A most exciting day has started in New Jersey! The Padaleckis arrived and the guests panels are in full swing! Lots of guests today: Chad Lindberg, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr, Osric Chau and DJ Qualls plus karaoke tonight! I’ll be updating with the vids and pics as they get posted! Sooo, live vicariously through those attending! Enjoy the weekend!

Gen & Thomas arrive in NYC! @jarpad @realGpad http://bit.ly/134Qj5e

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN you know you can’t do a #SPN con without the unstoppable @dicksp8jr as host #NJCon pic.twitter.com/PUQ7lb1L2f

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Richard does such a great job hosting the cons. pic.twitter.com/lhzL9gZ0y9

“@mattcohen4real: My new trainer pic.twitter.com/iBuqKW7I6T”

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr No tix needed! Karaoke is FREE to all! “@kayljay1138: I want to drive to see @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real at #NJCOn karaoke. No con ticket.”

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg My panel at #NJCon. Are you in this Pic??;) http://say.ly/JKD5JWH

Adina ‏@adinarj “Come with me, Matthew.” ~ Richard. http://twitpic.com/cnvueg
* Spirit box on stage. “It’s a supernatural convention. We’re gonna do his.” http://twitpic.com/cnw1jd
* Chad describing his experience on ghost adventures http://twitpic.com/cnw0k1
* Ash drives a jeep with the top down. He’s a ladies’ man
* Adorable little girl asks Chad what his fave monster is. Answer: “Cookie Monster.”
* If he could be any supernatural character, he’d be Paris Hilton.
* Playing with the spirit box again http://twitpic.com/cnwa2u
* Richard is teasing Chad. now he’s doing a @sebroche impression. http://twitpic.com/cnwcoh
* Playing with the spirit box again http://twitpic.com/cnwa2u

Travis Wester ‏@westerspace At the airport, getting ready to head to #NJcon! Bought a book about slaying dragons, I’m hoping it’s how-to manual.

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Very young fan: what’s your favorite monster? Chad: Cookie Monster. pic.twitter.com/3YbMdHofvz
* How did he create Ash? He read the sides and KNEW Ash was him. Unbuttoned his shirt for kripke in audition
* The instant fame of Fast and the Furious really threw Chad – they were all still kids making that film
* Fan: would you ever Larp? Chad: I’m LARPing right now. I’m a Larper!!
* A fan just gave Chad a box of graveyard dirt. Chad: “wow this is intense
* Fans thank Chad for interacting so much with us on twitter. Chad thanks us back. pic.twitter.com/NaG97320OV
* On set Jensen flips a switch on the camera to screw with the crew
* DJ says we have plenty more years for Spn to win PCAs.

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Chad’s heaven? Being surrounded by family, friends, pets. And he wants answers! walk with dinosaurs. See Michael Jackson concert.
* “I’m going to be honest with you; I don’t keep up with the show.”
* Born to Be Wild was Chad’s first film, he was 16. Shot in Seattle.
* Chad tells tales on Jensen flipping camera switch to mess with cameraman, making suggestive motions to try breaking Chad on camera
* Crying on cue is pretty easy; just think of something sad. Fan asks if DJ is big hugger like Garth; DJ says yes, gives hug

Jace ‏@Jace736 Alone on deserted island with one other celebrity: Richard Speight Jr because he’s a human GPS
* Says he turned down audition to Fast and Furious twice
* Asked if sensitivity to spirits runs in his family. Says his mom & sister watch Gost Adventures & he used spirit box in his basement
* Do characters he plays impact him: dark characters like I Spit On Your Grave are hard. Hard to let go of ticks etc
* During that question he says “could I be the Trickster” & @dicksp8jr came out “What the f@ck”
* Richard says Chad had more props than Carrot Top

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Chad’s pick for another character from SPN to share his heaven would be @samanthajferris because he loves her
Chad would like to be on The Walking Dead. pic.twitter.com/ujiWFWwobt
* Chad Lindberg trying to communicate with spirits pic.twitter.com/GvivtFfupo

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 Chad would have liked to have been on LOST. He auditioned several times
* Chad said he’d see Jensen miming blow jobs off camera when Chad was acting
* DJ hugged a bunch of fans. “I just touched like 18 sets of breasts!”

Winchester Daily ‏@WinchesterDaily The last meal of his life would be sushi and then cheesecake

Marilyn ‏@mcase1013 @ChadLindberg http://twitpic.com/cnwbdy

Jill ‏@JRB2287 Chad is stripping! He’s got a “badass” shirt on! 😉

tiptoe39 ‏@tiptoe39 Photoset: Chad Lindberg and Richard Speight Jr. I’m slowly getting the hang of this camera…. http://tmblr.co/Z-F4ayk7dwmJ

osric chau panel

Osric Chau http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcgTKYWrNFk … / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSqBiYhI7lE … / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-czsS1w8pA

@mainegirlwrites Also, just uploaded this lovely video 🙂 http://youtu.be/lRvP27ppzH0

@OsricChau talks about the challenges of working with @jarpad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdWqHpfHOZ4&noredirect=1

Marilyn ‏@mcase1013 @OsricChau on stage. This is his first con! He’s a bit nervous, but doing great. http://twitpic.com/cnwq0w
* @OsricChau almost declined #Supernatural for a chance for a JJ Abrams pilot. http://twitpic.com/cnww6x
* @OsricChau giggles a lot. And he likes doing scenes with blood.

Adina ‏@adinarj Cello scene was most difficult. He doesn’t play and it wasn’t in tune.
*”I don’t know if anyone knows what the writers are doing. I don’t even know if THEY know.”
* Talking about his mom. “Make sure you eat. Stay warm..” http://twitpic.com/cnwq9v

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN The best thing about the show is the #SPNFamily pic.twitter.com/Lv78m4H5aZ
* They build in an hour extra shooting time because J2 and Misha are running around like idiots
* He rehearsed the scene with Crowley more than usual but it was only a few takes and @OsricChau wasn’t that happy with it.
* Right after this @OsricChau did a cartwheel onstage. pic.twitter.com/MQsRuvKEr5
* * Offered both the #spn role OR a JJAbrams pilot regular but couldn’t do both. Went for #spn and was best decision of his life
* Osric tries to describe @Mark_Sheppard and just keeps cracking up. Mark tells a lot of stories.
* Osric has stunt training that came in handy for the Halo movie he did. And when he had to outrun Jared 🙂
* Scene where Kevin loses his limbs, he was standing in a box in a foot of blood. Feet were red for 3 days
* Whenever they have water guns, Jared grabs one and starts shooting. Lol
* These questions about my own fandom (Pokemon) are so hard!” @OsricChau is a true fanboy pic.twitter.com/Jt3iEEFVpQ
* Talking about his longer hair. Crowley was his hair consultant. pic.twitter.com/40JwR3tUbb
* Osric plans on starting #spn season one and watching in order.
* Preparing @OsricChau for his first photo ops (while encouraging fans to grope him….) pic.twitter.com/kj2mjOsvAI

Jace ‏@Jace736 Osric says he tries to be professional but they keep trying especially Jared
* What Pokemon would Kevin be? One of original 150 & water type because of intelligence
* Osric moved to Beijing in 2010 & did an indy project And he says he is critical of himself
* Osric says he was frustrated in the latest episode of SPN as he wasn’t feeling it. Had to practice the “sh&t” out of it
* Says he’d see a righteous suicide as a way for his character. He says death scenes are a lot of fun
* Osric had to change flight to audition for #superantural & therefore became most costly audition
* Mark will say that things don’t make sense for Crowley and asks to change script
* Says he isn’t picky with food but he misses those 2 foods. He doesn’t drink at all but misses them

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Which version of Kevin have you enjoyed most? Osric: paranoid was pretty fun! Reaction to 1st script kinda meh; naive role familiar.
* Osric: one of least favorite things is to watch himself. Always sees things he should have done differently.
* Last episode aired, got to shoot Js with really powerful water gun!! Was a little gentler with Jensen … Let Jared have it!
* GreatEscapist: filming the “I’m dead!” Video: day was must frustrating one for him as actor. Rehearsed a lot, but wasn’t feeling it.
* When read GreatEscapist, said, “Finally! I die!” Then realized Kevin was in next scene, rescued. 🙂
* Visiting family in Vancouver, agent said should stay & audition for Kevin. Most expensive audition ever: cost $600 to change ticket!
* Osric says usually forgets whatever he did in previous scene shot; takes each scene on its own. Not foreshadow too much
* His favorite foods are a certain Chinese dumpling you could buy on street in Beijing at 10 for 50 cents, and Mongolian lamb skewers.
* * Most fun thing done on #Supernatural? Loved water gun. LOVED blood spatter in LittleSliceofKevin – more cannons on him than anyone
* Osric finds TV harder to do because you have to do so many things at once, and quickly; no time to find the moment, must make it
* Osric asked about the BBQ ribs thing, since Kevin had been Vegan; writers actually did talk about it, but kept meat in.
* Haircut at beginning of season because of Halo film. Osric wore wig; Bob Singer looked at him w wig on & off, threw in haircut line
* Tattoo scene makeup was part stencil, then brush. Thinks the illusion of tattooing itself was VFX.
* @dicksp8jr: Hey Supernatural fans, behold the circuit’s crappiest (& tiniest) backstage! NJ Con 2013! http://instagram.com/p/Y27lfjy8Nv/

Rae ‏@mooselikejared “My mom barely knows what I do. She just tells me to eat and dress warn

Catherine Epervary Kevin Tran. First time on tour http://instagram.com/p/Y21AIpJ-K4/

Robin ‏@rob0349 Kevin has a tuft of hair sticking up in the back, so adorable

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 Osric is eating a lollipop during his panel
* Osric is going back to Beijing this summer.
* Richard is on stage questioning Osric on how his first panel went.

Dirk Strider ‏@_phantasmagoria Osric’s favorite games: Final Fantasy Tactics & VII, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros
* Self-Defense Lessons with Osric Chau,

@Gypmama: People love Kevin & want him to stick around.
Os’ mind was blown by the fandom
* Osric went to circus school growing up. His mom put him in EVERYTHING
* Os: Learn to run away. Most valuable skill. Learn to fight so you don’t need to fight
* Os nearly slips a spoiler with, “Now that his [Kevin] purpose is done…” Caught himself
* Jared up to his old foot in the crotch tricks w/ Os for the burger diner scene w/ Kevin, Dean, & Sam
* Osric says that @Mark_Sheppard is a great guy. He loves his kids more than they love themselves
* Osric: “I know I’m a walking stereotype because I LOVE doing martial arts!”
* Fav moment on set?
“First day on set. Jared was waiting for Gen to go into labor & he was sooooo different & nice

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman Osric says confidence is the most important thing in defending yourself. pic.twitter.com/oPF59rWiN2
* Young fan asks about Osric’s fave Pokemon. He said it’s Charmander
tiptoe39 ‏@tiptoe39 Osric Chau The first pic is when he’s describing Jared putting his leg up to… http://tmblr.co/Z-F4ayk7jaxK
* Osric was eating a lollipop during his panel. #NJCon pic.twitter.com/AolTtuXsz8

“@WinRanger: @OsricChau pic.twitter.com/OcSDTX256L”
* If @OsricChau could be any other character on Supernatural He’d be Dean!!! pic.twitter.com/l5ML2p3SRg

Winchester Daily ‏@WinchesterDaily If he could be another character it would be Dean
* The scream Kevin makes when getting the anti possession tattoo was a joke and they used it”

@SPN_Hunter_67: Osric’s first language is Cantonese & his second language is French. Also speaks Mandarin
* Osric brought a costume for karaoke tonight!

glam(orous)bert ‏@jenselicious “The more I interact with the Supernatural fans, the more I love them.” -Osric

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau @ChadLindberg @TheOnlyDJQualls Awesome to finally meet you guys and what a first meet & greet! I’d say it was more “cheeky”.

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg Just had a meet & greet with @TheOnlyDJQualls and @OsricChau . It was very…”colorful”. #goodtimes

matt cohen ‏@mattcohen4real #elevatorart http://instagram.com/p/Y255pGD9eM/


@dicksp8jr: looking thru the peephole from the crappy backstage out at the panel crowd. My only window! Help! http://instagram.com/p/Y3QlXiy8Ju/

Meredith ‏@SPN_Hunter_67 DJ’s driver called & he answered it on stage & asked him to call back later. Haha
* DJ’s zombie apocalypse: Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, & Jared Padalecki
* DJ got into acting because he lived in the south & couldn’t play sports & had a video camera
* DJ says he used his clarinet case to get rid of bullies.
* DJ dropped out of Vanderbilt Law School to become an actor.
* DJ said he started crying when his younger sister said she wanted to be an actress b/c the business is so harsh on women
* “I got beat up by a cop in Vancouver; that’s all I know

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Giving a lovely gift to his number one fan @TheOnlyDJQualls #njcon pic.twitter.com/hX7C4Rhmhx
* “This show has changed my life” @TheOnlyDJQualls kicks off his panel
* Someone said DJ was great in a play in law school. He quit school the next day.
* First casting was because his big ears were catching the sun and looked glowing. So don’t let people diss how you look
* Hunters pull things out of their pockets that couldn’t possibly be there. Someone is handing them up to them actually
* Who would take care of Garth if he needed it? DJ: dean would probably send him to hunters retirement home #njcon pic.twitter.com/Z2kpUzbMaA
* DJ: all my stories aren’t about my balls. But this one is
* DJ: know what the best part of being typecast is? Cast! He’s grateful
* Adam Glass is pitching a Garth story for next year. Fans: yes!
* DJ is coming to karaoke. DJ: I’m afraid to sing. Richard: we’re afraid too

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice DJ: being on this show has changed my life in amazing ways. You guys are crazy wonderful!” #NJCon
* “DJ is very skinny and he’s easy to lose.” @dicksp8jr looking for DJ Kosherart ‏
* DJ is laughing while using Mr Fizzles; glad little girl isn’t crying. Afraid she’ll be traumatized by socks for rest of her life
* Garth-hug came from experience where DJ and friend both got swept into an uncomfortable, unexpected hug by a guy
* “SPN isn’t a professional working environment.” We screw around. On last day, got hammered at bar, got sick. Stayed awake all night.
* DJ felt really bad because Jensen had tons of dialogue, emotional scene, and DJ kept missing his few lines. #SouthernComfort
* DJ: was so sick & out of it, didn’t recognize Bob Singer. Introduced myself. Blew lines. Haven’t been back since. Garth may be dead! #NJCon
*DJ felt really bad because Jensen had tons of dialogue, emotional scene, and DJ kept missing his few lines
* … There are guys on the ground below us handing us stuff that we’re pretending to pull out of our pockets!”
* Last laugh: @dicksp8jr said DJ last night (drunk) couldn’t find Mr Fizzles and knew the puppet was really what everyone wanted!

@Gypmama DJ likes to sic SPN family on trolls that bug him on Twitter. He loves us
*DJ is ranting about Jared being handsome AND smart & hating it. Got drunk & loved him. Jared will be on the team too
* You can’t manipulate people with comedy. If a joke fails, you KNOW
* That was an awkward panel. I really want to like DJ but it was going in a weird direction

Adina ‏@adinarj Per Richard, DJ is “the only man who can make @ChadLindberg look portly.” http://twitpic.com/cnxqxe
* Acting is the meanest business for women. He’s advising against it unless you HAVE TO. “Get a degree that you can go to law school
* DJ is pulling a @mattcohen4real and giving everyone in line hugs
* “Do not smoke pot when youkre young; you’ll forget stuff when you’re older.”
* Has fantasy of going back to high school reunion to gloat. Then had revelation to release it.
* “I looked the same age for most of my life and only started aging last year
* DJ and Richard both have cassette tape iphone covers. It’s a Tennessee thing

Sonya ‏@winchesterwoman little girl asked DJ his fave ninja turtle: Michaelangelo
* DJ says Mr. Fizzles lives in his nightstand. A fan asked for a kiss from Mr. Fizzles
* If Garth became disabled Dean would probably put him in a home.
* It’s hard to tweet DJ’s panel, he rambles a lot….and apologizes for it. #NJCon pic.twitter.com/2pQ3eMtDgW

Jace ‏@Jace736 DJ says comedy is hard & not sure why dramatic actors get all the accolades
* What would happen to Garth if he became disabled? Hunter retirement home or kill himself
* What was hardest thing he physically had to do: Falling off mechanical bill in “New Guy
* DJ says didn’t have a harness in his size & harness slipped and one of his “balls” slipped under harness. Got pulled up like that
* DJ says he got Billy role because he looks disabled but ok enough to work 12 hours
* DJ told Richard when they were drinking that he was afraid he forgot puppet & people really here to see puppet

Kione ‏@Lo_Ball The lovely and hysterically funny @TheOnlyDJQualls on stage at #NJCon pic.twitter.com/NskSLe1dy8

Winchester Daily ‏@WinchesterDaily Supernatural is not a professional working environment

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau Lots of suggestions! Gave me some great ideas. I’ll look through the song book and pick something that hasn’t been done too many times.
* What’s a good Karaoke song to do for tonight? Any suggestions?


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Had a lovely chat with one of our favorite human beings, @mattcohen4real – who’s joining us at karaoke? pic.twitter.com/vo64l5S5R0

Rob Benedict ‏@RobBenedict Whippany!!!! Excited to meet you.
* The bad news @dicksp8jr wasn’t on my plane. The good news is @dicksp8jr wasn’t on my plane.

Adina ‏@adinarj Mr Rob Benedict & Dr of Badassery! http://twitpic.com/cnzfek
* Rick joined Matt doing the jerk http://twitpic.com/cnzjar
* Big daddy vamp in the house! @rickworthy http://twitpic.com/cnziel
* Rob is KILLIN it with My Sharona! http://twitpic.com/cnzfsj
* Richard’s fave guys. http://twitpic.com/cnznwr

Kione ‏@Lo_Ball @TheOnlyDJQualls @mattcohen4real @dicksp8jr & @ChadLindberg on the karaoke stage pic.twitter.com/2qfbETFgDB

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls This three year old kid, Noah, is knocking it OUT at #NJCon Karaoke! He and I are now bffs. Wish you all were here. It’s unbelievably fun.
* Noah and I rocked it. He’s earned his party stripes. Dude is WRECKED! pic.twitter.com/EhUIH5zfMb

DDog ‏@DDog For karaoke, @mattcohen4real is wearing a cheerleader skirt and @dicksp8jr is wearing the ORIGINAL gym teacher Dean costume.

Mary Dominiak ‏@Bardicvoice Matt and Rob “jerking” to Eye of the Tiger! http://yfrog.us/jnwqjkqkfbfzuvzbpvshklwvz
* Love the cute! When Osric signs, he adds an “AP” – “Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement” pic.twitter.com/WdywyroHy7”

Rick Worthy ‏@rickworthy #Karaoke pic.twitter.com/bde5X1rTeS
* pic.twitter.com/xtFm0FfRas
* Matt @mattcohen4real ypu look great in a skirt! pic.twitter.com/l8bvfcIRsP

Natália ‏@spnfansbrazil O Matt está muito lindo com essa roupa cara! pic.twitter.com/Wll1E1ZJyt

@ataralasse @mattcohen4real is a beautiful cheerleader! pic.twitter.com/9PvAtSMTJb

vid!! ‘Backstreet boys with Rick and osric and fan girl Rachel #njcon’ on @tellyapp http://telly.com/K7WEPR

Osric vid by #Superonceupona Wholock http://youtu.be/o6xuYq3ehVE
* Osric vid #Superonceupona Wholock http://youtu.be/pZgFZ8gXL_I

VIDS from #jolario:
* DJ Qualls Mr.Fizzles vid from joalario! http://youtu.be/NPlBsA9oRBQ
* DJ Qualls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI_a0uLNdqw
* DJ Qualls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-23S3_bdVw
* DJ about shenanigans on set! http://youtu.be/tCEdXWki1Qs
Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr Backstage at karaoke. You blew our minds, NJ – and our minds are not easily blown. @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/WhIsa4QTw2

Chad Lindberg ‏@ChadLindberg Goodnight #NJCon. Thanks for the good times.;)

Badonk-a-Donkey ‏@OsricChau So I just finished my first Supernatural Convention, New Jersey Con 2013, and it WAS SPECTACULAR! It was sooo… http://fb.me/228uOItcK

R.A. ‏@mainegirlwrites just waking karaoke and found this on my phone… @RobBenedict @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/59JpAVtAbA
* The actual shorts dean wore!! pic.twitter.com/ro8BoAfSWa

Chad singing Alanis Morissette http://youtu.be/GA1hqC9j8HM

Matt and Chad signing Don’t Stop Believing http://youtu.be/R87o9oYrJEo

Living On A Prayer http://youtu.be/iEuZ8S5ApTY