‘Supernatural’ Twittering with Jared Padalecki & Friends! Also adding fuel to the “Beiber bashing”! Posted on January 15, 2014.

Oh joy to us! Supernatural is back and back with a vengeance! Enjoy the conversation between cast and crew: some dead, some not so dead and one possessed!

Tara Larsen @taraslarsen Give it up to a friend of mine @actorDanPayne who’s in tonight’s ep

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins East-coasters, how was #supernatural? Is it just me or is the guy in the trench coat a little off? Alluring, but poorly socialized

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard 10 mins!

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau I’m so ready for this… Alright @cw_spn, show me what’cha got!

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman West coast #Supernatural 5minutesJared Padalecki @jarpad I’m exhausted. i guess having 2 under 2 takes a lotta energy. but im gonna watch this motha with all you west coasters 🙂

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau So @jarpad actually gave me my death card. Thanks Jared 🙂

Jared Padalecki @jarpad first and foremost, i’m already sad that kevin tran is dead. im gonna miss @OsricChau

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman Poor dean… Who wants to cheer him up?

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real @AlainaHuffman I’m two minutes late! What’d I miss?

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard @jarpad me 2

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau I missed seeing that face too

kim rhodes ‏@kimrhodes4real Dean seems sad.

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman @kimrhodes4real sad dean

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard Welcome to the Crowley show…

* @OsricChau Bathroom mirror?

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad @Mark_Sheppard i’m unfamiliar with that show… sounds like a mid-season pick up with an accent

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard @kimrhodes4real @AlainaHuffman nothing important

* Dual @jarpad is cool

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad ”corey” was supposed to directly mock @justinbieber … and this was BEFORE his most recent deuchebaggery

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @Mark_Sheppard @kimrhodes4real @AlainaHuffman cat fight?

Jared Padalecki @jarpad koreys green room was built on our stages

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau @Mark_Sheppard And your sass.. I’ll miss your sass the most.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @Mark_Sheppard @jarpad hello boys. Never gets old

@AdamGlass44 @mark_sheppard @alainahuffman you see two girls and go THERE? Nope. I loves me gingers.

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard @AdamGlass44 @kimrhodes4real @AlainaHuffman where?

CMcJorgy ‏@CMcJorgy Coreys outfit is banging!!! Will need to getmy own custom made one stat

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman @Mark_Sheppard @AdamGlass44 @kimrhodes4real

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau So glad to see Cas back in the MoL! Despite their weird interactions, he was always pulling for Kevin.

ryan_curtis @ryan_curtis How does Cas get into the bunker. Isn’t it warded against angels and everything. Asking for a friendAdam Glass @AdamGlass44 @kimrhodes4real @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman it was mark that made me think it was a cat fight.

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real @AdamGlass44 @mark_sheppard @alainahuffman write it. I’m in.

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard @OsricChau define “pulling”?

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @AdamGlass44 real name is Abe McIroy. He cut his hand in school, and when pressed on the issue, he said “a Damn Glass” cut him. awesome

* @OsricChau cas is weird. but not as weird as @mishacollins

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau @Mark_Sheppard will always get the best lines.. on any show

Adam Glass @AdamGlass44 @kimrhodes4real @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman what r u a pimp? Great lines. Who writes this stuff.Divine: The Series ‏@DivineTheSeries So much #Supernatural love for the super-RAD @actorDanPayne in our timeline! Congratulations to our favorite tormented soul – you da man! 🙂

CMcJorgy @CMcJorgy Love love love Crowley btw. What girl doesn’t have a thing for a bad boy?

Jared Padalecki @jarpad i always look back fondly on the scenes that i am not in… it means i had the day off 🙂

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard LOVE the car!

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis Who totally wanted to see Crowley ride shot gun. @Mark_Sheppard

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau What is going on… how is this trio even real?! Love that car radio #

Jared Padalecki @jarpad we have shot many scenes in the “bar”location including the scene with the leviathan sam and dean and the scene with “Fate”

* the scene with Gadreel and Metatron is, possibly, the 1st time i ever asked for another take. Bob (singer) obliged me 🙂

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau So Kevin is the last prophet?! Hard not to feel for Gadreel though.. poor, lost, confused angel

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard Damn her! @AlainaHuffman

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 @jarpad @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman @mishacollins #jensen. All in one #Supernatural episode. Awesome!

* big debate in this scene. Would Dean let Crowley out of site? Cecily is Jeremy’s assistant and an amazing girl.

* @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman I’m sensing sexual tension between Abaddon and Crowley.

kim rhodes ‏@kimrhodes4real BTW, they shot @OsricChau ‘s “death” after my last ep. The cast and crew were already in mourning. He was universally beloved. Xo

Adam Glass @AdamGlass44 @jarpad and to think your known around the office as one take Padalecki.

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau Mr. Crowley? I think I’m gonna call @Mark_Sheppard that next time I see him

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad for the record, i dont think “human castle” OR “angel castle” are “hot”… this lady is NUTS!!

* hahah. i meant “castiel”. not “castle”. @NathanFillion is a stud

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau mm.. more @mishacollins saying things in Spanish please

* @cyrinafiallo Haha, Kevin comes back through the dark arts? I’d take it.. so much unfinished business

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad wow, @mishacollins REALLY doesnt know how to punch, huh??? maybe he shouldve knocked Gadreel unconscious by crying on him

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard Caspunch!

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau So hard watching Sam and Dean fighting each other.. so conflicted

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @actorDanPayne gotta say, i agree with what you said on set: @mishacollins is a TOTAL wiener compared to jensen and me

ryan_curtis @ryan_curtis Arg. #Supernatural live tweet interrupted 4 times by my smoke alarm going off. My wife is cooking. Pretty sure the place isn’t on fire.

Adam Glass ‏@AdamGlass44 That’s @jarpad very own chin strap. He brought it from home.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad the scene where i’m shackled, as Gadreel, was filmed in a set that was built on our stage!!

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau That was silly.. you don’t tell any “side” that you’re playing both sides.. Death could have been avoided.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @AdamGlass44 very true! gotta say, though unexpected, it was a great xmas present. thanks again

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau I know Sam won’t be dying but I’m kinda scared to see what will happen when he’s finally conscious again..

Jared Padalecki @jarpad the chin strap was most DEFINITELY not comfortable… the pressure cut the inside of my bottom lip 🙂

Adam Glass @AdamGlass44 @jarpad supernatural season 9 engraved on it. Hard to impress you anymore.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @AdamGlass44 oh, but you do seem to manage… dont even get me STARTED on the full-size blow-up dolls!!

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau Apologizing is better late than never. Way to go, Dean.

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad @AdamGlass44 i LOVE the “third” thumb 😉

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau Oh Crowley.. is there anything you can’t do? Now do it again.. this time in short shorts. Of course.. you did it even faster

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard @ryan_curtis love the smoke!

* @ryan_curtis reminds me of Lichtenstein’s red brushstroke

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis @Mark_Sheppard we made sure it had a little flare a’la Crowley

* Chair smoked day was a fun day. Not often we have all 5 guys in one scene.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Oh it’s happening.. Just worry bout getting him out Sam.

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman @ark_Sheppard hello darlingJared Padalecki @jarpad i love @TahmohPenikett . he rocked the role and inspired me

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis Does everyone throw a punch in this ep? I think so

Badonk-a-Donkey @OsricChau And now I don’t feel bad for Gadreel anymore. Hope somebody smites him too.

* anow I don’t feel bad for Gadreel anymore. Hope somebody smites him too.

* Still can’t tell.. Crowley gonna be a full blown hero or the biggest baddie ever by the season finale?

ryan_curtis ‏@ryan_curtis If S+D+C are team Free Will then Crowley and Abaddon are Team Malevolent Subjugation

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @realGpad is busy with a baby or something, but she wants yall to know that @AlainaHuffman is her fave SN character 🙂

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman @jarpad @realGpad xoxox

Mark Sheppard @Mark_Sheppard The World’s Angriest Ginger!!! @AlainaHuffman

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman @jarpad I really just want to smell your new baby…

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau You know Dean.. Goku went through the same thing. Always gonna be a bigger baddie out there to get you and your loved ones

Adam Glass @AdamGlass44 I told all you #Supernatural fans we were bringing it. First @andrewdabb.next @rthompson1138. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad @AlainaHuffman oh my god gen says that ALL the time! its her “favorite part” hah! 🙂

ryan_curtis @ryan_curtis I know this ending is all feels and stuff but I can’t help but think of how hard is was raining that night.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad ok all: its daddy time now 🙂 love you all and thanks or watching and tweeting with us!!

Alaina Huffman @AlainaHuffman @jarpad awe cause they smell so yummy… And then your stuck with smelly boys who hate to bathe;-(

Mark Sheppard ‏@Mark_Sheppard Off to Bedlam… nighty-night! xoxox.

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau That was a great episode. I think I’m gonna stick around @cw_spn. See ya next Tuesday!

kim rhodes ‏@kimrhodes4real Sleep well! Dream of angels. Or demons. Or underwear models. Or any combination, I don’t judge. Just dream good dreams. Night, m’loves.