Everyone survived karaoke(I think..!) and today is rocking! Enjoy TorCon!

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal Jensen arrived in Toronto! pic.twitter.com/3ThO3Oedi1

@NelliTurbal: Misha is in Toronto) it’s cool pic.twitter.com/A6nL2pN1NF

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal http://vk.com/wall-33069738_296440
video, Misha says hello in Russian)

@abbyfromage: @emilyo42 & I just met Misha Collins on the streets of Toronto http://instagram.com/p/fYBbu7TCIO/


@wolfling Rob, Matt and RSJ panel discussing Osric, costumes and fave scenes http://youtu.be/1Zr2IUXgWek?a

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Matt says Rob kissed him 6 times last night at karaoke. Rob so happy
* fan q: good hangover remedies after karaoke? Rob: Advil, water, sleep
* Richard talking about Ty at karaoke. Says like a bear. Feels like will scoop up ppl and mate Lololol
* Which came first: Trickster or Gabriel? Richard: no idea what writers had in mind. If not planned, great job of executing it
* Q: any chance to expand #TorCon to 4 days? Guys: maybe. Now doing “Thanksgiving” dance
* Who comes up w/karaoke night themes? Themes are what they think is funny. Thank Richard for Matt in skirt
* What doing 2 AM on Friday? We heard your ruckus and went to investigate. We feared for our safety
* More Trickster in future? Richard: trick q to reveal if I am back? If I knew, wouldn’t tell ya
* Richard: judge Judy should make a cameo on SPN. Rob: that’s your fave show?? Richard: for the legal process!
* Fave element from fave show & bring to SPN what would it be? Rob: I will answer this! Survivor: voting someone off
* Hardest ep to film for your characters? Guys are *totally* making up awesome BS to answer this q! we can’t pick just one!
* Fave trickster prank? Bad tacos
* If could choose way character dies what would it be? Richard: Rob says dismembered. Chuck: OD
* Rob says Chuck would OD on pills
* Matt: No fave show. Just want me back!!!
* is Ty always like that at karaoke? All: YES!
* Fan’s 1st con. Richard: “welcome to Hell!”
* Last q! Fan up on stage! Answer: Shawshank Redemption!!

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie According to @dicksp8jr, @RobBenedict & @mattcohen4real its hard to get @mishacollins to sober up in the morning to film an ep
* This is what happens to the last question asker at a Q&A with @RobBenedict, @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/Hkc3MpWIVQ

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Last panel question. pic.twitter.com/7OkzaIy8BC

Jillian M. ‏@primitivepublic @mattcohen4real: hardest parts of the show: getting @jarpad’s wig on his head, plumping Jensen’s lips, & sobering up @mishacollins

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Rob is basically in tears from laughing so hard because of Richard
* “Best prank.” Rob: “They scared me with their dogs
* Matt would add himself back to Supernatural
* They’re putting the mics all over her face pic.twitter.com/g4WZhcblVU
* If Rob could add an element from his favourite show to Supernatural, he’d add something from Survivor
* Rob: “If there’s one thing I would not be good at, it’s MMA
* Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak 47s
“Are you happy or disappointed the writers didn’t give you three heads?” Mark: “I have enough problems with one

Wolfling ‏@wolfling @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr getting the last question of their panel http://twitpic.com/dh21dx

♡ missy ♡ ‏@mel_martiniello @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/JU1DhfgBkKcass lepage matt: are Jensen’s lips always that plump
* rob: excuse me for brining the A to the Q&A
* richard: I don’t have to do anything Robert

Connor ‏@timelordstiel @dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict MMA-kitten fighting

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie According 2 @dicksp8jr, @RobBenedict & @mattcohen4real its also hard 2 get @jarpad hair on his head 4 the filming

Beth Cowen ‏@_Monkey_Hat http://instagram.com/p/fX1DEah8IK/
* http://instagram.com/p/fX1JiVh8IY/
* http://instagram.com/p/fX1DEah8IK/

@LoveJeter02: Rob Benedict pic.twitter.com/lAVhvSFOUb
Richard @dicksp8jr doing an awesome @TyOlsson impression

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit And the late @RobBenedict pic.twitter.com/djqYjxealM

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Richard, Rob & Matt “Honestly? We’re all about 3 drinks away from slash fiction”
* Fan asked Rob, Richard & Matt how they would like their characters to come back. Their answer: Immediately (we agree!)

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Last panel question. pic.twitter.com/7OkzaIy8BC

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/4dgphPKiW5

simogiuli ‏@simogiuli Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr, 1/3: http://youtu.be/1Zr2IUXgWek

Wolfling ‏@wolfling video from Matt, Rob and Richard’s panel http://youtu.be/gSTIt393ecg?a


Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak @TyOlsson doesn’t think there’s much of a chance of Benny returning to Supernatural
* “It’s hard to flirt with one woman when there’s ten thousand people watching

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Ty compares his attention span to that of Dory
* @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/05C6C2qnmd

@nerd_angel_k Borealis: hope for more? Don’t think so. But would love to
* audience member is crying… Ty: If you cry, I’ll cry!
* Ty escorts nervous…
* Richard called Ty SPN’s own “silverback gorilla” and our “dancing bear”

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie .@TyOlsson keeps yelling at the people who are leaving his Q&A
* Here is @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/FnEVFTwEa7
* This is what happen when U are too nervous 2 ask a question. pic.twitter.com/DmhtTaWdvC
* @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/Z2Hjjiq0hw
* So @TyOlsson says he worked on his cemetery with #JensenAckles by moving into his house & hanging with him pic.twitter.com/YFM0dn8Vne

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Ty Olson is like a naughty little boy with ADHD with more swearing

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k karaoke again next year? He says he is sneaking under the wires. He doesn’t know. Would u like me back?
* Ty wanted to call Rick (feeling sick) but lost his phone in Lake Ontario
* Ty pretended to be room service when going to pick up @samsmithtweets from her hotel room last night
* How many other accents can u do other than Benny? Give me time I can do many. Doing Scottish accent now”
* Relationship b/w him & JA: he’s a great guy, cool, easy to be with, natural chemistry, we get along

@.FangasmSPN: Benny to Dean: I love you enough to do this (per Ty) pic.twitter.com/QeR8jmTSSu
* Onstage! @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/HrmYCLPgmI
* Ty to fan: wait, am I in trouble? pic.twitter.com/Z3jkGYr4Sz
* Whats Ty’s ideal character to play? An old school genre superhero who drinks beer and is scarred, a reluctant damaged hero
* Fan: did Benny die for Dean or was he ready to die? Ty: I think it was both. Us: pic.twitter.com/ze5o8IsqnX
* Ty thinks its possible Benny did give in and feed, but only on criminals
* Jensen starts to lapse back into his Texas accent when he’s around Benny
* Fan: what was Benny like when human? Ty: he probably had a pretty usual life, on the ocean
* That’s a wrap on @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/aMXFSrnt37
* Ty singing You are my sunshine to his nephew. pic.twitter.com/iYCcPrzvPI
* Ty singing You are my sunshine to his nephew. pic.twitter.com/cqLavGp9N6
* How did the relationship with Jensen get so strong? Ty: I spent a few days at his house, his wife slept on couch….

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly62 @tyolsson making a nervous fan feel at ease…kinda

* @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real Rob is eating breakfast! pic.twitter.com/dk6fPXktDT
* @RobBenedict’s favorite scene to film on the show was when he hit @jarpad in the face w/ a toilet plunger. Said it hurt his wrists
. @tyolsson pic.twitter.com/fxFd42piLp
@loriilovee Someone screamed at him to speak into the mic and he just did the deepest voice into the mic “Is this better?”
* Mic is breaking up and Ty is wondering if this is an acid flashback! Wants to know if the girl is fucking with him
* The dapper @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/dYkWiDE9Wt

Jessie ‏@PoisonousDame Ty Olson has dictated that ALL must have poutine by the end of the weekend. Challenge accepted

jackles[] ‏@hotforjackles Danneel slept on the couch when Ty spent the night at Jensen’s

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN @TyOlsson pic.twitter.com/zEYVIbn4Sr

Wolfling ‏@wolfling Ty http://twitpic.com/dh32jk


Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie So @jumblejim got a standing ovation. pic.twitter.com/TbnYacnR8p
* So part of @jumblejim acting process is to drink #DrPepper before hand. pic.twitter.com/CaAXzwVt4H

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz The amazing James Beaver has taken the stage. http://instagram.com/p/fYNmUKTgDC/

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Jim Beaver!! He got a well deserved standing ovation!!! pic.twitter.com/yxtLIeFd44

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @jumblejim The room just gave him a standing ovation! pic.twitter.com/DsHkejZPmc

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Lookin good! pic.twitter.com/KWVdPvzBMr
* Jim is filming a Guillermo del toro movie with tom hiddleston in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/138D0hVZoY
* Jim: I suspect Bobby’s still got a little life left in him….
* Jim: bobby and I are a lot alike except he’s brave. I run a lot more. And faster
* What’s Bobby’s heaven? Jim: well it doesn’t involve Sam and dean
* Maddie put Jim on a dating website. Jim: some nice guy named Stanley emailed me
* Fan: who are you closer to, Jared or Jensen? Jim: I love them both. Tho i wish they were shorter
* Bobby was created because Loretta divine (Missouri) wasn’t available. The real Bob Singer said i know just the guy
* Most intense scene? Jim: saying goodbye to Karen singer. It was a good scene but tough
* Jim (who hasn’t watched the show recently): metatron?? Sounds like a cough medicine!
* Jim: on #spn, there’s a lot more bloopers than there is show
* That’s a wrap! pic.twitter.com/G7I7Y8O7oP* Jim would like all karaoke videos from last night erased. Fandom: oh sure. Of course. Totally. pic.twitter.com/6mJIj0UpRg

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Jim having tea to help with his voice after karaoke
* Did u come up with “idjits”? Was in script. Was skeptical of term. Not his word
* Surprised character died? Yes but it’s SPN how bad can it be? Good exit
* Do u think Bobby should have come back as a ghost? Great gig. Wanted to come back so yes
* Jim says a certain sheriff would be in Bobby’s heaven & a dead blonde wife
* Jim found it hard to say line abt Bobby being a Tori Spelling fan
* Gothic ghost story set in 1800/1900 England (Jim’s next project)
* Oh, you’re not short! Jim: ya, but you put me beside Dumb & Dumber…”
* Jim says tough to get out of emotional headspace at end of day. Collapses after scene. Body reacts physically to character’s state
* Emotional scenes tough to film? We laugh a lot on set but emotional scenes everyone helps out to concentrate
* Jim says tough to get out of emotional headspace at end of day. Collapses after scene. Body reacts physically to character’s state
* Most messed up thing J2M has done 2 u while filming? Show up lol! Jim telling story abt JP twisting his toes 4 hospital bed scenes
* Jim says SPN set is fun. Outrageous. Lots of laughs

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Jim loved being back on Supernatural and hanging around the old crew
* Jim says there’s basically no professionalism on the Supernatural set. That it’s a lot different from other sets
* The dating site Maddie put Jim on was MAYBE called “geezer match

Shivonne Arnold ‏@shivonnealexis Script reading makes a good actor.

Leslie Crone ‏@NerdShenanigans I thought the angels falling might have just been spring cleaning

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Jim Beaver will be filming “Crimson Tide” in Toronto in the Spring (March-May)

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz @dicksp8jr Dick…a tentacle job, really?? http://instagram.com/p/fYUReizgPG/

Lisa Willen ‏@serpentina66 costume contest: Wendigo rocks!


Michelle Terpstra ‏@MichelleTerps looks like Castiels have entered the building. pic.twitter.com/mO4z8zrCHR

@NelliTurbal: Misha is in Toronto. pic.twitter.com/nDQRj541D5

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN our illustrious emcee @dicksp8jr pic.twitter.com/LPgJ9DgoVq
* look who’s judging the cosplay pic.twitter.com/bOYKn0d66a
* Richards intro: ladies and gentlemen, America’s asshole @mishacollins

Magie Tagie ‏@Magietagie @mishacollins came out to judge the #Castiel customer contest. pic.twitter.com/ylPN6NWlW0

Нелли турбал ‏@NelliTurbal уже успел оценить конкурс косплеев )) pic.twitter.com/f5O5voUrwl

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins pic.twitter.com/GkFig216vq

Tracey Rigden ‏@TraceysTweetz Luci and Casi in sa house! http://instagram.com/p/fYZtHZzgJc/

Lost Symbol ‏@theBestMinion @mishacollins and Mark. P are on stage! http://twitpic.com/dh2vj1 http://twitpic.com/dh2vj6

@FangasmSPN Misha got kicked out of first class trying to talk to mark
* Misha and mark attempt to figure out a fan’s question. I cannot convey how hysterical this is. pic.twitter.com/2oJwrKXVjd
* Misha: Jared is like a bull in a china shop. Our camera guy had a cracked rib from boisterous hugging. pic.twitter.com/QsIN9lb6N3
* Fan to misha: Jared says that Cas and Sam aren’t really friends. Misha: (sad face
* Misha: Jared will fondle my balls for so long on set, I think the writers have started trying to separate us.
* Mark gets up to hug a fan who finally has a question for him. pic.twitter.com/eypCPCRpiH
* Mark gets up to hug a fan who finally has a question for him. pic.twitter.com/eypCPCRpiH
* Mark: I feel so bad for nick. Thanks for depressing me with that question. Fans: awww
* Misha: I like matt Clark who made amazing sculptures out of buildings. Often without permission. Fans: awesome
* Misha gets an art question from an art history major. Misha: uh oh. pic.twitter.com/ZjpgGYnYbo

Alexandra ‏@dragonlit Better shot of M2. pic.twitter.com/THHq9yXv0B
* Misha: Cas is socially awkward enough to not differentiate men’s and women’s clothing.
* Misha gives a fan a birthday cake! #spnfamily #torcon pic.twitter.com/GFNBRl9f7Q
* Fan talking about a film misha was in: all your parts are on YouTube. Misha: is that allowed???
* When Cas was eating the raw meat with the horsemen, misha actually ate it long before the camera was even on him. Mark: bwahaha
*West is old enough now to try to look cute for the camera. Misha: hey, that’s my thing
* Fan: have you ever considered dating anyone on the show? Misha: Jared and jensen just aren’t great kissers
* Misha protesting the govt shutdown. pic.twitter.com/rUayyZ5PBO
* Misha describes Jared fondling his balls. Mark is amused. So are we. pic.twitter.com/4Hvo5bJ6Uc
* Misha being Misha. Mark pondering. pic.twitter.com/MpkOzbnhWU
* And that’s a wrap on mark and Misha. pic.twitter.com/hE72zFsCAJ
* Mark is happy to get a question. Look at that boyish grin! @MarkRPellegrino pic.twitter.com/7pFXihp5HR

Caro Bellier ‏@CaroOffiziell I’m really wondering if he knows how many feelings just a little hat could give to a fandom. pic.twitter.com/f88NKOTF7O

Kristine ‏@nerd_angel_k Misha doing Rock Paper Scissors to decide which side starts to ask
* If you could make Sam hallucinate anything, what would it be? Mark: he’s a bellydancer. Misha: he (and Jared) is short
* Q involved ep “Repo Man”. Misha called it a film, “Repo Man” Mark: I don’t know that film
* Misha shocked at pronunciation of Montreal in French
* Jared unscrewed roof rack of Misha’s car. Told by crew about it
* What happens when you die in purgatory? Misha: they get cast in other dimension called the Vampire Diarie
* Other angels are just lazy according to Misha
* Cas has taken 5 yrs to learn how to be human while 3 angels took a day! Explain? Mark: Wow
* Misha: yes keep going. We have 45 mins for each q
* If mark could make Sam hallucinate anything? A belly dancer. Fans: mmm
* Scene where Cas eats on hands & knees. What was it? Textured vegetable protein

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 @mishacollins mailed his license away to get a SSN for his daughter and they won’t send it back. He wants to sue congress!

Laken Novak ‏@LakenNovak Misha would love for Cas to have lots of wives and not live in a bunker
* Mark would like for Lucifer to come back in armani and ready to kick some back

Melanie ‏@MellyBelly626 .@mishacollins says he would like to make @jarpad think he’s short and not able to reach things or see over people!
* @mishacollins surprised a fan with a birthday cake, then asked if she was going to hog it to herself!

Supernatural – India ‏@IndiaSpn Misha trash talked the trench coat, but then was a little sad. Alternate ending was Cas had it in a bag!

@wolfling: Misha Collins from earlier today during his panel with Mark http://twitpic.com/dh33v5

Rick Worthy ‏@rickworthy Big Thanks to #JulianRichngs for filling in for me at #TorCon …you’re true blue, and looking fprward to seeing you again ;).

Katie Botsifaras ‏@KatieBotsifaras Thank you so much @mishacollins @jumblejim @dicksp8jr @TyOlsson and @MarkRPellegrino for making today amazing pic.twitter.com/1xrGfWwXgz