Jared tweeted earlier that he’d be live tweeting the second airing but his flight was delayed so he attempted to tweet in the air! Thanks Jared for trying!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Hey y’all, anybody know of any good tv to watch tonight? Maybe in the late evening?

* @rthompson1138 well, good news is, I have the day off and i was SO excited to live tweet the second episode!! But there’s bad news…

* @AmericanAir delayed my AUS-DFW leg an hour and a half, making me unable to get to Vancouver in time to live tweet. Sorry fans 😦

* To mix things up(and since I’m on a plane sans-TV), I’m gonna live tweet questions to your answers. So start sending some answers!

* Guess what show has an awesome new poster? And guess who gets to tweet it right now?…

* AND, does anybody notice anything new?… pic.twitter.com/CNFlltyIw9

* Bad news… Phone dying… FAST! Guess that’s what happens when you live tweet at 500 miles an hour! pic.twitter.com/gqVL6k5jOM

Guy Norman Bee ‏@guynormanbee Check out tonight’s episode of #supernatural – All 4 of these guys are in it! @jarpad #jackles #eviltwins http://campl.us/qpu3