Stephen Amell from “The Arrow” hoping for some reciprocating livetweeting from Jared Padalecki!

Stephen Amell@amellywood    I’ll be live tweeting tonight’s episode of #SPN in a blatant (but clever) attempt to procure the same favor from @jarpad at a later date.

* Ok. I’ve got my autographed copy of S6 and a coconut water. Ready to live tweet #Supernatural

* Clearly, in any fight, looks can be deceiving.

*  see a clear parallel in the Jensen, Jared, Misha / Dig, Felicity, Oliver dynamic. It’s up to Twitter to decide who is who

* For a show that’s constantly “on the road”, you really couldn’t pick a better city than Vancouver.

* Great shot of @jarpad!!

* Stephen Amell@amellywood I thoroughly enjoy Jensen Ackles.
I mean… I think he and Jared have enough PCA’s…
But I do really, really enjoy them.


* General Internet Consensus:
Jared = Diggle
Jensen = Oliver
Misha = Felecity

* YOU HAVE TO!!! RT @sophiamporter: The question is, can I handle the mid-season finales of both #Arrow and #Supernatural in the same week?

* Fun fact: @jarpad is like 6’4 which in Actor height is almost 7 feet tall.

* Excellent episode and a tremendous button by Jensen

* How dare you!! RT @jarpad: @amellywood this is how me and JA watch #supernatural , how do you watch #arrow? #PCA