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Ana @AnaNiedzwiecki   “Size matters” Alaina Huffman

* Alaina Huffman(Abbadon) wants a fanfic written about Abbadon and Meg teaming up

xRighteousBrosx@DeansMagicFngrs   She originally thought Abaddon was supposed to be a one off monster of the week but the fans liked her so they brought her back

castiel@walkerandhunter   RAINHA

Ana @AnaNiedzwiecki   “I’m *dead* y’all.”

burcon!bee@sadandead  she also likes the slogan “time for a regime change” for abaddon’s campaign                                                                                                                                           *abaddon’s campaign slogan: “vote for me or else;”

*alaina’s sad crowley got a campaign speech and she didn’t

*alaina was so impressed with the support around misha when he directed his first episode

Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd  “How do you compete with virgins and entrails?” Alaina on Crowley’s campaign. Abaddon never really had one.

*My other real job is looking for a job,”

* Alaina has been acting since 13, got scouted in mall to be a model

*I feel like I’m pretty dead, y’all. I’m not making career plans based on it,” Alaina on possibly returning to

*Asked in what time period she would love to live Alaina chooses now for awareness, worldwide connectivity, and

*Alaina would like to see a face to face with Abaddon and Cain because it’s not physical, it’s about power & feminism.

*Abaddon had a theme song Alaina thinks it would be Flawless or Diva or The Bitch Is Back

*Alaina wants to out it out there that are lots of shows Abaddon could crossover on: etc she wants more work!

*Alaina says joining was like stepping into a family and she was welcomed immediately. Loved watching everyone work

Patricia ♡|Burcon|♡ @HikaruRose   Spin off idea where we explore Henry and Josie’s time studying for the men of letters

Fangasm@FangasmSPN   : going to work on is like playing with my friends                                                                         .

* : everyone seemed to like that scene where abaddon threatened to possess Dean

*on finding out Crowley sold his should for 3 inches: this is gonna change my relationship w

*you see this support system on spn, like when directed 

*Seriously adorable                        .


Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd The awesome Alaina Huffman 

JENSEN & JARED             

 “: J2 make their entrance 
Barbara Sirois Doyle@BarbaraMSD  . “Skeletal hair is nervous.” . “Skeletal hair is sweating.             
* rocking out as a warm up. ‘s voice is on fire. .* dances and cowbells to Sharp Dressed Man
*Fan thinks hair has magical properties. “Why do you think I keep it leashed?.
*Sam would ask Santa for a more comfortable Bunker bed
*. “Never dated an actual demon, but had some turn into one.”  .                                                                                                                                            D
*dating advice? Be who they need you to be. “Be a shapeshifter.”
*Sam would ask Santa for a more comfortable Bunker bed.”                                                                                                                                                          .
*When I lived with , bought a mattress and lugged it back on the roof of a car–holding  it.
 *Sat on the windowsill holding onto the mattress. Girls pulled along side. JA:  ‘sup,”        .
*auctioning off a shaker played. Now? It’s broken.
burcon!bee@sadandead  jensen: “you have to speak to the hair directly” to get jared’s attention
*when jared first read 200th ep script it “scared the living daylights out of him;” he didn’t know what to think

Jensen says an earlier draft of 200th had the boys singing all the songs.

*Obviously” Sam’s hair has magical properties says a fan, what else can it do? Jensen tries to touch it and is rebuffed

*Jared would like to point out he has never killed anyone he dated. That’s how he’s different from Sam.

*Jared almost falls off his chair telling the joke “I stand corrected, said the man to his podiatrist.”

*Jensen used to rent a place in Vancouver from his stuntman, who needed it back last minute. He moved into Jared’s basement

*Jensen had no furniture so he went to pick one up in Jared’s SUV. He had to sit on passenger windowsill to hold it to roof.

*minivan with 3 or 4 teenage girls pulled up next to them: “Are you the guy from ?” “No but this guy is,” Jensen said

*nope, they’re pretty much exactly the same,” Jensen jokes about Dean and Demon!Dean

*Jared cried the most during “Heart.” Jensen says “the one where he tells Sam about his experience in hell.”

*The biggest thing the show has done is given us a of you

*Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be at , Jensen and Jared jut announced!

Fangasm@FangasmSPN   Dating advice different than Sam and dean? : I never killed anyone

.*: I felt did justice of what it was supposed to do



 .‘s hair does the fifty states

They are cracking each other up                                                                                                                                                   ”                                                                                          .

: there are many times the brothers have been proud of each other. And they continue to have faith in each other

Fan had lab named Sam. And chihuahua named dean. to : I always call him my little chihuahu                                                                                                                                                       :

Jensen this season you’ll see the brothers more on the same page – they’re family and that will never change    

 Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink   . and have now decided The Hair speaks German and demonstrate that by breaking out German accents

“I like the Dea-stiel partpart.” @jarpad

All had to do was take off his hat and flip his hair and the audience went nuts

Yep just a couple dudes getting a mattress.” to the car-full of girls who pulled up next to their car

Jensen says roughest episode to shoot was “Heaven and Hell.” It was so emotional he had to walk away for a while                                                                                                       .

says it makes sense that Sam & Dean don’t have permanent love interests. They are too busy saving others

  Welcomes the first timers. And the 20th timers. Jensen’s biggest reservation about the 200th episode script was the destiel part.

Update: Jensen holds his phone up to Jared’s hair, looking for the magical wifi connection I  always call him “my little chihuahua”.” — Jared on Jensen

Jensen miming drinking when it comes to Jared’s birthday

 Devan@Ibelieveinsam 21m21 mJared’s hair does have powers. Sam is like Samson. If they don’t cut his hair sometimes, the mane would destroy all evil & no show

 Chloe Palka@chloeeesays   Fan asks what Sam & Dean would ask for from Santa. : “Didn’t we kill Santa?”

: jensen’s reaction to jared yodeling


The photos are beautiful as usual and I haven’t heard the ‘big news’ as yet! This is the gold panel so I’ll be updating the ‘boys’ as the beauty is posted!


*  Jensen’s face when goes to hug him 

* J2 doing hysterical camera crew imitations 

* And this is the camera guy who is apparently a champion multi tasker       .

* we care so much about these characters that if the quality goes down, we’ll stop

* @jarpad‘s confused face  pic.twitter.com/2KPD7TSphU” I confuse him a lot with my antics. @Deans_Savior

*   Jared: The coin prank terrified poor Sadie. Jensen about Misha: What a jerk pic.twitter.com/I38WL4o6U7

*   torments with cowbell

*   fitted shirt appreciation post.

, re: the camera look in 200, “We found another fourth wall to break.”
Jared: “When Jensen looked at the camera I fangirled out. He looked at me!”  JARED IS ONE OF US.
* J2 said they heard all the songs from 200th episode after and watch the girls perform the play and they shed a Single Man Tear
* I’d like to do anything different than I’ve done for…ten seasons.” on hairdos.  -,munia

* Jensen Ackles  breakfast panel. Taken by

  Emily_Jensen @JustDeanTeam   Jensen moves back to blue mike cause red is Jared’s mark color on set of


@silvercomet21   Being attentive Jensen Ackles

No words necessary, right? Jensen Ackles

jared’s priceless amused face as jensen tries annoying him w the cowbell but fails just look 

I’ve documented so many Supernatural conventions and I have to say: this is Misha’s best panel! He finally  moved away from awkward questions to revealing his silly self  with a couple of personal,  heart squeezing answers! Also for today: AJ Buckley, Shannon Lucia, Travis Wester, DJ Qualls, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche. This page updates as soon as tweets/pics/vids are available! Have fun!

Badonk-a-Donkey   @OsricChau for Saturday, I had some people help dress me. This part’s nice.  http://instagram.com/p/hCgLwem1Gd/

So the lovely people at @baracosandbrand helped me not wear a dress for Saturday. Thank you! http://instagram.com/p/hFmcS8G1Be/

Michelle Carlbert  ‏@Mokibobolink  The incredibly sweet @OsricChau was such a blast. pic.twitter.com/R7PVTqsIHV

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Richard: matt is auctioning off his cheerleader skirt for random acts. Because frankly even dumpsters don’t want

Master of ceremonies  pic.twitter.com/CeoA4h2hqG

Day 2 here we go! pic.twitter.com/QteebKvhyW


Misha Collins @mishacollins Got my nails done. @osricchau may be a good marathon gamer, but he’s a terrible manicurist. pic.twitter.com/tHmEXO6Ts1

Rocking out to Renegade! @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/LXqchBfRbU

Freaking adorable!  pic.twitter.com/jo0jP8Bj9D

Gratuitous ass shot misha & @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/k7nOPqbJ5C

After the scene where dean sent Cas away, Jensen had to rock me in his arms

Misha: dean and Cas leave Nora’s at 10 pm. They arrive somewhere at 6 am. Clearly Nora has a bitch of a commute to work

Misha: we are gonna get a lot done when I’m directing, don’t let j2 tell you otherwise. #uhoh

Misha had an argument with Jensen after torcon over ibuprofen. Jared started laughing and said ‘you’re so screwed when u direct

Misha: I don’t know how I lost my head and gave Jared my unlocked phone duriFan: how do you make cas so adorable? Misha: everyone loves a loser. Fans: aww  pic.twitter.com/eR6th9PEcP

Misha explains that he and @jarpad have negotiated a truce. Now it’s low level border skirmishes.  pic.twitter.com/mLEHz5b85H

Misha: Cas would be dressed up in a little apron and makeup with a name tag that says ‘I’m your bitch’. #fanfic

Misha: if Cas moved into the bunker with Sam and dean, he’d probably have to do the housework

How would the #spn guys fare on hunger games? Misha would distract Jared and Jensen with toy helicopters.  pic.twitter.com/Vl9aYe7aXq

Misha: Sam and dean need the travel toiletries version of weapons

If Cas had to be something else? Misha: how about you? Castiel the fangirl

Misha offers to procreate with the entire audience. @CreationEnt turns all the lights on.  pic.twitter.com/kEfP59RHsQ

Hydration, a con necessity.  pic.twitter.com/DjueD2U8J6

Misha asks a fan to ask a different question. Fan: OK, will dean and Cas get together? Misha: I asked for that didn’t I?

Fan: where do you find inspiration in times of trouble? Other fan: Jared! Misha: yes, I go to Jared’s trailer.

Misha: knowing I’ve inspired fans makes me want to be better.  And then I turn to Jared

@OsricChau @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/CnOxqY5fzW

Oh god @dicksp8jr is doing the other hand @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/TauzPn1jnE

Auctioning the cheerleader skirt  pic.twitter.com/AacTDwlAj5

Misha: I felt like an outsider looking in as a kid, so that part of Cas resonates for me

Making sure @mattcohen4real skirt is unwashed. Oh @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/64NeQdOPNl

Misha looks effing hot with black nail polish NGL  @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/TTUQDxqITL

Look who stopped by to sell Fangasm! The awesome @ChadLindberg   pic.twitter.com/L2SWRTjgEN

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline @mishacollins Just arrived!  pic.twitter.com/UBbuvFVlnw

Apparently @mishacollins and @jarpad negotiated a truce on their pranks

Misha!  http://instagram.com/p/hEU6hggLsV/

Would misha say yes to be an angel vessel in real life? Misha: no! Statistically good chance that you’ll explode.

Matt and Richard are crashing too. Misha’s nails look gorgeous now.  http://instagram.com/p/hEX32YALiK/

Emmie Mears  @emmiemears   pic.twitter.com/Ed5tb8hOSO

Rene Thurston @soapreporter Misha’s here pic.twitter.com/Lwcd6Z3tea

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/C8EKC73CAR

Richard, Misha e Matt pic.twitter.com/3KhgXdqs2f

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness Jared told Misha “we’re gonna make your life a living hell” when he directs

The hacking happened when Misha handed Jared his phone to solve an argument with Jensen about Acetaminophen vs ibuprofen

Misha and Jared “did something unprecedented… we negotiated a truce” so they could nap on a plane without worrying about pranks

Misha says lots of people die from acetaminophen overdose so “only take like a handful at a time

Misha: “The credit card scams, the pool hustling, it’s all a lie. They’re trust fund kids.

Misha asked if anyone from Supernatural was here, as the studio is is LA. “Nobody? Thanks for coming out and supporting me, guys.”

Misha says angel blood is bad for your liver

Misha: (To fan going to San Fran): “Swim to Alcatraz. Swim. Don’t wuss out, swim. Anyone can take a boat.”

Misha: “Whenever things get tough, I go into Jared’s trailer. ‘Hey man, can I ask you something? Fuck yourself.'”

Misha: (J2 arguments) “If we are talking about over the counter drugs, that’s a hot topic for us. Things tend to get pretty heated.”

Misha smelled Matt’s cheerleader outfit. “I can certify that that is unwashed

Maria @Clovers12   pic.twitter.com/GGwNkdbZkQ

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny When asked how he makes human Castiel so adorable, Misha Collins simply gestured to himself and grinned

Cas would be allowed to live in the bunker if he paid his way with housework. Lots of chores

Misha suggested a bayonet style gun that has a demon hunting knife in order to economize weaponry

Procreation was never so easy” Misha exclaims before asking for a volunteer from the audience

Things that help get Misha through hard times: his wife’s voice, waking up next to his kids, his fans

And here’s Richard Speight Jr. T to do the other hand w special guest Matt Cohen  pic.twitter.com/nLr5UeSJBP

And of course, they kind of look like one another. #MisharelatestoCas

The great debate over what Jimmy’s fate is rages on. Misha isn’t too sure but he’s sorry to his family.

SuperWomen  @WeAreSuperWomen There are several thousand deaths per year from people drinking angel blood. It looks innocuous, but it’s not. -Misha

don’t know what’s better, Misha having an 11-year-old ice cream consultant, or Osric and Richard giving him a manicure

Rene’ Thurston @scaryreporter Misha tells a fan from Ireland that he loves Irish whiskey!  pic.twitter.com/6gNFiSVwI0

Misha doesn’t understand why he’s an inspiration – he thinks he’s a mess!  pic.twitter.com/V373YPoNaq

Emmie Mears @emmiemears It’s #SPN manicure time  pic.twitter.com/LLCpS6Wn1s

Osric is on the floor painting Misha’s nails. pic.twitter.com/CDtnVpaD9j

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd  “Maybe he is mixed in with Cas’ grace? God that’s terrible!” – @mishacollins on Jimmy. He advises us not to say yes to an angel

PS during our interview Misha shared his daughter makes a “special guest appearance” in the next Cooking Fast and Fresh.

Debate going on about whether or not Jimmy is dead. @mishacollins is deferring to fan authority

Maria @Clovers12  @dicksp8jr painted @mishacollins nails pic.twitter.com/kLPV4mWM3X

@mishacollins pic.twitter.com/u5hWh6NDpX

@anjastokelj: longer story behind the Jensen/Misha acetaminophen vs ibuprofen argument: http://freckledbuttchester.tumblr.com/post/67867336474/misha-talked-about-how-jared-jensen-and-him-went …

Ana  @AnaNiedzwiecki  Misha said they just finished another ep of cooking fast and fresh with west

and there were points in the video where he was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face (as well as sauce)

he really loves his wife. and they’ve been together since his high school days. that’s really something. beautiful

I’m not going to spoil anything but the finale is Cas getting his grace back and kicking Metatron’s ass

Kelly Huffine @kelly42fox Osric harassing the line!  http://instagram.com/p/hEa1TEHf9v/

ConnecTV     @ConnecTV  @mishacollins on stage showing off his manicure! pic.twitter.com/TKrQFtAQgp

Michelle Carlbert   @Mokibobolink Had a fun time goofing off..   erm I mean interviewing @mishacollins  pic.twitter.com/Rg92g3MuAP

@mishacollins  Stay tuned for the interview soon! pic.twitter.com/yopcqqXhOR

Tina and Kara @tvgoodness a fun photo of #MishaCollins  pic.twitter.com/X3jbNemDGx


Puma @PumaGirlSF AJ, Travis, Shannon & DJ present: panel of people who have nothing to do with each other on the show at all  pic.twitter.com/Jwwi3I1qAd

 Aside: AJ kind of looks like Aaron Paul and I keep wondering why Jesse Pinkman is on the panel

If they had to partner w/SPN character to fight evil who would they choose? AJ: Jared’s calf Travis: Jared’s other calf

If they had to partner w/SPN character to fight evil who would they choose? Shannon: Jared’s abs DJ: Jensen’s jawline

If you could date Jensen or Jared who would you choose? DJ: Jared is fun in the sack

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny DJ Qualls fresh from Vancouver, says his ep is going to be awesome, he gets naked, & the synopsis itself is a spoiler

All gunning for a Ghostfacers and Garth match up. Maybe a sleepover…With onesies and hair braiding

What monster could the Ghostfacers and Garth take down? The Cookie Monster. They could take all his cookies

Travis Wester’s spirit animal is a ladybug

On acting like Bobby, DJ Qualls says it was intense, since he was essentially stepping up to fill the role-not replace

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  They are totally talking about sharts and crapping their pants pic.twitter.com/YTMx5Kcdtv

Yep the ghost facers are coming back! pic.twitter.com/YdyrfiQLEw

panel is hysterical @AjohnBuckley @westerspace @TheOnlyDJQualls and “April”  pic.twitter.com/TuoQf1HKTf

Hysterical Panel @AjohnBuckley @westerspace @TheOnlyDJQualls Shannon Lucio pic.twitter.com/pJeauhO1KE

Fan: if you could date Jensen or Jared… Shannon says Jared. DJ: yeah he’s fun in the sack

The entire panel just yelled “release the ladybugs

DJ actually started crying in the scene where dean blames Garth for trying to be bobby

Ghostbusters or ghost facers? AJ : we would kick their ass! pic.twitter.com/5eb93xowNv

Travis: when they filmed ghostfacers web series at Riverview, I got lost and heard this scraping noise. There was NOTHING there

Yep the ghost facers are coming back!  pic.twitter.com/30ApKTmpU1

Shannon: in a hotel at night I felt like someone was there watching me. DJ: sorry

He’s the new bad guy on Justified @AjohnBuckley

He’s in a new movie Zombie Hamlet @westerspace  Also writing a sci fi book

Jessie ♥  ‏@MishaMadness  Shannon says she is a doomsday prepper

Mr. Fizzles lives in DJ’s nightstand.

DJ: “Don’t google ‘Misha has herpes.’ Don’t do it. Don’t

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen  Ghostfacer AJ Buckley: “What if something appeared right here? I’d shart.” Talkin’ bodily functions in this panel.

Elle Sturgeon  @ellesturgeon  Release the Spartacus Ladybugs!

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil  AJ Buckley, Travis Wester, DJ Qualls e Shannon Lucio  pic.twitter.com/FKd3K4lFP1

@rthompson1138: Crashing #Burcon, chatting story w/ three handsome Angels, cc: @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/Z9toh4eq7A


Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl  Rob Benedict Thanks Fans For Support as he recovers from his stroke. http://youtu.be/nrJdeAIjSHg 

Michelle Carlbert     @Mokibobolink had fun chatting with the awesome @dicksp8jr  Stay tuned for the interview soon! pic.twitter.com/pYMQA0Z3s1


Fangasm @FangasmSPN Signing the skirt @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/d9EN6SNpwR

The adorable @RobBenedict and @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/IvJ1nkuI7b

Nice 🙂 @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/flNDbk11gh

Puzzling over a question @mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/6gQXWnfXVY

Busting @dicksp8jr@mattcohen4real  pic.twitter.com/LzV9HTCOVI

Looking like the trickster @dicksp8jr  pic.twitter.com/wDrgLXP2Ti

Fan: fave episodes? Richard: I have four…

Fan: Gabriel’s relationship with lucifer? Richard: umm not good. pic.twitter.com/VCkorUwb87

Rob: weirdest thing on SPN was in con ep he tripped running onstage … never mind, that’s boring…

Fan: you look like the perpetual deer in the headlights.  @RobBenedict  pic.twitter.com/ScjeoDJTG1

Cracking each other up @RobBenedict  pic.twitter.com/92JIz70RJb

Lol  pic.twitter.com/8Wa1eAfBk7

Stacey Legrand  @TFAFlyHunny Next year’s karaoke theme is Dick and Matt’s Excellent Adventure. I am so very ready.

Rob Benedict’s solo in a Supernatural musical would be “I see the future (& it’s killing me)”

Cast is very hung up on Cookie Monster today. I think they all secretly want to be on Sesame Street

Speight, Benedict, & Cohen brainstorming how to bring their characters back. “All our characters are dead!”

Puma @PumaGirlSF If you were angels for a day what would you do? World peace, stop war & give everyone a kitten

Question for Richard and Matt won’t stop booing and let this chick ask

Matts Jensen impersonation. pic.twitter.com/UDFYyhxYlF

Matt!  pic.twitter.com/KgpA0Qf3kR

Rob’s spirit animal is the squirrel from ice age

Bored @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/5fkOEQBgYA

Pouty @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/IPdDjM1Azx

Rob had a stroke at torcon and Richard Jensen and Jared took him to the hospital and he’ll be OK.

Time Thief @Lissie_A  @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict Rob doesn’t want to be Marty McFly for Karaoke. He downgraded himself

Glitch Girl @the_glitch_girl Most traumatizing moment filming? @dicksp8jr, finding @mishacollins‘ underwear in his trailer

The men have made today about poop. Everyone has cracked a poop joke so far.

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138 Thanks Great to see familiar faces & meet new peeps– y’all are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to chat– back tomorrow!

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen Getting violent in here. Throwing mic cozies around

Donna (SPN Queen  @SPNAddictions Misha & Osric pic.twitter.com/rbMDeZehCk http://fb.me/1GyLujP49 

Danielle Turchiano @danielletbd @mattcohen4real asked to impersonate @jarpad  pic.twitter.com/Btd28Az57i

A teaser from my @mishacollins interview where he pitches his latest @therandomactorg project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daCka4XK7iY …

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Richard, Matt e Rob pic.twitter.com/Djq6x5B3Z2

Matt Cohen pic.twitter.com/YJ3y2ISfKv


Fangasm @FangasmSPN He’s doing a valley girl imitation   pic.twitter.com/tVD83OtN4f

We’re already getting a striptease.  pic.twitter.com/FO7Z5tRWsF

Time for   pic.twitter.com/pckiuGQppz

Sebastian is describing the plaid skirt he wears for his girlfriend


We’re up all night to get lucky! pic.twitter.com/nuea1ubmXH

Young fan and @sebroche get down pic.twitter.com/g4t2ta3rUs

Who needs questions with @sebroche ? pic.twitter.com/TQ8WFydFhu

Gratuitous shot. Totally intended of course  pic.twitter.com/vtkUIWyokc

Sebastian is singing Celine Dion

Sebastian just called Castiel a penisless bastard

Sebastian: I’ve seen matt Cohen naked and has really hunky.

Sebastian has a man crush when Jared hugs him

Surprise @TyOlssonpic.twitter.com/I1izPjiAH3

Signing the RA skirt. @mattcohen4real @sebroche  pic.twitter.com/HMTo2qIyKB

@MarkRPellegrino @sebroche @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/FyBlplcw3X

Puma @PumaGirlSF Sebastian. Hold on to your seats!  pic.twitter.com/lU6iwgh9RT

Sebastian’s doing a Shakespearean soliloquy of SPN. And called Castiel penisless

“This is supposed to be a Q & A right?”

 Ty and Sebastian  pic.twitter.com/wmriDA4E2x

Emmie Mears @emmiemears He’s on a roll already.  pic.twitter.com/WdeewI9EKe


 Surprise visit from @TyOlssonpic.twitter.com/oJJRvfCfPH

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan At the rate @sebroche is losing layers, he’s going to be naked within ten minutes, top

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline Sebastian reciting Supernatural as Shakespeare  http://instagram.com/p/hFBVWaALsO/

Dean Winchester @ImDeanIEscaped  TY JUST CAME BENNY!  pic.twitter.com/EpvrYWC2Z2

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Matt: “I can’t wait to get off this stage before something inappropriate happens between me and Sebastian


Fangasm     @FangasmSPN the Marks!  pic.twitter.com/XC34QjaQVI

Fan: what would you go to a con for? Mark: fans of @Mark_Sheppard

Mark: Matt Bomer is a very pretty boy….

Mark: Crowley has had a taste of humanity and its changed him….

Mark: we’re 9 years into a show and its better than its ever been.

Fan asks about pranks. @MarkRPellegrino says he does owe Jared a few farts

Mark to fan: who are you shipping?  @Mark_Sheppard pic.twitter.com/KUwrdTjnDV

Marks are literally dying of laughter at @MarkRPellegrino telling a story. So adorable! @Mark_Sheppard #BURCON pic.twitter.com/5yQ32c2fQi

Fan: what’s it like being the kings of hell.  Mark s: easy. The king is dead, long live the king. Mark P: only sleeping

Mark P: I’d like him to have a big entrance. Mark S: careful how you say that.

Fan: how would you want Lucifer to come back? @MarkRPellegrino – NOW

Puma @PumaGirlSF Dueling Marks pic.twitter.com/hMm81CNgkM

MarkP to a little girl: “there’s no such thing as dead on supernatural!!”

Jared picks up MarkS and shakes him at will because “he’s huge.”

Mark: I’ve said some of the meanest things in my life on #spn.

The Winchesters are a pain in our asses

Matt: I saved the whole crotch for you.  @Mark_Sheppard : I’ll write small… @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/hpZFSpVhjK

What role did you like better? Jacob on Lost or Lucifer on Supernatural? Lucifer! (Good answer.)

Fan: what’s it like being the kings of hell.  Mark s: easy. The king is dead, long live the king. Mark P: only sleeping…

Mark P: fans are so supportive and I try to be the same thing back

The king of hell @Mark_Sheppard  pic.twitter.com/qCzfoaBiQE

Dean Winchester @ImDeanIEscaped LUCIFER AND Crowley pic.twitter.com/UWfC4rj2sg

Tog Nai  @SexualLeprosy .@MarkRPellegrino just put a tiny little girl on Lucifer’s “list”

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Pellegrino e Sheppard  pic.twitter.com/cT3H4ekH74

Stacey Legrand @TFAFlyHunny   Mark Sheppard felt sorry for Steve/Castiel in the date scene. 1st time he’s felt bad for Misha, made his heart hurt

Laura Prudom @LauInLA  Pellegrino thinks that Jedikiah is Lucifer’s new meatsuit. Sheppard thinks #Supernatural & #SleepyHollow should crossover. (Me too)

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Pellegrino: “I liked blowing up all the gods.”

Sheppard: “The writers give me delicious dialogue… It’s so much fun.

Pellegrino: “When my daughter was learning to speak I taught her the wrong words for everything because I thought it would be funny”

Sheppard: “Random Acts? I think that’s a front for Misha’s bank account. No one is that good!”

c l a r e n c e @fallofeleventh Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino  panel  pic.twitter.com/323rtF8q1z

Mark Sheppards ringtone is “Baby got back”

Sparrow Morgan @sparrowmorgan “This is what alcohol is for; so you don’t ask questions like that in public.” Sheppard

Chad Lindberg     @ChadLindberg It’s what we do.   @westerspace: What’s the deal with me, @ChadLindberg, and bathrooms?  pic.twitter.com/Y987YO5SsG


Rob Benedict @RobBenedict much love to everyone I got see at #burcon yesterday!!  See you again in a few months!

Louden Swain  @LoudenSwain1 what a crazy amazing awesome fun night! Thx 2all there! Much love to @jasonmanns @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr @Juliemcniven @sebroche

Pre show band dinner. Miss you @RobBenedict!! pic.twitter.com/N3IBiAxrta

Posting this for #CatchingFire   And changing icon to it. Just for today. pic.twitter.com/EXlQB9AyXu

Couldn’t fit all in 1st tweet! Thx 2 @followBBB @Mandy_Musgrave @mishacollins @OsricChau 4 joining us onstage & making it

So many emotions playing w/o @RobBenedict who we love & miss dearly. Can’t wait 2have him back w us again! All the fillins did him proud!

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau who’s coming to the concert tonight?! I’ll be hanging out in the audience 🙂

Last one out tonight and now a plane to catch. Post-con void feels already.. Thank you everyone for having me and have fun tomorrow!

Photoset: justanotheridijiton: Burcon 2013: Louden Swain with a little help from their friends {x} {x} {x}… http://tmblr.co/Zv0IVw-ICuC5 

Mira Cristine @MiraCristine Video: youremythyla: Sebastian Roche singing Eskimo at the Louden Swain concert…oh and he does take off his… http://tmblr.co/ZMEFbw-I0le-

Megan Wahl  @Megan_luvsbooks Julie McNiven joins Jason Manns and Louden Swain pic.twitter.com/wZPJAQGRQM

Sean Koo @scoobykoo who knew #Fringe alum #sebastianroche could sing? #loudenswain concert  http://instagram.com/p/hFpTjbpGVK/

StargateUniverse alum #JulieMcNiven joins the #loudenswain concert http://instagram.com/p/hFoujlJGUo/

Emmie Mears @emmiemears the guys of Louden Swain rocking out–we are all hoping Rob Benedict gets better soon!  pic.twitter.com/YkcK6SNNnS

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Louden swain with @jasonmanns  pic.twitter.com/QU9UCfmhg6

All are singing Carry On My Wayward Son  pic.twitter.com/wX5wz3S9IW

Brian Buckley Band @followBBB last minute: me and @jasonmanns and @sebroche are playing with @LoudenSwain1   Join us!  Starts in 10–!!

BBBfansite  @BBB_fansite Brian || Another Angle Of Stage tp://wp.me/p40MKa-6C 

Jason Manns  @jasonmanns If you are in Burbank, you should come to the @LoudenSwain1 concert right now! Me and some friends are here to help out our buddy. 😉

Saммy  ‏@Samantha_SW  I believe i can flyyyyy … ♪  pic.twitter.com/FABo18z9Jy

DJ Qualls! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQm7NAYeTmo&feature=youtu.be

Travis Wester  @westerspace A huge thank you to @CreationEnt for an amazing event!! That dancefloor’s next of kin should probably be notified.

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness I finally figured youtube out. It only took twelve hours.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4qdESWhFlM …@Juliemcniven  @jasonmanns @LoudenSwain1 #burcon

  gets interesting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8DY97FSBcI … @sebroche @jasonmanns @LoudenSwain1

DJ Qualls at #Supernatural  cocktail party.: http://youtu.be/FQm7NAYeTmo 

The last Supernatural convention of the year started out with a pretty Osric Chau! Dressed as Rapunzel, Osric charmed his way through the fandom with sweet talk for all and cupcakes for those with birthdays. Today’s panels included: Amy Gumenick,  Corin Nemec, Madison McLaughlin, and Chad Lindberg. Have fun with the fun to tide us over for the mid-season hiatus!

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau Flying to Burbank for Burcon! You know what this means. Probably not actually. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to find shoes for tomorrow.

Aj Buckley  @AjohnBuckley #BURCONBITCH! #riseofthefacers @westerspace @BrittIshibashi @AustinBasis @DustinWMilligan


@WeAreSuperWomen It’s the Trickster himself, @dicksp8jr! Currently eulogizing Jensen’s shorts.  pic.twitter.com/80pSeIjfZ1

Ermahgerd! Rapunzel @OsricChau met the Prince!  pic.twitter.com/qyavPZEg3L

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Jared and Jensen give “Fangasm” a thumbs up! Have you read it yet? Come find us in the vendors room  pic.twitter.com/DhOtrfk9jN

Auctioning off @mattcohen4real cheerleader skirt this weekend for Random Acts

Kicking it off with @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/BAyqWp8lyA

We love @OsricChau pic.twitter.com/8BcoxFKpek

This is the Friday costume only. Fans: awww

A fan just added a tiara pic.twitter.com/8C43gk8FZ0

Osric’s song: Bittersweet symphony. Kevin’s: show me the meaning of being loved… (sings

Osric: come on up, I have a prince! pic.twitter.com/vmXJDEvTmu

easy day on #spn?- when I get to yell at Crowley

I was scared by that last episode. That suffocating scene! I don’t wanna die that way

Osric: it was either shave my face or shave my legs….

Fan: I’m nervous. @OsricChau : don’t be, I’m the one in the dress.  pic.twitter.com/5Vyt2A7rJb

Fan: thanks for being such a fan of the show. @OsricChau : it’s not hard!!  pic.twitter.com/yHoDAc9wtL

Osric – every time Kevin isn’t in an episode its like oh, he’s in some other city watching porn

Osric wants Kevin to save the day – and its a spell that only Kevin can do. Omg he’s acting it all out.

He has such a great smile…  pic.twitter.com/qmry1lCIIj

Despite my affection for @Mark_Sheppard Kevin has animosity toward Crowley for what he’s done. pic.twitter.com/fXukDCOCZc

Kevin trusts the winchesters.  They’re all he has left and they’re family. Fans: awwww  pic.twitter.com/xpm0qzZ6xC

brought cupcakes for all the birthdays!  pic.twitter.com/pqoHMvct2X

Jensen’s text to @dicksp8jr about the coach outfit: “wardrobe is sending the actual one. You’re welcome

Osric gives out birthday cupcakes to fans.  pic.twitter.com/yBS85hX3bJ

Look who came by to help us sell “Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls”! The awesome @OsricChau  pic.twitter.com/bXFMtU8VfD

Michelle D  @wombatvet    girly and pretty. pic.twitter.com/l4JA87hyZH

Kristina @StupakKristina Osric and Richard http://twitpic.com/dm77yx 

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness  Osric: (About his dress) “It’s very freeing

Voted the good citizen award in high school. Involved in anti bullying stuff. Didn’t like studying tho  pic.twitter.com/wIECZMWSIP

Alexis  @lovepass77   Sam’s body and a frying pan, or a single handled AX… best weapons for Kevin

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness   Osric: “One of the nice things about me wearing a dress is that when you meet me I’m already more embarrassed than you.”

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau probably the last time I’ll wear a dress for some time. Next up will be.. Suggestions anyone? http://fb.me/21tnBnboH 

Amy Gumenick Panel

Amy Gumenick @amygumenick Thanks for capturing my many crazy faces! GYWKaren: Photos of @amygumenick panel http://tinyurl.com/lepw3do 

Cool @FangasmSPN: Amy in @dicksp8jr film America 101. Washing broccoli in slo-mo apparently. pic.twitter.com/En8dKbhDXJ

@FangasmSPN: Amy: an awesome series finale (20 years from now)? We wake up in john and Mary’s bedroom and it was all a dream

Amy: Mary had her parents in the hunting world. Sam and dean only have each other


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Fan to corin:  I’m a big fan of your face.  pic.twitter.com/7XYZNqHc3l

Corin pissed off a drunk Klingon at a trek con and ended up in an unplanned wrestling match. Corin had to run for the elevator

Corin on Jared and Jensen: love those guys, they’re gentle giants. Fans: awwww

Corin chats with a fan.  pic.twitter.com/yuRQMp9lPL

Fan: what would you have done if you didn’t act? Corin: time

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN  Corin was a quirky kid with nickname corky. Corin: it’s better than Asshole… pic.twitter.com/mLFhlkESQw

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Corin Nemec  pic.twitter.com/ydB9z3O1q6

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness Corin: (J&J) “They are HUGE in real life… They are gentle giants.”

Kelios  ‏@kelios  Corin has lost jobs from being too tall, must be even worse for ‘the gentle giants’

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen Fabulous creative advice from Jensen via @MadisonMcLaugh: Do the best that you can and then walk away. Never be too hard on yourself

Fangasm @FangasmSPN After her last scene Madison was crying, feeling she could do better. Jensen told her she needed to stop being hard on herself

That’s a wrap pic.twitter.com/TciEuaqSZm

Madison watching #spn scene where dean forces a smile:  “Jensen, stop! Right in the feels, man…”

Madison: I have yet to encounter a rude #supernatural fan.  pic.twitter.com/VvssJnONxZ

Madison graduated high school at 15.  Fan: are you a genius? Madison: (dead pans) yes. pic.twitter.com/ief7ScnzJG

Madison: Chrissy thinks of Dean like I think of Jensen. I adore him. Everyone in the room: me too.

Madison: are Jared and Jensen really twice my age? Come on, have you met them??

Madison has worked on #spn and teen wolf.  pic.twitter.com/Yz1fZmRSZg

Madison: I sort of fell in love with Misha right before I filmed

Supernatural @spnfansbrazil Madison McLaughlin   pic.twitter.com/k7BtX0WB7R

Kelios @kelios Jared and Jensen talked to Madison  about how great we are.

SuperWomen @WeAreSuperWomen The fabulous @MadisonMcLaugh is up  pic.twitter.com/XTLwADs2F0


Dean Winchester     ‏@deanosquatch  Ran into @ChadLindberg at the Daily Grill (I’m the one in blue). Really nice guy 🙂 pic.twitter.com/pvokvoLSTG

@FangasmSPN: Chad setting up an evp meter.  As you do  pic.twitter.com/czzevE77YY

Chad’s favorite scary movie is The Sixth Sense. Me: hey, I’m in that one!

Chad: you’re trying to do serious scenes on #spn and Jensen’s over there making obscene gestures

Chad loved the scene where Ash fell off the pool table. Sam ferris was cracking up.  pic.twitter.com/Z7nOvQ4Y5E

Awww @ChadLindberg brought his mom

Ghost hunter  pic.twitter.com/liOXarNVgP

got scratched on the ghost hunt last night.  pic.twitter.com/bIn0qLZ79j

Chad wrote a fan letter to Ghost Adventures. He was so excited when Zach tweeted him

Damned if we didn’t hear evp at an #spn con!  pic.twitter.com/cUw3cIIom2

Richard is totally freaked out because the spirit box said his name  pic.twitter.com/5iLAcYoYeV

Jessie ♥  @MishaMadness  Richard: (Osric and Chad) “There’s nothing like watching a ghost hunter and a man in a dress with a frying pan connect

Chad invited a ghost to karaoke. Richard is not happy about it

Kelios   @kelios supernatural is known in the industry as being a fun set

Madison McLaughlin @MadisonMcLaugh where dreams come true. Isn’t that right, @OsricChau (superb Twitter name, by the way) pic.twitter.com/WYRgDE4K30

…and thank you to @AdamGlass44 for writing such an incredible character. It makes my heart happy every time I get brought back to Krissy.

amazing. Completely fell in love with the #SpnFamily all over again. Thank you for being so kind and lovely…


Samantha Ferris  @samanthajferris The Princess Bride is on! Best lines ever!

Aj Buckley  @AjohnBuckley BURCON !!!!

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg Eye of the Tiger.  http://instagram.com/p/hDWyfXQRFC/

matt cohen @mattcohen4real Can you feel that #BURCON ?!? That’s me breathing heavy with anticipation for tonight’s FREE karaoke shit show!

             Timothy @Omundson  @mattcohen4real I’ll never be the same again.

@wombatvet I think @Omundson is doing a great @GroovyBruce impression tonight.       I learned it from The Maestro himself.

@FangasmSPN Killing it in karaoke. @Omundson does sympathy for the devil

It was a groovy night. Thanks for not throwing anything

@samsmithtweets @kimrhodes4real You killed it, Ladies. Until the next time we read off a teleprompter & belt it out for the masses.

kim rhodes  @kimrhodes4real First time singin with the mic ON tonight. Thank you @samsmithtweets!

Samantha Smith @samsmithtweets Me + @kimrhodes4real, post successful karaoke crashing.  pic.twitter.com/UMJIQ2IJqH

Chad Lindberg  @ChadLindberg  http://instagram.com/p/hDENtxwRF3/

Louden Swain@LoudenSwain1  Something’s brewing.  @Juliemcniven @RobBenedict  pic.twitter.com/uzV1aHsFNh

Leslie Devonshire @GojyoChan  photo: Brian Buckley SURPRISE karaoke guest!!! (at Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport) http://tmblr.co/Z1TKRy-CLwrK 

Olivia Nee @OliviaMarline so happy @kimrhodes4real and Sam Smith were at Karaoke last night! pic.twitter.com/haIHVmfrWV

Carol Montemór  @cahmontemor   i’m in love with my karaoke kings + @Mandy_Musgrave  pic.twitter.com/leAwGsIXjn

Brit Sheridan  @thebritsheridan so much love from y’all last night at #BURCON it was awesome meeting y’all and singing for y’all pic.twitter.com/yDyA4s1pg8

Kristina @StupakKristina  Mark Pellegrino-Big Balls: http://youtu.be/gw1MF14P2M4

Sebastian Roche-Eskimo: http://youtu.be/Ry8VngVOpq0 

BBBfansite  @BBB_fansite Brian || Onstage With Louden Swain http://wp.me/p40MKa-6t 

Julie McNiven – She Waits: http://youtu.be/h4qdESWhFlM 

For lots of fans, you think the past 2 days have been great & can’t be beaten but guess what?! IT TOTALLY CAN! Jensen & Jared are such awesome fellas! Funny, respectful & always having a good time! So enjoy this last day with J2. You will cry when it’s over! I always do sitting here on my couch reading it all! Sweet memories!

Talking about sweet memories, this was the LAST thing to happen on the panel! Birthday cake brought out by Richard Speight, happy birthday sang by the fans , & Jensen taking a big bite of the cake with Jared following! YEP, LOVE THOSE MEN!!!

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jensen and Jared with cake on their face  http://pic.twitter.com/TnoC17Rz

@WinchesterBros: Jensen’s birthday cake with two face prints. http://pic.twitter.com/20DBUYZV

@heather03nmg: The birthday boy Jensen Ackles http://twitvid.com/QZF1O” NICE

 @kelios Birthday cake vid! http://pbckt.com/pn.UHwCmB


Shelly @TheSalmonDean The J’s are late….so we wait ‘patiently’!  http://pic.twitter.com/Rn8784ww

 @wendy_d: J2 hug.  http://twitter.com/wendy_d/status/176356763187154944/photo/1

* Baby could come any second, Jared has his phone on.

Veronika Lamichova @VeronikaCzechRDanneel hired a chef and had a bday celebration for Jensen last night

@heather03nmg Danneel threw Jensen a bday dinner party last night. Jared and Steve Carlson both attended

Sandra Echeverri@sanpao19  with @jarpad and Jense http://twitter.com/sanpao19/status/176359026265829376/photo/1 

@MrsDeWinter_2: Js agree Bobbys death sucked, but Jensen thinks that ep is one of best eps of show

Wendy @wendy_d Thanking fans for People’s Choice Awards

heather @heather03nmg Jensen lowered his microphone to his crotch. Jared replies, Ah, the stories it could tell.

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness The boys are here!  http://lockerz.com/s/189545241

@WinchesterBros: Jared is in plaid, Jensen is in black

Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_laconJensen said season 8 looks good. Probably will happen with a shorter hiatus. ·

WendyWendy@wendy_d Jensen: Season 8 is not official yet, but it looks good.
* Jensen misses the Impala.

 Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Fan: is Danneel even going to be on SPN? Jensen: I don’t think so.

*Jensen said having the Impala back so briefly was a tease

  @moika22: Supernatural will shoot until mid April. If picked up for season 8 there may be extra episodes 

*Start episode 20 tomorrow

@phoenix_lacon: Jensen lived near the equestrian center in Burbank when he first lived in CA 

@jarpad keeps doing the nutcracker host impression from.Changing Channels. Jensen is starting to join in.

 @caitlynswanda: Jensen is sick of the cars besides the impala and feels bad for Dean 

@WinFamBusiness: What’s the craziest thing Sam and Dean have done? Jared – “Nutcracker!”

*Seven seasons later and Jared and Jensen still can’t explain what the show is about. They’ve done it all

Saila Ferreira @ShaySpnFanJensen on explaining the show: season 1? Urban legends, car, things that go bump in the night. Season 7? “I dunno…” 

@phoenix_lacon: Jensen threatened Gabe Tigerman when he drove the Impala

SPN Georgian Fans @SupernaturalGeoShow spent 20K refurbishing the Impala

@caitlynswanda: It took A LOT of drugs to put Jared under for his wrist surgery

 @heather03nmg: Jared and Jensen just shot commentary for season 7 DVD Slash Fiction

Wendy @wendy_d Jared’s dream car is a Generation Two Corevette. Jensen wants the Impala

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusinessJensen – “There’s a certain car I do want but I have to wait until a certain show is over and get it in my contract

* I had to share this since I’m waiting in the Jared photo op line. I took this photo at breakfast this morning.  http://pic.twitter.com/kVBlCLqa

Carly!@alovething during photo ops jared said gen was doing great and about to burst.

Natalie Croyt@blondeweasel88 Just me the nicest and coolest bodyguard ever at  @bodyguard4JandJ thanks for taking time to say hi to me talk to me! 🙂

Valentina Marinelli@ValentinaM_88 #Jensen * Oh Dear Lord! ♥__♥ #SPN http://pic.twitter.com/v8iJpGO

  J2 pic: https://twitter.com/#!/amenpadaleski_/status/176397624834916353/photo/1

 @TheSalmonDean http://twitter.com/V_HaleH_V/status/176402381775450112/photo/1 


heather @heather03nmg Jim and Richard onstage http://lockerz.com/s/189588617

Angel @angel_kink . @dicksp8jr in the audience again  http://twitpic.com/8s2ds8 

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rich is gonna “work for Jim” by working the audience

*Questions about Justified…Jim wants to do an ep with Rich, but when you die there, you’re kinda gone

*Jim is wearing a Singer Salvage tshirt

*Jim : on Justified, you can be in the make up trailer and STILL not know what your ep is about

. *What other show would you work on? Jim likes “shows that kill me off”, cites Deadwood as other fave. Rich says Band Of Brothers

*Rich finds gal who got kissed by Rick. “He took Q&A and made it more T&A

Angel @angel_kink . @dicksp8jr with the girl that made out with Rick worthy http://twitpic.com/8s2fha

Charlotte Wilson @Sharleddo Hello @dicksp8jr, how u doin. http://pic.twitter.com/lsGUrKEw

MariaMaria@Clovers12  @dicksp8jr and @jumblejim http://twitpic.com/8s2e7g

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jim: “I have about 9000 books at home and a few of them came from Bobby’s house.”

Moira @moika22Fav prop they kept. Jim: A couple of books from the set. Most books on set are on Canadian Tax Law

Angel @angel_kink . @jumblejim just refered to himself as “ex supernatural”. ALL MY CREYS

Moira@moika22 Who are you cheating on? Matt or Chad? Richard: I am the most unfaithful and promiscuous homosexual on #Supernatural

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Jim: “When you get to my age, your memory goes really quickly

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Fave behind the scenes moment? Bringing Maddie up to the set last August for the 1st time & she met Bob Singer…

carla @prchrzdtr  Richard says he wasn’t there long enough to scope out the good stuff!

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Maddie said she wanted to be on SPN. Demanded why lighting was taking so long. Bob said she’ll become a producer

*Jim : J2 like to make up their own dialogue to throw people off. And they REALLY like doing it to Jim.

*What’s made Jim cry? Anything with The Rock in

*Rich was deeply affected by the D Day scene from Private Ryan

*While seeing Day of the Locust, Jim was asked to “cry quieter”.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jim: “We get a lot more questions about pranks than actual pranks

*Jim says Jared and Jensen try to make him laugh on camera and it doesn’t work

*Richard: “There’s a guy here!” Jim: “How did he get in?”

*Jim said the beer on set is usually diluted coke. Richard: “Really? Not Pepsi, dude?” Jim: “You’re the one payed to buy Pepsi

carla@prchrzdtr  what’s in the alcohol bottles on the show? Richard- Absinthe!

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink“ooooh the expensive seats are complaining.” – Richard Speight Jr after taking a lot of q’s from back of room

*”Who cares?” – Jim Beaver when asked who he would choose to die (Sam or Dean) if it meant Bobby could come back

carla @prchrzdtr  if Gabriel sang Karaoke it would be Love Shack! If bobby did it would be Some Enchanted Evening or Rock Lobster!

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness If they had to kill a character to come back on a show, Jim would kill “the tall one.” Richard says: “Who cares? Kill them all

*Richard:”It just shows how difficult murder can be.”Jim:”On tv you have to do it on multiple angles. In real life, once will do it.”

*Jim: (To Richard) “Get you on Psyche? I’ve been trying to get you off Supernatural!”

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jim Beaver on stage http://twitter.com/WinchesterBros/status/176409732817489920/photo/1

*Richard Speight walking the crowd at  http://pic.twitter.com/WRo1KydJ

*.@dicksp8jr on watching Dean get beat up by scantily clad women in Tall Tales, “Not a bad day at the office!”

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink “Tim Omundson is the chia pet of American TV.” – Jim Beaver remarking on the #Psych star’s ability to grow a massive beard quickly.

*Jim Beaver was mistaken for John Lennon & Dustin Hoffman on the same day

*When Richard Speight Jr got the role of the Trickster he originally thought he was just playing a janitor

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778  Idjit was how it was actually written. Jim saw it and said, “Really?”

*Rich doesn’t get to pick his own candy on the show…and eating on screen is a NIGHTMARE cuz of continuity issues.

*Fans would speak Klingon to Cecily at cons

Jennifer@matchboximpala @dicksp8jr is genius 

 @WinchesterBros Richard Speight walking the crowd  http://pic.twitter.com/xTlU3rju

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink I think @CreationEnt should have @dicksp8jr play Phil Donahue at every panel at every con. He’s amazing at it and it’s so much more fun!

Natalie Croyt @blondeweasel88 Thanks to @dicksp8jr for coming to the “cheap seats”  so we could ask q’s and get good pics like this 🙂 http://twitpic.com/8s7ujj


JENSEN & JARED PANEL @heather03nmg Jared and Jensen checking each others teeth before the panel  http://lockerz.com/s/189602735

  @heather03nmg: Jensen crashed Jim’s panel  http://lockerz.com/s/189599661

SpoilerCW @TheSpoilerCW Jared and Jensen on stage  http://twitter.com/WinchesterBros/status/176417448621391872/photo/1

@WinchesterBros: Jensen is still not used to the flashing lights. Jared says he follows Jensen around taking flash pictures

 @wendy_d: Jared says cons & fans are integral to SPN.Loves when newbies join The Family. Jensen never gets used 2 camera flashes.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen: “The crew is kind of our family. A very dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless

 @WinchesterBros: Q: after so many cons ate you still in awe of it? A: both are still blown away. 

AngelAngel@angel_kink. @jarpad is now straddling a chair and it making Jensen nervous lol  ·
 @hafelina Last yr @jarpad broke a couple regular chairs, so this yr J2 get sturdy chairs 4 their panel!
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Jared turned his chair around and sat. Jensen: “You make me nervous
 @bblackbbirdd: @jarpad just said ‘yall’ like 6 times in one sentence
Angel @angel_kink . @jarpad mentioned the “newest addition to th family” will be here as soon as his phone starts to ring and the audience applauds
 @heather03nmg: Jensen still gets nervous anxiety before coming out on stage http://lockerz.com/s/189603335
@MishaMadnessJensen: (On a crew member’s 5 year old kid) “We have conversations with her. She didn’t even exist when the show started.
 @wendy_dJared says its funnier when Dean has to wear weird costumes or do odd things.  ·

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros Q: what deceased character were you glad to see come back? Jared: “I was glad to see Sam come back.” Jensen: “I wasn’t.”
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778What board game would SPN be? Jared: Twister XD Jen : Clue, Sam, in the bathroom, with a rubber duckie
Michelle Carlbert @MokibobolinkJensen once had a fan send a notebook down on a fishing line from a 2nd story window to sign an autograph
Wendy@wendy_d Jensen: If SPN was a board game, it’s be Clue. Sam Winchester, in the bathtub, with a rubber duckie
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared : the boys shouldn’t take their own advice, cuz that would be boring
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros JA: “To be honest, we don’t really take rehearsal that seriously.”
Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_laconJensen in reaction to Misha’s performance as a Leviathan: “I just peed a little
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Jen discussing Misha’s Cas voice & how weird he thought it was
Winchester Bros @WinchesterBrosBefore Jared worked with Misha he asked Jensen about him. Jensen told him: “He’s good, he’s good, but he’s weird
 @babserella2778 Jared was unhappy, covered in glitter, and they had to laugh. LOTS of acting going on there
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jensen & Jared just demonstrated their fake laughter & I nearly died laughing myself. So freaking funny
Kasara D@KasaraDonnelly Jared just dropped his mic and pushed his chair over because the question is for jensen.

Jessie ♥Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared is sitting on the stage sulking because everyone keeps asking Jensen questions
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared is upset next question is for Jen, so he knocks over his chair and sits pouting on the floor
 @moika22: Glitter bomb scene was done late at night. Jared was not happy. The laughter was acting. They demonstrated.
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared is making noise so we don’t hear the question for Jensen.
@WinchesterBros: . @bodyguard4JandJ in the crowd, Jared and Jensen on stage  http://pic.twitter.com/5qBJ8wpK
 @angel_kink: Jensen is talkin about @mishacollins and says he loves his character choices for Cas
Moira‏  @moika22 Jensen was embarrassed about days of our lives scene on The French Mistake. He acted the part when Jared said the Line
@babserella2778: Can BBB, Jason, and Loudin Swain please play ONE show? Jen : Sure, any dry cleaning I can get done for you?
@MishaMadness: Jensen: (On the musicians): “We support them, but we aren’t their booking agents
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared didn’t know Alona that well at that moment. He lifted her onto the bar because of the height difference
@wendy_d: Jensen: I’m batman. Jared: I’m Pada-man.
 @babserella2778: Worst injury? Jared’s snapped wrist & a kick to the head. Jen : I got a bruise on my shoulder…
Kasara D @KasaraDonnellyJared got kicked in the head and blacked out while shooting a scene this season
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jared took a good kick to the head in a stunt recently & it rung his bell so hard he had to go sit down after the scene
 @babserella2778: Jen doesn’t think Alona minded@wendy_d: Fan: Hi boys! Jared: Men. Fan: Hi menMichelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jensen knockd his elbow so hard in AHBL II that his arm went numb & he still has sensitivity in that hand. Youch.@Wasserfloh1 Jensen laughing over Jared’s awkward moment. Thought fan asked for double f**k but it was double hug
Kasara D @KasaraDonnelly“The women to men ratio here is fantastic.” -jensen
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen: “To get a bigger male audience? We need hot chicks. Unfortunately we tried that and it made all of you mad.”
@babserella2778: SPN’s huge female crowd despite its violence, how could you bring in more guys? Jared “Naked chicks.” * Jen doing impression of us : “Get these sluts away from our boys!!!” 
cody mattu@codemanisaboss JandJ in the crowd, Jared and Jensen on stage  http://pic.twitter.com/Y9076UAZ
@MishaMadness: Jensen says “the eating thing” was something he did and then the writers started adding it in
Pam @MrsDeWinter_2Reason Sam always eats salads is because Jared hates eating on screen

 Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Guilty pleasure shows? Jen is proud to say he’s never seen Jersey Shore. Jared likes Top Chef.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared likes Top Chef, Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars.

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jen likes Biggest Loser cuz Alison Sweeny hosts, and because it’s helping people

Maria Facciuto @MarrianosaJensen is creeped put by clowns because of king’s It and wants to shoot them

 @heather03nmg True fact. They forgot to apply the hand print burn on Jensen for his shirtless scene 

 @babserella2778: Jared just called Jensen Dean. Whoops!

*What ep would you NOT have done? Jared : ep where he broke his wrist. Jensen : the PE outfit.  ·

Samantha KoldenSamantha Kolden@bblackbbirdd jared & jensen just acted out child birth. what is my life.
 @MrsDeWinter_2 Jared not scared of clowns but they creep out Jensen.

@KasaraDonnelly: Jared and jensen are acting out how babies are born.

 @babserella2778: If Dean could go back, he’d never had gone to Lisa & Ben. Jared: Sam wouldn’t let Dean kill that Ruby chick…

Angel @angel_kinkJensen’s signature dance move is walking off te dance floor lol

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen’s “signature dance move” is walking away from the dance floor until the music stops

*Jared: (On how he would want it to end) “It was all a dream. Since the pilot

 @babserella2778: Jen : Sam & Dean retire to a home in Florida. On a beach somewhere…

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessJensen: “Wait, you’re pregnant?” Jared: “I know, I’m barely showing

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jared discussing the St Jude’s fund…ladies from

@WinchesterBros on stage!! Fandom raised $27k!!!

Kasara D@KasaraDonnelly Jared and gen are matching what we’ve raised for st. Judes!!!!

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Richard is bringing up a birthday cake

Maria@Clovers12J2 @jarpad !!!! http://twitpic.com/8s3n4p

@Jamie_Rose89: Happy Birthday Jensen!!  instagr.am/p/HxGgUKoFVC

@babserella2778: JEN SMASHED HIS CHIN INTO THE CAKE and Jared did likewise

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rich called Jared Other Tall Guy  http://pic.twitter.com/vOfmxsTX

@babserella2778: Jared just called Jensen Dean

heather’s Photos on Lockerz (updated)  http://j.mp/wrTMJM

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros After Jensen’s 1st con (Asylum) he called Jared and told him: “dude, we need to do more of these; people actually like us!”

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jensen Ackles and @jarpad fangirling us  http://twitter.com/WinchesterBros/status/176530239839682560/photo/1

D’Collins ™ DCoIIins The last day of #BurCon 2012 had the presence of Jared and Jensen http://twitpic.com/8s599u

Supernatural India @Supernatural_IN J2  http://twitter.com/Supernatural_IN/status/176509409487372289/photo/1

@NicoleTubiola: I love her… Cutest belly ever! We missed u @jarpad ! http://yfrog.com/h04k2nrj” beautiful gen!!

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness As a welcome to all the new followers I’ve picked up, here’s a panel picture of Jensen at  http://twitter.com/WinFamBusiness/status/176522629300240384/photo/1  

J2 vid about more men viewers & “keep sluts away from the boys”! vid by sympathyrhymes:  http://tinyurl.com/8yblcgt

Most awkward moments for the boys!vid by MoodyFennec: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVigH_e2CRQ&feature=share

Jensen on the hand scar not being there after Castiel heals him! vid by sympathyrhymes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu3-oXRjT6Q&feature=share

Jared & Jense vid on injuries while filming: vid by MoodyFennec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBMvDscMRR0&feature=share

Jensen birthday vid by NBAGirl104: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpR83hOBcIE

Sara_James@So0oNo0oR #JensenAckles #02 http://instagr.am/p/H1yUF2JsY/

#JensenAckles And @jarpad http://instagr.am/p/H1zOvips2s/

*With the Cake instagr.am/p/H1zHGips2o

Jared thanks for the St Jude fund raiser, how show will end, Jensen signaturedance move, b’day! vid by hyola: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiguiFA9pd0&feature=youtu.be 

J2 panel vid: fav game, rubber duckie & taking own advice, vid by salmondean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNHMqpVgGlM&feature=channel

J2 panel, fake laughing, Jensen’s older roles, Jared pouts: vid by Mitsiru01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNHMqpVgGlM&feature=channel

J2 panel, about Misha, Alona, worse injuries: vid by xxdebbiexxx: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POgjtLqh8pY&feature=related

Jared receiving card from @WinchesterBros vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p6flF09M7E&feature=youtu.be

Rene Thurston article on BurCon: http://www.examiner.com/horror-movie-in-riverside/25-fascinating-facts-from-the-burbank-salute-to-supernatural-convention-burcon

Winchester Bros. photo gallery! http://winchesterbros.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=882

@AmyinSydney’s #BurCon experience! http://www.thewinchesterfamilybusiness.com/archive-articles/33-con-reports/16923-one-crazy-awesome-sunday-with-the-js-part-1.html


@MadisonBlaine95 Happy birthday Jensen! http://instagr.am/p/HxNVtiMZc-/

heather@heather03nmg Madison onstage favorite scene is the fistbump with Dean

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Was she a fan before she filmed? Yes, she was! She watches with her 5yo sister, who covers her eyes

Jamie Andrews@Jamie_Rose89 The adorable and gorgeous @MadisonBlaine95! She’s so tiny!!  http://twitter.com/Jamie_Rose89/status/176468485357056001/photo/1

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Reaction to the role: they made her wait an entire weekend. She was eating Graham crackers & they spilled. http://pic.twitter.com/ptFezYME 

*Reaction to the role: they made her wait an entire weekend. She was eating Graham crackers & they spilled.  http://pic.twitter.com/ptFezYME

*Fave stunt: stabbing Sally, because it was hard to do. She was very happy with the outcome

*She got crazy looks from people as she was on the Warner lot in a Bieber shirt holding up team numbers

*Upon seeing the gishwhes list: “It made me worry about Misha a little bit…he’s very creative.” She did 170 pics

*How much of yourself did you put into Krissy? She creates backstories “like Krissy’s 5th birthday…” They’re both stubborn.

*How would Krissy react to angels? Same reaction as Dean, since they’re a lot alike

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessMadison says it was really fun taking the GISHWHES pictures.

  Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink I got to hang out with Sam and Dean  Well, sorta. Aren’t they cute?? Handmade dolls by Sara Winchester. http://twitpic.com/8s5gir

Mandragora @Mandragora8 “On The Mentalist, how did the set compare to SPN?Cast size is very different. @MadisonBlaine95 learned a lot from #JensenAckles.

Madison McLaughlin@MadisonBlaine95 @trisa24: @MadisonBlaine95 hope your first panel wasnt too scary!!!!    it was lovely!

Madison McLaughlin@MadisonBlaine95 Saw Jared and Jensen and met Richard and Jim. Best. Day. Ever

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr my jacket had no idea it was snazzy. Congrats on con #1! “@MadisonBlaine95: @dicksp8jr Here’s us w/ his snazzy jacket. http://pic.twitter.com/9Gj1wu55