Viva Las Vegas happened! VegasCon rocked this fandom to heaven and back! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki entertained to the nth degree. I’m late getting this but what a great Supernatural convention this was! Updates will happen!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad I had SUCH an amazing time in Las Vegas with yall! Wonderful, as always, to visit in person and meet and see some amazing people. Thanks!

J2 panel

J2 Gold panel photos! Karen Cooke Photography
* great photos from Karen Cooke photography!
* who’s taller?!

J2 gold panel- Kelios.


Cowbell & Tambourine -Kirsten Shwarz
Dirty Joke
“I didn’t know! You’re alive aren’t you?”
Favorite Album
Jensen Dancing & “Season 12”
Jensen’s southern accent.

The Winchester Haiku by Jared & Jensen

Maisie SPNFamily ‏@SpnMaisieDaisy Jensen rapping

Jensen Ackles having fun!

Kat ‏@FiercelyNormal For fun, I animated Jensen’s dorky moves, courtesy of @GYWKaren’s fabulous pics.

KarenCookePhotograph ‏@GYWKaren @jarpad and #jensenackles
* @Jarpad
* JensenAckles rocking
* @Jarpad #JensenAckles @RobBenedict
* JensenAckles doing the Impala
* Jarpad and #JensenAckles doing the Impala
* Jarpad #JensenAckles @RobBenedict
* @Jarpad #JensenAckles @RobBenedict
* Jarpad #JensenAckles @RobBenedict
* Jarpad #JensenAckles @RobBenedict
* JensenAckles rocking with EWB
* JensenAckles at #SPN #VegasCon J2 Gold Panel
* jarpad #JensenAckles
* jarpad #JensenAckles
* YWKaren jarpad #JensenAckles
* jarpad #JensenAckles
* jarpad #JensenAckles

Kristina ‏@StupakKristina Jared making magic
Adina ‏@adinarj Jensen: do you remember the first cd you bought? Jared: yes. Jensen: Will you tell us? Jared: no
* Fan from SC and Jensen is responding with his own southern accent.

Beth Todd ‏@FireDancr2 JA training for acting. Big difference in training for stage & television. Find a school that teaches which way u want to go.

@FangasmSPN: Ja: I don’t like to do things by myself. That’s why he’s here
* Who’s taller?
* Fan: if you were gods, what would make you come? Wait, no
* Ja: as long as the brothers are on a journey that makes a difference, he and I are in
* Jared’s first CD: Mary j Blige real love. Jensen: face palm
Jensen’s: little Richard’s greatest hits. Because of the movie predator loved long tall sally
* @jarpad to newbies: welcome to our crazy family. more than that we’re nuts
* Fan: so you guys have become parents… Jensen: not together…
* “We’re all winners.”
* Fan: Sam and dean are fighting like little girls. J2 immediately leap offstage and impala him. Fan: I’ve been impaled!
* Tag team name? Impala!

@amyshaped: After the “what would make you come” question
* Jared “sam’s easy!” Jensen “he finally said it!”

@lit_oblivion: Jar says Meg rocked the hair and that was his fave possession.
* Jar: Sam is so caught up in his hurt and wants Dean to understand how Sam is affected by lying to him.
* Dean is having a difficult time to have Sam work with him but not being more brotherly. Dean focuses on Abbaddon
* Jen says Dean has made bad choices and not sure how he’s going to get out of the hole he’s in
* Jen says Dean has too much on his plate right now and isn’t really thinking about Cas right now

@MortalDhampir Fan: “My question is for Jensen..”
Jared: *drops mike, walks away, loses shoe

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN
* The Js come came out to Louden Swain singing “The Boys are Back in Town” – Jensen playing cowbell and Jared on the tambourine!

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Jared: Welcome, family!
* Jared on tambourine.
* This is more than a job. It’s a legacy for us.” – Jensen Ackles

loveSPN/TWD/TVD ‏@kendaTWD Someone asked about the mark of Cain & Jensen grabbed his forearm and hissed a little

Jensen: “We’re still dumbstruck by how lucky we’ve been and the icing on the cake is getting face time with you all
* When did J2 know the show was gonna be a big deal?
Jensen: Day one!
*They used the word *Legacy*
This takes character bleed to a whole new level

@CarryOn_SPN: Jensen + ice, ice baby
* J2
* Jensen + ice, ice baby
* J2
* Jensen: Love that you add “bless their heart” and it rights all wrongs. “You’re as stupid as your father, God Bless his heart

@leelee4280: J2 finishing move is the impala where Jensen leap frogged over Jared and pile drive enemy

@JensenAcklesPie Jensen’s laugh > life.
* Jensen: It’s a rocky future for Dean, episode 21 is when things will really start coming to a head!

@adinarj Jensen: “Love me some southern people

@FireDancr2: JA in the south, insult anyone to the nth degree and it will end with god bless your heart

Beth Todd ‏@FireDancr2 JA when they pass Tom Wellings record of number of seasons, he & JP will send Tom a consolidation prize. I mean consolation prize

@leelee4280: JensenAckles strikes a pose

mar ‏@ineedpudim

Amy McSherley ‏@lidlesseye Ice Ice baby

@coramichel: .@jarpad & JensenAckles joined by then leave the stage singing Ice Ice Baby

Jackie/Kriss ‏@GeekyFriedRice Q: what would your signature move be if you were a wrestling duo?
Jensen: The Impala!

alex ‏@itsAlejandraa_ A haiku by J2
"The Jensen Ackles.
The Jared Padalecki.
Friggin' Winchester's

@JensenAcklesPie: can we just go back to this amazing moment?


Ana ‏@AnaNiedzwiecki Jensen: if the brothers make up and play nice, all you'll get is two brothers hanging out and drinking beer all the time.
* Jared: Guy joke but just remember…if you ever feel like a loser at one point, you were faster than millions

@wendy_d: Jensen playing cowbell.
* Jared on tambourine.

C. Gretta Firstiasa ‏@grettama Fan: Jensen I love you! Jared: BACK OFF

"@coramichel: .@jarpad & #JensenAckles on stage having fun w/@RobBenedict

@ewackles: Jensen says he doesn’t write music because he’s too insecure to put his thoughts on paper

@Jamie_Rose89: @jarpad lost his shoe.

Ҳ̸ ЈΞИΠΣĒŁ LѺVƸ̵̡ Ҳ̸ ‏@Mz_Spn Jensen: anyone who’s lost someone close to them…I had that early in life….so when dean has to go to a dark place I can tap into
* Fan: I think Dean and Sam need to put their egos away and make up!
Jensen: "Thank you Dr. Drew…"

danyela ‏@spndelights Jar-head

Crash ‏@CrashDisaster 1 of the funniest things @jarpad said so far: "Aquaman seems cool. He flies through water!" Jensen: "I think you mean swimming."

Jared: "When I got to be meg Sam…. before that, Sam was a guy."
Jensen: "Eh..sorta

amy (bubbles) ‏@amyshaped Jensen …dancing everywhere and I can totally scroll through my camera to see the thrust
* Bless those pants, bless those thighs, bless that boy… just… bless
* .@jarpad is ridiculous & adorable

Jensen: "All you guys were championing the show is why we're still here. Thank you."

loveSPN/TWD/TVD ‏@kendaTWD Idiots.

Renee ‏@reneebshor Loved #Croatoan Jared, and still one of my all time favs!

CAUSE OF DEATH: Jensen Ackles Rocking the stage!

Michelle Reilly ‏@coramichel .@jarpad & JensenAckles joined by @sebroche then leave the stage singing Ice Ice Baby

Alexis ‏@lovepass77 Jared and Jensen just finished each others sentences

Amy (sweetondean) ✌ ‏@AmyinSydney J2 Rapping Ice, Ice Baby 4 – Jensen wondering what the hell just happened.
* Jensen doing the Impala wrestling moves.
* YES he’s my IDOL and YES he’s PERFECT!

Danneelators ‏@Danneelators Jensen: “JJ said “dada” first, before mama. I see someone’s daddy’s girl

Kristina ‏@StupakKristina The first word that was said baby JJ JensenAckles
* Jensen Ackles

Amy (sweetondean) ✌ ‏@AmyinSydney Night, night #VegasCon thank you for an amazing day!
* J2
* J2 Rapping Ice, Ice Baby
* Sam & Dean season 12 just sitting around drinking beer
* J2
* J2
* J2
* @jarpad
* @jarpad
* JensenAckles
* JensenAckles
* JensenAckles
* JensenAckles
* JensenAckles
* JensenAckles
* JensenAckles