With NJCon behind us, JIBCon follows quickly! Tweets and pics from Wednesday’s travels!

@Louisiel : We just saw @jarpad with Tomas walking across the street today… pic.twitter.com/L3toTOrOqo ” Daddy and son in Rome

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real big trip with the boys tomorrow

Sebastian Roché ‏@sebroche Roma, here I come 🙂 !!! pic.twitter.com/gUrnrtlZMF
* This is what happens when you spend too much time with @jarpad and Jensen haha pic.twitter.com/BpmPWYCgTK

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ ciao , for now xx
* beautiful and sunny here , almost lunch time
* it’s not early here in Rome , it;s 12:45pm (6:18am CST)

Brock Kelly ‏@Brockiavelli Hope I get to share another big ass bottle of wine with @sebroche in Rome!

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real get to travel the world with this hottie @mandy_musgrave #1ststopROME http://instagram.com/p/ZEEhsiD9Wi/

Ty Olsson ‏@TyOlsson flight delayed 4 hrs . Damn

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ Italy is very nice , we love it here

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels @bodyguard4JandJ miss me yet Clif?

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr On the plane and ready to go to Rome! Cheer up, señor sourpuss sitting next to me! @mattcohen4real… http://instagram.com/p/ZESwUoS8E6/

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr Not even in the air & I already have a new BFF. Great minds think alike, Katy from Manchester! http://instagram.com/p/ZETQqIy8Fv/

Ty Olsson ‏@TyOlsson or even if u do. Assume you’ll need to gently nudge me into remembering .lets call it a product of being an abandoned child forgive me k;)
* Sooo many people and seriously have a name phobia . So if your handle is one thing . It name is another , you look nothin like your pic …
* A plea to all my fans an followers ! Please assume I won’t recognize you , wont remember u at the conventions my memory sucks …I meet …
* Ok they were taking way to long so I slipped in another rum and coke …
* Apparently my drinks are free boarding soon
* There taking way to long to board .. I’m Going back to the bar

Sebastian Roché ‏@sebroche Roma, ti amo❤ pic.twitter.com/SPA1uqNJ8r

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ time to hit the streets, ciao xx
* the weather is perfect here
* good morning from Rome