Day 2 of ChiCon starts with left over language from karaoke: nipple tweaking, gorilla suits, poopholes….  Wild karaoke last night! This page is updated when new tweets/vids/pics are posted! Enjoy!


Sarah 🙂  @wfsarah Matt Cohen!!

Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  Rich and Matt on stage.

R & M: “The path between the top of your chest to your groin is Sebastian Roche alley”

Richard: By round of applause, “Who was at karaoke?” And…”Who has a poophole?” “Oh slightly more ppl were at karaoke”

Fan @ karaoke last night: “Omg Matt!  You get better looking and more fit every time I see you.  ….hi Richard

Matt: Ship happens! Ship went DOWN!
Richard: Ship yeah!

Matt: Yes, I studied Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But more his role from Grey’s Anatomy then SPN for John Winchester

Richard: Matt ran up to me horrified, “The person in the gorilla suit? I twisted their nipples & later discovered it was a lady!”

Matt: Shit happens at a SPN convention Richard: And you’re welcome

Matt apologizing to the gorilla lady who’s nipples he accidentally tweaked at karaoke.

Richard to Matt: With that attitude, you need to apologize to my boobs

Matt’s ass. You’re welcome.

Matt Cohen pic from earlier.

anna @anna_arendelle  matt stopped at the legit seat in front of me bc of this lady’s laugh and I got a bunch of pictures

Winchester Bros     @WinchesterBros “Richard” in Matt’s meat suit 

Band of Brothers question, Richard loved stories of real soldiers very poignant 

Richard walking like Matt LOL 

Next year karaoke theme “Dick & Matt’s Excellent Adventure” 80s movies!

Intro over @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr leave then return immediately for panel lol

Picking on Sebastian, don’t ask him suggestive ?s like what’s for breakfast 

Poophole in costume discussion confusion, but @dicksp8jr  says don’t we all have one anyway? Very funny convo!

Covering up, as Richard says he should apologize to that part! 

Signing the banner 

Matt strikes a pose 🙂 

Matt and Richard wander 

Richard says to Matt ” loved you in Newsies” cause he’s wearing a vest.

Naughty vid screen lol @mattcohen4real  @dicksp8jr

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  Matt’s interpretation of fan question: have I ever thrown Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the table? Yes, and you can ship that!

Fan: what would your spinoff be? Matt: Bunny and Ship. We’d ship us with all kinds of random people

Richard and Matt are saying their I love yous.

@dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real : @sebroche can be dirty in five languages.

More @mattcohen4real imitations  @dicksp8jr

Richard wants Michael, Gabriel and chuck in the same ep

Matt is now totally comfortable in his cheerleader skirt BTW.  Us: yay

Erica @AirickaJane  the dynamic duo! @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr

Cat Peach @KayyJaxx  good Morning Rich and Matt!

Sylvia @bluewalrushair Can we pls not talk about Sebastian’s crotch for five minutes??” ~Richard

“Never assume the person in the gorilla costume is a man” ~Rich on how Matt grabbed her boob.

“Rich, you are so full of ship it’s ridiculous” ~Matt

Just met Osric

tamara @90tapan Matt talks about Cockles (?!).: 

Darcy Jo @scoob70 @dicksp8jr on @sebroche “He can be painfully filthy…in 5 languages.”

@dicksp8jr Preparing the crowd for Sebastian’s panel: “This is awkward but ok…when a man and woman love each other very much…”

amy (bubbles)  @amyshaped  You can hate the mission but always support the men.’ – @dicksp8jr about the men & women who serve

Erin @xxsh0tgun he made a hot zombie, but I think I prefer this look.  @mattcohen4real

Jeanette @LureaGrey On Band of Brothers, Rich says it was made uniquely from the perspective of the vets (& screw Hollywood)

Sandra Turek-Shelton @xleecrowx The apology! 

Matt trying to say I’m sorry! 

Always a fun time with mattcohen4real!

Brooke Ihlefeld @BrookeIzzle  So @mattcohen4real just yelled “I’M SORRY BOTH OF YOU” at a woman’s chest because he accidentally fondled her when she was a gorilla

the Happy Geek @juramcleod Matt cohen getting frustrated with richard spreight t

Jeanette     @LureaGrey Matt- What? Cocles is Misha/Jensen?? No, it’s Cohen/Ackles!

Amy La @lalablue0 @dicksp8jr

@samsmithtweets: You guys WRECKED me! What a blast, thank you #ChiCon!!” No worries I fall over all the time & have no 1 to blame #Gravity

Random Acts Events  @RAEventsTeam  Random Acts had a random visitor @osricchau

Jennifer & Kerry  @RARepUSNorthW Osric stopped by and left a drawing in the guest book!  @OsricChau

Supernatural@spnfansbrazil   Matt Cohen

@mattcohen4real claims Cockles = Jensen/Matt! …


Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  Balthazar is now Humpazar, and so it begins…

Sebastian hits the stage!

Sebastian: “That joke was in bad taste & that’s why I’m here

Seb had all the men stand up. The guys are pretty well represented here!

Sebastian: I’d prefer if the Q&A was T&A (if it’s your ass Seb we are on board

If you’re playing along to my favorite drinking game “Drink when someone gets offended and leaves Sebastian’s panel – we are at 2”

Sebastian can go from talking about cocks to reciting Shakespeare at the drop of a hat!

Sebastian is making fun of Christian Bale’s Batman voice

Sebastian:  what the fuck am I talking about? His panel summed up in a sentence

Sebastian: Mark this day! I’m answering questions!

Fan: How would Balthazar react to the angels falling? Seb: He’d want back on the f*cking show! Fan: Wings or it didn’t happen!!

Sebastian exits to “I’m Sexy and I Know It

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness In the schedule, @sebroche‘s panel comes with a warning that it may not be appropriate for children.  No kidding

Creation actually played the Starland Vocal Band after @sebroche kept bringing up “afternoon delights.” It’s that kind of panel

Fangasm @FangasmSPN  Doing his Liam Neeson impression. Lol @sebroche

Is @sebroche being naughty? #rhetoricalquestion

hasn’t answered a question yet but it’s impossible to care.

Imitating a dog about to take a pee.  So not surprised.

Singing I can’t get no satisfaction. Fans: somehow we doubt that

Showing off his happy trail and singing I’m sexy And i know it

This panel freaking rocks!

Sebastian auditioned for Lucifer and Crowley before Balthazar. Got the role the same day

sat down!!

Seb: anyone under 18 here? Fan: yes. Seb: you were warned

Sebastian leaves @dicksp8jr open mouthed

Sarah 🙂 @wfsarah Don’t even ask…

think the whole room is about to get lucky…

Sebastian: “I am completely uncut.” You know, if you were wondering.

a  nice, genuine moment now. “You guys are the most faithful fans….it really is an honor

Sebastian Roche T&C: 

@dicksp8jr expression

That’s a wrap for @sebroche

He’s sexy and he knows it…

Crystal @nemlas29  Sebastian

CreationEnt @CreationEnt  sebroche

Jeanette @LureaGrey Sebroche talking about how hungover he is & putting stage foliage in his pants

Jini Zlatniski @jiniz Sebastian dancing thru audience.

the Happy Geek @juramcleod  20 mins and he just got to the 1st question and there goes of dancing to “Get Lucky

Amy Newlin@amysupfan  Ballet Sebastian


Nicole Thompson @Nicoliol @sebroche saying “shut the front door” to try and keep it clean

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover  sebroche

Erin @xxsh0tgun Safety first!

Jaime Winchester @jaimewinchester Standing outside. They made Osric get a wristband to go into the ballroom and listen to Sebastian’s panel

Phyllis Stabbe @phyllis2779  @sebroche is leading a round of frere Jacques.

Jamie @may2nd1983 Now he’s propositioning people in the crowd

Richard came out to force seb off the stage, thank god

Tara Eckert @tarable1115 @OsricChau hanging with my daughter and stealing peoples seats

Cat Peach @KayyJaxx  Yes. That is Matt with Jensen’s face on a stick


Fangasm  @FangasmSPN Richard escorts @Mark_Sheppard and @MarkRPellegrino onstage

Surprise osric

Mark and mark  @Mark_Sheppard @MarkRPellegrino

If lucifer and Crowley started a band together it would be Small Balls of Foil.

Osric gets to pat his man crush

Mark and mark love doing genre shows because they have the best writing

Mark: Matt bomer is my man crush.

Almost as sassy as Crowley. @Mark_Sheppard

What’s Crowley’s relationship w Sam now that he healed him. Mark (indignant): he didn’t heal me!! He tried, doesn’t mean he did.

Mark had to decline Dr who for #spn and was sobbing. They called him back and said come RIGHT NOW so he could do it

Love how much fun they’re having.  @Mark_Sheppard @MarkRPellegrino

Talking about hating taking makeup off.

Mark S: you can’t play a baddie, you have to figure out what makes him tick

Jamie @may2nd1983 Mark P and Mark S are on stage! Mark S has his collar popped and his mic isn’t working

Mark met a fan in New Zealand, when he tried to calm her, she said “I’m just trying not to shit myself!” He said “Keep trying!”

Q: we’re you disappointed in your character’s lines on Doctor Who? Mark S: are you kidding me? I was on doctor BLOODY who

Mark P refers to J2 as “The Boys”

OneLessNemesis  @OneLessNemesis overheard in the vendor room  “death is out of stock right now but we’re taking orders

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Mark Sheppard: Crowley’s band His would be Small Balls of Foil

wild already 

Mark Sheppard is wandering…

Mark S in question line…

Looking at adorable dog Mark P spotted, he went to say hello 

Mark finally sits down briefly! 

Mark Pellegrino 

Mark P: difference in #SPN And Tomorrow People sets, SPN more exper, looser fun: TTP new, so very serious

Jeanette @LureaGrey  Mark implies we’ll learn more about Crowley’s mom after ep 4

Mark S says that Crowley always keeps his word, Mark P says that Luci doesn’t lie

Kaye Bauer  @samjacklover @MarkRPellegrino @Mark_Sheppard


@Mark_Sheppard  @MarkRPellegrino


Jamie @may2nd1983 we’re going to hear more about Crowley’s past after episode 4

Carry On @CarryOn_SPN  Mark P: You’re so surly! Mark S: I know

Mark P to Mark S: Sit down Mark you’re drunk! Stop wandering around aimlessly

Mark P.

Mark S: That’d be an interesting threesome right? Lucifer, Crowley, & Abbadon

Mark S: I love Osric! Are people going to start shipping us now that I said that?

The Marks.

WFB Supernatural  ‏@WinFamBusiness   If Lucifer got out of his cage would he overthrown the King of Hell?  Mark P – “He would challenge him to mud wrestling

@Mark_Sheppard is telling lame jokes! “Why do rabbits make noise when they have S-E-X?  Because they’ve got cotton balls.”

Wow, a great story from @Mark_Sheppard about trying to shoot Dr. Who and Supernatural at the same time.  Way too long for twitter!

Every time the microphone booms @MarkRPellegrino does weird faces & poses along with the sound. Another “you had to be here” moment.

Mel @LoveJeter02  @MarkRPellegrino


the Happy Geek @juramcleod Mark_Sheppard called Alfie the angel annoying

amy (bubbles)  @amyshaped Matt Bomer is @Mark_Sheppard‘s mancrush

@Mark_Sheppard said that the sci-fi/fantasy genre has the great stories

Sci fi can tackle controversial issues that regular TV cannot-why Mark is attracted to the wide scope of the stories

Jeanette @LureaGrey Mark S was super excited to do Who, couldn’t do it d/t SPN,  but then Who offered to change their schedule.

Then Mark realized that he hadn’t gotten clearance from SPN & he’d already committed…called Sera to apologize

the Happy Geek  @juramcleod hi Marks..askes for Pellegrino. .asks about the best part of LOST was…makes large noise..being on losta and going to Hawaii

Erin @xxsh0tgun  @Mark_Sheppard


@StormJPad @MarkRPellegrino  @Mark_Sheppard


Crazy Cas shoes smelled awful

Misha talking about Osric’s GISHWHES entry

IMayBeJustABitInsane  @YoullNeverSeeMe photoset: acklesswag: Misha Collins judging the Cas-tume contest . 

Photoset: valalecki: Misha Collins and his lovely jacket – 

@shipstiel: .

Jordan  @seulementJordan “Sorry I fucked up your DVD.”-Misha Collins

Zane Rosetta @zrosettastoned So yeah @OsricChau in a onesie happened today @CreationEnt

Random Acts Events @RAEventsTeam As well as accepting donations you can come and talk to us. We have buttons

SUPERNATURAL @SPNFamilyFandom Misha Collins

Misha Collins


Andy Candy @____AnDrEaa____ Миша часть 2:   Misha

Winchester Bros  @WinchesterBros Misha carries Osric Cas on stage!