Osric Chau was at the airport with no CW anywhere! He tweeted this fanfic as he waited for his flight!

Badonk-a-Donkey  @OsricChau Why can’t the airport put on the CW? News and weather. There’s a dog in the terminal.. I’m gonna pretend it’s Dean and go with it.

Dean is trapped in a tiny bag. Not so small that he can’t move but not so tiny that it’s a sweater, so Dean is scared and shaking

Oh no..Sam had to get his passport checked! Dean’s whimpering.. Even though he can still see Sam at the counter. Sam be back soon Dean!

Cas just tried to take a picture of Dean (I’m totally Cas) but his camera wasn’t quick enough and Sam looked at him weird

Embarrassed, Cas has taken refuge at Tim Hortons and buys an iced cappuccino from Kevin, who has hoarded all sorts of caffeinated items

Cas (me) just realized these last few tweets are the only thing on Misha’s feed, so he cackles out to all at Tim Hortons! Then stops..

Cas tastes the Iced Capp for the first time and it’s glorious! Soo glorious! He turns to thank Kevin, but he’s gone, it’s a lady..

Unsettled, Cas goes into the bathroom for the 2nd half of the iced capp experience. In the mirror he finds Kevin! He reaches out..

And my goodness, what a handsome devil he says! He looks like he has all sorts of super powers! Suddenly Mirror Kevin glares at him!

Cas frozen by Kevin’s stare! He starts to tip over backwards.. crashes into the floor. Kevin wakes up.. Concentration clear on his face

Kevin is practicing lucid dreaming of his own design. He crosses Cas off his list, Sam, Dean already x’ed. One name remains.. Crowley

Nov 5, 2013, I have written #spn fanfic. I did not expect that.. boarding time! I’ll watch the real one tonight, hope everyone enjoyed it!