Jensen and Jared have a great day of sharing for the fandom! Ty Olsson is later in the day! Enjoy the drama of the first question to the wonderful ending! Great weekend for the fandom!

This quote from the boys, explains why they are sooo loved!
danneel’s ❤ ‏@iBreatheAckles JARED: “An actor would never even hope to touch another’s life” JENSEN: “it’s beauty of art that reaches out, touches, inspires

Today is J2 day! This convention has been all kinds of wonderful and today will top it off like whipped cream with a cherry on top! The J2 gold panel, Richard Speight with Rob Benedict, Jensen and Jared panel and last but not least, Ty Olsson’s panel late afternoon! Enjoy the day and the boys!

* J2 Panel #NJCON 2013 2:
* J2 Panel #NJCON 1:
* J2
* NJCon 2013: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Cologne/Perfume:
* the wives…
* J2 from #allienicolex

April Cole ‏@alcole17 Richard introducing Jensen:
* AJ and Travis impersonating Jensen and Jared via @YouTube
* Osric Chau on Filming with Jared Supernatural Con NJ 2013:

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness Jared and Richard in Jensen’s gym teacher outfit came out on stage first
* Here’s one of Jensen answering a question.
* Jared and Jensen listening to someone nearby.
* Oh wait, I missed a few photos from the beginning. The boys, Jared without hat.”
* The gratuity shot. The best one I could get anyway!
* Here’s one of Jensen answering a question.
* Jared posing.”
* Jensen taking in a nice long question!”
* Jensen is very happy to be here on the East Coast. We’re very glad you came this year Jensen
* Jensen – “We could literally have a 3 hour gag reel.” Jared – “Gag reel, the movie
* Jensen confirms, Richard did borrow the actual outfit from “After School Special.” There is only one in the world
* Jared thinks Sam used fake credit cards to get by at Stanford
* Jensen got some great directing advice from Phil Sgriccia. “Answer the questions.” “Be confident in yourself.”
* Jensen – “When something (supernatural) does happen, I’ll scream like a girl
* Jared about world travels – “I don’t think anyone who reads for a pilot of a show would think all this would come from it
* Jared said @RobertDMcNeill did an awesome job on the latest episode. “We want him back
* The guys won’t stop cracking up onstage about Jensen giving advice on women’s perfume. This is such a “had to be there” moment.
* “Jared and Jensen already plan on making Misha’s life a living hell when he directs next season.”
* Jensen – “There may have been discussion among the writers, because they’re 1500 miles away and they don’t talk to us.”
* Whoa! A fan just asked a complex question and Jared gave her a standing ovation. Jensen – “My brain just exploded.”
* Jared – CW President Mark Pedowitz is a HUGE fan of the show and thinks it can go for a long time. That sets up many possibilities
* Jensen on directing other shows:”Going to another show, that would strip me from my heavy bag of tools. It would be a big challenge
* Jensen, “I think season 8 Dean would look at season 1 Dean and go ‘Dude, where’s the jacket
* It’s the scruffy profile!
* It was hard to get great photos of the panel since I was typing a lot. Jensen taking a drink from @TyOlsson
* Jared having to climb d chair to sign?Wats d size of that banner?LOL
* Jared talks about ninja turtles. Jensen: nerd alert
* Do they hate it when the mythology is broken? Yes. Jensen defended that it’s tough with three show runners.

vid of the FIRST question which Jensen said “really?”

Adina ‏@adinarj Boys talking about how funny & cool @feliciaday
*Jensen says he’s keeping track of Jared’s “y’all”s
* “Jared & I are big fans of the show too.”
* Sign of a good actor is taking direction.
* Boys are teasing a fan with a british accent


“@holyfrackles: Jared said Gen said when he farted at her she said it was repulsive but honest respect each other.””
* Jared: “there’s rum in it” Jensen: “you think?”

“@FangasmSPN: Jared explains his favorite ninja turtle. Jensen is transfixed.”
* Boys are texting Kevin parks with a colt question
* Director Jensen tells Jared to put his hair up
* Jensen and coach Richard
* Acting scene in french mistake hardest for Jared
* Jared: y’all are as much a part of the show as we are
* Tearful fan: you guys are amazing. Jared: YOU guys are amazing
*Cars beating Dean up was hard for Jensen, lots of dialogue had to have meaning. Had to brainstorm w misha
* What do j2 think of fans’ getting spn tattoo? They love it that something means that much
* Jensen to Jared: do you want to smell me again? It smells good. And it works 😉
* Jensen and coach Richard”
* Jensen’s favorite cologne? Wood. Jared: where do you spray it?
* Jensen texted Jared when he meant to text Danneel.
* J2 will collect misha’s tears when he directs and give them to fans
* J2 want to work in a tarantino film.
* Jensen and coach Richard
* Photo bomb
* JP: everything Sam has gone thru has also developed Jared
* Jensen: I’ve lived with Sam as long as I’ve lived with dean. Body swap would be challenge
* Fave EPs? The funny ones. The emotional ones leave a mark on our souls

@hotforjackles JARED: “You’re going to hate the finale.”

Jared will take your question now.

@noody_SPN: #JensenAckles replicating what Felicia day did in her montage”

@Lo_Ball @ChristianKane01 Jensen says he’s gonna slap you for telling everyone he’s trying to get you on the show
* @jarpad back on the stage…wait, Jensen looks different… @dicksp8jr

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice About fires in CA: Jensen laughs he has a hose in his pool, ready to take it on, gas mask at ready. Jared: He’s got the outfit.
* Phil S: Never say, “you choose” never diminish the work others are trying to do to suit you
* Jared: We’re just telling stories, but it appeals to so many people. Y’all … (Audience screams) Jensen: Youse guys. (More screams)
* Jared: I couldn’t keep straight face in Yellow Fever. You don’t see much coverage of me cuz I couldn’t stop laughing
* Jensen: only supernatural experience is the show has gone this long. Thank you!
* Jensen: @guynormanbee has a tattoo of car on his shoulder. When passionate about something, celebrate it.
* Js laugh at irony of guys trying to kill them on show bringing them booze on stage!
* They guys are cracking each other up! Photos will be priceless …
* Fan asks if disparity in how John raised Sam & Dean versus Adam might suggest John was sometimes really Michael. Guys: minds blown!
* Jared: Believe Jeremy Carver has opened new doors. Kripke & Gamble didn’t have advantage of Mark Pedowitz CW supporting, loving show
* Fan asks how they get out of dark spots of show. Jensen: This helps!
* Jensen: Pretty sure Ty made the drinks. He played a bartender in season 2! Jared: Yeah, they told you that
* Recurring point that we all change with time and with all different things we experience; none of us are the same as 8 years ago

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Jared: Whose first time is it? (Fans yell) Jensen: Welcome to hell.
* They introduce J2 and Richard comes out in the gym teacher outfit.
* Jensen says Jared can never keep a straight face
* Weirdest photo op today? Fan(as Jesus) in back says: right here! Jensen: yeah, Jesus was nice. Jared: I was afraid he’d smite me.

Vanessa ‏@Kyline someone shouts “Jensen!” Jared: “Questions start with who, what, where, when, not Jensen.”

Here’s the real J&J!

counteragent ‏@counter_agent Jensen: directing is very hard, questions every 30sec. Always answer the questions or it diminishes the job people are doing for you.

SUPERNATURAL FREAK ‏@SPNfreaks @jarpad & Coach @dicksp8jr

Jared looks like he’s still going through the trials! Oh my Cas…

Robin ‏@rob0349 Very first question started off about bi-sexual subtext, Cliff cut her off and Jensen: Really? The very first question

@SPN_Hunter_67: First question is a Destiel question. Jensen tells the fan not to ruin it for everyone.
* Rick & Ty are crashing the panel, hugging & bringing drinks
* Fan asks great question about perhaps John was possessed by Michael & he raised them to be ready for the vessels. Everyone impressed
* Jensen is making faces while drinking the apparently strong drink that Ty made.
* Jared said in Swap Meat that Sam & Dean were supposed to switch bodies
* Jensen said he wouldn’t change a minute of his SPN career

Jared says y’all and the audience says awwwww. Jared changes it to yous guys.

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean Nervous fan: new to the show. Have you had ghostly experiences outside the show? Jensen: he’s still waiting for one
* Jensen: number of scenes technically or emotionally difficult. Many recently. Where Cas beating Dean up in crypt
* J2 panel just got crashed by two vamps.
* “”I don’t miss wearing that!” Jensen on the gym outfit
* Jensen said had prosthetic on and glue in eye on top of it
* “What ABOUT Misha? We’ve worked with him, it’s not that great.” – Jensen
* Jared: another time I laughed hard was on Skin, Robbie told Jensen to slow down word “shapeshifter” to make it clear. Running late…
* Jensen says his knowledge of show and familiarity with crew were biggest part of his success as director.
* Jensen says his knowledge of show and familiarity with crew were biggest part of his success as director. #
* Boys are being very patient and nice to a nervous fan
* Jared: would hate to cut my hair; Jensen I’d hate to walk on stilts with mop on head
* It was like listening to music to pump yourself up to work out. Tiring bunch of episodes & Jared feels hung over
* What do they do to get out of the dark scenes? Go home & sleep. Having Ty bring them drinks helps
Jensen we’re heavily invested in this and you guys
* Jensen: imagine what high school did for you, that was 3 years. This much longer. Sculpting experience. Wouldn’t change minute of it.
* @jarpad, Just for the record, I think “Y’all” and “All y’all” is so charming compare to “youse guys.”
* Jensen: this is a huge portion of our lives. By season 5 knew was a defining job for us.

@Jace736: Jared says its amazing & job wouldn’t exist without fans
* In Yellow Fever with cat & snake Jared laughed a lot but left Jensen when snake was out
* Jared said they are blessed to meet others because of show. No one at pilot dreamed it would happen
* Snake charmer had to snake because snake didnt want to move and angered snake
* Was getting stabbed in heart emotional to shoot? No it was more technical
* With new guy at CW & Men of Letters there are a lot of places they can go
* Jensen tries to remember Daneel’s perfume starts with a C. Oud is spelling for his cologne
* Jared says a hell of a question and if go to season 10 or 11 they can explore
* Girl asking odd question about autocorrect; Jensen “what the hell is going on
* With new guy at CW & Men of Letters there are a lot of places they can go
* Jensen says Jared “wrecked himself” for last 4 episodes. There was an edge to him
* working on any movies? No, spending off time with families
* ‘Jared says his baby is teething
* He says he as person, Jared, has changed now husband & father
* We all have changed in 8 years. Season 8 Sam is combination of Sams from each season we all grew.

Tentackles ‏@jacklesicious Fan asks how it makes J2 feel to know they affect fans’ lives so much. Jared says it’s amazing

‏ J2

Alice VonFangirl ‏@indecision_city I know I was gonna live tweet but his voice is so deep I can’t even.. I’m seriously overwhelmed here guys!!!!!

Chris T ‏@goddessathena79 Jensen said that another reason they love to do convention is they get to see some of actors they work with

@Gypmama: The boys also thank us for keeping @dicksp8jr around.
* Ty is drinking run & coke. Lots of hugs! Jared said he loves these guys
* Jared says Jeremy Carver is making things have lots of possibilities.

@GorgeousRena: Awwww. Adorable!! J2, Rick and Ty together in one pic

Gary Oak ‏@richard_nixxxon “my father said once, ‘theres no manly way to drink out of a straw.'” – Jensen Ackles

dean’s pie. ‏@holyfrackles Q: What about working with Misha? Jensen: “What about Misha? We’ve already worked with him. He’s not that great
* tearful fan: you guys are amazing. Jared: YOU guys are amazing.
* Want to smell my cologne?
* Jensen thinks the necklace could definitely come back.
* Jensen: “It has introduced me to thousands of people that I have never would have met.”

darkforetold ‏@darkforetold Jensen’s cologne if anyone’s interested.

Aashna Bansal ‏@IAdoreJared “It’s not WOOD. It’s ‘ood” wehunt:

Jill ‏@JRB2287 “Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus Christ!…and if it’s in Spanish, Jesús Christo!” – Jensen (about a cosplay outfit

@indecision_city @rickworthy and @TyOlsson crashing the J2 panel

Мистер позитив ‏@LikaSunbeam “Jensen: I know Jared wouldn’t let me fail. Jared: he wasn’t going to. He’s so good. J2: both sniffle. Fans: ditto

@JRB2287: “Didn’t Missouri die?” – Jared “NO!” – Crowd “Fiiine!” – Jared

Jensen: “Danneel is not at the con, she can’t fly

Jensen observes series has become a very defining experience for them; grown up, gotten married, kid coming, lifelong friends
* What has Supernatural do for you? “It introduced me to my wife. Top that!” – Jared “It introduced me to his wife.” – Jensen

J2 leave the stage. Gorgeous coming or going 😉 #njcon

Jared and Jensen!

All Supernatural ‏@all_spn Summary of #NJcon #supernatural panel – Jared Padalecki ( @jarpad ) & Jensen!! pics and tweets!

Natália ‏@spnfansbrazil Jared explica a sua tartaruga ninja favorita. Jensen está paralisado. #NJCon

Idjit. ‏@Winchester_96 The theory about John being possessed by Michael throughout S&D’s childhood MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! wow! I love this theory

GoldPatronSpecial Panel PICTURES SUN

Adina ‏@adinarj Richard texted Rob this morning: “Where are you??? Adam’s announcing us onstage and he’s pissed.”

Rena ‏@GorgeousRena

Adina ‏@adinarj Rob telling his Eddie Vedder story. Moral per RSJ: don’t smoke unless it’s with your rock idol.

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Richard: Why is my hand like a pie? Rob: I don’t know. Richard: Got my rang on it. Rob: I don’t get it

Jace ‏@Jace736 Rob would be rowing in a sea of bottoms smoking with Eddie Vetter meeting Rob dressed as hunter

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Richard’s theme song would be Dirty White Boy or Hair of the Dog.

Marilyn ‏@mcase1013 @dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict on stage.

Jace ‏@Jace736 Jim Varney died at age 50 not long ago, Richard thought he was 50 when they worked together by how he looked

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Mark Pellegrino’s actor choice to be sad about killing Gabriel surprised Rich and made moment much richer

Alice VonFangirl ‏@indecision_city Rob Benedict singing and playing guitar!! He sounds awesome!! #NJCon #SPNFamily

•••Asha••• ‏@ThiaBaybee Misha Collins NJCon-Why No Hugs For Cas?: via @youtube

@FangasmSPN: Ever since Richard slid into Jensen’s pants, he’s been a changed man.
@Gypmama: Uh, Rob Benedict just said Rich & him are fluffers for J2, whose panel is next

Lynn ‏@dinkleburg247 Matt being cute as usual. Possibly my fave pic of the weekend. #NJCon


Kosherart ‏@Gypmama … “You guys had better come to my panel later or I’ll cry. If there’s empty seats, I’ll get homeless people to fill them.” -Ty
* Ty signing autographs at the back of the ballroom. Awkward spot. He’s talking on a mic occasionally…

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Ty is leading group in “Going on a lion hunt” while he signs. Turns into a “finding Benny and running” song