Convention season is in full swing with a wild and crazy bunch of fun from Rome! Richard Speight Jr with Matt Cohen, began Jus in Bello with guests Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Tamoh Penikett, Osric Chau, Sebastian Roche, Rob Benedict, Ty Olsson and Jason Manns. Lots of photos with more to be added including videos! Enjoy Jus in Bello!

Sebastian Roché @sebroche The troupe!!! jarpad @mattcohen4real robbenedict @kentonnewhope and all…

Rob Benedict & Jason Manns Here we go!
* Rob
* Mark Sheppard answering fans’ questitions
* You can also play football
* Misha Collins on the stage
* Misha and the “pupazza frascatana”!
* Fun on stage with Misha!
* Tahmoh and Ty backstage
* Tahmoh first time
* Your guys on stage together!
* Osric and Sebastian
* Nutella on stage!
Sebastian Opening Nutella!
* Osric enjoys Nutella!
* Sebastian & @andreacastaotr communication
* JIBCON take on Titanic!
* Matt, Sebastian & Osric
* Ty drinking apple juice
* Matt dancing with a fan on stage
* Matt entertaining fans!
* Matt Cohen

Maisie SPN ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Rob and Jason onstage!
* On New Year’s Day West woke up and said “it’s time for me to stop wearing diapers in the daytime”
* Tahmoh “I have been to conventions all over the world and I gotta say, u guys really do have something special going on”
* Creeper selfie number Misha Collins!

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Mark is charming today
* The king of Hell
* Misha is happy to be here again
* Tahmoh
* Richard Richard and Rob hug
* Misha
* And the last one the king himself
* Richard
* Sebastian
* Matt
* Misha
* Misha that face LOL
* Selfie Misha
* Tahmoh
* Tahmoh
* Tahmoh
* Jason
* Osric
* Rob.
* Rob
* Ty is the first at our table
* Osric
* Osric an Sebastian
* Tahmoh and Ty
* Ty
* Tahmoh
* Misha
* Misha
* is happy to be here again
* Mark Sheppard
* Mark
* Jason Rob and Mark on the stage
* Jason and Rob hug 🙂 and Mark is in the house
* in the box: red shoes
* Jason and Rob again

galain ‏@galain Mark is approaching the girl askin the question to make her nervous
* Mark “Abaddon, the angriest ginger in the world”
* Crowley didn’t turn Dean into a demon to take revenge on Dean, there’s bigger things in place
* Cas is willing to sacrifice quite a lot to save Dean, like an entire army

@morwenss Mark: Crowley knows EVERYTHING

@janiedean jensen troll3d mark by basically sitting uo at once during the last scene when mark wasn’t expecting it

I’m An Aquarius ‏@SPNQuotess Fan: We all wanted Dean to become a demon
Misha: What is wrong with you people?
Fan: What happens when Cas sees Demon Dean and what would he sacrifice to help him?
Misha: He’d sacrifice quite a lot to save him

Mark (Crowley) about the finale: There’s a reason. It’s not coincidence that Dean turned into a demon. Remember that.

Genevievers ‏@realGpadLover Misha said West peed on Jensen’s flowers at his house once and Jensen got pissed

Misha said Crew member told him to hide the keys to his apartment from Jensen and Jared

BTS with @mattcohen4real @TyOlsson @TahmohPenikett @OsricChau @sebroche @jasonmanns and @mishacollins
* @mattcohen4real @TyOlsson AND @TahmohPenikett … …
@dasha_niks: jealousy 80lvl”

.@jarpad , @jasonmanns and @robbenedict ! source : @sebroche
* Here’s Jared, Rob and Jason in Rome via Sebastian

Loki ‏@secretlytodream Misha made himself cry from laughter telling how he liked to pee on his brother when they were kids

@Louisiel: @mishacollins

Kristina ‏@StupakKristina MattCohen @Mark_Sheppard
@MishaCollins … *

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real Thank you #JIBCON and #SPN fandom for the massive #YOUNGJOHNWINCHESTER spinoff love! Flattered.

* you cutie

* my heart will go on
* Misha remembering peeing in his brother’s mouth
* Misha
* Mark!

@Sabry_Winch: MattCohen
@Akane87: Misha

@tayahill: Gorgeous picture of Misha

@SpnTentation: Misha Collins

* Table 5 at the cocktail party!!!
* Photos
* J2 except for the pie incident used water balloons, shred his script with all of his notes&ruined his director chair for him 2fall
* Misha just said that when Metatron told Castiel that Dean was dead,he really believed it and he never knew the whole mark story
* one of Misha’s ideas for next season is to resurrect Jimmy
* Mark said that geeks now rule the universe!! years ago if you did a cosplay tou got beaten up or they made fun of you

@SPNfreaks: If there’s a J2, then there must be a M2. @mattcohen4real @Mark_Sheppard