This is the last day of VegasCon and it has been good! The guest panels were lively and delved personally into the lives of actors whom the Supernatural fandom really desire to know better. On the whole, this was a great convention! Enjoy this page of panels and check out the other days for updates!

Jensen Meet & Greet:

Samantha Smith ‏@samsmithtweets Our backstage meet & greet. Thx, ladies! #girlpower

Rana^^ ‏@RirollPSll Fan: Would Mary regret starting the apocalypse? Samanta: You do the best you can, sometimes you start armageddon

Sebastian Roche Panel

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros sebastian Roche is on stage!

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness Jared and the fandom’s PCA

@WinchesterBros Seb says if Balthazar came back in S9, he’d want to be a woman
Holly Candler ‏@AccioAwesome @TyOlsson just crashed Seb’s panel and got spanked on stage as punishment

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Sebastian: “I told you I never answer questions. I don’t listen. It’s all about me.”

Carry On Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Sebastian is definitely taking advantage of having a house band, & pretty much, if he’s not swearing, he’s singing
Seb: Some people read tea leaves. I read vomit

Lani B’Shalom ‏@LaniLaniDuck “Does that answer your question, darling?” “No, but I’m going to let it go.” “I love you.

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Seb is singing and the band is laughing too hard to jump in

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Seb is talking about Vampire Diaries and says his wig was a merkin

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark I think @sebroche is actually harder to get to answer a question than @mishacollins is. It’s like trying to pin a sunbeam down.

Holly Candler Holly Candler ‏@AccioAwesome I think he just has no internal monologue and that’s what we’re hearing

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Sebastian is as crazy and funny as always. It’s seriously like watching performance art!

Lani B’Shalom ‏@LaniLaniDuck Sebastian has been onstage for over 20 minutes and he’s answered one question

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Seb tells fan at the mic, “I didn’t answer your question, but I love you. Are you satisfied? They usually are

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Seb is singing half his answers, accompanied by the band

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Sebastian finally answered a question! Now he’s singing “I answered a question

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Seb: where r all those people going? Fans: photo ops. Seb: damn! Richard (from backstage) with YOU!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros And Seb leaves the stage singing Big Balls

“@FangasmSPN: Seb is singing half his answers, accompanied by the band

Supernatural ✡ ‏@SpnTentation Sebastian Roche (que estará no Brasil em Julho)

Ty Olsson Panel

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Fan: did anyone give u con advice? Ty: Mostly be yourself. And the fan base is amazing.
*Ty: spn is one of those special shows. I understand why u guys r here
* Ba-dum-dum! Ty lets the band be his emphasis.
* Ty surprises a fan not able to come to the con w a phone call.
* Vampire face off! Rick worthy crashes Ty’s panel
* Ty is all for free hugs anytime. And he really means it 🙂

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros There’s a young fan celebrating his birthday today so Ty moves him up to the front room and has crowd sing to him
* Ty says Benny is a survivalist and you just can’t kill him.
* Ty whispers to us that Benny is coming back.
* Another pic of @TyOlsson
* @tyolsson laughing on stage
* From the age of 10 and up, Ty grew up in foster homes and he has a lot of scars he considers trophies
* Ty says working on SPN is a blessing

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark “Where are you going, am I boring you?” to someone leaving. @TyOlsson follows her out, wants to know why left
* When is Benny coming back? “We don’t know.” “Oh, come on!” “We don’t know.”
* “I actually connect w/Benny in more ways than I’d like to admit. I feel like Benny’s out of time, out of place, doesn’t belong
* “I’m not being egotistical here… Not entirely.” Benny’s spn, been killing for 50 yrs, so “s’good thing we love each other.”
* What’s Benny’s last name? @TyOlsson doesn’t know, guesses he’ll confirm if it’s on the gravestone! “Actors are the last to know.”
* .@TyOlsson relates story of 6-day bike ride, wherein he had a problem with his back tire
* Now @TyOlsson’s trying to race the camera following him, manages to beat her. “I win! I win! I win.”
* Alpha vampire actor (can’t remember his name) is here! Asks smthg, to which Ty responds “Yes, father
* Fan takes @TyOlsson’s newly arrived rum&coke. “Where’s mine? Can you see how visibly deflated I am up here??”
* .@TyOlsson thinks it’s hysterical he keeps ordering drinks onstage, is almost out.
* but he doesn’t care what he’s working on as long as he loves it. Is thankful for his work, even if it’s a 1-off epi
* Did @TyOlsson have any idea what he was getting into when he joined SPN? “Nope, no idea.” He’s *special* in that special way.

Kaylin ‏@Dean_Girl18 “May today be the day you make peace with yourself.” One of Ty’s tattoos

Cris Hazel ‏@CrisHazel Between Dean and Benny, Benny would win a fight because he’s been a killing machine in Purgatory for 50 years
* Rick Worthy crashed Ty’s panel and they called each other father and son
* Ty has a belief that just because one thing ends doesn’t mean it’s a failure

Ty: spn is one of those special shows. I understand why u guys r here

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Y’all. Rick Worthy just stepped up to the mic
* Ty has tattoos, many deeply meaningful — his wife and kid under a family tree.

Charlotte Wilson ‏@Sharleddomon @TyOlsson is doing a jig while pouring the contents of a flask into his drink

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Ty: “An hour isn’t enough time. I wanna live my life on this stage

MarK Sheppard

“@wendy_d: Mark: Moose is the best insult Crowley ever came up with. Jared is really, really big. Carry on my wayward moose

Supernatural ✡ ‏@SpnTentation

Jared and Jensen panel – #VegasCon: