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photo credit Robbie Thompson

photo credit Robbie Thompson

Can we say two, TWO epic parties for my fav show ever, Supernatural?! Warner Bros and the CW threw their very own LaLa town, big whig party and it rocked the night away! Seems that tumblr is the “get out the vote” version of the fandom so the gifs from every single person EVER on the show, were beyond cute! Enjoy the sounds, the looks, and the variety of the 200th party for Supernatural!

Carry On My Wayward Son… !

Danneel HarrisAckles@DanneelHarris   On the way to SPN 200ep Party in LA! Thanks to and Sally Wang for the beauty treatment!xx love u guys

Alaina, Danneel and Sebestian 

Danneel & Sebastian

Jensen KSite interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-WxyKqaDLQ&sns=tw

Jared Padalecki  http://youtu.be/8thCkI0y6E0?list=UU7CNkB8VAP9WUlPAKrUgGbQ


Felicia Day Ok redo, lol. With who writes all my Charlie episodes.

* Jensen, Jared, Gen, Danneel and Misha celebrating the 200th Episode 

Gifs from the night! fun!! http://www.thebos.co/e/cw-supernatural-200th

Behind the scenes.  

Gil McKinney@GilMcKinney   Meeting my bae 

Weird. Don’t remember those guys being there. Who’s that in the hat?

* This finally happened. Extra special intro to by  

BBBFansUK@BBBFansUK     We heard BBB rocked the house!

Jason Manns@jasonmanns  Funny, I remember it more like this…

Photos of everyone! http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?EventId=521059857#

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real    and called ahead and came as twins.

matt cohen@mattcohen4real   

* osric chau  

* instagram.com/p/u9_nspj9Vg/


* jasonmanns 

 Curtis Armstrong@curtisisbooger   

Danielle Turchiano  Kim Rhodes interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVqOUFWm7eo&feature=youtu.be

* Jeremy Carver interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ7YFzE1Xso&feature=youtu.be

* These beauties.

* Misha interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZsuSiu0z4I&feature=youtu.be

* Felicia Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRtOiTNi_YA&feature=youtu.be&list=PLhU49b3SvDcAWQA-BtSL1nBqTKAn5kQe1

Misha Collins@mishacollins  I am arriving at a party to celebrate the 200th ep of ! & I don’t remember putting this shirt on…

Marisa Roffman@marisaroffman   Keeper of the secrets.

* For some reason, my favorite pic from last night never actually posted.

* Jensen and Jared joke the final ep of is gonna be when Sam/Dean come to town and wipe out all the vamps.

 * line of fab guest stars.


* The cast’s fave eps: Misha and Jared pick “French Mistake” and Jensen picks “Death’s Door.”

* Jensen says ep 200 was the 1st time he went to Jeremy’s office & asked why they were doing this. (Not mad, he wanted to know the message.)

*  panel, including my amazing friend as moderator!

* Jared’s reaction to first hearing about episode 200: “Please don’t make us sing.”

* Fan Fiction” is the meta-iest meta episode, and it really is a love letter to fans. So much fun

* Misha 

* Osric Omg, this outfit.

* So, this is amazing. 

Thank you for the picture. We appreciate you stopping. 

Brian Buckley Band@followBBB   Congrats to the whole team of for their 200thEpisodeParty!!! from mattcohen4real

Buzzfeed article! http://www.buzzfeed.com/spnuk/supernatural-200th-episode-party-1359e

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138 Felicia Day & Misha Collins  

* Pixies 

* Winchesters4Life Matt Cohen Gil McKinney 

* Carry on 

* Charlie meets Metatron 

Red carpet and by  

* Ackles, Speight, Benedict & Manns singing  (sorry about the lights, ppl were snapping pics)

Sebastian Roché ‏@sebroche  Look at this lovely couple

* Look who’s here

* Look at these awesome guys on stage

Alaina Huffman@AlainaHuffman   

Mark Pellegrino@MarkRPellegrino   Lucifer is born

DJ Qualls@TheOnlyDJQualls   “Backstage  I love this woman!

* Lookin’ good and   

* How awesome is it that is wearing his Cas cosplay dress?

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr    this gal was ALL OVER ME. So I finally gave in. Then I had 3 kids with her.

* At the 200th ep party, I wanted a nice pic of , but 4 jerks photo bombed me.

* @dicksp8jr     

Mandy Musgrave@Mandy_Musgrave  Yayy I never seem 2 get enough of u! Love you so much! RT : I found my favorite!! Xo

Alicia Hannah@AliciaHannah The worst lighting with the best people.  

* Could this cast BE any more handsome? 

Osric Chau@OsricChau  What a crazy night.. At least I’m one of the girls now?

* Almost a perfect night! If only we had a with us too. We missed you Mark!

* I’ve kinda always known you were my spirit animal. But the martial arts thing too.. Wow! “: I loved hanging with you!”

Todd Aronauer@TAronauer would’ve had an unobstructed view of screen if it wasn’t for these meddling kids

* This sucked. 

Jenny Klein@jennydelherpes  BREAKING THE DEVIL’S TRAP! Now it’s just a bunch of useless chalk!

JustJared article! http://www.justjaredjr.com/photo-gallery/738080/jensen-ackles-jared-padalecki-help-celebrate-supernaturals-200th-episode-14/

Zap2It Party pics! http://www.zap2it.com/photos/zap-supernatural-200-episode-fan-party-los-angeles-photos-20141104

Photos from Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/supernatural-stars-and-fans-celebrate-the-200th-episode-at-la-party-1#slide=9


WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

“Slumber Party”, Supernatural’s quirky take on “The Wizard of Oz”,  gave us cool bunker insights, a bit of Men of Letters history, and that there really is “no place like home” for the Winchesters. Written by Robbie Thompson with Robert Singer directing, this episode scored high! We got two ferocious, fully clothed fighters(!): Charlie(Felicia Day), nerdy and newbie hunting and Dorothy(Tiio Horn) from Oz, a huntress extrodinaire!  Sam really questions Dean about this guy Zeke where Dean continues to lie! All in all, a fun, lighthearted, and magical quest, just what Charlie desired! Starting with 1935 black and white flashbacks, we get Men of Letters history.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Beginning with flashbacks, “Slumber Party” sets us up right out of the box with Dorothy and the Wicked Witch(Maya Massar). This Witch is way scarier then our cute fiction! In 1935, the bunker gets computerized and two hunters(one elder, the other a young buck), span a six month time period from which enthusiasm wanes for the young man. Dorothy knows where the bunker is, shows up with the Witch in tow, looking for a way to kill her. Seems the best hunters have that ‘sacrificial’ gene because when all else fails, Dorothy does exactly that: binds her soul with the Witch’s to be forever bottled up.

Kevin takes a braincation in Branson and Sam diligently provides Crowley

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

with crayons and paper for demon info. With Kevin on break, Dean brings Sam back Game of Thrones dvds for their entertainment! Sam again questions why Castiel isn’t there and Dean spouts the company lie: the bunker’s not safe with Cass there. Yep…. Sam totally buys that. He has also finds a computer room, another treasure! Although the system isn’t running, the guys feel a warm spot on a surface, indicating some kind of activity. They open a panel which activates the computer but which also unknowingly unleashes Dorothy and the Witch.

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Getting the system running is important so Dean finds and delivers their computer tech, Charlie.  Charlie squees over the historical hunk of history and yes, she can deliver the goods. She loves “The Wizard of Oz” books  which leads the conversation to the “Supernatural” chronicles which will be around forever due to some ‘Becky'(Sam’s ex!) who’s uploaded them all! Perfect responses and reactions from both Sam(Jared Padalecki and Dean(Jensen Ackles)!

Dorothy makes her Indiana Jones entrance, thoroughly insulting the Winchesters. Her biggest announcement: if Dorothy is free, ding dong, the Witch runs free! Dorothy educates Charlie on how the Oz books were the rantings of her old dad, based on truths but made pretty for the public. We find out that Charlie is quite the romantic! From sharing with Sam and Dean that she envisioned hunting to be more magical to not allowing Dorothy to destroy her dreamy views regarding Oz. I like it! Nerd Charlie informs Dorothy that the hunter that she trashed earlier, worked diligently to solve the Witch/Dorothy dilemma until the day he died. Hence, Charlie knows that poppies will stun the Witch til they can kill or bind her again.

The Witch finds Crowley(Mark Sheppard) but with all the warding, is no help to him. Not being able to speak, the Witch conveniently communicates by writing what she wants on Crowley’s paper. FYI: “come to Daddy”, hissing and whistling, is Sheppard perfect or what?! The Witch needs a key which allows her to make any opening a portal into Oz. Dean remembers finding said key. Charlie and Dean head to retrieve it where unfortunately the Witch also arrives. The Witch throws her voodoo at Dean, Charlie jumps in to save Dean and gets killed in the process.

Enter Zeke. This is too convenient and sooo easy to use. Without Castiel, it’s understandable for the writers to have Zeke in Sam. Of course this makes it the worse possible possession ever: Zeke in Sam, popping out when asked or when he chooses. My thought when the Witch possesses Sam: how can that happen? Zeke possesses Sam so does this mean that evil can now possess angels? This was hinted around last week also. What do you think?

pic credit @sweatpantsandcoffee

pic credit @sweatpantsandcoffee

Zeke heals Charlie, Charlie wants to know if she’ll be eating brains now which raises Sam’s antenna more. But no time to lose here, the Witch is working on letting in all those horrible critters from Oz! Dorothy heads down to the garage which now houses ‘Baby’ and an entire fleet of primo drives. Dorothy finds her motorcycle, the Tinman’s head AND her red slippers which yield magic from Oz. Note: ‘Baby’ wasn’t scheduled to appear but the cast and crew couldn’t resist for us, the fans!  🙂

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Sam and Dean find the Witch who fills them with green witch power and orders them to kill the girls. Dorothy really believes that she can take on the Winchesters but is no match of course! Charlie escapes after catching the red slippers thrown from Dorothy. Side note here: Felicia Day says catching the shoes took awhile because she truly is a nerd and not good at ‘catching things’! Just before Dean intends on stabbing Dorothy, Charlie finds the Witch, stabs her with a slipper and saves the day, save the girl and saves the Winchesters!

Charlie gets her magical adventure when she leaves this earthly plane with 2013-08-23 11.59.42Dorothy to fight a revolution in Oz! So who else thinks the Winchesters might end up there at some point?!

Another fun fact regarding this episode. I was there for the filming and the garage is an huge, old grain stop. But what I learned about the set: it took them four days to make it, it was the first set that had a ‘made for tv’ feel to it, and it was Supernatural’s largest endeavor to date! A huge, black covering enclosed an opening which turned out to be virtual ‘Oz’ which was VFX galore!

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

WarnerBros/CW photo credit

Another feather in the crews’ cap!

Addressed by the Winchesters from the start to the end was home. Sam regards the bunker as a job site. For Dean, it’s a place to clean, hang up his weapons and to enjoy his morning coffee wearing his robe! Charlie asks Sam about the lack of nesting also with Sam reiterating that there’s no such place for him. Sooo, when Charlie and Dorothy walk off into the Oz sunset, how perfect were Sam’s words to Dean, “of course,  there’s no place like home.” Brotherly connections: we love them and watch the show because of them! Until Tuesday and “Dog Dean Afternoon”, stay supernatural….

Jared Padalecki was tweeted that he would be tweeting both coasts eps but instead posted a pic with his very cute little Tom! Robbie the writer started the tweeting!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  @jarpad what’s it like being so tall and awesome? asking for a friend

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @rthompson1138 no idea. You’d have to ask Loughlin!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday EAST COAST!  Whatever guys. I’m hungry

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad I’m live-tweeting with a very special boy 🙂 pic.twitter.com/YNlylCkGqn

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad Thank GOD they had video cameras in 1935!!! Otherwise we wouldn’t have had a teaser!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  amazing @jerrywanek gave me a tour of MOL sets & I wanted to spend a whole episode inside

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Things look smarter in black and white. My favorite movie is Bring Up Baby!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday True story: the men of letters set is even more epic in person.

Robbie Thompson  ‏@rthompson1138    Strong work, peeps!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138 Sometimes character names have deep meaning. Sometimes they come from streets where you grew up. Haggerty Road.

Felicia Day  @feliciaday   Tiio!  Really cool fact: she’s part Mohawk

Tiio Horn @kaniehtiio “@lzerk: @kaniehtiio you were AWESOME as Dorothy on tonight’s SPN episode!! loved it!! :-)” tank u tank u

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 I want the Batphone from the Teaser

Mark Sheppard  @Mark_Sheppard  look! I’m on TV!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday Mark Shepard is really into video games and we argue every time we see each other.  He always scams dev kits

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. @Mark_Sheppard. Always killing it. Nice to finally meet you!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   Woot!  @rthompson1138 the writer/producer/Charlie master!  He’s live tweeting now actually

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 This episode shot during VanCon– it was so great to meet SPNFamily there!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love how @jarpad plays Sam so earnestly and serious, and he is always so fun laughing off camera. #fartjokes

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138  @feliciaday it’s all you, kiddo

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  @feliciaday tattle-tale!! 🙂

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  big thanks to Mr. Singer for letting me tag along during the shooting of this episode and ask a zillion questions

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138   That little “got it” and the “voila” were added by #jackles and @jarpad

Felicia Day @feliciaday That electronic sound wasn’t there in the room, I LOVE FILMMAKING

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad    My wife @realGpad and I do really love Game of Thrones 🙂

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  David Niven and a young Bill Mahr, am I right?

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    Is it just me or does everything look better in Black and White?

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad Personally, I love the tension between the brothers when one is lying to the other

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Oh God I really am short compared to the dudes.  Half the time I’m standing on a box

Mark Sheppard  @Mark_Sheppard Guys, you need to use the #Supernatural hasht

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  It was SO late hen we shot the intro-scene to the MoL “computer mainframe” room. We were practically sleeping!! #

Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels  @feliciaday also known as a box rental!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138   This episode was a ton of fun to break, thanks The Carver, Mr. Singer, @AdamGlass44 and @andrewdabb

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Ada Lovelace reference!  LOVE IT!  Does anyone recognize my shirt reference?! I love how Charlie gets custom shirts made!

Jerry Wanek   @JerryWanek    @rthompson1138 @jarpad Thx it was my pleasure, great Ep. Loved the script!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  True story: My knuckles don’t snap that loud

 Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138    There’s some easter eggs on Charlie’s tablet, inc. a shoutout to the amazing comic book

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Freeze frame and Charlie has a porn square

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad   We LOVE having @feliciaday   She makes us feel tall 🙂

Adam Glass   @AdamGlass44    @jarpad Oh, that’s what’s going on? Wish someone told me before I wrote three episodes.

Felicia Day @feliciaday   In the original script it was BeckyWinchester69.  hehe

Robbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138    Sam’s reaction to Becky… epic… a great example of @jarpad taking what’s on the page and making it 100 times funnier

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  I STILL don’t know what “macramé” is

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    Lines we shot that got cut: Sam: I’m sure the Stark family will be fine. Charlie: You know nothing John Snow

Jared Padalecki @jarpad     There’s a great outtake involving @feliciaday saying “it was intense”… 🙂

Felicia Day  @feliciaday There was a big controversy on set about what the “Hang in there Kitty” poster was.  Lots of googling  http://wendythomasrussell.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/kitten-hang-in-there-poster.jpg …

Jared Padalecki   ‏@jarpad    @rthompson1138 I don’t know I I made it funnier. But I CERTAINLY made it taller!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   I really hate bad nail cleanliness, you know she’s evil when her cuticles are that messed up

 Mark Sheppard   ‏@Mark_Sheppard    @rthompson1138 bakachooRobbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138    The boys swapped dialogue in this scene re: reading books. They know the characters best & it made nice Sam/Charlie moment

Felicia Day    @feliciaday  .@jarpad Oh God, I forgot how you kept making me crack up about that “In-tents” joke hahaha

Felicia Day  ‏@feliciaday  I loved that transition from B&W to color, it was so Twilight Zone!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad    @feliciaday hahahah you’ll remember web the gag reel comes out 🙂

Felicia Day  @feliciaday   There were a lot of jokes on set about the suggestive opening of that ball-sac like pod hahaha

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  Jensen made @rthompson1138 promise to buy him Game of Thrones dvd’s to understand all of the references

Robbie Thompson  ‏@rthompson1138    @jarpad totally true!

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad    Only Bob Singer could pull off all of the proper references and B&W to Color changes. Well done!

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad    Dorothy’s birth makes me think of Ace Ventura 2. In the best way possible 🙂

Felicia Day @feliciaday  I love how Charlie is so into the lore stuff, totally what I would be doing actually haha

Felicia Day  @feliciaday    OH NO SHE DIDNT!  (not to insult secretaries

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Hellooo sexy sweater vest #

Felicia Day  @feliciaday The Witch and Crowley would make lovely babies together, right?

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138    Ah, Crowley and the Witch. This was a fun night of shooting @Mark_Sheppar

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard    @feliciaday thx!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    I love @feliciaday ‘s reaction to what Sam said in this scene– totally not on the page, totally awesome

Felicia Day  @feliciaday The shirt is a reference to Cloud Atlas.  All of you get brownies. Also: Librarian shoutout WHAT?!

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad    @feliciaday yes they WOULD!! As long as they don’t take after @Mark_Sheppard

Felicia Day   @feliciaday @jarpad @Mark_Sheppard The witch has better cheekbones, but his eyelashes are pretty lush

Felicia Day  @feliciaday   “Stop ruining my childhood” is my fave line from the ep.  Well…the first half 🙂

Jared Padalecki @jarpad   @feliciaday @mark_sheppard true. And his Aussie accent just makes me all warm inside

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  “I just cleaned in here” haha.  I totally could see him wearing pink rubber gloves lol

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  I love Charlie’s t-shirt. I want one! #

Felicia Day   @feliciaday Tiio is so good!  She’s on Twitter at @kaniehtiio

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad    @Mark_Sheppard whispering Somewhere Over The Rainbow… Classic

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138    The little “Charlie” at the end of the scene was added by #jackles. So funny

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love it when Charlie makes Dean look annoyed.  I don’t want to be scrappy doo but it’s really fun to make him frown haha

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   There was actual porn in that box and I was like “WHOAH THIS IS PORNY 70S PORN

bibbitybobbitybob   @robertberens  How cute is Charlie’s shirt?

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  OUCH! (I didn’t actually do that stunt but the stunt woman made me look excellent!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   Tiio did an AMAZING job of being strong but vulnerable, timeless but modern, smart but willing to listen. EXACTLY what was needed! And more

bibbitybobbitybob     ‏@robertberens   I hope it’s unisex because I WANT IT.

Felicia Day @feliciaday I got mad at @rthompson1138, but then I was like,”This has been done to me by the best, this is no different.”

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138   We have the best cast ever. I wish folks could watch the dailies– they add so many moments between the lines. Just awesome

Felicia Day  @feliciaday    @rthompson1138 I WAS SO UPSET WHEN I READ THE SCRIPT.  I forgive you 😉

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad There was a reference to why dean had the key (it had to do with the 70’s porn). But it didnt fit the gravitas of the scene #

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138   @feliciaday i was mad at me, too

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @rthompson1138 that’s what great writing begets. And thanks!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138    @jarpad i still miss it!

Adam Glass   @AdamGlass44  I remember @rthompson1138 pitching me his Dorothy idea over lunch. He and everyone else killed it as usual.

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  @feliciaday I DONT FORGIVE ME

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad    @rthompson1138 @feliciaday I was made at you three. And Jensen, 4. And @Mark_Sheppard , 5. And… Well… You get the idea

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  On an unrelated note, I am apparently 60 seconds or so begin you guys. Once again, damn you Canuck satellites

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  I love the Zeke scenes this season, wish I could have not had to be lying there the whole time

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  It’s so crazy to watch, one second he’s @jarpad, then he’s Sam, then he’s Zeke! So much awesome

Mark Sheppard  @Mark_Sheppard  @jarpad mee too!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Dean is really good at lying this season

Robbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138    Oh Dean… the lies

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad  Zeke is gradually becoming more comfortable as a human

Jared Padalecki   ‏@jarpad  @ rthompson1138 thanks 🙂

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138  Once again: this set is so inspiring! Men of Letters rocks!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love how confident and sassy Dorothy is.  What a great character: Amelia Earhart meets Indiana Jones!

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad  I LOVE that Sam is now starting to question Dean and his talking of “Zeke”. Fun tension!!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  I  love @jarpad and #jackles in this scene, talking about homes– again, taking what’s on the page and making it better

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Anyone read the other Wizard of Oz books?  They get really twisted, this version of Oz is so great

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    How great are @feliciaday and @kaniehtiio in these scenes? Great chemistry/acting

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   @feliciaday I will say, it’s the best “lying” that I’ve ever seen. And I thank you (as Zeke” 🙂

Robbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138   The Garage!!! This was the only time we were off the stages during the entire shoot

Felicia Day    @feliciaday  location was insane, those cars were definitely “do not touch”.  My fave was the green one

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  HAHA that “he didn’t make it” and my reaction, one of my favorite moments

Robbie Thompson    @rthompson1138 I described the garage as “awesomeness everywhere” and this is what they did. Best crew ever

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  The night we shot the “Batman voice” line, news broke Affleck cast as new Batman. #JaredandJensenforBatmanandSuperman

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  “Batman voice”& “definitely not your Batman voice” my FAVE line.Also, that was the day Ben Affleck got cast as Batman, weird!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  We talk about Sam and Dean being Luke and Han. I always think of them as Superman and Batman

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  SO many versions of Sam to deal with this episode!!! Sam/zeke/wicked witch. I’m getting a headache! Thanks @rthompson1138

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138   Don’t text and drive! Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen said so

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   Funny enough, Ben affleck was cast as batman during the filming of the “Batman voice” scene in the MoL stage

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138 @jarpad we spent a while ‘dream casting’ after, too!

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @feliciaday @rthompson1138  Looks like we ALL texted about Affleck and Batman! Too busy typing to read 🙂

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138 @jarpad that’s my move

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Yes, I totally really hit him in the nards like that.  It was Funnnnnn

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   Ok so this catching of the shoe was terrifying and I dropped it three times and I am NOT GOOD AT SPORTS THINGS

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138  Possessed Winchesters!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love this shot of me, the wind machine is blowing so cool and I just impaled someone’s skull. Life is good.

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138  As always, the VFX crew of #SPN absolutely killing it and raising their game. Well played, gang!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday That monkey was not a cute monkey either

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   Stella Artois commercial, my 7-month pregnant wife @realGpad , and i quote, “I can’t wait to have a beer” 🙂

Felicia Day  ‏@feliciaday  “Ding Dong, bitches” is my favorite line from the ep!  I’m just kidding, I already said 5 things were my favorite line. 😛

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad   @feliciaday the word “nards” always makes me laugh 🙂 well played

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  @jarpad @feliciaday Monster Squad!!!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  badass stuff VFX dudes!!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 .@feliciaday my fav was the one you added, “Oh boy!” So Charlie, so perfect

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad   @feliciaday and they are ALL our favorite line TOOOO!!!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138   Big props to everyone in our Post Production department! Unsung heroes!

Felicia Day    @feliciaday   @jarpad YOu know what my favorite line was?  “That was in tents”.

Mark Sheppard   @Mark_Sheppard   Nice work guys

Tiio Horn   @kaniehtiio @DustyCPU: @kaniehtiio You know Dorothy’s gotta come back for her bike. :)” word! Good point

  Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @feliciaday hahahahah touché

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  @rthompson1138 I had no idea they’d include that in the actual cut!! 

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  Baby! Her appearance was unscripted, added in by the crew on the day

Felicia Day  @feliciaday I‘m glad I’m not a zombie, that is not a hot supernatural creature.

Felicia Day  @feliciaday I read a zombie romance book once and all I could think was “squish”.

Felicia Day   @feliciaday I actually was so sad to leave the guys in this scene.  But so excited about the possible future! Look at that CGI! SO GOOD!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday can’t believe this ending?!  WHATS GONNA HAPPEN guys!?! WHAT DO I DO OVER THERE?!  And great song choice!!!  Wow!

Jared Padalecki @jarpad  loved that “goodbye” scene. Gave me chills to film AND, now, to watch. Well done all. What a great episode! #

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 Ding dong! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing @feliciaday can’t do. Thanks for being so awesome, kid!

Mark Sheppard   ‏@Mark_Sheppard   off to bed. Early call. xoxoxox

 Robbie Thompson  ‏@rthompson1138  I got misty watching the goodbye scene. I haven’t cried since Yoda died

Mark Sheppard   @Mark_Sheppard    @rthompson1138 he’s dead?????????!!!!!!!!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138   Okay gang, that was a ton of fun. Thanks @jarpad #jackles @Mark_Sheppard @feliciaday @kaniehtiio

Felicia Day @feliciaday I dunno when/if Charlie will be back, guess we’ll see! Thx @rthompson1138 for writing another great ep for me to play in

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 @feliciaday I’ve written 300 pages of Charlie’s further adventures. the last 100 were all about your awesome new haircut

Felicia Day   @feliciaday @rthompson1138 haha I can’t wait to see that published at Amazon on demand lolol

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @rthompson1138 BS. I saw your “Fly. You fools.” tattoo. I also saw tattooed tears next to it.

Jared Padalecki    ‏@jarpad   @Mark_Sheppard @rthompson1138 hahahah

ryan_curtis   @ryan_curtis @rthompson1138 YODA DIES?!?!!!!!!!one

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 @arpad BUSTED

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad Alright y’all! Thanks for joining and humoring all of us! Bedtime for yours truly now, daddyhood has made me soft (happily) 🙂

In spite of late night karaoke craziness, the panels today are lively! This page will also be updated when info is posted!


tara-annie ‏@1tararod The fearless #Tequilamigos @TheJimMichaels @RUSS_MOVIEGOD looking quite similar & suave 4 the panel. pic.twitter.com/goW1qEfWQe

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jim Michaels said To get a Zeppelin song on the show would cost half a million dollars!

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Jim says he and @dicksp8jr got deported from Brazil together; were told they didn’t need visas, but did bcuz “employed” by con
* .@TheJimMichaels shows off BSK shooting sign – for “Bike Shorts Kevin” – laughs they must change signs all the time to dodge fans.
* Russ hasn’t yet paid Jim back for food prank: Jim got Russ in face with pie on tech survey! Jim promises to post photos
* Jim asked Kevin for his Twitter handle, tweeted – his followers increased by over 100 before lunch
* Jim had to binge-watch first 4 seasons; limited himself to no more than 5 per day. First crew he met was Russ picking up at YVR
* Asked whether presence of in-house VFX affect whether effect done practically, by makeup, or by VFX, said YES! Praised VFX Team
* Jim will cheap-out on other things to save the big pieces when possible

*Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN He came with his own #spn set sign :). @TheJimMichaels pic.twitter.com/eOsKxw6UMY
* Day 2 starts with Adam saying @dicksp8jr does gay porn. Richard: hey, check out fanfic, not only am I doing it, I’m doing it well! #
* Yes, they change the signs during #vancon lol @TheJimMichaels pic.twitter.com/a8PrGN4GGS
* Jokes the crew plays on new directors: quadrupling their order at a restaurant.
* Telling the story of operation moose drop aka the birth of Thomas. pic.twitter.com/yKgADh4KzF* The peoples choice award has your name on it, #spnfamily. We wouldn’t be here without you guys”.
* Jim is as upset that Ben Edlund got nabbed by Revolution as fandom is
* Telling the story of operation moose drop aka the birth of Thomas. pic.twitter.com/WeN5o8VDHC
* the guys act out @TyOlsson’s worst pickup line: nice shoes, wanna f–k?

Karen K. Lee ‏@kalyrical Gen’s secret labour codename was “Operation Moose drop”!

@PadaAholic Charlie will never get killed via Jim Michaels

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Sir Jim Michaels on stage at pic.twitter.com/DJ6SjVTpgd
* Jim says that Kripke is still involved with SPN but he stole a lot of SPN’s directors and writers for Revolution

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN It’s @TheJimMichaels! pic.twitter.com/53fu3mZ1B6*
* What happens to all the salt used? Trash, except for a time when J2 swept it up and sold it for charity in Chicago.
* Look who’s in line to ask Jim a question. Heh, heh. Should be good! pic.twitter.com/GETRcyAn1p
* Russ kept pushing her arms like that. Just pushed her out of way to ask question. pic.twitter.com/lMApdh8iu6
* With feature film, director has last say. With TV, it’s the producer. Hence many mixed resumes. pic.twitter.com/I1wyee6YKp
* Rich and Rob walking the aisles. pic.twitter.com/TuKtG4Fpnv

Tara Larsen ‏@taraslarsen @TheJimMichaels is doing a great job at pic.twitter.com/ZNP5mVHBBc

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis Hello #VanCon it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Producer @TheJimMichaels on stage! pic.twitter.com/dwSEZQ7pH3

@feliciaday: #SPN fans: Dropping in on #VanCon this Sat as a surprise guest, see ya there!” I’m so excited I can’t breath

Adam Williams ‏@adamwvfx I’ve never seen a happier crowd of tired and hung over people before.

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Spinoff episode 8 filming days in Vancouver, episode 20 filming days in Chicago

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh The spinoff’s pilot will be episode 20 of season 9


..aleena.. ‏@ProudSPNer Richard Speight: “I don’t have a tattoo, but if I had one, it would be Jared and Jensen right here (pointing to his chest

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy TY and Rob got drunk in Rome and TY put Rob in a headlock, and banana head was his safe word!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic The signing banner pic.twitter.com/kAu3KH3HCk

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie The signing banner http://instagram.com/p/daCfwMp3AY/

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Reunion! @SNkevinandjill greets Matt and Richard. pic.twitter.com/83i4MHZxZo
* Matt signs the con banner. Yes, that’s why I took the photo. pic.twitter.com/1A6d8ic0hm
* Somehow answers to a question about desert island stranding involved all the guys in a love cave pic.twitter.com/HZbuaRIhZi
* Matt to Rob: “From now on, when you think of me, think ‘gooeyduck.'” Rob: “Is it edible?” Crowd: “YES” Matt: “Want to find out?”
* Creation gets in on the theme of the Richard, Matt and rob panel. Yes, they all read it out loud. pic.twitter.com/b4aEjjtLnx
Misha May. ‏@miraimay saw Misha headed out for his M&G with the ladies following behind like good little Minions.

“@mooselikejared: Rob proposed to his wife by saying “I was wondering if you wouldn’t min marrying me so much

B. ‏@allebsupernova Making fun of Rob. “He’s nervous to order coffee at Starbucks.”

“@MartiniHoudini: The most beautiful @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/NKuhVgw7UB
* @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/7lHqTSAdek
* @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/7lHqTSAdek
* @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/8Bx5L2Kvjp

TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Highlight so far? Just had kisses from Kuma!!! #BestPuppy @SNkevinandjill

Rich doesn’t know if Gabriel is coming back. 😦 Writers are trying to figure out ways to bring him back, though, hence whiteboard
* Fan posing Matt as what his cheesy spn book cover would look like. pic.twitter.com/knQUBFy3eU

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy TY was partying the entire Jibcon & it was even hard to get him onstage cuz he was drinking lol Said they had to push him onstage

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo Kuma had a line-up for photo ops outside the ballroom. http://instagram.com/p/daHU44wizJ/


Colette ‏@SuperntralAngel russ’ s binder there is a warning “this binder contains the following supernatural locations this has been cursed so back off”

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Before becoming a location guy, Russ was a truck driver, hauling produce. “We don’t do internships, we do slaves.”


Sue Nash ‏@suenash19 Have avoided places in the past because dangerous
* When filming on dangerous places – any security precautions etc? – lots of health and safety. Make sure shooting crew safe. Police

Larissa Craig ‏@thelarissaa the lovely @paigekmh on stage with @RUSS_MOVIEGOD pic.twitter.com/7SY7MJTOCc

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @rthompson1138 chattin with the fans. Fellow Wings fan and we share the same last name. pic.twitter.com/rXL8L5Gdji


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Russ films a get well message to a fan hurt in the line of GISHWHES duty pic.twitter.com/I8m1zTS4Vu
* Locations wisdom: leave a location nicer than you found it. And drink

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine .@RUSS_MOVIEGOD filming a get well message for a GISHWES participant who injured herself pic.twitter.com/t5hOWHrG52

Rebecca ‏@OneArmedPuppet The actors were instructed not to insert offensive language into other words, for example, “fan-fuckballs-tastic.”


Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Fan asks what was your favorite scene on Spn to @japastu he says “killing bobby!” Crowd screams! JPS “What?… Too soon?”

Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson1138 Blown away by the amazing fans at #VanCon– y’all are incredible! pic.twitter.com/wC2Bsbgn0i

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Mark S and JPS loved the contract scene. Someone actually wrote out the prop contract.
* Mark P enjoyed the paycheck from Dexter. Lol. He enjoyed working with the cast. pic.twitter.com/uMWurfoVfzDani ‏@lovebirdstiel James: I am the good guy. To me it’s a story about a couple of pricks who don’t do what I tell them to do
* Mark P: demons suck. Mark S: demons blow. James: demons ooze

Sherie ‏@MartiniHoudini The amazing Dick himself @japastu JamesPatrickStuart pic.twitter.com/YNOQZCbUpt
* The brilliant @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/tqiGq0FzSf
* The always handsome @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/Drf9kydMkE

Werner ten Hoeve ‏@Wern_r VFX talk outside of grand ballroom

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels fun with @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/QckULKcsFz

Karen ‏@GYWKaren Mark Pellegrino http://flic.kr/p/fBa6Zf
* Robbie Thompson http://flic.kr/p/fBafj7

“@mcnamcj: mark, mark and James pic.twitter.com/kCwerW4jYf

TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Wow. A @Mark_Sheppard banner and photo op just went at auction for double what Jensen’s did!!!

Supernatural ‏@spnfansbrazil Mark Pellegrino pic.twitter.com/1kaRCD1E0W


TravelStacey ‏@StaceyGillard Ladies and gentlemen…the stunning and ridiculously awesome @feliciaday pic.twitter.com/uH9IebfaON

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Fan – I’m trying not to faint. Felicia – I’m a webmd expert
* Our queen, miss Felicia Day! pic.twitter.com/uhVVhrUYSz
* Neil Patrick Harris is very polished actor. pic.twitter.com/VLf1V9ZxLP
B. ‏@allebsupernova FELICIA! pic.twitter.com/7qEPIgeYg9

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Yay! Felicia pic.twitter.com/do7bWmOOAP
* #spnfamily hugs @dicksp8jr and @feliciaday pic.twitter.com/igr2W9gTB4
* Inspiring. Felicia pic.twitter.com/UqUMT8dcy9Naficeh
* Felicia gives a shout out to @rthompson1138 for creating such a wonderful character

Risti ‏@ristispeaks Robbie Thompson: the one SPN production person who seems to genuinely NOT want attention on him

@Naficeh Chad just announced that he’s gonna be holding paranormal hunting at future creation cons!

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Felicia just finished shooting on ep; J’s were talking about con as if they expected her to be there, told her she should come
* Writing process: have an idea, write something, cry a lot, look at it again, cry more, edit, write, cry more. Just keep writing!
* Sebastian arrived during Felicia’s panel: took the mike to say hi and blow kiss. Felicia: A drive-by! A kiss-by!

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Felicia: “what’s the point of hating Ben affleck as batman if we’re all going to go see it anyway? Why be miserable?”
* Felicia : Judge me all you want but I love what I love
* Richard came to stage and hugged Felicia

@TheJimMichaels: Enjoying the beautiful @feliciaday on stage at pic.twitter.com/fsUjxuV3mNSEBASTIAN ROCHE

@FangasmSPN: Panel gets r rated. @sebroche pic.twitter.com/1tG2FilElG
* Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Entire audience up and dancing to Daft Punk. pic.twitter.com/irJhjzeg4q
* Seb is doing sweet transvestite on chairs pic.twitter.com/bDV3RYMtKk
* Question time. Not that Seb actually answers any. pic.twitter.com/2aHSQ3tSD
* Seb answers questions from a chair in the audience. Oddly. Lol pic.twitter.com/hdMfRX0Bsg♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo Sebastian: I’m sorry I’m trying to listen
Richard: I know it’s not one of your strong suits

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Oh dear Sebastian is here pic.twitter.com/6KvAqjcgSX

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice “My porno name is Sebastian Roche!”
* Also, in scene of dead Deans, can you spot the only two real people? VFX
* Expect to see a lot more color, depth & detail in effects like portal in #TaxiDriver – and Sam’s arms in finale will look diff

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Seb Thinks there should be an spn rocky Horror show
* Now we’ve got musical accompaniment and Seb is singing and dancing around! pic.twitter.com/Zm2jZ5H26E
* Seb Is now singing different genres/ versions if My Heart Will Go On pic.twitter.com/dn4NlxAICN

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie There are no words https://vine.co/v/hexqDPvt0xV
* this is @sebroche trying not to swear https://vine.co/v/hexAn00AOMd
* Creeping out fans pic.twitter.com/YhviOHvNP1
* will need therapy pic.twitter.com/tnq6wNqfLU
* He CANNOT answer a question https://vine.co/v/hexeHJ5qPT1
* Yes no okay with @sebroche https://vine.co/v/hex5KnTtb90
* Michael Caine https://vine.co/v/hex1J0MFiZ9

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Will Seb appear on The Originals? “Maybe

Kat Morgan ‏@ktkm that sweet transvestite, @sebroche . pic.twitter.com/FMeXha1z5Q

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural this is the best photo I can get with my phone. Sebastien does not stand still… or answer questions, lol. pic.twitter.com/cRDzyiPbxg

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “I love intelligent questions because then I can answer with stupid things”-Sebastian
* Sebastian about Jared poster: he’s not that good looking in real life

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural Richard berating Sebastien 4 not cleaning up his act. I think Hell will freeze over before he does that, pic.twitter.com/byKVdkofaU

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit As @dicksp8jr just asked, what the hell was that – speaking about the Sebastian panel. pic.twitter.com/cexk5x8EcD


simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Misha Collins mention slash on his panel..: http://youtu.be/uuir2J5PfEE

@WinchesterBros: And the first place winners shake hands pic.twitter.com/RzUWTQYpVo
* Now Misha and fans are decorating a girl for her birthday pic.twitter.com/YkwDvU2hqY

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Is that an evil grin or what? @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/fwVf5OhHMk
* Listening intently to a fan question. Perhaps with some foreboding too. pic.twitter.com/L2gRacezNv
* Does Misha do all the items on GISHWHES? Misha: no, if I did them they’d be easy
* Fan: as an aspiring actress….forgot what I was saying. Misha: work on your memorization skills
* Misha discussing GISHWHES pic.twitter.com/leKxpy6x4H

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Misha is talking about living at a campsite for a few months as a kid and Sasha fell off a tree into a pile of poop

B. ‏@allebsupernova Misha’s on stage! He looks super scruffy! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/PkAlu9KCAy

Charlotte ‏@Charkinzie Misha talking about Haiti pic.twitter.com/VYqthV3esH
* Misha pic.twitter.com/h50VeUj9C2
* Misha pic.twitter.com/V9RrvnYsxl
* Misha discussing acting pic.twitter.com/SXv5PCFEAz
* Trying to come up with “the strangest incident”
* #mishacollins https://vine.co/v/heQBAiF7xtv
* Misha on identifying with Castiel https://vine.co/v/heQu3b0IxmO

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN pic.twitter.com/2GGipIGLMW
* Got appendix out at age 11. Classmates came and girls brought him a penthouse calendar. Lol. Mom was not happy
* What an attention whore. – Misha on bill shatner
* Was pleased with Jeff Bezos’ participation I’m Gishwhes. Sky writers association wrote a ‘please stop’ letter
* pic.twitter.com/ztehp5zk7M
* Talk turns to underwear. Misha apologizes, didn’t mean to Sebastianize the panel
* Tsa America – is done. Three episodes. One features Daneel. Borderline tastewise. One has homoerotic vibe

Dimples&Freckles ‏@PadaAholic Misha’s describe the gishwes as benevolent terrorism

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha’s fav joke “guy thows snail across the yard, 2 years later the guy opens the door & the snail says hey what was that all about

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine Fan tells @mishacollins she was “normal” until she discovered him. He says sorry she was like that & congratulations for moving on

♡ rach ♡ ‏@moveslikehemo “When I saw 13 I carved the word why into my leg which kinda makes u drop a sad little tear… Also a peace sign.”- misha collins
* “NASA had some “sciency shit” to do.. Total cop out”-misha

Naficeh ‏@Naficeh pic.twitter.com/ql4DkQ2CDZ
* Misha wearing a flower crown. http://instagram.com/p/dat9whGjP5/
* When a kid starts crying you know you’ve crossed a line. Even for a drunk person
* Misha likes dialogues and accents and crazy shit like that.

Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo http://instagram.com/p/dat735wiwI/
* http://instagram.com/p/davBF-QiyN/

@moveslikehemo: Skywriting businesses contacted gishwhes to complain

Maisie ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Misha wrote the Jared item (Getting a compliment from him) on Gishwhes because he knew it would never happen lol
* Misha on fans overwhelming him “It’s amazing and it’s thrilling and its totally f****d up
* Misha said some incidents have happened on set where there was alcohol involved “not that the WB would ever know that”
* Misha about West being evil to Maison “… Yeah… He’s a good kid

@Postalpixxie: Misha is wearing a garland of flowers on his head. pic.twitter.com/LJS3f0WUpF

Kaitlyn Neely ‏@KJNeely MISHA WEARING A FLOWER CROWN!! http://instagram.com/p/dat_3EhEp9/

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice How did GISHWES get started? Misha says doesn’t really know, but fond memories of crazy scavenger hunt back in college
* Hilarious descriptions of Misha’s instructional tax video make finding & watching it tempting
* You can’t be daunted by rejection; certain character-building aspect to people saying they hate you, which = not giving you job
* Misha starting to worry about whether he’ll be able to travel again after #TSAAmerica comes out!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Misha’s mantra when he’s in front of a camera is “try to remember your lines try to remember your lines.”
* @WinchesterBros: Misha says the pranking that goes on between him and Jared is sketchy but they’ve called a truce
* Misha says there will be sex btwn Cas & a char
* still decorating her pic.twitter.com/LqjmURg290
* And Misha carries her offstage pic.twitter.com/nt7IWgfefc
* Richard is scolding Misha for making a mess on stage. pic.twitter.com/AC1hkCueWf

@FangasmSPN: Wing envy. pic.twitter.com/XlB8saU2Me
* Judging the Castiels pic.twitter.com/QeUWrEzh0E
* West named Maison ‘Sockeye’. Unfortunately it stuck
* The almost finished product. pic.twitter.com/K3fsSCRHq7
* Misha and duct tape pic.twitter.com/5DHM2LeAYo” eyes fall out of skull

みぃにゃ ‏@myinya pic.twitter.com/UzhJCk4d5j花冠Msha!

Karen ‏@KG_Supernatural Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/0m2q5Zgn0i
* Misha is talking about his children. West has named Maison, his little sister, ‘Sockeye’. So cute

“@moveslikehemo: “West pushed maison over and when confronted he said he could’ve pushed her harder…” -misha

@suenash19: Affectionately calls her Socky now. Pats her gently…. Then whacks her…
* Personal GISHWES challenge to Misha pic.twitter.com/FbpYrgrb0H

Clarissa ‏@clarissa373 Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/eDe7iDsVHh

@shipstiel: MISHA IN THE ELEVATOR AT THE HOTEL TODAY! pic.twitter.com/CCaL1MghVO

Karen ‏@GYWKaren @MishaCollins checking out his doppelganger http://flic.kr/p/fB4EKK
* photo of 1 of 2 winners of Cas cosplay http://flic.kr/p/fBig8s
* Photos Cas cosplay winners http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHHQD6V

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros Great costume contest entries! pic.twitter.com/u6DxtzoQZz

530788_365881280175744_799221236_n sam dean braveheartCan I ask who else was ecstatic over the ‘no fun’ Winchesters having a good ol’ time in larp-land and a battlefield? Yep… I knew it! So much fun in 42 minutes! ‘LARP and the Real Girl” did not disappoint! Writer Robbie Thompson, who tops my fav writer list, gave us fun, frolic and females. Charlie(Felicia Day) is back in play(in more ways than one) as Queen of Moondoor where it’s fun and games for some but for one nerd, Boltar the furious, it’s a life changing, control freak winner take all bubble. Let’s enter Moondoor….

Blaring “China Grove” in the Impala, Dean wants to have fun, take some time off.  Possibly a subtle nudge considering his birthday is January 24th, this ep aired on the 23rd. But for Sam, work IS fun so after being Garthed, the two have a job. The victim, who has been ‘drawn and quartered’, leaves behind a house full of toys, chain mail and his cell phone which holds threatening voice mails. The “toys” are small soldiers used to coordinate war movement which Dean thinks is kinda awesome! Sam discovers a tattoo which shows up on victims through out all the murders. As far as deaths are concerned, being drawn and quartered is right up there as terrifically bad! 

Getting straight to the heart of LARPing- live action role-playing, the man who threatened theLARP and the Real Girl victim gets called into the police station where he confesses all about Moondoor.  Sam instantly hits a computer where lo and behold, Moondoor exists with a reigning queen, Charlie. While all eyes are glued to the computer, the poor fella in the interrogation room spits up blood until he’s dead and the room is covered in blood. Did I mention that Dean seems to be drawn to Moondoor?

The Winchesters hardly ever get caught being fraudulent FBI agents but after presenting their badges to Boltar, geek master and important Moondoor person, they’re called out! Boltar declares that the badges(numbers, spaces… whatnot) and cheap suits, albeit good, are definitely fake. In spite of this, they find Charlie wielding her weapon on her knights getting ready for battle. Charlie’s expression is priceless when she scans her royal subjects and sees the Winchesters!

Charlie wants to run as any normal geek would but after thinking it through, she holds fast to doing the queenly thing which is helping the boys find the monster. Her words, “If you’re here, monsters are here!” seems to be a theme this season tho always true for these guys! Dean weighs in on the positioning of Charlie’s toy soldiers, again showing us that little boy who played with toy soldiers who grew up to be a fierce hunter. The three split up with Sam hitting the geek filled, computer tent and Charlie and Dean question the different factions of Moondoor where Charlie seems to be quite the player, again, in a bigger sense of the word. Dean dresses up for the occasion, to fit in of course. He reveals to Charlie more than he says: his remorse for using Amelia as bait and losing Benny as a friend. 

LARP and the Real GirlDean and Charlie run into Boltar who offers to help find the Orcs, the forest dwelling faction at Moondoor. Dean wants Charlie with Sam so instructs her to find Sam. Walking thru any forest is scary and Charlie senses someone following her. The first stalker is harmless but the second, a skull perched atop a black cape, isn’t. Charlie wakes up in a magic tent and believes to be in danger. When she states that “she just wants her life back”, the skull mask is removed, revealing a beautiful woman, Gilda. Gilda the fairy, under the control of Boltar, is killing people.

After realizing that Charlie is missing, a group of larpers with Sam and Dean head off to find her. After searching all the tents for Charlie, there is one mysterious tent, deep in the forest that wasn’t searched. Dean and Sam walk in on Charlie making out with the fairy/monster and the fairy identifies the “real” monster in the story, Boltar, the man who controls her. A fight ensues with Gilda making a suit of armor choke Sam out and Dean gets to wooden sword fight with Boltar. Charlie wants to be a hero and does save the day. She plunges Dean’s knife into the book of magic which breaks Boltar’s spells.

LARP and the Real GirlCharlie kisses Gilda, the fairy fades away, taking Boltar who will be punished in her realm. Charlie decides to stay and fight for her “normal” life. Dean wants to help fight the good fight for Moondoor but that entails having fun. “Have fun Sam, it will make you feel better, ” he says.  Sam responds, “No, not just me. It will make us both feel better. Shall we?” The best ever, epic ending for Supernatural! A Winchester dream come true: Ren faire dress, weapons, and a classic hero speech. It didn’t matter that the great “Braveheart” speech was interrupted by a frisbee, what mattered was the content, the heart, the emotion. Also, Sam’s hair pulled back and Dean with long hair, that rocked!

There has been lots of wishing and commentaries about how Sam and Dean should talk. The reality is, these guys are mens men. Communicating is a pat on the back, a nod, clinking beers. Sitting around sharing their feelings would be, well, awkward and so unlike them. Next ep we get Henry Winchester who happens to be a talker, a sharer, a Man of Letters. A complete opposite of these manly men. Cannot wait! Until then…… stay supernatural!

First the boys drink to summon monsters in Party on Garth.  Sam and Dean finally see Bobby in  Of Grave Importance and with Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoos,  the Winchesters get to play “I Spy”!  Written by one of my fav Supernatural writers, Robbie Thompson, the episode had quite the “24″ feel to it with the split screens, Frank’s high-tech van and of course the boys talking Charlie(Felicia Day) through the whole “you’ve got a fifteen minute window” flash drive hacking. The Leviathan action heats up and schmoozy Dick reveals how much he hates “that special human spark” which he cannot clone! And Tebow has no spark? Really? So goes my recap and take on the episode.

Lights flickering on this show is normally bad news but at this moment, it’s Bobby! He’s figured out how to show up but it’s hard work obviously, he’s worn out! Bobby breathlessly recounts his last dying breath, those numbers that he had stolen from Dick(James Patrick Stuart). He explains that Dick Roman is building an army where the humans are fodder for Dick’s perfectly engineered herd of followers! An email from Frank pops up, interrupting Bobby’s diatribe . Bobby snarks that Frank is always stealing his thunder until the email reads “if you’re reading this I’m dead or worse… my flash drive has been hacked”.  I love Frank Devereaux and hope to see him back! As the guys are reading the email, someone IS hacking Frank’s info. They track the hacker to Roman’s headquarters in Chicago which Dean calls the middle of  the “Deathstar”. The guys instantly go into retrieval mode but Bobby wants to go and work too, ghost or not. Knowing about vengeful spirits and considering that Dick killed Bobby, the boys sideline him. This doesn’t sit well with our daddy Bobby who looks determined to work the case in spite of being other worldly.

The first look of Frank’s hacker screams total nerd! Charlie rides a scooter(helmet and goggles of course), entering Roman’s HQs geeking out to “Walking on Sunshine”. One of my favorite scenes is Charlie letting loose in the elevator showing her true free spirit! Her cubicle is decorated with superheroes and she goes right to work donating money to her favorite charities from money she has stolen. Charlie is obviously quite the computer geek because Dick Roman calls on her to crack Frank’s hard drive. He gives her three days or she’s fired. After working all night, she finally cracks the code only to discover more than she wants to know about Dick Roman, the Leviathan and the whole taking over the world plan. With this new info, Charlie sneaks home to pack intending to leave. With her Star Wars bobble heads bobbling and her nerves on spidey sense, Charlie meets Dean and Sam. Pouring borax on themselves to prove their non-Levi status, Charlie does the same not even blinking.

The Winchesters explain the back story to Charlie after which she plans to leave but realizes that out of the three of them, that she is the one to discover what Dick has planned. Let the spying begin! The boys are in Frank’s high-tech van braving Charlie up when Dean sees Bobby’s flask hanging out of Charlie’s bag. Dean informs her of its good luck presence and she takes a big appreciative swig. With Dean encouraging Charlie to flirt her way into Dick’s office, Sam laughs at his instructions to Charlie for schmoozing the guard. Charlie likes girls so Dean’s advice then is to pretend the guard has boobs. Charlie gets pass the guard into Dick’s office. She hacks into the computer to discover that Dick is expecting a special package. There isn’t time for the boys to intercept the package so Charlie delays the message and therefore the object’s retrieval. Bobby is lurking around, giving Charlie a hand by causing noises for the guard to check out. Bobby’s frustration level rises, giving us some impending doom tingles!

The boys take off to procure the package but before Charlie can escape, Dick pins her down with  questions on breaking Frank’s code. Everything that Dick says is ominous Levi lingo but for the non-supernatural person, sounds like normal typical executive speak! At the airport, the Winchester’s pull off a switcheroo with the containers, again very spy like! When Dick hears that his package has arrived, he leaves Charlie but wants her to stay for further questioning. This is Charlie’s cue to run like heck which she does but only gets as far as the front door. Dick opens his container but it’s been rigged with a borax bomb and explodes all over he and the guards.  Dick lockdowns the facility but Dean and Sam burst through the glass to rescue Charlie. The boys get tossed around and Bobby comes to their aid but not in a good way! Vengefulness comes over him and he knocks Charlie out of the way to get to Dick. Dick just smiles and wants to play, monster o monster! Sam carries Charlie out the door and they take off to the hospital. Leaving the hospital with a sling on her broken arm, Charlie really doesn’t want to see the superheroes again! With a final “peace out bitches”, Charlie hops a bus heading to somewhere/nowhere for hiding.

Before the Winchester’s get into their car, Sam brings up Bobby’s violence. They both agree that when they’ve figured out what treasure Dick has, they’ve got to deal with Bobby. We hear again about the natural order of things which the two of them have both overcome.

This episode was well written and flowed. I love the cultural references from beginning to the end. I really loved the guys having grown up conversations that didn’t entail one of them sacrificing their lives. I have a strong suspicion about what will happen with Bobby from a tidbit of info much earlier on in season seven. Right now, Castiel is a worry but Bobby certainly has to be dealt with. What we know about the Winchesters is this, “blood don’t mean family” and Bobby is family! Until Friday for “There Will be Blood”, stay supernatural!