
* Mark: I feel so bad for nick. Thanks for depressing me with that question. Fans: awww
* Misha: I like matt Clark who made amazing sculptures out of buildings. Often without permission. Fans: awesome
* Misha gets an art question from an art history major. Misha: uh oh. pic.twitter.com/ZjpgGYnYbo

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Better shot of M2. pic.twitter.com/THHq9yXv0B
* Misha: Cas is socially awkward enough to not differentiate men’s and women’s clothing.
* Misha gives a fan a birthday cake! #spnfamily #torcon pic.twitter.com/GFNBRl9f7Q
* Fan talking about a film misha was in: all your parts are on YouTube. Misha: is that allowed???
* When Cas was eating the raw meat with the horsemen, misha actually ate it long before the camera was even on him. Mark: bwahaha
*West is old enough now to try to look cute for the camera. Misha: hey, that’s my thing
* Fan: have you ever considered dating anyone on the show? Misha: Jared and jensen just aren’t great kissers
* Misha protesting the govt shutdown. pic.twitter.com/rUayyZ5PBO
* Misha describes Jared fondling his balls. Mark is amused. So are we. pic.twitter.com/4Hvo5bJ6Uc
* Misha being Misha. Mark pondering. pic.twitter.com/MpkOzbnhWU
* And that’s a wrap on mark and Misha. pic.twitter.com/hE72zFsCAJ
* Mark is happy to get a question. Look at that boyish grin! @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/7pFXihp5HR

Caro Bellier ‏@CaroOffiziell I’m really wondering if he knows how many feelings just a little hat could give to a fandom. pic.twitter.com/f88NKOTF7O

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Misha doing Rock Paper Scissors to decide which side starts to ask
* If you could make Sam hallucinate anything, what would it be? Mark: he’s a bellydancer. Misha: he (and Jared) is short
* Q involved ep “Repo Man”. Misha called it a film, “Repo Man” Mark: I don’t know that film
* Misha shocked at pronunciation of Montreal in French
* Jared unscrewed roof rack of Misha’s car. Told by crew about it
* What happens when you die in purgatory? Misha: they get cast in other dimension called the Vampire Diarie
* Other angels are just lazy according to Misha
* Cas has taken 5 yrs to learn how to be human while 3 angels took a day! Explain? Mark: Wow
* Misha: yes keep going. We have 45 mins for each q
* If mark could make Sam hallucinate anything? A belly dancer. Fans: mmm
* Scene where Cas eats on hands & knees. What was it? Textured vegetable protein

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @mishacollins mailed his license away to get a SSN for his daughter and they won’t send it back. He wants to sue congress!

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Misha would love for Cas to have lots of wives and not live in a bunker
* Mark would like for Lucifer to come back in armani and ready to kick some back

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 .@mishacollins says he would like to make @jarpad think he’s short and not able to reach things or see over people!
* @mishacollins surprised a fan with a birthday cake, then asked if she was going to hog it to herself!

Supernatural – India ‏@IndiaSpn Misha trash talked the trench coat, but then was a little sad. Alternate ending was Cas had it in a bag!

@wolfling: Misha Collins from earlier today during his panel with Mark http://twitpic.com/dh33v5

Rick Worthy ‏@rickworthy Big Thanks to #JulianRichngs for filling in for me at #TorCon …you’re true blue, and looking fprward to seeing you again ;).

Katie Botsifaras ‏@KatieBotsifaras Thank you so much @mishacollins @jumblejim @dicksp8jr @TyOlsson and @MarkRPellegrino for making today amazing pic.twitter.com/1xrGfWwXgz

Day 2 of Dallas Convention started out with Texas laws that Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen were taken aback by! Silliness ensued with the laws, panel questions and just good ol’ Texas fun! Old friends James Patrick Stuart and Mark Sheppard shared the stage followed by Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins! This page will be update when info gets posted! Have fun vicariously!


lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo Mark Shepard crashing Richard and Matt panel pic.twitter.com/JFWcf4qSdE
Jan DeWitt ‏@MayberryMiMi @Mark_Sheppard again!pic.twitter.com/oayMLeoG54
* And Matt and Rich start the morning off with Texas Laws! Dildos and cows pic.twitter.com/Tq6xZu5k3k

@MiraCristine Illegal to milk someone else’ cow. Also illegal to own a realistic dildo – or more than 6 dildos.

Jessica P. Jackson ‏@jacksonjp1 Richard and Matt were too funny! pic.twitter.com/dpepwrKDTx

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo Mark Shepard crashing Richard and Matt panel pic.twitter.com/JFWcf4qSdE

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Richard: Mishamigo? Is that a thing, or something he’s trying to push on you people??

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Matt e Richard pic.twitter.com/wMOVPBrhqP

JOEY ‏@Deampala2005 pic.twitter.com/L7y6yzVM7O

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Matt pic.twitter.com/mAMwm3c8ap

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo fantastic costumes fans are wearing pic.twitter.com/EJwA5E8q2t

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Matt and Richard, back on stage! pic.twitter.com/ha6nBPndqO

tara-annie ‏@1tararod From the #DallasCon question line to the stage.. @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/GQoHj17k5V

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Matt pic.twitter.com/lLWhdxQlPR

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Matt and Richard, back on stage! pic.twitter.com/ha6nBPndqO

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Matt e Richard

Marina Sokolovskaya ‏@MarishaSokol Richard! pic.twitter.com/mC4uoxJend
* Matt Cohen He so perfect))) pic.twitter.com/yRfo78Dof5

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Matt pic.twitter.com/lLWhdxQlPR
* Matt Cohen pic.twitter.com/DrEEZWoqGb

SPN Kat ‏@KathyWilkins Mark Sheppard making a surprise visit!! pic.twitter.com/mLbnNV8G1u

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo cosplay #SPN style pic.twitter.com/L1ln8aG4S4


Kelios ‏@kelios Mark Shepard said there may be bigger implications than vessels re: the ‘fallen’ angels

Cindy Tamez ‏@Shadowrayven Aww Mark talking about how sweet & nice @NathanFillion is & James is agreeing with him

Stephanie Moore ‏@stephanie0moore Us with Rob! pic.twitter.com/tZw1aRf2Hf

Lyndi ‏@bratlupa I didn’t know he voiced one of the penguins on Madagascar. pic.twitter.com/0XtmA7jaXQ

Jan DeWitt ‏@MayberryMiMi Mark_Sheppard and @japastu in the house! pic.twitter.com/g3sY9JViDR

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom pic.twitter.com/ysRJnciJqz

SPN Kat ‏@KathyWilkins Mark / Matt MAN HUG!!!! pic.twitter.com/uzB29aqTeP

@wendy_d: Talking about Jared’s body. Mark: He works very hard to look like that. JPS: I had no idea he had all that going on!
* JPS: No one as handsome as that (J&J) should also be so funny. Mark: Thank you

@FangasmSPN: They both love recurring roles when you can develop the character. pic.twitter.com/hWOHuzG94Q

Hayley McGowan ‏@hmmcgowan Misha Collins is in the building! pic.twitter.com/nqvQgGVOBE

Neal Caffrey ♥ ‏@LovMattBomer Mark Sheppard: “I’m on WC with the prettiest man in the world. Even Jensen Ackles says so. Matt Bomer is totally my man crush.”


@wendy_d Mark: Jared probably wants the bottom (bunk). Misha dies laughing

@FangasmSPN Misha took home comfy socks that ‘make love to your feet’. Wardrobe asked for them back
* Misha explains cooking with west to mark pic.twitter.com/Egi2Y8JkvF
* Mark and @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/c8l9lXnIQA

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins. pic.twitter.com/898k4eYgYI
* Cowboy Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/N8dEp2EbMq

Star ‏@StarMinion Mark P. and Misha in his cowboy outfit http://tmblr.co/ZDkoCwvf0uaV

lovemesomeDean ‏@DeanKmo Me (purple) next to Mark P pic.twitter.com/d9PSck0q7S

@Fandomflail is live streaming the audio for Misha/Mark P. panel about to start http://twitcasting.tv/fandomflail

Marina Sokolovskaya ‏@MarishaSokol @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/aF65C98Vg2

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Misha Mark pic.twitter.com/wpekD3thtX

Thanks Eric Kripke ‏@FCCastiel Misha and Mark I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride I’m wanted dead or alive so eu… http://tmblr.co/ZnZ7bsvfHVjC

Allison R. Smith ‏@AllisonRSmith MishaCollins Giddy-up getup for pic.twitter.com/6YFkCwyQck

I’m An Aquarius ‏@SPNQuotess Misha says he feels like he is hanging out with satan when he’s on set with Jared

I’m An Aquarius ‏@SPNQuotess Misha http://fb.me/1opjtR4TG

maggie ‏@BathtubHarry Assbutt Pellegrino and Assbutt Collins pic.twitter.com/wcID5oUshz

hayles. ‏@assbutt “Cas was incompetent as an angel. He’s even clumsier as a human.”

@FangasmSPN: Misha to young fan: how are your grades? Fan: are you my father? Misha: grins. pic.twitter.com/BAzcEhLZnB

@MarkRPellegrino @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/acWy06S5nt @FangasmSPN

@LureaGrey: Jensen made references to having a big slab of meat in his hand & then the director yelled at Misha. filmed almost too late for a shot due to Jensen’s making Misha laugh!

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Sassy cowboys.@mishacollins @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/hU400LsupQ

TheGeekiary ‏@TheGeekiary mishacollins warns @MarkEPelligrino to be careful how he words wanting top or bottom… Bunk. “So. You want to be a bottom.

Literary Oblivion ‏@lit_oblivion I asked Misha & Mark If they could give each other anti possession tattoos where would they put them? Then they touched butts.

Kristen ‏@KirinRosenbaum Misha http://tmblr.co/ZM9TvxvfI5m0

Thanks Eric Kripke ‏@FCCastiel Mark and Misha http://tmblr.co/ZnZ7bsvfH_N9

Marina Sokolovskaya ‏@MarishaSokol @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/aF65C98Vg2

Mari Bob Depp ‏@mari_winchesta Misha mark pic.twitter.com/aF65C98Vg2

allison ‏@abuehler09 wise words from @mishacollins : “you don’t need to study. that’s a waste of time

@amyshaped: @mishacollins in his Dallas best. pic.twitter.com/RYkp43AGIN

amy (bubbles) ‏@amyshaped @mishacollins during his panel today. pic.twitter.com/UpmRoFGIuo

amy (bubbles) ‏@amyshaped Love this one of @dicksp8jr He’s always one of my favorites pic.twitter.com/eXZtEuQtyH

James Patrick Stuart ‏@japastu The Supernatural fans in Dallas have been so cool… Nearly making up for the whole “getting boned” thing.

In spite of late night karaoke craziness, the panels today are lively! This page will also be updated when info is posted!


tara-annie ‏@1tararod The fearless #Tequilamigos @TheJimMichaels @RUSS_MOVIEGOD looking quite similar & suave 4 the panel. pic.twitter.com/goW1qEfWQe

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jim Michaels said To get a Zeppelin song on the show would cost half a million dollars!

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Jim says he and @dicksp8jr got deported from Brazil together; were told they didn’t need visas, but did bcuz “employed” by con
* .@TheJimMichaels shows off BSK shooting sign – for “Bike Shorts Kevin” – laughs they must change signs all the time to dodge fans.
* Russ hasn’t yet paid Jim back for food prank: Jim got Russ in face with pie on tech survey! Jim promises to post photos
* Jim asked Kevin for his Twitter handle, tweeted – his followers increased by over 100 before lunch
* Jim had to binge-watch first 4 seasons; limited himself to no more than 5 per day. First crew he met was Russ picking up at YVR
* Asked whether presence of in-house VFX affect whether effect done practically, by makeup, or by VFX, said YES! Praised VFX Team
* Jim will cheap-out on other things to save the big pieces when possible

*Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN He came with his own #spn set sign :). @TheJimMichaels pic.twitter.com/eOsKxw6UMY
* Day 2 starts with Adam saying @dicksp8jr does gay porn. Richard: hey, check out fanfic, not only am I doing it, I’m doing it well! #
* Yes, they change the signs during #vancon lol @TheJimMichaels pic.twitter.com/a8PrGN4GGS
* Jokes the crew plays on new directors: quadrupling their order at a restaurant.
* Telling the story of operation moose drop aka the birth of Thomas. pic.twitter.com/yKgADh4KzF* The peoples choice award has your name on it, #spnfamily. We wouldn’t be here without you guys”.
* Jim is as upset that Ben Edlund got nabbed by Revolution as fandom is
* Telling the story of operation moose drop aka the birth of Thomas. pic.twitter.com/WeN5o8VDHC
* the guys act out @TyOlsson’s worst pickup line: nice shoes, wanna f–k?

Karen K. Lee ‏@kalyrical Gen’s secret labour codename was “Operation Moose drop”!

@PadaAholic Charlie will never get killed via Jim Michaels

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Sir Jim Michaels on stage at pic.twitter.com/DJ6SjVTpgd
* Jim says that Kripke is still involved with SPN but he stole a lot of SPN’s directors and writers for Revolution

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN It’s @TheJimMichaels! pic.twitter.com/53fu3mZ1B6*
* What happens to all the salt used? Trash, except for a time when J2 swept it up and sold it for charity in Chicago.
* Look who’s in line to ask Jim a question. Heh, heh. Should be good! pic.twitter.com/GETRcyAn1p
* Russ kept pushing her arms like that. Just pushed her out of way to ask question. pic.twitter.com/lMApdh8iu6
* With feature film, director has last say. With TV, it’s the producer. Hence many mixed resumes. pic.twitter.com/I1wyee6YKp
* Rich and Rob walking the aisles. pic.twitter.com/TuKtG4Fpnv

Tara Larsen ‏@taraslarsen @TheJimMichaels is doing a great job at pic.twitter.com/ZNP5mVHBBc

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis Hello #VanCon it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Producer @TheJimMichaels on stage! pic.twitter.com/dwSEZQ7pH3

@feliciaday: #SPN fans: Dropping in on #VanCon this Sat as a surprise guest, see ya there!” I’m so excited I can’t breath

Adam Williams ‏@adamwvfx I’ve never seen a happier crowd of tired and hung over people before.

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Spinoff episode 8 filming days in Vancouver, episode 20 filming days in Chicago

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh The spinoff’s pilot will be episode 20 of season 9


..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Richard Speight: “I don’t have a tattoo, but if I had one, it would be Jared and Jensen right here (pointing to his chest

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy TY and Rob got drunk in Rome and TY put Rob in a headlock, and banana head was his safe word!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic The signing banner pic.twitter.com/kAu3KH3HCk

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie The signing banner http://instagram.com/p/daCfwMp3AY/

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Reunion! @SNkevinandjill greets Matt and Richard. pic.twitter.com/83i4MHZxZo
* Matt signs the con banner. Yes, that’s why I took the photo. pic.twitter.com/1A6d8ic0hm
* Somehow answers to a question about desert island stranding involved all the guys in a love cave pic.twitter.com/HZbuaRIhZi
* Matt to Rob: “From now on, when you think of me, think ‘gooeyduck.'” Rob: “Is it edible?” Crowd: “YES” Matt: “Want to find out?”
* Creation gets in on the theme of the Richard, Matt and rob panel. Yes, they all read it out loud. pic.twitter.com/b4aEjjtLnx
Misha May. ‏@miraimay saw Misha headed out for his M&G with the ladies following behind like good little Minions.

“@mooselikejared: Rob proposed to his wife by saying “I was wondering if you wouldn’t min marrying me so much

B. ‏@allebsupernova Making fun of Rob. “He’s nervous to order coffee at Starbucks.”

“@MartiniHoudini: The most beautiful @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/NKuhVgw7UB
* @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/7lHqTSAdek
* @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/7lHqTSAdek
* @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/8Bx5L2Kvjp

TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Highlight so far? Just had kisses from Kuma!!! #BestPuppy @SNkevinandjill

Rich doesn’t know if Gabriel is coming back. 😦 Writers are trying to figure out ways to bring him back, though, hence whiteboard
* Fan posing Matt as what his cheesy spn book cover would look like. pic.twitter.com/knQUBFy3eU

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy TY was partying the entire Jibcon & it was even hard to get him onstage cuz he was drinking lol Said they had to push him onstage

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo Kuma had a line-up for photo ops outside the ballroom. http://instagram.com/p/daHU44wizJ/


Colette ‏@SuperntralAngel russ’ s binder there is a warning “this binder contains the following supernatural locations this has been cursed so back off”

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Before becoming a location guy, Russ was a truck driver, hauling produce. “We don’t do internships, we do slaves.”


Sue Nash ‏@suenash19 Have avoided places in the past because dangerous
* When filming on dangerous places – any security precautions etc? – lots of health and safety. Make sure shooting crew safe. Police

Larissa Craig ‏@thelarissaa the lovely @paigekmh on stage with @RUSS_MOVIEGOD pic.twitter.com/7SY7MJTOCc

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @rthompson1138 chattin with the fans. Fellow Wings fan and we share the same last name. pic.twitter.com/rXL8L5Gdji


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Russ films a get well message to a fan hurt in the line of GISHWHES duty pic.twitter.com/I8m1zTS4Vu
* Locations wisdom: leave a location nicer than you found it. And drink

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine .@RUSS_MOVIEGOD filming a get well message for a GISHWES participant who injured herself pic.twitter.com/t5hOWHrG52

Rebecca ‏@OneArmedPuppet The actors were instructed not to insert offensive language into other words, for example, “fan-fuckballs-tastic.”


Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Fan asks what was your favorite scene on Spn to @japastu he says “killing bobby!” Crowd screams! JPS “What?… Too soon?”

Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson1138 Blown away by the amazing fans at #VanCon– y’all are incredible! pic.twitter.com/wC2Bsbgn0i

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Mark S and JPS loved the contract scene. Someone actually wrote out the prop contract.
* Mark P enjoyed the paycheck from Dexter. Lol. He enjoyed working with the cast. pic.twitter.com/uMWurfoVfzDani ‏@lovebirdstiel James: I am the good guy. To me it’s a story about a couple of pricks who don’t do what I tell them to do
* Mark P: demons suck. Mark S: demons blow. James: demons ooze

Sherie ‏@MartiniHoudini The amazing Dick himself @japastu JamesPatrickStuart pic.twitter.com/YNOQZCbUpt
* The brilliant @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/tqiGq0FzSf
* The always handsome @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/Drf9kydMkE

Werner ten Hoeve ‏@Wern_r VFX talk outside of grand ballroom

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels fun with @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/QckULKcsFz

Karen ‏@GYWKaren Mark Pellegrino http://flic.kr/p/fBa6Zf
* Robbie Thompson http://flic.kr/p/fBafj7

“@mcnamcj: mark, mark and James pic.twitter.com/kCwerW4jYf

TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Wow. A @Mark_Sheppard banner and photo op just went at auction for double what Jensen’s did!!!

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Mark Pellegrino pic.twitter.com/1kaRCD1E0W


TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Ladies and gentlemen…the stunning and ridiculously awesome @feliciaday pic.twitter.com/uH9IebfaON

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Fan – I’m trying not to faint. Felicia – I’m a webmd expert
* Our queen, miss Felicia Day! pic.twitter.com/uhVVhrUYSz
* Neil Patrick Harris is very polished actor. pic.twitter.com/VLf1V9ZxLP
B. ‏@allebsupernova FELICIA! pic.twitter.com/7qEPIgeYg9

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Yay! Felicia pic.twitter.com/do7bWmOOAP
* #spnfamily hugs @dicksp8jr and @feliciaday pic.twitter.com/igr2W9gTB4
* Inspiring. Felicia pic.twitter.com/UqUMT8dcy9Naficeh
* Felicia gives a shout out to @rthompson1138 for creating such a wonderful character

Risti ‏@ristispeaks Robbie Thompson: the one SPN production person who seems to genuinely NOT want attention on him

@Naficeh Chad just announced that he’s gonna be holding paranormal hunting at future creation cons!

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Felicia just finished shooting on ep; J’s were talking about con as if they expected her to be there, told her she should come
* Writing process: have an idea, write something, cry a lot, look at it again, cry more, edit, write, cry more. Just keep writing!
* Sebastian arrived during Felicia’s panel: took the mike to say hi and blow kiss. Felicia: A drive-by! A kiss-by!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Felicia: “what’s the point of hating Ben affleck as batman if we’re all going to go see it anyway? Why be miserable?”
* Felicia : Judge me all you want but I love what I love
* Richard came to stage and hugged Felicia

@TheJimMichaels: Enjoying the beautiful @feliciaday on stage at pic.twitter.com/fsUjxuV3mNSEBASTIAN ROCHE

@FangasmSPN: Panel gets r rated. @sebroche pic.twitter.com/1tG2FilElG
* Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Entire audience up and dancing to Daft Punk. pic.twitter.com/irJhjzeg4q
* Seb is doing sweet transvestite on chairs pic.twitter.com/bDV3RYMtKk
* Question time. Not that Seb actually answers any. pic.twitter.com/2aHSQ3tSD
* Seb answers questions from a chair in the audience. Oddly. Lol pic.twitter.com/hdMfRX0Bsg♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo Sebastian: I’m sorry I’m trying to listen
Richard: I know it’s not one of your strong suits

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Oh dear Sebastian is here pic.twitter.com/6KvAqjcgSX

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice “My porno name is Sebastian Roche!”
* Also, in scene of dead Deans, can you spot the only two real people? VFX
* Expect to see a lot more color, depth & detail in effects like portal in #TaxiDriver – and Sam’s arms in finale will look diff

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Seb Thinks there should be an spn rocky Horror show
* Now we’ve got musical accompaniment and Seb is singing and dancing around! pic.twitter.com/Zm2jZ5H26E
* Seb Is now singing different genres/ versions if My Heart Will Go On pic.twitter.com/dn4NlxAICN

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie There are no words https://vine.co/v/hexqDPvt0xV
* this is @sebroche trying not to swear https://vine.co/v/hexAn00AOMd
* Creeping out fans pic.twitter.com/YhviOHvNP1
* will need therapy pic.twitter.com/tnq6wNqfLU
* He CANNOT answer a question https://vine.co/v/hexeHJ5qPT1
* Yes no okay with @sebroche https://vine.co/v/hex5KnTtb90
* Michael Caine https://vine.co/v/hex1J0MFiZ9

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Will Seb appear on The Originals? “Maybe

Kat Morgan ‏@ktkm that sweet transvestite, @sebroche . pic.twitter.com/FMeXha1z5Q

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural this is the best photo I can get with my phone. Sebastien does not stand still… or answer questions, lol. pic.twitter.com/cRDzyiPbxg

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “I love intelligent questions because then I can answer with stupid things”-Sebastian
* Sebastian about Jared poster: he’s not that good looking in real life

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural Richard berating Sebastien 4 not cleaning up his act. I think Hell will freeze over before he does that, pic.twitter.com/byKVdkofaU

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit As @dicksp8jr just asked, what the hell was that – speaking about the Sebastian panel. pic.twitter.com/cexk5x8EcD


simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Misha Collins mention slash on his panel..: http://youtu.be/uuir2J5PfEE

@WinchesterBros: And the first place winners shake hands pic.twitter.com/RzUWTQYpVo
* Now Misha and fans are decorating a girl for her birthday pic.twitter.com/YkwDvU2hqY

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Is that an evil grin or what? @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/fwVf5OhHMk
* Listening intently to a fan question. Perhaps with some foreboding too. pic.twitter.com/L2gRacezNv
* Does Misha do all the items on GISHWHES? Misha: no, if I did them they’d be easy
* Fan: as an aspiring actress….forgot what I was saying. Misha: work on your memorization skills
* Misha discussing GISHWHES pic.twitter.com/leKxpy6x4H

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Misha is talking about living at a campsite for a few months as a kid and Sasha fell off a tree into a pile of poop

B. ‏@allebsupernova Misha’s on stage! He looks super scruffy! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/PkAlu9KCAy

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Misha talking about Haiti pic.twitter.com/VYqthV3esH
* Misha pic.twitter.com/h50VeUj9C2
* Misha pic.twitter.com/V9RrvnYsxl
* Misha discussing acting pic.twitter.com/SXv5PCFEAz
* Trying to come up with “the strangest incident”
* #mishacollins https://vine.co/v/heQBAiF7xtv
* Misha on identifying with Castiel https://vine.co/v/heQu3b0IxmO

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN pic.twitter.com/2GGipIGLMW
* Got appendix out at age 11. Classmates came and girls brought him a penthouse calendar. Lol. Mom was not happy
* What an attention whore. – Misha on bill shatner
* Was pleased with Jeff Bezos’ participation I’m Gishwhes. Sky writers association wrote a ‘please stop’ letter
* pic.twitter.com/ztehp5zk7M
* Talk turns to underwear. Misha apologizes, didn’t mean to Sebastianize the panel
* Tsa America – is done. Three episodes. One features Daneel. Borderline tastewise. One has homoerotic vibe

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Misha’s describe the gishwes as benevolent terrorism

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha’s fav joke “guy thows snail across the yard, 2 years later the guy opens the door & the snail says hey what was that all about

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Fan tells @mishacollins she was “normal” until she discovered him. He says sorry she was like that & congratulations for moving on

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “When I saw 13 I carved the word why into my leg which kinda makes u drop a sad little tear… Also a peace sign.”- misha collins
* “NASA had some “sciency shit” to do.. Total cop out”-misha

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh pic.twitter.com/ql4DkQ2CDZ
* Misha wearing a flower crown. http://instagram.com/p/dat9whGjP5/
* When a kid starts crying you know you’ve crossed a line. Even for a drunk person
* Misha likes dialogues and accents and crazy shit like that.

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo http://instagram.com/p/dat735wiwI/
* http://instagram.com/p/davBF-QiyN/

@moveslikehemo: Skywriting businesses contacted gishwhes to complain

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha wrote the Jared item (Getting a compliment from him) on Gishwhes because he knew it would never happen lol
* Misha on fans overwhelming him “It’s amazing and it’s thrilling and its totally f****d up
* Misha said some incidents have happened on set where there was alcohol involved “not that the WB would ever know that”
* Misha about West being evil to Maison “… Yeah… He’s a good kid

@Postalpixxie: Misha is wearing a garland of flowers on his head. pic.twitter.com/LJS3f0WUpF

Kaitlyn Neely ‏@KJNeely MISHA WEARING A FLOWER CROWN!! http://instagram.com/p/dat_3EhEp9/

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice How did GISHWES get started? Misha says doesn’t really know, but fond memories of crazy scavenger hunt back in college
* Hilarious descriptions of Misha’s instructional tax video make finding & watching it tempting
* You can’t be daunted by rejection; certain character-building aspect to people saying they hate you, which = not giving you job
* Misha starting to worry about whether he’ll be able to travel again after #TSAAmerica comes out!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Misha’s mantra when he’s in front of a camera is “try to remember your lines try to remember your lines.”
* @WinchesterBros: Misha says the pranking that goes on between him and Jared is sketchy but they’ve called a truce
* Misha says there will be sex btwn Cas & a char
* still decorating her pic.twitter.com/LqjmURg290
* And Misha carries her offstage pic.twitter.com/nt7IWgfefc
* Richard is scolding Misha for making a mess on stage. pic.twitter.com/AC1hkCueWf

@FangasmSPN: Wing envy. pic.twitter.com/XlB8saU2Me
* Judging the Castiels pic.twitter.com/QeUWrEzh0E
* West named Maison ‘Sockeye’. Unfortunately it stuck
* The almost finished product. pic.twitter.com/K3fsSCRHq7
* Misha and duct tape pic.twitter.com/5DHM2LeAYo” eyes fall out of skull

みぃにゃ ‏@myinya pic.twitter.com/UzhJCk4d5j花冠Msha!

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/0m2q5Zgn0i
* Misha is talking about his children. West has named Maison, his little sister, ‘Sockeye’. So cute

“@moveslikehemo: “West pushed maison over and when confronted he said he could’ve pushed her harder…” -misha

@suenash19: Affectionately calls her Socky now. Pats her gently…. Then whacks her…
* Personal GISHWES challenge to Misha pic.twitter.com/FbpYrgrb0H

Clarissa ‏@clarissa373 Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/eDe7iDsVHh

@shipstiel: MISHA IN THE ELEVATOR AT THE HOTEL TODAY! pic.twitter.com/CCaL1MghVO

Karen ‏@GYWKaren @MishaCollins checking out his doppelganger http://flic.kr/p/fB4EKK
* photo of 1 of 2 winners of Cas cosplay http://flic.kr/p/fBig8s
* Photos Cas cosplay winners http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHHQD6V

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros Great costume contest entries! pic.twitter.com/u6DxtzoQZz