J2 day rocked it out loud! Thanks to all the twitter contributors for sharing your time but mostly for giving us what the fandom loves: Jensen and Jared! Jim Beaver and Rob Benedict provided laughs and their personal insights from their characters! Enjoy this great day!

@jarpad’s video with Jensen & the audience http://twitter.yfrog.com/b5k3wpjvakaczyailofnviorz?sa=0

Carrielle ‏@SingingValkarie extreme Closeup! J2 Ringtones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYOu4q14Qvg

Jared gave a girl his plaid shirt. http://scisaac.com/post/63996357253

the John Winchester method of parenting! Jared & Jensen, their kids Halloween costumes! vid by Sarah Marko http://youtu.be/ZAdvIYPZUb4

Cristal • ‏@shipstiel
Jensen: Who thinks Dean made the right choice?
*crowd cheers
Jared: Who thinks Dean made the wrong choice?
*crowd cheers
Jared: HEY

Jared & Jensen talking about Thomas’s and JJ’s halloween co…: http://youtu.be/ZAdvIYPZUb4

@FangasmSPN Jared and Jensen were thrilled that we all tuned in. Fans: duh. pic.twitter.com/guxalWx3ZJ
* J2 in plaid. pic.twitter.com/BF7rUMkmYK
* Jared to fan: I don’t like your ‘I love dean’ shirt. Unless you mean Gilmore girls. pic.twitter.com/RwfmTXkBX2
* Jared takes a pic of Jensen from onstage. He’s tweeting it too! pic.twitter.com/ZollYhMcVr
* Richard texted rob during a con: “where are you? Jensen threatening to walk
* Jensen. A new guest actor, after experiencing the set exclaimed ‘who ARE you guys?’ pic.twitter.com/Ezmhf94zmY
* How dig perfect rectangular grave each time?
Jensen: “We have a laser grave digger in back of impala!”

deanie weenie ‏@hipsterackles Jensen Ackles pic.twitter.com/zpHguw4Qjh

Supernatural ‏@SPNFamilyFandom JENSEN! pic.twitter.com/O8jkIPNdGc
* Jared and Jensen! pic.twitter.com/WLUACXwYbN

J2 http://fwolfling.tumblr.com/post/63923411448/torcon-pics-of-jared-and-jensen-from-the-gold … pic.twitter.com/Xge9UWYkcF

@dragonlit: Gold panel with the Js. they were relaxed & in great spirits. pic.twitter.com/6ezRmZRdWw

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k JA: always wanted to be a fisherman, fascination w/sea. JP: too many clothes. JA: I would strip on weekends

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit “DC or Marvel? Jensen Ackles: whichever wants to hire me!

@____AnDrEaa____ Video made by Jared @jarpad http://twitter.yfrog.com/b5k3wpjvakaczyailofnviorz?sa=0

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen Ackles and Jared pic.twitter.com/v79RDn6RLA

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Jensen & Jared during their panel! pic.twitter.com/HfXQ5BimVs
* JA: If I wasn’t an actor I’d be Fan: A stripper!! JA: Only on weekends! seriously I’ve always been fascinated with – JP: Stripping
* Jensen & Jared during their panel! pic.twitter.com/HfXQ5BimVs

Jensen Ackles ♔ ‏@FYeahSPN Jensen/Coffee pic.twitter.com/WV6ijrGNYm

@SPNfreaks: Jensen had a dream about the ending of the of Supernatural pic.twitter.com/NIGBqKfydY

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jared is like Sam in that he reads instruction manuals. Jensen is like dean – Jared is his information
* Jensen Ackles Dream about Supernatural Ending. That’s how pic.twitter.com/lbNToxU6T2
* “Magic Jensen” pic.twitter.com/FvzrOU5XXM
* Jensen Ackles wishes he could keep Dean’s gun. It means a lot to him.
* Jared: Sam has a fear of letting people down
* Pet peeves: Jensen: “texting and driving.” Jared – “new age, half bathroom doors.”
* Jensen: “Motorcycle coz no need for impala anymore without Sam.” Oh Jensen
* Jensen: “Always wanted to be a fisherman, fascination w/sea.”
Jared: “Too many clothes.”
* Jensen: ” I would strip on weekends
* Jensen was physically frightened by Julian as death in their first scene
* Jared: I hurt my neck. Jensen: gives neck massage
* Jensen walked into #spn audition & only Jared was there on the couch. Jared: and Jensen said 'is this my birthday
* Jared pic.twitter.com/26RjKQubNj

jackles[] ‏@hotforjackles Q: “What characteristic do you have like your character?” JARED: “Sam has great hair

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jensen just so perfect! http://twitter.yfrog.com/b5k3wpjvakaczyailofnviorz?sa=0
* Jensen Ackles and Jared pic.twitter.com/v79RDn6RLA
* #JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/xGLAtHQK3H

natalie ‏@ProudIdjit “DC or Marvel? Jensen Ackles: whichever wants to hire me!

Nikki ‏@NikkiMcAlister1 A friend asked Jared to hug her like he would hug a pillow in her photo op. Jared: I hug my pillow between my legs

Wolfling ‏@wolfling j2 panel part 3 — the funny pics http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxakCR0
* J2 panel pics part 2 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxaMjoM
* J2 panel part 1 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxaJbro
* j2 gold panel 1/3 http://youtu.be/5nBlJEvb-tQ?a
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nBlJEvb-tQ
* J2 Gold Panel 2/3 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxbB4Hc
* hilarious! J2 main panel 2/6 http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxbyyKu

Ackleholic ‏@ADropOfJensen Jensen pic.twitter.com/EMvykRZvhQ

Andy Candy ‏@____AnDrEaa____ Jensen pic.twitter.com/HzZprj4Ey8

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 Jensen says Dean rides away on a motorcycle because he doesn’t have a passenger anymore
* Jensen dreamt that Sam died, he couldn’t bring him back, and Dean gets out of the impala and hands the keys to a stranger

kristen allison ‏@dinosrawr jensen to jared: “i think you’d make a good jesse pinkman”

fwolfling: J2 panel part 1 http://tmblr.co/ZwPX5yxaVtLv
* J2 panel pics part 2 http://tmblr.co/Z-uv4wxaTbo1
* panel 1 http://tmblr.co/ZyaNOxxacpFg

SPN_Pics ‏@PicsSpn J2 pic.twitter.com/qLipEIwLWr

Laura N Brightforth ‏@lauranicole service rights. Servicey http://instagram.com/p/fbJOvQNX5u/

Lauren Chinakraut ‏@assbuttidjits so this is a thing that happened. http://instagram.com/p/fbJFo1BpOg/

@hipsterackles: JENSEN: Misha is easiest to make crack while filming. All I have to do is smirk and wink at him and he's done.

helena ‏@ontariosparks i guess we could call today a good day pic.twitter.com/sVyyn6IaHP

little runaway ‏@isabelabonjovi who would fear most on show?
Jared Padalecki: Lucifer.
Jensen Ackles: Death.

Sarah Laudenbach ‏@SarahLaudenbach Jensen: I want to be a fisherman and a stripper on weekends

@SPNfreaks: Jensen had a dream about the ending of the of Supernatural pic.twitter.com/tZuzhvHF9M

Nino Possy ‏@NinoPossy Jensen Ackles http://tmblr.co/Zybrkwxa7PEs

@FangasmSPN: Jensen to Cas cosplayers: what ya gonna do with your trench coat now??
* Jensen on john's parenting: I think he brought up a couple of well adjusted young men.
* Jared: ‘for SPN to end, the boys would have to die’ he did in fact say that yes
* Jensen: the story has always been about Luke and Han, he's about being the big brother, the protector.
* Jensen keeps his phone on vibrate. Fans: wink wink. pic.twitter.com/bpyDrMzOnm
* Damn, boys pic.twitter.com/nfxRuQviNf
* Jensen: if I could play another character it would be dean….from Gilmore girls
* Jared read star wars books and lord of the rings.
* Poor Osric can't stop laughing on set
* Both love the men of letters storyline and set. pic.twitter.com/lbHGXwtP8W
* Sam is excited about being a man of letters, feels he belongs. Sees it more as a place to work too
* What would j2 be hungry for? Jensen: Jared's is for love
* Fave death? Sam got a pipe through the back. Dean's do these tacos taste funny to you
* Jensen's grandma at Dallas wanted to know why Jared was wearing that hat.
* Jared to fan: I don't like your 'I love dean' shirt. Unless you mean Gilmore girls. pic.twitter.com/RwfmTXkBX2
* Jared: the show is really good this year! Love their enthusiasm
* Jared's first impression of Jensen was guarded because of the business. Then when shit hits the fan you get real & they got close
* After the audition they called them both into a room and everyone stood up and clapped.
* J2 get so excited about the many newbies here. Its kinda adorable
* Jared takes a pic of Jensen from onstage. He's tweeting it too! pic.twitter.com/ZollYhMcVr
* Phil sgriccia told Jensen to scream all out in yellow fever and promised to dial it back. pic.twitter.com/0LfxVrkHb4
* Dean gets infected with something in an upcoming ep and its pretty funny.
* We see more men of letters bunker. Jensen: massage room. Jared: that's a good episode
* Jared and Jensen were thrilled that we all tuned in. Fans: duh. pic.twitter.com/BAP901il04
* Jared didn't want to sweat as Ezekiel so there was a big black tarp behind Jensen. pic.twitter.com/ItIlVHEcdP
* Soulless Sam is Jared's favorite. Ezekiel is most difficult but Jared's loving the challenge
* Jared just almost called Jensen 'dean'
* J2 in plaid. pic.twitter.com/BF7rUMkmYK
* Jared talking about Gilmore girls. Jensen shaking his head. pic.twitter.com/XIXaTRG2g1
* How much control do j2 have? Jensen: not much on story line because they're so far ahead. But we do while we're shooting
* Jared: that's the first time we watched and tweetered together. Jensen: tweetered??? pic.twitter.com/qHzvJdcVI6

kristen allison ‏@dinosrawr jared earlier today, after a fan used the word “exuberant” – “EXUBERANT!? use smaller words! we’re actors!”

J2&Misha ‏@SPN_Threesome “What is a pee-pee tee-pee? JA: well little boys have a pee-pee. u put the tee-pee on the pee-pee no more pee-pee in the face!”

''@dinosrawr:fan:"what is deans fave kind of pie?" jensen:"i don't think he cares…dean is not discriminatory to any baked pastry"

SPN_Pics ‏@PicsSpn J2 pic.twitter.com/DuUxUVs3k9

''@hipsterackles: Fan: you're really tall! I'm so short. Jared: now you know how Jensen feels

Elana Emer ‏@ElanaEmer Here's a great one of @RobBenedict! pic.twitter.com/0RLyqCsmAW
* Let it be known, that on this day in history, God and Death did the time warp together pic.twitter.com/jTSdYCMnp6

Tara ‏@1tararod A silly shot.. @mishacollins laughing, just "bee" cause… pic.twitter.com/bmRqW1iHJx
* BOBBY!!.. Ya just gotta luv @jumblejim A great all around guy! pic.twitter.com/5JVOhVHISK


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Rob: this show and fandom means so much to me. I never worked with Richard and he's one of my best friends
* Singing a Louden swain song for us and you can hear a friggen pin drop. Amazing @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/gPNrrdkl5M
* Rob is proud of the fact that has played so many different kinds of roles. pic.twitter.com/Ylbwh9KeWp
* Richard tells the story of checking rob in under the fake name Heywood Jablomee. pic.twitter.com/iSoZ6nKc4G
* Surprise Ty and misha. Just turned rob literally upside down! pic.twitter.com/MfFWQyDd0i

Supernatural ∞ ‏@MyPrideSPN Rob Benedict e Jim Beaver. pic.twitter.com/YTJzwRfA46

Tara ‏@1tararod yay!..even @samsmithtweets got in on the Karaoke Kings fun! You go Mary! pic.twitter.com/f85JFlnWPU
* A crooning Death w/screaming legions, as @dicksp8jr stares on amazed. @JulianRichings approved! pic.twitter.com/48vVgDi0Xo
* Death starts to blur as he "rocks out" in the Karaoke Kings. @JulianRichings approved! pic.twitter.com/RIkwSTNvLD
* So it is said..Death just has a job to do. But, he does enjoy food… @JulianRichings pic.twitter.com/Lz2jIDSKbK
* Meanwhile, @mishacollins thoroughly enjoys being surrounded by minions being..well..him! pic.twitter.com/3PqDWRX6jm

carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Richard made sure Rob's check in alias name for the convention. pic.twitter.com/7DsD6gkOjM

Supernatural ∞ ‏@MyPrideSPN Mark Pellegrino e Misha Collins. pic.twitter.com/T7dQVQwFP6
* Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins. pic.twitter.com/EE58peuilv

@GlamMinion: #MishaCollins is signing autographs pic.twitter.com/MKh0pGFw14

@StephJensen13: The incredible @mishacollins pic.twitter.com/ay6JwWSJJC

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Ty & Misha crashed Rob's panel! And then proceeded to hang him upside down, poor sweetie! pic.twitter.com/pLcQAs0Zq8
* During Rob's panel with Richard, Ty, & Misha! I love this cast so much ❤ pic.twitter.com/eqn3ubzT12
* Fan: "What are you most thankful for?" Rob: My wife of 18 years, my kids, and all of you…who care about us like family, thank you"
* Misha in the autograph line today! Did he sign something for our April Charity auction? pic.twitter.com/3mqHioAsZi
* Richard to Misha: Fans seem more upset about the possible passing of your trench coat then my character (lies, Richard! We ❤ you!)
* Misha: There was an alt scene where Cas walks out of the laundry w/ the trench coat in a bag so it looks like the coat IS gone now:(

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins The fans I'm taking photos with in Toronto are getting too handsy with me. I try to be nice, but there's a limit. pic.twitter.com/CXpcthotK3

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Mark P and Misha panel http://youtu.be/vVqycTGxKtU?a
* Ty Olsson singing in Benny's accent http://youtu.be/3H1–FgCgJU?a
* Richard's answer was going to involve Judge Judy (@YouTube http://youtu.be/Sttvd7pHCeY?a )
* Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins http://youtu.be/aOrEBnJqWTg?a
* Mark Pelligrino and Misha Collins http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxV_JC3
* Ty Olsson from his panel. http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxVwTWP
* Video: Misha, Ty and Richard crash Rob’s panel http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwxbHGFK
* Rob Benedict singing during his panel Sun http://tmblr.co/ZMEFbwxbG0dM


kristen allison ‏@dinosrawr jim’s inspiration for bobby? mary poppins
* who doesn’t love @jumblejim? pic.twitter.com/b5vOdlNYnU
* Richard and Rob pic.twitter.com/OVzhDoG2y0
* mark: i’m really a romantic actor
jim: not here you’re not

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie .@jumblejim said he has never gotten the kind of reaction he has gotten in #Toronto pic.twitter.com/eqic66GnTT
* The wonderful @jumblejim got another standing ovation when he came out 4 his 2nd Q&A! pic.twitter.com/h2idQECLd7
Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Jim thinks bobby’s next death should be: 98 years old and shot by a jealous husband
* Jim gets another standing ovation. Jim: I don’t quite get it, there’s Jared and Jensen… fans: and Bobby! pic.twitter.com/LbQHNFqjIo
* Last panel about to begin – Richard and rob introduce @jumblejim pic.twitter.com/QhucqSkpff
* on his kissing scene with mark: he kept saying ‘I’m a romantic actor’. I said not today you aren’t
* Jim: nobody on #spn is hard to work with. Unless you have a scene with Jared off camera
* Fan: why did bobby use tongue? Jim: you’re gonna believe the king of hell?? And I mean mark.
* Would the real bobby have told Sam to give up? Jim: no, bobby would fight. Fans: are clapping
* was surprised by the AU where he was married to Ellen but thinks it would’ve been cool to go there
* Did bobby learn life lessons from Sam and dean? Jim: he didn’t want kids, then realized that he actually had a couple
* Jim goes back to #spn, he might have to think of a prank. Jim: its hard to top those guys, that’s all they think about
* there are plenty of times I would’ve traded the good drama to be back kicking Winchester ass
* Guy just asked Jim question on shaving. Jim: do I look like someone to give advice on shaving?? pic.twitter.com/6gDaJOgouH

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Jim Beaver once again! pic.twitter.com/EB9N0gbeEt

helena ‏@ontariosparks Jim Beaver just got a standing ovation again pic.twitter.com/IwQ50Yv8rB

adorable ‏@leessaa1 @jumblejim on stage pic.twitter.com/YmLidW0tCO
* @jumblejim pic.twitter.com/CZa5pRGEmi