Second day of NJCon begins with butt dragging due to a late night, early flights, but incredible energy and enthusiasm! Todays panels include: AJ Buckley, Travis Wester, James Patrick Stuart, Rick Worthy, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Rob Bendict and Misha Collins! Check out Thursday traveling, the first day ending in karaoke and this page will be updated throughout! Supernatural ROCKS!!

Jensen Ackles ‏@JustDeanTeam Jared,Gen and Thomas arrived in NYC yesterday! @jarpad

Aj Buckley ‏@AjohnBuckley Just Landed in #Newark! No Sleep and need a coffee !! Looking forward to meeting everyone today.
* Made flight and on way to #JersyCon. No sleep at all. So tired 😦
* Hope I make this flight !
* Worked all night and waiting #creation car to pick up to take to airport. No dice. Rushing now in a cab to make flight. No sleep
* Pulling in to hotel

Ty Olsson ‏@TyOlsson On my way to airport ! Whoop whoop !! Here I come !!!
* Guess who brought the wrong passport?
* Had @eddieruttle meet me half way back as my driver raced like a champ !! Should b ok . Fingers crossed !!

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg Goodbye #NJCon….thanks for the #Supernatural love. πŸ˜‰


Kosherart ‏@Gypmama “I feel really bad for Jensen’s pants.” – Dick Speight Jr.
* Speight talks up last night’s fun. NJcon is the birthplace of the Karaoke Experience!
* “We had a serious bromance when we met.” – AJ & Travis
* Trying to be intense for the scene & Jared gives looks & messes it up. Jared makes AJ feel like a leprechaun
* Scary moments with Jensen? “Put him down, Jared!” when Jared lifted AJ up on set. Jensen had fear in his eyes.
* “Use fear? Use the force? Use DUCKTAPE.” “We DUCKTAPE each other. DUCKTAPE TUESDAY.” – AJ & Travis
* And now Dean impressions: “SAM? SAM! SAMMY?! SAM!” Sam impressions: *garbled giant monster noises*
* other characters to work with? “Chad/Ash.” He’s dead. They would need to figure out how to make it work

Adina Adina ‏@adinarj “It’s My Party” played as an intro for Richard. He does not approve.
* Facers are here! Travis mentioned Star Wars Day and is disappointed his daughter likes jar jar binks.
* “Jared shakes my hand, I feel like a leprechaun.” ~AJ
* Reenacting the cre’s reactions when Jared picked him up.
* Ed and Harry will totally protect a little girl from the ghosts (Chad scared her yesterday)
* They hang out at Travis’s house and improv scenes
* “You need to go be gay for that poor dead intern.”
* Superpowers: AJ wants to fly; Travis wants to be indestructible
* Richard likes the catchphrase of “My pants are full of ooze.”

β€’RAβ€’ β€’RAβ€’ ‏@senshi_v @dicksp8jr sounds pretty tired from last night’s karaoke

Marilyn ‏@mcase1013 The look is for a movie. #ghostfacers
* can’t even describe story AJ& Travis are telling now.
* “he picked aj up Wth he’s buff

Winchester Daily ‏@WinchesterDaily May the 4th be with you! Travis has his Rebel Alliance socks on.

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Ghostfacers! AJ has a new look. It’s for a role he’s shooting now.
* AJ says he improvised “chisel chest” and Jared laid in the floor laughing his huge laugh

Kione ‏@Lo_Ball Ghostfacers panel @AjohnBuckley rocking a new look from a movie he’s shooting in New Orleans

Jace ‏@Jace736 Travis mom watched #starwars in movie theater while he was in utero #
* Talking of recording of GhostFacers song & they felt like rock stars. Now singing it but minus some lines
* Both saying how much they had with #ghostfacers & how excited after were asked to do web series
* Have they had real paranormal experiences? AJ has since his dad passed away. AJ then talks of fiancΓ© which Travis congratulated him
* Travis said part of web series filmed at abandoned asylum & it was scary looking. Travis heard whispering & other “weird stuff”
* AJ saw a slipper of his dads move and lights go on and off
* Travis said room he walked into where he heard noise was cold
* AJ then rubbed Travis neck and face saying he’s smooth & must moisturizer
* Is Gary Sinise as majestic in real life…AJ says he is really nice. Goes all over world & goes to hospitals on his own dime
* AJ says populate with Jared babies who are 45 pounds coming out doing push ups
* Hidden talents? Travis can fart on command

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 AJ said the Ghostfacers was the most fun he’s ever had with a character. Travis agreed
* “Jared & Jensen, especially Jared, is the biggest human being ever.” -AJ

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN They just sang it and literally the only actual word was “ghostfacers” Lol
* Aj says the boys were great to improvise with. Jared cracked up and laid on floor laughing over chisel chest
* Jared jumped out of the impala one night and just grabbed aj and hoisted him up.
* J2 are just the nicest guys ever and ghostfacers would love to be back in s9
* Aj: see that banner? That was the look on Jared’s face right before he picked me up with a grrrrrrr.
* Misha loves the ghostfacers. Was his idea to do the web video together
* Shot web series at abandoned psych hospital, had to walk thru scary dark corridors and heard whispering and noises
* where are the ghostfacers now? Aj: probably in their underwear playing Xbox.
* If they could switch bodies with J2 – we’d each be one of their legs and do tons of squats… yes, this was dirty πŸ™‚
* Aj: I heart Corbett. I have the Corbett picture in my office
* Travis on crawling out of the river: my pants are full of ooze

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Asked to sing the Ghostfacers theme, the guys remember only the “Ghostfacers” part – not the words!
* AJ: “Sorry I keep going to the pee jokes, but that’s where my mind is.” Travis to AJ: “I like you on no sleep!”
* Little fan scared by Chad yesterday saying ghosts real; AJ & Travis promise to protect her. AJ does Ghostfacers pull-down gesture!
* Fan said Ghostfacers was 1st ep she ever saw; guys laughed, “was her reaction, why aren’t they making show about the handsome guys?”
* Travis & AJ: We’d face it, we’d shoot it — and then we’d run away!
* Travis: I totally Captain Kirked that line – “You’ve gotta be gay for that poor dead intern!” Said AJ acted the hell out of scene.
* AJ says he’ll try to put up the river footage; watch for it
* Shooting Ghostfacers in York, Travis ran downhill & slid into river ooze: stayed in character, soaking wet, swore nonstop.

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness AjohnBuckley about Jared and Jensen “They are really the nicest guys ever. Really good, good dudes.”
* What’s the most effective Ghostfacer’s weapon? The truth! “Take that, bitch!” They would put that on a bungee cord
dean’s pie.
* Last photo for now. @westerspace and @AjohnBuckley on stage for their Ghostfacers panel.

Vik ‏@VickyVictoriaG With AJ Buckley and Travis Wester

@holyfrackles: Travis said that Jensen was more level headed and that he usually breaks easier while filming


NatΓ‘lia ‏@spnfansbrazil James Patrick Stuart imitando Mark Sheppard …

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice JPS inserted makeup teeth made for him by Austin Powers makeup guy: says change his whole persona to Dick Roman! Wearing for panel!
* Shooting stunt scene where Dick bit guy, threw him through ceiling; stunt coordinator warned him not to get kicked in face!
* JPS: At my age, it’s good for the grey matter! Learning new things, playing and singing at the same time. It’s all good
* JPS apologized for keeping auto/photo op people standing in lines, but said wanted to have genuine connection experience w everyone

Adina ‏@adinarj Slips into Dick Roman mode with the fake teeth.
* “It’s the show with the tall one and the not-so-tall one. Then I found out there’s a tall one and skyscraper.”
* What kind of animal would Dick be? Either a koala or a great white shark
* Fan did impression of JPS as penguin on Madagascar.
* doing impression of Mark Sheppard/Dad Sheppard

Alice VonSleepyPants ‏@indecision_city Dick!!!!!! @japastu on stage. First words? May the 4th be with you!!!
* “Misha’s gonna hold your head back and Jensen’s gonna stick a bone in your throat.” @japastu
* Q: How would Dick react to Eve? A: I think he would eat her, replicate her and them touch himself.
* @japastu doing his best Mark Sheppard impression!

Jace ‏@Jace736 At age 10 he was walking dog & asked to do play. From there he was cast in Galactica 1980
* Ray Wise also auditioned for Dick Roman but Sera Gamble said James was creepy and for part
* Friend of James dated Mark Shepherd & mark picked James up at airport & drove him 120 miles years ago
* A tech guy draws on your face with sharpie to mark where to do cgi & done behind scenes not make up
* James kids loved when his mouth opened like leviathan
* Had to have metal around neck for that scene with tubes that squirted black ooze. Old school
* Said Seinfeld was a big break for him & got Frasier role of gay ski instructor from that
* DelTorro & Mark Ruffalo went to acting school with James & they were envious of his AMC role
* Talking about when Jensen stuck a bone in his throat. Only fitting that the next Q is about dick jokes.
* James says Misha always has something going & philanthropic
* James said he hurt his shoulder when Bobby throw him after Bobby died

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN at first thought j2 were the tall one and not so tall one. Really its the tall one and the skyscraper
* Best part of being dick roman is that he had fun with everything
* What animal would dick be? A koala. Or a shark.
* How does it feel being the one who killed bobby?

Kosherart ‏@Gypmama SFX guy is 22 yrs old, puts dots on your face, & then disappears into a room with a case of CocaCola & then you’re on a computer.
* Walked around for hours w/ that bone in his neck
* Fav part being Dick? “Being impervious & unbeatable. He’s not dead; he’s in Purgatory somewhere
* Words With Friends. He has, like, 30 games going at once.
Misha won’t play w/ him. Jokes Misha ignores him in the same room.
* Misha impresses James. Robert Redford talented. “Don’t tell him I said that.”
(@mishacollins Too late, James.)
* Loved working w/ J2. They never pranked him directly. They confessed later to be a little intimidated by his Dick persona
* At the age of 17 he met Martin Sheen & loves that he did not crush his dream to act. Got to be in the movie Gettysburg with him
* Why not a Great White Koala? You wouldn’t that hanging out in your eucalyptus tree!

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness how did @japastu feel about the “Dick” jokes? He liked them. “The Rise of Dick” is epic! Naturally, that came from Edlund.
* How was it like to be inside Misha Collins? @japastu – “I don’t think even Misha can answer that question

Jill ‏@JRB2287 “Misha is like ‘Robert Redford’ kind of talented” – James
* “I didn’t know I was killing Bobby when I accepted to role!”

Krista ‏@kristalina07 Ghostfacers and Dick Roman!! AJ and Travis, James Patrick Stuart!

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 The inspiration for Dick Roman was mostly the shark from jaws! & a bit of Mitt Romney!” -JPS

Chris T ‏@goddessathena79 Favorite fictional character. Jaws and Bencio Del Torro in License to Kill

Marilyn ‏@mcase1013 @japastu keeps going in & out of character. He is very evil looking as Dick Roman.

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman JPS was raised as a musician and he’s raising his kids as a musician. Wishes he had a keyboard, he’d play something for us.


Jace ‏@Jace736 Rick Worthy on stage with Star Wars shirt

Jill ‏@JRB2287 “I want a beard like yours” – @rickworthy
“We’ll I wanna be tall and have your voice” – @dicksp8jr
Jared gave Rick a hug when he first came on set. Out of all his movies/shows he has never been greeted like that!

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 Rick is wearing a Star Wars shirt & is now dancing on stage

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Why did the alpha vamp say see you next season? Rick: here I am baby.
* The alpha vamp feels betrayed by dick roman. If they were in the same room? Instant fight.
* J2 set the tone for #spn.First thing Rick sees on set is Jared riding up on a minibike and saying ‘gimme a hug’.
* J2 love what they’re doing and it shows. Rick loves working in that environment

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Wasn’t really pranks, just fun set. Scene where Alpha threw Dean across table, Jared took Rick’s iPhone, shot vid for Rick to keep!


WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness The best part of a Richard, Rob, and Matt panel is the massive tangents they take without ever answering the question!
* It’s impossible to tweet about a @dicksp8jr, @mattcohen4real and @RobBenedict panel. It’s always a “you had to be there” experience.

Jace ‏@Jace736 Rob did show with Brent Spiner & got along well but show cancelled
* Rib filmed con episode before he did a con & it aired while he did his first con
* Tips for becoming actor: Matt: start waiting tables now
* Would you fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses: Rob horses since cute, same Rich, & Matt duck give car sized cracker

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Shooting the con ep as chuck didn’t exactly prepare rob for the real thing. But he was just as nervous as Chuck was.
* Matt and Rob share wisdom about acting. Richard takes a phone call.
*Fan: was chuck god? Rob: that was the intention
* Who’s the most attractive guy on Spn? Rob: I’m a misha guy. Matt: Jensen’s lips do it for me. Richard: pellegrino
* Emotional moment on Spn? When we saw that Jared was both attractive and 9 feet tall

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Advice for starting actors? Rich: Start waiting tables now. Rob: Keep working. Take classes.
* if you guys switched bodies? Rob and Rich; We’ve similar lives & wives. Rob: Would take me a week to figure out that we’d changed.
* Matt: I was upset when I saw Jared was nine feet tall *and* ripped
* Rich, Matt & Rob panel ends with hilarious lightning round of questions! On break until Misha at 3:50
* Too many hot men in one picture πŸ˜‰ @mattcohen4real and @jarpad (sorta)

Rae ‏@mooselikejared first night Matt Cohen wore a skirt

Jill ‏@JRB2287 Matt is a very “in the closet nerd” but Rob is very “out of the closet

Krista ‏@kristalina07 Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr
It’s @mattcohen4real mid photo op.

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr Waiting in the crappy backstage, Preparing to take the stage at NJ con robbenedict

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg My Spirit Box just came flying out of my bag as it was going through Airport Security. Innnnnnnneresting…

Fans For Danneel ‏@fansfordanneel Rob had to kiss Danneel in a movie. Jensen fake threatened him. And then, “Just kidding! Looking forward to seeing it, man!”


@mishacollins: On my way to #NJcon. The Phoenix spire rises behind me.
* I’m in Brooklyn, NY. And I have to say the place has gone downhill. My friends’s neighborhood is scary & rough.

robynh4real ‏@robynh4real Sitting in the sun as @mishacollins walks by w/his meet&greet, I say “looks like an unruly group” he says “I prefer the term ‘gang'”

Kathy Kitt ‏@kathy_kitt I just took a walk to the highway with @mishacollins and he taught me how to properly hitchhike.

Jace ‏@Jace736 Richard introduces Misha with kind words, Misha runs out & fake punches Richard

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Misha runs on stage, beats up Rich, and says, “I hate this guy! ” Screaming cheers. #
* Are you a part of any fandom? Misha: I am a fangirl. I ship Bob Edwards and Nine Totenburg. (Two of us got it!)
* One item in scavenger hunt was Hooters waitress; Misha’s wife got herself hired, brought herselfξŒͺ
* Male fan: you’re beautiful. I want to have your babies. Misha: How would that work, exactly
*Fave line on show? Misha: one that seems to have been canonized was “Hey, Assbutt!” Also, ” voice says almost out of minutes

KimξŒͺ ‏@narker261 Misha Collins everyone!!!

Jace ‏@Jace736 Misha says at Meet & Greets they all just make out
* Another team stole the sheep and took credit for the sheep
* Would Castiel be a good comedian? No he’d be awful
* Asked about NCIS & what it was like to play part: Misha: it was good, very gratifying
* Misha says as a guest actor it is like substitute student but Mark Harmin makes sure to meet with guests & get them a tour
* There is a profound bond and you can read into that
* Misha said he could either piss people off or make then happy by talking about that topic
* Misha ends by saying they love another and it’s purely sexual!

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness The body switch question again! It’s been asked to everyone. Misha – “I would take Jensen’s body and make out with Jared.”
* Misha needed a Hooters waitress for the scavenger hunt. “I don’t know if you know this but they’re very nimble and hard to catch.”
* Misha postulates why they kill all the women. “They take longer in the makeup trailer. We can’t afford them
@WinFamBusiness Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Fan tells her story of going to Haiti and heartwarming contribution
* Misha on the mishapocalypse: this is a surreal world, isn’t it?
* Misha demonstrates where the handprint is on the cas tee shirts. “Just off the nipple”
* A fan said that she’s been watching #Supernatural since she’s 11. Misha was fascinated. “What are you now, 12?”
* Okay, one more of Misha. You get to caption this! I have no idea what he’s trying to see.

Jessie Reed ‏@heartsuits Audience yells for misha to take off his shirt, misha responds with “who do i look like, matt cohen?”

Hedi , The Dreamer ‏@MissChemical Someone should ask Misha about him being on #Revolution !!!! Kripke said he wants him on that show!!

@rob0349: Misha doesn’t understand why fans are so hateful to the female characters

Jill ‏@JRB2287 The show has a bit of an anti-demon thing. That still bugs me!” – Misha

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Misha auctioning script, etc for Random Acts. $2200!

GENEVIEVERS ‏@realGpadLover Auction ep 7×23 script, GISHWHES book autographed by him & Jensen, & a cheese calendar, plus a Jensen photo op ticket
* Misha to fan: I like your shirt. Fan: It’s you. Misha: I KNOWAngy is Misha in J2M ‏

@potteralda @mishacollins

@eve_raven A little of @mishacollins for u!!

Angy is Misha in J2M ‏@potteralda
* @mishacollins in #NJCon
* Misha blackmailed the show runners to direct next year.

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman are you a part of any fandom? Misha: yes, I’m a fan girl. #NJCon

SPN Kat ‏@KathyWilkins Misha on stage at NJCON

Adina ‏@adinarj Misha is directing next season. He blackmailed producers.
* Talking about Cooking With West. He did not correct him on popcorn vs marshmallows. #NJcon
* is Jimmy Novak still around? Misha has discussed with Cas… answer: yes, leading a miserable life

Chris T ‏@goddessathena79 Misha is directing next season and glad that the opportunity is coming with Supernatural

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman About directing next season: Misha says it’s exciting and daunting.

@FangasmSPN: Misha and entire auditorium singing happy birthday to 16 year old fan on the phone
* In a musical ep, what song would cas sing to dean? ‘Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows’
* Fan: is cas in love with dean? Misha: either no or yes
* Fan tells her story of going to Haiti and heartwarming contribution” Oh my gosh, @deidre2002

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 Misha says Mark Harmon is an example he’d love to follow… But rarely does.
* Misha says it’s just scary being in the same room as a Goliath like Jared
* Misha calls The French Mistake is excellent television.
* The lights have been turning on/off. Misha: “I like what’s going on with the lights. It’s like we’ve gone through days together.”
*Misha says he is a feminist and is often disappointed by the gratuitous misogyny in the scripts

:”@Gypmama: “What Cas did with his body in the last ep was gross. He does worse stuff. To himself. On his front lawn.” -Misha