Writer Robbie Thompson dominated live tweeting tonight and shared tidbits from his writing and filming aspects! I normally do a running dialogue but there were lots ofSupernatural folks tweeting back and forth so I opted to combine each person’s tweets. We also learned Jared and Genevieve’s new baby’s name, Shepherd! Plus Jared got in a Beiber dig before the night was over!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad I’m SO sad to turn off the Beliebers…. However, at a maximum justifiable age of 7, they should be in bed right now.

Genevieve Padalecki ‏@realGpad @jarpad and Shepherd watching some late night #supernatural pic.twitter.com/WtWtKBAwxl

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Ok. There it is, my wife @realGpad just revealed Tom’s little brothers name…. Here goes 😉

Robbie Thompson ‏@rthompson113 I wrote tonight’s ep of #Supernatural listening to the single “Reflektor” by @arcadefire. On repeat. The entire time http://youtu.be/7E0fVfectDo
* As I’ve mentioned, there’s a big gap from when we write to when the episode airs. This week’s #supernatural I pitched back in late July.
* Pitched this episode in late July, wrote the script in September– parts were written in Japan
* in the first draft, there was no horse, but @JohnBadham2 and @SNkevinandjill made it so!
* True facts: @omundson can grow a Jeremiah Johnson worthy beard in 60 minutes. 30 if he’s awake. #supernatural
* There’s a great take in the dailies of this scene where #Jackles and @Mark_Sheppard nailed it all in one take
* When I pitched I thought it’d be helpful to draw The 1st Blade. Despite this artwork they went for it #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/XJgpAsPBS5
* Wrath of Cain! Such a pleasure to write for the one and only @Omundson and his Epic Beard
* Wasn’t on set, but Sam was to be topless in this scene, changed on the day, something about “too much awesome”?
* The sticky phone was added on the day– so gross (awesome)
* The Fight! Sweet merciful awesome. That’s #Jackles in EVERY SHOT! Hats off to him, @JohnBadham2, Lou Bollo & all stunt peeps
* That “You’re good… but I’m Crowley” was 100% a product of @Mark_Sheppard,
* much of Cain came from @omundson’s performance. Thank you, good sir, you are, as always, a pleasure to write for
* #Jackles reading of “Really? Now?” was hilarious in every take, even when he was off camera
* And once again: mad love to our VFX peeps– AWESOMENESS
* This #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/Ia1masEzsr
* Vote Crowley? pic.twitter.com/HAfUXxBeuT
* Put that down! #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/zu7bzdgGlS
* Next week on #supernatural, @AdamGlass44 brings back @TheOnlyDJQualls! Garth

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Hey y’all I’m hoping to live-tweet tonite! I’m not sure yet if I will be off in time… Here’s hoping!
* @OsricChau @hxrrxraddict what about marmalading?
* Does anybody else think that cains house looks an AWFUL lot like Bobby’s house??
* #Supernatural sorry y’all! I wanted to be able to live tweet so badly! But I worked too late, and then got stuck playing dad to Thomas and A
* Wow @JohnBadham2 what a GREAT job!! Now will you PLEASE come direct another!!!
* I didn’t have the chance to meet the actress who played collette, but HOLY CRAP she’s great!!

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard You guys going to get me trending again tonight?

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins #supernatural is starting, east coasters. Tell me how it goes.
* West coast it’s #supernatural time! Alas, after @jarpads dig about @justinbieber last week, i’m boycotting the show with my fellow beliebers
* Love a good pb&j.
* @jarpad is always trying to get me to call him my “little guinea pig.” But i won’t do it.
* while we were shooting i gave this woman pointers on physical fitness because she’s clearly let herself go. She could only do 50 chin-ups.
* .@jarpad’s a method actor so he insisted on a real syringe. we made sure to penetrate a part of his brain he doesn’t use: the cerebellum
* Next time i get in a bar brawl, i definitely want Tim @Omundson on my side. He was a big help there.
* There was something poking my hip when we did that hug. Not sure what it was.
* Nice having you all to watch with. It’s like you’re here in my living room. on my lap. Let’s do it again soon.

BunnyBerens ‏@robertberens Everyone be sure to tune in to tonight’s amazing episode, written by @rthompson1138 and directed by John frikkin Badham!!!

Kevin & Jill Parks ‏@SNkevinandjill The fight was the best of the series. Jensen did the whole fight. No double!!
* @JohnBadham2 did a great job directing the episode
* Kevin & Jill Parks ‏@SNkevinandjill @rthompson1138 @JohnBadham2 the idea was to use a stock shot for cabin but the art dept. Built the cabin and the shot expanded.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass4 @rthompson1138 wrote this while high on cough medicine during a bad case of the flu
* Not a @rthompson1138 #supernatural script without a good old #dickbag or #asshat line
* No bees were hurt during the making of this #Supernatural episode. But we did accidently kill two stand ins

Tara Larsen ‏@taraslarsen I was on set with the pb&j @mishacollins had to eat a lot of sandwiches
* @rthompson1138 is a wonderful writer but he originally had Tara knitting in the pawn shop scene…we quickly changed that

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Hey, we eat the same sandwich. PB & J taking over the burgers on
* Well @hxrrxraddict, I’ve been told you can jam things but jellying doesn’t work..
* I hope @mishacollins took advantage of that scene cause when he directs his first episode @jarpad will have him in a similar situation
* Demon bathroom walls.. I didn’t know demons used the bathroom. Or needed privacy. Or cared for writing. Or proper hygiene
* swear I can’t tell the difference between @mishacollins and Castiel.
* They both say the weirdest things. And with @therandomactorg, @mishacollins is kinda an angel too
* Love the duos happening.. but when are Sam and Dean gonna hang out again?
* @mishacollins I snuck on set that day. I was trying to get your attention. Apparently I failed..

Timothy Omundson ‏@Omundson I know I said I was going to try & tweet during @cw_spn, but still stuck at ‘dinner’ w/ this @JamesRoday guy. #Cain pic.twitter.com/I6AlMdvmBS

Jerry Wanek ‏@JerryWanek Loved tonight’s EP, John Badham killed it ! Can’t wait to have him back

ChristopherR ‏@ChristopherSPN VFX Fun fact, I based Cain’s travelling veins off a map of NYC mixed with some trees from a tree near Jericho Beach in Vancouver.

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins The Belieber boycott of #supernatural devastated viewership last night. Lesson learned: don’t mess with @justinbieber http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/01/22/supernatural-has-most-watched-episode-since-2010/231177/ …