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J2 day rocked it out loud! Thanks to all the twitter contributors for sharing your time but mostly for giving us what the fandom loves: Jensen and Jared! Jim Beaver and Rob Benedict provided laughs and their personal insights from their characters! Enjoy this great day!

@jarpad’s video with Jensen & the audience http://twitter.yfrog.com/b5k3wpjvakaczyailofnviorz?sa=0

Carrielle ‏@SingingValkarie extreme Closeup! J2 Ringtones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYOu4q14Qvg

Jared gave a girl his plaid shirt. http://scisaac.com/post/63996357253

the John Winchester method of parenting! Jared & Jensen, their kids Halloween costumes! vid by Sarah Marko http://youtu.be/ZAdvIYPZUb4

Cristal • ‏@shipstiel
Jensen: Who thinks Dean made the right choice?
*crowd cheers
Jared: Who thinks Dean made the wrong choice?
*crowd cheers
Jared: HEY

Jared & Jensen talking about Thomas’s and JJ’s halloween co…: http://youtu.be/ZAdvIYPZUb4

@FangasmSPN Jared and Jensen were thrilled that we all tuned in. Fans: duh. pic.twitter.com/guxalWx3ZJ
* J2 in plaid. pic.twitter.com/BF7rUMkmYK
* Jared to fan: I don’t like your ‘I love dean’ shirt. Unless you mean Gilmore girls. pic.twitter.com/RwfmTXkBX2
* Jared takes a pic of Jensen from onstage. He’s tweeting it too! pic.twitter.com/ZollYhMcVr
* Richard texted rob during a con: “where are you? Jensen threatening to walk
* Jensen. A new guest actor, after experiencing the set exclaimed ‘who ARE you guys?’ pic.twitter.com/Ezmhf94zmY
* How dig perfect rectangular grave each time?
Jensen: “We have a laser grave digger in back of impala!”

deanie weenie ‏@hipsterackles Jensen Ackles pic.twitter.com/zpHguw4Qjh

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom JENSEN! pic.twitter.com/O8jkIPNdGc
* Jared and Jensen! pic.twitter.com/WLUACXwYbN

J2 http://fwolfling.tumblr.com/post/63923411448/torcon-pics-of-jared-and-jensen-from-the-gold … pic.twitter.com/Xge9UWYkcF

@dragonlit: Gold panel with the Js. they were relaxed & in great spirits. pic.twitter.com/6ezRmZRdWw

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k JA: always wanted to be a fisherman, fascination w/sea. JP: too many clothes. JA: I would strip on weekends

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit “DC or Marvel? Jensen Ackles: whichever wants to hire me!

@____AnDrEaa____ Video made by Jared @jarpad http://twitter.yfrog.com/b5k3wpjvakaczyailofnviorz?sa=0

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen Ackles and Jared pic.twitter.com/v79RDn6RLA

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Jensen & Jared during their panel! pic.twitter.com/HfXQ5BimVs
* JA: If I wasn’t an actor I’d be Fan: A stripper!! JA: Only on weekends! seriously I’ve always been fascinated with – JP: Stripping
* Jensen & Jared during their panel! pic.twitter.com/HfXQ5BimVs

Jensen Ackles ♔ ‏@FYeahSPN Jensen/Coffee pic.twitter.com/WV6ijrGNYm

@SPNfreaks: Jensen had a dream about the ending of the of Supernatural pic.twitter.com/NIGBqKfydY

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jared is like Sam in that he reads instruction manuals. Jensen is like dean – Jared is his information
* Jensen Ackles Dream about Supernatural Ending. That’s how pic.twitter.com/lbNToxU6T2
* “Magic Jensen” pic.twitter.com/FvzrOU5XXM
* Jensen Ackles wishes he could keep Dean’s gun. It means a lot to him.
* Jared: Sam has a fear of letting people down
* Pet peeves: Jensen: “texting and driving.” Jared – “new age, half bathroom doors.”
* Jensen: “Motorcycle coz no need for impala anymore without Sam.” Oh Jensen
* Jensen: “Always wanted to be a fisherman, fascination w/sea.”
Jared: “Too many clothes.”
* Jensen: ” I would strip on weekends
* Jensen was physically frightened by Julian as death in their first scene
* Jared: I hurt my neck. Jensen: gives neck massage
* Jensen walked into #spn audition & only Jared was there on the couch. Jared: and Jensen said 'is this my birthday
* Jared pic.twitter.com/26RjKQubNj

jackles[] ‏@hotforjackles Q: “What characteristic do you have like your character?” JARED: “Sam has great hair

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen just so perfect! http://twitter.yfrog.com/b5k3wpjvakaczyailofnviorz?sa=0
* Jensen Ackles and Jared pic.twitter.com/v79RDn6RLA
* #JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/xGLAtHQK3H

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit “DC or Marvel? Jensen Ackles: whichever wants to hire me!

Nikki ‏@NikkiMcAlister1 A friend asked Jared to hug her like he would hug a pillow in her photo op. Jared: I hug my pillow between my legs

Wolfling ‏@wolfling j2 panel part 3 — the funny pics http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxakCR0
* J2 panel pics part 2 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxaMjoM
* J2 panel part 1 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxaJbro
* j2 gold panel 1/3 http://youtu.be/5nBlJEvb-tQ?a
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nBlJEvb-tQ
* J2 Gold Panel 2/3 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxbB4Hc
* hilarious! J2 main panel 2/6 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxbyyKu

Ackleholic ‏@ADropOfJensen Jensen pic.twitter.com/EMvykRZvhQ

Andy Candy ‏@____AnDrEaa____ Jensen pic.twitter.com/HzZprj4Ey8

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 Jensen says Dean rides away on a motorcycle because he doesn’t have a passenger anymore
* Jensen dreamt that Sam died, he couldn’t bring him back, and Dean gets out of the impala and hands the keys to a stranger

kristen allison ‏@dinosrawr jensen to jared: “i think you’d make a good jesse pinkman”

fwolfling: J2 panel part 1 http://tmblr.co/ZwPX5yxaVtLv
* J2 panel pics part 2 http://tmblr.co/Z-uv4wxaTbo1
* panel 1 http://tmblr.co/ZyaNOxxacpFg

SPN_Pics ‏@PicsSpn J2 pic.twitter.com/qLipEIwLWr

Laura N Brightforth ‏@lauranicole service rights. Servicey http://instagram.com/p/fbJOvQNX5u/

Lauren Chinakraut ‏@assbuttidjits so this is a thing that happened. http://instagram.com/p/fbJFo1BpOg/

@hipsterackles: JENSEN: Misha is easiest to make crack while filming. All I have to do is smirk and wink at him and he's done.

helena ‏@ontariosparks i guess we could call today a good day pic.twitter.com/sVyyn6IaHP

little runaway ‏@isabelabonjovi who would fear most on show?
Jared Padalecki: Lucifer.
Jensen Ackles: Death.

Sarah Laudenbach ‏@SarahLaudenbach Jensen: I want to be a fisherman and a stripper on weekends

@SPNfreaks: Jensen had a dream about the ending of the of Supernatural pic.twitter.com/tZuzhvHF9M

Nino Possy ‏@NinoPossy Jensen Ackles http://tmblr.co/Zybrkwxa7PEs

@FangasmSPN: Jensen to Cas cosplayers: what ya gonna do with your trench coat now??
* Jensen on john's parenting: I think he brought up a couple of well adjusted young men.
* Jared: ‘for SPN to end, the boys would have to die’ he did in fact say that yes
* Jensen: the story has always been about Luke and Han, he's about being the big brother, the protector.
* Jensen keeps his phone on vibrate. Fans: wink wink. pic.twitter.com/bpyDrMzOnm
* Damn, boys pic.twitter.com/nfxRuQviNf
* Jensen: if I could play another character it would be dean….from Gilmore girls
* Jared read star wars books and lord of the rings.
* Poor Osric can't stop laughing on set
* Both love the men of letters storyline and set. pic.twitter.com/lbHGXwtP8W
* Sam is excited about being a man of letters, feels he belongs. Sees it more as a place to work too
* What would j2 be hungry for? Jensen: Jared's is for love
* Fave death? Sam got a pipe through the back. Dean's do these tacos taste funny to you
* Jensen's grandma at Dallas wanted to know why Jared was wearing that hat.
* Jared to fan: I don't like your 'I love dean' shirt. Unless you mean Gilmore girls. pic.twitter.com/RwfmTXkBX2
* Jared: the show is really good this year! Love their enthusiasm
* Jared's first impression of Jensen was guarded because of the business. Then when shit hits the fan you get real & they got close
* After the audition they called them both into a room and everyone stood up and clapped.
* J2 get so excited about the many newbies here. Its kinda adorable
* Jared takes a pic of Jensen from onstage. He's tweeting it too! pic.twitter.com/ZollYhMcVr
* Phil sgriccia told Jensen to scream all out in yellow fever and promised to dial it back. pic.twitter.com/0LfxVrkHb4
* Dean gets infected with something in an upcoming ep and its pretty funny.
* We see more men of letters bunker. Jensen: massage room. Jared: that's a good episode
* Jared and Jensen were thrilled that we all tuned in. Fans: duh. pic.twitter.com/BAP901il04
* Jared didn't want to sweat as Ezekiel so there was a big black tarp behind Jensen. pic.twitter.com/ItIlVHEcdP
* Soulless Sam is Jared's favorite. Ezekiel is most difficult but Jared's loving the challenge
* Jared just almost called Jensen 'dean'
* J2 in plaid. pic.twitter.com/BF7rUMkmYK
* Jared talking about Gilmore girls. Jensen shaking his head. pic.twitter.com/XIXaTRG2g1
* How much control do j2 have? Jensen: not much on story line because they're so far ahead. But we do while we're shooting
* Jared: that's the first time we watched and tweetered together. Jensen: tweetered??? pic.twitter.com/qHzvJdcVI6

kristen allison ‏@dinosrawr jared earlier today, after a fan used the word “exuberant” – “EXUBERANT!? use smaller words! we’re actors!”

J2&Misha ‏@SPN_Threesome “What is a pee-pee tee-pee? JA: well little boys have a pee-pee. u put the tee-pee on the pee-pee no more pee-pee in the face!”

''@dinosrawr:fan:"what is deans fave kind of pie?" jensen:"i don't think he cares…dean is not discriminatory to any baked pastry"

SPN_Pics ‏@PicsSpn J2 pic.twitter.com/DuUxUVs3k9

''@hipsterackles: Fan: you're really tall! I'm so short. Jared: now you know how Jensen feels

Elana Emer ‏@ElanaEmer Here's a great one of @RobBenedict! pic.twitter.com/0RLyqCsmAW
* Let it be known, that on this day in history, God and Death did the time warp together pic.twitter.com/jTSdYCMnp6

Tara ‏@1tararod A silly shot.. @mishacollins laughing, just "bee" cause… pic.twitter.com/bmRqW1iHJx
* BOBBY!!.. Ya just gotta luv @jumblejim A great all around guy! pic.twitter.com/5JVOhVHISK


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Rob: this show and fandom means so much to me. I never worked with Richard and he's one of my best friends
* Singing a Louden swain song for us and you can hear a friggen pin drop. Amazing @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/gPNrrdkl5M
* Rob is proud of the fact that has played so many different kinds of roles. pic.twitter.com/Ylbwh9KeWp
* Richard tells the story of checking rob in under the fake name Heywood Jablomee. pic.twitter.com/iSoZ6nKc4G
* Surprise Ty and misha. Just turned rob literally upside down! pic.twitter.com/MfFWQyDd0i

Supernatural ∞ ‏@MyPrideSPN Rob Benedict e Jim Beaver. pic.twitter.com/YTJzwRfA46

Tara ‏@1tararod yay!..even @samsmithtweets got in on the Karaoke Kings fun! You go Mary! pic.twitter.com/f85JFlnWPU
* A crooning Death w/screaming legions, as @dicksp8jr stares on amazed. @JulianRichings approved! pic.twitter.com/48vVgDi0Xo
* Death starts to blur as he "rocks out" in the Karaoke Kings. @JulianRichings approved! pic.twitter.com/RIkwSTNvLD
* So it is said..Death just has a job to do. But, he does enjoy food… @JulianRichings pic.twitter.com/Lz2jIDSKbK
* Meanwhile, @mishacollins thoroughly enjoys being surrounded by minions being..well..him! pic.twitter.com/3PqDWRX6jm

carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Richard made sure Rob's check in alias name for the convention. pic.twitter.com/7DsD6gkOjM

Supernatural ∞ ‏@MyPrideSPN Mark Pellegrino e Misha Collins. pic.twitter.com/T7dQVQwFP6
* Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins. pic.twitter.com/EE58peuilv

@GlamMinion: #MishaCollins is signing autographs pic.twitter.com/MKh0pGFw14

@StephJensen13: The incredible @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/ay6JwWSJJC

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Ty & Misha crashed Rob's panel! And then proceeded to hang him upside down, poor sweetie! pic.twitter.com/pLcQAs0Zq8
* During Rob's panel with Richard, Ty, & Misha! I love this cast so much ❤ pic.twitter.com/eqn3ubzT12
* Fan: "What are you most thankful for?" Rob: My wife of 18 years, my kids, and all of you…who care about us like family, thank you"
* Misha in the autograph line today! Did he sign something for our April Charity auction? pic.twitter.com/3mqHioAsZi
* Richard to Misha: Fans seem more upset about the possible passing of your trench coat then my character (lies, Richard! We ❤ you!)
* Misha: There was an alt scene where Cas walks out of the laundry w/ the trench coat in a bag so it looks like the coat IS gone now:(

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins The fans I'm taking photos with in Toronto are getting too handsy with me. I try to be nice, but there's a limit. pic.twitter.com/CXpcthotK3

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Mark P and Misha panel http://youtu.be/vVqycTGxKtU?a
* Ty Olsson singing in Benny's accent http://youtu.be/3H1–FgCgJU?a
* Richard's answer was going to involve Judge Judy (@YouTube http://youtu.be/Sttvd7pHCeY?a )
* Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins http://youtu.be/aOrEBnJqWTg?a
* Mark Pelligrino and Misha Collins http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxV_JC3
* Ty Olsson from his panel. http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxVwTWP
* Video: Misha, Ty and Richard crash Rob’s panel http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxbHGFK
* Rob Benedict singing during his panel Sun http://tmblr.co/ZMEFbwxbG0dM


kristen allison ‏@dinosrawr jim’s inspiration for bobby? mary poppins
* who doesn’t love @jumblejim? pic.twitter.com/b5vOdlNYnU
* Richard and Rob pic.twitter.com/OVzhDoG2y0
* mark: i’m really a romantic actor
jim: not here you’re not

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie .@jumblejim said he has never gotten the kind of reaction he has gotten in #Toronto pic.twitter.com/eqic66GnTT
* The wonderful @jumblejim got another standing ovation when he came out 4 his 2nd Q&A! pic.twitter.com/h2idQECLd7
Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jim thinks bobby’s next death should be: 98 years old and shot by a jealous husband
* Jim gets another standing ovation. Jim: I don’t quite get it, there’s Jared and Jensen… fans: and Bobby! pic.twitter.com/LbQHNFqjIo
* Last panel about to begin – Richard and rob introduce @jumblejim pic.twitter.com/QhucqSkpff
* on his kissing scene with mark: he kept saying ‘I’m a romantic actor’. I said not today you aren’t
* Jim: nobody on #spn is hard to work with. Unless you have a scene with Jared off camera
* Fan: why did bobby use tongue? Jim: you’re gonna believe the king of hell?? And I mean mark.
* Would the real bobby have told Sam to give up? Jim: no, bobby would fight. Fans: are clapping
* was surprised by the AU where he was married to Ellen but thinks it would’ve been cool to go there
* Did bobby learn life lessons from Sam and dean? Jim: he didn’t want kids, then realized that he actually had a couple
* Jim goes back to #spn, he might have to think of a prank. Jim: its hard to top those guys, that’s all they think about
* there are plenty of times I would’ve traded the good drama to be back kicking Winchester ass
* Guy just asked Jim question on shaving. Jim: do I look like someone to give advice on shaving?? pic.twitter.com/6gDaJOgouH

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Jim Beaver once again! pic.twitter.com/EB9N0gbeEt

helena ‏@ontariosparks Jim Beaver just got a standing ovation again pic.twitter.com/IwQ50Yv8rB

adorable ‏@leessaa1 @jumblejim on stage pic.twitter.com/YmLidW0tCO
* @jumblejim pic.twitter.com/CZa5pRGEmi

Everyone survived karaoke(I think..!) and today is rocking! Enjoy TorCon!

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal Jensen arrived in Toronto! pic.twitter.com/3ThO3Oedi1

@NelliTurbal: Misha is in Toronto) it’s cool pic.twitter.com/A6nL2pN1NF

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal http://vk.com/wall-33069738_296440
video, Misha says hello in Russian)

@abbyfromage: @emilyo42 & I just met Misha Collins on the streets of Toronto http://instagram.com/p/fYBbu7TCIO/


@wolfling Rob, Matt and RSJ panel discussing Osric, costumes and fave scenes http://youtu.be/1Zr2IUXgWek?a

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Matt says Rob kissed him 6 times last night at karaoke. Rob so happy
* fan q: good hangover remedies after karaoke? Rob: Advil, water, sleep
* Richard talking about Ty at karaoke. Says like a bear. Feels like will scoop up ppl and mate Lololol
* Which came first: Trickster or Gabriel? Richard: no idea what writers had in mind. If not planned, great job of executing it
* Q: any chance to expand #TorCon to 4 days? Guys: maybe. Now doing “Thanksgiving” dance
* Who comes up w/karaoke night themes? Themes are what they think is funny. Thank Richard for Matt in skirt
* What doing 2 AM on Friday? We heard your ruckus and went to investigate. We feared for our safety
* More Trickster in future? Richard: trick q to reveal if I am back? If I knew, wouldn’t tell ya
* Richard: judge Judy should make a cameo on SPN. Rob: that’s your fave show?? Richard: for the legal process!
* Fave element from fave show & bring to SPN what would it be? Rob: I will answer this! Survivor: voting someone off
* Hardest ep to film for your characters? Guys are *totally* making up awesome BS to answer this q! we can’t pick just one!
* Fave trickster prank? Bad tacos
* If could choose way character dies what would it be? Richard: Rob says dismembered. Chuck: OD
* Rob says Chuck would OD on pills
* Matt: No fave show. Just want me back!!!
* is Ty always like that at karaoke? All: YES!
* Fan’s 1st con. Richard: “welcome to Hell!”
* Last q! Fan up on stage! Answer: Shawshank Redemption!!

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie According to @dicksp8jr, @RobBenedict & @mattcohen4real its hard to get @mishacollins to sober up in the morning to film an ep
* This is what happens to the last question asker at a Q&A with @RobBenedict, @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/Hkc3MpWIVQ

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Last panel question. pic.twitter.com/7OkzaIy8BC

Jillian M. ‏@primitivepublic @mattcohen4real: hardest parts of the show: getting @jarpad’s wig on his head, plumping Jensen’s lips, & sobering up @mishacollins

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Rob is basically in tears from laughing so hard because of Richard
* “Best prank.” Rob: “They scared me with their dogs
* Matt would add himself back to Supernatural
* They’re putting the mics all over her face pic.twitter.com/g4WZhcblVU
* If Rob could add an element from his favourite show to Supernatural, he’d add something from Survivor
* Rob: “If there’s one thing I would not be good at, it’s MMA
* Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak 47s
“Are you happy or disappointed the writers didn’t give you three heads?” Mark: “I have enough problems with one

Wolfling ‏@wolfling @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr getting the last question of their panel http://twitpic.com/dh21dx

♡ missy ♡ ‏@mel_martiniello @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/JU1DhfgBkKcass lepage matt: are Jensen’s lips always that plump
* rob: excuse me for brining the A to the Q&A
* richard: I don’t have to do anything Robert

Connor ‏@timelordstiel @dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict MMA-kitten fighting

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie According 2 @dicksp8jr, @RobBenedict & @mattcohen4real its also hard 2 get @jarpad hair on his head 4 the filming

Beth Cowen ‏@_Monkey_Hat http://instagram.com/p/fX1DEah8IK/
* http://instagram.com/p/fX1JiVh8IY/
* http://instagram.com/p/fX1DEah8IK/

@LoveJeter02: Rob Benedict pic.twitter.com/lAVhvSFOUb
Richard @dicksp8jr doing an awesome @TyOlsson impression

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit And the late @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/djqYjxealM

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Richard, Rob & Matt “Honestly? We’re all about 3 drinks away from slash fiction”
* Fan asked Rob, Richard & Matt how they would like their characters to come back. Their answer: Immediately (we agree!)

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Last panel question. pic.twitter.com/7OkzaIy8BC

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/4dgphPKiW5

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr, 1/3: http://youtu.be/1Zr2IUXgWek

Wolfling ‏@wolfling video from Matt, Rob and Richard’s panel http://youtu.be/gSTIt393ecg?a


Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak @TyOlsson doesn’t think there’s much of a chance of Benny returning to Supernatural
* “It’s hard to flirt with one woman when there’s ten thousand people watching

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Ty compares his attention span to that of Dory
* @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/05C6C2qnmd

@nerd_angel_k Borealis: hope for more? Don’t think so. But would love to
* audience member is crying… Ty: If you cry, I’ll cry!
* Ty escorts nervous…
* Richard called Ty SPN’s own “silverback gorilla” and our “dancing bear”

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie .@TyOlsson keeps yelling at the people who are leaving his Q&A
* Here is @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/FnEVFTwEa7
* This is what happen when U are too nervous 2 ask a question. pic.twitter.com/DmhtTaWdvC
* @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/Z2Hjjiq0hw
* So @TyOlsson says he worked on his cemetery with #JensenAckles by moving into his house & hanging with him pic.twitter.com/YFM0dn8Vne

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Ty Olson is like a naughty little boy with ADHD with more swearing

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k karaoke again next year? He says he is sneaking under the wires. He doesn’t know. Would u like me back?
* Ty wanted to call Rick (feeling sick) but lost his phone in Lake Ontario
* Ty pretended to be room service when going to pick up @samsmithtweets from her hotel room last night
* How many other accents can u do other than Benny? Give me time I can do many. Doing Scottish accent now”
* Relationship b/w him & JA: he’s a great guy, cool, easy to be with, natural chemistry, we get along

@.FangasmSPN: Benny to Dean: I love you enough to do this (per Ty) pic.twitter.com/QeR8jmTSSu
* Onstage! @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/HrmYCLPgmI
* Ty to fan: wait, am I in trouble? pic.twitter.com/Z3jkGYr4Sz
* Whats Ty’s ideal character to play? An old school genre superhero who drinks beer and is scarred, a reluctant damaged hero
* Fan: did Benny die for Dean or was he ready to die? Ty: I think it was both. Us: pic.twitter.com/ze5o8IsqnX
* Ty thinks its possible Benny did give in and feed, but only on criminals
* Jensen starts to lapse back into his Texas accent when he’s around Benny
* Fan: what was Benny like when human? Ty: he probably had a pretty usual life, on the ocean
* That’s a wrap on @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/aMXFSrnt37
* Ty singing You are my sunshine to his nephew. pic.twitter.com/iYCcPrzvPI
* Ty singing You are my sunshine to his nephew. pic.twitter.com/cqLavGp9N6
* How did the relationship with Jensen get so strong? Ty: I spent a few days at his house, his wife slept on couch….

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly62 @tyolsson making a nervous fan feel at ease…kinda

* @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real Rob is eating breakfast! pic.twitter.com/dk6fPXktDT
* @RobBenedict’s favorite scene to film on the show was when he hit @jarpad in the face w/ a toilet plunger. Said it hurt his wrists
. @tyolsson pic.twitter.com/fxFd42piLp
@loriilovee Someone screamed at him to speak into the mic and he just did the deepest voice into the mic “Is this better?”
* Mic is breaking up and Ty is wondering if this is an acid flashback! Wants to know if the girl is fucking with him
* The dapper @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/dYkWiDE9Wt

Jessie ‏@PoisonousDame Ty Olson has dictated that ALL must have poutine by the end of the weekend. Challenge accepted

jackles[] ‏@hotforjackles Danneel slept on the couch when Ty spent the night at Jensen’s

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/zEYVIbn4Sr

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Ty http://twitpic.com/dh32jk


Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie So @jumblejim got a standing ovation. pic.twitter.com/TbnYacnR8p
* So part of @jumblejim acting process is to drink #DrPepper before hand. pic.twitter.com/CaAXzwVt4H

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz The amazing James Beaver has taken the stage. http://instagram.com/p/fYNmUKTgDC/

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Jim Beaver!! He got a well deserved standing ovation!!! pic.twitter.com/yxtLIeFd44

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @jumblejim The room just gave him a standing ovation! pic.twitter.com/DsHkejZPmc

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Lookin good! pic.twitter.com/KWVdPvzBMr
* Jim is filming a Guillermo del toro movie with tom hiddleston in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/138D0hVZoY
* Jim: I suspect Bobby’s still got a little life left in him….
* Jim: bobby and I are a lot alike except he’s brave. I run a lot more. And faster
* What’s Bobby’s heaven? Jim: well it doesn’t involve Sam and dean
* Maddie put Jim on a dating website. Jim: some nice guy named Stanley emailed me
* Fan: who are you closer to, Jared or Jensen? Jim: I love them both. Tho i wish they were shorter
* Bobby was created because Loretta divine (Missouri) wasn’t available. The real Bob Singer said i know just the guy
* Most intense scene? Jim: saying goodbye to Karen singer. It was a good scene but tough
* Jim (who hasn’t watched the show recently): metatron?? Sounds like a cough medicine!
* Jim: on #spn, there’s a lot more bloopers than there is show
* That’s a wrap! pic.twitter.com/G7I7Y8O7oP* Jim would like all karaoke videos from last night erased. Fandom: oh sure. Of course. Totally. pic.twitter.com/6mJIj0UpRg

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Jim having tea to help with his voice after karaoke
* Did u come up with “idjits”? Was in script. Was skeptical of term. Not his word
* Surprised character died? Yes but it’s SPN how bad can it be? Good exit
* Do u think Bobby should have come back as a ghost? Great gig. Wanted to come back so yes
* Jim says a certain sheriff would be in Bobby’s heaven & a dead blonde wife
* Jim found it hard to say line abt Bobby being a Tori Spelling fan
* Gothic ghost story set in 1800/1900 England (Jim’s next project)
* Oh, you’re not short! Jim: ya, but you put me beside Dumb & Dumber…”
* Jim says tough to get out of emotional headspace at end of day. Collapses after scene. Body reacts physically to character’s state
* Emotional scenes tough to film? We laugh a lot on set but emotional scenes everyone helps out to concentrate
* Jim says tough to get out of emotional headspace at end of day. Collapses after scene. Body reacts physically to character’s state
* Most messed up thing J2M has done 2 u while filming? Show up lol! Jim telling story abt JP twisting his toes 4 hospital bed scenes
* Jim says SPN set is fun. Outrageous. Lots of laughs

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Jim loved being back on Supernatural and hanging around the old crew
* Jim says there’s basically no professionalism on the Supernatural set. That it’s a lot different from other sets
* The dating site Maddie put Jim on was MAYBE called “geezer match

Shivonne Arnold ‏@shivonnealexis Script reading makes a good actor.

Leslie Crone ‏@NerdShenanigans I thought the angels falling might have just been spring cleaning

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Jim Beaver will be filming “Crimson Tide” in Toronto in the Spring (March-May)

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz @dicksp8jr Dick…a tentacle job, really?? http://instagram.com/p/fYUReizgPG/

Lisa Willen ‏@serpentina66 costume contest: Wendigo rocks!


Michelle Terpstra ‏@MichelleTerps looks like Castiels have entered the building. pic.twitter.com/mO4z8zrCHR

@NelliTurbal: Misha is in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/nDQRj541D5

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN our illustrious emcee @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/LPgJ9DgoVq
* look who’s judging the cosplay pic.twitter.com/bOYKn0d66a
* Richards intro: ladies and gentlemen, America’s asshole @mishacollins

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie @mishacollins came out to judge the #Castiel customer contest. pic.twitter.com/ylPN6NWlW0

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal уже успел оценить конкурс косплеев )) pic.twitter.com/f5O5voUrwl

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/GkFig216vq

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz Luci and Casi in sa house! http://instagram.com/p/fYZtHZzgJc/

Lost Symbol ‏@theBestMinion @mishacollins and Mark. P are on stage! http://twitpic.com/dh2vj1 http://twitpic.com/dh2vj6

@FangasmSPN Misha got kicked out of first class trying to talk to mark
* Misha and mark attempt to figure out a fan’s question. I cannot convey how hysterical this is. pic.twitter.com/2oJwrKXVjd
* Misha: Jared is like a bull in a china shop. Our camera guy had a cracked rib from boisterous hugging. pic.twitter.com/QsIN9lb6N3
* Fan to misha: Jared says that Cas and Sam aren’t really friends. Misha: (sad face
* Misha: Jared will fondle my balls for so long on set, I think the writers have started trying to separate us.
* Mark gets up to hug a fan who finally has a question for him. pic.twitter.com/eypCPCRpiH
* Mark gets up to hug a fan who finally has a question for him. pic.twitter.com/eypCPCRpiH
* Mark: I feel so bad for nick. Thanks for depressing me with that question. Fans: awww
* Misha: I like matt Clark who made amazing sculptures out of buildings. Often without permission. Fans: awesome
* Misha gets an art question from an art history major. Misha: uh oh. pic.twitter.com/ZjpgGYnYbo

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Better shot of M2. pic.twitter.com/THHq9yXv0B
* Misha: Cas is socially awkward enough to not differentiate men’s and women’s clothing.
* Misha gives a fan a birthday cake! #spnfamily #torcon pic.twitter.com/GFNBRl9f7Q
* Fan talking about a film misha was in: all your parts are on YouTube. Misha: is that allowed???
* When Cas was eating the raw meat with the horsemen, misha actually ate it long before the camera was even on him. Mark: bwahaha
*West is old enough now to try to look cute for the camera. Misha: hey, that’s my thing
* Fan: have you ever considered dating anyone on the show? Misha: Jared and jensen just aren’t great kissers
* Misha protesting the govt shutdown. pic.twitter.com/rUayyZ5PBO
* Misha describes Jared fondling his balls. Mark is amused. So are we. pic.twitter.com/4Hvo5bJ6Uc
* Misha being Misha. Mark pondering. pic.twitter.com/MpkOzbnhWU
* And that’s a wrap on mark and Misha. pic.twitter.com/hE72zFsCAJ
* Mark is happy to get a question. Look at that boyish grin! @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/7pFXihp5HR

Caro Bellier ‏@CaroOffiziell I’m really wondering if he knows how many feelings just a little hat could give to a fandom. pic.twitter.com/f88NKOTF7O

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Misha doing Rock Paper Scissors to decide which side starts to ask
* If you could make Sam hallucinate anything, what would it be? Mark: he’s a bellydancer. Misha: he (and Jared) is short
* Q involved ep “Repo Man”. Misha called it a film, “Repo Man” Mark: I don’t know that film
* Misha shocked at pronunciation of Montreal in French
* Jared unscrewed roof rack of Misha’s car. Told by crew about it
* What happens when you die in purgatory? Misha: they get cast in other dimension called the Vampire Diarie
* Other angels are just lazy according to Misha
* Cas has taken 5 yrs to learn how to be human while 3 angels took a day! Explain? Mark: Wow
* Misha: yes keep going. We have 45 mins for each q
* If mark could make Sam hallucinate anything? A belly dancer. Fans: mmm
* Scene where Cas eats on hands & knees. What was it? Textured vegetable protein

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @mishacollins mailed his license away to get a SSN for his daughter and they won’t send it back. He wants to sue congress!

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Misha would love for Cas to have lots of wives and not live in a bunker
* Mark would like for Lucifer to come back in armani and ready to kick some back

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 .@mishacollins says he would like to make @jarpad think he’s short and not able to reach things or see over people!
* @mishacollins surprised a fan with a birthday cake, then asked if she was going to hog it to herself!

Supernatural – India ‏@IndiaSpn Misha trash talked the trench coat, but then was a little sad. Alternate ending was Cas had it in a bag!

@wolfling: Misha Collins from earlier today during his panel with Mark http://twitpic.com/dh33v5

Rick Worthy ‏@rickworthy Big Thanks to #JulianRichngs for filling in for me at #TorCon …you’re true blue, and looking fprward to seeing you again ;).

Katie Botsifaras ‏@KatieBotsifaras Thank you so much @mishacollins @jumblejim @dicksp8jr @TyOlsson and @MarkRPellegrino for making today amazing pic.twitter.com/1xrGfWwXgz

The 'Boys'.... photo by Chantal Scholta @chant1989

The ‘Boys’…. photo by Chantal Scholta @chant1989

In ONE word for Day 2 of ComicCon: GREAT!! The “Conversation for a Cause” is later this afternoon plus all the interviews! I’ll have them all here so check back! Enjoy!!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Shoot! I got on a plane and THEN realized that my tweet wasnt finished!Not used to this 140 character thing. I confirm that Genevieve is pre

Vid preview from Warner Brothers. comiccon.thewb.com/comic-con-2013-video-supernatural/ …

Gag reel pt 1!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT9GUnky2fs&feature=youtube_gdata_player
* Gag reel part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNfPgA1ZJIo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

@TheNerdFu JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/9snQkUeNUk”

from Clarissa http://www.screenfad.com/tv/comic-con/supernatural-panel-comic-con-spoilers-season-9-1934.html

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki And Misha Collins Talk Season 9 http://huff.to/18wDNkh

Blog source from the SPN panel: http://www.teawithlemon.com/2013/07/supernatural-comic-con-2013-live-blog.html

Felicia Day ‏@feliciaday Yup, crashed the Supernatural panel! Charlie’s gonna be back this season!! http://instagram.com/p/cCarcjpKbj/

alovething carly! Jared talking about losing himself in Sam in the s8 finale. Jensen had to tell him to chill out. pic.twitter.com/UYOc1ydLu3

Jensen Ackles pic.twitter.com/w35v44D4N1

Everyone at the #Supernatural panel http://instagram.com/p/cCarcjpKbj/ pic.twitter.com/g636DYVSYS

Susan Gittins ‏@yvrshoots Charlie’s back w/ teflon vagina. Felicia Day’surprise appearance. http://yvrshoots.com/2013/07/comic-con-supernatural-panel-online-news.html

Supernatural at Comic-Con: Free for All Ahead! http://www.tvfanatic.com/2013/07/supernatural-at-comic-con-free-for-all-ahead

live blog from the panel: http://www.givememyremote.com/remote/2013/07/21/supernatural-at-comic-con-live-blog/

jensen and jared signing autographs pic.twitter.com/O1AVdEnKmJ

ICYMI Nerd HQ panel with J2 is here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqiWrGw36ZM

Great pics from the SPN autos http://comiccon.thewb.com/supernatural-signing-gallery/

Jared Padalecki and Wife Genevieve Expecting Baby #2! http://usm.ag/13PtDlJ

“Supernatural” Conversation with the Cast – Nerd HQ (2013) HD – Jared Pa…: http://youtu.be/kqiWrGw36ZM

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness Thomas Padalecki and Mark Sheppard’s son are rolling around outside the press room. It’s adorable!

TheWB.com ‏@thewbdotcom Here’s recap to relive all over! http://storify.com/WarnerBrosTV/supernatural-brings-heaven-and-hell-to-comic-con

TVGMRichSands Rich Sands Had a blast moderating. Here’s my view of things. pic.twitter.com/vK8Un4NhrB

Meredith Jacobs ‏@MeredithJJacobs JensenAckles: http://youtu.be/WSSBfDp8QrM
* @Mark_Sheppard: http://youtu.be/1Z-O8mVe8PA
* Jared Padalecki http://youtu.be/h0c-BFzgops

redteekal Simone Kalel Nobody elicits quite the laugh from Jensen as Jared does. #NerdHQ JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/dCHcSB78zX
*Hmmm I guess I should tag it. #NerdHQ #JaredPadalecki #JensenAckles #ZacLevi pic.twitter.com/qYHtgq7God
* Just for @Postalpixxie Is there such a thing as too close to Misha? This could be it. #SDCC #MishaCollins pic.twitter.com/JlqE4TV4cA

little post-Nerd HQ vid interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9mEmoGPSTE&feature=player_embedded

Jensen the Saint: http://youtu.be/Nso4ksNvHy8

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Thanks SO much to the AMAZING fans at comiccon!LOVE yall! Mica and Cora, sorry about the confusion at security 😦 great 2 meet yall 🙂

Kayleigh Horn ‏@SuperrKazz http://www.screenfad.com/tv/comic-con/supernatural-press-room-comic-con-season-9-spoilers-1937.html … – “..and Carver confirmed that Jodi Mills didn’t die & we will see her soon.” YAY! @kimrhodes4real

Day two and most fans survived karaoke! There is some of Emily Perkins, Rob Benedict, Misha Collins and Jim Beaver with Maddie panels. I’ll be updating with pics/tweets/vids as they get posted!

ANGIE SPN ‏@pengapush Who can’t spell apocalypse?! pic.twitter.com/6vDd5GnymV

‏@SPNEurope #Supernatural on MTV’s 10 on Top – March 9 2013: http://youtu.be/O-Db7N9bVB0

Valentine is my Love ‏@ShiryuForever94 Richard & his Brazilian shirt As lindas mandando ver: http://youtu.be/URKDDXyLgMQ

Misha Collins

Moira ‏@moika22 Misha already shot the next episode of Cooking with West. Misha felt like he was on Fear Factor when trying to eat the meal.

@FangasmSPN Misha: we’re shooting some Cas stuff now w alot of drama to it Fans: *imaginations run wild*
* Cas fans frolic w @mishacollins Misha: this is how Jared and Jensen and I pass the time… pic.twitter.com/H8u5Bcaei0

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Emily: J&J truely respect their fans. I think they’re kinda nerdy. Jared corrects people’s grammar all the time.
* Emily Perkins is ADORABLE. Show helped her fight her own demons, overwhelmed by how beautiful Jared and Jensen are.
* If Jared can find my car, bad things happen to it. Says production dept. actually moves Misha’s car to protect it from J.

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN He says that he’d like Cas to fall, and believes that’s what the writers will do.
* Misha and the Castiels. pic.twitter.com/C5L5AqFlkB

Dean Batmanchester ϟ ‏@iBreatheAckles CAN YOU NOT pic.twitter.com/id4Pnraeh1

Moira ‏@moika22 Misha already shot the next episode of Cooking with West. Misha felt like he was on Fear Factor when trying to eat the meal
* Misha is excited to have the opportunity to direct next season. The crew is a great support..20-30% want him to succeed

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Misha wants to kill Sam off for his episode because he’s afraid to direct Jared

Supernatural ✡ ‏@SpnTentation Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/9zFFw2SIMD

“@WinchesterBros: Fan: “what’s in your pocket?” Misha: “a flugelhorn.”

@mayaj23456 : In Misha’s ep Sam will appear only in photos….since he’s dead! Fans: NOOOO!

@msleaoverstreet: Fan: If you wrote your eulogy, what would it say? Misha: ‘He tried.

Jimmy Novak ‏@svininaelizawet Misha, your behavior scares me lately! *His signature pic.twitter.com/7o4vv0uVvV

@WinchesterBroAd: “Cutie, I’m sorry its so scary.” – Misha to baby in audience that was crying

@gorgeousnerd: Misha’s going with kids from Boys and Girls Club to NASCAR races tomorrow for Amok
* Misha auctioning off a script/Jensen photo op/cheese calendar/other stuff for Random Acts.

@WinchesterBros The Random Act that inspired Misha the most: reuniting a woman who had been slave traded with her child.

@kupowark .@mishacollins likes the Manchurian Candidate storyline, can’t wait to see it play out.

@WinchesterBros: Misha has invited all the Castiel cosplayers on stage for a brief frolick. pic.twitter.com/vnc1FqCPsK

@FangasmSPN: Misha: we’re shooting some Cas stuff now w alot of drama to it Fans: *imaginations run wild*
* Misha gave crew underwear w J2 faces on them reading “spn: we’ve got your back” WB was not amused 🙂

@MishaMadness: Misha wants to add jumping off a bridge to the next GISHWHES but it would be hard to get insurance.

GENEVIEVERS ‏@realGpadLover Fan asks, “in the gag real you all were frolicking, how often do you frolick?” Misha: “it’s rare that we’re not frolicking

Moira ‏@moika22 Idea for non-profit charity came from the creative energy of the fans…use it to do good for others.

@WinchesterBroAd Talking about rob benedict Misha: so good, and smart, and funny, and talented… and good in bed

“@MishaMadness Misha is making the band play. He started dancing
Shelley Weeks ‏@ShelleyWeeks

@MishaMadness: Misha: “Let’s have a little compassion for Naomi.”

“@WinchesterBros Misha on Castiel’s potential character growth “I’d like him stay on a static plateau.” /sarcasm.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee “I would pretend to be Cas, dressing up like Dean.” – Misha

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Fan is asking how Misha is able to do all that he does. Misha: “I’m very talented.”

@WinchesterBroAd: Misha drives to work. He feels weird letting anyone else drive him.

@kupowark Emily thinks Garth was talking to Becky on the phone in recent season. 😉 Becky likes men who save her

Winchester Bros Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Misha to @creationent: “Do actors come to cons and spoil their show?” Creation: “Not if they want to live.”

@kupowark “Have we seen 17? No? Let me explain what happens, ’cause it really pisses me off.” @mishacollins

@FangasmSPN: Misha gave crew underwear w J2 faces on them reading “spn: we’ve got your back” WB was not amused 🙂

@FangasmSPN: Misha shows his orange underwear Fans are appreciative

Moira Moira ‏@moika22 Misha on Samandriel: “Aw he was a throwaway” He asked if we’ve seen episode 17
* He likes the Manchurian candidate storyline

@moika22: Misha hinting that Castiel’s story will get better!

Naz ‏@leeashburn @msleaoverstreet: “Misha’s mom inspired him to be the person he is today. He tries to imitate her as a parent

Destiel Brasil ‏@DestielBR Vídeo: Misha contando sobre uma pegadinha que os câmeras fizeram com um ator convidado. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vTPtyZdXflM …

@FangasmSPN: Theyre pretty nervous about me directing.but this crew knows us so well they’ll hold r hand pic.twitter.com/pv5ZyigzVT

@wendy_d Misha: This is such a tame crowd for Vegas. I really expected more nudity.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee Misha:If Jared can find my car, bad things happen to it.Says production dept. actually moves Misha’s car to protect it from Jared

@StupakKristina: Misha Collins – pranking a guest star: http://youtu.be/vTPtyZdXflM

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee If Misha could give any power to Cas he would give him xray vision and then leer at people in malls

Jen J. ‏@YourJenJ With @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real I thought they would love me grabbing their asses…one did;) pic.twitter.com/XN9K3mPOTD

@FangasmSPN Outtake from LARP ep where Jensen is being all I’m leading the charge…and then he falls on his face

Rob Benedict

Fan wants @RobBenedict to embarrass her friend Maureen for her bday month. Rob asked if Maureen wants to slow dance, HS-style

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob’s drinking game plan for today…beer and whiskey and a lot of water…he’s pacing himself.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark
What nerdy fan club would @RobBenedict be prez of? He’s in a geeky Pearl Jam fan club, would be prez of that.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee Misha wants to kill Sam off for his episode because he’s afraid to direct Jared

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob is on stage. He works out. Did 10 push-ups with claps on stage.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict’s beer of choice? Newcastle. Might switch to smth lighter later. Will be beering in photo op w/fan later?

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict could have claimed not to be drinking today, but instead set himself up to sound like an alcoholic. Oops.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee In a zombie apocalypse, Misha would want Jim and Rob “and no one else

@FangasmSPN Arm wrestling for Misha. As you do. #VegasCon http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BE8HZ9ECQAAuhat.jpg …”

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict’s spirit animal is the neurotic squirrel from Ice Age. He’s extinct *and* unique!

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@dicksp8jr interrupts. Audience’s quick enthusiastic suggestions to song question amusing. @RobBenedict

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob doesn’t think Chuck was aware he was God. Chuck was Kripke personified. Chuck comes to realization he’s God at the end.

Michele ‏@your_belle Green Day’s “Basket Case” would be @RobBenedict’s theme song

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob is a nervous tweeter. He rethinks his tweets a lot.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict’s stage-diving last night was cool. He’s totally ok w/it. More than ok.

Moira Moira ‏@moika22 Rob LOVED stage diving last night
* Rob frolicked for us like Jared and Jensen
* Rob wasn’t really pranked by the guys on set. He thinks they know he would freak out
* @RobBenedict had to grab smthg from Jensen or @jarpad’s trailer, didn’t know the dogs were inside on attack mode

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark The neurotic, self-conscious part of Chuck is closest to @RobBenedict himself; also Chuck in The End, keeping track of TP.

Amy ‏@AmyinSydney The Js are in the building! Waiting for their arrival at lunch!

“@Tiniowien: It turns out, if @mattcohen4real asks you to get up on stage (when you’re dressed as a pink showgirl), you do so!”

Jim Beaver and Maddie

*** Regarding rumors Bobby will return in season 9: NO ONE has talked to me about returning in season 9. Don’t believe everything you hear.***

Moira ‏@moika22 Jim Beaver is on stage now. He brought his daughter out with him.

@msleaoverstreet: Jim Beaver just brought out his daughter Maddie dressed as Bobby, complete with beard!

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark What was @jumblejim’s fav epi? His last was sad ’cause it was the one where he stopped getting paid

Lani B’Shalom ‏@LaniLaniDuck “What’s your dream role?” “I think maybe Franknfurter from Rocky Horror” -JumbleJim

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark J2 are “a lot older than” @jumblejim, so kudos to them for carrying episode. 😉 Weekend at Bobby’s was fun.
* @jumblejim was hoping for a Bobby-centric *season*, not just an epi. Tiring to carry an epi by oneself. Much respect to J2.
* .@jumblejim would love the epi where he comes back to life. His daughter wouldn’t; threatens to take his cap right off his head.
* “Yeah, I laugh at everything Jensen says, except when he’s trying to be funny.”
* “How did I feel kissing Crowley?… I earned my money.” Would he repeat for S9? For a raise. Kissing Mark uncomfy
* Maddy: “Father? I told you I would take the baseball cap from your head and show that blinding light to all the fans
* .@jumblejim would like to try Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror PS, not too different from Bobby. Looks good in garter belt.
* Has Maddy heard @jumblejim cuss a lot at home? Asks for def. of “cuss”, says doesn’t know ’cause she doesn’t know cuss words.

LORD OVERCHELE ‏@msleaoverstreet I’ve kissed a lot of things in my life but none so uncomfortable as Mark Sheppard –
* Jim Beaver: I have a bad habit of getting shot in the head. Fan: TOO SOON!!
* Fan: So Garth has kind of taken over the role…Jim: Who?
* “Jared cries when he gets a new pair of socks”—Jim Beaver
* Jim Beaver: Most of you are way back there in the back. Cheap seats, right?Fan: Define ‘cheap!’Jim: It’s Vegas, baby
* Jim: boy, it’s the trenchcoat brigade here today, huh? Fan: it’s because Misha’s here. Jim: who
* Fan: This question is for both of you. Do you wanna go first? Maddie: Yes!! *shoves Jim out of the way* Princess Ackles♥ ‏@mayaj23456 Jim Beaver didn’t cry when he watched. jared cries when he gets a new pair of socks,can’t judge anything by that
* Maddies favorite character is Sam
Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark “There’s lots of things I do better than acting
* @jumblejim having a great time meeting fans & answering questions. One of best parts of #spn is mingling with the fans. Loves it. #
* .@jumblejim’s sister Denise is here. “When in difficulty, look for the gift.” her advise to him; she is a major gift in his life.
* @jumblejim thinks he did a pretty good job of being Dean & Sams crazy uncle.

Moira Moira ‏@moika22 Jim’s favorite character on Supernatural is Sheriff Mills.

Jessica L Jessica L ‏@miss_marina95 Maddie’s favorite character beside Bobby is Sam… Jim’s is Sheriff Mills

Matt Cohen dancing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1aVlWnEOEUw

Carol McNamara @mcnamcj Ty pic.twitter.com/cjqqcgegc5


Marika @starlightcrow ‏Master of Ceremonies @dicksp8jr http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs4ZpD
* alovething: @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict @DickSp8jr this is happening. #dontstopbelievin http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfrtkyG
* andohpooratlas: @mattcohen4real Matt Cohen being beautiful. http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfrtwKu

* andohpooratlas: @TheKurtFuller HUGE surprise from Kurt/Zachariah tonight! :3 http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs1gxb
* montecervino: @dicksp8jr found himself in the crowd with some else’s cellphone and somehow ended up… http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs26F8
* jenpadackles: @mattcohen4real Matt Cohen at Karaoke Kings! http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs2En7
* andohpooratlas: @RobBenedict Begged Rob Benedict to take a selfie with my phone…this is the… http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs2jho
* mischiefs: @ChadLindberg especial para Karol http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs3uJ0
* @mattcohen4real @GabrielTigerman http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs47j_
* @mattcohen4real http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfrtW9s
* Eliann @_Eliann_ James Patrick and his teeth. http://twitpic.com/c9usaz
* Matt and Richard. http://twitpic.com/c9uthl
* wellwellwellmymichelle: @ChadLindberg Dr. Badass, Chad Lindberg http://tmblr.co/ZM0tBtfs2N5k
* Amy @AmyinSydney Matt and Chad Karaoke http://twitpic.com/c9ull9
* Amy @AmyinSydney Richard, post Elvis wig removal http://twitpic.com/c9ulra

@SuperWiki: The highlight of any SPN CON – singing “Carry On” . Here it is at Vegas karaoke http://youtu.be/kOJw1OWh2ic


Supernatural family: 2012 was wonderful and now it’s gone! I’m so very excited to see where our show will take us the remainder of S8! Please check me out for the past year and further! As always….. stay supernatural!

Here’s an excerpt:

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I normally just put the breakfast and the J2 panel together but there is soooo much! So, this is the J2 panel with Jim Beaver finishing! Great ChiCon and tickets will be sold after Gold holders upgrade theirs! Thanks for hanging out with me!

WFB Supernatural‏@WinFamBusiness Creation is bringing out the sturdy chairs. Something new this year since Jared kept breaking the folding ones

* Now the room is quiet. You could cut the tension with a knife! Hurry up @jarpad!

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Boys on stage! Standing room only in the back

Natália Winchester‏@spnfansbrazil  Jared & Jensen  pic.twitter.com/EBAODPeg
*  Jared & Jensen pic.twitter.com/VI13OGzj
* Jensen Ackles  pic.twitter.com/H8ktlbgm
* pic.twitter.com/xGrcxgCl  

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder  Q: How long are you going to grow out your hair? *Jared throws his mic

@arefe2: Seems now that Gen is there with Jared,she made him change his cloths for panel

@DNMMagazine: J2 on stage!  pic.twitter.com/sCyXluQ1
* Jensen asked for lots of dirt and blood for purgatory scenes thinking it was a one time thing. Regrets it now!

Jαяеd Рαdαlескι Fαиѕ‏ @Jared_Online  Jared did the camera work on the Angeles vid.

Sarah :)‏ @wfsarah  “It was like artistry in motion…” Jensen on the camera work in Steve’s video

Jace ‏@Jace736  Jensen: we will answer as many questions as possible as long as directed at me Jared has a different shirt because someone threw up on him. *Jensen: sorry about that. Too many tacos
* Jensen singing on Steve’s album; this after said wouldn’t sing. Jensen said Steve had to convince him
*Evolution of characters: Jared says Jensen has such grasp on Dean since pilot & can be seen throughout
* Dean had unicorn scene: Jensen-I knew it; Jared-Dean knew it
* It was Jared’s first kiss scene & because of height had to do odd poses so not romantic
* Will they ever hunt in warm climate? As much as they’d like to, but part of it is long sleeve needed for padding
* They get driven to & from work since season 1 so they arent tired after 16 hours of work & something would happen
* Then Thomas coo again to which Jensen says really? Just like your father!

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros  Jared getting gift for Thomas pic.twitter.com/8iplTKBu
*Worse to film hell or purgatory, hell hard but likes how Purgatory 1st  http://twitpic.com/b8ack0 

*  Boys in stage  pic.twitter.com/ZXSPnY9o
*  Pie eating contest? Jared would Dean his way through!  http://twitpic.com/b8adkd
 * Jared getting gift for Thomas  pic.twitter.com/3A57Bv1a
* Fave costume Jensen has worn – cowboy funniest gym teacher http://t.co/UIhfaxVx
*  What like kissing Alexis bledell? Gen popped her head out w/ Thomas! * http://twitpic.com/b8agvo
 * Dean on witnessing unicorn scene? “I knew it” pic.twitter.com/9CPrw5gN
* J2 http://twitpic.com/b8adty 
* Jensen about gym shorts like his coach http://twitpic.com/b8affj 
* Watch earlier eps for research Jared http://twitpic.com/b8ajee 
* Jensen speaks to crying Thomas, this is Uncle Jensen, time grow up 2 discipline, b4 u get bigger than me, just like your dad!
* Someone laughing that Jensen is 35  http://twitpic.com/b8alpn 
* Describing meal Danielle made  http://twitpic.com/b8ala3 
* Jensen signing http://t.co/50kjY3yf
* Signing  http://twitpic.com/b8anh8
* Jensen signing #chicon http://twitpic.com/b8anmg

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah   Thomas threw up on Jared, hence the new shirt ! (I assume it was Thomas, but Jensen claimed responsibility
*  Jared is being really sweet in talking about Jensen
*  “I Dean my way through pie.” Jared, on how he’d beat Jensen in a pie-eating contest
*  Jared says he hasn’t had a haircut in 8 years that wasn’t for SPN. He wants to grow it out–he likes it longer.
*  “This is when everybody falls asleep…” Jensen, on a question being asked for Jared
*  SPOILER ALERT: Jared: “On Wednesday, we both costume out.”
* And I looked good…” Jensen, after being reminded of his liederhose
* Jared: “Once the word Misha comes out, we’re all wondering.” After a question about Misha.
* We’ll, I’m hoping.” Jensen, after fans shout out the next car he buys should be an Impala
* Jensen: “we’re dumb guys sometimes.” On the wrestling match/”fight training” with Mish
* Jensen’s talking about Danneel’s cooking–it’s super sweet.

 @DNMMagazine  : Jared wants Sams tombstone to say: never really died. Jensen: the older taller brother
*  Jensen, Sam accepting his role as Deans partner 
 * Jensen to a fan who has a ghost in her house “haven’t you watched the show you know what do to get rid of it”
* J2 http://twitpic.com/b8ab16
* Jensen chooses to ignore supernatural happenings “that spoon didn’t really move across the floor
*  Jensen to fan ” I spent the last 8 yrs training” if he comes across a ghost
* Jared will tweet pic Thomas yoda for
* Jensen takes part in a haunted house. Likes to scare teenagers
* Jensen has participated in the past 4 yrs at a haunted house as one of tje people that jump out
*  Fan to jared “what was it like to kiss Alexis from Gilmore girls?” in response Genevieve popped her head out from the stage
* Hard to hide weapons in shorts. Jared: can’t hide a gun in fishnets
* Jared’s fav meal is a tomato soup with a steak and salad the Gen makes.
* danneel is a fabulous chef. Jensen’s fav meal she cooks is a pork loin with a sauce
* they were to make a movie with unlimited budget it would be Supernatural in Hawaii and bring everyone back
* Jared holds up Thomas on his way out, fandom explodes. Thomas is not fazed at all
* Jensen sneaks in the side door for autographs  pic.twitter.com/dT6mNfKf

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness  Jared fell out of his chair again. This time it didn’t break
* Jensen prefers purgatory to Hell. Jared thinks that makes a great quote
*  Jared wants to do a hangover episode. They wake up and go, “What happened?” I’ll watch that!
* Jensen wants a flashback episode where they recall the good old days. Jared – “The hangover episode!”
* Dean’s reaction if he saw the unicorn. Jensen demonstrated. “I knew it.” Sam’s reaction? “Dean knew it
* Why not a lighter wardrobe? You can’t hide weapons with shorts and a tank top. Jared said the demon knife looks weird in fishnet.
* Thomas is crying in the background! It’s distracting Jared
* Jensen doesn’t have a car. When he does …”The Impala!” fans shouted. Jensen is hoping, but that would mean the show would be over.
* Jensen told Misha that when that happens, he’s supposed to tap out. Misha – “Yeah, that’s good to know
* Jensen was in the gym this wknd and turned on the TV.”Boom, my face.” A woman was there and he slyly smiled. She was confused
* Thomas interrupted Jensen again. “Seriously! Just like your father
* Jim Beaver walked in and Jensen made it a point that he would bring him back
* Missed this! Jensen when addressing Thomas said he would show discipline until he got bigger than him. “No doubt when you’re 12.”
* How long is Jared going to grow his hair? “Forever.” Fan reply – “Rapunzel?”

 @FangasmSPN : Dean’s low voice was a character decision on Jensen’s part to emulate John

Jαяеd Рαdαlескι Fαиѕ ‏@Jared_Online  Jensen on the evolution of Sam, We won’t talk about the whole demon blood thing
*  Jared, best evolution of Dean character: not as much of a womanizer, cares about saving the world
*  Jensen: “I savor it.” Jared: “I plow through it.” they were talking about pie
* Thomas will be Yoda for Halloween! Jared not sure yet. We could hear Thomas crying backstage
*  “I love her! You shut up!” Jared, after a fan shouted they loved Gen

Carry On‏ @CarryOn_SPN  Jensen likes the way they’re shooting Purgatory
*  We can all hear Thomas backstage

Cris Hazel‏ @CrisHazel  Fan : “We’ve seen Jensen in […] Lederhosen.” Jensen: “And I looked good
*  Jensen gets so much joy out of scaring teenagers in a haunted house for the past four years

Jensen Fan Chile‏ @jensenfanchile  Jared just stopped the panel so we could hear Thomas. “I thought he had an opinion!”

Ken Doll‏ @ProudIdjit  “Him too? That cheapens me!” Jared, when a fan said she loved Jensen AFTER saying she loved him

ŘÉĐ-ẼŷēÐ Ðểmöח‏ @Pinkmoon911  Jensen has a shirt with Sam’s face on it and wears it to scare teenagers at the haunted house he’s a part of every Halloween
* Jared laughs at gym teacher says script called them plum smugglers, Jensen-they just wanted me in short shorts, rest was my idea
*  Danneel sometimes refuses Jensen when he asks for his favorite meal. Jensen: Why? Danneel: You won’t long for it

Winchesthor.‏ @keepcalmspn  Jensen covers for Jared: “You told me that when you kissed Gen you forgot all about kissing anyone else. I got you covered, buddy.”
* Jared: “Misha is known as the victim during wrestling

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder  Supernatural has taught Jared that things take time
* Jensen: “I don’t have a car.” Jared: “Hippie!”

Henry‏ @castiellle  Jensen: “Thomas, Uncle Jensen is trying to work right now.”

* Jensen was in the gym when SPN came on and he smiled to woman next to him and pointed to himself

That freckled face. ‏@IBreatheAckles  YOU HEAR HIM? “I wouldn’t do fifty shades of any color” ~ Jensen Ackles

 Jensenerd‏ @AcklesFrackles  Fan shouts: I love Danneel! Jensen objects: I love her

* Jensen signing http://twitpic.com/b8anmg

*Things they learned on the show. Jared: things take time. Jensen: hard work and a good attitude go a long way

*Thomas is here and keeps making baby noises. Jared: “that’s melting my heart right now.”

Autumn ‏@AutumnDontFall  Jared Padalecki and a Moose! #chicon http://instagr.am/p/RVue6XpfnJ/ 

Senza Nome ‏@lotusfalling  Jensen.  http://twitpic.com/b89lp4

@AlySPNDefender: Fan: “I love you gen!” jared: “you hear that baby? they love you.”

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean  Jared – “He’ll be 35 in March and I’ll 30.” Jensen to fan, “Did you just laugh?” Now he’s blasting Jared for making him 5 mos older.

myworld‏ @sgmyworld9  Jensen signing  http://twitpic.com/b8anmg  http://fb.me/2lUzF1CMQ

lovely Jensen ♥  http://twitpic.com/b8at6t 

Nαtαℓίε♥ 8×02% done‏ @AccioMishaa
 Jared holds up Thomas on his way out, fandom explodes. Thomas is not fazed at all #ChiCon – wehunt:… http://tmblr.co/ZTiTLwW96-N0
Jared, Gen e Thomas http://twitpic.com/b8b1kq


Jace‏ @Jace736  What kind of animal would you/Bobby be? Jim-rainbow shooting unicorn, Bobby-drunken bear
* Asked funny times in life. His daughter when little saw his ring said Daddy has ring, Mommy has ring, bathtub has ring
*  Jim says had beard & long hair for Bobby at first because he was on Deadwood at time
* Jim tore miniscus in knee right after he got out of wheelchair on SPN but did effect show. Jim tripped down steps b/c knee hurt
* He’d preferred he wouldn’t have happened in real life but he got to transform it in roles
* Asked about his wife’s death & Bobby’s wife’s death Jim says both on Deadwood & SPN he played husband of lost wife

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan  jumblejim http://instagr.am/p/RVuTb5i2G1/ 

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  if jim had to be an animal he would be a unicorn with the rainbow  bobby would be a bear
*  Preference for best ruby jim “I maybe crazy but I aint stupid”  Really answer is katiegen
 * Bobby was only supposed to be in one episode since loretta (missouri) couldn’t do an episode
* if I went to hogwarts, is that like walmart” – jim
* DNM Magazine‏ @DNMMagazine  Very young fan says Bobby is her favorite. Jim says they have that in common
* If he is brought back jim would love more scenes of bobby with Karen singer
* Jim did stunts during his college yrs at an amusement park
* Prefers batman than spiderman

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness  A small girl said that she’s been a fan of Jim’s since Deadwood. Jim to the girl’s Dad – “You let her watch Deadwood?”

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  Bobby with Ellen or Jody? Jim: “I have a thing for women with badges
* Jim  pic.twitter.com/vdxb40xK
* Jim: “Speaking of long hair, what is that on Jared’s head
* Bobby wouldn’t have a beard if Jim hadn’t been working on Deadwood as well
* Jim on his kiss with Mark Sheppard: “I try not to think about it… You people won’t let me forget it.”
* Weekend at Bobby’s, it was “fun to be the guy the show is about rather than walking near the guys the show is about

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN  Who would Bobby be with, Jody or Ellen? Fans: Crowley. Jim: Ya kiss one guy
*  Even some of the crew didn’t get the script that said Bobby would be a ghost

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  What Harry Potter house? House of Rising Sun. Hee. Never read but read to wife. pic.twitter.com/AaSRGtro
* Bye Jim panel over, autos and ops for him now.  great to see him! pic.twitter.com/eYAibGvv

I was in Vancouver looking for sets during this time but THIS fan works at a hotel used by Supernatural! Enjoy the thoughts!


It’s Jensen and Jared day at VanCon and there’s a little bit of excitement! Jared continually turned his microphone off while Jensen just rolled his eyes, typical J2 behavior. The fandom yelled questions, the boys answered and Clif got hugged and kissed! We’re off to a great Sunday morning start! Enjoy the info, I will be updating as soon as pics/vids/tweets get posted! Stay supernatural!


Kat @FiercelyNormal Jensen spends most of his off time on the boat and golfing. Jared is doing baby stuff. 

Jensen Ackles News@AlwaysJensen “Jensen recently bought a boat.”

PatronhippiePatronhippie@Patronhippie Jensen: “the boat is NOT the Captain and Danneel”  

 “Ep. 5 they’re filming right now is Jensen’s favorite. Jared says nice brother conflict.” @bree__black
 BreeBree @bree__black  Jared says there’s a ghost facer type episode with handheld cameras. Episode 4. Unusual. They weren’t in it as much as usual. (difficult to shoot)
* Jensen gives Jared napkins to fidget with instead of mic. “I’m gonna make a snowflake!” 
*  Jensen complaining about Jared’s schedule. Wants letters asking for more Sam, less Dean.
 * Jared had to get a haircut because apparently FBI agents don’t have hair that long although it was ok for seasons 1-7.
@heather03nmg: Jared and his snowflake  http://pic.twitter.com/paE33OZT” ;___; I want that!
 * Jared’s been super busy being a dad. Jensen’s been golfing and enjoying his new boat which he did NOT name Captain and Danneel
* Apparently Jared’s had light filming days and Jensen would like everybody to send letters requesting more Sam scenes 
Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Happy spoiler from Jared’s M&G: Sam “did not abandon Dean”… Says spoilers have been massively misinterpreted.
tomlinfuck@DestielArmy Jared says he regrets doing New York Minute, Jensen says Devour. 

tomlinfucktomlinfuck@DestielArmy Joking about past roles, J2 joke about “devouring” each other. 

* Jared complains that fans have a much louder mic than he does. Jensen: “You’re fine

Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Jensen and Jared at breakfasrt  http://fb.me/27rSwrM5w 

* Jensen breakfast  http://fb.me/19u8f0xFm

* Jensen said that Jared is always fiddling with things and if they’re alone than he’ll smack his hands to stop him 

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast  http://twitvid.com/YPQTL” OMG! The 50 states song! ^_^

 * J2 breakfast http://twitvid.com/KEMMO
 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jensen said that Jared is always fiddling with things and if they’re alone than he’ll smack his hands to stop him
Ben Blackerer @BenBlackerer Biggest spoiler to come out if the breakfast was that the show is filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas. #yourewelcome 

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast  Jared trying to make a ponytail http://twitvid.com/X0FG9

 * Jared kept breaking the microphone so he was given a tissue to fiddle with instead and he made a snowflake  
Emma JensenEmma Jensen @emydean Misha accepting $2000 of money a girl raised for his charity :’)  http://fb.me/1Aqo8Cq18 
Joanna @JMacLeanOMG, Jensen and Jared almost squeezed me to death  it was awesome

 matt cohenmatt cohen@mattcohen4real It’s been an extreme pleasure VANCON thank you!! 

 @matchboximpala: But even tired, Jensen looks damned good. http://tinyurl.com/cnlba4o

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast http://twitvid.com/KEMMO” 

 Emma JensenEmma Jensen @emydean Jared does a fabulous job singing the 50 states with a little help from Jensen at the end.

yukiyuki@mintjulep718 ジャレかわえぇ〜  http://p.twipple.jp/TwmAt

 yukiyuki @mintjulep718 ブレックファストのジェンさん #vancon  http://p.twipple.jp/cM2Su
@ktkm The #SPN impala hanging out in the parking lot  http://twitter.com/ktkm/status/239803690108743680/photo/1
 Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Poster 1 that Misha auctioned for Random Acts. Jared and Jensen as French maids. With a big kiss from Misha.  http://fb.me/1dp1KqHtA
 Sabine J.Sabine J.@werkarniggel  Impala-Fotos und Breakfast-Panel-Fotos: http://bit.ly/gKtxu
 Ashley SAshley S@Kinda_Ineffable Misha: “I could pole dance with anything.” Fan at the mic: “I volunteer.”  http://tmblr.co/ZcUoEySBq3LO
 Ben BlackererBen Blackerer@BenBlackerer The amazing thing is that they try to pass it off as “America”. It’s like they’ve never seen Detroit before.
Emma Jensen @emydean The Awesome Jensen  http://fb.me/1B2zAARVg

 Jared and Jensen arriving  breakfast video from @heather03nmg http ://twitvid.com/MBYRJ
 @OhSalvachesters: Jared  http://twitter.com/OhSalvachesters/status/239828479397462016/photo/1

 SereinaSereina @sereinaSPN New pic of Jensen & Jared . I think Jensen is looking at us.. Don’t look back! You’ll die! http://twitter.com/sereinaSPN/status/239828862735900672/photo
 Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Jared: I’m busy getting pooped, peed and thrown up on. Jensen: And that’s just me! Jared: Then I need to go home and see Thomas.
 Canadagraphs Canadagraphs @canadagraphs Just saw @JumbleJim stop and do pics w/ fans for 5 mins in the driveway… Much to the dismay of the Creation guy
Jared PadaFandom@PadaFandom1Twitter / matchboximpala: @jarpad at the breakfast  http://fb.me/1Q5fSHqud
Another  breakfast video from @heather03nmghttp://twitvid.com/B5SH8” why are they so perfect? *sigh*
 PadaVale in Ackles ✡PadaVale in Ackles ✡ @ValentinaM_88 http://mostly10.com/ here u CAN FIND THE FIRST VIDEOS OF THE BREAKFAST WIT !
 check_out_this_video – http://telly.com/KEMMO via @heather03nmg 
B.B.@allebsupernova I think my fave part of the breakfast panel was everyone struggling to name the provinces and territories of Canada in song form.
@MarionWino2012STOP WITH ALL THE PICTURES OF JENSEN DAMN IT I’M DYING HERE!!!!! #Supernatural #Vancon http://bit.ly/OjHhHF 
 * Jared and Jensen arrives  breakfast. http://telly.com/embed.php?guid=MBYRJ&autoplay=
Jensen talks about directing this season and Jared talks about an upcoming ep  http://twitvid.com/QOC82 from @heather03nmg
Jared and Jensen arriving  breakfast video from @heather03nmg http://twitvid.com/MBYRJ
Jared singing the USA song http://bit.ly/RdXi22 from @heather03nmg
Jensen Ackles News@AlwaysJensen [PHOTO] Jensen at Breakfast.  http://twitter.com/AlwaysJensen/status/239834266312249345/photo/1
Jared and Jensen talk about the Impala http://bit.ly/PHtDlq from @heather03nmg
 * Video of Jared making his snowflake http://bit.ly/PHtkXZ 
Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Not just one but TWO awesome happy goofy J2 panels yesterday. And I had a front row seat for one of them #VanCon pic.twitter.com/jx85TrAb
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester JENSEN LAUGHING *_*  http://twitpic.com/aoavya

 Jensen talking about working with his dad http://telly.com/GJU3U
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson  @dicksp8jr good hanging with you buddy. safe travels! http://lockerz.com/s/238929264
 Jess@huntershelper  http://youtu.be/eUcBkpWIibc?a Steve Carlson singing Time Warp  Karaoke
 @kelios: Uploaded a few more location tour pics from today…mostly Russ poledancing (AGAIN). http://po.st/z266Sw
All Supernatural@all_spn Jensen is worth a lot at Vancon htt ://j.mp/RTDZ4M Jared’s birthday auction tiems!
Naficeh  @Naficeh The worst part of any convention is cutting the wrist band off. 😥 http://instagr.am/p/O2vVGcGjBs/
 Padalecki and Ackles On Stage at the Vancouver Convention  http://dnmmagazine.com/2012/08/28/padalecki-and-ackles-on-stage-at-the-vancouver-convention/
PhrasesSPNn’Songs@SPNonesSPNones  Jared & Jensen  http://twitpic.com/aocb0m
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester  #Jensen http://twitpic.com/aoawg6
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester Jared’s snowflake/jason mask http://twitpic.com/aobevi
@FYeahSPN: That is Misha kissing Jensen’s photo on a Supernatural poster.  http://twitter.com/FYeahSPN/status/239770053338333184/photo/1
Radamanthys@ShiryuForever94 http://yfrog.com/mmgtegqj Jensen Ackles

Day 2 begins with quite a few hungover fans and Supernatural guests! My opinion: Mark Pellegrino seemed to fare the worst! The panels are fun, informative and personality sharing! Please enjoy the tweets/pic/vids from the guests and fandom!

Kat @FiercelyNormal The final posters. http://lockerz.com/s/238407788 http://lockerz.com/s/238407798


Kelios@kelios  Russ Hamilton: http://youtu.be/OCn0Zwl6qzQ v short and not edited, but hopefully you can see the tequila suitcase.

 @Naficeh: Jared: Moose, Jensen: Gentleman, Misha: Fluffy. Words to describe them. 
Stacey GillardStacey Gillard@StaceyGillard Life’s That Way is an amazing book. The fact I just met @jumblejim and had my copy signed by him makes it all the better!
KeliosKelios @kelios My pics of Kim from yesterday. Warning, they haven’t been edited yet.  http://pbckt.com/an.GMG7F
 .KeliosKelios@kelios http://s368.photobucket.com/albums/oo128/keliosincantare/Julian%20Vancon%202012/ My pics of Julian from yesterday, vid to follow 🙂 Warning, they haven’t been edited yet.
 @Naficeh: Hahahaha Jensen wasn’t even in the car during the hand on the fogged up window scene. XD
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark S favorite delicious beverage is Pellegrino. Mark P is Johnny Walker Blue
* Mark S and Mark P initiating SPN cast http://twitvid.com/5H5NJ
Kerry MorrowKerry Morrow@Kerry_Morrow  in all it’s glory! 😀 (@ Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre) http://4sq.com/PFizFp

Mark Sheppard being sassy, #JulianRichings sings “Rebel Rebel”: http://youtu.be/d8gx_CWeHfU  karaoke @mark_sheppard

  @KimPDufresne (For Mark S.) Jared is Moose, Jensen is Gentleman and Misha is Fluffy. 
AngelAngel@angel_kink When the line for questions ended she’s like “You just want to see me hump myself again don’t you.” lolol. Julie McNiven

 @Naficeh Mark Sheppard’s fridge is full of Pellegrino water. 

 ZabrinaZabrina@thezabrina That Lucifer habit of being unable to sit normally? Yeah, that seems to be a Mark Pellegrino thing.  
HeatherHeather@DearHeartxoxo Julie says Jared and Gen were flirty on set for “Heaven and Hell”. XD

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros @dicksp8jr @mark_sheppard @omundson @stevecarlson @kimrhodes4real @julianrichings Mark Pellegrino http://bit.ly/OiT9x3

 Julie McNivenJulie McNiven@Juliemcniven remember that time at #vancon when i solo humped and titanic hand danced…twice…yeah…good times:)
Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh Mark S: Misha is really like a baby in a trench coat. 
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark S favorite scene was giving the colt to the boys to kill Lucifer  http://twitter.com/heather03nmg/status/239444402681036800/photo/1
 * Who would win in lucifer-Crowley showdown. Each Mark votes for his own character  http://twitter.com/heather03nmg/status/239443066652594176/photo/1
 All SupernaturalAll Supernatural@all_spn : Julie McNiven’s Panel Pics http://j.mp/RNiqmq
 Jim MichaelsJim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Another pic of @JiggytvJulia who played Marie McAnn in Party on Garth! Please say hello to her! It is her 1st #Vancon! http://twitter.com/TheJimMichaels/status/239417441028038656/photo/1
 JennyJenny @JennySPNRocks and as for @stevecarlson in this http://youtu.be/47damT7QNsQ OMG Steve stop being so fabulous. Thks for such a great Friday at Vancon
 Russ HamiltonRuss Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD arrival in ‘T’ minus ONE minute VanCon, Valet The Chariot and it is SO game time!!! 
heather @heather03nmg Richard left his phone unattended. Jared and Misha took some photos he won’t describe. They even changed his wife’s photo

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely @KJNeely #MattandRichard Jared & Misha messed w Richards phone. “my wife called and lets just says it wasn’t my wife’s photo” 
* #MattandRichard *fandances* R: “what dance that was?” Fan: “it was for whovians” R: “I have 1 of those at home, cleans the carpets.”

 @stevecarlson Took a break from the bike ride for a beer… Well, @jarpad opted for something classier 🙂 http://lockerz.com/s/238344728

Bree@bree__black Audience very distressed about a Cas-themed fanvid. Poor bb.

 @AmyinSydney Mark Sheppard  http://twitter.com/AmyinSydney/status/239552486862639106/photo/1


I think I’m ADORABLE@ProudIdjit ‘Q: what would you do if you could switch bodies with Jensen for a day? Jim: Spend some time with Danneel *eyebrow wiggle*

 Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal Misha put on lipstick to kiss the other poster. http://lockerz.com/s/238376459
* Jim and his Rocky Horror Winchester poster. http://lockerz.com/s/238374477
 Juliane IvanowJuliane Ivanow@_mystik  Misha: “I could pole dance with anything.” Fan in the mic: “I volunteer.” 
 @SuperntralAngel  which version of cas wld u want2combine? Misha: stoner cas& leviathan
 Kat Kat @FiercelyNormal Misha and Jim had artists in the audience “improve” a picture of Sam and Dean for charity. http://lockerz.com/s/238366117
 BreeBree@bree__black  Jim: “I like your wife.” Misha: “Yeah, me too.” 
heatherheather@heather03nmg Pergatory for Misha is shooting a scene with Jared http://lockerz.com/s/238364228
Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh Misha had to hit a goose to save West from being bitten. West thought hitting geese was a game. 
 @AmyinSydney Misha Collins  http://twitter.com/AmyinSydney/status/239555692472721408/photo/1

 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jim running away after sneaking some of mishas bday cake #VanConhttp://lockerz.com/s/238373021
Meghan R.@StolenTardis “Brokeback Purgatory.” -Jim, on what Dean and Cas are doing to spend “long, lonely cold nights together” 
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Many thanks to all of you who bid on the defaced JJ poster & to Debbie for winning it. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation will benefit.
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson Yes mam, we are hard at play up in Vancouver 🙂 RT @CourtMcGuffin: is that Jensen with you???
* … the day’s end http://lockerz.com/s/238366927 Jared, Jensen, Steve
* … Another Man Band shot with @jarpadhttp://lockerz.com/s/238359181

 Steve CarlsonSteve Carlson @stevecarlson The bartender asked if we were in a boy band, we said we are in a “man band” aka a “mand” http://lockerz.com/s/238358017
Misha Collins@mishacollins There is a “Creation Supernatural Convention” here. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds interesting & the attendees are attractive.

Misha CollinsMisha Collins@mishacollins I just stopped in to a hotel in vancouver to use the bathroom & steal some hand towels & everyone is acting like they know me. It’s creepy
Julie McNiven@Juliemcniven @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4realgee, now i feel lazy…

 Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Wake up – check. Run the sea wall – check. Down a Japadog – check. Now, my Van Con Saturday can officially begin. @mattcohen4real
Tara Larsen @taraslarsen #Supernatural has the best fans in the world! If you aren’t here we know you are in spirit;) http://twitter.com/taraslarsen/status/239425272502431745/photo/1
Steve Carlson@stevecarlson A very kind thanks to @CreationEnt & everyone at #VanCo . Last night was a blast
 Julie McNiven@Juliemcniven …..and how was YOUR night?…http://yfrog.com/oet8fugcj


Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal Jim and his Rocky Horror Winchester poster. http://lockerz.com/s/238374477

 BreeBree @bree__black Misha thinks Jimmy is inside Cas’ head singing an annoying song over and over, which is why Cas is so annoyed
@Naficeh : Video from last nights karaoke party! Richard Speight Jr took my camera! http://youtu.be/rPAGDoDebx8?a 

 BreeBree@bree__black Jim: If only someone invented a mishmash word (for Dean and Cas). Misha: Too bad there are no creative people in the audience.
Supernatural Wiki@SuperWiki @mishacollins disembowelled  my kangaroo 😦 http://twitpic.com/anurjg
  @heather03nmg: If misha had jensens body for a day he’d get plastic surgery. Jim would spend time with Danneel 


 Vancon has started with a Sheriff Jodie Mills bang! Kim Rhodes is smart, sassy and has all the attributes of a great female hunter!  Other guests include Steve Carlson, Julian Richings, Jim Beaver. Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Julie McNiven and Misha Collins. The fun has started! Enjoy the weekend!

Spn Europe Tweet-summary and some pics of @kimrhodes4real  http://goo.gl/ddJ8Z  

* Kim  Rhodes gets distracted by Jensen’s lips. ‘They’re just so pretty. So pretty’  http://twitter.com/heather03nmg/status/239088308532174848/photo/1 PatronhippiePatronhippie @Patronhippie Can I just say that Kim Rhodes is freaking gorgeous? http://yfrog.com/odc9uepcj 

Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh “I think children are smarter than Disney thinks they are.” @kimrhodes4real 

Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal To play the pain after Jody recovered from surgery, Kim didn’t take her own pain mess. The pain was real! 

* Someone left a death threat on her agents’ vm back when she was working for Disney. But he left his phone# and asked her to call him 
BreeBree@bree__black Kim was happy with how her story progressed on the show until they didn’t bring her back.
* Kim sometimes wishes she were a writer, not an actor, so she could use her own words (and put her tongue in Bobby’s mouth). 
Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely  #KimRhodes apparently the person on SPN set in charge of prop weapons is a woman …woot  
Naficeh   Naficeh  @Naficeh Kim hasn’t gotten word of Sheriff Mills being back on Supernatural yet. 😦  
Bree Bree‏  @bree__black  Kim Rhodes says Sheriff Mills has a romance storyline in her heart, but she has not been asked to return yet (write letters!).
Tara LarsenTara Larsen@taraslarsen Thanks to @SuperWiki idea I will be at #supernatural #vancon tomorrow at 10am in the ballroom watching the panels. Hand deliver a postcard;)

 @KJNeely Ahaha… Wow! Notice the spelling error? Seriously? How- wtf…  http://instagr.am/p/Ot8UufBEll/

Jennifer PittJennifer Pitt@hst1976  Monster she would like to face most: Crowley. “I want 15 minutes alone with that guy.”

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely #KimRhodes she gets distracted staring at Jensens mouth “it’s just so pretty”

 *#KimRhodes her fav quote she said on the show “don’t make me use my mom voice” 

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real Okay. Next con I may just pay my own damn way to stay for the whole thing. That. Was. AWESOME

All SupernaturalAll Supernatural @all_spn VanCon Thursday: SPN Location Tour Pics http://j.mp/QzpOdV

Ben BlackererBen Blackerer @BenBlackerer Rioting as the vendor area opens at #Vancon. Julian Richings seen throwing a rock through a window, escaping with 400 Misha Collins 8x10s.

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely Ahaha… Wow! Notice the spelling error? Seriously? How- wtf… http://instagr.am/p/Ot8UufBEll/ 

SPNEuropeSPNEurope @SPNEurope  @mishacollins and family arriving in Vancouver  http://goo.gl/4mcPr credits: cha – all_spn/LJ

@MnMDES And so it begins! #VanCon http://twitter.com/MnMDES/status/238911290377138176/photo/1

Canadagraphs Canadagraphs @canadagraphs @DearHeartxoxo @Naficeh HEY! Did you  people order this SPN’ish feeling weather?

Divine: The SeriesDivine: The Series@DivineTheSeries Did you see? After is running a contest? https://twitter.com/AfterSeries RT+Follow+Like our FB page to win a set visit! Ends Th 11PM

Russ HamiltonRuss Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD VanCon 2012, your Location Tours are Locked ‘n’ Loaded, so “Let’s get ready to Rumbbbbbbbble”……. UNNH!!!!!!

@kimrhodes4real Unedited Photos… http://s632.photobucket.com/albums/uu49/deanie24/Vancouver%202012/Kim%20Rhodes/

SarahSarah @Morelenmir_M Successss! @guanacotruck  http://twitter.com/Morelenmir_M/status/239100251871510528/photo/1

matt cohen @mattcohen4real Hey VANCON !! Bring yourself, your family, your loved ones, your whatever to karaoke tonight!! #DICKANDMATTGONNABLOWMINDS @dicksp8jr 


 @Naficeh The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! #VanCon

Naficeh  Naficeh @Naficeh OMG. Jared video taped Jensen and Steve recording. 

* The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! 

* Jensen is gonna be singing lead vocals on Steve’s upcoming album! 

heather @heather03nmg Death does smile. And he’s pretty hilarious.  http://twitter.com/heather03nmg/status/239156289685569537/photo/1

* Julian aka Death. Favorite line, I’m old. Very old. http://lockerz.com/s/238014010 
Michael CudlitzMichael Cudlitz @Cudlitz Muhahaha ….// RT @BSBnSPNFan: @Cudlitz i am at vancon for spn still thinking of burcon hope you are well
Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely #JulianRichings how hard is it to keep a straight face when acting around Jared, Jensen & Misha? “…very” 
* JulianRichings his favourite place in the world is Canada… He came here when he was 20 
* #JulianRichings as death, is there a character you’d like to kill? “Castiel, he’s a bit pesky..” 
Jennifer Pitt@hst1976  Julian hopes to get more appearances on #Supernatural as “Death”. He enjoys it greatly. 
@Naficeh Hahaha it’s funny seeing Death laugh. XD 
MelMel @LoveJeter02 Really enjoyed Kim’s panel. Not only is @kimrhodes4real extremely beautiful in person she also throws f bombs like mad. Love her!!!!


 Radamanthys‏ @ShiryuForever94  Awkward Moments? O mediador perguntando quantos homens tinha ali. E falando o quanto o cast é lindo, tipo…
*  Steve estava bem simples, camiseta, calça e tênis sem cadarço, longos cabelos e bem tranquilo.
 *  É bem bonitinho ouvir Carlson falando de Jen mesmo qdo em tese n tem nada a ver com a pergunta. São muito próximos. É Legal isso!
*  ficou bem claro pra mim que Carlson ama ser músico, que tem senso crítico e que é alguém tímido por vezes e bem sensível.
karen‏ @GYWKaren  Photos of @kimrhodes4real from #vancon #supernatural http://tinyurl.com/9ld3cd2
After the Series ‏@AfterSeries  Since we’ll be seeing @charkinzie on set anyways, why not invite another one? Congratulations to our runner up, @EmmaJayJenkins!! 

*  There’s a music video already filmed for the song Jensen sings on the new album! 
@Naficeh: The Supernatural AV trailed caught fire a week after Steve and Jensen recorded in it

All Supernatural@all_spn Pics from Today  || Kim & Julian & Karaoke http://j.mp/QBDm8x

Steve Carlson @stevecarlson Thank you #VanCon for the warm reception today!


 @MnMDES Julian Richings (Death)  http://pic.twitter.com/Fxrf9saK

 Lucifer Has Big Balls: #Supernatural Convention #Karaoke http://wp.me/p2uC0w-lC via @DNMMagazine  pics from the karaoke party 
Jim MichaelsJim Michaels @TheJimMichaels Just finished up with @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr! Get ready #Vancon as they are good to go for karaoke
Russ Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD Just now leaving the office, and on my wa y to The Wall Center,,, VanCon 2012 and The Ten Days of MOVIEGOD Mayhem continues.
* looks like @stevecarlson is goin down an absolute storm @ #vancon just in time 4 his album release in London on 22 sept http://scuk-events.com/
heather@heather03nmg Last @stevecarlson video from tonight http://twitvid.com/IGAUT
  Sweet Transvestie –  http://youtu.be/47damT7QNsQ  #MarkPellegrino
Jenny@JennySPNRocks and as for @stevecarlson in this http://youtu.be/47damT7QNsQ OMG Steve stop being so fabulous. Thks for such a great Friday 

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover MARK P & FRIENDS SINGING MY BIG BALLS : http://youtu.be/f852K1VJQcM

Tim Omundson from psyche singing at Karaoke  http://youtu.be/nMZTt5tIQuY

heather @heather03nmg Misha’s birthday cake http://twitvid.com/DKDUQ

* Mark S and Mark P imitating SPN cast http://twitvid.com/5H5NJ

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Richard Speight, Jr films with fan’s camera- -KARAOKE PARTY at SUPERNATURAL VANCON 2012 – YouTube http://bit.ly/Olkvmj  

 @WinchesterBros: Steve Carlson sings at The Karaoke Kings Koncert with Dick and Matt –  http://bit.ly/OlgY7e