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Ana @AnaNiedzwiecki   “Size matters” Alaina Huffman

* Alaina Huffman(Abbadon) wants a fanfic written about Abbadon and Meg teaming up

xRighteousBrosx@DeansMagicFngrs   She originally thought Abaddon was supposed to be a one off monster of the week but the fans liked her so they brought her back

castiel@walkerandhunter   RAINHA

Ana @AnaNiedzwiecki   “I’m *dead* y’all.”

burcon!bee@sadandead  she also likes the slogan “time for a regime change” for abaddon’s campaign                                                                                                                                           *abaddon’s campaign slogan: “vote for me or else;”

*alaina’s sad crowley got a campaign speech and she didn’t

*alaina was so impressed with the support around misha when he directed his first episode

Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd  “How do you compete with virgins and entrails?” Alaina on Crowley’s campaign. Abaddon never really had one.

*My other real job is looking for a job,”

* Alaina has been acting since 13, got scouted in mall to be a model

*I feel like I’m pretty dead, y’all. I’m not making career plans based on it,” Alaina on possibly returning to

*Asked in what time period she would love to live Alaina chooses now for awareness, worldwide connectivity, and

*Alaina would like to see a face to face with Abaddon and Cain because it’s not physical, it’s about power & feminism.

*Abaddon had a theme song Alaina thinks it would be Flawless or Diva or The Bitch Is Back

*Alaina wants to out it out there that are lots of shows Abaddon could crossover on: etc she wants more work!

*Alaina says joining was like stepping into a family and she was welcomed immediately. Loved watching everyone work

Patricia ♡|Burcon|♡ @HikaruRose   Spin off idea where we explore Henry and Josie’s time studying for the men of letters

Fangasm@FangasmSPN   : going to work on is like playing with my friends                                                                         .

* : everyone seemed to like that scene where abaddon threatened to possess Dean

*on finding out Crowley sold his should for 3 inches: this is gonna change my relationship w

*you see this support system on spn, like when directed 

*Seriously adorable                        .


Danielle Turchiano@danielletbd The awesome Alaina Huffman 

JENSEN & JARED             

 “: J2 make their entrance 
Barbara Sirois Doyle@BarbaraMSD  . “Skeletal hair is nervous.” . “Skeletal hair is sweating.             
* rocking out as a warm up. ‘s voice is on fire. .* dances and cowbells to Sharp Dressed Man
*Fan thinks hair has magical properties. “Why do you think I keep it leashed?.
*Sam would ask Santa for a more comfortable Bunker bed
*. “Never dated an actual demon, but had some turn into one.”  .                                                                                                                                            D
*dating advice? Be who they need you to be. “Be a shapeshifter.”
*Sam would ask Santa for a more comfortable Bunker bed.”                                                                                                                                                          .
*When I lived with , bought a mattress and lugged it back on the roof of a car–holding  it.
 *Sat on the windowsill holding onto the mattress. Girls pulled along side. JA:  ‘sup,”        .
*auctioning off a shaker played. Now? It’s broken.
burcon!bee@sadandead  jensen: “you have to speak to the hair directly” to get jared’s attention
*when jared first read 200th ep script it “scared the living daylights out of him;” he didn’t know what to think

Jensen says an earlier draft of 200th had the boys singing all the songs.

*Obviously” Sam’s hair has magical properties says a fan, what else can it do? Jensen tries to touch it and is rebuffed

*Jared would like to point out he has never killed anyone he dated. That’s how he’s different from Sam.

*Jared almost falls off his chair telling the joke “I stand corrected, said the man to his podiatrist.”

*Jensen used to rent a place in Vancouver from his stuntman, who needed it back last minute. He moved into Jared’s basement

*Jensen had no furniture so he went to pick one up in Jared’s SUV. He had to sit on passenger windowsill to hold it to roof.

*minivan with 3 or 4 teenage girls pulled up next to them: “Are you the guy from ?” “No but this guy is,” Jensen said

*nope, they’re pretty much exactly the same,” Jensen jokes about Dean and Demon!Dean

*Jared cried the most during “Heart.” Jensen says “the one where he tells Sam about his experience in hell.”

*The biggest thing the show has done is given us a of you

*Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be at , Jensen and Jared jut announced!

Fangasm@FangasmSPN   Dating advice different than Sam and dean? : I never killed anyone

.*: I felt did justice of what it was supposed to do



 .‘s hair does the fifty states

They are cracking each other up                                                                                                                                                   ”                                                                                          .

: there are many times the brothers have been proud of each other. And they continue to have faith in each other

Fan had lab named Sam. And chihuahua named dean. to : I always call him my little chihuahu                                                                                                                                                       :

Jensen this season you’ll see the brothers more on the same page – they’re family and that will never change    

 Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink   . and have now decided The Hair speaks German and demonstrate that by breaking out German accents

“I like the Dea-stiel partpart.” @jarpad

All had to do was take off his hat and flip his hair and the audience went nuts

Yep just a couple dudes getting a mattress.” to the car-full of girls who pulled up next to their car

Jensen says roughest episode to shoot was “Heaven and Hell.” It was so emotional he had to walk away for a while                                                                                                       .

says it makes sense that Sam & Dean don’t have permanent love interests. They are too busy saving others

  Welcomes the first timers. And the 20th timers. Jensen’s biggest reservation about the 200th episode script was the destiel part.

Update: Jensen holds his phone up to Jared’s hair, looking for the magical wifi connection I  always call him “my little chihuahua”.” — Jared on Jensen

Jensen miming drinking when it comes to Jared’s birthday

 Devan@Ibelieveinsam 21m21 mJared’s hair does have powers. Sam is like Samson. If they don’t cut his hair sometimes, the mane would destroy all evil & no show

 Chloe Palka@chloeeesays   Fan asks what Sam & Dean would ask for from Santa. : “Didn’t we kill Santa?”

: jensen’s reaction to jared yodeling


High alert for season spoilers and excitement! Jensen and Jared could hardly contain their expectations for this season 9, they both know that we’ll love what is coming up! Love this day of frivolity with the two hard working actors! I’ll be updating when info is posted!

@FangasmSPN: Fight scene coming up with the brothers on the same side.  pic.twitter.com/iWUfXO1hgO

Jensen is still resisting twitter. Jared: but I follow you!

Jensen: the show is now like an engine that keeps running. We’ve agreed to do another year!  pic.twitter.com/OzFNGUEf2x

Jared and Jensen vent to each other because their wives do so much more.  pic.twitter.com/Tzds6c9lAh

Fan: will Jared sing for us?  pic.twitter.com/ohDk50QZ59

J2 describing how they make it look like they’re driving  pic.twitter.com/3DkAKeCKO0

Caption this one yourselves pic.twitter.com/OG03mEAagt

@StormJPad  pic.twitter.com/aBrNjY0ccF

@StormJPad  pic.twitter.com/OmRKp9xyxe

Mel  ‏@LoveJeter02  j2 are here!!!!  pic.twitter.com/HOUuhFn9qV

abaddean @ProudIdjit Jared and Jensen are literally wearing Sam and Dean’s wardrobe.  pic.twitter.com/tpfc1sSnEJ

Fan: “You raised Sam. Do you feel like his mother?” Jensen: “I’ve had to reprimand him, spank him…”

deanharrisackles: J2 describing how they make it look like they’re driving http://tmblr.co/ZuQ_QxynxHMY 

Winchester Bros  @WinchesterBros  Jensen answers future season maybe? Talks about it; thru 10 contract   http://twitpic.com/dizkj5 

Abaddon scene, throwing matches “like girl, er, Misha!”   http://twitpic.com/dizlfa 

Carry On     ‏@CarryOn_SPN  J&J: We always take future seasons into consideration but we need to think about our families, we’ll def do S10 if we get picked up

Jared: If you’re filming a movie you know where it goes, how it ends. With TV you never know

Jensen: I’m waiting for the episode where we are in Hawaii

Worst part about filming for the Js? Crazy time schedules, long traveling.  Best? The relationships they made with cast & crew

@CreationEnt pic.twitter.com/9eb34enBSc

Jared hugging Jensen  Just too too adorable!! :)) http://twitpic.com/dizuwz 

SPNEurope (MyCoven) @SPNEurope   Tweet Summary #J2 Breakfast Panel http://www.mycoven.com/supernatural/conventions/supernatural-conventions/6597-2013-chicon-con-whisperer/#post129266 …

SUPERNATURAL @SPNFamilyFandom Jensen and Jared pic.twitter.com/auT83H58Xg

Jared  pic.twitter.com/vrUACkGkUV

@amysafcxx  pic.twitter.com/YPUD9wVfR9

bring me some pie!!! @nihalspn pic.twitter.com/unvwii5Qsa

#JensenAckles 😍 pic.twitter.com/2hADXMriFE

#JensenAckles  pic.twitter.com/rgjE6G6P5n

#JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/ZNuBMfLNTU

Jensen Ackles  @JustDeanTeam Jensen Ackles and Jared!! ”The Boys are here! https://vine.co/v/hp3qzOdeB09 


Erica  @AirickaJane  http://ericajane08.tumblr.com/post/65246132173/higher-resolution-photos-of-chicon-friday 

Jensen Ackles  pic.twitter.com/6sxyrEVtj6

@amyshaped Jensen really threw me off. He wasn’t on his normal side & dark!  pic.twitter.com/6rKUAkQP8A

Isabelle @seanmyprince And well you have of the chance dear jared  Jared: Season 9 storyline has been my favorite in years

Jen  @neur0tica J2 Breakfast Panel http://instagram.com/p/f-sFW_CWS1/

Photoset: J2 Chicon gifs, were are the vids for these?!! milavish: video by fedel http://tmblr.co/ZyaNOxynFKLD 

@xxsh0tgun: How so pretty, Jensen Ackles.  pic.twitter.com/279NMK3eu0

@amysafcxx: 😂😂 Jensen & Jared where dancing to ” what does the fox say

@JustDeanTeam: Jensen Ackles  pic.twitter.com/xkZRNeVEGQ

Melissa Schmitt  @wander_lust_79  the boys at breakfast! http://instagram.com/p/f-tYBuAzin/

Gen & Jared Fans @the_padaleckis_  pic.twitter.com/oK2uFqEk9T

Plein d’espoir  @LOLIsuffar  a critic wrote somewhere between Sam and love for Sam Dean disappeared. I agree 💯%

@nihalspn  pic.twitter.com/WBnexVIO0C

TJensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki laughing and Being Beautiful! pic.twitter.com/6JfDqRJ6CD

Catherine Schneider @_CatSchneider Jared at breakfast panel  http://tmblr.co/ZBDgwuynLMfx 

JJensen you so perfect baby . pic.twitter.com/YnCmowZTde

@shipstiel Jared  pic.twitter.com/n0pLb5aEbx

2&Misha  @SPN_Threesome The boys getting on stage  https://vine.co/v/hp3qzOdeB09 

Cristal @shipstiel Jensen and Jared . pic.twitter.com/VuymMooWC9

@HanauGirl Jensen  http://fb.me/2iMAmlZdM

Alex & Beth  @Bethnalex776 The boys pic.twitter.com/VU27TRrGZ6

SPNtwit  @SPNtwitJ2  J2 short vid  Breakfast  http://youtu.be/pw0VFiNcdqM

see girl @seegirrl  “Jensen: Most seasons could have a 2 hour gag reel! And wait when Misha directs…  http://tmblr.co/ZRIMFsynmlJR 

@Mz_Spn:  When I was in the photo-op room with Jensen he got a face time call from Danneel! http://cuddlesdean.tumblr.com/post/65244919004/when-i-was-in-the-photo-op-room-with-jensen-he-got …

Jensen Ackles @JustDeanTeam  Jensen Ackles pic.twitter.com/kjc6ml4Vct

AEREN™ @AerenIam set de fotos: Jared talking about fake-throwing matches  http://tmblr.co/Z-dcJyynolB-


Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  The gorgeous @AlainaHuffman takes the stage!  pic.twitter.com/NsC48e0u4B

Alaina:  I’ve been around, but I’ve never felt as welcome as I do in the Supernatural family

Alaina: Was saying my line to Jensen & the Js were just switching places messing around~the crew was like, they do that keep going

Alaina: I didn’t follow SPN, honestly? I didn’t know it was still on the air! Same when I was asked to audition for Smallville

Thanks to the SPN Family’s support with Abaddon they keep bringing her back

Alaina: I don’t know what’s going to happen to Abaddon in the future, trust me I’ve asked the writers!

Alaina: I think Abaddon should ride a motorcycle! Not only because it’d be cool for the character but I want to ride a bike!

Alaina: I love Mark Sheppard, he’s great!

Alaina: a fight between Abbadon & Crowley would be a good fight. A fair fight. & I’d win. With hair & makeup intact!

Alaina: There was a hand model for the disembodied hand, I mean…I took the bullet out of my mouth myself bc that’d be gross

Alaina: Embarrassing moments on set? Mispronouncing words definitely

Alaina: You guys…you write porn about us!! Well, welcome to the family (laughs) I hope I stick around you all are fun!

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover  @AlainaHuffman   pic.twitter.com/OylxRwwZRa


Jamie  @may2nd1983 Alaina: when I go to work I get to play with my friends and talk dirty to Dean

Q: What would Abaddon name her hellhound pets? Alaina: I don’t know but I have a dog named ruby!

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Alaina most welcomed by SPN family than any other genre show. Married 4 kids. Loving playing bad guy http://twitpic.com/dj08bt 

Very happy they didn’t recast Abaddon since she “died” so she can come back

Friend saw her twitter w/ all the #spn love–asked why all this <3? I’m the Queen Bitch


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Alaina: pretty fun getting to talk dirty to Dean.  pic.twitter.com/QWopA997YC

Alaina: Abaddon is one selfish bitch. And that’s okay.  pic.twitter.com/qNsnK4C9Og

Alaina:: you do get sort of consumed by being an evil character

Alaina’s friend on seeing her twitter feed: who are all these people and why do they love you? Alaina: because I’m the queen bitch!

Talking about angels . . . pic.twitter.com/vOo2VRHR12

Alaina’s first scene: oh my, naked in a bathtub then talking so dirty??

Alaina’s kids are too little to watch  Alaina: sometimes it’s too scary for me! pic.twitter.com/RkkKymD4aT

Clearly loves this character  pic.twitter.com/YUmi9iHNXv

Loving the way @AlainaHuffman relates to the audience and talks about genre tv  pic.twitter.com/q1fwC3K4T6

Alaina: I’m so excited to be part of the #supernatural family.  pic.twitter.com/SFAHKdcV3D

She has a great laugh. pic.twitter.com/HKoHyOJcfs

Friend sent @AlainaHuffman fanfic from tumblr. Alaina: you guys, it was porn! And Dean had pink panties on

: Alaina: You die if you have sex with Sam? (pause) Is Dean ok?

Fans are also warning @AlainaHuffman not to sleep with Sam or abaddon will die. She’s all what??

Surprise Abbadean!  @AlainaHuffman pic.twitter.com/LQIiH3Awjc

Jamie @may2nd1983 Q: does abaddon have any lucifer sympathies left? Alaina: She’s in it for herself. She’s one selfish bitch.

J2 have only played one small prank on Alaina, didn’t stay still so she could say her line

Erin @xxsh0tgun fierce. pic.twitter.com/4lbrAGl7Zz

Mel @LoveJeter02 The beautiful @AlainaHuffman  pic.twitter.com/x2p8kcFgqj

@offkeyanthem Momentary crash by Jensen at Alaina’s panel.  http://instagram.com/p/f-6nqtlBzg/

Jeanette @LureaGrey Jensen hugs Alaina-“Were you here for the pink panties story??”

valalecki: Momentary crash by Jensen at Alaina’s panel. http://tmblr.co/ZRIMFsyntcuD 

Erin@xxsh0tgun HOW PRESH. pic.twitter.com/GELjaQxLgk


Erin @xxsh0tgun  pic.twitter.com/vw1nWmYIca

@shipstiel Jared . pic.twitter.com/GqYPNZMUlC

@shipstiel Jensen being precious and hugging Alaina in the middle of her panel!
. pic.twitter.com/DEltV7g9Ka

Jamie  @may2nd1983 Jared is playing with his shadow behind the screen! You can tell he has a beanie on :)))

Danielle Ellison @DanielleEWrites .@jarpad walked by and we all saw his head & *people scream*; he raised a hand up *screams* then he posed behind a screen *screams


@FangasmSPN J2!  pic.twitter.com/yosofTctlt

Jared is counting fans spn tattoos.  pic.twitter.com/HrKx3745DW

Sometimes its J2’s decision to get emotional in a scene. Sometimes its spontaneous

Jared: “without more ado let’s get started.”
Jensen: “we should have more ado.”
@jarpad pic.twitter.com/G8bNOxwUS8

@FangasmSPN Love how they listen to each other  pic.twitter.com/GZWQB89qAu

Jensen demonstrates Jared’s hair care secret pic.twitter.com/KjsiFVSXWH

Jensen patting Jared on the back for playing zeke and Sam so well.

What superhero will Jensen be? Jared jokes it will be Tightsman. Lol Jensen’s face  pic.twitter.com/D1LHbJEmnc

Jensen: from dean to Samantha, how does it feel?   pic.twitter.com/vMnpgY7mRz

Jared. Tom enters a room like ‘I’m here’. Jensen: just like his daddy.

Jared demonstrates his leg squeezing propensity…. On Jensen.  pic.twitter.com/tkdT1rugdP

Jensen: when I walk onto @JerryWanek sets, it takes me to the #spn world. Fans: hell yes. #

Jared: I think Sam’s problem will be more with Dean. He wants his brother to be honest with him

Pondering their hardest scenes  pic.twitter.com/puyh7olIS3

Jensen’s reaction haha  pic.twitter.com/dIJSXpbS50

Jared does @sebroche being lucifer. pic.twitter.com/esHVDMXEzF

They are so teasing us!  pic.twitter.com/QywZ6jD7lr

Best fan of – @OsricChau lol http://ic.twitter.com/y2KQUIExol  http://tmblr.co/ZMXy3yyoOhHY 

Jensen gives osric a playful whack.  pic.twitter.com/7Psv808zz0

Erin @xxsh0tgun  Jensen Ackles.  pic.twitter.com/03o07ngSPM

@WinchesterBros: They’re here!  pic.twitter.com/HCyP2SJNwl

In script crying scene, Jared said no, but sometimes scene will prompt it, one coming up pic.twitter.com/RCmT7sdeWF

Jared’s heaven, in Austin home w/ Gen, and no plans  http://twitpic.com/dj0cjf 

Jared answering question #chicon http://twitpic.com/dj0d37 ” lovely

Batman vs Spider-Man Batman all the way says Jensen  http://twitpic.com/dj0d1j 

Jensen starts to answer fan walks away but comes back, Jensen “pouts” http://twitpic.com/dj0e5x 

Jared talking, Jensen rocking. http://twitpic.com/dj0f6g 

Osric!  http://twitpic.com/dj0f9o 

Jared: “I was throwing like a girl!” Audience (most of the girls): “ohhhhhhhh…..” Jared: “I was throwing like MISHA!”

Carry On @CarryOn_SPN The boys hit the stage!  pic.twitter.com/4oUUoUgRnS

Jensen:  Dean’s theme song would be Simple Man. Jared:  Sam’s would be Human.

Any shenanigans onstage?  Jensen:  There may have been an incident with a helicopter shooting fireworks at teamsters

Jared: Thomas was born in Seattle &our next baby will be born there too. Genevieve is 7 months pregnant

Jared:  My wife is 7 months pregnant. Fans:  (cheer loudly).
Jared:  NO!  YOU take her!

Jared “accidentally” dropped the mic a couple times to show off his butt to the audience. And broke his mic

Jared: You haven’t said “son of a bitch” in awhile Fans: Say it!!  Jensen: “It”

Jared: The most difficult scenes to film are actually usually the most fun, especially the angel stuff

Jensen and Jared are trying very hard not to spoil, but they’re very excited about what’s coming!

Jensen’s reaction haha #chicon pic.twitter.com/eZcDOx5wfX

Jared to a fan who’s struggled with suicide: Getting rid of yourself is never the answer. Keep on fighting the fight

Cristal • @shipstiel J2 laughing . pic.twitter.com/xU5XKuun69

Sam & Dean’s feelings toward John?  Jared: I think Sam has forgiven him. Jensen:I think Dean still asks himself what John would

Funniest blooper?  Jensen: Misha got me like, 2 days ago. I just folded

@may2nd1983  J2 came out dancing to the song from Changing Chanels

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover 2jarpad  @OsricChau #jensenackles  pic.twitter.com/apnGGCPwFA

@wfsarah Jared just snored out of his chair and into the floor while Jensen answers a question. “That’s a hard stage!”

@wfsarah Jared’s favorite blooper is Eye of the Tiger!

Karen Brickhaus @StormJPad  pic.twitter.com/caQCe05jEW

jensen frackles  ‏@hipsterackles Q: Halloween costumes? Jared: Jensen would be the gym teacher. Jensen: that’s just a Tuesday.

@may2nd1983 Jared doesn’t always obey the script when crying is involved, sometimes strikes the crying and sometimes adds it

@wfsarah Episodes 9 and 10 were Jensen’s most difficult this season–we won’t see them until Dec./Jan.!

Mel  @LoveJeter02 Jared  pic.twitter.com/MQj0PyxX5B

Jamie  @may2nd1983 Jensen thinks he’s fortunate not to have to play multiple characters, says jared works so hard, Jensen would rather be beaten up

Q: What superhero would you be? Jared: nightwing! Jensen: someone in tights!  “He doesn’t save anyone, but he sure does wear tights

RTAmySPN_TVD  Jensen says a beat up Dean is something he is into doing

@WinFamBusiness: Someone shouted out “Aquaman!” when Jensen was asked what superhero he’d play. Jensen laughed over the visual

Jared vocalized what Jensen was thinking about Aquaman but couldn’t say.  “Tights man!”

fan just said, “Jensen you’re perfect but-” Jared asked if she meant “Jensen, your perfect butt-”

@JerryWanek‘s nephew is asking a question!  He also told the boys the bad news, the cowboys lost.

Darcy Jo @scoob70 What would Jared and Jensen’s Heaven be? Jensen says not a particular place but a peace of mind, ultimate peace

Vote For Jensen @ADropOfJensen panel pic.twitter.com/Leaz24IG1U

Dimples&Freckles @PadaAckleholic Jensen: His heaven wouldn’t be a place, just a place of pure peace of mind. Jared would like to be at his home in Austin with gen.

Diário Supernatural @maniachunters Fan: Jensen you’re perfect but…. Jared: perfect butt?  pic.twitter.com/N0kH309LR1

@wfsarah  “Tom is the movie star in his own world now…” Jared talking about how the dynamic will change with a second child.

@LureaGrey    Jared purposely dropped his mic 3 times & broke it

Jared’s fave sets: sewer from Skin & Hell in s8

jackles[] @hotforjackles FAN: “Does your character sometimes bleed into your real life?” JENSEN: “Sometimes my wife will say, ‘OK DEAN.

@spnfansbrazil Jensen Ackles  pic.twitter.com/m0xhrAUS5n

@wfsarah: Osric is here, and Jared just told a fan to punch him on her way back to her seat.

Osric was just named best fan of the con! pic.twitter.com/eT3NUKA1vg

@may2nd1983: Jared eats chips and beef jerky on road trips, “that stuff gives you gas!” Jensen eats sunflower seeds

Jared prefaces a story by asking if theirs any border patrol agents here

Favorite blooper? Jensen: when jared farted and said “I had sulfur for breakfast”.

hannah  @horriblehannah Jared confesses to smoking cigars while driving from Canada to Texas and getting lightheaded

Lizzie @Biz_Smith Jensen would rather have Dean beaten bloody than be possessed by an angel or demon. He gave Jared tons of credit for doing that.

Wayward Moose @Elisabeth_MAB Jensen:”Yellow Fever had some fun stuff. There’s an episode coming up that’s Yellow-Feveresque.” More mini spoilers

Cristal • @shipstiel Osric came on stage hugged jensen and threw himself on Jared!! He has been nominated best fan at the con!! . pic.twitter.com/3jgeGHKFN6

SUPERNATURAL @SPNFamilyFandom Jensen Ackles and Alaina Huffman  pic.twitter.com/4kX6NOiegg

Photoset: valalecki: Jared & Osric –  http://tmblr.co/Z__C1yypXFzP 

Michele Almeida  @_mihhalmeida Photoset: Jared “Oops I Dropped My Mic” Padalecki  http://tmblr.co/ZHl32xypXe8m 

SUPERNATURAL@SPNfreaks   jensen making a quick appearance at the end of @AlainaHuffman‘s panel pic.twitter.com/E0L8TL4k5n

Jensen Ackles and  Osric Chau.  pic.twitter.com/gg6q3V8EsQ

More Jensen & Osric adorable pictures  pic.twitter.com/aPcuKZ4p9o

Richard, Jensen, Osric e Jared pic.twitter.com/d9A2WOusdW

Jared Padalecki   ‏@jarpad  We love you chi-town!!!! An we had a BLAST!!!  pic.twitter.com/THkrvYEI6e

mrs. winchester  @yresimbusiness photoset: Jared and Jensen talking about Twitter http://tmblr.co/ZrwbHwypnRj-


Carry On  ‏@CarryOn_SPN  If Nicki could portray any character on SPN (male or female) she’d choose to revisit Meg again

Nicki takes the stage!   pic.twitter.com/Gsqwzt9rrH

Nicki enjoyed playing demon!Meg more than human!Meg

Nicki: I don’t think Meg enjoyed *all* the evil things she did

Nicki: I miss the city of Vancouver and the guys a lot! They were my favorite to work with along with Kim Manners

Nicki’s favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid

Nicki: It’s very emotional to see that 10 years people still love your work and the show. I’m so happy to be here

Mel @LoveJeter02  Nicki Aycox on stage.  pic.twitter.com/dqnjcBKnWE

Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Nikki: even playing someone evil is play to an actor, I make it fun for myself  pic.twitter.com/818kh9Gv30

Nikki: you guys really love this show, huh?  pic.twitter.com/Jm2onQtbc8

Nikki: omg there are so many of you!  pic.twitter.com/Cgn1CjSWsJ

Nikki liked being evil. Nikki: should I feel guilty? Fans: no!  pic.twitter.com/iwphYjsaKR

a scene with meg and Sam that was serious, between takes Nikki kept munching doritos and had dorito breath

Nikki still watches #spn when she can pic.twitter.com/fqA7I6HcCA

Nikki also misses Kim Manners, who was one of the reasons she did the show. pic.twitter.com/GFXdrdI8hE

Nikki: a favorite part was the episode where I got to tie them up and go at it….   pic.twitter.com/XA49p4tkDt

Would meg go after dean or Sam? Nikki: I have to choose? That’s a misconception

Nikki: Jared and Jensen are such sweet respectful boys. I guess men now

And that’s a wrap on  folks!  pic.twitter.com/Em6K3uRGeq

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Nicki vs Rachel as Meg-enjoy differences;  http://twitpic.com/dj0t93 

Nicki’s awesome boots!  http://twitpic.com/dj0tnm 

and Azrael relationship? Friend/enemy? Played her  as not always enjoying the evil.  pic.twitter.com/XYeZEYNcBd

Writing, does music #chicon http://twitpic.com/dj0uoo 

Amazed, little emotional that she is still remembered years later for SPN, big crowd here  http://twitpic.com/dj0vgz 

Melissa @purplegator69  for absent friends: Nicki Aycox, aka, the original Meg Masters.  pic.twitter.com/8q51NCdRyf


Mark Pellegrino   @MarkRPellegrino Chicago? You were amazing. SPN fans? The biggest, best fam there is. Love you guys. Thanks for your time.

Alaina Huffman  @AlainaHuffman @OsricChau nice to meet you today

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman Ok y’all finally met @mishacollins and he’s lovely! Nice to meet you Misha!

Badonk-a-Donkey   @OsricChau So happy to finally meet you @AlainaHuffman! Sorry about photobombing your ops.. I’ll make it up to you one day 🙂

Sebastian Roché  ‏@sebroche @jarpad Hey mate, I hear you do a great and sassy version of me as Lucifer!!! I like to call him LuLucifer!!!

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @sebroche hahaha I think you’d be proud brother! Miss ya!

Sebastian Roché   @sebroche @jarpad LULUCIFER RULES!  ;)))

Richard Speight, Jr.   @dicksp8jr     friends helping friends de-zombie. Question: If you undo being undead, does that make you dead? @samsmithtweets pic.twitter.com/DNDki9RfGz

Samantha Smith @samsmithtweets @dicksp8jr That is a good question, indeed. You seem very lifelike, so I’ll go with non-dead.

Sebastian Roché   @sebroche  @jarpad haha I’m very proud!! miss ya too mate 🙂

DeRon@BiG_DBO Yup, me and @jarpad and jensen of #supernatural in #Chicagopic.twitter.com/xVXCXTji97

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Superstition? Step on crack, break mothers back;   http://twitpic.com/dj0twj 

@anninha_spn valalecki: Misha and Richard get weird –  http://tmblr.co/ZzO9fxypYOzY 

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

I’m going on record right now as to calling our bad gal, aka Abaddon(Alaina Huffman), a super sexy bad girl and Ezekiel, an uber sexy good angel! Course Zeke hanging out in Sam’s(Jared Padalecki) body helps just a tad! With that thought, Crowley continues his nastiness from season eight. In spite of his ‘humanness’ crying out to be loved, I suspect our fun loving, teasing Crowley is gone forever. Crowley all tied up, beaten and attempting to deal with the Winchesters mirrors ‘The Blacklist’, a new tv series. Andrew Dabb wrote “Devil May Care” and fan favorite Guy Norman Bee directed the episode. And who else is loving all the back stories from the hunters’ lives? So the question is: DOES the devil care? Let’s talk….

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

Many noticed Crowley(Mark Sheppard) losing his accent in “I Think I like it Here”. Crowley’s roots are in Scotland so that question is up for answering! Loving how Sam and Dean ‘Hannibal Lector’ Crowley down to the basement(with all due respect of course!). Warning Kevin(Osric Chau) against even speaking with Crowley was a lesson learned the hard way. Any and everything that Crowley could use against Kevin, he used. The hope of Mama Tran still being alive was almost too much tease for poor, bunker confined Kev.

best--supernatural-- kevin

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

No one can take Bobby’s place but Kevin absolutely did his nerd magic when called upon! “Kevin Solo” at your service, sir yes sir! A perfect, sweet scene for geeky still fairly innocent Kevin. The pitiful prophet seems to have reached his locked up limit. I hope that Dean’s(Jensen Ackles) impassioned ‘we’re family’ was heart felt enough to keep ol’ Kevin from bolting again. Kevin, like Sam and Dean, has sacrificed everything for the good of mankind. He and the Winchesters ARE family.

Abaddon, who hates this little family, kicks butt and takes no names, officially making her quite the adversary for the Winchesters. As a “knight of hell”, she’s smart, and wiley, very wiley. Using military meatsuits almost ensures a victory over the hunters: automatic rifles, military training and Kevlar which saves her pretty bacon. Also being a warrior from hell, Abaddon appears to be quite the strategizer which will force the Winchesters into a more chess-like cat and mouse game of hunting and of being hunted.

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

One of the best scenes ever with Dean and any female happens between he and Abaddon. Is it because Dean is just so darn sexy, or because tough guy Dean is kinda irresistible or could it be… This list goes on forever. Bad boy Dean exudes major bad boyness, no, manliness: the girls want him and the boys want to be him. Yep….

And Sam, what to say about our Sam. He’s better than he’s been in a long time from the beginning to the end of this fight. Ezekiel(Tahmoh Penikett) is obviously healing him on the inside. He appears stronger than he’s been for a long time now. Ezekiel’s protecting Sam when Sam should’ve been killed was outstanding. Not only does Sam have Dean’s protection but he’s got Zeke, feather light and weak but still powerful. Without Zeke’s angel juju, this battle would’ve been the end for both Sam and Dean. So another angel rescue saves the day.

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

Warner Bros/CW photo credit

In my opinion, Ezekiel is exactly what he says he is: an angel who takes his mission of protecting humans very seriously. Just for this arc, I think the Winchesters need a ‘Zeke’ while Castiel flounders around as a human. Both stories have great potential. So my question to you is this: do you believe that Zeke possessing Sam, will end well? Or do you envision those rainbows and unicorns that follow the Winchesters? All thoughts are good and welcome!

How do you all feel about Dean trusting Ezekiel? Can he or should he? I love Dean’s angst of being truthful to Zeke/Sam. Dean’s discomfort was obvious and he actually showed some fear after Zeke blew the demons up. Not trusting is Dean’s middle name so this interaction will be interesting!

When lying to Sam before, Dean felt validated. Now, after being in his head, knowing Sam’s willingness to let go of his soul, Dean will feel a different weight than ever before. Sam is being healed, possessed and saved because Dean couldn’t, wouldn’t let him go. Like Dean said, “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you!”  And that is the beauty of the Winchester chronicles. We can all relate to that love, which Dean “doesn’t do”. Til Tuesday, stay supernatural!