With the Thanksgiving holiday in full swing and seemingly everyone on the road to somewhere, I didn’t expect Jared Padalecki to live tweet but son of a gun, he did! Joined by Kim Rhodes(Sheriff Jody Mills), Lindy Booth(Susan aka porn star/chastity counselor) and Ryan Curtis, VFX Coordinator, the group shared some fun filming facts for the fandom! Enjoy!

Jared Padaleck  @jarpad okay yall west coasters!!! im here with you watching the show!!!!

* this sammy dude sure does seem TIRED!!!

* SO stoked to have the one, and only, and AMAZING kim rhodes!!!

* this ep was directed by one of our !st AD’s (assistant directors) Johnny Mac.

* Bad Boys (last weeks episode) was directed by our OTHER 1st AD Kevin Parks (also known as Parks-opedia)

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real this whackadoo stuff keeps comin’…

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad BEST PART OF THE EPISODE FOR ME!! working with the incredible Lindy Booth again 🙂

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real jarpad and her patented Drunken Flamingo Exit!

Lindy Booth  @LindyBooth @jarpad ❤❤❤❤ Always a pleasure!

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real  @LindyBooth is fuckin awesome. Way to land that shit!

first time EVER signing our REAL names on camera :)…. for a chastity pledge!!!!

Lindy Booth @LindyBooth Boys spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to sign their names. Important acting decisions!!

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis  @jarpad psst those aren’t your real names.

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  we shot the prayer group scenes in a beautiful old church in downtown Vancouver

kim rhodes  @kimrhodes4real God’s ball is in your court

* Get the wipes…

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  uh oh… dean is in a female’s apartment….. hmmmm…

* kim and i shot most of our motel scenes in one day. LOTSA lines to memorize!!

* look who’s staying up WAY too late to live tweet with his daddy 🙂 #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/z4SRDvtELU

* waitasec dean!!! you gotta learn spanish!!!

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real why did she call him “Pastor” Fred? Didn’t she sleep with him? You’d think they’d be past formalities like that…

ryan_curtis   @ryan_curtis  Dean got lucky , dean got lucky and.. Oh shit. Didn’t see that coming. (Except for the thousands of times we reviewed the shot.)

* Fingernails. Arrggggg icky.

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real LindyBooth I adore you. Totally do. That wounded sincerity was brilliant! You’re awesome.

Jared Padalecki @jarpad  i love this kid 🙂  pic.twitter.com/1qHqE3nYq6

a* ll of the dungeon scenes were done in our sound stages. way to go!!

* NO ONE tells a Winchester to “mind his beeswax”!!!!

* this episode started filming before our season premiere. so there were A LOT of script security issues going on!

kim rhodes  @kimrhodes4real  I am the cops.

* Wipe your nose, dear.

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis Blue flaming finger of doom

Jared Padalecki   @jarpad  kim and i shot our scenes at a different location and on a different day than when jensen shot his corresponding scenes

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis love the stake stab. Looks great. Good job @kimrhodes4real for selling it.

Lindy Booth  @LindyBooth  You have never seen two people have more fun than me and @kimrhodes4real throwing punches and each other around on #Supernatural too fun!

kim rhodes @kimrhodes4real    Lou, our fight choreographer, said, “I’ve never seen anyone so excited to get the crap kicked out of them at two in the morning.”

* had SO MUCH FUN doing that! Although, @LindyBooth was so damn funny I had to hold the roll a couple times

Jared Padalecki    ‏@jarpad   is dean lying to me again???? when am i gonna figure it out?…

* my good ol’ buddy zeke 😉

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real     @jarpad husband and I both out loud, in sync, said, “Nice!” at the transition. You’re awesome. Thank you, always always always.

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad   thanks for watching with me y’all!! lots of love and gratitude!!

ryan_curtis @ryan_curtis       @kimrhodes4real thanks Kim. You totally f’ing rocked in this ep. More Jody Mills is needed 

kim rhodes   @kimrhodes4real     @ryan_curtis I keep burning incense and slaughtering socks. (I work for ASPCA. No live sacrifices.)

* Alright. Night, m’loves! Thanks for letting me play.

*   Finally… how many other shows have producers who call their guest cast to congratulate them? @TheJimMichaels I love you. Thanks so much.