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Mister Berens@robertberens   Well on the minus side that promo gives away too much. On the plus side it’s totally misleading and contains one outright lie.

ashley@PrettySlamma    is trending worldwide!! 

 Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros   is the number one trend in the US! 

Jerry Wanek@JerryWanek   Tonight’s EP directed by Johnny Mac. Great job with a very complicated script. another fun romp. Enjoy!

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44   Dean working on baby a lot these last two episodes.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad   The scene where Sam&Dean meet the family was filmed in the EXACT ROOM that we filmed a certain scene with a certain talkative demon…                                                                                                     *Tonights episode was directed by our 1st AD Johnny Mac, and is a tribute to board game/movie. Know which one?                               *Clown college Collette 🙂                                                                          . * yes, Crowley. Actually, I THINK it was his first EVER scene. Right ?                                                         *The cast of was hilarious. It was truly difficult to try not to bust out laughing while@shooting!                                                      *Our dead detective in the toilet was actually a trained diver and could hold his breath for five minutes!!!                                                                                                       *The “cute, dumb one”. Hahaha !!! She’s talking about YOU!!!

Nicole Snyder@NicoleASnyder   I know! It’s my first day on twitter in honor of ! Go episode 201

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis   Hope you are all liking the episode so far. did a great job! Get it trending                                                                                                         *Love hearing Sam say “you all” when always says “y’all”                                                                                                         *Anyone notice this? Good job                                              *FYI the movie clue scared the crap out of me when I was 9.             *Sam and Dean are so comfortable around dead bodies they forget that they are there                                                                                               *Clam bakes. Hot!                                                                                        *None of those WASPs could have killed that big detective. Something doesn’t smell right. Could be the toilet                                                   *Wait do bad guys wear flannel? Is this a anti grunge thing. I blame the republicans.                                                                                                      *not the butler its da maid. It goes butler, maid, chauffeur, cook, dry cleaner, pool boy, juggler and then mime. Simple people                     *Oh that explains the dust” is the best line of the ep                            Phillip was the only good guy. Everyone else is monsters except s and d                                                                                                                     * Haha there was a fly flying around in this scene. He has to delete it. Just a fun factoid                                                                                             *Oh shit! Good shot dean. Dean? DEAN!!!                                            *Dedicate to dad who passed away during prep. man is a trooper for getting this made while suffering that loss

Osric Chau@OsricChau   Pshhhh, don’t they know it’s always Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the library?                                                                                                     * Though I’ve only played clue once.. I probably need a bigger sample size. Or just stick to the movie, clueless                                                   *The number of times Dean’s been thrown across a room you’d think all his ribs would be broken by now.                                                         *Lol, sure Dean, everyone believes you when you say that. “It was totally like that when I got here!”                                                              *Sam Winchester, living room, with the peen of death                         *Dean… That’s.. That’s enough. Demon Dean doing crazy bad things I can handle but when it’s just Dean.. Nope!                                              *I’m gonna play a lot of clue next year. First game is gonna be.. Castiel with a bag of honey in Crowley’s dungeon         *Communication boys.. If I could give you one additional superpower, it would be the power of communication                                                  *Also, the music on that episode needs to be noted

Jay Gruska@jaygruska   So grateful for your music comments tnite  a big team effort Writers actrs drectors prducers editrs crew/glad 2b on the team                                                                            * Lots of fun writing an ‘older style’ score for Ask Jeeves

Timothy Omundson@Omundson   : Is it just me or does this episode remind anyone of ‘s “100 Clues”? 🙂 ” Umm…Yes!


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Holy Chuck!!!!! What?!! Well I hope u all enjoyed. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Love

Jensen Ackles@JensenAckles   Okay kiddos…here we go! don’t get scared now!

* Classic song, classic car and classic dean covered in grease and drinking warm coffee. I love it

*  Don’t worry everyone…this song will be stuck in ur head 4 the next week. Seriously

 *  Andrew “Floyd” Webber was not scripted. It was a happy accident. Good call

*  Apparently the scenes where “Dean becomes a woman”..they just simply used the “Sam” wig. Instant chick hair. Get it?

*  Hey all you “FanFic” writers out there…that look into the camera wasn’t scripted. Just sayin.

*  Rufus/Bobby combo???!! I think there might be some logistical issues with that.

*  On a serious note- all the girls in this episode did a fantastic job. They literally put on an entire stage production. Very impressive

you keep ur “subtext” to urself, sir. I’ve told u…I’m not that kinda girl …wait, what. Crap.

*  I’ll Just Wait Here Then” make me laugh every time. Classic.

*  I’m not gonna lie…a few of those falls were a little difficult to back up from. ‘mTooOldForThisCrap

*  Special thanks to those audience members for letting us spray them with purple goo. Y’all are heroes.

*  I’m suffering from a right now. Well done everyone. never fails,however you slice it.

Misha Collins@mishacollins  Hey , remind me, when did start wearing the long-hair wig? Season 5? 6?

Jensen Ackles@JensenAckles     i believe it was sometime during season 6. It looks fairly real. Most days

Misha Collins@mishacollins   unless it’s humid. Then all bets are off.

Jensen Ackles@JensenAckles     maybe u should try looking into the camera MORE. Oh wait a minute…Are you even in this episode?

Misha Collins@mishacollins  Low blow, ! I thought we agreed we were going to gang up on the non-tweeting tonight. I don’t trust you anymore.

Jensen Ackles@JensenAckles   very true. Okay, open season on Let er rip!

William Shatner@WilliamShatner   There’s no singing in Supernatural

*  There is no space in Supernatural… (Except between Cupcakes’s ears)

 *  it’s not a Topa

*  interesting so far.

*  Hey , can we cast this Cas instead?

*  Congratulations on 200!

You did a wonderful job! Bill

Joy Regullano@joyregullano   This is my first time I’ve been part of a trending topic on Twitter! SPN FOR LIFE!!

Joy Regullano@joyregullano   funny story, I actually auditioned for the role Kevin Tran years ago! So happy casting kept bringing me back in!

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138   Andrew “Floyd” Webber was an improv from &

*  Fun Fact, my 1st day on writers kept referring to “The B.M.” scene… I was SO confused.

* Dean’s Season 6-10 “recap” is all in one shot– kudos to , Phil and the crew!

* Dean’s look to camera… that’s 100% all ! Kudos

* Couldn’t celebrate w/ out a shoutout to national treasure

* You could probably cut together 42 minutes of just reaction shots from & from this episode of .


 * love RENT & that reference was also a shout out to my best friend , who adapted the film. , love you!

* Dear , you may be a hashtag nag, but you really killed this ep, buddy

* you complete me, sir

* Thank you for live-tweeting the 200th Episode

* That book? “The Odyssey”

 * laughed in every single take when “bows” at the end there. You, sir, are hilarious

* Special thanks to for live tweeting this episode and occasionally using the hashtag

* This all started w/ The Carver & Mr. Singer saying, what if Ep 200 was a high school musical? Thanks for letting me write it!

* There was a “Bitch/Jerk” song, but it didn’t make it into the shooting script

* Kudos to the VFX Department for that driving shot at the end!


* my favorite line to writ

 Mark Meloche@rotomonkee   “What she said” This is why SPN turned 10.

THIS is what nightmares are made of.

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* Couldn’t resist… forgive me, please

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kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real   I’m an actor. Clearly we aren’t paid to think. At least, not well.

* Jody Mills never gets subtext

* Sorry. I’m out. I’m rewinding take over and over and over and over and over and over and over

* Commercial commentary: including “Part 1” in a movie’s title, even if it’s not a famous book, is kind of a spoiler

Osric Chau@OsricChau   T-minus 30 minutes, I’m seated and ready to go! gonna be so good..

* Okay.. I think I’m ready for #200

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* But why the teacher who was all about the truth??! Truth is so important. Education too. And VFX openers! :

* This opening scene was solely for us to see greased up and working a car. Brilliant

* Also no sling!! NO SLING! I’ll show you no sling.. Weird flashback to Zoolander for me saying that out loud

* This episode is so mesmerizing.. It’s like dipped himself in a pool of fandom before writing it.

* Incredibly happy feelings surrounded by death. This is Supernatural mixed in with the first season of glee

* Though this episode is so ironic with the boys so musically inclined. Ever heard yodel? Or rap? You should

* Wow.. This rendition of Carry on my Wayward Son.. , can we do this at all the conventions?

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ  grown up juice that’s what J and J call it too

* they needed a guy gap between them lol

* never tell a Winchester to not touch anything

* Poor cas always waiting

* Chuuuuuuuuck 😉

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis   Little Gordon lightfoot looks good with

* Not a case. Boom

* Was mad we didn’t he a chance to pocket the flyer

Embedded image permalink

* Road so far is my fav song

* Btw. The face that the director makes when Dean is touchs props is exactly like our prop girl when I touch things

* Watch out for our real PA Ileanna working the lights from that chair during the play. She looks great

 * look to the camera here is my fav moment ever in history

* Pancake breakfast $2.00

* Cassdean. Love that’s

* Should have done the outsiders. Nice nod

* Too old for Sam and Dean. More of a bobby Rufus

* Agent scully and mulder nod to Kim manners with the x files mention?

* 2nd show much go on reference in this episode. I think they are talking directly to the producers

* Brave sweet Sam

 ( think I teared up a bit when Dean said Kevin.. Almost forgot what that sounded like.

* I like what Dean says here. You do you

* It’s so much work to organize doing a play when shooting other scenes. did an awesome job

* I’ll just wait here then. Kinda sappy. Is it raining in my face

* Omg. Do the robots have tentacles?!!i hope so

* Do you like the demon smoke? Special effects are taking our jobs!!!

* Supernatural has everything. Except you know serious long term relationships or a good credit score

BunnyBerens@robertberens   How good are these actresses?

* Of the many Easter eggs, shoutouts, callbacks, and tricks pulls off/snuck into , I have a favorite.

* I’ll save disclosing WHICH trick for when the episode ends… curious if others noticed.

*  will say the dramatic wig-donning to achieve hair is a close second for me.

* That ribbon effect– I gasped. Somehow a practical stagecraft trick was the ideal little nod to our amazing VFX dept.


* Okay, so the thing that I loved MOST about what did with ? A small thing but I think a NOT insignificant thing?


* And has said nothing about that fact but I think it is a masterstroke, one that speaks very much to the episode’s theme.

* This was a celebration of the show and its fans, and the brief respite from onscreen (human!) bloodshed is a metaphor for—> –>the episode itself as an occasion for peace and celebration across the fandom(s) itself

Alyssa Lynch@alyssalynch95   don’t be offended by my feminine physique, I tried push ups and watching you for some masculine stance tips

everyone she’s just as funny in person! Check her out on YouTube l

* loved workin with her on

Misha Collins@mishacollins  I have to say, that girl who said “hey ass-butt” has a much better throwing arm than i do.

* Sam & Dean see people singing about their lives & the thing about that that bothers Dean is the genre of music

 * feel like i’m in a Transformative Media graduate seminar. This canonical diatribe is a lot to chew on.

* It’s true when you sum up 10 seasons of in on run-on sentence it does sound pretty crazy.

.* u know you’re not supposed to look directly into the camera, don’t you? After 10 seasons u should.

  *  Guys. 94%?! We can do better than that:

 * can’t watch this part it’s too scary

* . wants us to think that he can’t live-tweet because he’s “on a plane” but the truth is his ghost-writer had a hot date tonight

* I gotta say that if Cas or Bobby or Sam or Dean were to be played by other actors, those would be excellent casting choices.

* Subtext” is really getting it’s day in the sun here isn’t it.

* you gotta admit she really nails the Castiel voice, huh?

* aSingleManTear#ASingleManTear

* I’m watching with someone who just said, “this is so weird.” Which may be true, but i loved it & I teared up in Wayward Son

* Nice work . Best show-button ever. You are now and always will be a God to me

* Thanks , for letting me ride along these past few years. Feel lucky to be a part of this phenomenon

* Now i’m going to go have nightmares about high school musicals. I’m too fragile for this shit.

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44   Got to sit and enjoy the episode with my family. We all cried at the end. What an amazing show 2 be part of. Thanks everyone

Lauren Tom@LaurenTom9000  This is So funny. they’re getting everything in this script! had to explain the whole ‘ship’ thing 2 me

* So cute, rockin out to the beat

* Cut your hair a little, you’d make a pretty good Dean” Ha! She looked just like me standing next to Sam, like she was standing in a hole!

Danielle Melvin@daniellexmelvin   after hearing them on repeat take after take for days, I can still recite every word to every song!

* director said that the robot was going to cause a stir among the fans & I have been loving your reactions! he predicted right!

* John DeSantis is literally twice my size. he had fun scaring us girls on set with his creepy scarecrow mask!

* I’m getting that a lot of your stuff wasn’t scripted? 😉

* transformation of the year award goes to the hair & make-up dept. for turning me into !

Embedded image permalink

* the majority of the ‘cast’ of the musical aren’t credited as cast on the show- Crowley (me), Jody, Ash, Jo, Ellen, are all BG extras

 * was one of the girls pushing the fake impala around – we had blisters on our hands by the end of the day!

* those background extras were covered in the purple goo at 1am at the end of a long filming day

* that was me carrying the bucket of purple goo – it was pretty heavy & the stuff got EVERYWHERE

* here’s me (as mini-crowley) on set with and ! such a great experience!

Embedded image permalink

* pssst… we did a fantastic job because you were on set & some of us are huge fans & didn’t want to screw up in front of you

 Todd Aronauer@TAronauer   edited by the super-talented did some of her best work on this ep

* I like the Sam and Dean subtext. Yea?

* this is only the 2nd time in the history of mankind that & have teamed up to kick some ass

you were born to write it. Its all down hill from here…until 300

Alaina Huffman@AlainaHuffman   did I spell that right?

Natalie Sharp@NatalieSharp007   Guess I can post this set pic now!!

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* Such a fun cast… Such a fun episode… SUCH FUN FANS!

Embedded image permalink

Vivien Armour@vivien_e_armour   the papas 😉

Embedded image permalink

Curtis Armstrong@curtisisbooger   Okay, I would’ve carried a spear in this episode! Especially because since I get so many more inside jokes now

* It was supposed to be a episode but they were uncomfortable having him around high school girls.

* And as The Cherry On Top

 Katie Sarife @katiesarife   True fact: kept messing up the Rent line because he’s never seen it! Even was astounded! 😉 Rent is awesome!!!

* John DeSantis ( ) and I comparing hand sizes.

Embedded image permalink

* You make me look like a Hobbit.

Embedded image permalink

* Pay no attention to the photobombing scarecrow. “It’s terrifying”.

 Kevin & Jill Parks@SNkevinandjill  I did not live tweet because I wanted to watch the episode. I think & Phil did a great job!

S. E. Hinton@se4realhinton I think the entire fandom, cast & crew are virtually hugging each other right now

Jay Gruska@jaygruska Just to clarify, and it might take 2 tweets, 4 songs on iTunes tomorrow. The Road So Far, Single Man Tear and Wayward Son. More next tweet..

* Cont. from previous tweet…”I’ll Just Wait Here Then” -will be a free download. Thank you amazing fans

Rachel Warkentin@rachellared  Chillin in the impala with Nina Winkler

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Jake Abel@MrJakeAbel  

Rob Benedict@RobBenedict there you have it.

* thx for the amazing ep. excellent job & & the girls! so touching! loved it

Supernatural’s “Paper Moon” tweets were not as fast and furious as last week’s episode, still chocked full of fun and info! Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard, and Misha Collins were still on set as tweeted by Jared! Tonight was good but very excited about next week’s 200th episode! Enjoy!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad   Still on set :(. How’s the episode going????

Supernatural Tuesday!

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Mark Meloche@rotomonkee    Ok, if we can have Snookie in the Boys world, why can’t we have ? I mean, THERE’s an icon! 😉

* Haunting score. Beautiful

Embedded image permalink

Brit Sheridan@thebritsheridan   West coast it’s time!!!!  who is watching with me??

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis   Let’s go take a howl at that paper moon

*  OMG your on tv. You are famoooooooose

* What does that sign at the shoreline say?

* Like if you think J2 look super cute in those park ranger uniforms

* Hey it’s Kate! Remember her from 8×04.

* Is the mark of Cain making Sam more passive aggressive?

* Pretty sure Kate would hear that impala coming from a mile away.

* Eeewwww close your mouth when your eating people

* history aside. Personally I feel people should be wayyyyyyy more freaked out that Dean was dead and now isn’t.

* KAtes sister is a bit of a bitch. Lol wolf humor

* Rolf. Paul Bunyan. Poor Sam. He gets all the nicknames.

* Cue the walking away music from the Incredible Hulk tv show

* Great script by great directing by Jeannot Szwarc great acting by

Osric Chau@OsricChau   Why does it always feel like everything happens at 9pm on Tuesdays? Whelps, gotta drop everything for

* I’m a couple of minutes behind but I’ll catch up! Is that Abaddon..?

*  Okay.. Let this be the last episode with a demon sprain reference

.* if they actually give that demon the name Osric.. I.. I don’t know what I’d do actually. Cry or celebrate?

* So inefficient.. Why stall for her… Ugh, shoot werewolf in head asap already. Unless it’s name is Garth

* Question: if you like Kate, why are you saying she should be shot in the heart?

* Well I guess they could bring Kate and sis to garth’s vegetarian werewolf farm

* Okay I’m warming up to Kate now. She could some Crowley, but who couldn’t?

* What I meant to say is that we could all *use some more Crowley. So huggable. Hasty tweeting is not a good policy

* I’m not Crowley typos.. How do Crowley change Crowley autocorrect to correct everything Crowley Crowley?

* This family gonna end in blood

* Luckily this night is gonna end in pie for me

* Apple and pumpkin, oh how I love Tuesdays! Good night everyone

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels   The talented art dept lead by turned this paintball storage shed into a great biker bar!

* Yes, this purgatory woods lit differently by our talented !

* We shot this truck stop right next to our car lockup that houses the smashed up impala!

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44   Maybe she likes bad boys. Dean, “then wait until she gets a load of us.”

CMcJorgy@CMcJorgy   “Break some hearts and then eat em.” Words to live by

*  Werewolf Barbie!

Briana Buckmaster@City_Cinderella   You’re STILL there? GO HOME

Kevin & Jill Parks@SNkevinandjill  Werewolf sisters!! Nice twist!

* Is dean becoming compassionate? He did not kill the werewolf twice!@

* Do you think the mark is affecting Dean? is becoming cold and calculating

Emily Tennant@emilyjtennant   Sisterly love &

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Jerry Wanek@JerryWanek   Great EP. all on J&J. Killed it! great job boys.

B0hk8ZhCMAAf-GH sign for leviWhat a night it’s been in the Supernatural world of twitterville! Jensen Ackles starts the live tweeting off about thirty minutes before airing, Jared Padalecki is right behind him and Misha Collins arrived late to the party! It was all good! This sign was a wonderful shout out to Jensen’s nephew Levi as in “TeamLevi”, the youngster our Women of Letters Dallas group supports for the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas, Buddy Walk. The People’s Choice Awards are peeping around the corner which quite possibly may have influenced the rabid tweeting! Irregardless of the reasons, the night was fun! Enjoy!

Jensen Ackles ‏@JensenAckles Ok folks-I’m gonna try this live tweeting thing again with tonight’s west coast feed- 60min countdown
* Here we go!!! Dr. Sam…haha. The one armed doctor is in!
* #Deanmon needs a haircut. Any longer and he’s gonna start growing moose antlers. No offense @jarpad
* @Mark_Sheppard your son is upstaging you. Or is it the finger on your face. Toss up!
* Hey VSFX guys…thanks for the drive-in movie theater. Well done! I love it. You guys rock
* @jarpad yeah thanks for that. Took me a few takes to realize what you were doing. Well played sir, well played. #Revenge
* “Lil’ Levi’s” gas station. A little shout out to my nephew. Love ya buddy.
* Well, since we are posing and tweeting like we’re 12. Here ya go. I like to wear an #SPN shirt for extra effect!
B0hl9I_IcAAEFqc jen
* Let the games begin
* There ya go folks. Hope u likes. And a nice little teaser there at the end. But more on that later
* @jarpad @mishacollins @Mark_Sheppard thanks 4 making me look good fellas. Best Cast a director could ask for. Least a hack director like me

Jensen Ackles ‏@JensenAckles @jarpad I think I still have a scar from getting jabbed in the arm so many times that day. Thanks. Damn director coulda moved on.
Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad.@JensenAckles well, I didn’t want to be the only Winchester with a bum arm.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Wait a second?!?!?! Tonite is #SupernaturaI ?!?! Woohoo!!!!
* My favorite part was slapping the director in the face and purposely messing up so I could keep doing it 🙂
* Crazy to see what Sam will do to get his brother back. He breaks all of the old rules he set for himself!
* I love the family cameos in the Crowley scene 🙂 @Mark_Sheppard @GinoGraul
* Live tweeting with my baby 🙂 @realGpad
B0hjfvKCYAAzIm6 gen
* Poor Castiel. There’s probably NOTHING worse than seeing @Mark_Sheppard right when you wake up!!!!
* Sam and Dean Winchester. Cat and mouse in the Men Of Letters bunker. Good times
* @JensenAckles you stole my shirt

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Quote: @realGpad “Why do they have to be above her?” (Referencing the poor dead hotel workers). 🙂
Genevieve Padalecki ‏@realGpad @jarpad I mean why aren’t they on the wall or something. Who wants blood dripping on them?

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ The gang is all here 🙂

* Nice directing @JensenAckles

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad .@JensenAckles hey dude I forgot, is @meeshacall-in’s (or however you spell her name) in this episode?
Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard This is who?
Jensen Ackles ‏@JensenAckles @jarpad yeah I’m not sure. I can’t really remember her.

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @jarpad New hair?
Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad .@Mark_Sheppard maybe he’s born with it. (Maybe it’s maybelline?)

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis Remember this was the first ep we filmed this year.
* Sam does hate demons. Oh man. Dean is looking like me when I get heart burn
* This demon in a Tree was the same night we did for episode one. But shot before the episode 1 part.
* I made a deal that night
B0hg9UHCYAEOYiD ryan
* This demon is flipping awesome. It’s like he is from Star Wars or soemthing. Love him
* Someone at a q and a should ask @JensenAckles about the airplanes that day.
* @JensenAckles don’t mention it.
* Herrrrrrea deany
* Btw I was stand about 15″ from that hammer swing and it freaked me out everytime
* is bizarre that cas refers to Hannah as a “female out in the car”. #SupernaturaI screwed up lives
* Yeah take off some time Dean. You deserve it
* Omg who is that? What’s going on? What the. Oh my so many questions
* Bravo sir #ActionAckles @JensenAckles amazing episode. So many great shots.

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau And I made it! I’m gonna try really hard not to miss an episode this season
Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard ·@OsricChau Bravo!
Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau @Mark_Sheppard I wouldn’t miss seeing your face on the TV Mark!
Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau This is the exact same conversation I had with @mishacollins in the kayak on Sunday.. Except I was Castiel and he was Hannah

Jay Gruska ‏@jaygruska Thanks for all the kind words on ‘Soul Survivor’, good people. How bout that @JensenAckles kickass directing

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau For a brief moment I actually thought the sling was gone 😦
* Slings don’t fit in a lab coat I guess..
* For what it’s worth.. I think @jarpad looks pretty hot in a sling
little sad Sam’s curing Deanmondean so quick.
* I hope he breaks loose because with Kevin gone, the Winchesters are Crowley’s only friends. And Dean is kinda nice to him in demon form
* Also.. Deanmon sounds like a pokemon to me. Has anyone caught one of those yet?
* You’re right.. Digimon. And when he’s cured maybe he’ll be a Super Mega Ultra Champion Deanmon
* The bunker just seems so lonely with only Sam there
* I’m just gonna up and say that Kevin took that last photo.. yes.. I totally remember that!
* I’m afraid my viewing station is less than impressive #Supernatural in the dark
B0hnANaIYAAvtQp osric
* @JensenAckles channelling his Hitchcock in this one. Loving the episode Jensen
* DeanmonDean dying is actually a really sad moment.. awww
Aaaaand that was a good one! I have a lot of pokemon to watch now before #Chicon. Thanks for joining in, good night everyone!

Osric Chau ‏@OsricChau OMG WHAT IF CROWLEY GETS A GRACE? Can he use it? One part Demon, one part Angel, full part amazing
ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis @OsricChau that’s totally possible.

Coleman ‏@TheGreenCooler Divorce is mentioned, so clearly the subtitle for this episode should be, “So I Married An Axe Murderer.”

Mark Meloche ‏@rotomonkee #SPNFamily He blowed-up real good!
* #SPNFamily He BURNED-up real good!
* To coin a phrase, @JensenAckles, you kicked it in the ass. Congrats!

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Mean, lean, Dean. @JensenAckles acts, directs and quips off the best one liners on TV
Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @AdamGlass44 @JensenAckles EXCUSE ME!!!???!!!
Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @Mark_Sheppard @JensenAckles and #Crowley is delicious as ever

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Yeah, they said Abaddon
* @Mark_Sheppard that was some pimp shit right there. #Supernatural
* And a great one liner @Mark_Sheppard
* Ha! Aidan is running around the house saying Dean is back!
* I see I don’t even give my son any spoilers.
* Big shoutout to @JensenAckles @jarpad @Mark_Sheppard @mishacollins for a great job tonight.
* Good night, Tucking Aidan in

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins This guy looks tired. He needs a nap.
B0hk3voCQAAYBB0 misha
* go for the porn, @jarpad
* Actually, there is something worse, @jarpad, having @Mark_Sheppard be the last thing you see as you drift to sleep
* At least it looks like i finally got that nap i needed
* Well, that was quite a ride. RIP #Deanmon you will be missed. welcome back #GoodyTwoShoesDean
* Nice work, @JensenAckles. You do great work behind the camera & you have a much more chiseled jaw-line than the average TV Director.
* @Mark_Sheppard night. Thanks for saving my bacon tonight

Jensen Ackles ‏@JensenAckles @mishacollins I agree. Hammer was a odd choice. Or was it? #AwesomeChoice
Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins Hey @JensenAckles, weird choice to be using a hammer to go after @jarpad. Couldn’t you have used a knife or something menacing instead
Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins @JensenAckles I know you’re new to twitter, but you still have to spell check. You misspelled your hashtag. You meant, “#awkwardchoice.”
Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels @JensenAckles @mishacollins it was the director’s choice… Oh wait…
Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson1138 @mishacollins @JensenAckles I think you both meant: #supernatural

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins being saved by @Mark_Sheppard is so emasculating. I wish it could have been someone super tough like, @feliciaday
Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @mishacollins @feliciaday See you outside, buddy-boy
Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels @Mark_Sheppard @mishacollins @feliciaday bike racks at lunch tomorrow you two

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins 1 hour west-coasters. Buckle up. #SPN. * @jensenacles, this is the episode you “directed,” right?
Jensen Ackles ‏@JensenAckles @mishacollins yes…this is would be the episode I directed. #CaptainObvious #YourFavoriteDirector
Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins I hear u, @JensenAckles! This director was a piece of work! I don’t remember his name, but i recall he yelled a lot & made a few actors cry.

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @JensenAckles @mishacollins Don’t forget Max’s debut!
* MAX!!!!
* Nice casting, @JensenAckles
B0hj_k-CQAAicjG max
* @ryan_curtis Great work tonight, guys
* That @JensenAckles is a damn good director
* Night y’all!
* @JensenAckles Max sends his love and thank-you’s! You have some jaw competition there

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @AdamGlass44 Don’t you get, like, $75 for that?
Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @Mark_Sheppard I don’t discuss WGA minimums online

Travis Aaron Wade ‏@TravisAaronWade @JensenAckles @jarpad congrats gents! Truly happy for you both on #200 It has been a pleasure working with you both

Ruth Connell ♕ ‏@RuthieConnell #ActionAckles downright #lovely #talented #kind and #handsome man #SoulSurvivor how amazing to start with @JensenAckles at the helm

Crowley’s Bitch ‏@debilperson66 For those who DON’T know who Max Sheppard is!
B0hiA56IcAEP4JF max

Samantha Smith ‏@SamSmithTweets “@WilliamJTV: Mom and Pop WinchesterB0g8mjQCEAA_eDl daddy winch

Jerry Wanek ‏@JerryWanek Jensen rocked both sides of the camera tonight!!!! Great Ep!
B0hkv7SCUAAlwpU levi

Erica Carroll ‏@divinepigeon My sweet Bella comforted me after my beating #puppylove #Hannah
B0hlCOeCYAAXSbU hannah

The Supernatural cast and crew live tweeting tonight’s show gave us a few insights into the filming of the episode, “Sharp Teeth”. Jared Padalecki, DJ Qualls, and Adam Glass contributed to the fray with Guy Bee and Genevieve Padalecki throwing in thoughts. Thanks to our show for showing us love! Enjoy!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad A once-a-year event is goin down tonite! Thats right, once a year, we air the 12th episode of our season for the 1st time!

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Hey #Supernatural east coast. I got mad luv 4 u. Enjoy the episode I’m at my son ‘s football practice! Holla!

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Im live tweeting the west coast #supernatural feed. Sorry east coast. I don’t have an east coast feed…and I want to go to Chipotle now.
* Im gearing up. Watching tonight with a sock puppet & what Im told is a dog. Feel like Michael Jackson pic.twitter.com/RyXTYZvsqX
* This is what that make up looked like and you couldn’t see it. #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/auEZ1Ff9KP

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @jarpad insisted @TheOnlyDJQualls do that stunt himself. That’s #jared driving. He hit DJ a 12 times till he got it right.
* @TheOnlyDJQualls turn down #inchabodcrane on #SleepyHollow to continue being #Garth on #supernatural an pursue his luv 4 #birdwatching.

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Also never give Jensen a prop that squirts water. We were all cover in adrenaline after this scene
* during this scene @Jarpad kept unzipping his zipper when my eyes were closed. He has the loudest zippers in the world. I felt unsafe.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau It probably only took Jensen 2 days to grow that scruff. Me… 2 weeks?

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 #sleepyhollow shoutout! That’s right @TheOrlandoJones @AdamGlass44 not @rthompson1138 giving you love

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad I HATE when the brothers fight!! Especially in front of @TheOnlyDJQualls 😉
* Btw- those scenes in Garth’s hospital room where filmed in the SAME set as when Sam was in a hospital room
* Even though he makes us look fat, we loved being with @TheOnlyDJQualls again 🙂
* Wait WHAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!?? Garth is a werewolf?!?!?! You’re KILLING me @TheOnlyDJQualls !

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls This rubber suit was for when I got hit by the car. Wouldn’t put it on b/c I was SURE @jarpad was messing w/me. pic.twitter.com/K29V26bw5z
* DUDE! I have a serious southern accent. I can’t hear it when Im talking.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Wait. What? New werewolf lore?

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Gotta be honest, when I said “Thanks you, baby” just now, I thought I looked cute
* That line was originally “Because you guys came busting in here with the flannel shirts and the hair” but didn’t work. Jawlines was mine.
* Playing the piano here was the most embarrassing moment of my career. I CANNOT play, so it sounded like death. Jensen made fun of me.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Garth comes back as a werewolf with a girlfriend.. it only makes sense that Kevin comes back as a merman with fish powers then. Thanks

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls My clothes in this episode were inspired by christian missionaries.
* This scene made us all sick. We ate PLATES of this stuff. Toward the end, I put blood on gummy candy or bread. pic.twitter.com/s8A6jrrgsW

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad We had a LOTTA fun making @TheOnlyDJQualls laugh during the filming… Expect a ton of gag reel footage 🙂

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls i missed @Jarpad this whole episode. He couldn’t film with me much because he was off making babies
* And @jarpad THAT is why I feel so loved when I get to visit. You care enough to be mean to me.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls sex scene was cut because of time. Strangely @mishacollins was there staring in the window even though he was not in it.
* @jarpad Kevins gone? Man I got to start reading these outlines.

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls I hate the distance between the boys. Excuse me while I pee

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Wow… That werewolf dinner scene made me wanna throw up… Anybody agree?…

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Yea.. still hurts to hear that 😥

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad Was terrible. The stuff they used to keep it from sticking to the mold was super salty AND the more u chewed it, the bigger it got.

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee Wasn’t that werewolf/cop Peter Benson who played a cop in season 1s “Asylum?”

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad To all you Canadian juice fans: the barn and family scenes were shot where they make “Bremners” 🙂 yum! #loneranger
* Okay, I hashtagged Lone Ranger on accident. But #teamabaddon on purpose! Sorry @Mark_Sheppard

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls In related news, I spotted Sasquatch on the set of #supernatural (ive been waiting 2 months to tweet that) pic.twitter.com/LcneC4XGe3

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 #jensen actually threw the knife and killed the actor. #true fact

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls You are hashtag mean. “@jarpad: Even though he makes us look fat, we loved being with @TheOnlyDJQualls again 🙂

Alaina Huffman ‏@AlainaHuffman @jarpad are you #teamabbadon Mr. Padalecki?

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad The old “Ragnarok” bullet….. Good times

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls I KNEW that was going to happen. l I don’t trust those guys.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @jarpad Damn! That was going to be my crew gift this year

Genevieve Padalecki ‏@realGpad #Supernatural is on and I don’t have it where I am 😦 Heard it was a really fun episode!! Can’t wait to watch

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Only about 20% of this scene was me. I was in LA working on @LegitFXX Some was filmed in a cold ass barn. My stuff was on the stage.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls @LegitFXX You made it work. You’re the best. So glad we made it work.

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls “Im sorry” Ok, now I have a Canadian accent. The sound mixer was right. I should have looped that.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad Stop drinking while you work. Oh wait, forget that idea. #everyonesdrinking I forgot.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad For the big barn scene, @TheOnlyDJQualls was unavailable due to other commitments, so we all filmed with a photo double

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls This woman needs to learn what a stage slap is. Seriously

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 The #sfx #supernatural guys did a great job blowing this barn up with everyone in it,

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls He’s just had his ass kicked but you wouldn’t know it by his hair. Guess who Im talking about.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Activate werewolf powers Garth! It requires a lot of yelling I think

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Come on, you’re not going to win a #shootout against #deanwinchester!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad @AdamGlass44 that’s not true!!! I didn’t “learn” the kick at JB… I PERFECTED the kick at JB

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls That hug. @jarpad smells like springtime
* This scene choked me up. I love working with Jensen. Also, it felt like closure. I hate closure.
* That hug from Dean was genius @AdamGlass44. Way to manipulate the audience

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Come on guys.. don’t do this again..

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Big thanks to the cast and crew of #supernatural @AdamGlass44 and my @LegitFXX producers. Heaven and earth was moved for me to do this ep.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls @LegitFXX AGREED! We love having you, bro. #garth is part of the family and so are you

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Whatever the future holds for Garth, the past 3yrs were amazing/life changing. Thank you all for the love and the memories

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad @AdamGlass44 my opus, dare I say

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Okay #supernatural. Good night everyone. Thanks to @jarpad @TheOnlyDJQualls and #jensen for making us writers look good. U guys are amazing!

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Night everyone. I have to work early. This was amazing. If I had emotions that weren’t strictly manufactured for sale, I could cry.

Writer Robbie Thompson dominated live tweeting tonight and shared tidbits from his writing and filming aspects! I normally do a running dialogue but there were lots ofSupernatural folks tweeting back and forth so I opted to combine each person’s tweets. We also learned Jared and Genevieve’s new baby’s name, Shepherd! Plus Jared got in a Beiber dig before the night was over!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad I’m SO sad to turn off the Beliebers…. However, at a maximum justifiable age of 7, they should be in bed right now.

Genevieve Padalecki ‏@realGpad @jarpad and Shepherd watching some late night #supernatural pic.twitter.com/WtWtKBAwxl

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Ok. There it is, my wife @realGpad just revealed Tom’s little brothers name…. Here goes 😉

Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson113 I wrote tonight’s ep of #Supernatural listening to the single “Reflektor” by @arcadefire. On repeat. The entire time http://youtu.be/7E0fVfectDo
* As I’ve mentioned, there’s a big gap from when we write to when the episode airs. This week’s #supernatural I pitched back in late July.
* Pitched this episode in late July, wrote the script in September– parts were written in Japan
* in the first draft, there was no horse, but @JohnBadham2 and @SNkevinandjill made it so!
* True facts: @omundson can grow a Jeremiah Johnson worthy beard in 60 minutes. 30 if he’s awake. #supernatural
* There’s a great take in the dailies of this scene where #Jackles and @Mark_Sheppard nailed it all in one take
* When I pitched I thought it’d be helpful to draw The 1st Blade. Despite this artwork they went for it #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/XJgpAsPBS5
* Wrath of Cain! Such a pleasure to write for the one and only @Omundson and his Epic Beard
* Wasn’t on set, but Sam was to be topless in this scene, changed on the day, something about “too much awesome”?
* The sticky phone was added on the day– so gross (awesome)
* The Fight! Sweet merciful awesome. That’s #Jackles in EVERY SHOT! Hats off to him, @JohnBadham2, Lou Bollo & all stunt peeps
* That “You’re good… but I’m Crowley” was 100% a product of @Mark_Sheppard,
* much of Cain came from @omundson’s performance. Thank you, good sir, you are, as always, a pleasure to write for
* #Jackles reading of “Really? Now?” was hilarious in every take, even when he was off camera
* And once again: mad love to our VFX peeps– AWESOMENESS
* This #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/Ia1masEzsr
* Vote Crowley? pic.twitter.com/HAfUXxBeuT
* Put that down! #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/zu7bzdgGlS
* Next week on #supernatural, @AdamGlass44 brings back @TheOnlyDJQualls! Garth

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Hey y’all I’m hoping to live-tweet tonite! I’m not sure yet if I will be off in time… Here’s hoping!
* @OsricChau @hxrrxraddict what about marmalading?
* Does anybody else think that cains house looks an AWFUL lot like Bobby’s house??
* #Supernatural sorry y’all! I wanted to be able to live tweet so badly! But I worked too late, and then got stuck playing dad to Thomas and A
* Wow @JohnBadham2 what a GREAT job!! Now will you PLEASE come direct another!!!
* I didn’t have the chance to meet the actress who played collette, but HOLY CRAP she’s great!!

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard You guys going to get me trending again tonight?

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins #supernatural is starting, east coasters. Tell me how it goes.
* West coast it’s #supernatural time! Alas, after @jarpads dig about @justinbieber last week, i’m boycotting the show with my fellow beliebers
* Love a good pb&j.
* @jarpad is always trying to get me to call him my “little guinea pig.” But i won’t do it.
* while we were shooting i gave this woman pointers on physical fitness because she’s clearly let herself go. She could only do 50 chin-ups.
* .@jarpad’s a method actor so he insisted on a real syringe. we made sure to penetrate a part of his brain he doesn’t use: the cerebellum
* Next time i get in a bar brawl, i definitely want Tim @Omundson on my side. He was a big help there.
* There was something poking my hip when we did that hug. Not sure what it was.
* Nice having you all to watch with. It’s like you’re here in my living room. on my lap. Let’s do it again soon.

BunnyBerens ‏@robertberens Everyone be sure to tune in to tonight’s amazing episode, written by @rthompson1138 and directed by John frikkin Badham!!!

Kevin & Jill Parks ‏@SNkevinandjill The fight was the best of the series. Jensen did the whole fight. No double!!
* @JohnBadham2 did a great job directing the episode
* Kevin & Jill Parks ‏@SNkevinandjill @rthompson1138 @JohnBadham2 the idea was to use a stock shot for cabin but the art dept. Built the cabin and the shot expanded.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass4 @rthompson1138 wrote this while high on cough medicine during a bad case of the flu
* Not a @rthompson1138 #supernatural script without a good old #dickbag or #asshat line
* No bees were hurt during the making of this #Supernatural episode. But we did accidently kill two stand ins

Tara Larsen ‏@taraslarsen I was on set with the pb&j @mishacollins had to eat a lot of sandwiches
* @rthompson1138 is a wonderful writer but he originally had Tara knitting in the pawn shop scene…we quickly changed that

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Hey, we eat the same sandwich. PB & J taking over the burgers on
* Well @hxrrxraddict, I’ve been told you can jam things but jellying doesn’t work..
* I hope @mishacollins took advantage of that scene cause when he directs his first episode @jarpad will have him in a similar situation
* Demon bathroom walls.. I didn’t know demons used the bathroom. Or needed privacy. Or cared for writing. Or proper hygiene
* swear I can’t tell the difference between @mishacollins and Castiel.
* They both say the weirdest things. And with @therandomactorg, @mishacollins is kinda an angel too
* Love the duos happening.. but when are Sam and Dean gonna hang out again?
* @mishacollins I snuck on set that day. I was trying to get your attention. Apparently I failed..

Timothy Omundson ‏@Omundson I know I said I was going to try & tweet during @cw_spn, but still stuck at ‘dinner’ w/ this @JamesRoday guy. #Cain pic.twitter.com/I6AlMdvmBS

Jerry Wanek ‏@JerryWanek Loved tonight’s EP, John Badham killed it ! Can’t wait to have him back

ChristopherR ‏@ChristopherSPN VFX Fun fact, I based Cain’s travelling veins off a map of NYC mixed with some trees from a tree near Jericho Beach in Vancouver.

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins The Belieber boycott of #supernatural devastated viewership last night. Lesson learned: don’t mess with @justinbieber http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/01/22/supernatural-has-most-watched-episode-since-2010/231177/

Fun for the fandom tonight! Livetweeting with Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles via Jared, Curtis Armstrong, Ryan Curtis, Misha Collins, Osric Chau, Clif Kosterman, Adam Glass, Guy Norman Bee!

Danneel HarrisAckles@DanneelHarris   Make sure and catch the mid season finale of Supernatural and live tweets from Jensen and @jarpad

Curtis Armstrong@curtisisbooger     Gee, I really went out of my way to be nice in this episode,@cw_spn Family! But judging from your responses I guess I have more work to do..

Jared Padalecki@jarpad  somewhere in vancouver right now…. sam and dean are about to LIVE-TWEET!!!!!

*   T he biker bar was filmed at “boundary bay”. We have filmed TONS of stuff: including all crossroads scenes & where Harvelles diner burned!

*   also, our Harlem Shake was filmed on that actual spot 🙂

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau   Whoa, what a way to start off, that was one hell of an opening.. right, this is a horror show.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad: also, our Harlem Shake was filmed on that actual spot 🙂 #supernatural” I really miss that floor.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau  I  gotta say, @mishacollins looks good in a suit. Slowly learning how to appreciate suits

Misha Collins@mishacollins    It’s happening! Wow, @jarpad, what’s going on, man? Your performance is really inconsistent. Your character is all over the place.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad     uhoh… dean driving an angel around again… crazy!!!!

*    this driving scene was filmed at our studios with a green screen 🙂

Jensen Ackles    Baby got her running shoes on” to explain the time-lapse to Sam… that was cut…

Jensen Ackles the puddles of blood on the ground are all plastic cut-outs

Misha Collins@mishacollins Interesting fact: we actually burned real human bodies to get those burn marks on the floor.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @mishacollins nope vfx

* Cas is back

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau @mishacollins quit hitting on misha

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Sometimes I feel like I’ve already seen the episode before, like deja vu. And then I remember that I read the script before we shot it.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad @mishacollins Don’t worry Jared, you’ll get your turn 😉

Jensen Ackles “sometimes i wish we could just drink real beer. this fake shit is horrible”

Jared Padalecki@jarpad originally sam had the line “she was hot” about the reaper cass slept with. it fit dean better so we changed it

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ it hurts my head to try and read his tweets

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau It’s Metatron! Haven’t seen him since he pulls me out of Crowley’s houseboat!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad THE SHOE JUST DROPPED!!! NOT EZEKIEL?!?!?!?! THEN WHO?!?!?!!? stay tuned 🙂

Misha Collins@mishacollins That poor angel guy. No one wants to be his friend. Not even when they are drunk.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis What?! Zeke is not zeke. Oh oh shot got real

Misha Collins@mishacollins Yes! Love @curtisisbooger! You may not know this, but in real life he’s about 6 inches taller than @jarpad. He’s on his knees in this scene.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @jarpad and @curtisisbooger are so damn good together

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis More funny angels!!!!! Hell yah. Metatron ain’t so bad.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i love the reveal about who “ezekiel” really is. still gives me chills

metatron seems to be playing mind games with “ezekiel”

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Loving Tom writes directing. He is really good.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Angel @jarpad would be a funny one. But he’d go too far and get himself kicked out of heaven. So then he’d be a stupid angel.

Ty Olsson@TyOlsson @jarpad I can fill in for ya . My impersonation of you is bang on . *Where are my stilts *

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i originally had a difficult time calling Buddy Boyle and his boys “people”… since…. theyre kinda “angels”…

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau I was explaining to my friends that this show doesn’t get more gruesome than that opening. Then that campsite scene happened

* Really liking these Sam and Metatron scenes. Those two work real well together.

 Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ Misha on his knees, nothing new

* that’s a big hat on her yikes lol

* Misha will be praying a lot while directing
Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Crowley gets to say all the best lines. Castiel gets to do all the weird things. But Kevin gets to read all the rocks!Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau we were messing with him so bad. JA: “osric did not enjoy doing his coverage during this scene” 🙂Misha Collins@mishacollins I want that to be what it says on my tombstone, “He was top of the christmas tree.”

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee @jarpad @amellywood What’s that shiny thing between you and how many ‘D’ cell batteries does it take?!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @guynormanbee @amellywood its powered by the most amazing fans in the world! #

Misha Collins@mishacollins In this scene production said they were out of money for makeup, so they just had @bodyguard4JandJ and @osricchau beat the shit out of me

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @jarpad @guynormanbee @amellywood  heh. Nice

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @amellywood this is how me and JA watch #supernatural , how do you watch #arrowpic.twitter.com/qtXUzmjbfk

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad Well after Princess bubblegum happened I was ready for hard days on set.. you two delivered. Hard. How predicable!

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ @mishacollins sure can take a punch , I beat him senseless

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau AND WHY MUST THEY TORTURE CAS?! He’s died enough, geez

Jensen Ackles @mishacollins @bodyguard4JandJ  “bullshit. they put you in a room with de-winged butterflies and thats how you emerged.”

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @mishacollins @bodyguard4JandJ We were more than happy to oblige. Clif did most of the heavy lifting but I brought on a good cheer.

Jared Padalecki@jarpad uh oh “EZEKIEL” died????? car just found out some troubling news…

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Love that big chest cut, that was SFX MU that we revealed. Looks nasty

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i showed up on set during mishas torture scene… he was actually tied up… too bad im saving all of the trouble for when he directs!

Misha Collins@mishacollins We actually had to go back in time and shoot this scene in 1989 when phone booths still existed.

Jensen Ackles @mishacollins “dude youre really playing the pain well for half of your face falling off… forget you’re human?” 😉

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Hey Cas is lying. Now did he learn that from Dead or Sam?

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!! Cas is Angel again! But I really liked him doing inventory at that stop and shop..

Jared Padalecki@jarpad whoa!! cas got his grace back?!?!
ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @mishacollins what does grace taste like?Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ @mishacollins is a hell of a cashier @OsricChau

 ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis PB and J is Canon! First to declare it. #PB&Jiscanon

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Sandwich was peanut butter and jam. Chunky. Strawberry. I was advised against actually eating them. I ended up going through 5 that day

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee @jarpad @amellywood Oh, my mistake, it’s just that sometimes I walk past your trailer and I hear… That sound… Uh, never mind…

Jensen Ackles  OricChau “great. now you’re gonna go as cinderella to the next convention…”

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @jarpad just like “Stella Got Her Groove Back!”

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ I want to see @OsricChau as Ariel next

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Come on Metatron.. why can’t you just not be bad? Like when we first met you

Jared Padalecki@jarpad i have the actual piece of paper that metatron handed me with the name of who to kill. who wants to raise money for charity?

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @bodyguard4JandJ Clif.. please stop reading my mind

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis Honey do list Gadreel.

Misha Collins@mishacollins .@TheOrlandoJones you post relevant photos on your feed so fast it makes me think you’re really just a bot amalgamating two twisted fandoms.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad I’m in! I would be in the bidding for that. For Chariteh!

*   Come on Dean.. just tell Kevin.. Kevin wants to know.. I NEED TO KNOW

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau you can have it… it can go to your charity of choice

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau SAM NOOOOOOO

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ oh that had to hurt a punch from the big fella

Jared Padalecki@jarpad wait!!! KEVIN!!!!!!

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ KEEEEEEVVVVVIIIIIN

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nnnn nnnn nnooooooooo

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau @jarpad Much appreciated but l’d give it to baby Thomas and get him started on philanthropy, what would he support? #supernatural babies

Jared Padalecki@jarpad nice button ackles

Misha Collins@mishacollins No! Kevin! @OsricChau! Damn it. we needed that prophet. I think we should resurrect him.

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ Kevin come back pleeeeeeease

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @jarpad @OsricChau great job by both of you.

Jensen Ackles: “osric wasnt there to look at. just the camera and dolly. i pictured osric with his eyes burnt, and that he was gone.”

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138 #KevinFreakinSolo4Ever

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @TheOnlyDJQualls @AlaskaAir hey dude, i know some pretty famous people that can help. you want?

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau i..

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @OsricChau @jarpad Osric the fans luv u and so do we . Great job .

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @OsricChau he really loves his daddy. and trains. and trucks. and horseland. any charity combine those????

Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ nite nite gang xo

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @mishacollins wait. You watch the show?

DJ Qualls@TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad @AlaskaAir Supernatural took away my ability to travel internationally. Im so bummed right now.

Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee Wow, I can’t believe Kevin Tran… I’m crushed! On a personal note @OsricChau is a brilliant actor and a sweetheart of a man- well done Oz!

Jared Padalecki@jarpad @TheOnlyDJQualls @AlaskaAir youre too high in demand!!!!

Misha Collins@mishacollins Okay. I’m going to change my diaper & go to bed. Be careful not to let anyone burn your eyes out while you sleep tonight. Sweet Dreams

DJ Qualls@TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad All joking aside, they just tweeted me back with a phone number! Thanks buddy! I love having enormous friends!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Thx to @jarpad @mishacollins @OsricChau #JensenAckles @SergeLadouceur @JerryWanek @RUSS_MOVIEGOD and all others for a great episode tonight!

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau Three characters might be enough to sum up everything going through my head right now but I’m gotta do what (cont) http://tl.gd/n_1rsre07

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis So that was my favorite episode of season 9, but guess what. Episode 10 is just as freaking good. You just gonna have to wait.

ryan_curtis@ryan_curtis @OsricChau *tear

Adam Glass@AdamGlass44 @OsricChau hey I just heard your character died. Sorry. Let’s reschedule that lunch.

Badonk-a-Donkey@OsricChau   I should have know better than to try to read all these messages. But this is a lot harder than I expected it to be. Thank you so much..

Jared Padalecki was tweeted that he would be tweeting both coasts eps but instead posted a pic with his very cute little Tom! Robbie the writer started the tweeting!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  @jarpad what’s it like being so tall and awesome? asking for a friend

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @rthompson1138 no idea. You’d have to ask Loughlin!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday EAST COAST!  Whatever guys. I’m hungry

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad I’m live-tweeting with a very special boy 🙂 pic.twitter.com/YNlylCkGqn

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad Thank GOD they had video cameras in 1935!!! Otherwise we wouldn’t have had a teaser!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  amazing @jerrywanek gave me a tour of MOL sets & I wanted to spend a whole episode inside

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Things look smarter in black and white. My favorite movie is Bring Up Baby!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday True story: the men of letters set is even more epic in person.

Robbie Thompson  ‏@rthompson1138    Strong work, peeps!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138 Sometimes character names have deep meaning. Sometimes they come from streets where you grew up. Haggerty Road.

Felicia Day  @feliciaday   Tiio!  Really cool fact: she’s part Mohawk

Tiio Horn @kaniehtiio “@lzerk: @kaniehtiio you were AWESOME as Dorothy on tonight’s SPN episode!! loved it!! :-)” tank u tank u

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 I want the Batphone from the Teaser

Mark Sheppard  @Mark_Sheppard  look! I’m on TV!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday Mark Shepard is really into video games and we argue every time we see each other.  He always scams dev kits

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. @Mark_Sheppard. Always killing it. Nice to finally meet you!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   Woot!  @rthompson1138 the writer/producer/Charlie master!  He’s live tweeting now actually

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 This episode shot during VanCon– it was so great to meet SPNFamily there!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love how @jarpad plays Sam so earnestly and serious, and he is always so fun laughing off camera. #fartjokes

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138  @feliciaday it’s all you, kiddo

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  @feliciaday tattle-tale!! 🙂

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  big thanks to Mr. Singer for letting me tag along during the shooting of this episode and ask a zillion questions

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138   That little “got it” and the “voila” were added by #jackles and @jarpad

Felicia Day @feliciaday That electronic sound wasn’t there in the room, I LOVE FILMMAKING

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad    My wife @realGpad and I do really love Game of Thrones 🙂

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  David Niven and a young Bill Mahr, am I right?

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    Is it just me or does everything look better in Black and White?

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad Personally, I love the tension between the brothers when one is lying to the other

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Oh God I really am short compared to the dudes.  Half the time I’m standing on a box

Mark Sheppard  @Mark_Sheppard Guys, you need to use the #Supernatural hasht

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  It was SO late hen we shot the intro-scene to the MoL “computer mainframe” room. We were practically sleeping!! #

Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels  @feliciaday also known as a box rental!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138   This episode was a ton of fun to break, thanks The Carver, Mr. Singer, @AdamGlass44 and @andrewdabb

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Ada Lovelace reference!  LOVE IT!  Does anyone recognize my shirt reference?! I love how Charlie gets custom shirts made!

Jerry Wanek   @JerryWanek    @rthompson1138 @jarpad Thx it was my pleasure, great Ep. Loved the script!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  True story: My knuckles don’t snap that loud

 Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138    There’s some easter eggs on Charlie’s tablet, inc. a shoutout to the amazing comic book

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Freeze frame and Charlie has a porn square

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad   We LOVE having @feliciaday   She makes us feel tall 🙂

Adam Glass   @AdamGlass44    @jarpad Oh, that’s what’s going on? Wish someone told me before I wrote three episodes.

Felicia Day @feliciaday   In the original script it was BeckyWinchester69.  hehe

Robbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138    Sam’s reaction to Becky… epic… a great example of @jarpad taking what’s on the page and making it 100 times funnier

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  I STILL don’t know what “macramé” is

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    Lines we shot that got cut: Sam: I’m sure the Stark family will be fine. Charlie: You know nothing John Snow

Jared Padalecki @jarpad     There’s a great outtake involving @feliciaday saying “it was intense”… 🙂

Felicia Day  @feliciaday There was a big controversy on set about what the “Hang in there Kitty” poster was.  Lots of googling  http://wendythomasrussell.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/kitten-hang-in-there-poster.jpg …

Jared Padalecki   ‏@jarpad    @rthompson1138 I don’t know I I made it funnier. But I CERTAINLY made it taller!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   I really hate bad nail cleanliness, you know she’s evil when her cuticles are that messed up

 Mark Sheppard   ‏@Mark_Sheppard    @rthompson1138 bakachooRobbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138    The boys swapped dialogue in this scene re: reading books. They know the characters best & it made nice Sam/Charlie moment

Felicia Day    @feliciaday  .@jarpad Oh God, I forgot how you kept making me crack up about that “In-tents” joke hahaha

Felicia Day  ‏@feliciaday  I loved that transition from B&W to color, it was so Twilight Zone!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad    @feliciaday hahahah you’ll remember web the gag reel comes out 🙂

Felicia Day  @feliciaday   There were a lot of jokes on set about the suggestive opening of that ball-sac like pod hahaha

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  Jensen made @rthompson1138 promise to buy him Game of Thrones dvd’s to understand all of the references

Robbie Thompson  ‏@rthompson1138    @jarpad totally true!

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad    Only Bob Singer could pull off all of the proper references and B&W to Color changes. Well done!

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad    Dorothy’s birth makes me think of Ace Ventura 2. In the best way possible 🙂

Felicia Day @feliciaday  I love how Charlie is so into the lore stuff, totally what I would be doing actually haha

Felicia Day  @feliciaday    OH NO SHE DIDNT!  (not to insult secretaries

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Hellooo sexy sweater vest #

Felicia Day  @feliciaday The Witch and Crowley would make lovely babies together, right?

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138    Ah, Crowley and the Witch. This was a fun night of shooting @Mark_Sheppar

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard    @feliciaday thx!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    I love @feliciaday ‘s reaction to what Sam said in this scene– totally not on the page, totally awesome

Felicia Day  @feliciaday The shirt is a reference to Cloud Atlas.  All of you get brownies. Also: Librarian shoutout WHAT?!

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad    @feliciaday yes they WOULD!! As long as they don’t take after @Mark_Sheppard

Felicia Day   @feliciaday @jarpad @Mark_Sheppard The witch has better cheekbones, but his eyelashes are pretty lush

Felicia Day  @feliciaday   “Stop ruining my childhood” is my fave line from the ep.  Well…the first half 🙂

Jared Padalecki @jarpad   @feliciaday @mark_sheppard true. And his Aussie accent just makes me all warm inside

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  “I just cleaned in here” haha.  I totally could see him wearing pink rubber gloves lol

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  I love Charlie’s t-shirt. I want one! #

Felicia Day   @feliciaday Tiio is so good!  She’s on Twitter at @kaniehtiio

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad    @Mark_Sheppard whispering Somewhere Over The Rainbow… Classic

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138    The little “Charlie” at the end of the scene was added by #jackles. So funny

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love it when Charlie makes Dean look annoyed.  I don’t want to be scrappy doo but it’s really fun to make him frown haha

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   There was actual porn in that box and I was like “WHOAH THIS IS PORNY 70S PORN

bibbitybobbitybob   @robertberens  How cute is Charlie’s shirt?

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  OUCH! (I didn’t actually do that stunt but the stunt woman made me look excellent!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   Tiio did an AMAZING job of being strong but vulnerable, timeless but modern, smart but willing to listen. EXACTLY what was needed! And more

bibbitybobbitybob     ‏@robertberens   I hope it’s unisex because I WANT IT.

Felicia Day @feliciaday I got mad at @rthompson1138, but then I was like,”This has been done to me by the best, this is no different.”

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138   We have the best cast ever. I wish folks could watch the dailies– they add so many moments between the lines. Just awesome

Felicia Day  @feliciaday    @rthompson1138 I WAS SO UPSET WHEN I READ THE SCRIPT.  I forgive you 😉

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad There was a reference to why dean had the key (it had to do with the 70’s porn). But it didnt fit the gravitas of the scene #

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138   @feliciaday i was mad at me, too

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @rthompson1138 that’s what great writing begets. And thanks!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138    @jarpad i still miss it!

Adam Glass   @AdamGlass44  I remember @rthompson1138 pitching me his Dorothy idea over lunch. He and everyone else killed it as usual.

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  @feliciaday I DONT FORGIVE ME

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad    @rthompson1138 @feliciaday I was made at you three. And Jensen, 4. And @Mark_Sheppard , 5. And… Well… You get the idea

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  On an unrelated note, I am apparently 60 seconds or so begin you guys. Once again, damn you Canuck satellites

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  I love the Zeke scenes this season, wish I could have not had to be lying there the whole time

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  It’s so crazy to watch, one second he’s @jarpad, then he’s Sam, then he’s Zeke! So much awesome

Mark Sheppard  @Mark_Sheppard  @jarpad mee too!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Dean is really good at lying this season

Robbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138    Oh Dean… the lies

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad  Zeke is gradually becoming more comfortable as a human

Jared Padalecki   ‏@jarpad  @ rthompson1138 thanks 🙂

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138  Once again: this set is so inspiring! Men of Letters rocks!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love how confident and sassy Dorothy is.  What a great character: Amelia Earhart meets Indiana Jones!

Jared Padalecki    @jarpad  I LOVE that Sam is now starting to question Dean and his talking of “Zeke”. Fun tension!!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  I  love @jarpad and #jackles in this scene, talking about homes– again, taking what’s on the page and making it better

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  Anyone read the other Wizard of Oz books?  They get really twisted, this version of Oz is so great

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138    How great are @feliciaday and @kaniehtiio in these scenes? Great chemistry/acting

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   @feliciaday I will say, it’s the best “lying” that I’ve ever seen. And I thank you (as Zeke” 🙂

Robbie Thompson    ‏@rthompson1138   The Garage!!! This was the only time we were off the stages during the entire shoot

Felicia Day    @feliciaday  location was insane, those cars were definitely “do not touch”.  My fave was the green one

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  HAHA that “he didn’t make it” and my reaction, one of my favorite moments

Robbie Thompson    @rthompson1138 I described the garage as “awesomeness everywhere” and this is what they did. Best crew ever

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  The night we shot the “Batman voice” line, news broke Affleck cast as new Batman. #JaredandJensenforBatmanandSuperman

Felicia Day   @feliciaday  “Batman voice”& “definitely not your Batman voice” my FAVE line.Also, that was the day Ben Affleck got cast as Batman, weird!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138  We talk about Sam and Dean being Luke and Han. I always think of them as Superman and Batman

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  SO many versions of Sam to deal with this episode!!! Sam/zeke/wicked witch. I’m getting a headache! Thanks @rthompson1138

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138   Don’t text and drive! Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen said so

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   Funny enough, Ben affleck was cast as batman during the filming of the “Batman voice” scene in the MoL stage

Robbie Thompson@rthompson1138 @jarpad we spent a while ‘dream casting’ after, too!

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @feliciaday @rthompson1138  Looks like we ALL texted about Affleck and Batman! Too busy typing to read 🙂

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138 @jarpad that’s my move

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  Yes, I totally really hit him in the nards like that.  It was Funnnnnn

Felicia Day   @feliciaday   Ok so this catching of the shoe was terrifying and I dropped it three times and I am NOT GOOD AT SPORTS THINGS

Robbie Thompson   ‏@rthompson1138  Possessed Winchesters!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  I love this shot of me, the wind machine is blowing so cool and I just impaled someone’s skull. Life is good.

Robbie Thompson @rthompson1138  As always, the VFX crew of #SPN absolutely killing it and raising their game. Well played, gang!

Felicia Day   @feliciaday That monkey was not a cute monkey either

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   Stella Artois commercial, my 7-month pregnant wife @realGpad , and i quote, “I can’t wait to have a beer” 🙂

Felicia Day  ‏@feliciaday  “Ding Dong, bitches” is my favorite line from the ep!  I’m just kidding, I already said 5 things were my favorite line. 😛

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad   @feliciaday the word “nards” always makes me laugh 🙂 well played

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  @jarpad @feliciaday Monster Squad!!!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  badass stuff VFX dudes!!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 .@feliciaday my fav was the one you added, “Oh boy!” So Charlie, so perfect

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad   @feliciaday and they are ALL our favorite line TOOOO!!!

Robbie Thompson   @rthompson1138   Big props to everyone in our Post Production department! Unsung heroes!

Felicia Day    @feliciaday   @jarpad YOu know what my favorite line was?  “That was in tents”.

Mark Sheppard   @Mark_Sheppard   Nice work guys

Tiio Horn   @kaniehtiio @DustyCPU: @kaniehtiio You know Dorothy’s gotta come back for her bike. :)” word! Good point

  Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @feliciaday hahahahah touché

Felicia Day  @feliciaday  @rthompson1138 I had no idea they’d include that in the actual cut!! 

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138  Baby! Her appearance was unscripted, added in by the crew on the day

Felicia Day  @feliciaday I‘m glad I’m not a zombie, that is not a hot supernatural creature.

Felicia Day  @feliciaday I read a zombie romance book once and all I could think was “squish”.

Felicia Day   @feliciaday I actually was so sad to leave the guys in this scene.  But so excited about the possible future! Look at that CGI! SO GOOD!

Felicia Day  @feliciaday can’t believe this ending?!  WHATS GONNA HAPPEN guys!?! WHAT DO I DO OVER THERE?!  And great song choice!!!  Wow!

Jared Padalecki @jarpad  loved that “goodbye” scene. Gave me chills to film AND, now, to watch. Well done all. What a great episode! #

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 Ding dong! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing @feliciaday can’t do. Thanks for being so awesome, kid!

Mark Sheppard   ‏@Mark_Sheppard   off to bed. Early call. xoxoxox

 Robbie Thompson  ‏@rthompson1138  I got misty watching the goodbye scene. I haven’t cried since Yoda died

Mark Sheppard   @Mark_Sheppard    @rthompson1138 he’s dead?????????!!!!!!!!!

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138   Okay gang, that was a ton of fun. Thanks @jarpad #jackles @Mark_Sheppard @feliciaday @kaniehtiio

Felicia Day @feliciaday I dunno when/if Charlie will be back, guess we’ll see! Thx @rthompson1138 for writing another great ep for me to play in

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 @feliciaday I’ve written 300 pages of Charlie’s further adventures. the last 100 were all about your awesome new haircut

Felicia Day   @feliciaday @rthompson1138 haha I can’t wait to see that published at Amazon on demand lolol

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  @rthompson1138 BS. I saw your “Fly. You fools.” tattoo. I also saw tattooed tears next to it.

Jared Padalecki    ‏@jarpad   @Mark_Sheppard @rthompson1138 hahahah

ryan_curtis   @ryan_curtis @rthompson1138 YODA DIES?!?!!!!!!!one

Robbie Thompson  @rthompson1138 @arpad BUSTED

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad Alright y’all! Thanks for joining and humoring all of us! Bedtime for yours truly now, daddyhood has made me soft (happily) 🙂

In spite of an hour and a half flight delay from Austin to Dallas, Jared Padalecki arrived and managed to find a tv for live tweeting “Devil May Care”! Thanks to all cast and crew who participated: Mark Sheppard, Osric Chau, Guy Norman Bee, Adam Glass, Jerry Wanek, and Ryan Curtis.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Guess where we are… pic.twitter.com/QbqiiOobHF

* Live tweet here we go!!!!
That actually is @Mark_Sheppard under the hood!!

* By the way, that first scene with me and ackles at the park- there were SO many bugs!!!

* those who don’t already know, we actually filmed this episode BEFORE the premiere episode due to scheduling conflicts

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Every scene with @Mark_Sheppard tied up is a good one.

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
MOL set was shot day one…

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Alright, it’s starting! And won’t forget the #Supernatural this time

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
We shot @Mark_Sheppard the week before onstage… @SergeLadouceur had to match the lighting!

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
baby in a trench coat…

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@OsricChau easy…

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
So great having Alaina back!

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@jarpad not so sure

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
i don’t like her.

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Fun to direct @AlainaHuffman!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
“Every time he drank Labatts”… – a nice little Canadian shout out

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Irv is sitting on Dodge! @Paul_Rae

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis
Props go out to @guynormanbee for an awesome job directing this episode.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
One day I will take a shower before going to work, then Kevin can be clean for once.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
@Mark_Sheppard well… I THOUGHT it was you! Otherwise I wouldn’t have been roughing up the poor fella!

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis
@robertberens @andrewdabb she was awesome. Had the crew in stitches

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@jarpad someone’ got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
How do you “torture” the king of hell? You give him a time out. Same works for @Mark_Sheppard

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
Great music cue for the vamp kill!!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
Y’all are gonna have some FUN out takes from the scene with Sam and dean and the bus :):)

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@OsricChau Kevin frikkin solo

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
So weird watching myself.. So yea, there’s this Asian guy in there all full of angst. He looks angry and sad

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
It was SO hot in the bus! Under the camera frame, my shirt was untucked and unbuttoned and so were my pants… Ventilation. Hah 🙂

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
@Mark_Sheppard Haha, you know I love you Mark

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Abaddon’s a pretty bad baddy.. I would love to work with Alaina but that would be a bad day for Kevin.

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
The scene where @OsricChau talks to Abbadon was the first scene we shot

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
I think the abandoned town is used a lot in Fallen Skies

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Oh this is so cool. I never actually met the lady on the other side. Or heard her. Magic of filming 🙂

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
I don’t know a lot about the @OsricChau and @Mark_Sheppard scenes. I’m watching them as a fan 🙂

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
That was Falling Skies set we borrowed for a few days! heavily art directed!

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
So I actually googled “naked luchador guy mask” before doing this scene. Surprisingly nothing weird came up

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
You killed it brother! “@OsricChau: Oh this is so cool. I never actually met the lady on the other side. Or heard her 🙂

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
I hope Noah Wyle’s not mad at us! “@jarpad: I think the abandoned town is used a lot in Fallen Skies”

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Loved @Mark_Sheppard in the season finale last year.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44
How great is @Mark_Sheppard as Crowley. Every line out of his mouth is delicious.

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@OsricChau Thank you

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Here comes the Navy Seals! @Jesse_Hutch

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
There was one take where I actually almost punched @Mark_Sheppard felt some hairs, too close

Jerry Wanek ‏@JerryWanek
Great job by my friend @guynormanbee you rocked it!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
I love doing the running and shooting shots. For a second, you feel so tough that you almost forget you’re wearing make-up

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Ugh.. Crowley, why do you always make so much sense?

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
I love these writers. “Twisting things that shouldn’t be twisted.” Maybe Crowley get that torture treatment too

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
I have to give massive props to @andrewdabb , great dialogue, as usual!

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44
Can’t wait for this Dean Abaddon scene.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
@jarpad @Mark_Sheppard I’m lucky enough to get to watch these guys on set as a fan. Awesome to see magic happening live

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
And THAT was my first scene as an angel :))

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
Jensens stand-in Jesse did the stunt of getting knocked away by the angelic powers

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
@STUNTCARPY earned his money on this episode!

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@jarpad I have trouble playing ONE character… amazing!

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44
Great acting by #Jensen @AlainaHuffman. I have not seen her written that well since I wrote her. Ha! Go @andrewdabb

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Seeing so many cool locations this episode. I wonder if Sam or Dean will ever take him on a field trip

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
The Zeke character was created by @jarpad before the actor was cast!

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Holy smokes.. Angel Sam is so buff.. easy mode for the rest of the season? Probably not

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@guynormanbee @jarpad Creepy. Feels like @TahmohPenikett

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Back atcha brother! “@JerryWanek: Great job by my friend @guynormanbee you rocked it!”

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
@Mark_Sheppard @se4realhinton thanks guys 🙂

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
Funny fact, an the ABSOLUTE truth, my dad wanted to name me Zeke. Funny huh?

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Ezekiel knows everything that Sam knows AND he’s an angel with powers? That’s over 9000 by a lot

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Nice job tonight pal! “@Paul_Rae: @guynormanbee yeah buddy”

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44
@jarpad you knocked it out of the park, buddy.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
That’s basically Castiel with a Winchester brain. Well Kevin can read scratchy rocks 🙂

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Bucket of Chicken and prune juice… ’cause @OsricChau was “backed up!”

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
I think @Mark_Sheppard would make a really good Hannibal Lector. I could be a pretty decent Clarice Starling

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@OsricChau that is so wrong in so many ways.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
Great scene between ackles and @OsricChau makes me remember that the show is, ironically, about the human struggle

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
So I definitely cried reading this script for the first time… #Supernatural

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
@guynormanbee Alright gang. Great job!!! Now come on back dude!!

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
And hearing Jensen doing the speech for the first time just really hit home. I have to thank him for that one

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
Hope everybody dug it! It was a blast to shoot! Too many people to thank for making me look good, but you know who you are!

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
And now I can exhale again… Haaaaaaaaaa

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee
@jarpad Soon!!! Few weeks from now for #arrow !!!

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
Of course, none of this would be possible without Bob.

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
@guynormanbee You are welcome

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau
Also it was beyond amazing to hear that Dean considers Sam, Cas, Kevin his family. We would make the awkward family photo album.

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard
off to bed. Nighty-night y’all!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad
Thanks for watching last night!!! Hope y’all liked my broken wings (*cue Mr. Mister) #80sMusicRocks