The Supernatural cast and crew live tweeting tonight’s show gave us a few insights into the filming of the episode, “Sharp Teeth”. Jared Padalecki, DJ Qualls, and Adam Glass contributed to the fray with Guy Bee and Genevieve Padalecki throwing in thoughts. Thanks to our show for showing us love! Enjoy!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad A once-a-year event is goin down tonite! Thats right, once a year, we air the 12th episode of our season for the 1st time!

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Hey #Supernatural east coast. I got mad luv 4 u. Enjoy the episode I’m at my son ‘s football practice! Holla!

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Im live tweeting the west coast #supernatural feed. Sorry east coast. I don’t have an east coast feed…and I want to go to Chipotle now.
* Im gearing up. Watching tonight with a sock puppet & what Im told is a dog. Feel like Michael Jackson
* This is what that make up looked like and you couldn’t see it. #Supernatural

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @jarpad insisted @TheOnlyDJQualls do that stunt himself. That’s #jared driving. He hit DJ a 12 times till he got it right.
* @TheOnlyDJQualls turn down #inchabodcrane on #SleepyHollow to continue being #Garth on #supernatural an pursue his luv 4 #birdwatching.

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Also never give Jensen a prop that squirts water. We were all cover in adrenaline after this scene
* during this scene @Jarpad kept unzipping his zipper when my eyes were closed. He has the loudest zippers in the world. I felt unsafe.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau It probably only took Jensen 2 days to grow that scruff. Me… 2 weeks?

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 #sleepyhollow shoutout! That’s right @TheOrlandoJones @AdamGlass44 not @rthompson1138 giving you love

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad I HATE when the brothers fight!! Especially in front of @TheOnlyDJQualls 😉
* Btw- those scenes in Garth’s hospital room where filmed in the SAME set as when Sam was in a hospital room
* Even though he makes us look fat, we loved being with @TheOnlyDJQualls again 🙂
* Wait WHAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!?? Garth is a werewolf?!?!?! You’re KILLING me @TheOnlyDJQualls !

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls This rubber suit was for when I got hit by the car. Wouldn’t put it on b/c I was SURE @jarpad was messing w/me.
* DUDE! I have a serious southern accent. I can’t hear it when Im talking.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Wait. What? New werewolf lore?

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Gotta be honest, when I said “Thanks you, baby” just now, I thought I looked cute
* That line was originally “Because you guys came busting in here with the flannel shirts and the hair” but didn’t work. Jawlines was mine.
* Playing the piano here was the most embarrassing moment of my career. I CANNOT play, so it sounded like death. Jensen made fun of me.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Garth comes back as a werewolf with a girlfriend.. it only makes sense that Kevin comes back as a merman with fish powers then. Thanks

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls My clothes in this episode were inspired by christian missionaries.
* This scene made us all sick. We ate PLATES of this stuff. Toward the end, I put blood on gummy candy or bread.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad We had a LOTTA fun making @TheOnlyDJQualls laugh during the filming… Expect a ton of gag reel footage 🙂

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls i missed @Jarpad this whole episode. He couldn’t film with me much because he was off making babies
* And @jarpad THAT is why I feel so loved when I get to visit. You care enough to be mean to me.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls sex scene was cut because of time. Strangely @mishacollins was there staring in the window even though he was not in it.
* @jarpad Kevins gone? Man I got to start reading these outlines.

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls I hate the distance between the boys. Excuse me while I pee

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Wow… That werewolf dinner scene made me wanna throw up… Anybody agree?…

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Yea.. still hurts to hear that 😥

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad Was terrible. The stuff they used to keep it from sticking to the mold was super salty AND the more u chewed it, the bigger it got.

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee Wasn’t that werewolf/cop Peter Benson who played a cop in season 1s “Asylum?”

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad To all you Canadian juice fans: the barn and family scenes were shot where they make “Bremners” 🙂 yum! #loneranger
* Okay, I hashtagged Lone Ranger on accident. But #teamabaddon on purpose! Sorry @Mark_Sheppard

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls In related news, I spotted Sasquatch on the set of #supernatural (ive been waiting 2 months to tweet that)

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 #jensen actually threw the knife and killed the actor. #true fact

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls You are hashtag mean. “@jarpad: Even though he makes us look fat, we loved being with @TheOnlyDJQualls again 🙂

Alaina Huffman ‏@AlainaHuffman @jarpad are you #teamabbadon Mr. Padalecki?

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad The old “Ragnarok” bullet….. Good times

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls I KNEW that was going to happen. l I don’t trust those guys.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @jarpad Damn! That was going to be my crew gift this year

Genevieve Padalecki ‏@realGpad #Supernatural is on and I don’t have it where I am 😦 Heard it was a really fun episode!! Can’t wait to watch

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Only about 20% of this scene was me. I was in LA working on @LegitFXX Some was filmed in a cold ass barn. My stuff was on the stage.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls @LegitFXX You made it work. You’re the best. So glad we made it work.

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls “Im sorry” Ok, now I have a Canadian accent. The sound mixer was right. I should have looped that.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls @jarpad Stop drinking while you work. Oh wait, forget that idea. #everyonesdrinking I forgot.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad For the big barn scene, @TheOnlyDJQualls was unavailable due to other commitments, so we all filmed with a photo double

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls This woman needs to learn what a stage slap is. Seriously

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 The #sfx #supernatural guys did a great job blowing this barn up with everyone in it,

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls He’s just had his ass kicked but you wouldn’t know it by his hair. Guess who Im talking about.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Activate werewolf powers Garth! It requires a lot of yelling I think

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Come on, you’re not going to win a #shootout against #deanwinchester!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad @AdamGlass44 that’s not true!!! I didn’t “learn” the kick at JB… I PERFECTED the kick at JB

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls That hug. @jarpad smells like springtime
* This scene choked me up. I love working with Jensen. Also, it felt like closure. I hate closure.
* That hug from Dean was genius @AdamGlass44. Way to manipulate the audience

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Come on guys.. don’t do this again..

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Big thanks to the cast and crew of #supernatural @AdamGlass44 and my @LegitFXX producers. Heaven and earth was moved for me to do this ep.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @TheOnlyDJQualls @LegitFXX AGREED! We love having you, bro. #garth is part of the family and so are you

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Whatever the future holds for Garth, the past 3yrs were amazing/life changing. Thank you all for the love and the memories

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad @AdamGlass44 my opus, dare I say

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 Okay #supernatural. Good night everyone. Thanks to @jarpad @TheOnlyDJQualls and #jensen for making us writers look good. U guys are amazing!

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls Night everyone. I have to work early. This was amazing. If I had emotions that weren’t strictly manufactured for sale, I could cry.