“Dog Dean Afternoon” with Jared live tweeting!

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad  Alright west coast I’m here!!! Watching with y’all!!

“Colonel”‘s real name is Slater. A BEAUTIFUL 2-yr old German Shepard with all the kindness in the world… But he needed better trainers

Game Of Thrones mice 🙂 too funny

The taxidermy set is a REAL taxidermy house in Vancouver. It was a multi-generational family business. Hard work!

The outside of the taxidermy scenes were filmed at our studios in Burnaby!

Anybody out there recognize our glasses-wearing-female-hippie?… Hint: yellow eyed demon child!!!’

For the record, I agree with Sam, Dean, et al: if you wear sunglasses inside, you. are. a. douchebag

The inside of the kennel was filmed on an amazing set that was built inside our sound stage!

Nice visual fx eating the cat and growing nails

For all you coin collectors out there, Dean held up a real 1921 Peace dollar to the dogs paw to test for his reaction to silver 🙂

Jensen really did drink that AWFUL concoction of juices and “other” stuff… Yuck!

Originally, it was supposed to be a Styx song on the radio… Guess that changed 🙂

Our director and editors did an AWESOME job of cutting around what slater (colonel) wasnt trained to do!! Well done guys!!

Who’s voice is that as the dog?

@AdamGlass44 is it?!?! I don’t know man. Doesn’t sound like it…

Jared Padalecki  @jarpad Help!!! Who is the voice of the dog in the episode right now?!?!?!

The pigeons foot was tied to the light pole so it wouldn’t fly off!

And the pigeon scene is in our studios parking lot 🙂

The colonel is standing on some wooden boxes in the back of the car so his head can be more out of the window.

 Gonna admit something…. I don’t like any of the animal voices. Reading the script, I imagined better. I’m dissapointed.
All of the wooden palates up against the door were to cover a keypad!!
Samantha Smith  @samsmithtweets  @jarpad Look at you spilling all kinds of Hollywood secrets!Jared Padalecki  @jarpad    The original line said the penal code violation in the kitchen was for “bad shoes”. Glad they cut that, inappropriate timing…“@Chico6: Nice transition @jarpad! Bloody Sam/pissed Zeke/healed Sam ” thanks!!! It was tough!!!

The most difficult scene for me was the cut-neck-Sam to the healing-Sam-Ezekiel back to surprised-Sam. It was a lot to do in one shot!

Thanks for watching and listening to my rambles!!! Sorry about the dog voices 😦

ryan_curtis  @ryan_curtis no cats where eaten in tonights episode. All CGI.,

How great is @Stevevalentine as chef Leo. Let him know with a follow.

All time favorite line in tonights episode “Screw the Sharktapuss