ChiCon begins today with Richard Speight Jr,  Julie McNiven, Osric Chau, Samantha Smith and Matt Cohen. Karaoke commences late but totally worth the non-sleeping! I’ll be updating this page as tweets/vids/pics are posted! Have fun vicariously here!

Random Acts Events  @RAEventsTeam Great start today  Let’s do it again tomorrow. We’ll be here from 9am to 7pm

Fangasm@FangasmSPN He go folks! kicks off with @dicksp8jr and Adam!

Danielle Ellison     ‏@DanielleEWrites  our fearless moderator.

Carry On  @CarryOn_SPN Osric takes the stage!   

Osric would love it if the fandom and the writers got along. He feels the need to spread positivity where he feels it’s needed

Osric looks at Kevin’s past like his own. He was going down a set path until a new door opened that changed his life  

Hot damn, Sam!  Is it getting warm in here?

CreationEn   @CreationEnt on stage OsricChau

@FangasmSPN: What would @OsricChau  sell his soul for? For fandom and show to get along.

Osric being very careful about what he says about mrs tran.  

Maybe mrs tran is in purgatory….maybe she’s having a thing with Benny…  Us: ooh

Winchester Bros  @WinchesterBros what’s Kevin do in bunker when not researching? Bad diet–in bathroom? Ha! Exploring probably.   

Mama Tran alive? Hmm, lots of struggle answering! Sounds like we get a real answer on show soon!!!  

Osric asking if Julie coming to karaoke and what wearing? Has hair extensions  thought of going as Amy Pond!

Darcy Jo     ‏@scoob70   One of the reasons Kevin is still on the show because he doesn’t infringe on anybody’s territory or replace anybody  

Osric is trying to remember which episodes have aired before commenting on what happened to his Mom.  Fan says “Hi Kevin…oh how embarrassing, I mean Osric.” “That’s ok, I get that all the time

Wayward Moose     ‏@Elisabeth_MAB     Osric: jared is really smart, helped me out with cuneiform pronunciation, does a ton of research.

Erica     ‏@AirickaJane    Osric

Danielle Ellison     @DanielleEWrites Osric!

Crystal     ‏@nemlas29    Osric

Erin @xxsh0tgun  full set Osric panel! 



CreationEnt     @CreationEnt Samantha Smith just hit the stage!

Winchester Bros     ‏@WinchesterBros  Talking Halloween costume she’s worn as kid: alien in spandex, French maid-this excited Richard 

@StormJPad: @samsmithtweets

Carry On     @CarryOn_SPN Samantha: In that pink scratchy nylon night gown that was a fire hazard… Richard: It sure was

Sam with our host.

@FangasmSPN: Mary would like anyone who helps her sons, so she’d like Benny

Danielle Ellison     ‏@DanielleEWrites    Mama Mary – Samantha Smith – who is gorgeous.

Sandra Bruchmann   @YorkiePug Samantha Smith


jensen frackles     @hipsterackles Richard: this whole room feels sorry for you. You had to make out with Jensen Ackles

Supernatural     ‏@spnfansbrazil    Julie McNiven

Richard Speight, Jr.     ‏@dicksp8jr    “Life on the road, Kage… life on the road.” – Jack Black   #juliemcnivenstolemypants

* julie e Richard


* Julie

Jen     ‏@neur0tica      Julie McNiven

Richard Speight, Jr.  @dicksp8jr Never knew how truly dirty u are. “@Juliemcniven: Q&A panel: talked euphemisms 4 sex, talked more about sex, closed w/ unintended sex puns”

Julie McNiven  @Juliemcniven @dicksp8jr : Never knew how truly dirty u are. “@Juliemcniven: I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about? I’m an angel!

Julie McNiven   @Juliemcniven thx 4 understanding that its his fault “@horriblehannah @dicksp8jr did his best to make everything @Juliemcniven said super dirty

Erin @xxsh0tgun photos Julie! 


danielle diaz     ‏@daniellediaz

matt cohen     @mattcohen4real

matt cohen     ‏@mattcohen4real  every Dick & Matt karaoke shirt gets a free auto graph from @dicksp8jr and I . Get them before there gone!

@mattcohen4real LETS DO THIS

OneLessNemesis   @OneLessNemesis Karaoke is ON mattcohen4real l

CreationEnt   @CreationEnt zombie mattcohen4real helping to kick off karaoke!

Jamie @may2nd1983 @mattcohen4real as a zombie cheerleader!

Winchester Bros     @WinchesterBros Sam Smith as Chicago gangster “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” 

Supernatural     ‏@spnfansbrazil  Karaoke

Melissa     ‏@purplegator69    Matt Cohen & Richard Speight in their costumes.

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover me, @LoveJeter02 @dicksp8jr  @mattcohen4real

Julie McNiven  @Juliemcniven I got hungry “@EzorYllom: What happened at karaoke last night. @sebroche @OsricChau @Juliemcniven @mattcohen4real

Autumn @AutumnDontFall Samantha Smith and Sebastian Roche at the karaoke party for

Samantha Smith@samsmithtweets  The most energetic bunch of zombies I’ve ever jumped with. @juliemcniven @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real #I❤UGuys